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  • Repeated dumping of cars
    We are residents and someone is dumping cars since several years and one just went after 8 months and a another one is in the same place in front of our propert at 24.. Clearly not fit for the road and used as storage space because it is full with stuff. Another one is on the end of the street. Please prosecute those people those people. We don’t want to report them over and over again.
  • Zebra crossing is needed for children
    There is no zebra crossing in this area, which has 2 daycares next to each other. There are so many parents crossing this area with small children every day, to get to/from these 2 centres. The traffic is very intense and it is very dangerous to cross.
  • Derelict grey car, abandoned.
    Abandoned, flat tire. Hasn’t moved in many months. License plate: WD2973
  • Water leak in footpath
    In the footpath outside 286 Ohiro Road there's a water leak in the footpath which is running into the gutter.

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