Taking a break...

FixMyStreet is going offline shortly, probably permanently. The software is old and needs a complete rewrite, the site is being bombarded by spammers, and it is debatable whether councils are receiving and/or acting on FixMyStreet reports.

As of now, it is not possible to post new issues, or updates to published issues.

If you have submitted on FixMyStreet, thank you for playing a part in one of Aotearoa/New Zealand's early civic tech projects.

About fixmystreet.org.nz

What is FixMyStreet for?
FixMyStreet is a site to help people report, view, or discuss local issues to their local council by simply locating them on a map. It launched in September 2010. It was inspired by the UK-based FixMyStreet.com.
Can you give me some examples?
Sure. Graffiti, unlit lampposts, abandoned beds, broken glass on a cycle path; anything like that that could be usefully reported to your council to be fixed.
How do I use the site?

After entering a postcode or location, you are presented with a map of that area. You can view issues already reported in that area, or report ones of your own simply by clicking on the map at the location of the issue.

After you enter details about the issue, we'll email you a link. Click the link in the email to confirm the issue and submit it to your council.

How are the issues solved?
They are reported to the relevant council by email. The council can then resolve the issue the way they normally would. Alternatively, you can discuss the issue on the website with others, and then together lobby the council to fix it, or fix it directly yourselves.
Is it free?
The site is free to use, yes. FixMyStreet NZ is run by volunteers, though, so if you want to make a contribution, please do.

Organisation Questions

Who built FixMyStreet?

Let us know if we’ve missed anyone.

Who pays for it?
To date, FixMyStreet NZ has been paid for by volunteers.
Where’s the "source code" to this site?
The software behind this site is open source (based on the Drupal content management framework), and can be made available to you mainly under the GPL software license.
This site is a beta version.