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  • water leak
    there's a drain on onslow road Khandallah outside 126 Onslow that has a lot of water running into it- it's coming donw from higher up
  • Possible abandoned vehicle
    Silver Honda Accord FQP318 Has not moved in a month and not recognised as a local residents vehicle
  • Suspected abandoned vehicle
    Chevrolet Blazer EMF594 Rego expired 19/3/2019 Front right and rear left tyres almost flat
  • Abandoned vehicle
    the vehicle, black vauxhall astra has been parked for at least 10 weeks, it has not moved once, reg number DCR786. The location of the car is not ideal, not outside a home/house and the car is in the way of daily traffic.
  • WCC Water Leak
    There's a gushing leak on the side of Tacy Street ... its been going for weeks. This requires fixing. Many thanks Matt
  • Sand on the road reserve now falling on the footpath causing a hazard and blocking peoples driveways
    The sand dunes on the opposite side of the beach on the road reserve outside 52 54 and 56 Lyall parade needs clipping back as it is starting to fall onto the footpath and blocking our driveways. No 54 doesnt want it removed entirely as these dunes protect our homes from sand and sea water during storms.
  • Overgrown trees blocking street lights
    Hi, is it possible to have someone assess the lighting on Regal Gardens, Melrose. Between houses 3 - 5 the trees are overgrown and block out the street light so this is a very dark area to walk through on a public accessway

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