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Auckland Council

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  • Big Van Parking Outside Street without movement for Month
    Abandoned vehicle of outdated Rego Number BJD974 has been parking on street for month without any movement. Dragging the whole area down and creating inconvenience for neighbourhood. Parked outside 30 Cantora Avenue, Northpark, Manukau 2013.
  • Abandoned Volkswagen T51 update
    It's been abandoned for more than 4 months. The plate number is MHC34. Rego has expired on 16/01/2020
  • Sign snapped off
    Round back of Stamford plaza hotel, sign broken off by revellers?
  • Abandoned Vehicle1 update
    Jeep has been left outside 22 glengarry road for over a week now.
  • case for http://fixmycity.org.nz
    I sent a "contact" message from this website asking about a http://fixmycity.org.nz variant since I did not get a reply, I thought I would try out the "other" category. As I was leaving the 277 Newmarket supermarket tonight I noticed there was a couple of supermarket trolleys blocking the down escalator. My point is sometimes deaths come from not the primary incident itself like a fire but from secondary problems like "the emergency exit doors were locked" or in this case if a lot of customers rushed out of the building in a hurry tripping over trolleys, left by previous "dork" customers. (This photo was taken 19:01,7:01pm) Is it just too hard for people to think "SAFETY!" I am really getting disappointed with sloppy safety standards frequently seen with just about every aspect of our community, I honestly feel that more compulsory safety standard courses needs to placed of "all of use" in the workforce, it could have a good flow effect to avoiding accidents. From Eric
  • Roadside drainage ditch
    Roadside drainage ditch outside 38 and 40 Northfield Road, Waitakere, is overgrown and does not drain effectively, leaving pools of stagnating water.
  • Pruning of trees
    There are lovely magnolia trees on both sides of Waitangi Rd. Unfortunately these have been pruned over the years to accomodate power lines. What is left now is many of the trees have the centres pruned out of them which is very unsightly. Would it not be more appropriate to decrease the overall size of the top of the trees so they still resemble the shape of a tree?
  • Procrastination far superior to safety in Auckland. 1 update
    The sign that indicates to motorist turning from Tamaki drive into Ngapipi Road that there is approaching cyclist is STILL FAULTY, it would not surprise me if my posting here a complete waste of time. This morning (Saturday 30th April) four cyclist when through, the sign did not light up, ten minutes later two more cyclist went through and once again the sign still did not light up. I think, if it can not be fixed or nobody wants to take any interest in getting it fixed, (1) there should be a sign under the existing sign “CYCLISTS APPROACHING WHEN FLASHING” also have another sign “INTERMITTENTLY FAULTY” (2) There also be a sign for the cyclist that the sign is intermittently faulty. From the back of the sign you can see if the sign is working, however I do not think this was done for the cyclist for which the safety was intended, as it is positioned at the top left corner, and trees growing on Tamaki drive make it hard for the cyclist to see it until they are almost in the “run over by oncoming motorist” position. Some of the branches from the trees are only about five metres above the footpath. See also my posting at this web site, “the cry of a cyclist “[BUZZ] ME DEAD”” Saturday 26 February 2011 Footnote: ONCE AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE WHO GET THIS COMPLAINT, WHAT IS THE POINT OF RINGING ME IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING. From Eric
  • fixmystreet visitors, What is wrong with this picture?1 update
    Put your answers below and see if they match my opinion or I have not lost the plot. This picture was taken between the steps of Saint Kevins arcade and the valley of Myers park. From Eric (I will put my answer on early Monday 2nd May)
  • Crashed car left for over a month2 update
    There was an accident at the site marked a month ago and the car is still sitting with its roof and doors chopped off on the side of the road. Can we please get the hazard removed ASAP.
  • weeds
    The new street planting and garden beds are growing well but the very large weeds are letting it down. Thanks.
  • Parking sign 1 update
    Sign lying on footpath. It has been there all week but was nearer the corner of Federal St earlier in the week.
  • Auckland CBD: Someone else has been eating dog turd flavored with MSG take aways. *21 update
    Two bollards outside Spark Arena, Mahuhu Crescent. Auckland
  • Jif, scrubbing and elbow grease got rid of grafifiti on bollards1 update
    Jif, scrubbing brush and elbow grease got rid of graffiti on bollards, by the footpath outside Spark arena. rain will finish it off.
  • Grafiti, at the end of DockSide lane near Quay Street Auckland CBD.424 update
    Graffiti, if the small building with the graffiti on it was not there, you would be able to see the front of the supermarket on Tangihua Street & corner of Quay Street.
  • Auckland goverment get a grip !!1 update
    This is not on Countdown property it has nothing to do with their property it is across the road, get out your map and you will see what I mean
  • Bushes over footpath1 update
    Bushes over footpath on property neighbouring primary school, which limits road visibility and visibility of children on footpath from road. Bushes are on the Kawiti Rd side of the corner property.
  • Auckland, Remuera some male toilet users are pigs they piss all other the toilet seat1 update
    It does not take too much effect to dry the seat down with a little bit of 'free' toilet paper. But I suppose when the prime minister and health department teaches people to practice to be pigs by coughing into your arm pit, instead of using a handkerchief WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? lets just laugh our head off in a right pig world!
  • tagging on trees ,park benches1 update
    within the last 24 hours some idiot has tagged trees,picnic tables & seating along the dog walking track at seaside park.it is bright vivid green spray paint & i noticed it sunday evening & today-tuesday whoever has added to it .i am not sure how to remove it properly, but am willing to help get rid of it,the sooner the better.
  • Vehicle abandoned on Divich Ave Te Atatu South West Auckland1 update
    Rego XR1005 Mitsubishi Diamante Rego expired May 2018 Wof expired Jul 2018 One rear window smashed and glass littered all around the road. Have an infringement notice from the council dated 29/2/2020.
  • Does anybody think health and safety in Auckland or is this just careless rubish dumping1 update
    This heavy thing, if you can see the drawing clearly, was found a couple of weeks ago, a great big heavy framework with four leg sticking up in the air, I have told two lots of local workers about it but it seems as normal in Auckland "who gives a dump?" Traveling along Tamaki Drive leaving Hobson Point and towards Okahu bay it is on the left just next too a road sign that tells drivers the road veers off to the right. I found it with the four prongs sticking up in the air, I turned it up the other way so it was safer with the prongs digging into the ground.
  • Abandoned Traffic Road Cones Obstructing Parking2 update
    3 abandoned road traffic management cones on street, obstructing parking.
  • Abandoned vehicles need removing1 update
    There are two abandoned vehicles outside 7 Bevyn St. One Toyota Windom with no number plates or rego. One Mistubishi mirage with only a back number plate which doesn't show as stolen on police website. The mitsubishi has a ticket on it. They have been there for months and not moved.
  • Abandoned car2 update
    This car has been parked outside our house for at least 2 months. It has no registration - expired 15.1.2019, and no WOF - expired December 2018. It is a red 2002 Nissan March. Parked outside 173 Whitney Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 0600.
  • rubbish2 update
    on ozone rd over fence the council refuses to pick it up it now has been months and months since I told them. this rubbish has been there for ten years!
  • Abandoned vehicle in Ridge road1 update
    Abandoned Nissan Pulsar with rego Z15547 in front of 84 Ridge Road. The car has been vandalized as two of its wheels has been taken and the third wheel is just hanging. Please help in removing this car, as it causing issue with recyling collection day
  • Nissan skyline car with no Rego plate parked on street1 update
    Nissan Skyline with no registration plate body parts missing left on White acres Drive, Sunny hills, Pakuranga.
  • Abandoned car wreck on Sunnynook Road1 update
    White Nissan Skyline, plate no: KQQ829 Front of car is smashed in, perhaps not driveable. I think smashed into lamppost nearby which has since been removed. But the wrecked car remains unmoved, parked curbside, for approx 2 months at time of writing. Nearby 63 Sunnynook Rd, Sunnynook, Auckland
  • Very overgrown tree over hanging footpath1 update
    There is a very big hedge/tree on the boundary of 77 St Lukes Road which has become so overgrown it is taking up much of the footpath and every time we have a big downpour the drain it is near floods over the footpath so you end up having to walk on the road to get past. Its very dangerous on such a busy road.
  • Overhanging Tree1 update
    As per the pic this overhanging tree is making it more difficult to walk on this part of the footpath on the Fowlds Avenue part of this property.
  • Dumped Rubbish on Berm1 update
    Some kind soul has dumped three black plastic bags of rubbish on the berm by our house. Concerned that they will attract vermin and other lazy people dumpers.
  • Dumped Gates1 update
    These gates have been dumped on the footpath - leaning against the fence on the Locarno Ave side of this property. They have been left there now for almost 2 years despite the Council being contacted about them numerous times apparently. They are an eyesore and the rubbish & weeds are gathering around them.
  • Dangerous unmowed verge, traffic hazzard1 update
    The island/verge on the corner of Paerata and Glenbrook roads still remains uncut. Low vehicles are now obstructed from seeing oncoming traffic in the Auckland bound merge lane onto Paerata Road. Someone is going to be badly hurt if this is not attended to, and several people are complaining about it on the local facebook page now.
  • Potential DEATH sign1 update
    As I have said before there needs to be regulations for erecting signs. I wonder if some unlucky person got a headache from this sign when it fell down roundabout 460 Queen Street Auckland City Council could get money from people wanting to erect signs & then a big fine when they fall down.
    on tamaki drive (on beach side) at end of st heliers bay road, when you first press button start out good maybe a little on weak side, but then in fraction of moment, almost no water
  • Street sign on grass 1 update
    The street sign for Wesleydale Pl is on the grass by the post pn Duckworth as you enter Wesleydale Pl.
  • Forest Green Honda Odyssey DPD341 update
    This car has been sitting outside of my house for five weeks. We would like it removed please.
  • Fire Hydrant leaking2 update
    The fire hydrant outside 30 Sundown Avenue, Manly is leaking a large amount of water which is flowing down to the road.
  • Unsightly mess at front of house on berm1 update
    This house (114 Opanuku Road, Henderson Valley) has all manner of unsightly junk at the front of it, including a huge tree stump, shelving and other things that have been stacked almost on the road itself, which is very narrow. It has been like this for years. This stuff should all be inside the boundary line and not on council property. Thank you.
  • Cascades shared pathway overgrown with plants1 update
    Many parts of Cascades walkway between Golflands and Highland park are overgrown with trees and plants, causing hazards to users of the path, especially cyclists. Needs to have plants and trees trimmed all the way along the pathway.
  • Tree branches overhanging footpath1 update
    The lower branches of the pine trees on the northern side of highbrook drive near this address are at head height and overhanging the footpath, causing a hazard for footpath users. They need trimming. Thanks!
  • Continuous high pitched tone emanating from Wilson Parking building1 update
    There is a constant, continuous high pitched tone emanating from the Wilson Parking building at 12 Kitchener street. This appears to be occurring 24 hours a day as far as I can tell, and has been ongoing for several months.
  • Graffiti on bench in Albert Park1 update
    A bench in the crescent-shaped part of Albert park between Kitchener street and Bowen Avenue has been graffitied. The bench is to the right of the steps leading up from Kitchener street, just before you reach Bowen Avenue.
  • Graffiti on back of park bench1 update
    There are several park benches on the part of Albert Park facing Kitchener street. On of these benches facing the entrance of the Metropolis apartment building at 40 Kitchener street has red graffiti on the back. See attached photo. If you have trouble finding the seat, stand at the main entrance to the Metropolis building, facing towards Kitchener street and walk forwards across the road. Directly in front of you is the front of the park bench.
  • Park bench covered in graffiti1 update
    One of the benches at the edge of Albert park is covered in graffiti. The bench is about half-way down Bowen Avenue, on the west side of the road. The problem is that the bench is so close to the footpath - vandals can tag it as they walk along the path. If it was further down hill away from the path, they would be less likely to bother.
  • Benches on Elliott street badly damaged1 update
    There are two benches outside the Tank shop at the north end of Elliott street in the Auckland CBD. It appears as if someone has driven into them - one is completely ruined and the other appears to have been bent or displaced.
  • Rubbish at entrance to park1 update
    Between 14 and 18 Canaveral Drive, Rosedale, Albany is path that leads to an entrance to a park (I'm not sure what this park is named, but it's between Apollo Drive and Rosedale Road). If you go to the end of the path it slopes down to an unsealed path through the park. The bush on either side had rubbish in it (see attached photo). Also, the side of the building at 14 Canaveral Drive has graffiti on the outside, visible from the same location.
  • Graffiti (x2) on walls next to Auckland Art Gallery1 update
    On the stone walls beside the Auckland Art Gallery (to the left when you're looking at the main entrance) someone has scrawled a word ("SIMZO"?) in black marker pen. See attached photo. The first piece of graffiti is on a concrete-coloured wall directly facing Kitchener street. The second piece is on the side of that wall, next to the steps.
  • Posters advertising business stuck to parking meters is Lorne street and High street1 update
    All along Lorne street, someone has stuck posters advertising a business to the electronic parking meters. One example is at 32 Lorne street, just outside the former Tony's Steakhouse. See attached photo. The advertisement is for Parlour Store at 13 High Street.
  • At least four separate pieces of graffiti on terrace/steps next to Art Gallery1 update
    To the left of the Auckland Art Gallery (left when facing towards the main entrance) is a terrace and steps made out of polished white stone/marble. I counted four separate pieces of graffiti around this area: 1. Facing the street, a word ("SIMO" or "SIRO"?) written in black marker pen. 2. Next to the steps which lead up to the park beside the gallery, a F. with a swirl around it and in small letters beside it, "STRM", all done in black marker pen. 3. On the tread of one of the steps leading up to the first terrance area, the word "YUNZ" (?) in teal spray paint. 4. On another wall, an unidentifiable collection of letters in black marker pen.
  • Habitual Fix has too many signs on the berm1 update
    Since opening at 8/56 Apollo Drive, the Habitual Fix shop has placed many signs on the berm. I believe that shops are limited to one sandwich board (or equivalent) sign each. In the attached photo, there are nine (!) signs on the berm for Habitual Fix.
  • Grafiti on lamp post1 update
    A lamp post on Courthouse Lane has been graffitied with what appears to be blue marker pen. The lamp post is near the intersection of Kitchener Street and Courthouse Lane, just next to the Metropolis building. See attached photo.
  • Damage bench in Vulcan Lane1 update
    One of the public benches in Vulcan Lane in the Auckland CBD has been damaged. See attached photo.
  • no buses coming, so I walk home1 update
    There are no buses coming along Ponsonby Road to turn into Karangahape Road according to the electronic bus sign near the steps of the art station. If my memory is correct, so is the one on Queen Street just outside JB HiFi, since there where a lot of people waiting I waited too.
  • giveway sign down been that way for some time1 update
    it has been thrown over the fence, been that way for a few months, i am surprised the occupants have not addressed the problem, YOUR SERVICE SUXS WHAT DONE FOR ME, without putting me into stress mode GO AND FIND YOURSELF
  • naughty cones hide when their mates get collected1 update
    some of the cones reported on remuera road still there even after someone told me on the phone they were collected last week, i found another cone, at the southern auckland motorway on ramp going south direction from st marks road, this cone is under the bridge seen while starting the on ramp
  • No action by AT1 update
    Car has been reported but no action taken. Many tickets on car, no plates, no reg. Case number CAS371123 with AT. Every time they are called they say, "it's under investigation". It has been there for a year.
  • Silver, Honda CRV, JWQ592 update
    Vehicle has been parked on the street for at least 5 weeks untouched/moved Not owned by surrounding houses
  • Park bench damaged1 update
    In the small section of Albert opposite the main entrance to the Metropolis Apartment building there are three park benches. The piece of timber that forms the back rest for the third bench has become partially detached. See attached photo.
  • Broken glass in bus shelter 42481 update
    There is broken glass from a bottle on the floor of bus shelter 4248 at 26 Triton Drive in Albany.
  • someone moved the bend up cone1 update
    it was all folded up when I saw it this morning, now someone has shoved it behind the fence in the car park next to Newmarket Police station
  • Abandoned station wagon1 update
    A silver Ford station wagon was abandoned over one and a half months ago at the end of Taylors Rd in Mt Albert. It is badly damaged and dented and the registration has expired. License plate number: DFD987.
  • Underground Water hydrant leaking continually1 update
    The FH (fire hydrant) cover continually has water surrounding it and it is streaming down the road - the water has now undermined our vehicle crossing which accesses our property up the ROW
  • Graffiti on seat in Albert Park1 update
    If you stand half-way down Bowen Avenue and face away from Bowen Avenue, you will see a path and steps leading down to Kitchener Street. The seat at the top of the steps has been graffitied with the words "I miss u dodong" (awww!) in white, and the words "RMG" (?) in pink spray-paint. See attached photo.
  • graffiti on walls and seat in crescent-shaped seating area off Freyberg Square1 update
    There is a crescent-shaped seating area just off Freyberg Square (in the Auckland CBD), to the right of the fountain, accessed from Courthouse Lane. The inside wall and seat of this area has been graffitied with sharpies of various colours. There are multiple pieces of graffiti, on the inside stone wall (facing the seats) and the stone seats themselves.
  • Graffiti at top of Albert park steps1 update
    Someone has graffitied the north facing wall at the very top of the set of steps that go down from Albert park to (approx.) 12 Kitchener street. See attached photo, taken facing south.
  • Graffiti on sign at entrance to Albert park1 update
    There is a sign at the entrance to Albert part located mid-way down Bowen Avenue. This sign has been graffitied with a black sharpie (some squares with the number '7' and '2', and then a scribbled signature). See attached picture.
  • Red Bull viral advertising still prevent at Newmarket train station1 update
    Someone from or representing Red Bull has placed a bike lock and advertisement onto a rail at the Newmarket train station. There is a curved wheelchair access path next to the stairs between the station proper and the plaza immediately to the west of the station. The bike lock/advertisement is attached to a rail on the side of the wheelchair access, just behind a sign.
  • Graffiti on south wall of Wesleyan Chapel steps facing High Street1 update
    Someone has put a stylised white 'H' on the outside (south facing) wall of the Wesleyan Chapel steps, facing onto High Street. If you stand on High street facing the escalator up to the podium in front of Metropolis, you will see this graffiti on your left. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on lamp post1 update
    A lamp post on Courthouse Lane has been graffitied with a thick black sharpie - see attached photo. The lamp post is outside the Metropolis Apartment building, near the intersection of Courthouse Lane and Kitchener Street.
  • Graffiti on steps in Albert Park1 update
    There are a set of steps going up into Albert Park just off the entrance that is mid-way along Bowen Avenue. Someone has graffitied one of the steps with white spray paint. The graffiti reads "Dezz Nuts" (?) See attached photo.
  • Tagging above green-wall on border of Freyberg Square1 update
    There is a green-wall facing Freyberg Place, just outside the City Designers Market at 28 High Street in the Auckland CBD. Just above and to the right of the green-wall there is a small bit of graffiti done with green spray paint. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti along low wall of Albert Park bordering Kitchener Street1 update
    The low stone wall bordering Albert Park and Kitchener Street has multiple pieces of graffiti on it. The graffiti is approximately opposite 16 Kitchener street, and appears in patches along most of the length of the wall.
  • Graffiti on wall next to fountain in Freyberg Square1 update
    To the right of the fountain in Freyberg Square (when facing towards the fountain) is a silver-coloured metal door. Just to the left of the door someone has sprayed some black paint. See attached photo. Note: This is Freyberg Square in the Auckland CBD, between High Street and Courthouse Lane.
  • Graffiti on wall beside old steps to Wesleyan Chapel1 update
    Someone has graffitied their name with black marker pen on the top of the wall next to the old Wesleyan Chapel steps. If you go to the top of the steps and then look down them towards High Street, you can see the graffiti half way down the steps on the left. Please refer to attached photo.
  • Graffiti on bottom of lamp post in Albert Park1 update
    Someone has painted a word with purple spray paint on the base of one of the black lamp posts in Albert park. This lamp post is located on the Bowen Avenue side of the park - if you start from the sign-posted entrance to Albert Park mid-way along Bowen avenue and proceed straight ahead up the steps, you will see the lamp post at the top of the T-intersection you reach after the steps. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on bench in Albert Park1 update
    A bench in the crescent-shaped part of Albert park between Kitchener street and Bowen Avenue has been graffitied. The bench is to the right of the steps leading up from Kitchener street, just above the taxi stand.
  • Graffiti on lamp post in Albert Park1 update
    A lamp post in the crescent shaped part of Albert park bisected by Kitchener street has been graffitied on the side with a white sharpie pen. The lamp post is on the right of the path after the flight of steps up from Kitchener street.
  • Graffiti on wall behind fountain in Freyberg Place1 update
    The stone wall behind the fountain in Freyberg Place has been graffitied with a black sharpie pen. The graffiti is just above the words 'To Thine Own Self Be True'. It consists of a caricature of a face and the words 'Morbistank'. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on wall behind seat near Freyberg Place1 update
    There are two pieces of graffiti drawn with what appears to be a blue pen on a stone wall near Freyberg Place. The graffiti is on the back wall of a crescent-shaped seating area between the fountain and Courthouse Lane, and on the seat directly below this. (Approach from Courthouse Lane - the area in question is not visible if you stand in Freyberg Place.) See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on wall behind seat near Freyberg Place2 update
    There are two pieces of graffiti drawn with what appears to be a black pen or crayon on a stone wall near Freyberg Place. The graffiti is on the back wall of a crescent-shaped seating area between the fountain and Courthouse Lane. (Approach from Courthouse Lane - the area in question is not visible if you stand in Freyberg Place.) See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on broadband box2 update
    Someone has graffitied the right-edge of a broadband box at approx. 1 Courthouse Lane. The box is located about half-way down Courthouse Lane, next to the entrance of Freyberg square. See attached photo.
  • Tree graffitied in Albert Park1 update
    A tree in Albert Park has been heavily graffitied with white spray-paint - see attached photo. This tree is next to one of the footpaths and can be most easily found by entering Albert park from the entrance mid-way up Bowen Avenue, then walking right about 100 meters.
  • Graffiti on back wall of generator room on Courthouse Lane1 update
    There is a small building (a generator room?) facing Courthouse Lane, between the fountain and the Metropolis Apartment building. One corner of the back wall of this building has had a word and some numbers written on it with a black sharpie. You can see the graffiti most easily if you stand on the terrace outside the coffee shop in the Metropolis building. See attached photo.
  • Fallen tree3 update
    Hi, a tree has fallen towards the road and is being held up by the curb trees. Will need to be cut and removed. I live over the road and would be happy to take as firewood if available (we live at 1 Menar Lane over the road).
  • Graffiti on sign at entrance to Albert park1 update
    The pole holding up the sign at the entrance to Albert park that is located half-way along Bowen avenue has been graffitied with black spray paint. See attached photo. Note that two sides of the sign have been graffitied - there are two separate pieces of graffiti.
  • Graffiti on wall facing City Designers Market1 update
    There is a curved stone wall facing the City Designers Market in Freyberg Place. Someone has written graffiti at two places on this wall with green pen. See attached photo.
  • Statue in Albert Park vandalised2 update
    The statue of a woman holding a dove that faces the gardener's house in Albert Park has been vandalised. Her right-hand previously held a sword. The bottom part of the sword has been broken off, and it's just a matter of time until someone breaks off the top part and her right hand too. The statue is closest to the main entrance on Princes Street. See attached photo.
  • Missing Stop Sign1 update
    The stop sign on the Butterworth Ave / Great south road intersection in Opaheke is missing. It disappeared a week ago (Approx)
  • Fire lit -in men's toilet1 update
    Fire or fireworks lit inside men's toilet.second time now
  • Graffiti on wall of Wesleyan Chapel steps facing escalator1 update
    The outside (south facing) wall of the Wesleyan Chapel steps on High Street has been graffitied with a black marker pen. See attached photo. The graffiti is at the top of the wall - from High Street, ride up the escalator next to The Coffee Club and look on your left as you go up.
  • Graffiti on 2 update
    There is a small building (a generator room?) facing Courthouse Lane, between the fountain and the Metropolis Apartment building. One corner of the back wall of this building has had the word "Say" written on it in red marker pen. You can see the graffiti most easily if you stand on the terrace outside the coffee shop in the Metropolis building. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on wall facing High Street1 update
    Someone has graffitied a wall with a black sharpie. The graffiti is on the side of the wall facing High Street. If you're standing on High Street next to the Coffee Club looking up the elevator to Metropolis, the graffiti is on your left.
  • Graffiti on east side of wall in Freyberg place facing courthouse lane1 update
    There is a long wall running north-South along the East side of Freyberg Place. On the side of this wall that faces Courthouse lane, just near the intersection of Courthouse lane and O'Connel street, someone has spray-painted a word in orange. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on North facing wall of lift shaft at top of Victoria Street car park1 update
    On the top floor of the Victoria street car park is a lift shaft/stairs. The outside, North facing wall of this lift shaft has been graffitied with red spray paint. See attached photo. Incidentally, this has occurred consistently for the last three years at the time of the Lantern Festival.
  • Broken parking sign left on Metropolis grass lawn2 update
    A broken parking sign has been left on the lawn in front of the Metropolis apartment building. See attached photo. Note that the street address given is approximate - the lawn is between High Street and Courthouse Lane, behind the fountain. Approach by climbing the old Wesleyan Chapel steps at (approximately) 42 High Street.
  • Dumped RUBBISH1 update
    Rubbish hss been dumped at the intersection of Market Road and Dromorne Road.
  • No speed limit sign on street1 update
    We have had boyracers on our street in the middle of the night doing burnouts in the cul de sac. There are visible skid marks all up the street including donuts at the end. There is no speed limit sign on the street which means that the speed limit is ambiguous, but likely to be 60kph like on the main road our street comes of. Too fast for a residential street with lots of children playing and a blind corner
  • Graffiti on wall opposite seat near Freyberg Place1 update
    Graffiti drawn with a pink marker pen have been placed on a stone wall near Freyberg Place. The graffiti is at the very end of a crescent-shaped seating area between the fountain and Courthouse Lane. (Approach from Courthouse Lane - the area in question is not visible if you stand in Freyberg Place.) See attached photo.
  • Tiraumea drive. Reserve - toilet block1 update
    Graffiti on the toilet. Block wall. Please remove
  • Pink graffiti on site of steps from Kitchener Street to Albert park1 update
    Opposite approx. 26 Kitchener Street is a flight of steps leading into Albert park. The inside wall at the top of these steps has been graffitied with pink spray paint. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on broadband (?) box1 update
    A beige broadband (?) box located on the footpath facing Courthouse Lane has had graffiti scrawled on the front. The box is located between Metropolis building and Freyberg Place (the square) at approx. 1 Courthouse Lane.
  • Rubbish bins on footpath1 update
    Rubbish and recycling bins are left out on footpath 7 days a week. Sometimes blocking the footpath - most of the time severely limiting pedestrian movement, especially for anyone less-abled or pushing prams. Been going on for months now.
  • Graffiti on outside wall of Wesleyan Chapel steps1 update
    The outside (south facing) wall of the Wesleyan Chapel steps on High Street has been graffitied with a white marker pen. See attached photo. The wall in question faces towards the bottom of the elevator to Metropolis and The Coffee Club.
  • Graffiti on wall of Wesleyan Chapel steps1 update
    Someone has written some graffiti on the inside wall of the stairs on either side of the old Wesleyan Chapel steps. The graffiti is in red, and is just under the overhang. See attached photo.
  • Street sign missing1 update
    The Dromorne Road street sign is missing from the intersection with Market Road.
  • 'Lollipop' zebra crossing sign in danger of falling over1 update
    One of the 'lollipop' signs next to the zebra crossing at the intersection of Vulcan lane and High Street has been partially pushed over and is now in danger of falling over. See attached photo, which doesn't convey very well the angle at which the sign is leaning.
  • Sign at entrance to Albert Park hanging dangerously1 update
    The sign at the Bowen street entrance to Alber Park is broken and is hanging on only one chain. The sign is very large and heavy - if it falls it could seriously hurt someone.
  • Graffiti on wall of Wesleyan Chapel steps1 update
    Someone has used a black sharpie pen to graffiti the inside wall of the stairs on either side of the old Wesleyan Chapel steps. If you stand at the bottom of the stairs, the graffiti is on the right side. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on wall opposite seat near Freyberg Place2 update
    Three pieces of graffiti in close proximity have been drawn on a stone wall near Freyberg Place. Each piece of graffiti has been drawn with a black marker pen and reads 'RAD'. The graffiti is at the very end of a crescent-shaped seating area between the fountain and Courthouse Lane. (Approach from Courthouse Lane - the area in question is not visible if you stand in Freyberg Place.)
  • Even more graffiti on wall facing City Designers Market1 update
    Someone has drawn some graffiti with a black sharpie on the inside face of the stone wall facing 28-30 High Street (the City Designers Market), Auckland central. There are two separate pieces of graffiti on this wall. See attached photograph, which shows only one. This area is being graffitied very frequently.
  • Yet more graffiti on wall facing City Designers Market1 update
    Someone has drawn some graffiti with a brown sharpie on the inside face of the stone wall facing 28-30 High Street (the City Designers Market), Auckland central. See attached photograph.
  • Graffiti on wall on top floor of Victoria street car park building26 update
    On the top floor of the Victoria street car park building in central Auckland is a small building housing the entrance to the lift/stairs. Someone has drawn some graffiti in black pen on one of the North facing walls of this building. (The 'top floor' is the floor that's open to the sky).
  • More graffiti on wall facing City Designers Market1 update
    Someone has drawn some graffiti with a black sharpie on the inside face of the stone wall facing 28-30 High Street (the City Designers Market), Auckland central. There are three separate patches of graffiti - the attached photograph shows only one.
  • Graffiti advertising moodmap web site1 update
    At the top (east) end of Vulcan lane, someone has spray painted an ad for moodmap.co.nz onto the pavement. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on wall facing City Designers Market1 update
    Someone has drawn some graffiti with a black sharpie on the inside face of the stone wall facing 28-30 High Street (the City Designers Market), Auckland central. Some of the graffiti is also on the metal bar directly above the stone wall.
  • Graffiti at top of stairs to Wesleyan chapel1 update
    Someone has written on one of the 'pillars' at the top of the stairs to the old Wesleyan Chapel off High Street. The graffiti has been written with a black pen on the left pillar (when facing down the stairs).
  • Graffiti on side of power generator building1 update
    There is a small building facing Courthouse Lane, just below Metropolis Residences. I think it is a power generator building for the fountain in Freyberg Place. On one wall of the building, someone has written the letter 'M' with a black marker pen. If you stand in front of the grey doors to the building, the affected wall is on the right. See attached photo.
  • Tagging on the Road1 update
    White tagging on the road and pavement.
  • Graffiti on seat in Freyberg Place1 update
    Next to the fountain in Freyberg Place is a crescent shaped seating area. This seating area is located above and to the left of the fountain (when facing the fountain) and abuts Courthouse Lane. The walls of this seating area, and the seat itself are made of stone. The wall has had several pieces of graffiti drawn on it in green and pink pen. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on outside wall of staircase to Wesleyan Chapel 1 update
    The outside wall of the staircase to the old Wesleyan Chappell has been graffitied with a white pen. The graffiti can be easily seen if you stand beside the coffee club at 42a high street, just in front of the escalator. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on back wall of small generator (?) building near fountain in Freyberg Place1 update
    There is a small building (a generator room?) facing Courthouse Lane, between the fountain and the Metropolis Apartment building. One corner of the back wall of this building has had the word "Orbit" written on it in black marker pen. You can see the graffiti most easily if you stand on the terrace outside the coffee shop in the Metropolis building. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti on wall in Freyberg Place1 update
    Someone has written a name and drawn a heart symbol on a wall in Freyberg Place using a black marker pen. See attached photo. The graffiti is located on the wall beside the steps leading from Courthouse lane down to the fountain.
  • Graffiti on wall opposite seat near Freyberg Place1 update
    Several words have been spray-painted in bright orange on a stone wall in Freyberg Place. The graffiti is at the very end of the inside wall of a crescent-shaped seating area between the fountain and Courthouse Lane. This is most easily seen by standing on Courthouse Lane near the broadband box and looking west.
  • Large broken branch from tree on berm1 update
    A tree on the berm at approx. 34 Triton drive has lost a large branch from the recent storm. It has been placed on the lawn nearby.
  • Graffiti on broadband (?) box1 update
    A beige broadband (?) box located on the footpath facing Courthouse Lane has had graffiti scrawled on the front. The box is located between Metropolis building and Freyberg Place (the square) at approx. 1 Courthouse Lane.
  • Graffiti on exterior wall of lift shaft, top floor of Victoria street car park1 update
    One of the north facing exterior walls of the lift shaft on the top floor of the Victoria street car park has been graffitied. This was done by three kids at 9.35pm on Monday 2 June. The kids knew which walls had the cameras trained on them, and deliberately picked the wall that didn't have one!
  • Graffiti on wall opposite seat near Freyberg Place1 update
    A single word has been spray-painted on a stone wall in Freyberg Place. The graffiti is at the very end of the inside wall of a crescent-shaped seating area between the fountain and Courthouse Lane. There is also a yellow dot spray-painted on the same wall slightly to the right. (Not shown in the photo is the discarded packet of synthetic cannabis.)
  • Graffiti on wall behind seat at corner of High Street/Freyberg Place1 update
    The stone wall behind a curved seat at the corner of High Street and Freyberg Place has been graffitied with a black marker pen. The graffiti is on a curved seating area facing the Clothing Market at the corner of High Street and Freyberg Place (next to the Pumpkin Patch).
  • Fallen tree branches on road side1 update
    A number of fallen tree branches, possibly from the recent storm, are lying by the side of Riversdale Road, Avondale. They are located in the vicinity of 14 and 2 Riversdale road (near Rosebank road).
  • Two pieces of graffiti on wall in Freyberg Place1 update
    A wall at the corner of High Street and Freyberg Place has had two pieces of graffiti added to it. Both have been done with a spray-can. One is blue and the other is magenta. The graffiti is just to the left of the marble sign for Freyberg Place, opposite the City Designers Market. See attached photo.
  • Graffiti at top of Wesleyan Chapel steps1 update
    Someone has sprayed some graffiti near the top of the steps to the former Wesleyan Chapel off High Street. A single word has been sprayed with black spray paint on top of a short pillar at the top of the steps, where it joins the terrace in front of The Metropolis building.
  • Graffiti on seat in Freyberg Place1 update
    Next to the fountain in Freyberg Place is a crescent shaped seating area. This seating area is located above and to the left of the fountain (when facing the fountain) and abuts Courthouse Lane. The walls of this seating area, and the seat itself are made of stone. The seat has been graffitied with a red marker pen.
  • Commercial company advertising on public property1 update
    What appears to be a bit of 'viral' advertising for Red Bull has been left attached to a bike stand at (approximately) 151 Queen Street. The bike stand is located on the west side of Queen street just north of the intersection with Wyndham Street.
  • Graffiti on wall of Wesleyan Chapel steps1 update
    Someone has written some graffiti on the wall of the steps to the former Wesleyan Chapel off High Street. A single word is written in what appears to be black pen near the bottom of the steps steps on the right-hand side (if you are ascending the steps).
  • 1992 Mitsubishi Gallant - Registration: ZE41192 update
    This derelict vehicle was abandoned at this location on 1 March 2014 and has remained unmoved for the past six days.
  • Glass door on fire hydrant has been smashed2 update
    The glass door covering the fire-hydrant built into the wall on the west side at (approx.) 59 High Street has been smashed. See attached photo.
  • Abandoned shopping trolley2 update
    A shopping trolly has been abandoned on the Courthouse Lane side of Freyberg Place, opposite the entrance to The Chancery.
  • Graffiti on wall of Wesleyan Chapel steps1 update
    Someone has written some graffiti on the wall of the steps to the former Wesleyan Chapel off High Street. A single word is written in what appears to be white pen about half-way up the steps on the left-hand side (if you are ascending the steps).
  • Graffiti on seat in Freyberg Place2 update
    Between Courthouse Lane and the fountain in Freyberg Place is a crescent shaped seating area. Recently some workers have installed a fast-broadband box near here, and as part of this work they spray painted the footpath. This spray paint has been covered over with new tar-seal, but they also put some spray paint on the stone seat in this area, which has not been removed.
  • Trees on Lorne Street need maintenance2 update
    There are several smaller trees on the East side of Lorne Street that need a trim. I have never seen these trees trimmed in the three years I have lived in the Auckland CBD. The shape of the trees is being spoiled by excessively long drooping branches, and this makes them easily damaged by vandals and extreme weather events. The roots are exposed for several of these trees also - I think they need a bit more soil around them.
  • Signs advertising shop on berm1 update
    A shop 'KidsYouth' in Albany is placing signs (2) on the berm in Triton drive advertising its business. This is not outside the shop (which is on the other side of the road) and is in fact in front of a bus stop. The address shown on the sign is "D2 14-22 Triton Drive" and the phone number shown is "09 4789196".
  • Graffiti on Wesleyan Chapel steps1 update
    Someone has written some graffiti on the steps to the former Wesleyan Chapel off High Street.
  • Abandoned vehicle - Expired license1 update
    There is a gold Mazda Premacy Wagon abandoned at the beginning of Gilbert Avenue, Grey Lynn. The place is DJJ283. The license is expired in december 2012 and the status of the car is very bad (flat tires, no sideview mirrors...). It's there since 4 months at least. There are a lot of tickets as well.
  • Graffiti on door of stone building next to fountain1 update
    There is a small stone building facing Courthouse Lane that has a grey door (I think it's a generator room for the fountain). The door has been graffitied with black marker pen. See attached photo.
  • Trees need a serious trim2 update
    Pathway from Rapallo Place through to Galloway Park - trees are so over grown you have to leave the pathway to get around them.
  • Graffiti on both sides of steps at entrance to Albert Park1 update
    The walls on either side of the steps at one of the entrances to Albert Park off Kitchener Street have been graffitied. The entrance is about 30 meters north of the Auckland Art Gallery.
  • Graffiti on seat in Freyberg Place1 update
    Next to the fountain in Freyberg Place is a crescent shaped seating area. This seating area is located above and to the left of the fountain (when facing the fountain) and abuts Courthouse Lane. The walls of this seating area, and the seat itself are made of stone. They have been graffitied with a black sharpie pen. There are about four distinct patches of graffiti in this area.
  • Missing street sign on Michael Foley Place2 update
    The sign for Michael Foley Place has been missing for over 2 years now. This is very confusing for people and couriers trying to locate the street. Would really appreciate if this could be looked into. Thanks!
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant152 update
    Leaking Fire Hydrant
  • Car abandoned1 update
    Black Mercedes, convertible, Rego DRD36, parked in same spot for many weeks with driver side window slightly opened. Elements starting to damage interior. Registration expired Jan 2013. Doesn't seem out of place in the neighbourhood but the open window raised suspicion and I checked registration. Could be a dump job.
  • Graffiti in alley way - 2013-11-251 update
    Silver graffiti on brown fence in alleyway between Birkdale road and Mackwood Place
  • Abandoned Toyota Liteace WE98601 update
    Grey/Light brown Toyota Liteace (mini van) has been parked outside Freyberg Park for more than 3 months. Registration is expired. Vehicle is located on Woodlands crescent between the public toilets and the kindergarten.
  • Auckland wants to become “most liveable city in the world” is a joke1 update
    BECAUSE IT IS GOING OUT OF ITS WAY TO BE ABUSIVE TO PEDESTRIANS. I was going to work via Grafton bridge and got faced with a “works end”(photo used at this web site) blocking most of the footpath, over the next couple of days as I walked to work, workout the only job this sign does is block the footpath for pedestrians & be a visual distraction to motorist . What I found out is there is road works on Grafton Road between Park Road & Grafton bridge intersection and the “waterfront”. So motorist leaving the Grafton Road road works and entering the Park Road & Grafton bridge intersection can use one of three lanes, one nearest the footpath is for traffic turning left into Park Road, the other two lanes is for traffic going straight ahead (towards Khyber pass). THERE IS NO LANE FOR TURING LEFT into Grafton Bridge so you can see the “works end” blocking most of the footpath. If you did get into the lane nearest the oncoming traffic there is a sign on a power pole indicating “NO RIGHT TURN” (photo used at this web site) [When I almost walked into a sign one night walking along Park Road and made a posting here at this web site almost a year ago. Was told the back of the sign could not be painted with high visibility paint to stand out and to warn over pedestrians that they need to walk around the sign to avoid getting their face whacked with the sign because “THIS WOULD BE A VISUAL DISTRACTION FOR MOTOREST FACING THE BACK OF THE SIGN” so the conclusion here is this “work end” sign blocking most of the Grafton bridge footpath has the only job of been in the way for pedestrians and a visual distraction for motorist who have not gone past the road works on Grafton Road. In fact just after I took a photo of this nuisance sign for this web site, my movement was restricted by a high volume of pedestrians walking past this sign …...... Over the next couple of days I walked different routes to work (so I did not have to walk past this sign) I found one route still has the footpath cancer left on Boston Road needed for a temporary train station while Grafton train station was getting built. So I went another route and almost got hit with a waterfall coming off Auckland southern motorway bridge due to wind fluctuation. Then a third route found a “50” km/h sign laying on the footpath, that was moved to the other side of the fence and when I got a email to tell me the people who fix signs were about to fix it, found the night before this sign had completely vanished. Now trying to get out of the habit of moaning to this web site, noticed a sign down on Grafton Bridge Wednesday night. [but forgot to say this on the web site posting] on Thursday morning saw broken glass on Grafton bridge and was not going post this because it has been most times a wasted report reporting via this web site, it was not until I slipped at about 522 Karangahape Road footpath decided to report the glass. BY THE WAY the “works end” sign reported at this web site last year that I almost walked into was moved to a higher position, but then there were a few other signs still left at face whacking height. fixmystreet is a very good idea but from the reports Auckland City get they appear to me to be put in the “who gives a toss” file. CONCLUSION : I am sick to death of been a unpaid reporter for Auckland City Council problems as most of my reports are fixed by the procrastination comments “cant do, wont do, we have a stuff pedestrians policy” just so Auckland can become the worlds most liveable city. like who cares about people slipping on footpath cancer. ERRORS : in the frustration forgot to say on a previous posting the sign down on Wednesday was on Grafton bridge then a fix up on latter posting said by mistake grafton road, then the slip along posting forgot to say it was at about 522 Karangahape Road just next to ANZ automatic teller.
  • Missing street sign1 update
    The street sign for Richard St has been missing for several weeks which is confusing for couriers and others trying to find the street.
  • Removal of gourse - Fire hazard1 update
    Gorse along Gills rd north of living stream rd, western side of Gills - ontop of retaining wall. Gorse is 2-3m high within 5 metres of housing. Gorse is dead and is now a Fire hazard. Thanks
  • Abandoned vehicle11 update
    This car has been abandoned on the street for at least two months. The Police were rung about it and they say that it has not been reported as stolen, merely left on the street after breaking down in January.
  • Need Pruning1 update
    2 trees on grass verge on duncan ave side of house need pruning. They over hang my property and roof dropping leaves glogging my gutter and rubbing against my gutter in High winds (I did recently cut them off the gutter) and blocking sun light. I'm not sure which council number to ring about this.
  • Abandoned car on the street1 update
    A black Subaru forest with Rego CAN692 has been abandoned on the street for more than a week. It is also parked in a way that makes itdifficult reversing from the properties at number 17.
  • Dangerous stormwater drain grating in road1 update
    There is a stormwater drain grating on the corner of Mokoia Road and Birkenhead Ave about 1.2 metres from the kerb. It sits right in the path of travel as I cycle from Hinemoa Street towards the Onewa Road lights - and the grating is big enough for my bike wheel to fall into. It's been there for years and I always wonder why it was set out so far from the kerb.
  • A pohutakawa has a snapped branch1 update
    The branch is waving and still attached the the tree but needs trimming off. Poor tree :(
  • Keep Left signs missing2 update
    Keep Left signs are missing on both the east- and west-bound sides of the refuge island in the middle of the road outside 522A Mt Albert Rd.
  • Fire hydrant leaking2 update
    Constantly running fire hydrant
  • Street light out3 update
    Street light not working outside 50 Millen Ave, Pakuranga
  • Broken car windscreen glass on pavement1 update
    A car windscreen or window has been broken at the Horopito Street end of Brentwood Avenue and there is broken glass all over the pavement. Please could it be swept up?
  • issue 2203 still broken fence1 update
    i seem waste a lot of time reporting problems
  • Graffiti on gateway to Cornwall Park1 update
    Idiot called 'Justin Gayber' has graffiti'd the pedestrian gateway at the top of Golf Road, with blue marker pen
  • sign down at western end2 update
    not sure what it says too busy having time wasted reporting problems that never get fixed
  • weird road rules1 update
    PREAMBLE: Grafton Road has road works between Park road & motorway on ramp. THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PICTURE IS A PHOTO OF THE "NO TURN RIGHT" ~ THE RIGHT PART OF THE PHOTO IS THE "WORKS END" SIGN MOTORIST PATH A: Drive from Grafton Road that has road works (up hill), ignore the "no right turn" sign and turn right into Grafton bridge, "WORK END" sign become useful and for what it was intended. MOTORIST PATH B: Drive from Park road in to Grafton bridge, "WORK END" sign is useless because road works never started, and is a visual distraction for motorist. MOTORIST PATH C: Drive from Carton Gore Road direction turn left into Grafton bridge "WORK END" sign is useless because road works never started and is a visual distraction for motorist. CONCLUSION: TO MAKE "WORK END" SIGN BECOME USEFUL MOTORIST MUST DISOBEY "NO TURN RIGHT" SIGN AND TURN RIGHT. CONCLUSION FOR PEDESTRIANS: WHAT A PAIN BECAUSE THE SIGN TAKES UP 1/3 TO 1/2 THE FOOTPATH WIDTH AND IS A **** OFF FOR PEDESTRIANS, IN FACT IT RESTRICTED MY MOVEMENT JUST AFTER I TOOK THE PHOTO.
  • Pest plant infestation1 update
    The land adjacent to the level crossing was landscaped during the recent double tracking of the western railway. Since then it hasn't been maintained and is now the source on both sides of the street of a major pest plant infestation (bush wattle (Paraseriaththes laphantha), woolly nightshade (Solanum mauritianum), moth plant (Arauja hortorum), etc). While the latter two pests are subject to containment restrictions under the Biosecurity Act, the infestation detracts from the quality of the planting and diminishes the aesthetic amenity of the area and impacts negatively on the over all appearance of the station. The fact that the infestation is on public land tends to encourage adjacent private landowners to ignore similar infestations. It would be good if these pest plants could be controlled in a systemic fashion in order to diminish the spread of the infestation.
  • Pest plant infestation, Chalmers Reserve1 update
    The lower part of the reserve has a significant infestation of pest plants including but not restricted to: mature containment pest plants (removal) woolly nightshade (Solanum mauritianum); containment pest plants (boundary control) gorse (Ulex spp.); surveillance pest plants blackberry (Rubus fructicosus), mature bush wattle (Parascrianthes laphantha) and pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana). While the infestation boxers on the railway embankment it lies within the boundary of the designated reserve and is thus the responsibility of Auckland Council. Surprisingly and unusually, the railway corridor is relatively free of pest plant infestations, although, obviously, this will not be the case should the reserve infestation not be dealt with. I note that the mature woolly nightshade would appear to be the seed source of a major infestation of juvenile plants apparent throughout the reserve, along the railway embankment and in adjacent private properties. This infestation should be removed. The continued existence of the infestation detracts from the indigenous landscaping of the reserve.
  • Grafton Bridge turning into a dump2 update
    I think it has four cracked &/or broken windows now, I suppose that is what you get when you leave it as a dump, not even the street cleaners go near it. Toilets at the corner, bridge and Symonds street must look good for Auckland out of town visitors next months what a joke no electric lights in the dark. what a backward city we live in.
  • the shifting 50 KM/H sign1 update
    walk along "The Stand" turn left into Quay street there is a tired "50" KM/H sign leaning on the fence, last week it was on the other side of the fence, goodness knows were it will be tomorrow. PLEASE comments and update website when fixed.
  • Leaking fire hydrant2 update
    Water is flowing from the fire hydrant cover onto the footpath
  • fence STILL broken1 update
    detailed location reported at this web site some months ago
  • Fence broken1 update
    On Tamaki Drive, half way between Ngapipi Road & the trees at Partai North reserve. FOR WHICH THERE ARE LOTS OF MUSHROOMS GROWING UNDER THE TREES. The post here there is only 30 more post before the end, I bent the fence out towards the sea, some dork comes along and bends it so people can walk into it in the dark night.
  • PIGS meat at Newmarket train station1 update
    ..... or should I say the new square right at the Newmarket train station. What a mess every Friday night like 5:30pm, take you fine book and hand out fines for littering and you could take home the "beacon" for the city council. By the Way I could not find a Category option for Rubbish (human pigs) I think the one I selected is the best I could use, or People Fouling might be another option needed. From Eric
  • Request for DUCKS CROSSING Sign/Speed Bump please2 update
    A number of ducks are being hit by speeding drivers. Could we please have a DUCKS CROSSING sign installed on both sides. The duck pond is on the corner nearest 58 Korora Road. Even better still would be a speed bump!
  • wasted dribble (graffiti)2 update
    At 32 Crummer Road
  • Mothers pushing children & VIP's abused here.1 update
    THE GRAFTON BRIDGE SIGN FOR MOTORIST: The top part of the picture taken at 7:44am is highly visible, notice how the bottom part of the picture taken at 7:45am is not so visible, this has to be total abuse for Mothers pushing prams as there is only 87 cm from the edge of the sign to the edge of the curb. Once again it does not help Visual Impaired Pedestrians (VIP) approaching from the back side. I just get amazed how this sign is for motorist yet it is the pedestrians who get abused, and due to the narrow walk way, I always pass parents pushing prams closest to the road, so their pram wheels do not fall over the curb and give their child a dangerous experience. I think there needs to be a book written "Who gives a hoot to PEDESTRIAN safety"
  • "50" km/h sign down2 update
    walk out of "the strand" turn left into Quay street, you will see the sign up against the fence.
  • Twisted directions.1 update
    Our community living gnomes has made Saint Stephens Avenue become Gladstone Road & Takutai Street become Saint Stephens Avenue
  • Abandoned trailer? 1 update
    This abandoned trailer at Lauriston Ave has been there since (for ages) I wish I did not have to report this, however the other day a car was forced to park in the driveway (because of limited parking space) in front of the garage (you can see in the background), giving pedestrians a very narrow walkway to sneeze through, impossible walkway for wheelchairs and mothers with prams, if it belongs to the people living at #1 it could be moved off the street to their section, there is enough space.
  • sign for motorist twisted so only pedestrian see it1 update
    the sign is for motorists turning left from Remuera road into the Newmarket carpark at the end of Nuffield street, it says "turning traffic give way to pedestrians"
  • dO i NEED TO MAKE MY POINT AGAIN!!!!! the close sign is harder to see 1 update
    I lost or never got the confirm email to make my posting on the web site, so I have to redo this story again! -------- 2nd attempt ------- If you stand in the place I was standing to take this photo next to the gates of the domain on Park road, you will notice the sign placed at "pedestrian injury level" the sign furtherest one away on the other side of the street is easier to spot on the back of it has "works end" (you just might make it out in the photo (in front of the red and white fence), yet the closer one is harder to see as it has a gray color background, that is just right of the tree.
  • The glass is gone, but is the sign right?2 update
    Here is a strange one, between 12:16 and 12:27 yestoday at lunch time near the corner of 20-2 Crummer Road & Pollen Street I was sweeping up clear glass that was a complete bottle just the other day, just when I thought I had finished I spotted more glass (this happened a few times) During that time three ladies walked past me and I mentioned this fixmystreet web site to them. But anyway near the corner of Crummer Road & Ponsonby Road is the sign seen in the photo “Art Gallery” in my opinion this sign should be twisted towards me where I was standing taking the photo and rotated about 135° as there is a “Art Gallery” on Ponsonby Road, not down Crummer Road. But then I could be wrong. From Eric (I tried to post this story last night but because of problems (mostly uploading the picture) with this web site, my mind had a grenade attack, so I did something else)
  • Sign suits some Aucklanders1 update
    Be careful, someone might steal it for their hallway and add value to their home.
  • signs for "ghost" motorist1 update
    The attached sign says "works end" but it never started. The placement of the sign was after footpath upgrade started between Grafton bridge (Park Road) & Stanley Street. But there seems to be a problem here, you are not allowed to do a right turn coming up on Grafton Road from Stanley Street direction and turn into Grafton Bridge. So I would say this would be superfluous "sign distraction" for "live" motorist, something that a absolute no - no for motorist, even if it goes out of the way to injure real pedestrians.
  • Drink fountain in the park useless1 update
    Just next to the Karangahape road bus stop in the park corner Symonds street. The attached photo was taken (Thursday 6th) with my finger on the tap button. I suspect if a male had this problem he would have a bad case of prostate cancer, it can be picked up with blood test.
  • there's a bottle under the cone1 update
    There is a bottle under the cone, corner Grafton bridge & the on ramp to southern motorway, I pick up three bottles today, the forth one was next to a cone, so I pick up the cone, moved the bottle with my shoe under the cone and put the cone down I HOPE I HAVE SAVED THE NEARBY FOOTPATHS FROM THOUSANDS OF BROKEN GLASS, BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE TO LAZY TO ASK RESIDENTS TO PICK UP BOTTLES. ---------------- by the way I think someone may of walked in the sign on the bridge, as reported the other night, because the sign is not highly visible from the back side of it. But then who gives a toss? And I got 74cm from the cone to the edge of the kerb. From Eric
  • another shirt ripper1 update
    While moaning about shirt ripper one someone else told me about this other shirt ripper, a smoker butt container. see the width of the footpath is restricted by the changes been made to the shop front opposite 277 Broadway
  • half broken "no entery" sign.1 update
    corner crummer road & scanlan street,just waiting for some idiot to break completely,about 200 millimeters from the ground.
  • Glass Upper Harbour Drive1 update
    I have noticed a patch of broken glass on the eastern side of Upper Harbour Drive just to the north of #301. It is in the shoulder area. Can this be swept clear?
  • Motorist think this is a "entry" sign1 update
    This photo was taken standing on the road, it would be near enough what motorist would see before they cross Scanlan Street and proceed along Crummer Road, (travelling on the other side if the road, against the arrow). ** Motorist around Auckland need to learn the road code they seem to think "stop" signs are in fact "give way" signs one day I did in fact see a motorist stop at a "stop" sign only because there was a car coming down the other way. ** also motorist do not know the difference between the give way triangle and the pedestrian diamond painted on the roads, all the time I see pedestrian think there is a pedestrian crossing on Domain Drive at the park road intersection BECAUSE THAT PART OF THE ROAD IS RAISED, one day I heard a motorist toot at a pedestrian because the pedestrian walked out in front of them. Auckland City council workers need to learn what "safety" means. I wrote a letter to ACC just after this road was raised.
  • Graffiti for removal 2 update
    Top photo 35 Crummer Road (Gray), bottom photo 37 Crummer Road (dark green wall) (joined together with GIMP, a free program) From Eric
  • BIG Pot hole found while getting clues.1 update
    In this photo here, I am next to the big sign that says "20 Titoki Street" (which is next to birth right) ~~ Over the hedge is tennis courts ~~ Near the middle of the picture in the green grass area is two big square "people inspection covers" just below those in the picture is "THE DRAIN" where the water does not drain away and is almost touching the top of the storm water cover grill. ****** NOW as for the big pot hole in the park, that is roughly on the left side edge of the picture, it appears that it has been there for a while as the grass has grown in it, ** it is about "15 strides" from the sign "Sensory garden" ** 7 strides from Mausell Road ** and about 34 strides from the drain that floods when it rains. (I hope you are not confused now, because I am) From Eric BE CAREFUL NOT TO STICK YOUR FOOT IN THE HOLE WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IT.
  • Flooded drain as reported here Wed 27 April1 update
    The picture is opposite the big sign “20 Titoki Street” corner Titoki Street and Mausell Road, in the south-west part of the intersection. It happens when it rains as reported http://fixmystreet.org.nz/issue/1277
  • trivial pursuit - spot the graffiti, 2 update
    1st lot corner Crummer road & scanlan street AND 2ND LOT ACROSS THE ROAD ON THE GREEN WALL,37 Crummer road, my other posting, the graffiti busters where there in a flash on Monday morning, I could not here what he said on the cell phone the signal was breaking, But the posting was a complete waste of time it seems some people have no interest in removing graffiti, I think maybe Auckland City council should have a Graffiti permit system, If you dont remove that graffiti on your door, (as 35 Crummer road) then you have to buy a graffiti permit. (why not support the rate/rent payers). From Eric
  • Illegal dumping of rubbish1 update
    Black tyres and now some plastic chairs have been illegally dumped overnight at this location. None of the locals are responsible (I asked them myself and know them well). Please can these be removed before others start adding more rubbish too.

New issues

  • No issues.

Older issues

  • Overgrown hedge obstructing footpath
    House at corner of Ballin St and Ellerslie Park Rd has an overgrown hedge that makes walking on Ballin St footpath almost impossible. House is 12A Ellerslie Park Rd but hedge is on Ballin St.
  • Speeding Vehicles
    Taylor road is in desperate need of traffic calming measures, as several surrounding streets have had speed bumps installed, Taylor Road is experiencing increasing traffic volumes and excessive speeding has become the norm.
  • Telcon Cabinet
    Cabinet is severely tagged
  • Communications Cabinet Graffitti
    Cabinet has much graffiti on it
  • Street Signs
    1) Top of Green Lane Pukekohe. 2) Lower end of Catherine McLean Road 3) Cnr Tuakau Road & Kitchener Road. 1 & 2 Street signs are falling away, 3 is the Hospital sign, falling away. Also there is a block of polystyrene on the berm in Jackson Place, outside 51 Green Lane.
  • Abandoned Vehicle with expired license1 update
    A Honda Odyssey with registration plate no. HAC774 with vehicle license (rego) expired last 06 Feb 2021. This vehicle was abandoned at the roadside along Trafalgar Street, halfway between Trafalgar intersection with Manukau Rd and Onehunga Mall Street in Onehunga suburb. The vehicle was parked at the roadside just opposite the Auckland Council City Parks Building since early Feb 2022. There is a note left on the dashboard that the car breakdown and owner is organizing removal ASAP (Saturday). On the contrary, the vehicle was left at the roadside abandoned for over 1.5 months already.
  • GiveWay & no entry sign down 3 way juction Te Taou C, Te Taou C,Te Taou C
    Give Way & no entry sign on the other side down at 3 way junction, Te Taou Crescent, Te Taou Crescent,& Te Taou Crescent. the sign is leaning against the building. Auckland CBD
  • Overgrown tree branches obstructing footpath
    Branches of trees spreading onto the footpath outside properties on Earl Road, Titirangi Auckland 0604, particularly outside no 6 and no 1, and also on the corner of Norman Rd and Derwent Cres which makes walking for exercise dangerous as the walker has to step off the curb onto the road as footpath is blocked.
  • Large broken tree limbs - hanging over road
    After the storm - There are large broken tree limbs hanging vertically over Inland Road about 50m south of 532 Inland Road Helensville - they will fall on top of motorists if not removed asap
  • Speeding
    Cars speeding on this street at high speed than the recommended limit thus endangering the properties and people. We had couple of incidents where speeding cars hit our vehicles and fence as were speeding around the bend. Would appreciate if council can install speed breakers on this street.
  • Auckland no longer cleaning off turd talk
    Report here before, on ponsonby r also twice before here on richmaond r
  • GRAFFITI -- turd talk
    ex-shop front Sackville street & Richmond R
  • flipp down "Hidden Queue" sign on the loose in with the trees
    flip down "Hidden Queue" sign on the loose in with the grass and the trees, near start of Tamaki Drive & Solent Street
  • zombie paints turd talk over ex-shop front
    zombie paints turd talk over ex-shop front, on Richmand road, Corner of the nearby side street is Sackville street
  • four legged rat seen from footpath Bowen Ave 1 update
    four legged rat seen from footpath of Bowen Ave running off into Alert park About 7:30 am
  • Park bench moved to storm water outlet
    Don't know how but a park bench has been placed at the storm water outlet on the side of the pond.
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Toyota Aeras Estima registration GBD738, WOF 31/07/2021 abandoned in front of 32 Collingwood street, Freemans bay, auckland
  • Fallen tree on bush path
    Bush path that starts from Corwen place is blocked by a tree fallen in recent storm.
  • Abandoned Nissan GZL979
    Abandoned vehicle Nissan GZL979 Registration expired in 2020, moss growing on it.
  • Abandoned Vehicle?
    BMW White Rego MDC513 (Expired 18/10/2021) This car is standing right next to our driveway exit/entry very close, for quite some time since Sep or Oct I think. Rego is expired and haven' moved in last couple of months that we noticed. can't ask comfortably to neighbours. Not sure what we can do and where to report this.
  • Dumped large wooden pallet
    A pallet has been dumped and left against the Fort Lane wall of Queens Arcade. it is not related to anything within the Arcade
  • Fallen tree branch
    A large branch has broken and fallen on the berm and footpath. It is too large for me to deal with.
  • Dumped couch
    Some kind soul has dumped a couch on the corner of Fowlds and Locarno Ave
  • Speeding vehicles
    People had to stop while walking to observe vehicles driving at high speeds. Families walking along Ancroft Street with kids on their bikes, playing around the reserve area, families with babies pushing their pram and vehicles speeding with no regard and respect to the public. Road need some form of a speed deterrent like road bump, speed limit signage or presence of the police. Speeding vehicles hitting or loosing control and an accident waiting to families and children both residents and passerby. It has been reported numerous times but no action from both Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.
  • Tree Branches Need Pruning
    Tree branches overhanging fence need pruning, coming close to powerline to house
  • Trees overhanging causing problems
    Trees on berm over hanging drive way and road causing problems need to be pruned. Branches are getting caught by large rubbish trucks and dropping leaves and debris over street foot path (slip hazzard for paedestrians) and vehicles in drive. Branchs getting close to powerlines to house.
  • Multiple signs knocked over
    Multiple signes have been broken off their poles and are now laying next to the road
  • Litter1 update
    Travelling up Kitchener Road E to West. On the left side right up to the top of the hill and down and along Rowles Road, the is litter (Bottles & Rubbish) scattered along the road edge and drains. Also at Waiuku Road opposite the west end of Ward St., there is a bag of rubbish and it has been there for some weeks.
  • Loose street sign which rattles loudly whenever it's windy
    The mounting straps on the street sign outside my flat at the corner of Calliope Rd and Glen Rd are so loose that the sign rattles so loudly whenever it's windy that I can hear it inside my flat. (The bent bicyclist notification sign could do with fixing, too.)
  • Abandoned White subaru impreza wrx
    People in one of the flats moved out a week ago and have left the car they were working on out on the road outside 141 Birkdale Road, Birkdale, auckland Car details: white 1998 subaru impreza wrx, rego gjw822 expired 4 may 2021.
  • Dumped washing machine
    Some kind soul has dumped a very old washing machine on the corner of Locarno and Fowlds Ave by the stop sign
  • Playground bolts lose and missing
    Durham green playground seasaw bolts all off or lose.
  • Neon lighting tube
    A feature lighting tube that has been installed in Fort Lane is partially out
  • Unregistered vehicle parked in the street
    Vehicle registered under KWE848. This is an extremely noisy & irritating little car which through the noise it makes can't but catch your attention. The displayed registration ended Dec 2019. Its in constant use
  • Potholes1 update
    Multiple potholes causing drivers to swerve and could cause an accident. Is getting worse and worse every day.
  • Fort Lane Auckland CBD Sewerage smell
    We manage Queens Arcade shopping centre and are suffering from an intermittent toxic Hydrogen Sulphide sewerage type smell that we believe may be coming from the Fort Lane drains as we have become aware that they have caused similar problems in the past. Could someone please investigate as soon as possible.
  • flexibin dumped for months
    a flexibin was dumped there for months
  • Power lines
    Please have council remove above powerlines from our streets. We are trying to beautify our area and yet council cuts out the middle of our beautiful trees for powerlines! We pay a large amount in fees for living in this area. When will that money be put into use for our area?
  • Been there for over 10 months
    This car has been left here for well over 10months and not moved. It causes problems with residents trying to park and maneuver around it. Also getting boats and rubbish trucks through crescent is very difficult. Please have this car removed. Thanks
  • Been there for over 10 months
    This car has been left here for well over 10months and not moved. It causes problems with residents trying to park and maneuver around it. Also getting boats and rubbish trucks through crescent is very difficult. Please have this car removed. Thanks
  • Vehicle abandoned for 6 weeks
    White BMW LJD332 Been abandoned for at least 6 weeks now blocking busy commercial driveway. 52 Plunket Avenue Papatoetoe 2104
  • Big long truck parking front of my house, disrupt my sleep which I have underlying conditon
    I am on going battle w trucks parking front of my house. Our bedroom facing the streets. I have anxiety problem w sleeping tablets and pain killer. I have broken sleep. By the time I am on my sleep the truck engine startled me, my heart pumping my hand shaking, and can't continue sleeping. Many years no one help for my mental wellbeing. Could council put Sign : NO TRUCK PARKING, please.
  • Illegal and dangerous rubbish tip in the bush
    Please clean up and close off, once and for all, the access driveways to the illegal rubbish tip in the bush on Sunnyvale Road between Crows Rd and Kay Rd. An attempt was made to cut off one drive way, but the second one, a few meters down, is now heavily used. Some of the rubbish is actually environmentally dangerous. Thank you.
  • traffic speed limit??? and warning sign??
    live on a blind corner(135)..wondering about some sort of signage to warn drivers of concealed driveway?(or reminder of speed limit)...is this a 50km road? as cars speed around the corner and turning right into driveway has become a major hazard..getting worse over the years and now the road has also been narrowed by the council placing concrete blocks in front of slip have narrowed the road(bus coming around corner becomes a close call) even further making it even more risky...I realise that this is a very small "concern" in council affairs, but having lived at this address for around 20 years..this has been steadily getting worse and more "close" calls are happening..hope someone is able to "understand" my concern, many thanks
  • crossing outside of school
    the zebra crossings outside of Murrays Bay school should be raised.The car is going downhill and there's a visibility issue to see the crossing when approach
  • Expired rego and warrant January 2020 outside 9 Rowan Road
    2011 Peugeot 4007 HET 615 Abandoned September 2020 probably longer.
  • Offensive graffiti on Manukau Foreshore Walkway
    Offensive graffiti has been spray painted on the concrete path of the Manukau Foreshore Walkway at the eastern end just passed Advanced Flight Limited heading east to the container rail yard.
  • Severely restricted visibility when exiting the access drive due to parked cars
    When exiting from the drive that accesses the properties at 13 Ruawai Road, Mount Wellington, visibility is severely restricted due to the rise of the drive and cars parking along the side of the road on either side of the entrance. This is posing a severe health and safety risk, as cars exiting the drive have to substantially enter Ruawai Road in order to check for oncoming traffic from both directions. In order to mitigate the risk of a motor vehicle collision, can "No stopping at all times" parking restrictions (broken yellow lines) be painted on either side of the drive entrance for at least 20m and a convex mirror installed on the opposite side of the road to improve visibility.
  • Abandoned unregistered vehicle
    Silver Audi parked on berm, no plates. Has been there for about 3 weeks.
  • Sensor Lights not Working
    The reserve at 27B Gwilliam Place, Freemans Bay, between Gratton And Gwilliam Places, has sensor lights that come on when somebody walks through the reserve at night. Currently these do not work and consequently you are walking in the dark, which will at some point cause an accident. again this is a Health and Safety Hazard and will cause injury in due course.
  • Pedestrian crossing
    HI There, I am writing to ask for a pedestrian crossing near our local school. I often see children trying to cross a very busy corner and there have been some near misses with vehicles. Please could you contact me to discuss this. It is the corner of Avoca road and Alexander street in Cockle Bay. Many school students have to cross at this intersection to get home. Thank you Louise
  • Overgrown hedging
    The hedge of this property that borders Locarno Ave is now well over 4 metres tall and overhanging the footpath. The tenants of the property are unable to trim this due to its height makes it completely the landlord responsibility.
  • Dangerous Mud area.
    The road is now dangerous as there is a large area of mud (about 30 m long, full width of the road) The road has needed grading and a large amount of roading metal put on all summer. Cars are now sliding about on this surface, it has been made worse by the heavy use of the Water truck and trailers using Hamilton Road every day and night all summer. Now it's a danger to the seven families who lives on this unsealed stretch of the road.
  • ....1 update
    First I was impressed how the green link buses have A or C on them, A for Newmarket to Parnall, C for Newmarket to the hospital direction. but then same Wednesday mouring, everything went to rubbish Never use replacement train service if there is a option as normal Auckland is broken, I made the mistake of using the replacement bus for the train at Orakei First of all the timetable looked as if it was the timetable that was made for Meadowbank, So knowing the times the bus gets there decided to walk across the foot bridge, then when I got there, that timetable looks as if it was made for Glen Innes. I waited half a hour it looked as if the replacement buses do not know how to get to Meadowbank, I never saw any buses, So I gave up and walked to Remuera road, it was good to see the bus services know the route I only had to wait a few minutes.
  • leaking Water Hydrant
    The Water Hydrant on the footpath at the end on the Vonnell Place Cul De Sac id leaking across the foot path. It's located the the right of the letter boxes at the end.
  • well well well, why would Newmarket put up these signs in the park see photo
    well well well, why would Newmarket put up these signs in the park see photo. from where I stood to take this photo I could clearly see 3 other signs, plus there was 2 others out of sight. I wonder how much they cost?
  • Drinking fountain surrounded by stagnant water because of blocked drain
    Nobody would be able to use this drinking fountain in Gloucester Park without standing in the stagnant water. The puddle has been there for months and the surrounding grass is lush and BOGGY. The drain under the fountain is blocked and has no grating to keep any litter from going down it. Recommend action: clear the drain. Put a grating in the top.
  • Truck parked on berm
    Truck parked on berm in front of 22 Ancroft Street Papakura. Alpha One Transport Limited, Rego no. FYC314
  • pole still on the rock, Come on I am sure it could be used by someone, a seat in the park.
    pole still on the rock, Come on I am sure it could be used by someone, a seat in the park
  • Bushes over footpath
    Lavender and agapanthus plants planted adjacent to footpath, but external to fence continuously overgrow onto footpath. Footpath is extrememly busy as main access way to the popular Pt England walkway, and when wet prams/bikes/mobility scooters unable to remain on footpath. Lavender trees overhanging footpath also attract bees. Photo is couple of months old. Have asked occupiers to remedy many times with limited success.
  • Trees over footpath
    Tall tree overhanging footpath outside 184 Tripoli Rd, Pt England.
  • Auckland Unbelievable: Could this be the 3rd of three cones I pulled out off the rocks a few weeks ago, also metal frame works is also seen in the creek,
    Auckland Unbelievable: Could this be the 3rd of three cones I pulled out off the rocks a few weeks ago, also metal frame works is also seen in the creek, This photo was taken on the Auckland city side of Mission bay, the bottom of the foot bridge can be seen at the top of the picture, in the photo the 3rd cone plus some metal frame work used for Road works can be seen. it would be more suitable if this was taken out at low tide but will it happen.
  • Auckland Unbelievable: Could this be the 2nd & 3rd of three cones I pulled out off the rocks a few weeks ago.
    Auckland Unbelievable: Could this be the 2nd & 3rd of three cones I pulled out off the rocks a few weeks ago. Then I was told by a roadside worker on Tamaki drive to throw them back into the sea. This photo was taken on the Auckland city side of Mission bay, the bottom of the foot bridge can be seen at the top of the picture, in the photo the 2nd & 3rd cone can be seen. it would be more suitable if this was taken out at low tide but will it happen.
  • Auckland Unbelievable: Could this be the 1st of three cones I pulled out off the rocks a few weeks ago
    Auckland Unbelievable: Could this be the 1st of three cones I pulled out off the rocks a few weeks ago. Then I was told by a roadside worker on Tamaki drive to throw them back into the sea. This photo was taken about 100 meters on the Auckland CBD side from Ngapipi bridge on Tamaki Drive. it would be more suitable if this was taken out at low tide but will it happen.
  • Silver birch tree outside our property on side of road
    Lower branches are drooping down and blocking the view if traffic coming down the hill - usually at speed. Other trees also need to be looked at.
  • Overgrown trees obstructing footpath, top of Jessel St
    Overgrown trees on the berm at the top of Jessel Street are obstructing approx. 50% of the footpath.
  • Car Left on Street No Reg or Warrant
    The is a white Mercedes sedan park outside 4 Prescott Street Penrose for the last 4 weeks, the warrant has expired in Feb 2020 and there is no registration label on the car the license plate is LBN997. The left front tyre is flat.
  • Vehicle with out rego or warrant
    Car left on road for weeks gCL401 Vw golf
  • Abandoned Car - Helensville
    Car parked unsafely on Awaroa Rd and hasn't been moved in 6 days. Has one flat tire Mazda Demio MAQ469 WOF expiry 01/09/21
  • Speed Limit sign along Ancroft Street
    There is no speed limit sign/s along Ancroft Street Papakura. It’s a residential area but motorist are driving their vehicles at high speeds obviously more than 50kph to almost 80kph, making it dangerous to pedestrians (especially children with their bikes playing around the reserve).. Also big trucks are using this road (bypassing the main road).
  • Photo evidence fellow Aucklanders are braindead, this was even reported to Auckland coast guard without the photo, but who cares. 2nd posting 1 update
    Photo evidence fellow Aucklanders are braindead, this was even reported to Auckland coast guard without the photo, but who cares. 2nd posting Halfway between solent street and the bridge over tamaki drive to parnell pool. Global Positioning System (GPS) South 36° 50'51.65” (36°847681) East 174° 47' 25.91 (174°79).................
  • FREE POLE TO GOOD HOME: A long pole on the rocks tamaki drive
    FREE POLE TO GOOD HOME: on the rocks Tamaki drive, half way between Solent street & the bridge to parnell swimming pool. The hardest part is getting off the rocks but if there was 2 or more people with ropes and maybe pulleys it could make the job easy, Who know maybe the person who gets it could cut it down the middle and make a outside lunch table from it, it is a great big long one maybe not as long as a pole pole is tall. easy to spot from the footpath.
  • why do the electric trains FART at Auckland Britomart train station?
    why do the electric trains FART at Britomart train station? I got to the stage now I poke my index finger into my ear as soon as any train finishes its trip, as it farts just after it stops, is this some kind of Spanish engineering humor thinking suck off you kiwi dorks! I am sure it would not cost too much to muffle the sound if it was done at the factory, maybe Auckland transport got the cheap 'fart' models. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ who knows if the departure display board was put on the other side of the wall I might of got the earlier train that just went and I wound not have stay at the station listening too all the fart trains farting all the time.
  • it is just such a pain to fix anything in Auckland, it is so much more fun to have everything broken1 update
    it is just such a pain to fix anything in Auckland, it is so much more fun to have everything broken. Three (3) inner link buses came along going from NewMarket up Khyber pass road before one bus came to take 2 (two) of us to our bus stop via Parnell direction. Calling one bus route "Inner Link 1" and another route "Inner Link 2" would make it look as if Auckland Transport have a few clues upstairs, it does not have to be either 1 or 2 it could A or B or lets confuse everyone and go "Inner Link 8" & "Inner Link 7" I am sure after most passengers have used the inner link new buses names they will get the flow on which inner link bus to get from newmarket without having to ask the bus drivers all the time if that bus is going one way or the other route. (it is all the fluoride they put in the drinking water, the Government loves it as it numbs every-bodies intelligence and make it easier to control them.) Why do you think I made my name dot dot (or . .) Proof made!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up In Our Drinking Water And The Bad Science And Powerful Politics That Keep It There by Paul Connett Ph D, James Beck, H. S. Micklem; foreword by Albert W. Bugstahler
  • Auckland male pig too braindead to use free toilet paper to wipe down seat after he pissed on the toilet seat
    Auckland male pig too brain-dead to use free toilet paper to wipe down seat after he pissed on the toilet seat Just as well I did not need to use a urgent dump, this is not good enough, why should we clean up after them, put a message up in every toilet
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Silver Toyota Avensis station wagon has been parked at the parking bay along Ancroft Street Papakura just opposite house number 22 in front of the pond/reserve area for more than 5 months (at least). Expired registration. Plate number HWD34.
  • Abandoned truck blocking residents parking
    White Hino truck, numberplate MJC414 has been left parked on Airey Place, Torbay for several months since 3 new houses were built opposite where it is parked. Registration and wof expired 02/2020 and XX/XX respectively. The truck bed and interior is filled with boxes, rubbish and engine parts of the truck, and it is parked in a way that takes up 2 parking spaces on a no exit road where parking is already tight.
  • Homeless person infront of my clinic.
    Hi how are you I really feel bad for the person but he is blocking my clinic door with his cart so at this moment my clients cant get into my clinic and he is blocking the entrance we are just females working at the office and don't want any trouble and after COVID I can't lose any clients or employees? Please understand the situation. Thank you.
  • Car parked for months
    Silver Toyota Avensis station wagon has been parked at the parking bay along Ancroft Street Papakura just opposite house number 22 in front of the pond/reserve area for more than 3 months (at least). Expired registration. Plate number HWD34. Location: parking bay across 22 Ancroft Street Papakura.
  • Heavy Industrial Trucks driving through residential street
    Hey There, I live on Sheehan Ave, Papakura (I have been lucky enough to work from home) my issue is that, there have been every week day at least 10 plus different Heavy Industrial Trucks driving through my street, making my whole house shake and everything in it can you please put road bumps, and signs to prevent these Industrial Trucks driving through Your help will
  • Dumped household furniture
    Illegal household furniture dumped on berm, been there for weeks now Looks unsightly and a hazard when vehicles pull out of driveway as it’s obstructing the drivers view. Please remove.
  • Bin liner and lid have disappeared
    People are throwing rubbish in the bin, which has no liner, and it is falling straight through onto the footpath and gutter.
  • Bin liner and lid have disappeared
    People are throwing rubbish in the bin, which has no liner, and it is falling straight through onto the footpath and gutter.
  • Auckland, Remuera some male toilet users are pigs they piss all over the toilet seat.
    It does not take too much effort to dry the seat down with a little bit of 'free' toilet paper. But I suppose when the prime minister and health department teaches people to practice to be pigs by coughing into your arm pit, instead of using a handkerchief, because some people are brain dead to think correct coughing hygiene WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? lets just laugh our head off in a right pig world!
  • Tanguhua Street Screne 3 Loading Bay
    Dear Sir/ The tangihua st scene 3 loading bay is lack of a number to identify on google map, can we have a number there to identify on google map ? so the navigation can working better
  • The adventures of the magic supermarket trolley (who wants to fix anything?)1 update
    A few months ago I sent a email via this website to wait for it "Fix my street" or as I think of it "Waste your time at fix my street" The suggestion was to report supermarket trolley out and about blocking our footpath when they should be on the supermarket premises. all you is nominate the name on the trolley and it goes strange to their head office or maybe there can have a drop down menu of their supermarkets nearby. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Over the past few months, I have seen a supermarket trolley move from point A on the map to point B to point C to point D, I have not named the supermarket because I am keen to see what happens to it over the next few months, and if this website did have a function to put in supermarket trolleys I would be keen to try it out. >>>>>>>>>>> will happen? well how long is wasted time?
  • Playground slide cracked requires repair.
    The slide closest to the boat ramp is cracked as shown in the pictures.
  • White van not moved for since lockdown with expired rego
    White Nissan van registration GWL816 with expired registration 15 Nov 2019. Has been observed repeatedly when walking on street. Photographed 10th and 24 Jun 2020.
  • No speed limit signs
    Albany Expressway is an 80km zone. There should be reduced speed sings on Data Way and Corinthian Dr (probably 50km zone) but there is nothing, effectively cars can legally do 80km on these narrow roads with lots of driveways, parked cars and pedestrians.
  • Abandoned truck
    Truck and shipping container has been sitting untouched for over 4 months. It interferes with traffic and is directly opposite a driveway of number 8 & 10 where cars have difficulty getting in or out. This truck has a licence plate on the front that is different from the one on the back.
  • Fallen trees
    Hi, a couple of trees have fallen onto the berm alongside Menear Lane and need to be cleared. They're not large trees but will need a chainsaw to cut up. I'm happy to take the wood if you leave it there. Thanks.
  • Cleared bush and trees
    Hi, I recently put a request in for some cleared bush to be removed from a walk-way area. The guys turned up but didn't take this away and it's still piled up. Can you please check to make sure they come back? Also check my other new request for fallen trees to be removed (across the road). Thanks!
  • tree leaves excess on road making it slippery and blocking drains1 update
    Our road has big maple trees which are drop all their leaveson road in big piles - potential to block drains and or causing someone to slip when they are wet
  • Cleared bush
    Hi, someone has done a good job and cleared overgrown weeds encroaching on the walkway between Trelawny Place and Menear Lane. But now there is a large pile that needs removing. Thanks.
  • Black Mazda Axela abandoned on road
    Black mazda Axela been abandoned outside 26 Tawariki Street, Ponsonby for a few months now. Back small window also broken into. Please have the car removed. Licence plate is JQK963
  • Garden bins
    Full garden bag left out on verge for 3 mths now. Garden bins put out 3 weeks in advance of being picked up in same street.
  • Auckland City has very clever Virus, It can not go person 2 people in a lift
    Auckland City has a very clever Covid-19 Virus, It can not go person to people in a lift (elevator), well thats what the Auckland people think. Not only that on the trains there is only a 1 meter social distance requested <_____________________________________________> Yes that is right there is no warnings at Britomart train station not to take a elevator (lift) with another person outside their living bubble. This measure could have a spin off effect to not only workers working in high rise buildings, but also people living with other people outside their living bubble but may use a elevator with others living at the same high rise apartment building. This seems to be why the virus spread faster in the bigger citys
  • Sign needed at Mahuhu Cresant "DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS"1 update
    I noticed more than a month ago the water was turned off to Mahuhukiterangi reserve At Mahuhu Cres, which I agree due to Auckland water shortage, (in fact I asked what is going to happen soon will some parts of Auckland city have to flush the toilet with cheaper “Sea water” Because Auckland does not have anymore water and Auckland has to ship in drinking water, and would sea water work without wrecking the Mangree waste water system?) ****************** But for a while there was not any pigeons in the area, with a bit of rain about a week ago the pigeons have returned, now I am not trying to be anti-wild live but the pigeon poo seems to a worse problem, Ask Auckland University they had to redo some of their class room ceilings some years ago because pigeons made their home in the attic and did poo everywhere. So I saw the other day pigeons was having a good feed the other day as I walked passed, So this is why I suggest, a few “Do Not Feed The Pigeons” signs not might be such a bad idea to consider, otherwise Auckland clean green image is going to be taken over with pigeon poo, ****************** In fact while I am at it, as suggested by news media to cut down on water shower time I do not see how I can cut down shower time, just a week ago and suitable with lockdown I have cut down showers to one every second day (please do not tell my neighbors), I try not to be over active until the day leading up to the next shower, maybe this suggestion should be considered to be let known via news media. This is just a simple case of thinking of others otherwise we will not be able to flush the toilet because of no water and that will be a reel health risk.
  • cars go to fast
    cars speed along our road day and night would like something that will slow the cars down on our road in Kamara road Glen eden.
  • Towing company using our residential street as an extension to their storage compound
    Today I count 5 damaged vehicles parked outside our homes that have been dumped here by GHL Towing or City Towing 64 Luke Street Otahuhu and have been sitting there for many days. Damaged vehicles that they won't park in their compound but use our street free of charge I assume (cars that don't belong to anyone on our street) Is this acceptable? This has been going on for years. It makes our street look like a SLUM. One car is leaking oil, many have smashed windscreens, another has its tyre laying up against it. Its no wonder the moral is low for street pride when companies like this treat the street like its a junk yard. Why cant they tow these cars to an arranged holding yard rather than leave it for us poor residents to be the main feature outside our home. Health & Safety risk to the children on the street also. If their business is towing - tow these cars to the car owners homes at their cost or a car wrecking yard. We had a valuer tell us these damaged cars impact negatively on the value of our house price. Of course it does! Is this not any different to companies disposing of their rubbish irresponsibly? Please help.
  • Abandoned car
    Abandoned car on Wicklow Road near number 5-7. Red Suzuki Alto, number plate ZY6946. has no headlights and is full of belongings. Has been there over 6 months.
  • Storm water drains need clearing
    Drainage ditches are clogged with silt and vegetation. This needs checking the length of awanohi as surface flooding keeps occurring after heavy rain. E.g. outside the horse club
  • Tree branches resting on phone cable
    There are 3 trees on the berm outside 20 Mckenzie Ave, which have branches resting on a phone cable running between poles. The cable is currently heavily weighted down by the branches. During high winds the cable gets moved around by the branches.
  • Foot path obscured buy over grown trees
    St Luke's road foot path opposite Linwood Ave all the way along to opposite Kings plant barn is obscured by overgrown trees and bushes blocking padestrian traffic forcing them closer in to cycleway and heavy traffic
  • AUCKLAND PUBLIC BUS NOTICE: great work NZ piggy central goverment !!2 update
    I saw a lady just in front of me on the "Tamaki Link" Bus route, she coughed into the isle of the bus, then I noticed she did not have any clothing covering her arms, it is just so hard to get ladies to carry a man sized handkerchief so ladies do not have a attitude with handkerchiefs, when you can train everyone to cough or sneeze into their elbow and behave like pigs.
  • Noxious & Environmentally Damaging Plants overhanging footpath
    There are several flax bushes and ginger growing on what I believe is council land next to the only footpath we have in Maraetai Heights Road. Again this morning someone fell over while trying to negotiate pass these overhanging plants. This time a 77 year old women was so badly injured that she was transported to Middlemore hospital. These plants also cause people to have to move onto the road to get pass them which is dangerous especially for the numerous children walking to school
  • Vehicle ZD8400
    This has been unlocked and left outside our house for the last few weeks.
  • Rubbish around perimeter of Colin Maiden park
    After walking along Merton and Morrin Road (perimeter of Colin Maiden Park) I noticed a lot of rubbish scattered in the verge
  • Unregistered Unwarranted Vehicle ZP 7121
    An old silver BMW (ZP 7121 ) which has a registration expired in April 2019 is abandoned on out street and never moves. Occasionally when AT write on it, it seems to move but otherwise dumped here. It's just street clutter taking up parking space.
  • Deceased cat for removal
    There is a deceased cat laying on the berm outside 65 Sheehan Avenue. No-one has claimed it after I posted details on social media and I do not drive so I can't take it to the vet to check if it's microchipped.
  • Rubbish on berm
    On the Vailima Way berm/ side of the property at 44 Haslett Street some rubbish has been dumped.
  • Tree overhanging road
    There is a tree on the left hand side, about halfway down as you head towards Haslett Street that is overhanging the road. It needs to be cut back
  • 3 way street sign has been intentionally pulled out of the ground
    The street sign for the intersection of Herman St & Arkles Strand has been intentionally pulled out of the ground, along with the concrete post.
  • Auckland train passengers needs eyes in the back of their head if they are late and want to get to the trains “just before time”
    Auckland train passengers needs eyes in the back of their head if they are late and want to get to the trains “just before time” The picture seen on the wall (at the east side end of the platform train entrance) from the photo is not worth looking at, why not put a “When the next train goes” electronic sign, then passengers can look up at it as they walk off to the left or the right instead of turning their head around 180° and they do not miss their train.
  • Is this another Auckland joke? this one on centerway drive Orewa
    Is this another Auckland joke? this one on centerway drive Orewa Notice there is a 50 km/h speed limit for a few meters then it goes to 25 km/h to be humped. The oter side is good because the hump is in the middle of them.
  • Tree fallen onto footpath and street - Tonkin Dr
    A tree on the verge strip of Tokin Dr has fallen and now covers the entire footpath and onto the street. This is Tonkin Drive in Sunnynook, on the steep section. Sunnynook Primary School begins its term in just over a week. This is a hazard for young school children who will be forced to cross the street in a difficult location, not at a crossing. It is too large to be removed easily by residents.
  • Expired registration
    Number plate DPN634 , grey coloured, unregistered, Mercedes C230 saloon car, with obviously broken front suspension and flat tyre, parked on public road, outside of No. 18, Glenross Drive, Wattle Downs, Nr. Takanini, Manukau, Auckland
  • Abandoned Vehicle
    Vehicle CGS286 (Mitsubishi Challenger) seems to be abandoned: - Parked since May 2019, opposite 51 Makete Crescent, Hobsonville, Auckland, 0618 - Rego expired since 19/10/19 - WOF will expire in March 2020
  • Trees overhanging cycle lane
    Trees are overhanging the cycle lane at 247 Upper Harbour Drive, Greenhithe (westbound direction).
  • 2 Abandoned Vehicles On Kenneth Ave
    A toyota Van with No rego, No Warrant, 4 flat tires, and A truck in front of it with a flat front tire and graffiti on it- have been there for 9 months. A guy with dreads turns up every few days and appears to be hiding things in the engine bay of the van.
  • Rubbish dumping - 52 Gavin Street, Ellerslie, Auckland
    Rubbish has been dumped on the side of the road opposite 52 Gavin Street in Ellerslie, Auckland.
  • Low branch
    On the Awhitu Road after West Coast Road and before Feilding Road there is a large, low hanging branch reaching across most of the road. It is impossible to avoid. Low enough to cause damage on the top of stock trucks and horse trucks.
  • Overgrown trees from abandoned house
    The house next door has a tree that is growing well over into our backyard, it needs trimming. The house is vacant, the council does clear the front every now and again.
  • Overgrowth covering 40km school zone sign
    On Swanson road just before greenock road A tree has grown over the flashing school zone sign I will be to the point if the police are going to control the speed around this school It is only fair that the sign can be seen by the public the hole reason of control speed is to stop injury and death around schools If you cannot fix this problem I have a team of people who will trim and clean the site . Please contact me if you cannot fix this problem
  • Traffic hitting new speed bumps make whole house shake
    This is a bit alarming (and I'm not even right next to them) ... Can we reduce the steepness of the bumps so it doesn't impact structures quite so much?
  • Overgrown vegetation needs clearing/trimming
    The cascades shared path near the Pakuranga golf course is heavily overgrown with plants. It's creating hazards on this well used path, catching on bike handlebars, causing collisions between users, and creating lots of blind corners. It needs to be cleared.
  • Vehicle HYE318
    Vehicle HYE318 has been abandoned on the grass verge opposite No 17 Arkles strand. It has been there for a few days after being moved from the other side of the nearby toilet block. It appears that somebody occasionally sleeps in the vehice overnight too.
  • Dumped Fridge
    This fridge has been dumped today on the berm by our property along with some old AT traffic cones. Can someone come and remove them please.
  • Council Rubbish bin attached to seat
    Recently the council rubbish bin has been attached to a beachside seat. With Guy Fawks rubbish this has meant a daily pile of overflowing rubbish is leant up against the seat which makes the use of the seat unattractive, unpleasant and smelly. Surely the rubbish bin could be held up by it's own stand away from the beachside seat.
  • Abandoned/Crashed Vehicle (Rego: BYE419)
    This car, rego: BYE419, has been sitting at the end of Pukaki Rd, near the intersection with Massey Rd, crashed/abandoned for over a week.
  • Gold Audi A3 BCJ430 abandoned in Grey Lynn Park Elgin St End
    A gold 2003 Audi A3 Rego BCJ430 appeared in Grey Lynn park near the Elgin St entrance over a month ago. Now the rego plates have been removed and the right rear quarter light has been smashed. The rego sticker is still there and registration is current.
  • Driveway impact area
    Hi there, the driveway impact area where the drive meets the street has broken significantly in several places, with pieces that have fallen away. This was only re-done recently by the council following our neighbours building a new house (down the street from us) and trucks damaged the concrete on our driveway. Would be great if this could be replaced please. Thank you, Fran
  • Dead cat decomposing on sidewalk
    As per title. There is a Dead cat decomposing on the sidewalk.
  • Speeding near a school
    A number of residents on Greenhaven avenue including myself have requested speed control measures on our street, as there are cars regularly speeding down our street at 70-80 km/hr. Opaheke school has entrances within 200m of the street and there are a lot of children walking past every day. In addition there are children with autism living here who may be at risk of wandering. Please consider speed control measures such as speed bumps.
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Abandoned car for more than 3 months now. Wattling St cnr with St Andrews Rd.
  • Judder bars needed
    Jaemont ave has become a speedsters thouroghfare for traffic to take shortcuts from te atatu rd to other surrounding streets in a effort to cut out the wait for traffic light intersections on te atatu rd ,these people are traveling at speed in an attempt to catch up on lost time. Judder bars are needed to slow them down, what can we do ?????
  • Police presence needed
    Police presence is needed at north end of jaemont ave mon- Friday between 6.15 am-8.00 am to try and deture illegal right turning traffic into te atatu rd , this practice is becoming more and more popular , between 60-100 vehicles daily ,what can be done ????
  • Stop illegal right turning traffic
    The north end of jaemont ave te atatu sth is left turn only , so why are there so many people mon-Friday in the mornings turning right dangerously onto te atatu rd ? what can be done to stop this ?
  • 4wd left on berm with only 3 wheels
    This vehicle has been left on the berm now for almost 3 weeks up on a jack
  • Dumped Sofa
    Someone has dumped an old sofa on the berm outside this property. It has been there now for 4 days
  • Mitsubishi Lancer GZM175
    Rego and WOF expired 03/2019 Vehicle not moved since a month or more.
  • Vehicle been left since january 2019
    This behicle is full of old carpet and has been parked on the street since january. Its a blue van. The wof has expired. Maybe it belongs to someone in the street but its bever been moved and is getting rusty and unroad worthy
  • Half dead tree
    Good Morning, there is a tree in the middle of the road on a grassed area which has been half dead for years. It has been reported before but nothing has happened yet. The tree is getting bigger and bigger so therefore harder for someone to chop it down. It needs doing asap, if it falls there is housing either side of it. Thank you very much, look forward to hearing some chain saws :) Donna
  • Tree outside 444 Glenfield Road is dangerous
    Tree outside the old Civic Video In Glenfield Road is dangerous. Thick branches are very low and yesterday was hit by branch during high winds. This is a health & safety risk to persons passing underneath this tree - which is situated at a very busy pedestrian crossing. Please arrange for the tree to be pruned/cutback urgently. Not the first time a pedestrian has been hit by branches off this tree.
  • Speedsters on Connell Street Blockhouse Bay
    The portion of Connell Street between Kinross and Connaught is being used as an extreme high speed zone for some young drivers who exceed 80kms easily starting from once they turn off Kinross. I very recently lost my pet cat at that point in the road and another 4 years ago further up and many more cats met their death on this part of Connell also. Craigavon Park is a designated dog park where owners park their vehicles on both sides of the road on that corner as well as outside the reserve a bit further up throughout the day. People also go for walks and there is a piddly road sign for children crossing the road. It is only a matter of time before people are killed but why wait? I would like to see speed bumps in this section of Connell just as both ends have before someone is killed. I recently read that 180 more people live in Blockhouse Bay meaning more pedestrians and drivers. So what better reason than to have these bumps.
  • Blocked gutter and drains causing road flooding
    Second time this week the road is flooding, earlier in the week the water was over the berm and all the rubbish is everywhere creating more issues
  • Cautionary signage required for cyclepath
    There is a new shared pathway that connects Ti Rakau & Stonedon Drive. There is a long wooden bridge across the estuary, which should have cautionary signage at both north and south entrances telling cyclists to slow down. Especially the North entrance since the approach is a descent that quickly rounds a corner. This bridge is very slippery in the morning on a bike, and poses a real hazard for commuters. As a new cyclist I did not recognise the hazard these bridges pose, my tyres lost their grip to the bridge just after entering the bridge from the north entrance. This caused major wounds, and put me off cycling to work. Please install signage at the entrances to this bridge to urge cyclists to slow down to prevent more injuries.
  • Temporary Bus Stop
    A large temporary bus stop sign blocking half the footpath has been outside the Mall footpath for 9 moths. How long is temporary?
    Illegal right hand turns by between 60-100 VEHICLES between 6.15 am- 8.30am mon- fri out of north end of jaemont ave onto busy te atatu rd, these idiots are traffic light haters who drive the backroads to escape the stop start of traffic light controlled intersections leading to the north western motorway. we have had police monitor this some time ago last year 2018 but this dosent releave the problem, maybe making it harder for drivers to turn right before someone gets t boned injured, maybe camera fines or water filled plastic road partioning walls could help deter a increasing problem look forward to your response
  • Extremely High Hedge taking over footpath
    The hedge on the Locarno Avenue side of this property has now got to over 5m tall and is encroaching over the footpath which now the weather has got wetter it is not good to have to walk on the wet and muddy berm to get past with the pushchair and all the local rubbish and weeds are taking over by the hedge and the footpath side of the hedge and fence (both of the Locarno Ave side of the property
  • Vehicle with expired rego parked on public road1 update
    Registration plate JQE516, rego expired 04/04/19.
  • So auckland cc. You dont like the pr on signs in the toilet, so lets tell the rest of nz auckland is packed with pigs
    early this afternoon I got on a inner link bus, some grub before me had packed dirty paper towels between the bus seat and bus wall, after the bus trip I used the public toilet on victoria street west at victoria park, some boar had pissed on the seat and left it there. but it is alright before I finished it I dried the seat using toilet paper, Once again a reminder in 2017 the second morning working in a electronics company based from william pickering drive I got accused of fowling the male toilet, there was absolutely no pr in there, with absolutely no pr standards , no question asked, I was guilty the night before when the supervisor (who english was not his first language) was told the night before by another staff member. It really subconsciously upset me for the rest of my employment there, As I have said I have been raised in a only one male household, if there was any poor male hygiene standard I was the only one that got told off. In fact all the trouble I got out of the place came from staff that english was not there first language I think it is time public toilets need a “males make sure the seat is dry before you leave” signs by the way there is still panmure train station toilet users who are using the floor drain hole to urinate in when there is a perfectly good toilet short of a metre away.
  • Melia. Tree on berm outside my property 1 update
    The Melia tree in front of my property is dropping it’s poisonous leaves and seeds on my herb garden and also on the footpath .It is quite unsightly at this time of the year.Some branches are touching the power line.I would rather have a native tree or even a flowering bottlebrush if this is possible.
  • White Toyota Celica needs removing
    White Toyota Celica, plate: BEK570, Reg 28/02/2019, wof 08/19 Has been left outside #41 Portman Road FOR 8 WEEKS. Police have seen the vehicle and fingerprinted 3.5/4 weeks ago and still no movement. AT have been notified on 3 separate occasions. Takes up whole parking space outside the property. Was left unlocked when first abandoned. Quick removal would be much appreciated.
  • Too many leaves from trees on council berm
    Leaves are clogging up the whole street, coming from trees on the council berm that are expensive to clean and difficult to maintain regularly due to the amount of leaves falling also clogging gutters and drains. Also grace verges in the area aint being maintained by council
  • Abandoned Vehicle1 update
    Been there for 3-6 months, Hasn't got any tickets and now has rude graffiti on it.
  • Road is dangerous and needs work done ASAP1 update
    Road is becoming unbearable and some traffic can not even acces if it is not a 4x4. Soon there will be a accident that could result in deaths if this is not addressed soon!!
  • Some BOAR pissed on the toilet seat at constellation drive bus station, I find Auckland CC totally repugnant not dealing with this issue!!
    Some BOAR pissed on the toilet seat at constellation drive bus station, I find ACC totally repugnant not dealing with this issue, I have brought it to your attention enough times, the state of some toilets seats & floors. I have very bad memory in this area I was accused nearby at a electronics company in Douglas Alexander Parade for pissing on the floor at my first day at work there (it was a totally pitiful way I got told off by the supervisor), I was brought up by a solo mother with sisters so if there was a accident, I was top of the list to quickly getting told off, It is so simple and cost a arm and a leg to put up a cheap looking sign, asking visitors to leave the toilet in a clean state or get your eyes tested every two years but I left the toilet in a hygienic state for anybody needing to sit on the blower. After all there was a sign stuck to the wall at Panmure train station (written in two languages English & overseas language) asking people to use the toilet and not to pee down the drain hole next to the toilet, as it was driving the cleaners mad.
  • A disgusting amount of rubbish that is NEVER cleaned up by the council
    I am sick of cleaning up rubbish in savona park and savona park creek every week. It is so revolting and full of pollution.today I counted 7 black rubbish bags full in the creek alone. Someone could dump a body there and never get caught. I pay rates and mow my own lawn and berm. Surely the coucil can clean up the rubbish that makes the street look like a ghetto
  • Large overhangaihg tree onto my property DANGEROUS
    I have a large ACMENA tree overhanging onto my property which is encroaching seriously onto my house as well as dropping Acorns , Leaves into my gutters continuously and also the possibility of a large broken lim falling on my house, It has become a serious hazard that needs rectifying please The branches have now become dangerous and are overhanging my house at the present time quite substantially. The growth of the tree in the last 2 years has been quite rapid , Could you please respond to my request ASAP to have this tree pruned before the leaves start to seriously drop or a broken branch can cause harm or injury to my young family . The branches are now hanging over bedrooms and I am afraid that in the up coming winter storms we may have a serious problem . Regards Errol Turner
  • Speeding vehicles1 update
    Need a speed bump to slow down vehicles.
  • Oaks trees requiring trimming
    Overgrown oak trees are overhanging back of property at 8 Pratt Street, Freemans Bay and causing problems with gutters due to leaves and also acorns falling are a safety concern as falling from a height
  • Abandoned Vehicle. No rego
    Tenants moved out but seem to have left a car on the road for several weeks. CLT416.
  • auckland public toilets needs advertising for optometrists, however it would be a drop in the bucket for what the petrel co. pay ACC
    The signs could go "If you miss the toilet and wet the floor, you need to get your eyes tested, tell these [optometrists] this sign sent you and see if you get a discount. Also add. "for best eye health, it is best to get your eyes tested every 2 years"
  • Orakau Road near Middlemore Hospital
    Litter all along road side and near high school (De La Salle)
  • Street is a mess
    Huge amount of rubbish strewn down the road. It hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.
  • Another abandoned vehicle in the same place
    Another 2 abandoned vehicles are outside 192/194 Manuka rd. They arrived several weeks ago and have not moved once. This is the second time in 18 months that this has happened - assume this is the same people. Expired Vehicle Rego is DHQ975, is damaged front and back and looks as though some parts of it has melted (yes Melted) Make and Model is Maroon 1997 Honda Civic rego expired 06 Mar 19 and warrant expired same time as far as I can tell. Second car is a silver 1997 Toyota Levin rego BUD681 and expired 07/05/19 warrant is for April 19. They turned up exact same time as each other and are parked one after the other. Take up significant on street parking of which several houses rely on in the immediate vicinity, additionally is blocking easy access by tradesmen to our property/driveway - they are unable to easily off load equipment.
  • Vehicle with no number plate parked on street side
    A white sedan car with no number plate had been parked on the street side of Listack Drive, Flat Bush, Auckland, between house number 12 and 14 for about 2 weeks now without being moved.
  • Overgrown tree covering road signs
    Massive tree/hedge at 77 St Lukes road is covering onew of the traffic signs completely and it cannot be seen at all from the road the only way you can see it is when you stand under the overgrown vegetation.
  • Drains fully of rubbish
    The stormwater ditch/drain on Laxon Ave, Otara is full of litter, rubbish and some used tyres and wheels. This is opposite houses #2 & #4 Laxon ave, and opposite house #13 Wymondly Road. This is on the same side as #1 Laxon Ave which is a small substation. It looks like the culvert/drain leading to run underneath the road is packed full of rubbish. The photo is located where the map pin is but only shows the end of the drain at the Wymondly road end but the entire length of this toward the motorway and around the cul-de-sac is in a very sad state. Called to report this to the council, they transferred me to water care, they transferred me back to council, then I sat on hold for another 10 mins and gave up.........
  • Yukka tree on berm
    Yukka tree very large growing on berm. Obstructs view of road from driveway.
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Abandoned Vehicle outside 43 Cyclarama Cresent. No current Registration or warrant of fitness. Rego number CWM460
  • Abandoned vehicle w/ expired registration
    Car w/ rego BTA910 parked on the road in front of 20 Morriggia Place since December 2018. Registration expired June 2018.
  • Car abandoned for over 6 months
    Vehicle Ford Mondeo Rego JQU798 with Chorus branding left abandoned for over 6 months in the cul de sac parking in front of our house.
  • Is this bicycle rubbish dumping, onzo bike with peddle missing
    This bike was outside the old railway station, has been report a few times over the last month, I was thinking of making another report at their website, all in uppercase letters, the trouble is when nothing get done, nobody gives hoot, and you get angry, you are just training yourself to get angry next time, soon you get angry at everything, because everything needs fixing, and nobody can fix anything today.They come up with all these incipient ideas like a strange whats it? just to look at & no money left to fix anything, Now the bike is at the corner of mahuhu crescent & Te Toaou Crescent, by a drive way.
  • Dead pohutakawa
    Appears that a pohutakawa on the public reserve has been poisoned. In a short space of time it has just died. Other trees close by have been cut down previously.
  • Public BMX track needs maintenance and repairs
    Hi, the BMX track on Dominion Rd Papakura really needs some TLC. It's well used by local kids on bikes, but it is overgrown with weeds, and the track surface needs to be raked, swept, and some lime applied.
  • drinking fountain leaks water on footpath but taps run dry
    Corner Union street & Nelson street, fountain on Nelson street (Western side) next to pedestrian electronic "cross now" button to cross Nelson street
  • Cascades shared pathway needs widening2 update
    Most of cascades shared pathway is only 1.5m wide. It needs to be at least 2.5m wide to allow cyclists and pedestrians to safely pass each other. It is leading to confrontations on this well-used pathway.
  • Abandoned car with expired REG and WOF
    Parked for many months on Ballini Rise near 10 or 12 ballini rise address. Not driven or moved for several months
  • Unregistered Vehicle Parked on Streeet
    Registration # XB9339 expired 06/04/2018. 1993 Toyota Corolla DX. Parked outside 16 Lingham CRescent Torbay, North Shore.
  • possible dump car registration invalid
    have passed car on colmar road mellons bay registration very outdated
  • Motorway rubbish
    I am disgusted and offended by small of rubbish behind fence back yard this is motorway off ramp my home is adjacent to it smells drink lots of rubbish along fence in my neighborhood please fix clean up thank you
  • Intersection safety - Albany Highway / Upper Harbour Drive
    Cyclists turning right out of Upper Harbour Dr have to merge with east bound traffic travelling at 70km/h traffic the Albany Highway intersection. To do this safely cyclists need to be able to see approaching traffic. Unfortunately all the gorse, pine and wattle trees now growing on the vacant area of land on the inside of the sweeping curve in Albany Highway severely restricts the visibility of this high speed traffic. This issue was last reported and fixed in 2010 but the scrub has grown back. Can these weed species please be removed again?
  • Excessively loud and prolonged carpark buzzer noise
    The new MIRO apartment building at 25 Enfield Street has a installed a very loud and long buzzer for cars exiting the building. Cars leaving the building are half way down the street before the buzzer stops. We live across from the building, and both the loudness and length of the buzzer are distressing for us. I don't think it is in any way reasonable for this noise to disturb our well being in our home. It's also an excessive warning for any pedestrians, and could like be replaced with a non-intrusive visual signal (and/or quieter and shorter and more peasant noise - i.e. not a buzzer). The building is nearing completion and readying for residence to move in. If the buzzer stays operational it will be disturbing us 24-7. I have attempted to contact Dominion construction about this noise, but have not received a response. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Boy Racer over speeding
    Boy racers (cars and bikes) overspeed on the street and damaged two properties (basically gatecrashed while over speeding) and risk the lives of children playing and noice pollution at night on weekends as its a no exit road.
  • safety issue
    Car is standing on piles of wood as wheels have been removed. May be a Health and Safety issue left in the state. Already been over a week.
  • Boy Racer Excessive Speeding
    The whole street is concerned about the number and speed of the boy racer types who use the street as a speed track. Mainly starts on Friday evening and on through the weekend. Its a good street with people out walking dogs and with children playing on footpaths. They seem to see that it is a clear run through this street as compared to neighboring streets such as Mili, Hetherington and even Metcalf Roads. Possibly speed bumps could be a solution or footpath bumps out into the street at intervals similar to those in Herne Bay streets such as Wanganui etc. Thank you
  • public space grass1 update
    Grass is never mowed on public space 23 Gwilliam Place. The cul de sac island gets randomly mowed by 1 contractor, another more frequent contractor mows grass from gwilliam to grattan. Grass at Norfolk pine, is never mowed unless residents pay for a mower to do it. Disgusting. It attracts rubbish, grass will become a fire risk soon. AT and ACC need sort this out. We are sick of nearly 2 years of funding it and will soon have tv cameras out , Please advise, Ive personally spent approx $400 and am no longer doing it!!!
  • Mowing of Grass in Parks/Street grass
    Today there was a lawn mowing crew cutting the grass in the small park between Gratton Place and Gwilliam Place, which took them approx 10 minutes. Why then do they leave the grass at the top of Gwilliam Place and the top left reserve in Gwilliam Place, totally uncut and unattended. This does not make any sense at all and indicates inadequate management and control. This has been investigated by your organisation previously but as usual nothing has happened, do your ratepayers have to continue paying to have a private contractor cutting the grass????
  • Abandoned Car Suspected
    Green Toyota Camry Rego YE7634 Parked on the street, in front of 2 Waiatarua Road for about a month now. Severe damage on left rear panels, exposing contents inside the boot Left rear wheel replaced with spacer which also is flat Clearly not fit to be driven WOF expiry 01/19 Rego expiry 08/04/19
  • Overhanging trees onto footpath
    This tree is in urgent need of trimming as it overhangs the footpath obstructing the walk way.
  • speed and volume of traffic
    Since the Howick New World has been built the volume and speed of traffic in Vincent st has grown. Has this been monitored and could we have speed bumps please! Our children and animals need to be kept safe!
  • Abandoned car; GCY674
    Hi there This car rego expired jan 18 Now just sits dumped on the road Can it please be ticketed so owner can move thanks
  • Leaking fire hydrant
    The fire hydrant in front of our house is leaking - the berm around the hydrant is muddy(making it hard to mow the grass around it) and water is running across our driveway.
  • Tree needs serious trimming
    Tree branch is very low and looking to fall anytime soon. It pose huge potential of hitting anyone walking by or kids playing around. Also, it may block tall car driving into the drive way. This tree is right in front of 3A Sarah Place, Farm Cove, Auckland 2012. Thanks.
  • over grown vegetation / NARROW shared foot, cycling path / NO signage
    Can you please get the over growth cut on the whole path from Pakuranga highway to Cascades round about. The path is very narrow and cyclist often get abused by walkers saying we should not be there, so signage to correct this would be great. And the paths are very narrow, widening this would be very good and save alot of accidents.
  • Dangerous Road Requires Some Signs and Speedbumps
    Exmouth street is too narrow for two cars to pass each other - today a car’s front was bumped when a truck was unable to get past the parked cars in time to get out of the oncoming car’s way. I suggest that 1) cars should only park on one side of the street, which will allow for more space for them to pass each other and 2) speed bumps in the road - cars are speeding through this section, also making it dangerous for families and dog walkers that cross the street to the park.
  • Mitsubishi with long expired rego left on street for months now.
    A Mitsubishi plate no BMT942 seems to be abandoned here, the rego has expired 11/07/2018. The car is left in a bad location, close to the intersection with Awaruku Rd, and is in the way of buses travelling on Stredwick Drive.
  • Football goal posts dismantled
    Football goals partly taken away and dumpped in playground.
  • No School signs
    At the end of Zealandia Rd is a school entrance. There is not one sign in the street to indicate this such as "School Slow speed" There are boy racers in the area and in general a lot of speeding in the street. Children cross the road to get into Rawhiti Rd where cars speed down the hill also.
  • Loose manhole cover causing noise
    There is a loose manhole cover on Nelson Street (at the intersection with Wellesley Street West) that causes loud noise when driven over. Especially disturbing at night/early morning.
  • vehicle HPR22 with rego expired 20171 update
    vehicle HPR22 with rego expired 2017, has been there for weeks
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Hi there, A blue Mazda sedan with windows down and a broken rear quarter window parked in front of 17 Peace Ave, Mt Wellington maybe since 15th or 16th Nov 2018. Suspected to be an abandoned vehicle. Thank you. Andy
  • no footpath and rough terrain, a gross insult to the blind. near silverdale
    between silverdale fire station and greenview lane, on the sea side of Hibiscus Coast highway (formally state highway 1) If the grass was cut, then the blind would find it easier to use their walking stick. There is no need to built a 3ply quality footpath , a gravel footpath would work great, however I do see a issue in the proposal, it would be hard to insert footpath cancer on gravel footpaths. But then if we stop buying mostly manufactured foods, this would stop the body from been overloaded with toxic sugar and prevent one from becoming a diabetic which could lead onto becoming blind and so the need for so much footpath cancer to be purchased and installed by Auckland city council
  • Abandoned car
    Abandoned car with a rego of EPA67 Hasnt move for almost 4weeks park in front of 23 eastfield avenue flatbush. No one knows who own it or it was a stolen car.
  • Taupaki Roundabout
    The roundabout at sh16/ Old North Road intersection is completely overgrown with weeds. As well as being a horrible eyesore it is a safety hazard as it is impossible to see properly over the overgrowth. It has been like it for months and is getting worse and worse
  • Council playground damaged
    One of the swings on the swing set at the childrens play park has been ripped off the chain leaving a sharp steel fixing hanging down
  • Abandoned car 37 Sir William Ave East Tamaki Auckland
    EWA723 2002 Lexus ES300 Silver Rego exp 04/17 This has been outside our warehouse for 5-6 weeks and not moved 37 Sir William Ave, East Tamaki, Auckland
  • Chorus debris
    Chorus recently dug up a section of pavement and have left a pile of rubble instead of tidying up
  • Humming Transformer
    The transformer between 79 and 81 emits a low frequency harmonic hum that is incredibly pervasive, especially at night. It seems to have become worse over the last few years. Not sure if this is in councils remit, but not sure how else to seek help!
  • HPR22
    A white Audi HPR22 has been abandoned on the street outside 20 Mckenzie Avenue, Arkles Bay
  • Grass between 25 and 21 Gwilliam Place
    Residents have been paying for over a year to have grass mowed as complaining doesnt work, but enough is enough. The grass at Norfolk pine is unkempt, full of dog fouling, food wrappers, and often dumped rubbish, We are sick of it and will start deducting costs from rates payments and have tv3 film it if it is neglected again. We cut it this week, it was up to my thighs.
  • Yellow lines need to be reinstated
    The yellow lines in front of the new apartment buildings need to be reinstated. Because they are no longer there, people park right on this already busy intersection. This area has just been repainted, it's a shame it wasn't included in the repaint. Thank you.
  • Natural Stream and Berm not maintained by Council / AT
    The Berm and stream outside 4 Fairhaven Walk, Wade Head, Auckland is a danger to young people, with an overgrown and hidden drain. The council does not seem to maintain the Berm either and ignores in when doing the rest of the road, it is my understanding that if there is an open channel in or around the berm they must maintain it "have a swale, rain garden, overland flow path, open channel, drain or other stormwater asset within the berm" This is a potential risk to people, cars and especially young children who could fall into the hidden pipe that goes under the road
  • Multiple Abandoned cars, risk to other drivers
    There are multiple cars outside 33 Medallion Dr Dr Oteha, Auckland. These cars are in different states of repair. Most look like they either do not have a warrant or will not get one. most look un-drive able and pose a risk to others on the road
  • multiple vehicles with expired rego
    Around 5.00pm every day can see about 4 cars in bad condition with a more than 6 months expired registration. Parked opposite houses 20,24,30 Normanton street, Glenfield. Some of them seems to be abandoned.
  • Permanent bin or skip on grass berm
    For the previous 12 months there has been either a skip or large bin placed on the grass berm rather than within individual's property for their garden waste. This is impeding on street astehtics especially for neighbors in close proximity. Dog waste is also being placed in this bin causing a small.
  • No through road sign
    Trent st is a no through street.Vehicles mistakenly entering use my drive to u turn.Cars are ok,trucks need every inch and my fence suffers.Little by little being pushed over.A sign might help.
  • Abandoned Vehicle - no movement for 5 weeks.
    Silver 1998 Nissan Primera - BNA158 has been parked for 5 weeks with no sign of shifting.
  • Tree Stump not removed
    Hi there, A tree stump is still not removed after the tree fell in a storm in front of 42A hall avenue, Mangere. Please advise who is responsible for removing the stump.
  • Contractors spreading mud over steep footpath/cycleway
    Grass cutting contractors vehicles continue to spread grass and mud over the footpath immediately before bridge. Footpath is now half it's width. The footpath/cycleway is steep at this section and the mud/grass on the concrete is becoming a slipping hazard.
  • Speeding concerns in a 50kph zone
    Hi Auckland Council, We live in the upper Swanson area in a small settlement on Scenic Drive where 50kph zone is technically enforced. However, it is so common to see and hear cars speeding 80kph, 100kph or more past our house. Yesterday (31st of August) we had 4 street racers' cars running past, followed by the police. There was even a police helicopter pursuing them. This is how bad the issue is at times. We ourselves and a few of our neighbours have young children, and we are also expecting another one into the family. The situation of speeders in our community is extremely dangerous, and we would like to ask Council to put judder bars in our village to resolve it, at least to certain extent. Please do something about it.
  • Tree Blocking View
    My neighbour at No 12 has a tree that has totally blocked my sea view - this tree was planted approximately 10 years ago and I have lived in my house for 50 years. I have spoken to them twice and they will not do anything - is there any bylaw from the council to assist me in getting my view back please.
  • Dangerous Pedestrian Crossing
    Hi, this concerns the pedestrian crossing on the corner of Brigham Creek Road and Ngahue Crescent. I was driving on Brigham Creek Road, heading towards Upper Harbour Motorway at about 6.40pm today. I was going at the speed limit (50 km/h) following a line of cars along the bend where the crossing is. We all drove through the crossing (about 5 cars including mine), without anyone noticing there was a pedestrian with a dog trying to cross the road from my right to my left. By the time I noticed I was only about 2m from the crossing. I tapped my break trying to stop, but there was a van following me so I didn't think it was safe to stop - so I drove through - signaling an apology to the pedestrian. The van managed to stop in time and let him cross. The crossing is located in the middle of the bend which makes it quite hard for cars to spot pedestrians waiting to cross at night (during the day I think this would be ok, but at night, it's pitch black in this area with only one set of street lights on either end of the crossing). In addition to this, there are also "no right turning" signs for cars heading in the opposite direction, which obstructs the view of the crossing for drivers heading towards Upper Harbour Motorway. Not sure how this should be addressed but there are compounded factors which makes this quite a dangerous crossing (there is also a school nearby which is also quite a worry) - maybe this zebra crossing should be replaced with an actual traffic light crossing to make it safer for pedestrians.
  • Grass not cut
    On Waiwera Road, where the two new rock walls were put in after slips. The grass is over knee high and needs cutting as not has been done as yet. We don't own a cutter or we would do it.
  • Screws & nails on road
    In the space of 2 days myself and neighbour have encountered a screw and nail in our vehicle tyre.
  • Deciduous tree leaves
    On the western side of 19 Marine Lane, just down from the driveway, is a large deciduous tree. Being winter, it presently has no leaves on it. However, every autumn, it drops copious amounts of leave. They fill up the gutter and surely affect the capability of drainage systems. They also make a nuisance for residents down the street as the leaves drift down the street, up driveways and blow into garages. Please have the tree removed.
  • Why am I spied on when I am going for a quiet walk along the road?
    I go for a walk some nights along the road and I notice people are spying on me using cameras all along the road they follow me and I see the cameras watching me all the time until some policemen tell me not to walk on the footpath beside the motorway why? and who is watching me all the time? I have done my time stop spying on me
  • Dangerous slide
    Green slide at Cockle Bay Beach playground has fallen to the side and children are falling off the side at the bottom. It is also dangerous for children getting on at the top. I think it has been caused by rain weakening the ground foundations of the slide.
  • Why are aucklanders so handicap?
    As I walk around auckland city on the footpath outside shops I get heated up by shop heaters, BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SO HANDICAP THEY GO OUTSIDE IN THEIR SUMMER DRESS & EAT, DRINK IN THE COLD OF THE NIGHT. last night I was walking along Ponsonby road, when I go home I hear on the news the northern parts of the world is suffering a heat wave, some people are dieing to proof a point!!!!! another six months and it will be Aucklands turn. SOME PEOPLE NEED A BRAIN TRANSPLANT, IN WINTER IF YOU WANT TO EAT DRINK OUTSIDE IN THE COLD, WARE YOUR ESKIMO UNIFORM!!! do I need to tell you ??? idiot morons !!!
  • Dirt run off to drains due to poor curb replacement
    Hi ,I have emailed Auckland Council directly with no reply. Recvent curb replacemtents were done, and the fall of the path was done poorly, leaving water channelling down through the dirt. The work also left a large amount of Rocks in our lawn, which is a safety hazard for mowing lawns. I worked to fix some of this- but fixing the poorly designed/implemented water run off is beyond me. Someone came round and threw more dirt down on the issue, however several days after, it rained again, and THE SAME PROBLEM REPEATED. I stated this would continue to happen in my original complaint. Our street is a mess, and dirt is going into the drainage. A proper solution to the problem is needed. The contractor has obviously not performed a standard of care in completing their job,.
  • Partially Wrecked Vehicle There for Months
    This vehicle has been there like this for months.
  • Unused Vehicles and Junk Building Up on Berms
    This situation progressively worsens. Please see the photos.
  • rubbish
    Rubbish over green wooden fence on Ozone Road next to no. 91 I've been telling council for 3 months! They all talk no action. It is near stream so plastic etc goes into the water etc they keep telling me tomorrow but tomorrow never comes for them to clear it its next week now and oh next week.
  • abandoned and damaged van parked on street
    1994 TOYOTA TOWNACE WHITE Light Van BYP901 The wheel appears to have fallen off, the van has been parked there for two weeks and hasn't moved, and does not appear driveable or towable. Ph 02041285265. The form won't accepts this number.
  • Loud motorbike deliberately setting off car alarms
    Licence - b3mnr Motorbike is ridden at proximity to parked vehicles on Woodlands cres as to set alarms off. Bike is very loud and can be heard from quite a distance away.
  • Dumped lounge suite
    A cream coloured lounge suite and beer bottles have been dumped on the Western Springs Road side of Fowlds Park. This is approximately adjacent no 75 Western Springs Road.
  • Tree blocking light of property
    The tree on the footpath has grown so tall that it has started to block the sunlight at the property at 38 Helvetia Drive Browns Bay. Please could someone come and trim it down. Thank you.
  • Abandoned vehicle2 update
    Abandoned vehicle - KUP100 *Red Nissan*
  • Damaged Berm & Potential Water Pipe Damage
    Due to the tenants at 3 Locarno Ave driving all over the berm is is now churned up and collapsing & causing potential damage to the water main pipes under there.
  • Red car with flat tire
    Car has been here abandoned for several months.
  • Poor signage in car parks
    This car park is one we use on a regular basis for the last 48 years It is taken for granted that the entrance is one way in only yet often recently I see cars exiting in the one way entrance The signage is not clear that it is a 'no exit' apart from the road layout but 3 times now I have seen cars jump the curb and exit Also the exit at the top of the car park for left turn only we now see cars coming in this way Fix the road marking and signage so it is clearer not just local knowledge
  • Damaged board walk on cascades pathway
    Board walk has been lifted during the storm a while ago. It's a safety hazard. Has been like this for several weeks.
  • cat roadkill left by sidewalk for a week
    Greetings, A cat, likely stray, was run over by a car and killed last Thursday and since then it's been left in front of 22 Leybourne Circle, which is an HNZ property. There is no one living there, as the house was demolished a few months prior, so I assume this issue was not reported. The rubbish collection was yesterday but the cat's still there.
  • Abandoned vehicles
    Two vehicles parked and unmoved for in excess of a month on Methuen Rd outside number 34. Registration numbers: HEG793 and JHA394. Have been unable to locate owners
  • unregistered vehicles.
    There are three vehicles parked in Bradbury Road Botany Downs between Number 11 13 15 and sometimes on the opposite side of the road,it appears they are owned by the same person who does not even live in this street,each vehicle is moved from time to time and parked in a different spot but still in this area,this situation is preventing owners or visitors to park are visit tenants in area mentioned.Mazda MPV BDN372 NO WOF. TOYOTA CAMRY XM2450 NO REGO. AUDI LAL282 NO REGO.
  • HWH796
    Vehicle parked on roadside outside 61 Jaemont Avenue since last week, not seen in area before, rego and warrant expired. Car needs a council tow please.
  • 2 x abandoned cars
    Hi there 2 x abandoned cars, 1 Audi, (GAW888) expired rego, 2016 date; not driven for 6 weeks; sorry photo only shows 88 of license plate;cars parked on sidewalk normalised on this street also 2 Nissan teranno (CLJ586) not driven for 3 months, expired rego, no photo, but just accross the road
  • Car has not moved for almost 3 months
    A silver Nissan stagea registration number GGS734 has been parked in our street for almost three months. None of our neighbors know who it belongs to. Police say it's not stolen. How do we get it removed?
  • Motorway Access
    When turning right at the lights to get onto the southern motorway, north bound, at Otara at busy times we often only get 3 cars through in a sequence because the free left turn traffic fills up both lanes. A solution would be to put a barrier for 10 to 15 car lengths to stop the left turn traffic moving into the right lane. This would also ease the dangerous practice of cars going through the lights and doing a u turn to join the free left turn. I have also noticed this problem at some other on ramps. Please can this be looked at before there is a nasty accident. Thank you.
  • Rubbish Dumping
    Consistent dumping of rubbish outside (over 4yrs) of this property by random neighbours. Old childrens toys, bikes, refuse dropped out from both recycle and refuse bins. A specific vehicle consistently drops takeaway rubbish onto the road which blows onto the front end of this property. Recently somone has abandoned a car REG YE9708 (the car has been reported to the council).
  • Large tree down blocking footpath
    A large tree on planted on the verge has come down outside 21 Mays road and is blocking the footpath
  • Tree damaged after the recent storm
    A large branch from the silk tree outside our property was snapped off during the storm and fell on the parked cars. It is currently still lying on the footpath as it is too large to move anywhere else. Can this please be collected/removed?
  • Fallen Tree Blocking Our Driveway
    Our neighbor's tree has fallen and it's blocking our driveway. We can't go to work with our cars so we decided to take a ride with our tenant's car going to work this morning.
  • container on council land
    I would like to enquire whether my neighbour has permission to have his container and trailer on the council land at the top of my driveway. When I reverse out it blocks my vision to see on coming cars. I suspect not...
  • Sign is missing
    The sign is missing but the post is still there.
  • Grass outside old public library building ghastly
    This is a public park. It hasn't been mown or several dead trees not replaced for 9 months and it is disgraceful. This is the second time I have complained about this and still no action
  • Amended notice needed for public toilets for TWDs often refereed to as number twos.
    MALES: If you leak on the seat, then be considerate to the next person, dry the seat with toilet paper. TOILET BRUSHES: Because it is possible that if toilet brushes was left in public toilets, they would not stay in the selected public toilet long. So there is a proven technique that only take a few moments. Solution; This is best used when the toilet bowl is still wet immediately after a flush, place a small sheet or two of toilet paper on top of the dark toxic skid marks, the dry toilet paper seems to bond onto the toxic waste, and next time the toilet is flushed will remove most or all of the toxic waste. My technique has worked in Remuera public toilet just below corner remuera road on Clonbern Road, as I did not want to sniff someone elses toxic waste while having my own toxic waste dump.
  • Takanini Motorway on ramp heading south
    Cars cut across 2 lanes to get into the turning lane to enter the motorway, then pull a u turn to head north. or they cross both lanes and enter between the islands where the great south road traffic heading north can turn into spartan road The cars coming out of spartan road should not be able to cross two lanes to get into the motorway lane. They are just trying to jump the line of traffic trying to enter the motorway north by pulling a u turn at the lights, slowing down all traffic entering the motorway south. There has been numerous accidents here already.
  • Vector Substation Security Lights - McLeod Road
    Hi there, For over a year we've had ongoing problems with the Vector Substation shining bright security lights into our bedrooms, keeping us awake at night, and at times waking up my small baby. I've bought blackout curtains at my own expense, but the bright lights still shine through, and light up the whole entire house. I've contacted Vector numerous times with differing levels off success. They've replaced the lights but they're still a nuisance. One helpful worker turned them off, and they've been off for the past 2 months, but now they're on again. I don't believe they should be able to shine bright lights on the side of their building in a residential area, where it affects the quality of life of their neighbours. If it was a residential neighbour next door this would not be allowed, so I'm frustrated I'm still dealing with this after a year. I've tried to contact them numerous times, but now it's the last straw, as it really makes us unable to fully enjoy our property. Thanks for any help you can offer, Hayley
  • Increasing traffic at the intersection between Old Waiora Rd and Cosgrove Road
    There is a new subdivision off Old Waiora Rd, there is an increasing traffic at the intersection, it's getting more and more difficult and dangerous to turn into Cosgrove road from Old Waiora Road at busy times. I am wondering council will consider installing some traffic control points such as a round about or car activated traffic lights to mitigate the issue.
  • Overgrown berm1 update
    The grass on the Millwater exit 396 and Wainui Road needs to be cut
  • Overgrown berm
    The grass on the Millwater exit 396 and Wainui Road needs to be cut
  • Cycle Path Overgrown and covered in stones/glass
    The cycle path on Highbrook is covered in stones and glass and is overgrown. it needs sweeping and trimming back of trees. the problem area is from the bridge over the Otara Creek to the roundabout and along the Motorway section as well as Hellabys Road.
  • Conmerical truck park opposite my property and users of the truck are hostile
    Hi, I have this huge commercial truck park opposite my narrow lane. Every morning, there are different people driving the truck away around 8 am and back around 5pm. When we approach them about parking crossing our property, they were hostile and hurl vuglaries at us. What can we do? Please help as we are afraid of our safety and these people around our property.
  • Trees over growing footpath causing nuisance
    Unkempt trees on council property overgrowing footpath. Also grass in same area not being managed. Which is strange as grass on the next street gets managed quite frequently
  • Household Goods Dumped Outside Store
    This store leaves a lot of manky household appliances outside for lengthy periods of time. Have spoken to them many times and they say they will move off-site but never do, they just move them around. The pile seems to be growing by the week. They appear to be second hand and unclean, question what sort of pest problem this could create.
  • Neighbours rubbish left on road for weeks
    The neighbours opposite put their bins out on the our side of the street right outside our house and they are usually overflowing with rubbish. They never taken them back over to their side once the rubbish has been collected. It is a block of flats too so there is several bins.
  • Obandoned vehicle
    There is a black Toyota that has been left at the entrance of Corric Hill, Torbay. It's been there now since well before Christmas and effectively narrows the entrance into Corric Hill when you turn into it from Glenvar. Passing by again today I could see it has been broken into and has graffiti on the dashboard.
  • Car's been left
    A car has been left at the end of my Grandad's driveway for the last month at least. Is starting to collect tickets and no one is claiming it as theirs. Still has a current warrant but think rego may be out. It's just adding to the stupid amount of cars that park down that road and make it a one way street and block clear vision coming out of driveways. Blue Holden Astra.
  • Flax bush obstructs footpath
    The growth of the flax bush obstructs the footpath, and forces pedestrians to step into the path of oncoming traffic. Someone will get collected by a bus one day soon. in case the link to the map fails, this is on Remuera Road on the city side from Market Road, between Market Road and the entrance to the Mount Hobson domain.
  • Speed bumps required!!
    People speed down this road all hours of the day. Numerous animals have been hit and left on driveways. It is dangerous when people are leaving driveways and for school children who walk in the area. We need speedbumps/humps to STOP people driving so fast!
  • Black abandoned truck rego ZZ9694
    A muntered black truck with rego ZZ9694 has been left outside 44 Anita and appears to have been stolen
  • More dumped rubbish
    There is a huge amount of dumped rubbish down the bank on the seaward side at the end of Curlew Bay Road, Otahuhu and it is being addd to daily. The smell of rotting fruit and vegetables is disgusting and now people are starting to dump,inorganics. Please please can the Council remove this offensive health hazard material.
  • sand build up
    3/4 of the way along Hamilton Road on the very sharp corner, where the tarseal ends and the gravel begins, a large sand dune has built up. This encourages drivers to swerve to the right as they approach the corner. Just not safe! Also there are quite a few large potholes and corrugations further on.
  • Possibility of Speed Humps - Hayr Rd
    Constant speeding down this stretch of Hayr Rd between the main roads. Traffic has gotten heavier on this stretch used as thoroughfare between the main roads. At least two police chases down this stretch within two months that I remember. As are extremely loud cars tearing down the road. As it is with so many cars parking on either side of road now makes it very narrow for cars and cars constantly drive right down the middle. Situation has become a hazard to all residents driving out from driveways and pedestrians. Any possibility of looking at speed lowering measures on this stretch of Hayr Rd. Have spoken to over 20 residences of Hayr Rd who are in support of something such as speed bumps to stop the speeding and dangerous driving. We can supply names and residences with signatures should you wish to see them.
  • grass commons and cul de sac
    Currently the grass public commons, culde sac gwilliam place, freemans bay are not mowed. Recently residents have been paying privately to have several areas mowed. This is not good enough, unless our rates are reduced. Please respond asap.
  • Dumped Rubbish1 update
    A large load of bagged household/retail refuse was dumped on the seaward side opposite 24/26 Curlew Bay Road approx. 10 days ago. It has now been pushed over the edge, bags are split, fruit/vegetable matter is spilling out and rotting. There is now a noticeable odour and the potential for rats. This street is family occupied and I now consider this dumped rubbish a health hazard.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Toyota Estima Blue
    Toyota Estima seems to have been abandoned on Friday 16th February 2018. WOF expired in 2017 and rego says something along the lines of "vehicle registration has not been changed" Number plate is ZE3587
  • Abandoned Toyota Corolla White
    This vehicle Toyota Corolla(carplate#:BNM622)has been abandoned just in front of my house for 3 months. The WOF and Rego have both expired for more than a year.
  • Neglected Park
    The old Parnell library building's park/garden is in a neglected condition. Plants forming the circular hedge are dead, the grass is unmowen and the general area is unkempt and neglected.
  • New fence blocking access
    New development on Opaheke Rd south of Lorelei Place. Developer has erected a plastic fence on roadside verge making it dangerous for walking in this area. Need fence to be moved back away from road so that people can safely walk on the grass and stay off the road. Too dangerous to walk on other side of road due to cars coming around corner or over blind brow
  • Rat infestation
    Central howick seems to have hundreds on wild rats and mice. When will the council do anything about this? Every day I am covering up holes from rats nesting over night. Don't get me wrong - my back yard is spotless with no grass -only bark so it's not like it's just my property. My daughter lived on hose street a couple of years ago- Same problem. Talking to residents in central howick this seems go be an ongoing issue?
  • Dumped rubbish
    Dumped cardboard boxes and black rubbish bags on seaward side of the street. It has been there for a week.
  • Abandoned vehicle on Wheel jacks - Amberley Ave, Te Atatu Sth
    There is an abandoned vehicle with no wheels sitting on jacks, no windows or number plates and now has graffiti over it outside the aforementioned address. It is devaluing the street and needs to be removed ASAP! Thanks
  • Dumped furniture
    Someone has had a clean out of their house and dumped a load of household furniture on the berm, footpath, roadway on the corner of Te Kare Road and Taniwha Street. Items include couch, smashed dresser (?) and outdoor furniture. Somewhat dangerous as these items are also on the road.
  • Homeless People degrading neighbourhood
    Homeless people constantly sleeping on pavement by city mission, causing residents and tourists to be afraid, degrading surrounding area, making Auckland look like 3rd world country. This has gone on for years with no intervention by Auckland Council.
  • GCK54 - Reported and nothing done!
    Vehicle was been reported to Auckland Transport in September. Case number CAS-581831-S9G9G7. At the time the vehicle was not classed as abandoned due to its warrant expiring in Nov. Rego and Warrant are now expired
  • Open road speed limit in a residential area
    I am currently constructing a house at 294 Kitchener Rd. The part of Kitchener Road, from the intersection with Greenlane westwards has an open speed limit and traffic speeds up rapidly over the brow of the hill and then can find a vehicle is stopped waiting to turn right into Rowles road and the road is blocked.I have seen many near misses recently. Also this is now a residential area with lots of driveways feeding on to Kitchener road which don't have long distances of clear sight. The traffic is traveling too fast for people to exit their driveways safely. Also there are quite a few pedestrians using the roadside who are at risk of being hit by vehicles trying to avoid a collision. The restricted speed limit of 50kms need extending all the way along Kitchener Rd and maybe as far as the Blake Rd, Foy Rd intersection.Kitchener road is busy and this will only increase with the number of new houses soon to be constructed in the immediate vicinity.
  • yellow lines needed
    yellow lines are needed at the top of drive for 526 Beach road, when cars park here we are unable to get out of our drive easy. It is a safety risk as in an emergency we would not be able to get in our out of our drive
  • Speeding (please install speed bumps and maybe a speed camera too)
    People frequently speed down mountain view road way above the 50 km limit. It makes exiting ones driveway, parking on the street and exiting ones vehicle incredibly difficult and dangerous. I have nearly been T boned numerous times by people coming in from Bannerman who would not slow down. My car has been damaged parked on the street. My side mirror was ripped off by someone going too fast. I want to see speed bumps installed to slow people down before someone is killed.
  • Cones missed collection at corner Middleton Road & Reuera Road Newmarket outside police station
    They have the marking ICW on it, two of them next to power pole that has the pedestrian crossing to cross Remuera Road outside the Newmarket police station. IT SOULD BE COMPLUSARY BU LAW ALL CONES SHOULD BE MARKED SO THEY CAN BE COLLECTED IF MISSED ON PICK UP DAY TO KEEP OUR AUCKLAND STREETS LOOKING LIKE A DUMPING FOOTPATH.
  • Broken Road Mirror
    There is a road mirror between 26 and 32 Huia Road, on a blind corner, that has been broken for quite some time. Beyond this it is unusable due to a buildup of moss. Can this be repaired/replaced?
  • flexibin on verge
    This has been on the street verge for 3-4 months full of rubbish. These people are abusive I do not want any repercussions.
  • Car Parked with no Registration
    A Mitsubishi Galant has been left on the street outside 11 Tree View Av since October 2017 with no current rego . Rubbish is gathering under it . I have informed Auckland Transport via their online form but have had no reply.
  • Pedestrian crossing lollipop sign destroyed
    The lollipop sign (on the School side) outside St Joseph’s School Pukekohe (94 Seddon St, Pukekohe) has been obliterated. School starts next Thursday (1/2/18)
  • NO SOFTSURFACE at playground at corner teed st & osborne st, newmarket, auckland
    I tried to get photo of child playing on one of the eggs, but by the time camera switch on, the boy was off & faceing camera, THE CONCRETE IS CRYING HARD IF HIS SUDDENLY HIT THE GROUND. MANY THANKS FOR TRING TO WIN THE DORK AWARD for head injures, this is another safety alert & sick of posting here
  • Park Bench needs replacement
    The park bench located at the playground on Hope Farm Avenue, Pakuranga Heights is very old and needs replacement.
  • Overhanging trees on footpath
    Most of the footpath has been taken over by trees and branches
  • Shoes hanging on power lines2 update
    There have been shoes hanging on the power lines outside Remuera Intermediate school and 57 Ascot Ave for a number of months now.
  • Trees blocking vehicle and pedestrian vison
    Trees overgrowing pavement hard to see tiring out if Herman road on to mckenzie ave. Also hard for pedestrians on pavement to go past.
  • Couches and rubbish dumped
    2 couches and some household rubbish have been dumped by the bikepath
  • Mattress dumped on sidewalk
    A mattress has been dumped outside on Vailima Way beside 38 Haslett Street
  • Rubbish bags have been split open
    as a local resident i noticed that the rubbish bags outside 33 and 35 Tetrarch Place Totaravale have been split open. It looks like an animal has done this and now birds are digging into the rubbish bag.
  • Prevention for illegal parking
    Down our street we have a teardrop and we have people that park on the side of the road making it hard for others to get past around the teardrop to their propertys where in some cases having to drive the wrong way around the teardrop to get to their propertys. I feel we need no stopping dots from outside 5a landon place. Pukekohe down and around the teardrop to opposite 5a landon place pukekohe. This has been an ongoing issue and some residents are getting fustrated with it. We also have people that feel they need to park on the footpath out side 5a and 5d landon place pukekohe blocking the path and distroying our grass verges. I want something done about this issue asap please. Its not hard to get a roadmarking crew down here for less then 1 hour to paint in no stopping dots.
  • bus drivers lost their marbles,
    there is a sign on a post intended for drivers when they are waiting for their "go" time to turn off their engine, they either lost thire marbles or need to learn what the words mean
  • Street sign to Mamie street missing (auckland)
    Because it is dead on the footpath outside #19 Middleton Road, a few weeks ago it was across the road from about # 25 Middleton Road
  • Road Reseal and Speedbumps on Sheehan ave, Papakura
    Hi There I am writing in regards for a request for a road reseal and speed bumps for Sheehan Ave, Papakura The road itself is uneven and the seal on the road is worn out and non existant exposing a slippery road when wet, cars/motorcycles are constantly speeding and heavy Industrial trucks driving through this residential street ( thus shaking my whole house) This street has alot of foot traffic mainly families with small children, my concern is for the saftey of these kids as there are a couple of schools around the corner and residents who walk along this street everyday.
  • dumped vehicle
    White honda civic type R, car has been stripped and dumped on the street sometime overnight Thurs 07/12/17. It has no plates, engine, interior, wheels. It would have had to been taken by trailer and lifted off to get it there by several people. Every month someone/people are regularly dumping vehicles in Carringbah drive, catkin cres and Selfs rd. The cars are either damaged or stripped completely bare.
  • overflowing bin
    The bin in the park is often over flowing.
  • Branches overhanging footpath
    Trees and bushes are hanging very low over the footpath outside this property. Pedestrians are having to walk in the busy street to pass.
  • Graffiti on green transformer at beginning of the street.
    Graffiti on the green transformer at the beginning of the street.
  • Two sets of wooden steps at this location have broken treads
    The two sets of stairs that lead into the duck pond at the west end of Arkles Strand, have broken treads and damaged stringers. As a result the steps are dangerous and unstable to walk up. These steps are part of a main thoroughfare to access the beach from Ferry Rd. Children also use this route to walk to school.
  • male pigs use public toilet & piss on seat outside NEWWORLD remuera
    it all right i dried with toilet paper before i could use it, WHERE ARE THE HYGIENE SIGNS? I have posted the wording so many times on this website photo taken on left side toilet
  • Rubbish in gutters
    Natural gutters filling up with plastic bottles and mcDonald's rubbish on Huia rd.
  • non urgent: SAVE ALL OUR CITYS FROM PIGEON CRAP 1 update
    some inventive mind needs to come up with a bird feader/pigeon catcher, the trick all size birds can get in, but only small birds can get out. The by-product bonus someone or some pet food manufacture could make PIGEON-PIE PET FOOD. put in front of a camera wired out to city security and bingo $$$$
  • reported here some weeks ago, who gives a hoot about fixing, now a trip incident for blind. think HEALTH & SAFETY 1 update
    this is at the end of broadway, near junction st marks road, great south road & manakau road & alpers road or something
    Hi We have moved into 28 Ancroft street lately and got little kids at home. There are lot of speeding vehicles on Ancroft street, especially at evening time. There are serious threat to our kids. We have lot of houses on this street now with young families. I request to council for putting some speed bumps on this street to reduce the speed of vehicles.
  • small harmless dead tree fell over
    corner lauriston avenue & middleton road newmarket
  • Footpath full of rubbish
    There is a footpath between Haddington Drive and Rosewell Cres in Flat Bush. This footpath is full of rubbish and its grass has not been mowed for a long period. Could you please let me know who is responsible to take care of this footpath? The footpath has been shown in the map.
  • Abandoned Car
    There is an abandoned card parked as pinned in the map. There are only three car parking places in the displayed area and now one place has been occupied by this car. The registration of this car has been expired for more than two years. Could you please let me know what I need to do to move this car? Its plate number is CZZ340 and its registration has been expired 19/10/2015.
  • bus stop sign bending over with fatal bend at ankle
    last bus at end of broadway near, ankers avenue, manakau road, great south road, st marks road, did have correct bus location bnut error at web site yesterday prevented posting
  • Abondoned car in a public drive way
    There is a card with plate# CZZ340 parked in the pinned location as the map for more than a year.
  • Abandoned vehicle blocking footpath
    Grey ford car abandoned and currently blocking footpath and protruding onto road. Car has not WOF or rego and has been there for over a month
    277 public toilets next to car park signs needs to say "IF YOU PISS THE FLOOR / SEAT DRY IT WITH TOILET PAPER", I AM TELLING YOU IT IS NOT NICE BEEN FALSELY BLAMED BY [moderated, will give details to auckland city on request] FOR PISSING ON THE FLOOR THE SIXTH DAY AT WORK WHAT ARSEHOLE EMPLOYER
  • Burnt out vehicle
    Burnt out car Rego DFG124
  • Man constantly dropping rice and bread in the middle of the street to feed birds1 update
    A man who used to rent at 11b ashcraig court for 10 years constantly drops rice and bread in our cul-de-sac almost everyday to feed birds.It's annoying and will attract nice and rats! It also is not a good look for the street as it presents poorly. I do not feel like he should be able to do this !
  • Sign on the grass
    The street sign is fallen on the grass
  • Cut back trees growing over barrier on EXIT 2A Wellesley St Offramp
    Exit 2A Wellesley Road off ramp. Trees growing over barrier and obstruction to traffic passing to turn left. Please can these be trimmed back
  • what big sign "up to wn, welcome to uptown" cr boston rd & khyber pass grafton. small park 1 update
    had trouble up loading photo. the point is: WHAT DO DEFIBRILLATOR SIGNS LOOK LIKE? you are walking along road YOUR close family or friend suddenly has cardiac arrest, would know the closest place that has a defibrillator, or would prefer to wait for ambulance to fight its way though traffic jams?
  • Overhanging trees
    Trees from this house overhang onto path way. When walking to school trees are hitting kids and people in heads
  • t signs gone away. on 1 way road at corner 277 broadway newmarket, checked then almost got run over.1 update
    1st road sign is missing it could "morrow street" 2nd traffic entering from broadway have their own lane, right turning traffic shoud use left side of island @ 'T' intersection, left turning traffic should use right side but today left tuning car passed on left could be because the sign has gone
  • Abandoned Car Vehicle Rego FKZ972
    Grey car Rego FKZ972 Left on street for approx 4 months and never moved. Rego out of date. Tickets issued mounting up.
  • Abandoned vehicle for over a month
    In front of 3 Windfola Parkway, Takanini. White Mitsubishi ARD172, abandoned by road for over a month now. WOF expired on 01/01/2017. Takes up a parking slot on a street that has too few slots available, making the parking situation on the street even worse.
  • Abandoned red Honda
    Red Honda civic, smashed windows, broken glass, sharp damaged metal. Left on road since Aug 2017. Health and safety hazard!
  • Drainage
    I have a video/short I would like to share with you on the drainage issues of our Street that need addressing. It also causes extreme flooding at the Whangaparaoa end of our Street when this occurs. Also the barriers at the bottom of our Road are not working! People are still U-Tuning into the bottom of our Street! The barriers need to go further up our Street in order to stop them!
  • Speed Limit/ Beware of Children/ Give Way Sign
    The residents on Cobham Drive, Bairds Road and Garrett Place all share a common access way that leads to the Carports. There are no Give Way Signs or Speed Limit signs on this access way to the back end of the properties. Is it possible to have signs erected for the safety of the children that play in the area. This is highlighted as during the weekend a young child was nearly hit by a car speeding through the access way. Currently there are no warning signs, Give Way signs or Speed limit signs in this area.
  • Smashed vehicle not moved
    Honda car badly damaged and (apparently) abandoned for about three weeks. Dangerously sharp bodywork sticking out.
  • pedestrians need to be "asked" to give way to buses, so passengers do not miss connecting bus
    as there is only 1 of them & lots of passengers on the bus it is not a hard request, pedestrian walking between car park & constellation bus terminal, a bus full of passengers can mis next bus connection because pedestrians are dribbling across crossing between bus stop 3a & 3b to & from car park
  • Street sign on grass 1 update
    The street sign for Wesleydale Pl is on the grass by the post pn Duckworth as you enter Wesleydale Pl.
  • Street needs judder bars and yellow marking
    Hi there I have lived in this this street for over 8 years, and there has always been a lot of through fare traffic, but in the last two years there has been a noticeable increase in cars on the street and people using the street. The street is also very steep and narrow As a result the street is parked out at the narrowest point and cars almost play chicken to get through the spacing left between the drive ways. There is also excessive speed some quite extreme, now with a higher volume of trafffic it's getting very dangerous to cross the road and now with all the street parked there will be more accidents There have already been numerous while I have been in the street Judder bars to slow motorists down and yellow lines on the narrow part of the street would resolve this Thanks David
  • Quad bike race
    People living in the house had been performing quad bike racing and circus on the street and footpath, causing nuisance. The bike is being driven my small kids around 7-8 years. No action had been taken by Police or Addison. The issue is getting worse as the weather is clearing up and neighbours are unable to live there peacefully.
  • Christian gets raptered to heaven from public toilet
    2 of waiting desperately to use public toilet constellation bus station, one red light goes out, no opening of door, other joker was 1st about to open door, then other toilet gets free. I wait a minute then i slowly open day expecting voice, but nothing, so look inside NOBODY,just lucky 2 make it.
  • Sneakers caught in power lines
    At this location is a pair of old sneakers that have been thrown across power lines across street. Very ugly and unacceptable
  • voice in toilets needs to be amended for males1 update
    the current voice message does not say " ....... and males open and use your eye, if you pee on the seat dry it with toilet paper, thank-you." (also applicable if driped on floor) ..... as found at constellation bus station toilet "A" this morning
  • Abandoned Mercedes Hatchback
    Registration plate JKQ114 Has been abandoned for over a year, keeps accumulating parking tickets but nothing else happens. The street lacks parking and this one takes a space that can otherwise be used by residents,
  • Burnt out house/abandoned property
    What happens to a fire damaged property left abandoned? The house at 336 Ellerslie Panmure Highway (the driveway is on Stanhope Road) has been left empty and damaged for several years. Can the council request that it be demolished or repaired?
  • Footwear over power lines
    At about number 9 St Georges Bay Road there are shoes wrapped around overhead power lines. Unsightly.
  • Eddies bush 59 Wirihana rd - park lawn damaged by car
    Someone is damaging parks lawn with 4WD. This has happened 5x within last 12 months always weekend after midnight. All our neighbors are upset. We want to get this lawn blocked. Our kids normally playing there.
  • males need extra sign in toilets
    HANG YOUR DICK OVER BOWL, YOU DONT FLOOD FLOOR. also IF YOU PISS THE SEAT, DRY WITH TOILET PAPER. maybe GET YOUR EYE SIGHT CHECKED! at newmarket off broadway next to train station auckland
  • Dumped Car
    BTF403 is dumped, rego expired since May. Please remove this from the street ASAP. This is an ongoing issue that has not yet been resolved for over 2 months
  • 2 weeks old rubish
    Hi, The tennants from this unit 4 on Glasgow terrace are not sorting and disposing their Rubish properly. This is how it looks after rubish and recycle collection day, see photo. The recycle bins are overfilled with rubish and 2 weeks later that don't even bother cleaning
  • Illegal Dumping of Rubbish and Tyres
    Tyres and other rubbish has been dumped along the side of the road. It's been sitting there for a few weeks now. Needs to be removed please.
  • Mud, stones and other debris bolts etc on the road
    Mud, stones, and other debris like bolts, screws etc are all over the road on the corner of Creamery and Greenwood Roads. Largely from the JFC vehicles from the construction site on Creamery Rd. I've just had to replace a tyre because of a large head screw. All of the mud and stones makes for unsafe driving. There is cleaning happening, but it's not enough.
  • Gardens on each side of the speed bumps are overgrown with weeds
    The garden islands on each side of the speed bumps are overgrown with weeds on the cnr of George street & Tawari Streets, Mt Eden. I have tried weeding these myself in the past but the weeds have taken hold. We would appreciate this being taken care of and some thought to what could be planted here that would look after itself a little better. We live right outside here on 18 Tawari St & happy to do some minor weeding if this was beautified by council. We are all proud homeowners & would love our Street to look lovely. Thank you
  • Abandoned or Stolen Vehicle
    GLS294 light blue Subaru Impreza Stolen or Abandoned Vehicle at 2 Thanet Avenue Sandringham 1025 Auckland. The words "stolen" have been written by someone on the windscreen I presume this has been done by the authorities as the car is also ticketed. The cars rego has expired
  • Abandoned vehicle
    YI6125 Mazda Efini Dark Green Abandoned or Stolen vehicle in 2 Thanet Avenue Sandringham 1025 WOF expired Rego Expired Numerous tickets.
  • Tree problems - West Coast Rd Glen Eden
    There are a number of trees along the pavement outside the general area of 190 to 220 West Coast Rd Glen Eden Auckland that are causing problems. Specifically these are; 1) Roots breaking up pavement and possibly underground services and causing trip hazards to pedestrians 2) Branches extending over neighbouring commercial properties dropping leaves, blocking canopy and other drains through leaf fall 3) Possible traffic and pedestrian visibility issues They need to be significantly cut back or removed
  • Flooding
    At the end of Arawa road there is currently some major Street flooding.
  • Drain blocked
    Outside 66 Victoria road a drain is regularly blocked with leaves causing a river to flow across Victoria road across the intersection of Kerr Street and and Victoria road, which has heavy traffic, buses, bikes, pedestrians, a school and a pedestrian crossing. It is quite dangerous. Bevan/
  • Tree branch on footpath1 update
    Tree branch on footpath
  • Bank subsidence
    In Craigavon Park, along the gravelled path that parallels Connaught Street, there is a pool where the stream first exits the pipe. The bank along one side of the pool has subsided after the rain of the night of 2 July. Part of the subsidence has created a large hole in the adjacent exercise area, which could be very dangerous for small children.
  • Serious speedings on Fleming Street, Manurewa East.
    The street is fairly straight and wide, many drivers put their feet down the pedal and roar down the street both directions. It poses 2 problems: 1. huge noise when they tried to max out the engine 2. huge rise of crash, not to mention this is a family homes street and kids play on the side of the road.
  • Overspeeding vehicle on Ancroft street some even doing burnouts.1 update
    Hi I have moved to 18 Ancroft street couple of months ago .I have noticed some of the cars speeding mostly during evenings.It is matter of serious concern as I have got little kids and I am always concerned about there safety and danger that they don't go out of the house and hence to the road.i am sure if we put couple of street bumps ,that would make a lot of difference. Thanks
    In order to avoid making the hazardous and dangerous right hand turn out of the street I live in, Auld Street, I have been using Toroa Street and its roundabout (ref map) to gain safer access to Beach Road. However with cars being allowed to park on both sides of the Toroa St and the increase in traffic/patronage from the recently opened cafe, the drive along Toroa Street is hazardous. My questions are two fold 1) what is the council going to do to make the right hand turn out of Auld Street safer b) what is the council going to do about the narrow, dangerous and frequently one way access along Toroa Street. Thank you. If this is not the correct forum please let me know and if possible tell me whom I should be contacting.
  • panmure & other public toilets needs signs
    MALES: "hang your dick over the bowl & you dont puddle the floor" also "if you wet the seat, dry it with toliet paper, Dickhead" GO ON BE A DEVIL 'BREAK THE ICE' & educate
  • Underground Water Leak
    Water is coming from out of the ground from outside either 37 or 39 Arawa St in what appears to be large quantities - enough to move sediment across the footpath, keep the footpath and berm saturated, and keeping the channel filled with water. The water can also be seen in the Google Earth/Maps imagery. Leaf build up at the cesspit outside 31 Arawa is creating ponding on the road from the water from the leak. A speedy resolution would be appreciated
  • Road seal
    The gills road was resealed approx. a month ago the road surface is worse now than it was prior to sealing its breaking down and frankly I would not pay the roading contractor as the standard of work is very poor strongly suggest someone audits this road
  • Reg BPF270 1995 Nissan Primera abandoned since mid May
    Nissan Primera has been parked in Grosvenor St since mid May. WoF and Registration expired in 2016. AT were notified, visited on 24/5 and marked the wheel, but did not ticket the vehicle. Police show vehicle as not stolen.
  • Landscaping on side of road and sign needs replacing
    The landscaping at the top of Wairakei Street and on the verge of the footpath needs tidying up/re-growing, due to lots of building work going on at the Range Rover caryard builders have been parking on the grass and littering and making the area look terrible. Also they took down a sign warning people of the speedbumps on the street and it has not been replaced.
  • Blocked drain1 update
    The drain on our ROW driveway (7 Harbourside Court, Beachlands, Auckland 2018) that services a few houses is blocked - water not draining efficiently.
  • shopping trolleys in stream
    The stream that runs down to join the main flow behind elim college has various rubbish in it including at least 2 shopping trolleys.
  • Dumped Car Alcock Street
    Car sits with no movement. Registration is expired. Causes havoc for our narrow street. Number plate is BTF403
  • Abandoned Vehicle Alcock Street
    Abandoned vehicle on Alcock street, registration is expired since early April. Number plate is YE7985. Remove this car
  • Poor Visibility at the Intersection of Manuka Road and Witheford Drive
    There is next to no visibility when exiting this intersection. Cars parked on the left and right hand side of Manuka road block all views, making it very dangerous when pulling out onto a busy road. I nearly hit a motorcyclist 2 weeks ago as he was riding because he was completely hidden behind the parked cars. I have seen many close calls and heard horns tooting. It needs the yellow lines extended to at least the first driveway on either side of this intersection or at the minimum, a mirror put on the pole opposite the intersection to assist in visibility. It's only going to be a matter of time before there is a serious accident there
  • Poor visibility of oncoming traffic at the intersection of Witheford Drive and Manuka Road
    It is impossible to see traffic coming from either direction on Manuka Road when attempting to exit Witheford Drive. This is due to cars parked adjacent to the pavement on both sides of the intersection (but particularly to the right). Cars come down Manuka Road at speed, and because Witheford Drive goes sharply downhill from the intersection, motorists trying to exit are below Manuka Road's street level, and cannot see over the roofs of the parked cars. The only way to see the oncoming traffic is to pull most of the way out into Manuka Road, which is dangerous in itself. Previous requests to Auckland Transport to extend the broken yellow lines to the first driveway past the intersection have been declined. Perhaps a mirror on a pole would help? We desperately need the visibility issues fixed. It's a miracle there has not been a serious collision at this intersection.
  • Fence needs fixing,
    The fence separating 9 Campile Close to Chapel Road has come off its groove. This fence is maintened by council. Please assist as it is a security issue, since people can come into our backyard through this broken fence. I have temporarily forced it to hold but it won't last.
  • Cycle and footpath missing on McClymonts Rd
    McClymonts rd is missing a section of a cycle path and footpath between Kerekin Drive and Elliot Rose Ave (south side). Also, it's hard to join the cycle path going towards the courthouse, can you add a ramp?
  • Request for round about markings
    The T intersection of The Boulevard & Fisher Parade is very confusing and many times has caused almost accidents. Currently those cars on Fisher Parade are to give way to The Boulevard traffic. A lot of non-local people don't realise that The Boulevard is a through lane rather than give way so they stop at this intersection instead of going straight through. It is also very confusing as to who gives way to who on Fisher Parade. An apartment building is currently in construction which wI'll effectively making this cross roads. I think a roundabout markings on the road would be better for people knowing what to do. Less dangerous for all.
  • No water for 6 months from the drinking fountain1 update
    For over 6 months now the water fountain at this location has not been working. Could this please be repaired? Thanks Steve
  • Cascades shared pathway needs widening
    Cascades shared pathway is a fantastic path, but increasing use by pedestrians and cyclists means that the 1.5m sections are now far too narrow to cope with volume and creates regular hazards for path users, especially when cyclists and pedestrians have no navigate past each other. If it was widened to 2.5m like the newer sections around Golflands it would be perfect! Thanks! Attached pic shows sections of the path that need widening.
  • no 595 from newmarket to marua road at 6:48 am1 update
    on friday 5th & monday 8th, doubt it on tuesday 9th & gave up on wednesday 10th, i got lied to by someone at 3666400 they said bus came 6:52 this total bull i cought earlier 532 bus for a few months in both 2015 & 2016 for temporary employment I NEVER MISSED ONE BUS, they all came on time,
  • Illegal Rubbish Dumping
    Someone dumped two boxes of beer bottles on the road close to 18 Santa Ana Drive. Some bottles are mashed!
  • Abandoned cars x2
    Outside 74 and 76 Ashby Ave st Heliers BMW GCU840 and Audi DBP958 been left on side of road for two weeks, not locally owned just left.
  • Speeding vehicles driving along the street1 update
    Speeding vehicles (trucks and cars) are being driven by along this street at high speeds most of the time. Dangerous driving at high speeds and the road needs a road hump for drivers to slow down. An accident is just waiting to happen to both passers-by, residents and other vehicles.
    there are missing signs telling passengers NOT to put their feet on the seat WE have to sit on it after they have gone you never know where their shoes have been (maybe walked in dog poo!)
    this is not 277 broadway the address i gave would not go past step one. it is bus stop 7210 near corner of broadway newmarket & st marks road
  • Heavy vehicles shake the houses
    Porchester road has become very busy especially with the new housing development. What measures can be done on this? Will a better quality road help? Or divert the heavy trucks somewhere else? Or lower the speed limits?
  • Millwater Motorway onramp littered with rubbish
    Millwater is such a lovely place but the onramp to the motorway is littered with peoples rubbish and it seems to be getting worse. Could it be organised for people to clear up the rubbish? It goes right along the motorway a wee way as well. Thank you Robyn Burrows
  • Loose Manhole cover
    Hello -- there is a loose / broken manhole cover on Halsey Street, by the corner of Pakenham and directly across from the Lighter Quay apartment complex (Buildings 79-83, Halsey Street). Every time a car drives over it (which is often) there is a loud banging noise as it is shuffled and re-positioned from the weight of the vehicle. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • Graffiti on lamp post in Albert Park
    Opposite the intersection of Kitchener Street and Courthouse Lane, there is a set of steps leading up into Albert Park. One of the black lamp posts on the left as you go up the path beyond the steps has been graffitied with white marker pen. The graffiti looks like a 'F' with a circle around it. It's on the uphill facing side of the post, so it might not be visible when walking up the path.
  • Abandoned car
    The car with the number plate BTF403 has been sitting outside our home for a number of weeks with no movement. The rego is about to expire as well. Our street is narrow and an abandoned vehicle makes it particularly hard for us to park into our driveway (we have to reverse park). It would be ideal to have this car removed.
  • Duck Crossing
    There is a duck pond at the end of Mahoney street but the ducks are very often up on bass rd just past the round about. They hang around on the road a lot and dont really move out of the way of incoming cars. This road can be very busy around school pick up hours and I would like a sign to be installed so people are made aware there is ducks around as it would be horrible to see them squished. Ive only seen one hit this year but would like to prevent any more.
  • Broken Mirror
    Broken mirror shards and frame splayed all over the steps just off Marina Rd leading into Hunter's Reserve.
  • Scenic Drive water run off flooding.1 update
    Drain has been unblocked by the council recently. Water run off overloads the drain crosses the road and runs right through our property and in front of our front door. Has caused flooding in our home and water under the house into foundations. Serious cause for concern of our property here!
  • Overhanging trees/bushes
    On the left hand side from approximately 3 Archers Road travelling towards Coronation Road (Glenfield) the trees and bushes are dangerously overhanging the road. I cycle this route and personally now have to ride nearly in the middle of the road to avoid injury from branches - this dangerously means that drivers have to slow down, swerve, avoid me. When i am myself driving, i have had to avoid cyclists many times as they ride up the hill far away from the curbside due to the dangerously overhanging branches.
  • Missing Heaven road sign
    A few months ago the street name sign for Heaven road has gone missing. Would be great if it was replaced.
  • abandon car
    We have had a vehicle sitting in our streets parking bay since we moved in in September last year. We live in a very small street so car parks are very valuable as there are not many available. The rego expired 1.5years ago and the wof expired 2 years ago. We contacted the Auckland council back in November, 6 months ago and they have done nothing about it. It has since had the window broken. I was wondering how we can go about getting it towed
  • Rubbish left almost a week ago
    Rubbish left almost a week ago, can the rubbish detectives find the composer? There is someone that emptys public bin just up the road corner Remuera & Middleton Roads, maybe they can collect it
  • Blocked Drain
    The footpath drain in the vicinity of 214 Meola Road is completely blocked and water runs into driveways causing flooding problems. Because the trees on the verge continually shed leaves this is an on-going problem along with the channel drains being blocked
  • Blocked drain 45 Wilma rd
    Still blocked since reporting last month.
  • Abandoned vehicle Jayne Place, Torbay registration no BUF529
    this vehicle has been parked on our street for months now outside no 3 Jayne Place (BUF529) and know one appears to know to owns it. As several neighbours have been complaining as it looks an eyesore I said I would report it and hopefully get it removed.
  • Unnecessary Traffic Congestion1 update
    At peak times over 90% of traffic travels from Whitford Park Road into Brookby Road or Vise versa. Unfortunately the Stop Sign means that all traffic should come to a stop - most do not but they do slow to less than 5 km/h as the visibility is not the best. However there is virtually no need to stop. If a mini roundabout were put there then Right of way rules would prevent the huge jams we get as soon as the traffic volumes increase. I have been in queues back to Sandstone road and the only issue was the Stop sign - there was no other traffic and no blockage after the stop sign. Many Thanks.
  • E. Coast/Forrest Hill Rd Intersection difficult for cyclists
    Cyclists travelling south on East Coast Road have a hard time turning into Forrest Hill road with vehicles having dedicated left turn lane. Would be good to paint cycle lane for cyclists going straight to Forrest Hill.
  • Cycle lane missing on East Coast Road btw Carlisle and Rosedale rd.
    Cycle lane is missing on this stretch of the East Coast road (between Carlisle and Rosedale road). Most of the way there is a shoulder already, so it just needs some paint. Browns Bay road intersection is especially tricky for cyclists going south in the morning.
  • abandoned
    A dark green emina estima has been parked on the side of the road for over a week now - corner of Taka st and Takanini Rd Hasn't moved at all. It has some damage and has one licence plate missing. BZA 427
  • Animated advertisement on electronic billboard
    The electronic advertising signs at the Constellation Bus station are displaying an animated advertisement for Pump water. It is my understanding that animation is not permitted on electronic advertisements.
  • two Drinking fountain at st hellers bay ineffectiveness
    these fountains are at tamaki drive footpath, one next public toilets and the other near flag pole with NZ flag on, water comes out but totally useless, stange how both have the same issue just a few meters apart
  • Metal drainage
    Hi there, There is significant road break in front of 3 Peter Mulgrew street. The drainage/rainwater line on the road is broken next to the Kerb. Kindly fix the street. Thanks
  • water run off
    During recent heavy rain our house flooded due to water run off from properties above us (841 & 839) These older properties have no gullies or storm water run off and the over flows on thier water tanks empty onto the ground
  • Broken Road Sign
    Hall Ave, Favona - Road sign broken needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • Blocked drains 1 update
    Good Morning Our drive way has been damaged from the run off of water coming from your drains from the resent storm on sunday 12th March Each year for the last 3 we have called the council to advise and each year we have had to fix the drive and all that is been done is the drain is being cleaned it is not good enough - and feel I am getting the run around are driveway is being made unsafe from the damage and there is now big trenches that we have to drive over this is also making the bank unstable
  • Unknown vehicle on street
    There has been a car parked for 3 weeks now near 84 Killybegs Avenue. Wanted to check to see if it a stolen vehicle. The license plate is JND 346. Not sure what make of car it is but it is White. it doesn't look like it has been driven since it first appeared as it is parked in the exact same way as when it first was noticed. Thanks a Bunch
  • Washout and extensive corrugation of this narrow public road.
    This public road is a metal road that receives next to no maintenance (despite supposedly being entitled to four mows and two grades a year). We have endeavoured to help maintain this road over the years using our own digger and tractor etc. In recent times there has occurred extensive corrugations of the first half of the road and after the recent deluges there are significant washouts in the metal making it the equivalent of a farm track. There are currently five homes on this road (11 vehicles), with a new home currently under construction (3 additional vehicles), another new home due to commence this year, and two more lots available for sale - this could potentially equate to 20 vehicles using this road in the near future. Are we please able to get the road widened and sealed to prevent possible accidents - there is poor visibility in some areas and nowhere to pass due to the narrow width of the current metal 'track'. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Kay
  • Trees down after storm
    A large tree has collapsed bringing down smaller trees on to the Bishop Selwyn path. The path is blocked.
  • Large portion of tree down
    A tree, which the base is now partially submerged in the stream, lost a big portion of itself last night. My household and neighbours heard the crack/crash and went out to see what happened. It was a very still night so it hadn't blown over in wind. Could the health/safety of the tree be checked please when able to? I know of a lot of children who play in this area. I don't have a phone with minutes available to call this in. Many thanks.
  • Speeding cars
    Please can we have speed bumps along Haddington Drive, Flat Bush? A lot of cars been driving at more than 60-70km/h, day and night down this narrow road, posing danger to other road users and kids in our neighborhood. Would appreciate it very much if the authority could look into this. Thanks.
  • No speed limit signs
    Hi, There is a total lack of speed limit signs on the newly renovated section of Albany Highway (south of Albany Expressway). I assumed it was 60, but the traffic police says 50. Would be nice to have some signs...
  • Speeding cars
    Hello, Margate road in blockhouse bay has become increasingly busy over the years thanks to new traffic lights that were added to Wolverton Street and Tiverton road. Lot of people are using Margate Road to bypass traffic to get on to SH20 and/or get to Blockhouse Bay road after getting off SH20. A lot of times people are racing down from Mulgan street across the round about and onto Margate road. There are several bends on the road which racer boys enjoy speeding on at night. This is making the road quite unsafe for residents. Can I please request that speed bumps are added across the entire street to manage traffic? Kind regards, Subaie
  • Transformer
    Small electrical transformer door has been broken opened. Danger of live electrical inside. On the corner of Farringdon st and Paddington ave.
  • Speeding cars
    Can we please get speed bumps installed in our street! Every day there are cars that excessevely speed up and down our street. There are many pets and children that live on this street and play near the road. Our beloved cat has already been killed by a speeding car, it could be a child next.
  • Missing Street Sign label
    Missing street sign label on sign cnr Squadron Drive and Mapou Road.
  • Toilets urgently needed at Glasgow Park
    A fabulous New playground has just been opened on this site by our local Lions club. The council urgently need to construct some toilets now for the families who use this. There are no close toikets at all. If this isn't done soon the park will become smelly.
  • Pothole
    The pothole you keep adding asphalt to is still sinking - you need to fix it ,not temporarily fill it! The drains /culverts are open and in winter are a hazard to children! The junction on Norwood Road and Cedar Terrace needs yellow lines, because cars parked on Cedar Terrace block views to oncoming traffic turning right off Norfolk Terrace! This Street is a joke! It's off a main Road and faces new Businesses in the Stanmore Bay Penlink Zone! Why do our pleads get ignored? We pay rates for what?
  • speed bumps
    Speed bumps needed at bottom of Arran Road, adjoining Nigel Road,Cars come around that corner and to get out of our drive is a dice with death! we cannot see what is coming down Arran Rd, because of cars parked on the berns in Nigel Road and there is no warning of a speeding car. An accident waiting to happen! It is dangerous even trying to cross the road on foot as the traffic has increased incredibly now that Browns Bay is so busy.
  • Walkway overgrown
    The walkway up Woodlands crescent is overgrowing with flax and overhanging tree branches. It's now at the point where one person has difficulty walking through the two person-width walkway. Buggies, prams and mobility scooters are almost unable to get through.
  • Dumped sofa
    A three seater sofa has been dumped at the corner of Soodlands Cres and Capricorn pl. Been there for nearly a week.
  • Speeding down Alford Street Waterview Day and Night
    Excessive speeding down Alford Street in Waterview, Auckland is becoming a frightening problem. The other night I was woken by a roar of a vehicle, I would state was driving between 90-100km. This street is a 50km zone with a new childcare centre. Getting registration plates proves to be difficult as the cars are gone by the time I get to the road. The speeding is constant day and night, I have called the police numerous times on this situation. Multiple animals have been killed and it is a matter of time until a terrible accident happens. The council needs to take action to slow these people down. Please help!
  • Bright Green graffiti on wall in Albert Park
    One of the stone walls on the side of Albert Park has been graffitied with bright green graffiti. The best place to see this is: 1. Stand at the corner of Kitchener Street and Victoria Street East. 2. Standing on the sidewalk, move just to the left of the level crossing that goes across Kitchener Street and Bowen Avenue towards Albert Park. 3. Look between the branches of the trees - about 10-15m above the level of the footpath is a metal fence in front of a path around Albert Park. The graffiti is on the stone just below this fence. See attached photo.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Needed
    How can we request that a pedestrian crossing is installed on this road. Children come to the skate park to play, and have to cross Forrest Hill Road. This road is very busy and there is no safe place for the children to cross. This also affects children crossing this road to get to and from school
  • Graffiti on pole next to bus stop 3587
    Next to bus stop 3587 at approximately 100 Don McKinnon drive is a metal pole. The side has been graffitied with the word 'SOBER' in black spray paint. See attached photo.
  • Speed bump request to reduce speeding
    Due to how wide and how straight the street is people like to speed down the street in excess of the speed limit. It is only a matter of time before someone crashes or hits someone. I think having speed bumps installed will help reduce the 'boy racers' speeding up and down our street
  • People have dumped rubbish on the sidewalk
    Hi there, people down the driveway next to us frequently dump rubbish out on the sidewalk. They have done it again and it has been sitting there for a few weeks. Are you able to remove?
  • Pedestrian Crossing outside Owairaka School
    Hi there, I'd like to file a complaint/concern in regards to the pedestrian crossing outside Owairaka Primary School. Richardson Road is a very busy main road with lots of through traffic heading towards the motorway. Frequently I have noticed and experienced cars speeding up to the crossing and often failing to stop for pedestrians - particularly children both during the school crossing times and outside of it. One driver who was stopped by a parent said that there was no visible diamond shape leading up over the hump before the crossing warning them of an upcoming crossing. I would like to put in a request for more signage leading up to the crossing. I know in other school areas there are signs and speed limits stating that you are approaching a school crossing zone and believe that this would benefit this area. I witnessed from a short distance first hand a child trying to use the crossing the other day only to have to wait as cars sped past. It took some time for someone to stop. I believe this is a serious issue which needs to be addressed. Thanks for your time.
  • Fallen tree
    There has been a fallen tree on this berm since last storm. I'm assuming nobody has reported it.
  • Graffiti on tree and lamp post in Albert Park
    Half-way up Bowen Avenue is an entrance to Albert Park. If yo go straight through this entrance, there is a set of steps leading up to the main part of the park. On the left going up the steps is a black lamp post that has been graffitied with white pen. Just beyond it is a tree that has had its trunk graffitied with red spray paint. A similar bit of graffiti on a tree trunk is also present to the right at roughly the same point on the steps. See attached photo.
  • Over hanging trees
    Hi guys, Trees over hanging the footpath from 66-74 Glenmore Drive Farm Cove, could you please give them a haircut.
  • tree obstructing turning traffic
    two new magnolia trees have been planted on the corners of Glenmore Rd & Whiteacres Drive. When turning out of white acres drive right into Glenmore road the trees will obstruct the ability to see oncoming traffic when they start to grow. They need to be removed on both corners when turning left and right from White acres drive. If they can be relocated then I would be happy for them to be planted on my verge on the corner of Lilian Place and Frately drive Farm Cove. Or in the park across the road on Frately Drive
  • Abandoned blue Toyota right on my driveway and close to road junction and corner
    This car had been dumped last week next to another abandoned car. This one is within 1m of driveway and 6m of intersection with Island Bay Rd. Rego and wof expires this week. Not belonging to neighbours.
  • Abandoned Toyota Starlet been in crash and dumped here since last October!
    White Toyota been parked here for months. Been in crash so not roadworthy and sharp metal hazardous for pedestrians. Parked within 6m of bus stop so also causing nuisance to buses. Not sure who owns it.
  • Obstructed view when turning right into Cameron St
    When turning right into Cameron St from Blakey St, Onehunga the view down the road to the left is obstructed by the planting on the grass verge. You have to move right out to the middle of the road to see if there is a car coming... and if there is a car coming by the time you can see it you are almost out in front of them.
  • Garbage post broken, plus M Greenwood Rd sign is down on ground and damaged
    Garbage Post at ntersection of M Greenwood Rd and Pakiri Rd must be replaced. Old one was apparently hit by a vehicle and snapped off near the ground weeks ago. M Greenwood Rd sign is also down, laying on ground, damaged.
  • Refrigerator in water
    An abandoned refrigerator was in the water below Highbrook drive this morning.
  • Tree branch over walkway
    A tree branch from 342 East Coast Road has broken and has fallen over the walkway between Delamare Court and East Coast Road. The branch is still attached to the tree in 342 East Coast Road. It may be dangerous to pedestrians in the walkway.
  • Graffiti on bricks embedded into footpath
    On the footpath at approximately 107-113 Mayoral Drive (on the north - port - side of the road), there are lines of bricks embedded into the foot path. One of these has been graffitied with black spray paint. See attached photo.
  • Rubbish cleanup needed around bus stop
    The grass area immediately around bus stop 3586 on Don McKinnon drive is littered with rubbish (haha - see what I did there?)
  • Fire Hydrant Leaking
    The FH set into the footpath is leaking water continuously.
  • Fallen tree
    During the recent storm, large branches fell onto the roadway and footpath; they are causing obstructions to parking and overhanging the pedestrian walkways. Please arrange removal/cleanup.
  • Fallen tree
    A large Kanuka tree was knocked over during the weekend. Itis being supported buy other trees but is hanging precariously over a footpath. It is located about 25m along the in the berm between Kohu and Kopiko rd
  • Tree fallen obstructing football and two driveways
    Storm overnight two tree branches fallen on berm and footpath and drive
  • Fallen tree obstructing footpath
    Rotten tree blown down on 21 /01/17 in bad weather is obstructing footpath outside 62 Third Avenue.
  • very loud rail squeal/screeching as train leaves station
    hi there. recently the rail squeal/screeching has reached deafening levels for trains leaving mt eden station alongside fenton street. city bound is much less noisy. the train always made rumbling noise, but rail squeal was minimal. these days the screeching is extensive, not a pleasant experience for nearby residents. can something b done? track maintenance?
  • Pontoon ramp broken
    Ramp at island bay in beachaven has broken half off in rough seas.
  • reported on 8th, sign down used to try and injure the blind
    The sign down reported on the 8th of January was placed diagonally across footpath and leaning against fence. Very good for a blind person if they walked the footpath and ran into sign. On Manukau Road outside alexander park opposite the end of King Edward park.
  • Fire hydrant continually leaking
    Fie hydrant leaking. Berm saturated and water runs onto footpath causing dangerous slip hazard
  • Unsafe junction of side street with main road due to poor visibility of cars approaching, speeding and cars parked on both sides of main road (Totara views Rd)
    Totara Views dr has become a thoroughfare between Hibiscus Coast Highway and Mill Water Parkway. At the intersection with Kingtide Rd, there is a blind rise in Totara views dr, making it unsafe to exit or enter from/into Kingtide rd turning either left or right. The traffic using Totara views Rd tends to speed due to it being used as thoroughfare, which adds to the risk. Residents in Totara Views rd parks on both sides, reducing the rd to a single lane. The combined risk of a blind rise, a T-junction, speed and a single lane puts all traffic at risk. A suggestion could be that there should be a no parking zone on one side of Totara Views Rd?
  • Rubbish behind power box
    Need rubbish removed behind a power box. Situated on the grass area of Resolute Way and Kelvin Road Papakura.
  • sign down and hole in footpath
    sign laying on footpath, a hole can be seen in footpath nearby, on the alexandra park side of manuakau road opposite the end of king edward avenue, epson. at least it was on last thursday morning. no need to phone instructions seem clear, if you dont understand instructions just forget it.
  • Graffiti on steps leading up to Albert Park
    At approximately 40 Kitchener Street, opposite the entrance to Courthouse Lane, there is a set of steps leading up into Albert Park. Someone has graffitied one of the steps with yellow spray-paint. See attached photo.
  • Yellow line required
    There are always cars parked on both sides of the Roma Rd. This makes it dangerous for the driver taking an exit on road from 44/46/48/50 Roma Rd and also for the driver going straight to foodstuff offices as both are unable to see oncoming traffic. Request to mark yellow lines till 3 car parks near the entry for 39/41/43 Roma Road. Last week 1 of our colleague met an accident due to this blind spot.
  • Speed bump sign and non obeying of the non entry sign
    There is no sign for the second speed bump on this part of Onslow Road. Cars and trucks continuously drive over it at high speed causing two loud bangs and the houses to rattle. There is also a no right turn sign from Settlement Road at the exit only end of Onslow Road. People do not obey this sign and drive through the wrong way at high speed. This end of Onslow Road needs to be made into a no exit Street. This will stop people speeding over the speed bumps when using Onslow Road as a short cut and will also stop people driving the wrong way from Settlement Road.
  • request for no parking yellow line
    Hi Just opposite us, outside number 99 Tiroroa Avenue is a very sharp corner. Cars park on it quite regularly. It is impossible to go round them without being completely on the wrong side of the road with zero visibility for oncoming traffic. It is very dangerous when this happens and we have all narrowly avoided hitting cars unaware of the situation. If a small section of yellow no parking was put in it would easily fix this hazard. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Dangerous Intersection
    This is a very dangerous intersection on weekday mornings when turning right out of Kahikatea Flat Road into Dairy Flat Highway. I have had two near misses recently. The speed limit is 100kms/hour which is way too fast. Look right, look left and look right again doesn't work when you have vehicles speeding in both directions, traffic parking across the road from the bakery then pulling out without indicating and people reversing out and parking illegally by the Dairy Flat Store and the Bakery and blocking the view, along with buses pulling into the bus stop. I know you will be aware that there are a high number of crashes here. Is there any way the speed limit can be put down through here or maybe GO SLOW signs like there are outside the Dairy Flat School. Many thanks for considering this request.
  • Long grass
    The roadside grass at Auckland Domain on Carlton Gore Road is disgracefully long. It hasn't been mowed for several months.
  • Graffiti on memorial in Emily Place Reserve
    In the middle of Emily Place Reserve, under the old trees is a memorial - a plinth with a column on top. The base of the plinth has been graffitied with black spray paint. See attached photo.
  • Stone seat missing arm rest
    Along the west side of O'Connell Street are several stone 'seats' inscribed with information about the history of the street and early Auckland. Each of these seats has a metal arm rest. One of the arm rests was damaged and removed several weeks ago, but has not been replaced. See attached photo.
  • U turn is allowed but is dangerous
    Vehicles try to avoid getting in the queue on the south eastern to travel north on the southern motorway by continuing to the great south road and doing a U-turn. I have seen cars and trucks do a U-turn here. This is a problem for vehicles following as they often have to stop. Sometimes the vehicles doing a U-turn also have to stop due to south bound traffic on the great south road turning left onto the eastern arterial route being in the way. This would be solved if "No U-turn" was implemented
  • Neighbour's Bins on the road
    Hi there, The houses at 8a, 8b, 6a,6c (I think, maybe 6b) leave their rubbish and recycling bins on the footpath 24/7, 7 days a week. The footpath does not belong to them. It makes the street look messy and dirty, particularly when the bins are overflowing. We have contacted the council about this once before, it resulted in the bins being taken off for about 2 weeks. I believe the owners of number 6 and number 8 need to be contacted. They have chosen to split up their villas into separate flats to maximize their rental return, but have neglected to provide an adequate area for their tenants to leave the bins. Many thanks for your attention.
  • Request for speed bump consideration
    the entrance for Redwood Golf Course is on our street and we notice that members speed really fast down our normally quiet street. There are ditches down each side of the road so cars are often parked at odd angles and when cars are travelling so fast there poses a risk to pedestrians and children stepping out onto the road.
  • Illegal dumping & native trees cut down
    I use the walkway around the park areas down regularly. I can't help but notice when someone has thrown green waste into the bush here but now we've got what appears to be a clothes line amongst the same pile. unacceptable. Just further along a property or two some mature tea tree have been hacked down to a point where they will must likely not recover. Really obvious here they were impeding someone's view of the harbour. Unacceptable also. Can these people not respect the green spaces they've chosen to live by.
  • Street Sign has been in our garden for 1 month
    The street sign for the Buckley Road and Liverpool Street intersection has been dumped in our garden and remained there for over 1 month. We have tried to find out when it is to be erected again but have been told they are waiting for a concrete stand - this also means our front patch of grass has not been replanted like the rest of the street. Our flower border rockery has been completely messed up too. If the sign cannot be erected immininently then it should be taken away by truck until the council is able to re-establish it.
  • CONE CITY report:
    Corner Teed Street & Crowhurst Street has DDS printed on the cone, just outside the paint shop
  • afternoon "Clearway" sign bend over
    At least it was last Wednesday, and still looks that way today from a small distance. The person sent out to repair it will have to take a new pole with them
  • Roadwork signs and cones left behind1 update
    For months now we have been waiting for the roadwork sign and 2 cones which are in the road outside number 10 Jayne place to be removed. Can you please make arrangements for these to be collected asap. Thanks
  • Intermittent lighting
    The street light opposite 37 keeps going on and off.
  • smelly gutterway
    airfield road has a smelly and dirty gutter way. insects' heaven, people can get bite pretty bad,especially mosquitoes' bite. need to be covered by dirt asap.A new primary school is coming soon on airfield road
  • Broken asbestos fence on the road
    The fence that runs alongside Nikau place is made of asbestos and is broken off. There are 6-8 pieces lying on the road. Very dangerous for children playing on the street.
  • Overgrown Trees/Plants
    Hi, there is a garden area down the side of my house which I believe is council land, there are several large trees that I think need to be trimmed as all the debris and branches fall over on my property and scrape my roof, there is also a lot of overgrown weeds and plants in this area, I dont mind contributing to the maintenance of this as it is a nice area but just need to know what the deal is. Cheers :)
  • red person sometimes does not show, sometimes
    This is a strange one, (most likely because I do not have the schematic diagram) The red person does not show on pole #5 when you press the pedestrian button on the other side of Bassett road. But the red light (person) does work, because it blinks on & off. Also the button works, otherwise it would not give the green indicator to "cross now"
  • Huge tree on unused council reserve
    This monstrosity drops a lot of branches and leaves on surrounding houses causing much frustration and grief seasonally. Any chance of the council trimming it back severely or ideally removing it completely please?
  • seat broken & missing
    just down from corner clonburn road & remuera road outside newworld carpark
  • Yellow lines and no parking signs needed
    We live in a narrow street and there are normally yellow lines on both sides of the street so vehicles can pass. The owners of 2 Carl Place are painters and have their workers parking on the street every day so that they do not have to park in the driveway. They have now twice painted the yellow lines black on their side of the road so the workers can park without getting a ticket infringement. Can you please paint the yellow lines again and put up a no parking sign?
  • more cones seen in 3 areas,
    #1 First there are two cones at 216 Ti Rakau Drive one is marked "HEB" & the other one "KD LTD" #2 one grubby dirty cone in the medium strip at the traffic light intersection of Lagoon drive & church street (I could not get off bus to see marking) I could not any nearby signs or road works. #3 from the bus saw another cone at the intersection of Banks Road & Ellerslie-Panmure highway then along the highway saw lots more cones maybe around 384 Ellerslie-Panmure highway but there where no signs & no road works. FOOTNOTE: it wakes you wonder just how many cones out there nobody reports
  • SAFETY S.U.F.M. 3 more cones found signs gone
    #75 remuera road, 2 of the cones are down a hole, because someone is to B'lazy to put a cover over the hole now it is B'Great you fall down the hole one dark night and your eye gets poked from the cone.
  • Safety: SUFM, 5 more stray cones missed the truck
    Save Us From Morons(SUFM) #62 Remuera has a stray cone with the making T8 then 0800 117 377 phone number. Inside #62 carpark is another cone with same marking. At the footpath #81 is a unmarked cone, inside #81 boundary is a FLOPPY damaged cone from TIL. also another one from "HEB traffic" across the road from that at #82 is a unmarked cone.
  • Roundabout direction signs
    Two direction signs have been flattened by a truck .
  • Random cone missed the truck
    Outside 198 Remuera Road is a cone with "ERS" printed on it, it seems to be it was left behind, it has been there a few weeks ago. (The trouble is their are people with idol time on their hands), once I saw a cone up in a tree, I sure it would make your day if one of these heavy cones fell down out of the tree on to your head. If ESR could pick it up next time they are in the neighbour hood would be great. There are more cones around maybe 80 Remuera the signs have been taken away but the cones are still left there. (I see a Auckland transport cars out on the road maybe they could put them up to get them off the street) and charge a few dollars wen they are collected. By the way I think Fixmystreet should do a "surplus cone" option so I do not have to use "other" then then they could have another option for in this case "ERS" and a email can go direct to "ERS" no doubt Auckland city council should know who ERS are if they were doing road construction.
  • Ducks and pukekos crossing
    The estuary comes close to the road on the corner of Holly Street. Lots of pukekos and ducks cross the road - quite often they are hit and killed. This is an issue on the corner but also down the street a bit as well. It would be great to have some signage so that people are aware of the hazard.
  • Need slow down signs
    Corner of Berwick street and Riddel Road, needs a sign on the corner to ask cars to slow down or hidden driveway signs, as 22/15 Berwick street house owner both have to back out into Berwick Street, cars come flying around the corner from Riddel Road without any consideration of other cars parked on corner outside houses, there have been many near misses, cars just need to slow down, maybe speed bumps on this road, it is a cut through but also very residental with lots of young children going to local primary school. Also if cars park on Riddel Road you cannot see coming out of Berwick Street which is dangerous, happy to discuss with anyone from the council before there is a serious accident.
  • Cycle lane blocked by signage 1 update
    4 traffic signs erected covering most of cycle lane and forcing bikes into fast moving industrial traffic. Second time in a month this has happened in the same location. Signs will be removed if contracts don't make them safe in 24hrs
  • No speed limit sign
    There doesn't seem to be a speed limit sign on either side of the road except right near Salesyards road end. When its not busy people tend to go 60kms plus but I think it is only a 50km area.
  • Noisy buzzer on Count Down's car park2 update
    Any cars exiting Count Down car park on to Pollen Str trigger a very loud buzzer. It is so loud you can hear it even inside our apartment with all the windows closed. This noise pollution is effecting all residents in Pollen Street. We have contacted the Oyster Group which own the building but they say Auckland council made it a requirement. We have tried contacting council about this many times (emails and phone calls) but with no response or solution from them.
  • Visual Obstruction - Large Caravan always parked in street!!
    There is a large sized Caravan/Motorhome Vehicle parked outside 113 Roberta Cres, belonging to the occupants of the address. They have adequate off-road parking for yp to three vehicles and a garage but choose to keep their Motorhome on the roadside when not in use. (NB: On returning home from a weekend trip they have on two occasions phoned a neighbour to ask her to go to the two other houses where occupants cars are parked on the roadside directly their home and have Her ask us to move our vehicles from the side of the road to unpack their motorhome - this was done twice and a third thime we were asked by 113 Roberta to move our cars for them... there were 2 different households that had to move 3 individual cars for them.. without even a thank you or a kind word never again!) Please can we FINE OR move this GIANT PIECE OF VISUAL POLLUTION! They do not seem interested in co-operating with neighbours requests but expect us to simply up and move whenever it suits them. Very rude.
  • Men always peeing in corner of stair/lift-shaft at top of Victoria Street car park
    Men frequently pee in the corner of the stair/lift-shaft building on the top floor of the Victoria street car park. Perhaps the walls in that area could be painted with hydrophobic paint (brand name 'Ultra-Every Dry') that makes liquid bounce? To find the location: Take the stairs to the top floor of the Victoria Street car park building. You will emerge onto the roof. Walk around the stair/lift-shaft building until you reach the only concave corner.
  • tree hanging low over footpath.
    It's almost impossible to walk on the footpath because of the tree hanging low. Kindly get it trimmed. Thanks.
  • Dumped rubbish 1 update
    Black bags dumped on edge of bush & road.
  • Rubbish left on the side of the road
    Hi, There is inorganics (couches or armchairs) that someone has left on the side of the road in front of house nr.4 Meliora Place, Avondale. It has been there for over a week now.
  • Missing Street Sign
    York Road goes in two directions from Woodlands Park Rd. One of the road signs is broken off so people don't know that York Rd is on both sides of Woodlands Park Road.
  • Trolleys
    Supermarket trolleys abandoned in the street. They are old so not clear what supermarket belongs too, I called Pak Save but they did not pick them up.If You can have someone collect will be much appreciated.
  • Fire hydrant leak
    A fire hydrant on the road outside 88A Merton Rd, Glen Innes (by the railway bridge) has been leaking significantly into a nearby stormwater drain for a couple of weeks now.
  • My calls go unheeded
    For 5 weeks now I've been complaining about rubbish left on footpaths in Morgan Street. The rubbish is left by Crossfit (#2 Morgan Street) and the recently departed Griffins/Tegel tennants who just dumped their bags of rubbish on the footpath and left. Until this is attended to by Council, I'm not paying my rates.
  • Burst water pipe
    Gallons of water running down our driveway - berm completely sodden and raised
  • Redundant powerline pole
    Are we able to get the power pole that is no longer in use at 10 rota place removed? Power to the property is now underground
  • Yellow lines on small area of road between 2 & 4 Henderson Place
    Could we please request to have yellow lines on the small area of road between the driveways of 2 and 4 Henderson Place? Many trucks drive and back in to both properties and when someone parks at this small curb area between the two driveways it is very difficult for the trucks to access both driveways. It causes congestion on the street as the trucks need to slowly manoeuvre around a car when it is parked there. A busy street with lots of businesses and courier and truck deliveries and pick ups.
  • The Rerserve on Apollo Drive next to number 78!
    I own and run Natural Steps Albany. We are very blessed to have a reserve right next door. Groups of children explore/walk and enjoy the natural environment of the reserve everyday. We have to take two quad pushchairs with us for our non walking children. The children love to observe the wildlife and will take plastic bags to collect the rubbish. Sadly it has become so over grown on some of the pathways we are struggling to safely walk children over bridges and push the push chairs. Often one teacher has to hold branches and bushes back so we can get past. To be honest the paths are extremely hard to travel on for children and push chairs many of the paths have washed away leaving large holes and crevasses from excess water. The large sheet metal stone makes for hard walking too. We love our reserve trips and I can't wait to see an improvement in this wonderful natural area.
  • Dying
    Since the council repaved our football and planted grass, the council-planted Jacaranda tree has begun to die. This tree is located on the eastern side of Cremorne Street, next to number 3 Cremorne Street.
  • Fire Hydrant Leaking1 update
    Fire hydrant outside 8 George St, Mt Eden has been leaking since approx 1 September. Water is running straight into the cesspit adjacent
  • Rats in Victoria Park Playground
    The Victoria Park Playground is crowded with rats. Pests live inside of hedge between the Victoria Street and the playground. They getting quite active at evening and night time.
  • Broken kiddie latch on gate
    The child safe gate latch has been pulled off the gate.
  • Terrible speeders all hours
    People are speeding up and down bollard so fast you can hear them winding up from a distance and blasting past. I can only guess over 80kph. Accidents are common at our intersection of bollard and Methuen.
  • Graffiti
    Tagging on power pole corner of Beaconsfield St and Crummer Rd
  • Rat infestation
    Recurring rat infestation at the bus stop by 26 Benson Road. Dead/dying rat again today by sign. Two large rat holes near the curb/ train showing a lot of activity. The dying rat in not running away making it a risk to children. It hisses and goes towards people not away from them. Can this nest be deal with- this has been an on going problem. I have had pest control contractors- they say it is a large nest but won't touch it as it is along side the drains. Thanks
  • Rat infestation
    Recurring rat infestation at the bus stop by 26 Benson Road. Dead/dying rat again today by sign. Two large rat holes near the curb/ train showing a lot of activity. The dying rat in not running away making it a risk to children. It hisses and goes towards people not away from them. Can this nest be deal with- this has been an on going problem. I have had pest control contractors- they say it is a large nest but won't touch it as it is along side the drains. Thanks
  • Leaking fire hydrant
    There is a leaking fire hydrant on an empty section in this location. It has been leaking for at least a week
  • Road obstruction to our driveway!!!!!
    Dear Council, Last year contractors for the council put a sign and obstacle in the middle of the road in front of our driveway 320 Bairds Road Otara Auckland. It is part of an addition to the pedestrian crossing to Flatbush Primary School. This is our family home and we have been at this property since 1964. Our parents are elderly and have had no notification from council to inform them this obstruction was going to block them from doing a right hand turn into their driveway. Our mother has now passed on 23 July 2016 and our family are returning home from overseas to care for our father. This obstacle has come to our attention and we believe is an obstruction and hazard to the entrance and exit of our drive way and property. Please look at this matter with urgency as I believe this will prevent accidents not only to traffic but also to children using the school crossing. For all queries I can be contacted by email or you can call my niece who resides at the property on . Warm regards Kimiatu Tiriamai
  • fallen tree
    last week, auckland transport did a clearing on our street. they may have damaged the tree as a big branch have fallen on the street. i tried to put it on the bottom so as not to disrupt traffic. i thought they would have returned to at least sort this out but they have not.
  • Rubbish bins
    There are two bins outside our premises as per photo spilling rubbish all over the place. these belong to # 2 Morgan street and they have been there for over 3 weeks. The owners of these bins must remove them and not leave on the paveement permanently
  • Power poles
    The power pole at #25 is in a hazardous condition with broken V frame, splintered pole and loose cabling. Cables run from it across the road to #12 and there is a concern of its overall stability.
  • Morning Traffic congestion cnr Schnapper Roack Rd and Kyle Rd
    Morning rush hour 8am - 9am severe traffic queues to get out of Kyle Rd into Schapper Rock Road. This is due to heavy traffic queues on Schnapper Rock Rd to get to the lights at the Cnr Schnapper and Albany Highway. Due to the new road layout at the other end of Schnapper Rock Road and Albany Highway, there is no right turn at the bottom. All traffic from the Schnapper Rock Rd area trying to get to the motorway have to come down the length of Schnapper Rock Rd to the lights. Queue down Kyle Rd this time of morning is almost half way down big hill and takes over 15 minutes to the top. Light fazing needs to change as only lets 6-8 cars go at any one change.
  • Litter on central grass verge
    The grass verge in the centre of Roscommon Rd Manurewa. Total distance of about 4 km starting at the Clendon Mall, all the way to the intersection with Wiri Station Rd Wiri is covered with a huge amount of litter that is obviously not regularly picked up by either street clearers or the beam mowers.
  • Illegal Dumping of Rubbish
    I live next to the motorway, I have recently just moved in and by the back fence line there is a ton of old rubbish which in turn attracts a lot of rats, The rubbish is on council land not my property can you please get this sorted as I have children and I worry healthwise for them.
  • Speding vechicles on our street night and day
    We have lived on Matisse Drive for 11 years. The speeding up and down our street has got so bad that we have even discussed moving bu why should we. I was the main witness of my neighbours dog being hit by a speeding car a few weeks ago and they didnt stop just kept speeding up the hill. It was an awful and upsetting sight to see. Night and day the cars must be going at least up to 80km up and down our street. I see another neighbour has complained recently and you put a speed line across the road but of course as soon as the drivers see this they slow down as they dont want our street to get speed bumps because this is their short cut up to Luckens Road or down to Picasa Drive. I am outside alot with my garden and I witness this speed all day long. You are most welcome to sit on our street with your video camera and see and hear what the vehicles are doing. Someone backing out of their drive is going to get seriously hurt soon or even the kids walking on the footpath are in huge danger. Some of the cars even have children in them. They go to fast up and down our street to even site their number plates. The speed line you put across the road is not a true reading as like I said they slowed down for that. We need speed bumps even if it is only a couple on our street. Lagoon way had to get them for the same reason we are going through. So if they can have them then I am sure we can to. Please save our street and us before someone gets seriously hurt. Even now while I am typing this I can hear the cars roaring at high speed up our street. Thank you.
  • Bird droppings fouling pavement
    Outside BP on the corner the mess made by birds roosting in a tree have made the walking path extremely slippery and dangerous. The public seat is also Unuseable for same reason. Someone will soon fall in that area, an elderly person will break bones
  • Overgrowth of buckland grass and truck parked on the side of the road
    As long as I have been in The Gardens (4 years) there is an "eyesore" sight that I see all the time and it is the overgrowth of buckland grass on the corner of Mt Lebanon Crescent and Charles Prevost, I don't know if it belongs to 99 Mt Lebanon Cres, residents but it is not nice look especially for The Gardens it would also pose a fire risk in the summer, there is also an old truck parked there to highlight the view, it looks like a dump site can someone investigate it please.
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Vehicle has not moved for over 3 to 4 weeks (maybe more). Window on front passenger side is down and so water has been getting in which is a big reason to believe that the vehicle is abandoned. It's a white Toyota Townace with licence plate GFM767.
  • Glass on road
    There is broken glass outside 79 Mihini Road, Henderson on the road (turning circle). There is a streetlight also missing its cover outside 77/70 Mihini Road. The bulb is exposed so not sure if it is a safety risk.
  • Intersection is dangerous
    When travelling either East to West or West to East drivers fail to stop at the intersection. I have had 20 near misses at this intersection in 5 years. As a pedestrian I observed 10 vehicles failing to stop within 5 minutes. Aranui Road at the intersection of Commissariat Road , in both directions is at a blind rise. Sometimes there is a huge truck and trailer unit parked facing South on Commissariat Road, making it very difficult to see oncoming traffic from the right(if you are travelling East to West on Aranui). Must we wait for a fatality to occur before anything is done? Buses traverse this intersection as well and sometimes they don't stop either. Could someone investigate the possibility of putting up either speed bumps to slow drivers down or consider a roundabout.
  • Rubbish bags
    Black rubbish bags have been there for weeks
  • Dismantled bench and table
    On the 11.07.16 some teenagers unscrewed parts of the bench and table situated in the sunnybrae park. This is where the bus station is on Sunnybrae rd corner with Raeben Ave.
  • Peek Street sign
    The Peek Street sign has been knocked over.
  • Dead tree
    Large dead pine tree on road reserve near powerlines near entry to 80?? Huia Road Titirangi.
  • Black rubbish bags
    There are several rubbish bags (full) on the pavement. Have been there for several weeks
  • Plants in Traffic Island are dead
    The traffic island on the corner of Kitchener Rd and Sandringham Rd is filled with dead plants. Can these be replanted, or at least cleaned up. It's an eyesore.
  • dangerous Bamboo tree
    There is a large bamboo tree on council land encroaching our land and our neighbours land. This needs to be removed.
  • Sign blocking most of the footpath
    The site entrance sign of the convention centre building site is blocking most of the footpath on Hobson Street. There's a lot of people on foot at this spot (lots of apartments and restaurants nearby). The sign can be moved a couple of metres away, onto the lane which is closed for cars.
  • 3rd report. halfway across intersection when lights go green
  • speed down sign faulty
    On Tamaki drive as you go into mission bay from the city, just down from Savage park
  • OLD REPORT (2nd) hard to see time remaining when cross diagonal
    hard to see time remaining when cross diagonal because the sun shield is in the way. go and visit Manuaku Road & Ranfurly road intersection, who ever installed those lights had super intelligents as the sun shied is twisted off about 90 degrees so pedestrians so see the time remaining as you cross diagonally, HONESTLY YOU PEOPLE BLOW ME AWAY WITH YOUR "WHO GIVES A TOSS TO SAFTY ATTIDUDE"
  • battery flat on "slow down" sign
    the "slow down" sign is just before and next to ngapipi bridge traveling east on tamaki drive, it works alright when the sun is shining but not when cloudy or during darkness, i am sure it used to work some years ago in darkness
  • Access1 update
    Auckland Transport wants to know how to encourage cycling. The answer is very obvious. Put bike racks on our buses as has been the practice overseas for years. What is the point of having cycle paths, if you have to carry your bike on a car to get to it?
  • pedestrian crossing needed on Accent Drive
    During peak hours, i.e. before and after normal working hours, many workers from Vitaco have to cross Accent Drive to get to their cars/office in the nearby streets. It is very dangerous for people carrying their bags, morning coffees and sometimes umbrella on rainy days to cross the very busy Accent Drive during these peak traffic hours. It sometimes is almost impossible to cross without the need to stand in the zebra area with ongoing traffic in both directions (often include courier vans and delivery trucks). I believe this can be easily resolved with a suitable pedestrian crossing that will enable pedestrian to cross accent drive safely during these peak hours. I do not believe traffic light is necessary.
  • Illegal dumping
    Illegal dumping continues to place with inorganic items left on the verge outside 81 Symonds Street Royal Oak
  • Fallen branches from recent storm including on on powerline
    There is a large tree outside 27 York Rd which lost several large branches in the recent storm. There is one lying on the side of the road outside 29 York Rd and another on top of the powerlines at 27 York Rd. I'm concerned that the tree is a danger as it often loses big branches in high winds and that the branch on the powerlines is a fire risk. I would also like the branch on the side of the road removed if possible.
  • 66 Hyperion Drive, HUGE tree dropping leaves
    Huge trees on/outside 66 hyperion drive, dropping lots of leaves and clogging up the road/gutter and the footpath, and probably the negihbours too. Sure their roots are damaging the footpath which my children trip on, on the way to school
  • Stop sign difficult to see in the rain. Corner Piha Rd and Scenic Drive
    It is very difficult to see the stop sign at the corner of piha road and scenic drive. Traffic approaches the intersection at speed when returning from Piha. Suggest flashing lights to indicate a major intersection.
  • Cupboard doors and wood dumped
    There are some cupboard doors and wood that have been dumped outside 33 Bright Street on the Vailima Street side. Can these please be removed?
  • Dumped Rubbish1 update
    Some 6 weeks ago I noticed a "black sack" bag of rubbish dumped in the drain outside the South-East boundary of 145 Kitchener Road, Pukekohe. A Council contractor has since mowed in this area and over this bag. To date no one has come & cleared the bag, the contractor obviously took no notice of it.
  • Speed bumps damaging cars way to high
    I live down an near by street and we have to use this road to access my house my car is fully legal with wof and some of these bumps are absolutely stupidity high my car actually bottoms out and pushes the floor up I full agree with having them there there just to high!!
  • Speed bumps damaging cars way to high
    I live down an near by street and we have to use this road to access my house my car is fully legal with wof and some of these bumps are absolutely stupidity high my car actually bottoms out and pushes the floor up I full agree with having them there there just to high!!
  • Rain water drains
    several of the grates on the road are overgrown with weeds and dirt and blocked with rubbish. This means that when it rains the water does not properly drain away. Plus tall grasses planted around Pohutukawa trees need trimming back to allow footpath access
  • fault with "remaining time left" to cross the intersection
    When you cross diagonally at the intersection of Remuera road & Nuffeild Street you can not see the remaining time left before the pedestrians run out of "safe time" to cross the road, the reason been there is a sun screen blocking the pedestrian from seeing the remaining time. --------------------- I suspect there could be lots of other pedestrian remaining time left signs around that have a very similar problem.
  • ha ha the sign did not wack me in the face
    I am still looking forward to the day when there will be "Regulations for erecting signs" This morning, I walked near a sign, if it had of been dark it could of wacked me in the face, as I tried to "push" the sign higher up the pole, (which could of been possible), the plastic cable tie broke so now it is ready to trip someone up, this photo was taken on shore road with Basset road going up near top left of the photo. The reason why I think there should be "Regulations for erecting signs" when strong winds come to Auckland a lot of signs blow down that could cause injury. Just think how much money Auckland city council could make selling "sign erection permits" and how much more money the council could make when the signs blow down from strong winds that come to Auckland from time to time.
  • vegetation overhanging the road
    Just before the driveway of 87 Hamilton Road Awhitu there is vegetation ( flax and pampas grass mainly) which stick out onto the road. This is a safety concern.Hamilton Road is a narrow road and this vegetation overhang is causing safety issues when there is two way traffic near this area. The vegetation needs to be severely cut back for safety reasons.
  • grubs on buses
    There are signs or posters on the trains & buses informing passengers not to eat, drink, or put there feet/ shoes on the seats I think the following posters should be added (in Auckland at least) IT IS THE FLU SEASON, FOR THE HEALTH OF OTHER PASSENGERS, “LEARN COUGHING & SNEEZING HYGIENE.”
  • dumped large satellite dish
    Good morning Last night someone dumped a large satellite dish opposite 9 Kelly St. Its tucked half behind a lamppost and tied to a tree but it is in an extremely precarious position. I nearly hit it when I came home last night as I was turning my car and I didn't see it. Its not the first time rubbish has been dumped there. A couple of weeks ago someone dumped two large tree branches but I had them removed when I had some debris taken from our property. I took a photo but can't attach it as it's too large! Many thanks for the help and the work you do. Rosemary Wheeler
  • Loud excessive vehicles and bikes
    Cars and bikes are daily and nightly going through amersham way, osterely wayand ronwood avenue with there speakers and bass at maximum at all hours of the day and night. Disturbing the 2500 residents who live off osterely way.
  • Graffiti on footpath, lamp post and tree in Albert Park
    A section of the footpath, a lamp post and a tree in close proximity in Albert Park have been graffitied with red spray paint. Directions: Enter Albert Park at the entrance about mid-way down Bowen Avenue. Walk straight ahead and up the long flight of stairs. Just past the top of the stairs, you should see the graffiti directly underfoot, the lamp on your left and the graffitied tree on your right (you may need to turn around and face west to see the latter). See attached photo.
  • Illegal Dumping Rubbish
    I have reported on illegal dumping at our street using Auckland Council online form but it has been 9 days now no one is bothered to come and have a look and remove the dumping. I have noticed more illegal dumping on the street. Earlier it was three full black bags now its about four more bags. It is a serious issue should be be looked at immediately. here is the email complaint.
  • Unclear Road Signs
    Turning into the one way road (Owens Road) from Gillies avenue, both ends. The rule is that cars on Gillies who turn left into Owens need to turn into the left lane and cars on Gillies who turn right to Owens need to turn into the right lane. However, not everyone knows this rule. There is a small sign at each end of the intersection to show this but it's not big enough. People can't see it. This makes it difficult for cars turning from the right, as some people think the normal give way rule applies. And this causes misunderstandings between drivers where they'll get angry at one driver even though they did nothing wrong. This has personally happened on many occasions as I live on Owens Road. Attached is a photo of what the sign looks like.
  • Speeding in residential area Mabbett Lane Waimauku 0883 State Highway 16
    Hi I live in Mabbett Lane, have done for 36 years. There is a 100k sign as you come up the hill on the left it is before Mabbett Lane. Consequently we get people speeding up the hill & down the hill. The sign should be moved right around the corner over the brow of the hill, so that traffic has slowed before it gets to the area of housing. There have been lots of accidents over the years but now the volume of traffic has increased so much it is really quite dangerous to turn right down the hill. The was a car that rolled earlier in the year & ended up in the farmers paddock, & just today another car speeding down the hill lost control & slammed into a fence post on the left. It really is too dangerous for people to walk this stretch of Highway 16. Please can we just have the sign moved?
  • Speeding
    I have lived on this road for 4 years now. We have a lot of cars speed up and down the hill. We have had two cats killed by speeding drivers. Is it possible to request speed humps be installed to prevent the speeding please?
  • Abandoned Wetland Reserve
    Since the day resource consent was granted for this wetland subdivision the property was immediately sold and the wetland never maintained. It is now overgrowen with noxious weeds Woolly Nightshade, Blackbery, spreading horse flowers and no doubt gorse. Blackberry uncontrolled growth is spreading into neighbouring properties. If the consent conditions cannot be enforced or maintained then the consent should be reversed along with removal of new improvements.
  • Karina Place Street Sign
    Can someone please come and repair the Karina Place Street sign - it's been hit by a truck and is bent downwards so no one can see it.
  • Missing Road Name street sign
    Rural, blue road sign with white lettering missing from power pole. search nearby scrub to no avail - may be stolen. Usual location is very high - needs a double ladder to reach location. Sign has the wording "Brian Wood Lane". Please check maintenance contractor has not removed it for re-installation reasons.
  • Speed kills
    We have cars speeding up an down Park ave Papatoetoe day an night this show that these drivers dont care about safety neighbour hood. We have three schools around our area. Lets not wait for someone to be hurt or even worst killed. Please help our community.
  • Expired WOF and Registration Car on street
    This Car (plate number UK9461) has expired Registration (31/10/2015) and expired WOF (12/2015) but still on the road since last year (November 2015). Should have been given tickets or infringement or towed since last year. really disrupting
  • Church on corner of Seine and Tiber dumping rubbish on footpath
    The owners of the church continue to put inorganic rubbish on footpath outside church instead of getting rid of it themselves. It looks dirty on the street and often gets thrown around by passerrs by. At the moment an old, wet smelly water-stained chair has been sitting on the footpath for the last two weeks. Local residents would appreciate if the owners of this rubbish get rid of it themselves rather than putting it in the public space and making our neighbourhood look awful and unkempt.
  • water leak
    Theres water leak from the fresh water valve (?). Not sure if council issue, please advise.
  • Castor Bay area name sign hidden
    The Castor Bay area name sign located on the left hand side of Beach Road (travelling north from Milford) is completely hidden from view by overgrown trees/shrubs. Please can these be trimmed back so the sign is visible. Many thanks.
  • weed and algae in pond
    Weed is progressively choking the pond/water catchment area and algae is forming on both sides of road bridge. Danger to waterbirds including scaups and ducks from algal bloom will soon result in (birds) deaths
  • Overgrown Grass
    Hi. I just wanted to report that the grass in the park on corner of Penion Drive and Norrie Smith Avenue I really overgrown. Can It please be mowed. Thank you.
  • Graffiti on lamp post in Albert Park
    Someone has scrawled graffiti with a white pen on a lamp post in Albert Park. To find the lamp post, enter Albert Park from the entrance mid-way down Bowen Avenue, and follow the path to the right towards the top area. The lamp post is about 150 meters along the path.
  • Drainage ditch overgrown
    The drainage ditch outside 37 ferry parade is overgrown blocking drainage and pooling stagnating water with weeds.
  • excessively noisy vehicles disturbing late at night
    Later on at night almost every night, but also in the day, excessively noisy sports cars are revved up outside 76 Wakefield St. Auckland CBD and drive fast and really loudly repeatedly up and down the road waking up the residents in the street. The noise is really excessive, and outside the legal limits for cars.
  • Halberry Road desperately needs Speeding Humps
    Can speed bumps please be considered for Halberry Road, Mangere East, as I have noticed over the last couple of years living here that a lot of people use this road like a rally lane. This road is used by people of all ages, including children walking to and from school, and playing in and around Robyn Place, which could be disastrous if a speeding driver lost control.
  • Overgrown Property
    The property at 29 Arawa Street New Lynn has for many years posed a fire and health risk to the surrounding residents(including a Kindergarten) The property is heavily overgrown(including Privet)and full of rubbish. The flies and mosquitoes over run the neighbourhood in the summer months and the rats and vermin are bordering on plague proportions. For the health and enjoyment of all residents within the neighbourhood, the property owner needs to have it cleaned up urgently. Thank you.
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant
    Ground-based fire hydrant tap is leaking
  • Couch left on berm by unknown persons
    A brown couch appeared on the berm outside our property over a week ago and attempts to fine the owner has been fruitless. My concern is with the forecast wet weather coming, it will deteriorate into a sodden mess. At present I have to mow the grass around it. Where to from here please...
  • Speeding cars using Matai as a shortcut
    As the main Whangaparaoa road becomes more congested more and more vehicles are using Matati road as a shortcut. The roads are narrow and if a car is parked then it becomes one lane. Drivers are speeding down this narrow road which is heavily populated with young families. A speed hump between Rata and the top of Matai / Kauri road is needed. There are speed humps from Rata round Matai to Whangaparaoa already and these are working, we just need one more.
  • foul odour
    there is a hole in grass verge possibly toxic as ducks dead due to botulism. needs urgent testing and filling
  • New park without any shade
    Thank you for replacing the Normanby Road playground. However, is it possible to put in some more shade and/or trees? It is very hot there on an Auckland summer day!
  • Playground without swings
    There is a small playground in the reserve which is frequented by many small children. However, it doesn't have any swings! This is a huge draw for many small children at a park as it is usable no matter how big or small they are (and no matter what their physical capabilities are). This is the view of many of the local residents. Can you please add swings to the park?
  • Dogs and rubbish
    Hi a dog overnight has ripped up a rubbish bag and has spread some very disgusting rubbish all over the foot path please send someone to clean this up asap
  • No Exit Sign
    The No Exit sign has disappeared from the street corner. Countless cars turn down the street thinking it is a shortcut to Meola Rd.
  • Branch on road
    A big branch has broken and is partially blocking the road.
  • Speed bumps required
    There are boy racers hooning up and down on this street, on a daily basis. Only a few residents are responsible for this but it endangers everyone on this road. A few months ago a boy racer lost control of his car and crashed into a property. All those cars obviously sound illegally tuned, and are choosing this street because it is a long straight road. Speed bumps are vital on this street.
  • Water leak on the footpath
    There's a water pipe at the front of our driveway and it's leaking and what a waste of water..Need your help asap
  • Water leak
    Work on a water leak was recently carried out on the roadside grass 84 Chelsea View Drive. Since they 'fixed' that it has made the fire hydrant outside on the corner of Chelsea View and Fitzpatrick Place start leaking. It's been leaking for approx 2 weeks, since the work was carried out at #84.
  • Peach tree branches blocking the footpath
    The owner of the property at 93 Sandringham Rd planted peach and plum trees right on the boundary. The trees have matured now and are blocking the footpath as the owner does not do any tree maintenance. Only small children can walk on the footpath without risking their eyes being gauged out by the branches. Everyone else has to walk on the road to go around the branches. I walk past this location every morning. Can the Council trim the overhanging branches right to the boundary please, as it is obvious the owner is not bothered.
  • either blind or moron male using public toilets
    Dirty bugger dipped on the toilet seat and too drain-dead to wipe it up, I had a leak and then used toilet paper to wipe the seat down, HINT: THE TOILET PAPER IS FREE!! it only took a few seconds public toilets outside New World supermarket in Remuera Auckland. (I thought this was a high class area) Can a message be put up to educate males to leave the seat dry when they have finished. it is very nice when you want to do a urgent dump and you have clean the seat first you could shit yourself. OK over you now go and ask me a lot of stupid question like "What days should we display this message?" and "how big should we make the sign?" and "should we do it in red font or blue font?" like the stupid question I got asked on a flood road "when does it flood" EVERY B* TIME WE GET A RAIN STORM!"
  • Missing street sign - William Bayes Place
    William Bayes Place (Red Beach) is missing its street sign on the corner of William Bayes and Bay Street. Could a replacement please be put up? Thanks.
  • Rat racers and speedsters on trevola - ted william street
    Lying just behind New Windsor School this path joining Whitney street and New Windsor road, this route is used by rat racers and street racers to avoid Tiverton road at all times of day. Speed bumps on this road would deter/slow down the cars which are endangering kids on this suburban street bordering a primary school.
  • Vehicles Travelling at Unsafe Speeds
    Vehicles are driving at an unsafe speed up and down this stretch of Parker Ave and it is an accident waiting to happen. Many vehicles park on the road making it one lane and this still doesn't slow vehicles down. Families and walkers like to use this part of Parker Ave and quite frankly they are in danger if they do. Speed restrictions need to be placed!
  • Terrible sewerage small
    HI - For the last few moonths we are getting intermittent but truly awful sewerage smells blowing across our property - We figure it mist be either a blocked drain or overflowing septic tank - it is stopping us going outside, having BBQs etc sometimes! It seems to be worse after rainfall. Have walked up and down the street but cant seem to pinpoint the source. HELP!!
  • Speed Bumps or Speed Camera
    Hi, I want to report excessive speed issue on Hillcrest Avenue, Hillcrest. As it is a straight and long downhill street the cars seem to enjoy the opportunity they have to speed. The excess speed is extreme, quite often if exceeds 100km/h (as I have no way of measuring this but I can see the difference in speed between carts going 50-60 and the offenders)and I strongly believe some cars even more than 120km/h, and on rare occasion perhaps even more. It is a very dangerous behaviour that is eventually GOING TO end in a tragedy. I park on the road and I am honestly in awe that my car is still in one piece. Having said this, this issue isn't occurring every hour but it is occurring EVERY DAY, especially at night. Please do put some speed bumps or cameras in order to slow these drivers down as human life and hard earned property should come as a priority to a joyride.
  • Speed bumps
    Hi, Can we please have speed bumps on this street. Mountbatten Ave is a very busy inner residential st as it is straight & it connects coronation. We have some extremely reckless drivers that go past our house every 15-20 minutes, these cars go over 70-80k's at times especially at night and close to weekends when you can see some of them scaring the heck out of you. The road is narrow and have residential cars parked on street. There are some very narrow points where if there is a residential car parked then only 1 car can go past at a time. We are expecting a baby soon and lots of other kids use this street to get to the school. I request to have speed bumps on our street for the safety of all who live on Mountbatten Ave.
  • Speed Bumps
    At the bottom of Garnet Road there is a car park, grass area and sea wall where people meet and sometimes late at night have a few drinks. The problem is the high speed an increasing amount of them leave the area to go up the street. At times speeds would reach over 80km an hour and the same going to the area. They do "burn-outs" and on Friday night we had a car leaving the area hit a parked car on the wrong side of the road. There are families with young kids and this is turning into a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Fire Hydrant is leaking
    The fire hydrant on the right hand side of Coates Ave going South is leaking. Intersection of Coates Ave, Reihina St and Nehu St.
  • Excessive Heavy Traffic from new consruction
    There is a new construction project that has commenced at the top end of Armstrong Farm Drive, with at least 50 new lots being carved into the hill side. Only access to the new area is gained from Moyrus Cres and up onto Armstrong Farm Drive. There are in excess of 30 trucks each day roaring up the hill at the beginning of the street, because its steep most of this traffic are ramping up their speed and cutting the corner of Moyrus/Armstrong. My house is shuddering with the heavy vehicle traffic and I am concerned about the amount of traffic that has been caused. A solution to this would be to direct all construction traffic from Point View Drive/Redoubt Road.
  • Speeding cars
    No speed sign along commodore parry road. Small through-way with lots of traffic that many speed through faster than 50km. Would benefit from speed bumps like sea view road.
  • Overgrowth
    My neighbour has let their property overgrow with climbing weeds coming over our fence as well as 2 other properties & is a potential fire hazard as the dry & hot weather increases. I am concerned for the safety of my family & home
  • Glass In New Nelson Street Cycle Path
    Please can you sweep the new nelson street cycle path. It has only been open 3 hours and there is already glass and nails along the route. There is a ride planned for this evening celebrating this great new piece on infrastructure and if someone's tire blows up they could get badly hurt. Thank you in advance.
  • Tagging @ Sanders Reserve
    Tagging of signs and trees in this area of Sanders Reserve. Tagging starts on the gum trees just prior to the sculpture and continues down towards the point.
  • Speed Bumps
    I'd like to request speed bumps on Tihi Street - We live on this street and have children, so do many of the neighbours and other residents on this street and a few morons keep speeding well over 70-80kph on this street.
  • Tree branches on council land/berm
    Last week during a storm the firebrigade cut branches of a large tree overnight leaving them outside 250 Redoubt Road and opposite on Totara Park side. The owners of this property are elderly and cannot manage any clean up of large branches. They block the passage way on the berm and are a hazard. Please kindly arrange to have these removed.
  • Alley way - Plants overgrown onto footpath
    The alley way between 57-59 Thomas Road has rubbish and plants that are overgrown. Prickly thistles (and others) are growing onto the foot path. With lots of young children riding their bikes, skate boarding down this alley way daily, it is very unsafe.
  • Dangerous intersection due to poor visability.
    When you are driving west on Spencer Road and stop at the intersection with McClymonts road, there is very poor vision to your right due to a clay bank which obstructs you from seeing vehicles approaching you from along McClymonts road from your right. This is near 57 Spencer road, and opposite Pinehill Primary School. Ask the Teachers and parents at the school what they think of it. The thing is that land is being carved up for a subdivision right now. I bet if you had a word to the developer he would clip the clay bank back with one of his bulldozers at no cost.
  • dunped rubbish
    Rubbish has been accumulating outside 40 oranga ave for a couple of weeks, beside 'no dumping' sign
  • Fire hydrant
    Leakage from hydrant outside 17 Dreadon Rd Manurewa
  • Judder Bars/Roundabout
    Can we please have some consideration on judder bars or a round about on Bellwood Ave, Mt Eden. The majority of surrounding streets have them which has resulted in this street being a cut through from Sandringham and Dominion Roads - at speed.
  • Silver Nissan reg FTE941
    This car has not moved from the middle of the cul de sac carpark in the six months we have lived here. Registration expired. Don't know who it belongs to.
  • Unlit Alley Way.
    The alleyway between Putney Place and Jillian drive is disgusting. It's dark and dirty and has new tagging on it daily. One of the houses next to it on Jillian drive has actually put up their own fence running directly beside it, my guess is because there's always planks of wood coming off or being broken off by local kids and thugs not to mention the bags of huffed glue. It's horrid. And I walk through it at 630am every morning, it's quite daunting and I check my back every 5 seconds. Please fix the alleyway so we can have a safer community
  • Fallen tree
    A tree has collapsed in the reserve opposite my home (to the north of my home) and it looks like it will block the stream. In addition it is becoming very dry and may create a fire hazard.
  • Vandalism at playground
    Part of the slide has been removed and a climbing frame has been dismantled. There are bolts strewn across the playground.
  • Drain lid off
    Drain lid is off and kids play near it
  • Fire Hydrant leaking
    Down the driveway at 29 Keeling Road there is a fire hydrant outside Block F on the right. It seems to be leaking.
  • Requesting a truck ban on residential cul-de-sac
    Is it possible to get a sign banning trucks from using Tarata Cres in Mangere Bridge (other than for making a delivery/pickup to an address on the street)? Despite it being a residential cul-de-sac, it is normal to every weekday have multiple large trucks drive down our street and then turn around at the end and drive straight back out again. This creates a danger to the residents, as there are often young children out and about. It is also damaging the curb, footpath, grass verge and trees, as there often isn't sufficient room for the trucks to turn around without driving up off the road onto the footpath and verge. I have attached a photo taken this afternoon.
  • Flooding (dangerous) at 717 Linwood Road (a Level 2 road)
    Heavy rain is causing over 1/2 a level 2 high traffic road to flood and the floodwater is not draining away promptly causing traffic driving through the floodwater to spray heavy water on to oncoming traffic, blinding them for a few seconds until the waipers kick in. No street lights exist so when very dark traffic cannot anticipate the impact which creates a dangerous situation as vehicle pass by each other. The area has a Manhole drain. It could be blocked or the roading engineers need to recheck it's design as the drainage solution objective is not being met. Location is: https://www.google.co.nz/maps/@-37.1126696,174.8367828,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s9E_Ig1EcxWmuTBqtyWGRuw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
  • Dumping of tires
    When entering Chinatown from to rakau drive, on the left of the carpark down the small cliff there is a considerable dumping of tires.
  • 2 cars permanently parked on residential street
    There have been 2 cars parked almost permanently outside 77 and 79 Kowhai Road. One has been there almost continuously for 18 months (Green Land Rover Discovery Reg CEE170) the other is a more recent addition but has probably not moved for about 3 months (Dark Green/Blue Honda Accord Station Wagon - Reg AEW780). Neither of these cars belong to the residents whose houses they are parked in front of making it impossible for one resident and inconvenient for the other home owner to be able to access or park outside their own homes. In addition they are directly opposite a T intersection which contributes greatly to congestion at this point - there have been a several nose to tails here which could have possibly been avoided had these cars not taken up space on the road side. I have only ever seen the Land Rover move twice in 18 months and the other one time in about 3 months (both for a very short period of time). Both cars have current registrations and WOFs.
  • Abandoned property at 170 Rockfield Rd
    Abandoned, fire damaged property at 170 Rockfield Rd, Penrose. Property is littered with hoarded rubbish and is very overgrown. There is evidence of stray cats inhabiting the site and it is logical that rodents would also be present. While it is a private property, it is unsightly and is a health hazard to the neighbourhood. The owner should be pressured into maintaining the property or selling it to someone for redevelopment.
  • High kerbside is damaging vehicles
    The drop where the road meets the driveways of Numbers 6 & 9 - and the extremely high kerbside - has been causing damage to the underside of vehicles, entering and exiting this area more than 15 years.
  • Dangerous Roundabout
    Shrubs on both traffic islands, outside of the Otahuhu Police Station, need trimming. As they are at the moment, for vehicles that are not trucks, vans or 4WD, they obscure views of traffic approaching from Great South Road.
  • My house has started shaking1 update
    Lately, every time a bus or heavy truck go by my house rattles like there is a small earthquake. I am situated along Glengarry Road, Glen Eden, Watakere and my house is closer to the road than most houses along the road, although this rattling has only been bad the last 3 or so years.
  • Need Speed bumps on our street1 update
    Cars go along this road faster then 70k were in the middle of riverton and hyperion so cars cut through and speed is ver dangerous there are children that play on the street but is too angerous with the through traffic. Its been like this for years but seems to be getting worse more traffic around the area with alot more houses being built. If there can be at least a few speed bumps put to keep it safe. Regards
  • St Georges Bay Road
    No street sign saying what the name of this street is
  • Auckland lagging behind chchs fixing rate?
    I see there has been about an even number of issues reported to both these councils yet see Christchurch council are rectifying there situations, but good old Auckland council (who is run mainly by immigrants) are sitting back doing NOTHING as usual. You guys are an absolute joke you should be locked up for fraud and blatant wasting of kiwi taxpayers money, I should know I've worked alongside them as a project manager for many years.
    A small commercial van has been parked for some time in PAX AVE blocking traffic coming and going from Tristram Ave.
  • dumped rubbish
    Rubbishes are dumped at 2 Fenwick Avenue public parking area.
  • Unregistered vehicles at 5 Matuku Place Papatoetoe
    2 unregistered abandoned vehicles here for months. Registrations expired 6 months ago. Have them removed please.
  • Intersection layout causing on going issues
    When cars turning right into Ayr street coming from Newmarket get a red traffic light there is nowhere for them to go and they end up blocking the Domain Drive traffic trying to turn right into Ayr Street. I travel this route everyday and there is always an issue of cars having to overtake these waiting cars so they can get through the lights. You honk the horn and nothing happens. Causes unnecessary traffic jams. Layout all wrong. The near misses of accidents I have witnessed. It has become a safety issue.
  • Double Parking
    There are numerous vehicles parked - on both sides of the road - on Laurie Southwick parade outside Marina Views apartments. At peak times this has caused many problems as there is not enough space to allow on-coming vehicles access especially with the constant stream of motorhomes and vehicles towing boats. Parking should not be allowed on this road as it is the only access to the Auckland ferry, or at least restrict parking to one side only. The residents of Marina Views have ample parking within the premises!
  • Council-removed tree now re-growing
    A year or so ago the council removed a large poplar tree next to the Scout Hall in Rutherford Reserve as it posed a danger to some nearby houses and the hall itself. This tree is now growing back in the old stump. Can it please be removed before it re-creates the same problem again? Thanks
  • Speed bumps required1 update
    Speed bumps are required near the cul de sac on Finnerty Avenue, as it is used as a bit of a racetrack. People come down the hill, past the playground, and towards the cul de sac at excessive speeds, and some residents are also speeding down this stretch. Many young children live on the cul de sac, as well as many beloved pets. 2 cats have been hit by speeding cars in this year alone.
  • Water pipe leakage roadside in grass
    Water leak appeared in grass area in front of 63 Charles Prevost drive. Looks like water pipe leakage
  • Browns Avenue needs a give way or stop sign
    Today when I was driving south on Tamaki Bay Drive, I was almost hit by a car coming out of Browns Avenue after they failed to stop at the T intersection. This is a regular occurrence at this intersection. There is a give way at the intersection of Williams Ave and Tamaki Bay Drive, so why is there not one at Browns Ave? Drivers are constantly pulling out of Browns Ave without slowing or stopping to check traffic.
  • Awning draining straight onto sidewalk
    At at-least one point, the awning above the OPSM shop at 185-187 Queen Street, (Auckland CBD) is draining straight onto the sidewalk. See attached photo, which shows the water pipe exiting just below the roof of the awning.
  • Intersection of Pakuranga Road/Johns Lane, Pakuranga
    Some idiot put in islands at this particular intersection, which is now causing a major hindrance and delay to traffic on Pakuranga Road. Prior to these islands being put in, traffic could pull over into the bus stop and go around the corner, without causing delays or slowing down traffic on Pakuranga Road. Now, they have to almost stop on Pakuranga Road because of these islands, which causes near misses for nose to tails, and slows down traffic which would normally be travelling freely. Can these islands be removed, so there is no accidents? What a total waste of rates payers money, a total hindrance to traffic flows.
  • No U Turn Sign
    There needs to be a no U-Turn sign put at the intersection of Glenmore Road and Pakuranga Road, for traffic turning right into Glenmore from Pakuranga Road. Traffic turning left out of Glenmore Road into Pakuranga Road have a free left turn, however, when the lights go for the right turn into Glenmore, people are making u-turns and almost taking out cars who are turning left legally. I realise u-turns are not illegal, but will the council pay for the damage done to vehicles making a legal left turn by the ones who are impatient and inconsiderate, and can't drive just down Glenmore Road slightly, then perform a u-turn with no interference to traffic flows? I have even seen Police drive down Glenmore and do a u-turn, so why can't the general public?
  • Tree stump
    Hi there, you cut down a tree in front of our house but left the stump there. You have planted a new tree (thank you) but need to remove the stump of the old one please.
  • Over grown grass verge by bridge/stream area
    The grass is long, it needs cut to prevent rubbish/littering/possible rodents in area. Please tidy this ASAP (Grass verge by stream/bridge)
  • Pedestrian crossing signals not working
    The pair of pedestrian crossing signals at the south end of Don McKinnon drive (next to the Pak'n Save) in Albany are not working - the periodic 'idle' beeping sound is emitted, but pressing the button does nothing and neither the red 'don't walk' nor the green 'walk' lights are displayed. This is a busy road where people (often with children) cross to get to the bus stops and shops.
  • Water leaking from footpath
    On the access way to the Tournament car park water is leaking from _somewhere_ and down spilling into the car park creating puddles. This has been observed after several dry days so I don't think it's a rain run off issue. Some days it spills down the road/gutter as well.
  • Overhanging Branches
    There is a Plane tree on the footpath outside the terrace houses at 501 - 503 Great North Road with braches overhanging the property. Please prune.
  • 5 Matuku Place, Papatoetoe - Barking Dog
    Large dog continually barking. There are people in the house but they do nothing about the dog. Tried to contact occupants but they will not answer there door to me.
  • Stinking drain
    Drain in gutter outside 9 Westwood Tce St Marys Bay emitting dreadful smell. Two other drains within 30 metres are not emitting any smell. Please remedy ASAP. As very unpleasant.
  • Speed Bump Required: Riplington Rd & Morestead Avenue
    Hi there, Please could we have a speed bump installed in Morestead Avenue & Riplington Road to stop drivers from speeding down the roads and around the corner. There are quite a few families with young children in these streets so drivers need to drive slower.
  • White Bucket - Rotting Fish Waste
    I have walked past this daily for the last 3 days.There is a white bucket with dead fishing waste on the grass berm outside approx 294 West Coast Road, Glen Eden. It stinks - and the smell is just getting worse (as are the flies) can this be picked up and disposed of, Thanks you.
  • White Bucket - Rotting Fish Waste
    I have walked past this daily for the last 3 days.There is a white bucket with dead fishing waste on the grass berm outside approx 294 West Coast Road, Glen Eden. It stinks - and the smell is just getting worse (as are the flies) can this be picked up and disposed of, Thanks you.
  • car wreck out side school
    silver car that has been in a crash sitting out side the school. not safe with school starting next week.
  • Glamorgan Dr missing pedestrian crossing
    There is a courtesy pedestrian crossing at 2 Glamorgan drive. This is used by school kids walking to nearby Torbay school. This should be a proper "zebra" pedestrian crossing so that cars give way to children. This is a busy road and the crossing is on the bend, so it would make it much safer for walking children and others if pedestrians had a right of way.
  • Abandoned Couches
    Awesome. Some people reckon that leaving couches on the berm is the only way to deal with them. They have been here for a couple of days. Black and purple.
  • Fire Hydrant Covers
    Are the wrong size hole on them so the local Fire Brigade cannot open them with their standpipe gear to get a the water supply. There are about 4 that are the wrong size all down this side of the pavement.
  • Neighbour driving on the rehabilitated berm to park on his own berm
    Hi, The berm outside my property was recently dug up to lay fibre. Upon completion it was rehabilitated by leveling and new grass planted. A neighbour or a visitor at 74 Brightside has driven across this muddy berm to park on his own berm thereby undoing all the good work. Apart from being unsightly this makes it very difficult for me to mow the berm and keep it tidy, I also don't feel motivated to do so if this is just going to be a constant problem. I would appreciate it if the council can address this issue by repairing it again and perhaps issuing the occupant at 74 Brightside some kind of notice to desist from parking and driving on the berm. Kind regards
  • Grinding noise????
    Can someone tell me what the noise is in Avondale? Have heard it for a long time, in the evenings in particular from 5pm- midnightish. sounds like it's coming from the kelston area and depending on wind direction it's rather loud. Sounds like grinding or metal or train tracks or something and its non stop.
  • Cars drive by too fast
    I am a resident of Milan Road, everyday cars speed down this street night and day. I am concerned if one day a car may crash into our properties (neighbours) or even lose control and hit one of the power lines. Since at night time many speeding cars pass by. Thanks for your time.
  • Speed bumps required for speeders on Ngatiawa Road
    Cars speed down Ngatiawa Street so fast it is a danger to anyone who lives on this street. These cars enter Ngatiawa Street from Rawhiti Road and head south west towards Tawa Road. There is children, elderly and animals who live on this road. I fear for my own safety and the safety of others and my animals. There needs to be speed bumps to slow the traffic down travelling in this road.
  • Pedestrian in front of kindy
    Hi, me and my 2 son walk everyday from trias road going up to their kindy at Growing Minds in sunset road. Their school hours is 8am and picked up at 12noon.Problem is there is no pedestrian to cross the road and those times that we go to kindy for the drop off is the busiest in sunset road.so i got a pram and a toddler in tow and it takes us forever to cross that road everyday.not everyone let's us pass.so i hope they can put pedestrian right infront of the kindy soon as it is really scary to cross that road without it.thanks.
  • Need Yellow No Parking LInes at the end of Dingle Road
    Cars constantly park around and on the cul-de-sac turn around at the end of Dingle Road opposite Dingle Dell Park, leaving no room to manoeuvre, causing cars to back and fill into nearby driveways and onto the footpath causing safety issues to pedestrians. Would love to see yellow no parking lines marked at the end of the cul-de-sac turn circle and either side of driveways at #26 to 34 leaving the road clear to turn around in the cul-de-sac.
  • Speeding vehicles in both directions
    we live on Hauraki Road, which is a 50kmph zone and constantly have traffic in both directions travelling well in excess of 50kmph is it possible to install speed humps at the entrance to Matheson Bay and Leigh to slow down the traffic?
  • Lighting - / Dirty walls.
    Tiraumea drive reserve public toilets has two issues. #1 - the sensor lights, When Dark do not work. #2 - there are feces spread on the wall in the mens toilets. Has been there for the last 3 weeks. Would have thought this would have been cleanned by now. Im not sure if any of the walls have been cleanned at all.
  • speed bumps
    speed bumps are urgently required to reduce speeding around the school.
  • Overgrown Vegetation over footpath
    Trees on side Southern Motorway side of Penrose Road are very overgrown and becoming dangerous as they are restricting footpath space. Very busy road with no grass verge by road to protect pedestrians, need to be able to walk as far from the road.on footpath as possible.
  • Possible speed humps/judder bars for Convoy Lane.
    We have a number of people that seem to think that our road, a quiet little culdesac is a great place for a drag strip, both coming and going from the road. We also have a number of people that use the street to test and ride off road motorbikes (without any helmuts or safety gear of any sort). Is there any way we can get some speed humps/judder bars installed to halt/slow down some of the traffic? Even if they are not legel to be ridden on the road, some of them are not obeying the speed limit (as I have watched one person ride almost the entire length of the road pulling a wheelie).
  • Road Sign Post Down
    A road sign post in front of 141 Vincent Street is toppled down on the ground. The sign is in front of the motor repair WOF shop.
  • old mattress at pedestrian crossing strip
    There is an old cot mattress that has been at this intersection for nearly a week it smells, is ripped, and has obviously been discarded here. (At the traffic light where you cross main Highway to main Highway/EP highway. (Just across from bus stop number.7508
  • Palm trees
    The Palm trees on the road side need trimming , the big Palm branches are fulling on the road and foot path .
  • Speed BUMPS needed on Ryburn Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland
    I would like to report that our street Ryburn Road can be a very dangerous road at times and is also used as a shortcut to miss the traffic lights... We do have young children between the ages 5 - 12 years old near the beginning of our street and get concerned as they cross the street to each other. I also am concerned about the traffic that constantly speed up and down everyday.... not to include the noise coming from those vehicles such as booming music on the outside of them. I would also like to include that we do have elderly people who stay further down that need it to be safer for them too... I would hate it that an accident has to happen before anything gets sorted so those speed bumps would help alot and keep things in order and safer on our streets.... I don't have pictures yet of our street but do have neighbours who would agree in having those speed bumps put up asap.
    Hi we are a residential street with lots of school kids and elderly citizens who wish to cross the Gills road near the Pigeon Mountain hill, but are unsafe due to so many boy racers speeding across our street at extremely high speeds. There are some houses on our street that these boy racers visit from time to time. To resolve this issue we need several speed brakers to be created on our street to stop their habit.
  • Lawns and weeds
    The weeds and the lawns are looking a disgrace we have told them they have to do something about it but they have not it makes our street look bad we have had our neighbours say to us "have you seen the house on the corner it looks terrible". This needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Litter
    Litter of verge outside 27 Veronica Street, New Lynn
  • Boy Racers
    We have reported this previously. Boy race problem in Lansford Crescent in Avondale. We are requesting some speed bumps be placed around the intersection of Barrhead and Lansford and back along Barrhead place. Perhaps some CCTV cameras to catch the culprits. We have a business there and tenants live there. The skid tyre marks on the road show how bad this problem is. It can be frightening and intimidated for tenants at night due to the noise and crowd gathering. Council have said this is a low priority however, we disagree. Last week some of the road was resealed, we hadn't noticed it needed it. Surely cameras would be better to film the activity after hours.
  • Abandoned White Subaru Wagon4 update
    A 1994ish white Subaru Wagon has been parked on the verge for the last week. The vehicle has had its plates removed and is not showing a registration or WOF. The occupants of this property also regularly park several vehicles on the grass verge impeding the use of the footpath. The verge is being damaged by this and has become uneven.
  • possible leak in water pipe
    Between the driveway of 34 hill street and the tree in front of 36 Hill street the grass verge is sitting in a poole of water Which is spilling onto the path. This wud suggest there is a leak in a nearby pipe that needs to be repaired. If this isn't attended to this could cause a health issue with mosquitos breeding in the water
  • Too many trucks on residential cul-de-sac
    Can you please put a "no trucks" sign on our street? It is a narrow residential road and each day at least 8 different trucks come down the street (sometimes at speed!) and turn around in the cul-de-sac then drive off again. There are often young children playing and the trucks make it unsafe. There is no need for trucks to be coming down our street.
  • Damage to native flora in council owned garden1 update
    The driver of the red SUV (license plate no BGJ969) has parked his trailer in the council owned garden at the back of the Perspective Apartments, destroying a flax bush in the process and impeding foot traffic along the foot path for a minimum of a few hours. I actually witnessed the owner of the vehicle come out to retrieve his dog and inspect the trailer and was incredulous that he made no attempt to remove it (despite the fact that he had destroyed native flora and could hardly have been oblivious to the fact that numerous pedestrians were having to circumvent his trailer by walking on the road (note: this was a particularly dangerous blind corner and somebody could have been run over).
  • Rubbish Left by contractors
    AT workers installing new pipes and drains have left debris of wood and concrete all along the verges of Kohimarama Rd. Haven't seen any work being done for over a week and yet it is all still there.
  • Cars speeding down Gowing Drive
    Cars are speeding above the speed limited around the Gowing Drive loop. We live at number 82, where red pin is. Cars speed down the hill and oven skid around the corner at the bottom of the hill. There are many resident's cars parked on the street making the road narrow, often drivers are on the wrong side of the road and there is a regular bus service which makes driving dangerous at times. A number of concerned citizens have started a discussion on Neighbourly about this issue.
  • Speed bumps on this Rossmay Terrace
    Hi there, Would like to request speed bumps on our residential street. Very often it has been near misses with other vehicles coming too fast down our street as we come out of our driveway or driving into our driveway from the street. Could this be sorted please.
  • Sign- you are required to slow down to 20kph when passing or approaching a school bus that has stopped to pick up/ drop off chidren1 update
    I think we need to raise awareness of the road rule that requires us to slow down to 20kph when passing a school bus that's picking up or dropping off children. I have noticed that people are not observing it, maybe they have forgotten about it. I feel it is important to our community and that a sign to remind people of this specific rule would be beneficial and reduce the risk of children getting hit by a car.
  • Offensive Cooking Odour 5 Matuku Place Papatoetoe6 update
    We have an ongoing problem with offensive cooking odour coming from this house almost daily. It occurs at all times of the day and is infiltrating my house.It has made this previously lovely area almost unfit to live in. Please get them to stop
  • Old Pallets Stacked on street
    Outside 5 Matuku Place, Papatoetoe there is a stack of old pallets that have been there for 6 months. Please have them removed. Thank you
  • Abandoned caravan and trailer on private property
    Someone has abandoned an old caravan and a trailer with some pipes on it on our property (4/137 and 5/137 Victoria Street, Onehunga) where houses are to be built. We need them to be removed. Can council help please? Please contact me ASAP. Thanks!
  • Trees hanging over road
    Hi there, Can you please trim the trees which are hanging over the road and getting quite low now, and also nearing power lines.
  • Overhead power. Phone lines
    I have a large golden elm in the front of my house on council land. It is a beautiful tree but hopelessly growing above and around the overhead cables on two sides. All it will take is one hefty storm and with the added weight of the leaves something inevitably will be damaged. Can you please send someone around to aesthetically prune back the growth. Many thanks in advance.
  • Fire Hydrant Leaking
    Noticed water leaking from Fire Hydrant.
  • Branch close to power lines
    Cnr 58 McLeod Rd and Duncan ave, Te Atatu Sth. On Duncan ave side of house closest to my driveway. Branch is very close to power line coming in to my house. Also would love to see both trees pruned back further from my house, but main concern is power line to my house.
  • Over hanging Bamboo and overgrown thistle
    On the corner of Swanhill Drive and west Coast road - ongoing issue with Over grown Bamboo especially annoying for parents with prams (Please consider complete removal). Also 1 Swanhill Drive has thistle at letterbox that needs removed as children walk up and down risk touching it.
  • Overgrown trees /Shrubs & broken Fence
    Hi there, I went for a walk today and walking along gravel with a pram is next to impossible on this side due to over hanging trees /branches can you please resolve this issue. Can you also please fix broken fence opposite number 16 Barnea on the stream side.
  • Please remove shoes *2 from overhead powerlines
    There are two sets of shoes which have been tangled in the overhead powerlines. One at the intersection of Chaplin Street/Rosella Road, and one half was down Chaplin Street. Please could you have a contractor remove these.
  • Car Crash Debris in Cycle Path
    A car crash from 10-2-15 has placed dangerous objects in the cycle lane on the south side of the street just west of the Rosedale Rod- Douglas Alexander Parade intersection. I suggest the cycle lane needs to be cleaned. The type of debris is significantly dangerous. The debris caused a flat tire with the result being a damaged tube (repairable) and destroyed tire (damage is significant and un-repairable). I was able to safely stop my bicycle. Due to the nature of the crash, which I drove past the previous day, the north side cycle lane may also need cleaning. Thank you
  • Nissan Mistral DHE606
    Vehicle on road side outside 53 Glenross Drive Wattle Downs, last registered May 2014 has no WOF. Do not know the vehicle owner. Vechicle has been there for weeks with engine part showing below engine bay.
  • tree triming
    Tree needs trimming. Its rubbing against the street light pole infront of 4 courant place, manukau, auckland.
  • Excessive speeding and dangerous driving
    This Street is the entrance to Totara Park.There are always cars speeding up and down the road.Children have nearly been run over.There are lots of elderly residents at risk also.Lots of buy racers at night doing burn outs etc.We desperately need judder bars to stop people speeding and deter buy racers
  • excessive speeding
    There is an ongoing problem on this street, with people speeding up and down. Speeds are excessive and this occurs frequently; esp on weekends and evenings. there are also burnouts and squealing tyres. There's a primary school near by and I see a lot of kids using this road to walk to their homes. I think a couple of speedbumps would greatly improve the situation. 
  • corrugations
    The end of Hamilton Road has corrugations which jar your teeth and make the CD's that are playing jump off track :( Need the grader to come and smooth them out again please.
  • Street tree in need of a trim
    Pohutakawa tree on the path in front of the property is in need of trim as it is starting to grow onto the street. Also blocking the view when backing out of driveway.
  • noise
    The noise of thuggish buffoons yelling on about rugby from Aotea square is extremely annoying. When the hell are the council going to put a stop to all excessive noise? Do we really have to explain, in this day and age, how distressing and harmful noise is? Noisy illegal cars getting warrants, drunken yelling students , and now idiot yelling all day from the square. Stop the abuse of residents of the city, and improve the quality of life above that of a third world country.
  • Smashed / Written Off & abandoned vehicle
    Vehicle White Suzuki HEU123 smashed from accident has been parked in same spot outside 20 Garnet Road for 2-3 months.
  • abandoned vehicle
    White Toyota Camry Reg RG8844 outside 24 garnet Road Westmere no current registration parked on Garnet Road unmoved for over 1 month.
  • Car pass by too fast!
    there are many cars speeding on this street, a couple of speed bumps would fix the issue. Cars are driving well over 70k/hr!!
  • Rubbish and furniture
    There is still a huge pile of rubbish and furniture sitting on the footpath it has been there since before Xmas (over a month),it is encouraging more dumping so please collect.
  • unregistered and unwarranted car dms145
    Car very noisy rego ran out 2013 white station wagon
  • Blind corner, needs a traffic mirror
    Hi, My driveway is about 15 metres from a blind corner (on my right). We have many instances of near misses when exiting and entering our driveway due in part that our road is also a 100 km zone. I personally have had one accident recently where a car went under the back of my truck, thankfully no one but the car was hurt. My teenagers are now learning to drive and I think it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt as our road is getting busier all the time with cars, trucks and tractors. There is a lamp post situated on this blind corner that would be perfect for a traffic mirror, can one be installed ASAP?
  • Pile of rubbish
    There's a growing mountain of rubbish that has been dumped on the verge since before Christmas... Chairs, furniture, a very large flexi bin of Black sacks, boxes etc... it seems to constantly be a hotspot for people dumping their household furniture...Can this be cleaned up and can you put up a sign to try deter this from happening?
  • noisy car exhausts
    The number of extremely noisy cars especially at night is ruining our rest and sleep, as there are a huge number of open exhaust boy racer cars speeding up and down this street late at night, and during the day. I see no attempt being taken to remove these vehicles from the road, as they are obviously not up to warrant standards on noise, and should be stickered and ordered to comply. All of the local residents are fed up and extremely angry about these vehicles.
  • Extremely overgrowth in property
    Hi there, When the owner wanted to sub-partition the land so that he could profit from it, one of his highlights was that he promised the residents that he will maintain and upkeep the native tress and surroundings well. Looks like its only verbal EMPTY promises as the there is extreme overgrowth and weeds propagating all over the property. Please act on it asap and due to the extreme dry weather, a fire could destroy all the native bush around it. Is it just a wild notion (and i certain hope its not true) that this might just be a possible option the owner want "mother nature" to do so he could profit further from sub-partitioning the land? Isn't there a legal case ongoing and would the occurence of a fire impact the case if there are no longer native trees left in the property? Can provide a photo if you reply to this notice. Regards Ethan
  • Need to trim the trees in the private lawn
    Trees in the lawn of unit number 5 &6 needs to b trimmed urgently and their lawn have heaps of grass rubbished placed in the lawn which is generating mosquito and other pests which are creating new diseases. We as neighbours have tried to ask but they r saying they r just renting so can only cut the grass.
  • Trees need a trim
    The trees along the berm must be due for a trim. The branches are now growing up right up through the power lines, as well as getting regularly trimmed by passing trucks and the rubbish truck when it's emptying bins ;)
  • Speeding vehicles
    A frequent occurrence of two vehicles racing up and down our road. There are many families living on this road with young children. Traffic calming measures would be appropriate in order to prevent the possible death of somebody's child.
  • Speeding Cars
    How can I go about getting in touch with someone to get speed humps or something similar put in our street to slow down and stop idiots speeding along our street? Tonight there was an idiot that was speeding then put his breaks on and we heard the tires screeching and we were waiting for them to crash into Something or someone! There are lots of families on this street as well as a school. Something needs to be done
  • Trees growing around overhead power cables
    Hello Some trees adjacent to this property seem to be growing too much and wrapping themselves around the overhead power lines. Trimming of them is wise since wood and water conduct electricity, there is potential for electrocution to residents or passers by. Thanks
  • smashed bottles all over side walk
    A lot of glass bottles have been smashed outside of the carpark.
  • Excessive speed and issues with boy racers
    We have major issues with general excessive speed along the straight on Barrett Rd. Many people are travelling routinely at 100+kms and also have boy racers doing but outs daily and often travelling 120+. This is an 80k area but it is rural residential, kids ride horses along roadside, stock is sometimes loose and every resident on this straight have lost family pets due to being hit (some families have lost multiple pets. It is only a matter of time before someone is killed. Can you please help or provide some advice? Thanks
  • General state of path Otahuri Crec
    Could you please have a look at the fence that borders the path on Great South Road, Remuera between the two entrances of Otahuri Cresent. The fence is an historical item pertaining to the original subdivision in the area in the 1930s. However there has been no maintenance of the fence for more than 20 years. It is a good, solidly built, fence but it has suffered from some previously poor quality repairs which have now failed – some rails both wooden and galvanized iron have collapsed, been bent, or been removed. There is a lot of graffiti and the fence needs painting. The general area around the fence is neglected. This is a popular walking path for those wishing to vary the Great South road experience. There is a listed historic house at the top of the path and this is in some books and guides. There is need for a good clean up of litter and of old dead plant material. The current planting of the bank provides good noise protection from the road – but just needs tidying. The path has not been resurfaced for a very long time and an uneven surface makes it danger pus in places
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant
    We have noticed a leaking fire hydrant on the verge outside our building. (52 Carrington Road is down private road) The fire service was here before Christmas checking them.
  • drinking water fountain running in the reserve
    The drinking water fountain, in the play area near the public toilets, is stuck on and water is wasting and flowing onto the nearby grass area which has become boggy.
  • Damaged Tree
    A tree outside 11 Dromorne Road was hit by the canopy of a passing truck. A large branch was broken off (6-8 metres long) and is lying on the berm.
  • Abandoned couches and matresses on canal rd
    It would be great if the council could pick up the abandoned couches and matress on canal rd . it is unsightly and encourages more dumping .
  • Fallen tree onto street
    Hi, a tree has fallen down in the reserve and came down on the street. We have cut it and taken it off the road but it need to be removed as is lying over a storm water drain.
  • Sewer main cracked by Tree
    Every year in spring raw sewerage pours out of my grease trap all over my front courtyard right in front of my front door. This is because the conifer on the corner has grown into the main and we are the house at the bottom of a recess in the street. Every year the council turns up, cuts the roots in the main, cleans up the mess, and leaves. Every year my whole household gets sick immediately after this happens. This year my children both went on to get pneumonia after a nasty primary infection. I would like the main dug up and repaired and/or the roots of the tree cut back from the main so it does not happen again.
  • Ducks
    A lovely. New subdivision began construction at the bottom of our street early last year, and changes to the duck pond were comissioned. However, ever since then, our neighbours and ourselves, fight daily with ducks on our properties and nesting in and around our pool. Clearly their home has been disturbed and they are trying to re-establish themselves. But after a long year of washing of duck poo, shooing them away and stopping our toddlers from touching, eating and standing it their droppings I am tired. Something in this subdivision planning hasn't worked, and now it needs to be rectified.
  • Swastika sign spray painted on abandoned car
    Trashed green Ford Falcon reg SW7005 has been dumped on Monteith Cres, Remuera, with spray painted swastika sign on bonnet.
  • Trees need attention
    Hi Council Team the Trees in Civic Cresent and the civic lakes park albany need to be maintanined. Looking untidy around the bottom of the trunk they need a little love.
  • Fallen willow in Council stream
    For the past 2 and a half weeks we have been seeking help for the fallen willow in a Council owned stream. While we own the land, we do not own the water and it is not our sole responsibility to clear the debris the tree has left. The stream is in danger of blocking if a flood occurs. We have been passed from department to department and have been informed today, not directly, but by a a Council contracted arborist, that this is Metro Waters responsibility, rather than Councils! We need assistance with sorting this out. Thanks for looking into this matter.
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant
    The Fire Hydrant outside 7 Valley Road, Browns Bay is slowly leaking water. I have given you my work phone number
  • Dumped formica bench top
    Been dumped outside 8 Margan Ave for weeks now. Leaning against wall. Needs removal.
  • Abandoned Supermarket Trolley
    Supermarket trolley abandoned on Titirangi Road. Needs to be collected.
  • Unregistered Vehicle parked permanently on road
    Unreigstered vehicle, parked permanently on Titirangi Road, near the corner Skilgate Road. Vehicle has wheel lock on, and has been there for some time.
  • Shopping Trolleys left on grass verge
    Shopping Trolleys (appear to be from multiple stores) have been left on grass verge outside my house. These were not there this morning and I don't know who left them there. Can they please be collected. Thanks in advance
  • Abandoned Supermarket Trolley
    Left on the grass verge on the corner of Seabrook Ave outside the New Lynn Primary School. Needs to be collected.
  • Abandoned Supermarket trolley
    On waste land on corner of street. Needs collecting.
  • Abandoned Unregistered Vehicle on the Road
    Just reporting an abandoned unregistered vehicle on the roadside in front of 38 Helvetia Drive. It has been there for a long while, and no one has moved the vehicle. The plate number is FCA186.
  • Broken drain cover
    there is a broken concrete cover over a drain or something on the corner of monk rd and south head road. it is up on the grass, near the chorus phone boxes and under the geodetic marker signpost.It is dangerous to walkers, children, horses, dogs. Not sure how deep drain is. needs new cover.
  • trees nearly over road
    There are some large trees on the left going up towards the end, past property number 2307 and not quite to the sign that says golden stairs. Out for a walk and I see them in danger of falling over the road, as we have sandy clay soil and there has been a small slip and there is almost no soil holding them into the ground. Some sort of pine or macrocarpa, huge trees would damage car, people or powerlines if they topple, on a bit of a lean already!sorry no pic
  • Abandoned Supermarket Trolley
    Abandoned supermarket trolley left on the cnr grass verge at beginning of Ambrico Place. Needs to be picked up.
  • Unbagged household rubbish
    Unbagged household rubbish left on grass verge - equivalent of about 3 bags.
  • Abandoned Supermarket Trolley
    Abandoned Supermarket Trolley. Needs to be picked up.
  • Abandoned Supermarket Trolley in gutter of road
    Abandoned Supermarket Trolley left in the gutter of a busy road. Needs to be picked up.
  • Abandoned Supermarket Trolley
    Abandoned Supermarket Trolley left between 47A and 49 Titirangi Road. Needs to be picked up.
  • Abandoned supermarket trolley
    Left at bus stop in Hutchinson Ave, outside New Lynn Primary. Needs to be picked up.
  • Abandoned Supermarket trolley
    Left in Titirangi Road. Needs to be picked up.
  • Unregistered car parked on street for months
    Car has been there for months with a for sale sign in the window. Now unregistered. The side of the road is not a car yard.
  • Dumping of garden waste
    By the boat ramp there has been some dumping of garden waste. Looks about three trailer loads. It has been there for a couple of weeks know. Can something bee done please.
  • Judder bars for speeding1 update
    Motutara rd, speeding cars and horse floats!! There is a winding part of Morutara rd then when people hit the straight section they jus put there foot down! Judder bars or something needed asap
  • Curb damaged
    The council just did a beautiful job rebuilding the curb channel on our street, but as they dug up the street next to it, they damaged the cement pointing between the curb stones. We asked the guys to fix it twice when they were on our street, and they said yes both times, but nothing happened. They are still working on Upland road and could fix this in 5 minutes.
  • Abandoned Vehicles
    There are two vehicles parked on the road outside 2 Tree View Av , Glenfield that have not moved in at least a year . One is a blue Mitsubishi van and one is a Burgandy ute that has old tires in the back , both have expired registration . The ute was last registered in 2013 .
  • Over grown bamboo
    Stretch of bamboo along Montana Ave is becoming quite overgrown (approx 100m long). Reaching powerlines and making it difficult to park on that side of the street. It usually gets a regular trim/cut back but seems to have been a while since this was done. Thank you
  • Abandoned car
    The car has been there over 2 months now and is in disrepair. Not a great look and also taking up valuable parking space as some if is don't have off street parking.
  • Trees damaging vehicles
    Rang council two months ago about large gum trees on council reserve adjacent to my property dropping branches on vehicles haven't had any reply .the problem is getting worse today large branch landed on roof of my wife's car
  • Unregistered vehicle
    Silver Mazda Demio GJY572. Rego expired 22/06/2013. Reported back in July. Vehicle still being parked on road near Little & Friday and driven around.
  • Tenants throwing household rubbish all over their property
    The occupants of 141 Seabrook avenue, have been dumping all of their general household food rubbish all over their lawn and all around their property. Full plastic bags used for kitchen waste looks as though it is dropped out of the lounge windows onto the "garden" area below. Including cans and bottles etc. The concern is this will introduce vermin such as rats into the neighbouring properties.
  • Reg: GAG502 white Toyota Corolla1 update
    Car is unwarranted and unregistered parked outside 17 Onehunga Harbour Road. It has been there for months and is blocking an access way for maintenance crews.
  • urgent speed bumps required
    Sine I moved in my house by Waimumu road I have witnessed 4 car crashes due to high speeding down the road. Connecting Don Buck road to Triangle Road, Waimumu road is very long and dangerous. No speed bumps or cameras have existed to stop individuals driving at speeds of 65+ km/ph. Every night you can hear cars speeding down the road and at times even races and engine breaking. Urgent need of speed bumpswill solve the problem.
  • Accumulated Rubbish in neighbouring property
    The residents at unit 2/115 Church St Onehunga pile up full black rubbish sacks on the front deck and at the back entrance. They never bother to put any council issued bins out for collection. Our body corporate as had a rubbish contractor collect rubbish previously, we have spoken with them, written to them, but they quite frankly just prefer to live like pigs. We are in a terraced complex and the rubbish is rotting, especially as it's now in the sun. It's a miracle we haven't been overrun by rats - but I'm sure that will follow. Our homes are attracting flies, so what a summer we're in for.
  • Abandoned/ Unoccupited building possible rat issue
    House burned down 1 year ago and has been left in ruin for this amount of time. Have seen a few rats myself and also have heard other people see rats coming from this property which could cause issues for neighbouring properties. House has piles of junk and plant foliage which may encourage rats.
  • One lamp post is broken on my street
    Dear Sir or Madam, One lamp post is broken on our street (13 Ellison Place, Pakuranga). There are several cracks on the lamp post. This broken lamp post swung around under the strong wind this morning. Our neighbours brought this to our attention. This broken lamp post certainly poses a risk to people and vehicles nearby. Could you please send someone to check this out? Thanks and Regards David
  • Dangerous driving by boy racers
    Boy racers regularly use Whitney Street between Tiverton Road and Donovan street to race their loud and noisy vehicles. The fact that this stretch of the road does not have any speed breakers acts as an attraction and gives them ample opportunity to do so. Living on Whitney Street has now started to feel like living in the middle of a raceway. Apart from the fact it's so frustrating to having to cope with the deafening noise pollution, it's become extremely dangerous for the users of this street, whether pedestrians or other law-abiding vehicle users. If nothing is done soon to address this issue, the street will remain a potential ground for a casualty to happen. We would request you to take prompt action soon by building speed breakers across the stretch of Whitney Street to make it less appealing for racers and safer for the residents and road users. Thanks!
  • Water on front lawn around water metre
    Excessive water staying on lawn around water metre, Appears grass and ground is so wet can you check for leak causing this 19 John Jennings Drive,Oteha Thanks
  • Electronic Bus stop sign outside TSB bank is wrong
    Please fix so I can go away and meditate
  • Sogn for motorist fasing the wrong way
    the sign telling motorest to give way to pedestrains is facing the park
  • NONE
  • Lots of glass at top end of Dominion Rd
    There is lots of glass in the cycle lane City bound at the top end of Dominion Rd all the way from View Rd to the merge lane from New North Rd. It looks like there may have been a recent car crash (or more judging by the amount of glass) and as per usual the resulting debris just swept into the cycle lane. I've already had one puncture from this glass and seen another cyclist mending a puncture on the side of the road in the rain. As this is a popular route for cyclists (by necessity, not because it's a pleasant route) could it please be maintained/swept more often and crash debris not deliberately left in cycle lanes but actually fully picked up? Thank you.
  • Long term parking/ storage of unused horse float on residential street for longer than a month
    Isuzu horse float has been parked on the street for more than a month?! It has not been moved at all and has cobwebs all over it. It is parked in a way that makes it difficult reversing with a clear safe view of oncoming traffic from the properties at 28, 30 and 32. It is a double height vehicle and an eyesore it also prevents the efficient collection of waste bags and bins etc on refuse collection days. We believe this vehicle produces a hazard when turning into the street, especially after dark as it is parked right near the corner. It is also a hazard, as our street is on a bus route and with the horse float parked out from the curb and with another car across the road our road becomes very narrow and in effect a one way street. It become dangerous as cars zoom around the corner off Stanley ave and it obstructs the view of oncoming waiting or speeding traffic. According to Auckland City Bylaw No. 25 - Traffic; this horse float is in violation as it is being stored instead of being used for travel. We would appreciate it being moved as we are sick of the view of it and also the hazards. Stopping, loading and parking 25.8.2c Keeping vehicles other than for purposes of travel: Without the permission of the council, keep any vehicle, trailer or vehicle and trailer parts stationary in any road or public place other than for bona fide travel purposes and stoppages related to travel.
  • Power line in danger
    Hi A big palm tree on the roadside has branches draped across the power line which are weighing it down and threaten to collapse it
  • encouage children to cross road dangeroly
    The crossing at Domain Road is NOT a pedestrian crossing, it is not marked to be a pedestrian crossing, idiots wait for idiots to cross the road Is it something they are putting into plastic that is contaminating our food and making the world go weird? I absolutely refuse to drink out of plastic now as I try and curb the effect.
  • Unisex toilet is broken & a dump
    Lock does not work and the place is a dump
  • why are pedestrains have to wait?
    The carpark next to Newmarket does NOT have a road going out to Remuera Road it is a driveway, therefore pedestrians DO NOT have to wait, they have FIRST right of way, just like at petrol stations. learn the rules or change the driveway into a road then put up the signs
  • Street signs
    Street signs & speed signs knocked over throughout Helensville & Waimauku. Apparently in Waitoki also.
  • Leaving rubbish outside house
    The people at 38 Atkinson road, Titirangi leave rubbish outside their home all the time, right from the day after rubbish is collected. This time they have kept rubbish which probably the council does not pickup since it has been there for about 2 weeks now. Whole area looks very unattractive with the rubbish lying around all the time.
  • speed bumps
    We have a major problem in the lower end of Ladies Mile Ellerslie leading down to the township. With parked cars both sides of the road all day& cycle lane taking up room on the road trying to get out of driveways is becoming increasingly dangerous. Some motorists speed over the brow of the hill & It gets more hectic the lower down you go. I think speed bumps just before the brow of the hill & maybe 2 more continuing down to the shops would make life a lot safer for everybody
  • Dangerous tree situation - Risk of falling and damage
    A large gum tree on the walkway from Sandford St to Centennial Park appears to be dying and needs attention - either removal of threatening branches or removal of tree.
  • Fire Hydrant 1 update
    It seems that the road workers didn't shut the fire hydrant around 55 Greenlane East off properly and it has been leaking for the past week or so.
  • Unwarranted vehicle
    Silver Mazda Demio - Licence GJY572 parked either on Eversleigh Road near Little & Friday, or on pavement. Warrant expired 22/06/2013.
  • Abandoned Vehicle
    this car / VAN has been on this street for over 8 weeks reg number SB3507
    drain cover missing in front of 40B Ingram Crescent, Otara. deemed very dangerous as a lot of children reside on this street and walk past on their way to school, so immediate action when possible please.
  • Abandoned Car
    Badly damaged Mitsi Legnum AFK898 been parked here for months. What what I can gather, the owner has moved out and left it.
  • broken glass epsom broadway
    foot path and road in several places
  • Toyota Camry BPF912 unregistered
    Toyota BPF912 has been parked for over 4 weeks in Godwin court without moving. It has no registration and is possibly abandoned have not seen it move at all.
  • Abandoned car Nissan ZX4280
    This vehicle has been parked at the entry to a shared driveway for over a week. Can it be removed as it is causing a hazard entering and exiting the driveway by several vehicles.
  • Abandoned Mercedes outside our property - Reg GES646
    Hi, A golden Mercedes 300 SEL was abandoned outside our property (60 Larchwood Avenue, Westmere)at the start of the year. The reg is GES646. It's a very large vehicle and is taking up a valuable parking space and is making life difficult for parents needing a park when dropping their children off at Westmere school. Thanks, Tim
  • Nail hazard on wooden footbridge
    Nails have lifted on walkway of foot bridge and could cut or puncture walkers feet.
  • white suzuki wagon UO3226
    this car has been sitting outside 6 Martin Crescent for a month now. The rego has expired 24/09/2013. It is a 1996 suzuki wagon licence plate UO3226 The date today is 09/07/2014 Can we please have it removed as it is taking up a parking space outside our home.
  • Abandoned Nissan ZX4280
    This vehicle is parked at the entry to a shared driveway and is causing a hazard entering and exiting the driveway by several vehicles.
  • 1990 Honda Legend Reg YI 1944
    This car has been parked and not moved from outside 2A Woodbine Ave Greenlane 1051 for 1 month to date.
  • Abandoned Toyota Marino
    Good afternoon There is a Toyota Marino, registration ZX2604 that has been parked outside 4 Grove Rd in Sandringham, Auckland for almost a year. The vehicle hasn't moved since it was first parked and is presumed abandoned. Can it be removed for the street? Thank you Regards
  • Steam Roller parked on side of road - traffic hazard
    There is a Steam Roller, parked on side of the road rightside of Laureston Ave, (sighted near misses) vehicles colliding into it - given parked, with no visible safety markings, its been there for last 3 months.
  • #17 Greenpark - Vacate Van
    someone is living outside #17 Greenpark in a white and blue van
  • what is the point of a "STOP" sign
    Nobody ever hardly ever sees it as a stop sign, most of Auckland is the same from what I have noticed
  • Swear word craved into wooden rail at bus stop 4248
    Someone has carved a swear word into a wooden rail inside the bus shelter at bus stop 4248 at approx. 26 Triton Drive, Albany.
  • Abandoned Bus
    At the end of Verdale Circle outside number 30 Verdale Circle Glen Eden there is an abandoned bus. White large. Unregistered Expired 2010 Rego TZ3583, It has been parked there for about 3 weeks. Full of rubbish bags.
  • Give Way
    The Give Way sign here is dangerously low. The part of the sign with the words "Give Way" on it is less than 1.83 meters off the ground. Today I had to walk around some obstruction near the sign and walked into the sign taking a blow to the head. This sign needs to be raised somewhat as it is a hazard. Thank you
  • Broken tree branches from storm
    There are large broken tree branches lying along the section of Riversdale Road close to Rosebank Road.
  • street signs intersection st marys ponsonby college hill jervois rd
    the above streets signs are all facting the wrong way - looks like someone has lifted the pole up and faced them all in a different direction
  • walkway has one tree fallen on it and one about to come down
    hi - at the end of harbour village drive is a walkway - half way around - about 400 yards - one tree has fallen onto the walkway - and another one next to it is about to fall down - would be dangerous if someone is under it - needs imediate roping off so no one is under the tree if it falls -better still would be to imediately chainsaw it down - it is about twenty foot high - i think they are both wattle trees thanks
  • walkway has one tree fallen on it and one about to come down
    hi - at the end of harbour village drive is a walkway - half way around - about 400 yards - one tree has fallen onto the walkway - and another one next to it is about to fall down - would be dangerous if someone is under it - needs imediate roping off so no one is under the tree if it falls -better still would be to imediately chainsaw it down - it is about twenty foot high - i think they are both wattle trees thanks
  • Vehicle BNH397 parked outside 13 Rawhiti Road
    This vehicle has a smashed rear passengers window, the dash has beed ripped apart and stereo etc removed along with some upholstery. Inviting 'undesireables' to do other damage.
  • Abandoned grey mini SV
    License plate # FLT 44 - sitting without moving for c 2 weeks. In front of our house, 76 Grange Rd, Mt Eden. Rego up to date, 'Christian surfer' sticker and other surfing things on windows, inside dashboard
  • Toyota Corolla CMF776, parked for several months
    Toyota Corolla CMF776, registration expired, parked outside 11 Oates Rd for several months.
  • Hot water problem
    We still can't get hot water. McBreen Ave. Northcote 0627
  • Fallen tree over driveway
    A large tree on the berm has fallen over our driveway, blocking access to vehicles. It is too large for us to move.
  • Dangerous crossing area for children
    Busiest times, around 8.40am, Auckland Grammar Students crossing mountain Rd/owens road intersection without lights. They have no option to either cross this busy road or Mountain road which is faster flow to get to school from a large part of the inzone area. I suggest crossing lights on owens road to the west of the intersection as this is where most kids are crossing, or some way to create a safe crossing before a child is killed. Brightside has a large flow also in peak times as cars are cutting the corner to save the gillies ave lights.
  • Broken glass in alley way
    Lots of glass up and down the alley way, from a recent crowd of kids.
  • Abandoned van
    A van has been parked in the same place outside our driveway (15 Athur St)for atleast a month. We believe it has been abandoned. The number plate is DFC642. It is a White Volkswagon Transporter.
  • Toxic Nerium Oleander shrub/tree obstructing busy footpath
    This small tree is growing over a footpath that Avondale walking school bus use as well as many other schoolchildren. It is in easy reach and is therefore a danger.
  • Raise road still not a designated pedestrian crossing.
    At the T junction of Park road & Domain drive, from idiots promoting pedestrian safety.
  • Graffiti on lamp posts and alley way
    Red tagging on lamp posts in Mackwood Place and the alley way leading to the shops
  • Excessive amount of leaves blocking drains
    There is an excessive amount of leaves from one tree blocking approximately 4 storm water drains and blocking the kerb drainage channels. This has caused flooding in the street recently.
  • Pushed over signs1 update
    About 4 signs have been pushed over in the ground here
  • Viral advertising for Red Bull in Newmarket Train Station1 update
    A bike lock with a sign attached advertising Red Bull drinks has been attached to a hand-rail in the courtyard next to the Newmarket Train station. (I reported seeing exactly the same sign attached to a bike stand on Queen street several months ago).
  • Large tree hanging over 15 Hackett St blocks drivers vision
    Especially since St Marys Bay parking became restricted, on a daily basis Hackett Street now has cars parked both sides of the street by comutors parking and walking or catching the bus to employment in the city. The large tree branches overhanging the road corner at 15 Hackett St restrict motorists vision of what has become a one way access due to parking. This is very dangerous with cars often having to back some way to get through. I live in Percival Parade and a number of local residents have expressed the same difficulty. A simple solution would be to either instructy the owners of the tree it must be cut, or have the Council do this, in the interests of road safety. Thank you.
  • Broken playground equipment
    There is a broken wooden platform in the park on Glennandrew Drive Half Moon Bay.
  • Fire hydrant burst
    Fire hydrant outside 32 James St Bayview has burst and is leaking a significant amount of water
  • Security Cameras Busted1 update
    Two large security cameras located attached to the power pole at the end of Springs Road are damaged and hanging by their power cables.
  • fallen tree - 9 rangipawa rd, one tree hill, auckland 1061
    Hi, The tree in front of our house fell over on wednesday night (or early thursday morning). We reported (phone call) the incident on thursday morning (17/4/2014). Can we please have the tree removed?
  • Abandoned car1 update
    A damaged car has been parked on the side of Alberton Ave (outside number 8) for a couple of weeks now and does not appear to have been moved. Registration is ADW716.
  • Speed Bumps Needed on Millais street
    On Millais street, in Grey Lynn we have a huge problem with people using our residential street as a through road from Richmond road to Williamson ave and vice-verser. Not only do we get traffic straight from Ponsonby road on both sides, we also get people speeding through our little street while it is already lined with park cars on both sides. This causes hazard for kids living in the area, as Richmond road school is quiet close and residents who live on this "safe" road. Just last saturday (early morning 3:50am) we had a speeding car come through and hit 2 parked cars on the side of the road. The cars were hit on sun an impact that it disfigured both cars front right wheels then managed to speed off while residents who had woken to the awful sound, early Saturday morning, went running after it then driving after it to in a failed attempt to not let the car get away. The owner of one of the cars is still currently on holiday and the owner of the other car has to have the car written off because of damaged caused that morning. Then, Tonight at 10pm, not even a week after the last accident, another 2 parked cars were hit causing the damage of 4 victim cars (parked on the side of the road) and the drivers car. The event happened a few hours ago and i was one of the first on the scene. I recall, the great crash in full volume as it was outside the house I was in, car alarms and shouting. The driver seemed to be putting the car in reverse to get away however because of the scale of damage to his car, he wouldn't have gotten far. A woman, shouted at him to get out of the car and sit on the side walk grass as he was clearly intoxicated and could not walk straight. The emergency services were called and 2 police cars arrived swiftly, as the residents looked at the damage to their cars. The first car had been hit at such speed that it went diagonally forward, up onto the kerb into a car parked in a drive way. The drunk drivers car had then continued and went straight into the car infront which rear ended the 4 car in front of that. It had just rained so it was clear how much the cars had moved from the impact. The police arrested the intoxicated driver on the spot after a breathalyser test showing he was over the limit and clearly couldn't walk straight. 2 hours later, 2 tow trucks had cleared 2 cars including the drivers car, the police had cleared and the concerned residents starting going back to their houses. Luckly there were no injuries. However, these are not the only incidents that have happened on Millais street because of speeding. There has been numerous cats run over and multiple side mirrors taken out. This is a hazard that hasn't been addressed soon enough that needs to be fixed before something fatal happens. Speed bumps will slow cars down as well as stop cars speeding down this residential street, therefore making the street safer and possibly saving lives.
  • No proper dropped kerb on crossing
    No proper dropped kerb on crossing- inadequate ramps, not possible to wheel wheelchair or could cause damage to wheels....
  • Trees on street need maintenance
    The trees on Braemar Tce used to be trimmed annually. Then they got left out of the Councils annual tree trimming schedule and bloomed. Last year we asked the trimmer to trim back to original shape of four years ago and he refused. Said they would trim back to this over a period of time. Now trees have grown even more out of shape and driplines encroach onto the neignbouring properties - see for example the one outside at 7 Braemar Tce. These trees desprately need trimming NOW.
  • Overhanging hedges in walkway
    Overhanging hedges in walkway between Pipitea Place and Allington. Royal Heights. Not very pleasant walking up the walkway, rather overgrown.
  • Car not moved in over a month1 update
    We have noticed a car that is parked a bit down from where we live that has not been moved in the time we have lived here. We moved in in mid feb. The wof and rego expired last year, there are cobwebs all over the car door handles etc. This is on Elwood place in Ellerslie, it's licence plate is zm1343.
  • leaking fire hydrant
    noticed 5 pm 1.4.14
  • Unkept section & rats
    Our neighbours at 120 Union Road, Howick have very long grass & weeds that come through our fence & we are continually pulling it out. But because of the long grass & unkept section we have had a rat on a couple of occasions come in to our clean courtyard. This is the only place our young girls gave to play, & we find this a terrible health risk! We are clean tidy people & feel that this issue next door needs to be addressed! We also have photographic proof of this rat, & it ran straight back through the fence to their property. Where there's one there will be more!
  • Abandoned car in front of 24 Valley Rd
    A white limo, registration LIMQ, appears to be abandoned. It has been left on the street in front of 24 Valley Rd, Mt Eden, for over 12 weeks. Also, it's WOF expires on 2/4/2014.
  • Abandoned Gold Jaguar
    This car was left here 3 weeks ago and has not moved since. I have checked with the nearest 6 houses and it does not belong to them.
  • Top of Queen St, just before Karangahape argh!
    Load zone P5 Sign down near last bus stop going up on the left just before you get to Karangahape Argh!
  • inorganic rubbish
    Someone has dumped rubbish on the verge, probably from a resident who vacated one of the units at 28 the Avenue
  • leaking fire hydrant
    the fire hydrant out side Little Sisters on Emmett St has been leaking all week and covering the footpath in water.
  • Rusting Transformer
    The power transformer located across the road from 131 Cornwallis Road is not being maintained to industry standards. This is evidenced by the extensive rust developing and the vegetation growing along side. It is obvious it is not been serviced and is being left for a catastrophic event to occur. If this Transformer was to catch fire as they can do, the surrounding dry vegetation would led to a major fire.
  • Neighbours bins on footpath
    Three houses at the top of Lincoln St have decided to keep their bins on the footpath 7 days a week. As they get full, they pile the rubbish bags up beside them. As everyone on the street has to walk past the bins on the way to Ponsonby Road the bins and the flies are quite unpleasant. This never used to be the case, it seems once one person started doing it caught on! Please be considerate neighbours and store your bins on your property when it is not the pickup day.
  • multiple cars left in turning bay end of Dorothy Road Laingholm
    4 vehicles parked on wrong side of road in vital turning bay: one abandoned & illegal (registration years out of date), maybe two, another stored on the highway under a tarpaulin. Can the turning bay be marked or signposted to stop this happening?
  • uncut grass Sunnynook Park, southwest side.
    The grass adjacent to the 100 year flood wall has not been cut and is now overgrown and consider it a possible fire danger.
  • water mains leaking
    Water mains bubbling out onto footpath. Footpath flooded
  • Abandoned vehicle on Symonds Street
    Hi Team, There is a silver hatchback ergo: WG6302 that appears to have been abandoned on Symonds street in Onehunga. The vehicle has been parking just before the 'STOP' intersection at Trafalgar street. The left rear view mirror is hanging down and the car is parked at a 'funny' angle. The car has been there for a couple of months now. If it could be towed that would be great! Thank You!
  • Devonport Primary School crossing bollard broken
    The western bollard upon which the Devonport Primary School crossing guards attach their signs was damaged yesterday by a careless road user.
  • Abandoned Vehicle
    Plate CFB209 Make Eunos Please tow, registration and WOF expired. Has not moved for a month
  • Derelict Car
    Hi there is a derelict car parked outside number 4 Park Hill Road, Birkenhead. It has no licence plates and no windscreen. I seriously doubt it has a WOF or registration. The car seems to be held together with string and tape and it looks as though there are parts hanging from below the engine bay. The vehicle has been there for a few days now. I am unsure where it came from but it needs to go. Cheers,
  • fire hydrant
    water leaking from fire hydrant outside 78 and 80 paritai drive orakei
  • Car has been abandoned outside 1 Parkhill rd, Mt Albert for at least 4 weeks
    Mitsubishi mirage bsk358 - has broken rear fanlight window
  • Graffiti on north facing wall of Victoria Street car park1 update
    Taggers are getting onto the roof of ViVace restaurant and tagging the north-facing wall of the Victoria street car park. There are two possible ways for them to gain access to this area. The first (by leaning around the ledge of the 3rd floor of the Victoria street car park) has been blocked off by the addition of a mesh fence. The other means of egress is via a driveway between the building at 36-38 Kitchener street and the Victoria Street car park. There is some barbed wire on the wall at the back of this driveway that is obviously intended to stop people from climbing the wall onto the roof of ViVace, but it has been squashed down and is obviously ineffective. See attached photo. I think that, before covering the graffiti on the wall of the car park building, the council will need to co-operate with whichever building owner is responsible for the wall to ensure the barbed wire is strengthened - otherwise, painting over the graffiti will be in vain.
  • Please tow this car
    There is a dark blue Mercedes 500, reg ZE7999 which has not moved from outside 39-41 Sylvan Avenue, Northcote in at least 8-12 months. Its warrant expired in Nov 2013 and its reg is about to expire on 28/2/2014. It also received a $200 fine last year which is sitting inside the front windscreen - notice number 0287961 . This car has not been used / moved and is covered in cobwebs. This is a busy road with traffic issues at morning and evening rush hour anyway and this abandoned car is adding to the issue of people crossing the centre line to pass. Please have it towed away. Many thanks.
  • Excessive Speed
    Boy racers have moved from racing down Puhinui Road because of the constant roadworks and now moved into screaming down Fitzroy Street. They speed either towards Wallace Road end or York Road end they give it everything they've got, there either needs to be more regular patrols or speed bumps put in place to stop it. It's only a matter of time before someone is hit or they lose control and hit a house or parked car.
  • Flooded tunnel/walkway
    Just to let you know the walkway under Beach Rd at Murrays Bay is flooded - again:)
  • car for sale parked for the last 3 months1 update
    Hi There is a Honda car with for sale sign at the exit of Condor place - North shore which parked in its location for the last 3 months and it is creating a problem when 2 cars trying to enter and exist the road. The grass start growing under the car in the road paving indicating the long period the car was parked in the current position . Can someone from the council do something about it
  • Dumping rubbish in front of house on pavement
    The people staying at 38 Atkinson road are dumping green waste and rubbish waste outside their property next to the pavement with wind blowing rubbish around neighboring properties. They try to hide them behind some plants growing on the side but the whole area looks like a rubbish dump now.
  • Abandoned Honda AJG167 - unlocked and empty
    White Honda 1999 CRV, license AJG167 has been abandoned outside 17 Telford Ave since 6th Jan 2014. Car is unlocked and empty i.e. no information as to owners etc... Rego expires 11/01/2014 WOF expires April 2014
  • 235 main highway AND 215 Main highway ellerslie Trees overhang
    The trees from these two properties are seriously overhanging the footpath, 235 is the worst offender, you need to duck and move towards the roadside to get around them so unsafe and annoying for pedestrians. (235 has been this way for quite some time at least 6+ MONTHS)
  • Burst water Main
    We have a burst water main and water is leaking down on the road
  • Water Leak in road
    Water leak at the top of the drive between 44 and 46 Aldersgate Road, Hillsborough, Auckland. It is progressively getting worse.
  • very strange paper signs stuck to the wall, CCCKNOTU
    Go to 88 Broadway, Newmarket (more or less across the road from the swimming pool, I can handle the posters farther up the road that say "they only Advertise to sell shit" but there are two other posters, direct to highlight the un-medical name of body parts, they both start with the same three words "DONT BE A **** " (you can use the uppercase letters in the subject line to fill the two missing words. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE, VISITORS COMING TO AUCKLAND MUST THINK AUCKLANDERS ARE POKED IN THE HEAD. last seen about 8am Wednesday 15th Janurary. I was going to show the photo, but I would have to fuzz out the two four letter words, when you go there, dont forget to take a camera and something to scrap off the posters.
  • Sign loose in windy weather
    A round blue arrow sign is missing a bolt, so in this wind it might easily blow away and either be a traffic/pedestrian hazard or be lost. Cnr Main and Whangaparaoa Roads.
  • Main Water Leaking
    Main water has been leaking at Rod Place road for more than a week now. Appreciate if someone can look into this to be fixed soon, just much water wasted.
  • Freyberg Place (square) in disrepair1 update
    Freyberg Place (specifically, the square with the same name as the street, in the same location) is falling into disrepair. A significant amount of the sandstone used on the walls and fountain of the square has been badly damaged. The attached photo is just one example - I count at-least 7 other places in the square where the stonework has been damaged.
  • overgrown grass/weeds
    40 mulroy pl is an empty lot- apparently there are houses to be built here, but when? we have never seen the owners of this lot come by, and the grass and weeds are very overgrown. we have to cut down the overhanging grass that eventually blocks our driveway every few weeks- they should maintain their lot so that it doesn't hinder other residential areas. please help
  • Sewage spilling1 update
    Glendowie Park off Whitehaven Rd by large grouping of Flax sewage spilling out of manhole and running into flax/bush area unnoticeable from the road or the park walk ways. It appears this has been spilling for some time due to build up around the outlet, smell would suggest some sewage involved. This poses a potential danger to dogs or the public and possibly runs into stormwater system.
  • Dogs on the beach today
    There were two dogs on the beach today and the people handling them didnt care in the least about the bylaws. I would appreciate a dog control officer patrolling.
  • bed dumped
    A bed base has been dumped on the street outside my house.
  • Abandoned Car
    White 1988 Toyota Corolla left what looks like abandoned at end of Albert Crescent, Ostend, Waiheke Island which is a dead end road (located outside No. 54 Albert Cresc - top of walking track). Licence plate number PU6609. Has expired registration and WOF. Been there at least 2 weeks.
  • Water Meter Busted
    This water meter handle is damaged and either the meter or handle needs replacing as it cant be turned off.
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant
    Fire Hydrant has been spewing out bubbling water all day - needs repair
  • Water mains leak1 update
    Water leaking in two places in the middle of the street. On Lyons Ave (Intersection of Montana Ave and Lyons Ave)
  • Street side water stop valve
    Is completely corroded and unable to be turned off. Needs to be replaced.
  • Power Pole
    Looks like it is about to fall over
  • Neighbouring property - dirty/smelly
    Property in front of mine closer to the road has a number of dogs. Entire section is littered with dog poo and is causing an extremely foul stink from their property wafting towards ours. Its summer and I cant open y windows as the stench flows into my house. Can you please look into this or direct me to the correct team/department/person I can speak with in this regard. Thanks
  • Abandoned vehicle1 update
    White Mitsubishi APS801abandoned since 25th November
  • Mens Toilets1 update
    The soap dispenser in the mens toilets has been misssing for over two weeks. The wall mount is still intact. Can it be replaced please?
  • 3 weeks since vehcile has been moved (or more)
    Would appreciate owner being asked to move vehicle to a more approrpiate parking spot. Ve4hicle is a Toyota HiLux, dark blue, DYB771 which has been parked outside our gate for at least 3 weeks without moving. Parking space is limited and needed by residents. At corner of Elgin Street and Crummer Road in Grey Lynn on the Elgin Street side of the corner. Official street address is 100 Crummer Road.
  • White Toyota Corolla FTM508 Abandoned for 2 months
    1996 White Toyota Station Wagon, expired wof, expired rego. Abandoned since September
  • Major delays
    Every weekday morning there is gridlocked traffic at the roundabout of Alftriston/Stratford/Ranfurly Roads. This is made worse by current roadworks, at Grand Vue Road but existed prior to this. This traffic is made up of traffic backed up from getting on the northbound on ramp to the southern motorway Traffic cannot move into Stratford road form Alfriston Road (from Manurewa), as a result motorists take it upon themselves to create two lanes of traffic (in a single lane road) to make a straight and right-hand turning lane for traffic heading to Ranfurly Road, or Alfriston Road south
  • Graffiti tagging
    The sculpture is tagged https://www.dropbox.com/s/362t0najf0knec7/2013-11-17%2009.21.19.jpg Please see the exact GPS position at EXIF information included in the image above.
  • Dust Pollution
    The loose metal access road to the Cornwallis Wharf car park sends dust clouds over nearby housing. A typical summer weekend day has the lower parking area full with over 20-30 cars. The overflow upper grass area has at least 15 car plus trailer rigs 15 more cars. Dust clouds are formed from cars struggling for traction. The dust aggravates local asthma sufferers, pollutes our roof drinking water supplies, imprisons residents on fine days, fills homes with dust within 2 hours covering every surface with a layer of dust, rain run-off from the road is a nasty sludge that runs unfiltered into the harbour, hoons use the loose metal to practice rally driving, its a slip hazard to the numerous walkers accessing the beach and wharf, boat trailer users in the upper car park actually use the road twice per visit to launch and retrieve.
  • Tons of dumped inorganic rubbish
    The berm outside this park is being used as a place to dump inorganic rubbish by people outside the collection area.
  • car abandoned for eight months
    REG DLL101 dark BLUE 2 DOOR AUDI parked on road. Unmoved For 8 months. Multiple tickets on this and chalked Tyres. I contacted akl city council 3 months ago. Still nothing actioned.
  • Loose powerline dangling over footpath
    A broken powerline is dangling over the footpath low enough to be touched. It is between number 2 and number 4 korotaha terrace, Rothesay bay. It is coming off a concrete power line pole marked as number 45214.
  • Hedge Overhanging Footpath
    13 Dromorne Rd is a construction site. The hedge on the boundary with Dromorne Rd is overhanging the footpath forcing pedestrians to use the berm.
  • Ducks crossing
    In two separate occasions I have stopped for ducks crossing the roads.On both occasions my honking horn,flashing headlights and waving my arm out the window -not to mention a stopped car !has not attracted the attention of the on coming traffic.Im sure there was a duck crossing sign down by Shore road just after Portland rd,(where I first stopped for a duck)but I cant see it anymore.Please put two signs 1) where the Martyn Field reserve and inlet met up divided by Shore rd.2)where Waitaramoa reserve and Shore rd reserve met up divided by Shore rd.
  • No direction signs
    Heading into town, there is no signage to indicate that there is a slip off to the left towards Gt North Rd.
  • Gravel on road
    There is split gravel on the corner of Hillsborough road and the on ramp to the motorway heading west.
  • Pedestrian risk
    On the corner there is a sign attached to the traffic light pole. This sign is positioned too low and people on the footpath can easily bump their head/shoulder on it walking around the corner from Carr Road to Hillsborough Road. Its sharp.
  • tagging in new concrete section
    hi there, a lot of the tagging has been fixed but there are still several areas left before it has all gone. Walking down old mill from the the hairdressers on the intersection of garnet rd and old mill rd towards savage st there are still a couple of sections of new white concrete that have been tagged. This area has being really hit hard by someone who has shifted into the area and ideally all tagging needs to be removed to discourage further tagging.
  • Boy races using this toilet at night putting pedestrians as risk with burn out etc
    This toilet was locked for a while which stopped the problem - but sadly its now unlocked and boy racers have returned to the area. They are doing large burnouts outside it - and tagging toilets etc.
  • Concrete has been tagged
    New white concrete between traffic island and grass verge has been tagged (next to drain) - this area is being really hit hard by someone and ideally all tagging needs to be removed to discourage further tagging.
  • House fence tagged
    number 1 savage street has had fence tagged in large black letters - spray paint
  • All shops on this intersection have had windows scratch tagged
    Someone has scratched all of the glass windows of each shop on this intersection with the same tag as the graffiti damage at the local primary school
  • Graffiti on fence
    Black spray paint graffiti on wooden fence at front of property, 1 Savage street, Westmere.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Urgently Requires Repainting
    I have worked opposite and lived near this pedestrian crossing which leads into countdown quay street for almost 3 years. It has always been a scary crossing with its proximity to the carpark but it has gotten so much worse in the last 6 months since the crossing has significantly faded (see photo). The danger of this was made all the more real to me one night recently when a car failed to stop when I was half way across and I was almost hit. Luckily I managed to jump out of the way and walked away shaken but determined to get the pedestrian crossing repainted. Many of my colleagues and neighbours have experienced varying degrees of similar situations and are behind me 100%. Please look into getting this crossing painted ASAP as I fear the next person may not be so lucky...
  • Street signed turned
    Street sign has been turned so Anita ave is pointing down the wrong road. Confusing for drivers and worry could result in mis-deliveries.
  • Missing street sign for Richard St
    This was replaced several weeks ago but the sign has now gone missing again.
  • Tree over power lines/footpatch
    Hello - there is a tree growing in the footpath outside 1 Clarence Street that requires some light pruning. One of the branches has grown very close to the power lines and, I guess, during high winds, its likely they'll begin rubbing on the branches themselves with the possibility of damage soon. You may want to visit this tree to ensure no issues. Cheers
  • Toyota Curren AFC692
    This vehicle has been standing in our street for more than 3 months with no valid Licence or WOF and is an eyesore and is preventing the efficient stockpiling of Waste bags and bins etc on refuse collection days.
  • Abandoned Vehicle BTJ187
    Silver Nissen been parked on driveway of park like area on Pavilion Drive, since at least Monday 7th October 2013
  • Overhanging Trees on to Footpath1 update
    Very dense overhanging branches on to footpath. Obstructing footpath users which includes nearby school students (Anchorage Park). Needs action as it has been like this for years. See picture.
  • Graffiti in alley way
    A lot of tagging on a plain wooden fence at the top of the alley way
  • WG5969
    A Mitsubishi Car Registration No. WG5969 has been parked outside our property at 35 Spinnaker Drive Te Atatu Peninsula Auckland 0610 for the past 3-4 months with no sign than it has been moved. The WOF and Registration both expired in April/May, The position of it causes difficulties when we are leaving our property by car as it obscures the view of the road.
  • no crossing for pedestrains at Ayr road intersection
    there is no electronic crossing for pedestrians walking along Parnell road heading for newmarket and about to cross the Ayr street free turn (for motorist) there is no marking on the road so pedestrians do not know if it safe to walk across the free turn
  • Fallen Tree
    Tree has fallen against fence from Henderson Reserve. Also: other trees are reaching over the property fence.
  • Ticket Machine - Greenlane Station
    HOP machine wasn't working
  • dead leaves always covering storm waterdrain
    the motorway corner of Khyber Pass Road & Mountain Road
  • Speed limit needed for residential area with regular horse riding activity.
    I think that Boord Cresent needs a speed limit put in place as it is a residential street and has constant horse riding activity and many pets including local ducks, cats and dogs. Many residents walk their dogs and like to ride bikes or horses around this street. It is a dead end street too so there is no need for drivers to exceed 60kph. This road comes off a main road with a 100kph speed limit and there is no slower limit sign in place to indicate that legally drivers need to slow down on Boord Cresent. It is time to put a speed limit sign up to avoid any potential road accidents and to let the residents of Boord Cresent enjoy a safer, more peaceful street.
  • Duck crossing signs in Mt Roskill and Blockhouse Bay1 update
    We've seen a number of ducks and ducklings run over by speeding cars in the Mt Roskill and Blockhouse Bay area. Streets where we've seen these include: Giletta Road Lynbrooke Ave Dominon Road (towards Richardson Road roundabout) Can you please look at adding more duck crossing signs and also speed bumps in residential areas. Thank you
  • Sick Puka tree - infected with borer?
    There is a dying Puka tree behind 2 Nikau palms in the angle of the berm. It is unsightly and so could it please be removed? Thank you.
  • Walkway if flooded
    Every time I walk nearby Sunnyvale train station there is almost a river running across the cycle path.
  • YD7398 Mistubishi RVR-X Abandoned1 update
    This has been sitting outside the address for over a week. Not registered to the address, and hasn't been seen in this area before. Not reported stolen. No WoF (since 2011) when it failed. It's an 80km/h zone so could be a hazard if hit in the dark.
  • Overgrown stream with rubbish in it
    The reserve at the bottom end of John Gill Road, Shelley Park is very overgrown on both sides of the stream. There is a lot of old rubbish including an old iron bath dumped in it. The bath is difficult to see but it is near the bridge.
  • Abandoned Van
    Registration XO2007 xray oscar 2 zero zero 7 has been abandoned outside 56 Pemberton Avenue Bayview. It may be a stolen vehicle ( who knows ? ) The registration has run out.
  • car abandoned
    Car left on a bend in the street for about a month. No WOF. Dangrous particularly at night. ZM7007. White Ford.
  • Red Nissan Sentra license UM4048
    Abandoned vehicle has been there at least three weeks. Has been issued with an overdue registration ticket.
  • ZC6937
    Expired Rego 10/8/2013 Vehicle parked since 1/9/2013
  • Abandoned Car
    There has been a car left on Grenada Ave for at least 5 weeks that has not been moved. It's a white Mitsubishi, registration BPL617.
  • Overgrown bushes blocking public footpath
    Main road footpath is being covered in unmaintained growth. Public have to walk around it and the postie has to go off the path unsafely
  • Unfamiliar car parked outside 98 Aeroview Dr
    Unfamiliar car parked outside 98 Aeroview Dr rego GCG65 Honda Odessy 2000
  • Leaking fire hydrant
    Fire hydrant outside 50 winsford street manurewa has been leaking for the last two days
  • Abandoned White Toyota Corolla - CER193
    Car has been untouched on the road side for 2 months.
  • Burst water pipe
    Corner of kayle Glen and Sunich Place, lots of water being wasted!
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Dark green, think it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle has been parked on the verge near our mail box for +- 2 weeks.
  • Abandoned double height enclosed trailer
    This trailer has been abandoned on our street for over 6 months now, and produces a hazard when turning into the street, especially after dark. It is parked right on the corner. This is also a street where there is no off street parking for the houses and this trailer is taking up valuable parking for residents.
  • Speed bumps
    This road has some extremely dangerous driving. The traffic will come through at peak hours and the speed is ridiculous, we have had a dod and many pukekohes hit by cars here seems especially bad from Franshell cresent to lilybank. There are many young children that go for bike rides in the area and this needs to be looked into sooner rather than later
  • Red Suzuki 4WD Rego VA LTD
    This vehicle has been parked here for near two months. Pared over storm water drain, stopping its clearing. Does not belong to anyone in area. Causes a problem on rubbish days.
  • Silver Subaru S/W Reg No BEP167
    Car has been left outside our house and does not appear to be used.
  • Fire hydrant leaking
    Fire hydrant has been leaking steadily (for some weeks), located near corner of Neligan Road and 28 Speight Road, Kohimarama
  • Fire hydrant not clearly marked, cars always parking on top of hydrant
    Fire hydrant not clearly marked, cars always parking on top of hydrant at top of Korotaha Tce
  • Abondoned vechile
    Neigbours car abanded on main street (55 Stanniland St. Farm Cove) Red Nisan reg: AWR580 This car does not have reg. and warant, and is park on street for last 4-5 months.
  • Dangerous intersection
    During peak hours the traffic from the west end of Portage Road cannot drive across to the east end of Portage Road nor turn south. The traffic from the east end of Portage cannot turn north nor drive straight to the west end of Portage Road. This issue causes drivers to make stupid decisions as they become impatient waiting to cross. I have seen numerous accounts of a near miss accident and have even seen drivers turn onto the wrong side to the street endeavoring to miss oncoming traffic.
  • Pink Bin
    A giant pink bin has been parked out on the grass verge out our house for 6 months now - not only is it a eye sore people from outside the neighbourhood drive up to it and deposit rubbish into it causing a stinking mess please help! surely there is a time limit on parking these on council land in a residential street.
  • Dangerous intersection
    The intersection between Druces Road and Kerrs road is dangerous intersection. There is a 60K speed limit on both streets. There are cars turning from Druces road into Kerrs Road. There are cars moving from both sides of Kerrs road into Druces road. When these cars stop to turn in to Druces road it is hard to see moving cars on Kerrs road. This morning (10 July 2013) there was a severe accident with two cars damaged at this interesection. Please can you you install traffic lights on this intersection. Thank you.
  • White nissan wk7209
    It has been here over a month
  • Rubbish on street
    The owners/tenants of 11B Selwyn Street appear to have no concept of treating the street with respect. They dump their rubbish on the side of the street, not using the council provided bins. If they have too much rubbish on a weekly basis for the bins, then they need to find a way to better manage, rather than creating an eyesore, and heath and safety hazard.
  • Heavy trucks using Prince Regent Drive
    A lot of heavy trucks are using this residential street when I don't believe they are supposed to.
  • Road sign in Park
    On Saturday night somone has thrown a roadsign complete with concrete base in the park. It is opposite number 11 Bronwylian Drive
  • Point Chevalier Primary School Anti Social Behaviour in a residential Zone
    Hello, I live opposite Point Chevalier Primary School, classed in a residential zone. Every weekend and probably twice during the week my house (have a small child) is disturbed by youth loitering on the school grounds acting in and anti social way: • Drinking • Playing loud music • Letting off fireworks • General loitering • Graffiti • ETC This behavior is early evening and follows on to after 1030pm….and invariably sets off the school alarm (which in its own right is frustrating enough, especially when the school’s security officer (Arrow) do not know how to turn this off. I contacted the local Police Community officer and noise control who both brush me off and have not dealt with this problem in any of the times I have contacted them. Can you tell me what action is to be taken to prevent this anti social behavior form happening almost every night (summer or winter)? Kind regards, Catherine
  • Street signed knocked down
    The Nicolas Avenue street sign has been knocked/pulled out of the ground and is currently just lying on the ground.
  • water leak1 update
    hi there, there seems to be a water leak by one of the water meters i just noticed it while going to get my daughter from school. i hope its not my meter box because i dont want to have to pay for that water thats getting wasted
  • Vechile WY3804 Abandoned near 25 Cleary Road
    Vechile WY3804 Abandoned near 25 Cleary Road .This car has no rego and has been broken into It has been on the street for more than three weeks
  • Street surface water floods our basement
    In heavy rain the storm water drains are overloaded and surface water runs like a sheet down our driveway and floods into our basement. The laundry is in there and water has rushed to the back washer and dryer area. The water volume overloads our drain in front of the basement and water floods through the jib inside. This is the odd numbered side.
    THE TREE IN THE BACKGROUND AS REPORTED http://fixmystreet.org.nz/issue/3266
  • Flashing Ground Lights for Pedestrian Crossings on Franklin Road?
    Its hard to see people using the pedestrian crossings on Franklin Road especially at night time. I've had to slam on the brakes many a dark night. The crossings in Sandringham are great as yellow lights illuminate when someone is on the crossing. Just a thought!
    I average speed currently done up and down Pulham road would be between 60 - 70 kms. Between the drag racing and the Speeding, there will be a child killed before long.
  • U turn
    When you drive along Te Irirangi Drive turn left into Bishop Dunn Place people are doing a U turn to go get the lights to drive into the school on the otherside of Bishop Dunn and Te Irirange. There needs to be a no U turn sign put up. Also people parking on yellow lines before the crossing on Bishop Dunn Place. Something needs to be done.
  • U-turns at intersection
    the current flow of traffic at peak times in the morning at the intersection of Te Irirangi and Sancta Maria Way (traffic towards botany Town Centre) provides delays for parents dropping off their kids for school. The parents now instead of turning right into Sancta Maria Way, turn left into Bishop Dunn Place. As soon as they enter Bishop Dunn Place they veer left and sweep around the traffic island to do a u-turn to drive from Bishop Dunn Place into Sancta Maria Way. This causes issue for legitimate traffic into Bishop Dunn Place, as we often have to stop suddenly due to traffic stopped perpendicular to traffic! often these u-turns are done with no warning. In addition, if they choose not to drive into Santa Maria Way, they turn left to proceed along Te Irirangi Drive, but before leaving stop on yellow lines so they can eject their kids before departing. This again causes issues an unexpected stopping by legitimate traffic leaving Bishop Dunn Place
  • Abandoned car opposite 20 Wyoming Avenue
    A blue station wagon (Reg YP2402) has been parked opposite 20 Wyoming Avenue for almost four weeks with no sign of any owner or activity in/near the car.
  • walk under a tree and get a sore neck1 update
    The attached photo was taken early in this month, because of my effort (without the fixmystreet & I think without Auckland city council) they have since been taken down, Just after the cones were taken down I reported 5 other cones left over from a job at three different locations, about a 1/2 a week later 2 at one location disappeared, I thought they were collected, but the other 2 locations the cones are still there. so it turned out some people like "playing" with these left over cones THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS RANT IS, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A "DAM" SORE NECK WHEN YOU WALK UNDER A TREE, BECAUSE NOBODY GIVES A HOOT ABOUT SAFETY?
  • Works under action and an opportunity to make Kitchener road safe.
    It appears that Council OR Maybe Water Care are installing pipes along Kitchener Road and the area that needs to be considered is from the intersection at the top of Green Lane/Kitchener Road through to Willis Avenue. I have pointed out in the past that this area (Including the top 300 metres of Green Lane)is particularly DANGEROUS to pedestrians. I walk this route daily and one takes their life in their hands walking this stretch. The ground is undulating and difficult to navigate and the passing traffic makes this area HAZARDOUS. MORE SO IN THE DARK. Now is an opportune time for Council to construct a footpath in this area for very little additional expense as part of the reinstatement work AFTER the piping is completed. I would challenge the Mayor and any Councillors to walk in this area at any time & feel safe but more particularly from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Lets say from Willis Ave to Green Lane. The footpath need not be conctete, it could be a metalled or hot mix walking track if that is less expensive and this would make a huge difference to a lot of people walking in this area. Half of this length is actually developed and a footpath should be provided by council in this area and has not been. Please note, also, there is no footpath on the South side of Kitchener Road from the Anzac Road intersection going West. I look forward to a favourable response from Council. Thank you
  • Abandoned Land Rover
    Has a flat tyre and abandoned for over two weeks. Reg: ATP669
  • litter problem
    Just a general observation but there is constantly ALOT of litter on our street. this is a direct result of the new shopping complex on the street ( carls jnr, dairy, roast shop,bruce lee sushi, coffee club). Perhaps these business should pay for rubbish bins and be responsible for sweeping the street daily? Could you put up some do not litter signs to help deter people throwing thier rubbish out their cars aswell?
  • Abandoned vehicle with blown out rear back left tyre
    Parked outside the entrance to 6 Sarsfield Stree for two weeks
  • Crossing Needed
    When walking across the new bridge at Westgate from Oreil Ave to Westgate Drive, there is no crossing to get to the mall safely. Especially having a pram to take with me, I find myself almost being hit by a car every time as cars turn in to the mall quite fast. The only option, being a pedestrian, is to either walk on the road part of the way and make my way to the pedestrian crossing on the right side, or quickly cross in the space provided which gives me little room for my pram and is risky. Could you please put in a pedestrian crossing here as it is used by walkers very regularly. Thanks
  • Offensive smell - possibly fertiliser
    Horrible smell, possibly some sort of fertiliser, on the Lucas Creek side of 30 Roanoke Way. Approximately 1 weekend in 3, the smell is too horrible to be outside or have windows open.
  • Car with No LIcense Plates
    This car has been sitting outside the Property for 3 Months now and hasnt moved. No License Plate on Front or Back. Also has the Front Drivers Window Down.
  • Abandoned Vehicle
    This car has been abandoned since Monday evening on the street of Carr Road near the set of lights towards Hillsborough Road. It's Registeration number is APN 253.
  • Neighbours Rubbish
    The neighbours have had a party where their recycling/rubbish bins have ended up being upturned on the roadside. This has not been cleaned up and the rubbish has been left laying their and blowing into our yard over the past week.
  • Broken branch hanging from tree - over road
    Tree is on the grass verge in front of 12 Lambeth Rd. a branch seems to have partly broken off and is hanging off the tree over the side of the road. Probably needs to be pulled or sawn off.
  • Speeding on my street1 update
    I live in Helena Street, Massey, Auckland and nearly every day cars speed past my house which is disruptive and dangerous. I am 18 and i live with my nephew who is 12 and i fear for his safety when travelling to and from school. I have been wanting to inquire about getting a speed bump on my street to possibly reduce the amount of speeding there is. The amount of speeding here has resulted in the loss of two of my cats (over the course of 2 years) and The people responsible for this have not learnt their lesson nor have they changed their bad habits. IN NEED OF A SPEED BUMP!
  • Leaking fire hydrant 1 update
    The fire hydrant is leaking a substantial amount of water
  • Uneven road surface
    Westbound lane between Mill Road and small bridge. Area of road has 'sunk' noticeably (over the past month) resulting from what appears to be undersurface erosion due to dry conditions. The dip is significant and (at the open road speed limit) will result in either vehicle damage or road accident if left unresolved.
  • Damaged power pole
    A power pole outside of number 28C Fruitvale Road has somehow sustained damage to its base is leaning slightly. This is causing power lines connected to it and surrounding poles to sag down quite a bit. Not sure if no one on the street in the immediate vicinity has reported it to the council or if the council has yet to fix it so hoping submitting the issue here will help. There is a primary school and a train station on this street so this a potential hazard for pedestrians if the damage gets worse.
  • 2 weeks on a 5 min parking area
    Black or very dark blue Mercedes EAH236 has been parked on a 5 min park for two weeks
  • Abandoned Vehicle ??
    1993 Subaru Legacy BJS190 ( unregistered) has been parked in cul de sac for the last 10 days, does not belong to any residents in street. Not listed by Police as stolen.
    Judder bars are despreatly needed to slow down the traffic cutting down Richmond Avenue. Our road is constantly being used as a shortcut for cars trying to cut around traffic on Queen Street espically in the morning. In the past 2 months our household alone has had 3 hit and runs on our vehicles and there have been countless others on our neighbors cars. In the same 2 months 3 cats have been killed in our neighboorhood due to speeding cars down our road! There is a park directly across from us on Richmond Ave. and speeding traffic makes it dangerous for everyone, espcially children. Not too long ago a petiition was signed by all the neighbors and sent in to put in these judder bars, was anyone ever going to respond to this request? This is an urgent matter and if the council keeps ignoring our requests I fear someone is going to get really hurt.This issue needs to be resolved.
  • abandoned car
    white car with severe driver-side damage has been left on the road for around 2 weeks now. tyres are trashed and running on the rim. rego gfc615. photo attached
  • Speeding cars avoiding traffic on main road
    between about 4pm and 6.30pm each week night multiple cars are speeding down the slip road to avoid the queue of traffic formed by the road works. young local children play on the street and in the park and there have been a few close calls already. Something needs to be done before one of them is injured or worse.
  • Upper end Symonds street smells of vomit
    The smell is extremely foul and strong and is possibly due to the lack of rubbish bins being emptied after the lantern festival and possibly due to lack on maintenance along bushy gardens which run along the footpath in symonds street.
  • Abandoned crashed vehicle parked on street for weeks.
    Abandoned crashed vehicle parked on street for weeks dragging the whole area down and creating unwanted attention. White 1993 Nissan Pulsar Rego Number ZJ3003. Parked outside 1 Ferguson Ave, Greenlane, Auckland
  • 3 sodium bulbs not working in Watling Reserve
    At least 3 of the brtight sodium bulbs are not working in Watling Reserve in Epsom. This became evident last night when I rolled my ankle when walking through ! Ouch. Please fix.
  • Water Pollution
    Waste engine oil has leaked into the stormwater and now poses a risk to wildlife and aquatic animals
  • dead baked on leaves on storm water grill wait to drown small child in Auckland park1 update
    1/2 way between museum and winter garden, I have reported this many times, I have cleared to get rid of flood many times.
  • Not all Fire Hydrants re-marked after new footpaths laid
    In Ferryhill Road and Watling Street (and, I imagine, others in the area), since new footpaths have been laid, no-ione has been around to re-mark the Fire Hydrants in yellow (some are still marked but not all).
  • Car stop barrier broken
    Two of the "fence" timbers are broken. Not urgent but need repair. (Trying this method of reporting as not clear whether Council Parks or Auckland Transport responsibility)
  • Tree on roadside outside 12 Tuakau Road Pukekohe1 update
    The tree is blocking the view of traffic coming down the hill as we and our neighbours reverse out on to the road. The have been several near misses as the traffic is usually travelling at speed. Several branches have broken since a major storm on 6 December. We reported the matter to the council as the tree needs trimming. As branches have broken, we have disposing of most of them in our green waste bin. Trees within the area eg Queen Street have been trimmed, but the trees on our road and Kitchener Road were ignored.
  • Tree on roadside outside 12 Tuakau Road Pukekohe
    The tree is blocking the view of traffic coming down the hill as we and our neighbours reverse out on to the road. The have been several near misses as the traffic is usually travelling at speed. Several branches have broken since a major storm on 6 December. We reported the matter to the council as the tree needs trimming. As branches have broken, we have disposing of most of them in our green waste bin. Trees within the area eg Queen Street, but the trees on our road and Kitchener Road were ignored.
  • Cars using road as a thoroughfare in mornings are speeding1 update
    A very large volume of cars use our road at a thoroughfare in the mornings 6.30am - 8am to try and take a shortcut from Te Atatu Road. They cut down Wakeling Ave, then link back on Te Atatu Road by using Lyndhurst Road or Jaemont Ave. I guess you can't stop them doing this even though it causes a huge amont of congestion. However they all speed down Wakeling and it is quite dangerous in the mornings. This is a 50km built up area but all the cars fly down the hill at quite a speed.
  • lots of glass on the street
    It looks like there might have been an accident. Lots of glass on the street.
  • Tagging/Shoes on power line
    Shoes strung over power line.Personally I consider this vandalism so falls under the graffiti category. Also there is tagging on the roadside fence behind carls jnr. Would be nice to have removed please.
  • Speeding Vehicles1 update
    Vehicles often speed through Quona Avenue from either Albrecht Ave to Hillsborough Road or from Hillsborough Road to Albrecht Ave. The level of noise from speeding vehicles is highly disruptive to an otherwise, quiet suburban road and poses an enormous threat to house, people and vehicle safety because of the high speeds. How can speed bumps be positioned along Quona Avenue to reduce the speeding drivers who do not care for the safety of Quona Street's residents?
  • Burst water pipe
    Burst water pipe by letter boxes for flats. Has been like this for 3 days. There was a water care truck on Thursday but water is still running down the street.
  • very long grass
    With the continuing very dry weather the long grass on this section has not been cut since the house was sold in about August/September. This is a potential fire hazard to properties next door. The owners have been approached but say they do not own a mower! The house is empty and they do not live there. Can you help.
  • weed control
    Many ragwort plants needing spraying with Tordon or Meturon or pulled out and taken away. Many Wooly Nightshade trees needing to be cut then painted with vigilant paste.
  • Michael Foley Place street sign missing
    The Michael Foley Place street sign has been missing for the last 4-5 months and we've had many people getting lost and not finding their way because of this. I think this is the second or third time this has happened and the sign might have been stolen or blown away by the wind. The street residents would greatly appreciate this being replaced please. Many thanks.
  • Flashing street light1 update
    Opposite our house there is a street light that flashes on and off throughout the night. We are on Middlefield Drive (number 49) just off the roundabout where Rialto and Glastry meet.
  • Road Marking
    Can the fire hydrant marking at 23 seamount drive be repainted?
  • footpath access restricted, nightly until approximately 0800hrs am
    Vehicle is a black station wagon-area is congested with parked residential cars-twisting section of road presents difficulty in negotiating, for both vehicles and pedestrians. Parents with prams/pushchairs must step out onto roadway to get by!
  • Broken glass nightmare
    There is broken glass literally everywhere along Great North Road and Ponsonby. Punctured both my tyres on a brand new bike. There is nowhere one can ride, either on the footpath or on the road that isn't covered in broken glass fragments.
  • Car left to gather cobwebs
    Silver Mitsubishi license TT5665, has been abandoned outside 311 Sunset Road, Sunnynook for at least four months. The rego expired in June 2012. It is not a hazard but removing it would provide a better line of site for cars turning out of Lavery Place onto busy Sunset Road. It has built up a nice collection of spiderwebs now also.
  • Street light flashing on and off constantly at night.
    As above, this light's cover is also hanging down.
  • leaking fire hydrant
    This is the 3rd time I've reported this leaking fire hydrant. I thought it was slowing down and hopefully stopping in the weekend, but come Monday morning it is running steadily faster and collecting more rubbish, which customers insist smells and are therefore deterred from entering our takeaway. Please fix this problem as it is a health hazard as well as affecting our small business...
  • no footpath - have to walk over the garden, or get run over on the road 1 update
    How stupid can they get? From the western side of roundabout Lambie drive & Ronwood Avenue
  • Street light timing
    Street lights in Rangatira Rd are currently on all day and off all night.
  • leaking fire hydrant1 update
    There has been a leaking fire hydrant in front of the Sea King Takeaway since just before Christmas. Please fix...
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Silver nissan primera DWJ798 unregistered and sitting in street for several weeks. Parking here us very limited for residents and narrow. I have consulted neighbours and it appears that registered owner is not residing in this area. We believe it is an abandoned vehicle and would like it removed please.
  • Weeds - footpath and kerb
    Please review the use of a herbicide to kill the weeds growing in the gutters and kerbs of my street. The cycle for the hot water weed killing programme is too long and hard-to-kill weeds are becoming well-established, e.g. nutgrass. It is now December 23 and by January they will be knee-high! Most residents don't bother about the footpath outside their properties so I doubt they would complain about the use of a weedkiller, or even notice its use! Please consider switching back to glyphosate herbicide or shorten the cycle to catch weeds in their infancy.
  • Street lights out1 update
    The Street lights in Airborne have been out since Wednesday 12/12/12 I rang on Wednesday 19/12/12 to let them know and on Thursday 20/12/12 the lights were on but now 21/12/12 they are off again also in Bush Rd, Rosedale Rd, The area is Albany on the North Shore, I walk my dog at nights and now its too unsafe as one cannot see too far ahead.
  • Street lighting in Rhodes Avenue, Mt Albert, not working
    None of the street lights in Rhodes Avenue are working, so the street is dark to walk down, presenting a safety issue.
  • Broken sand bag
    Road sign sand bag left behind outside 104 Carlton Gore road. Broken and spilling sand all over pavement. Unsightly.
  • Street light shining in bedroom at night
    Street light on the corner of Alberton Road and Mt Albert road above 'wave pool' sign, is very bright and shines directly into my bedroom window at night, a guard to restrain light being so bright or similar would be appreciated- thanks.
  • Drain- Grate1 update
    Someone appears to have poured paint into the grate of the drain. This is a stormwater drain. Site is behind the units at 42 Cavendish Drive, Manukau. I will send a photo in a day or two.
  • Light Frequently Turns Off
    The street light outside number 19 Kirikiri Lane frequently turns off for a few seconds. Please fix this soon as it is disturbing our sleep.
  • On all day and off all night
    For the last few days or so the street lights in our area including Rosedale Road have been off all night then on from around 5am in the morning. During this time of year I think it's quite important to have lit streets at night especially since there have been reports of people inspecting locks on business doors, and possible theft of Xmas presents from under trees.
  • Dust Nuisance
    > Hi, & merry xmas .. I am planing our usual family gathering Xmas party > but have the added stress as usual of DUST nuisance. We live in Puhoi, > 114 Tunnel Road. I have requested help to deal with the dust, from > Rodney District Council, over the past 15 or so years. We have lived > at this address & in Puhoi for over 20 years! The development of more > house sites on this road is making our life miseable with the DUST > NUISANCE. Tunnel Road feeds off to Turnwald Road and Lenzen Road all > no exit hence the extra dust. We are situated on the corner of both > Turnwald Road and the corner of Lenzen boardering onto our lifestyle > property. I have competitive Dressage horses which I train daily and > have had to retire one as the dust has affected his lungs !! > Incredibly disappointing after 12 years of training to the level I > have achieved. I appreciate the funding factor but every time you re > gravel the road it stirs more dust and generally lasts a few days before the large potholes reappear.This is a busy road. > Please attent to this problem. My husband and I have just returned > from a trip south through Waikato and Manawatu back roads to our > destination and amazed at the small back roads that are ALL sealed. > I look forward to some positive action in the NEW YEAR..and anticipate > the Super City will accomodate us and not dismiss this matter lightly > after so many requests in the past?? > Regards > Judi Roberts PH 09 4220 860
  • Yellow traffic light not functional, foliage obscuring traffic lights4 update
    The Mt Albert Rd westbound kerbside straight-ahead yellow light at the SW corner of Dominion and Mt Albert Rd is non-functional. With the corresponding signal face at the SE corner fully obscured by foliage (which should be trimmed), and a simultaneous left-turn green arrow beside the non-functioning yellow light, it is easy for drivers in the left-most lane to miss the yellow light until it is too late to brake safely. Please fix the yellow light and trim the tree.
  • no street lights on at centreway rd etc orewa.why not.1 update
    why is there no lights in centreway rd and side roads.is this due to maintenance.
  • overgrown trees blocking path and visibility
    Overgrown privit and other large bushs/trees are blocking the footpath outside the address. this is also affecting visibility of traffic entering the street when reversing onto the road from the property next door.
    The traffic light which is located at intersection of Morningside Drive and St Lukes Rd for the drivers who want to turn right, from Morningside Drive to St Lukes Road, works with over 5 minutes delay. I would say, it works randomly! This morning at 7:42 am I've been waiting for that light to get green till 7:50am. And it's been like this since the last 2 weeks now!
  • Street Lights on 24/7 all week
    Since last Saturday (a whole week now) the street lights in South Lynn Road have been on 24 hours a day. It would seem to be a waste of power and street lights are not necessary during the day. Why are they not being turned off during daylight hours?
  • street lighting not working
    Whole street lighting in this area did not work since last week, also the pathway lighting to the sunnynook bus station out of work as well. It is absolutely black dark there at night and is not safe for people walking to and from the bus station.
  • Short phasing1 update
    Traffic lights when turning from Chapel rd into Ti Rakau Dr are short phasing. Traffic queues in the morning right back to the roundabout waiting to go through the lights now.
  • Faulty signal phasing1 update
    Ti rakau drive phasing across reeves means the light iz green for 6seconds
  • Light Not working
    Light outside 8 Paruru Ave, Northcote comes on for 10-15 seconds and then turns off and this repeats every 4-5mins during the night.
  • potholes metal road
    Hello We live on a metal road,wish it could be sealed. We have lived here since 2007 and it is currently the worst we have ever seen it. Some metal got dumped on it a few months ago, but it wasn't worked in, and within a few days it was clogging up the drains on the side if the road. So we have had a river down the road all winter and now the road is covered in dredful potholes. Monk rd is only 1 km long, but there a4e at least 11 houses on it, so a lot of traffic. Please seal our road. Those households pay a lot of rates, but we get very little in return.
  • Three potholes at intersection of Wade River Rd and crescent to The Plaza
    Potholes have doubled in size in the last week. Cars are swerving to avoid them making it dangerous to enter and exit the intersection.
  • dangerous traffic light sequence
    At the intersection of manukau road, quadrant road and Trafalgar street, the traffic light sequence is causing dangerous driving. Coming from royal oak heading towards quadrant road, going straight with a car in front of you turning right to Trafalgar street, you have to give way. The car turning has to give way to cars coming straight through and if you are waiting behind that car you are doing the correct thing. However, there is a turning lane on your left, heading towards onehunga, but cars still turn into that lane to overtake the cars waiting to go straight. If the cars are coming from royal oak and realise there is a waiting que, they will immediately enter the turning lane and overtake everyone, at speed. This is dangerous for anyone deciding to change lanes to do the same thing of overtaking the turning cars. There is a shop on the corner, jellicoe park further up, swimming pool in park gardens and all of these attract pedestrians, of which one day someone will die. We have royal oak intermediate school and onehunga high school just round the corner, and you see kids on these intersections all the time, if anything goes wrong, there most likely will be a death. Please change the sequence of the lights, so that one side of then road (manukau road) and then the other (quadrant) moves off first. Its very very dangerous and I have almost been involved in 2 crashes there purely by being behind a turning driver, and when he moves off and I get going, you have cars speeding past you. I followed one of these cars as she pulled into the swimming pools, and unloaded a minivan full of kids. I doubt they were all hers. Fix this asap.
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant
    There is a leaking fire hydrant on my driveway with a large volume of water coming from it.
  • Slip has caused road to become one-way only when will this be put right?
    A slip on the side of McLeod Road which has been made a oneway road some two years or so back. I would like to know when will this be put back in order, made wider and two-way again and also when will McLeod Road be sealed or at least made an even width the whole of the road? What is the criteria for getting roads sealed? We have five properties on McLeod Road (paying huge rates)we intend to sell and at present it would be very difficult for us because of the state of the road. There are more residents now. When we shifted here ten years ago the road was in a much better state than it is now I would appreciate a time scale of when we can expect repairs/sealing to take place and the criteria council has for doing this type of work on roads please. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Broken footpath in public park space
    In the park space betwen Hamilton Drive and Matai street, there are two footpaths. One of these is badly broken and is a definite hazard. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Wheely bins left on footpath for weeks
    The bins have been left outside this property for weeks now. The "red bin" is missing a lid, which is very unpleasant when it is full of rubbish. It would be nice to have these off the footpath (and also a lid for the broken bin). Thanks for your help.
  • Terrible Uneven Surface
    This road has very recently been completely resurfaced. And its actually worse than it was before ! I suggest you irgently send an engineer out to survey the road. Its abysmal.
  • Loose and missing cobblestones Civic Cres
    Missing and loose cobblestones on paved section of Civic Drive just before entry to roundabout with Don Mckinnon Dr and McClymonts Road. Deep enough to wreak havoc with a cycle wheel.
  • Pothole on Hugh Green Drive
    Large pothole on southbound side of Hugh Green Drive between ends of Killybegs Dr. Large and deep enough to be a real danger to cyclists (like me!).
  • Section of footpath broken off
    A small section of footpath has fallen away. The footpath links Selcourt road with Asquith Ave.
  • Street light turns on and off
    The street light directly in front of 1 Catrina Ave (right behind the green transformer box) turns itself off and on all night. It's right outside our babies room and we think may be waking him at night. If it could be repaired it would be a great help
  • Phasing
    I would like to complain about the light phasing, if you are wanting to merge into the lane to go onto the motorway south - the lights only allow 2x cars to go through causing a long queue on Sylvia Park road. It is mainly due to congestion generated from the straight through traffic coming from the Otahuhu/Vestey Drive area.
  • Street lighting2 update
    Since the weekend no streetlights in Connell St and Mitchell St. Blockhouse Bay. Probably caused by storm.
  • Light out
    The street lights from 9 Lillington Road towards Clonbern Road are out, noticed since we moved here last week but it could have been out for awhile. Very incovenient especially for pedestrians at night.
  • The walkway between Lincoln and Te Kanawa
  • neighbours trees blocking sunlight, very close to the kitchen, cocroaches on window ledge
    In the past we have paid for tree fellers to come and top these trees in our neighbours garden. My understanding in West Harbour there is a restriction on the height of trees
  • only one light works on the whole street!
    not to mention the thousands of dogs, tagging & rubbish. the street use to be nice, now there are kids ageing from 4-20 who stand at the end of the road every single night they abuse me while I walk to the dairy it would be nice if there was more light so i could see when they throw stuff at me. I'm am not joking.
  • grafton bridge never cleaned ....
    ... not since John Banks was Moyer, I did spend 1/2 a hour the week before christmas last year and sweep one side (south side) of the bridge. but the other day there was a cardboard box there one day and the next day could be there today as well.
  • no street signs to call ambulance
    There are no street signs at the intersection of George street+grandstand road south+carlton gore road, so if anyone slips on the steep slippery footpath acute corner of george street+Carlton gore and need to be removed my ambulance they will not know where they are, if they try and move the victim to the hospital could bo peppermint spinal damage, if there was dammage done at the fall.
  • Road Leaking Water
    The road on both sides leaking water and its kid of started cracking
  • broken street light outside 15 rosella grove waimauku
    Street light outside 15 Rosella Grove waimauku does not work and the lamp glass is broken.
  • still no pedestrian crossing at park road
    still no pedestrian crossing at park road, no street signs at that intersection, I tell other pedestrians, "this is not a pedestrian crossing" they say DROP DEAD ARSEHOLE" I was told due to traffic at intersection it was eligible for pedestrian crossing
  • glass on grafton bridge please sweep
    glass on grafton bridge please sweep
  • Ducks killed by motorists - Signage requested
    Please can we have some signage to make motorists aware that ducks and ducklings are crossing. I have seen 2 ducks killed in recent weeks, and young ducklings without a parent. We need signage mainly between Fruitvale and Westall road sections of Northall road. Bird rescue also feel we should have additional signs "Do not feed the Ducks".
  • Albany Lakes - no rubbish bins
    The Albany Lakes area has been nicely developed and is a mess most weekends, full of fast-food rubbish - there are no rubbish bins for rubbish, or recycling in the area. The only bins are by the Mall entrance across the road. Since this is supposed to be a public space, why cant the Council guys think and put rubbish bins here so that responsible citizens can dispose of rubbish, instead of either over-filling one single bins, or leave people to dump rubbish in the area. There is wildlife, ducks and swans ... poor things land up eating plastic or paper and may die. Come on Council, be proactive and responsible for our environment and provide bins - we pay taxes!
  • Street light not working
    Street light in front of 6 Falcarragh Cresent not working. Dangerous as there is urban access from the end of the street with heavy foot traffic throughout the night.
  • Speeding cars
    Boy racers use this hill as a bit of a racetrack. Theys start outside of 42 Wood Bay Road and race up to where Wood Bay Rd meets Opou Rd/Otitori Bay Rd. Pets and birds are being run over, and local residents have to listen to them racing up and down. Can we please get a speed bump (or bumps) to keep this street safe?
  • Ducks being hit by speeding cars
    It's spring, which means the Titirangi duck population is exploding again. Ducks are being hit by speeding cars (especially the boy racers who speed up and down this part of Wood Bay Road). Can we please have signs on both sides of the road to say 'duck crossing'? Thank you. I'm also going to put in a request for a speed bump specific to the boy racer problem on this hill.
  • Street light not working.
    Street light not working.
  • 2 Street Lights not working for the last couple of months, approx
    Directly outside numbers 6 and 10 Lush Ave, two street lights have not worked, since works were done in the street a couple (?) of months ago. Can you please fix them?!! Thanks!
  • Street Light not working1 update
    The street light in front of my house No 33, Hendry Avenue, has not been working since the past 12 months, pls fix it ASAP as due to which it is all dark here and the cars parked on the street side and also the house is quiet vulnerable. Thanks .
  • DANGEROUS Abandoned vehicle1 update
    There is an abandoned vehicle parked partly on the road opposite 44 Tiriwa Drive Massey. It is hazardous for traffic on the street and a danger to children who play on the vehicle. Registration expired in May2012 and vehicle has 4 flat tyres. Has not moved in months. very dangerously parked, needs to be removed immediately. licence plate is AJK168.
  • Speeding cars1 update
    We often have cars racing around the corner to a dead end street this is very dangerous as there are many pedestrians as there is no footpath people tend to walk on the road. Large amounts if children walk along here and I wish to request a slow down children sign to be erected on the corner of Blake st and the esplanade.
  • Ducks crossing
    Ducks and ducklings cross the road and the motorists need a road sign to let them know to be wary.
  • Electrical/Telecom cable1 update
    There is a post right in front of 44 Roseman Ave with a cable being pulled out by kids in this area. It's getting worse by the day and might be dangerous at some point soon.
  • Solar Park Lights
    We quite often get people smoking and drinking on the playground, partying at night, driving on the park grounds, getting their car stuck in muddy grass, leaving their rubbish. Please install solar lights for safety and to keep people away late at night.
  • Improving public transport from Onehunga to Airport1 update
    I notice on the Auckland Rail Network that the Onehunga train station has no Transfer station for bus services to Auckland Airport, such as the Airbus Express & 380 Auckland Airport to Manukau City Centre bus service's. What initiatives are planned to fix this weak public transport link? I can catch two buses from Onehunga to the Airport only for Monday to Friday, such as the 305 & 375 on a very limited time table. There is no weekend service at all. Having a direct bus service from Onehunga to Airport would benefit tourists & locals
  • Overgrown plants force walkers onto the road
    Various trees and bushes opposite #31 have grown over the pavement enough that you need to walk on the road to get around. There is a long break there with no driveways so if one is in a wheel chair or pushchair you have a long way to go to get back onto the footpath
    Hello - there is a tree growing in the footpath outside 3 Ireland Street that requires some light pruning. One of the branches has grown very close to the power lines and, I guess, during high winds, its likely they'll begin rubbing on the branches themselves with the possibility of damage soon. You may want to visit this tree which, I believe, may have been pruned about 6-12 months ago but which could do with a little TLC again!
  • Motorway sign delay
    The motorway time to destination sign here has a standard delay on it... BUT its just too long... you drive past before you get to see the actual amount of time to go. To me the times are needed and the name of the sign are NOT needed at all... we know its a motorway time to dest sign... it would be great if the sign name could be either removed all together or the amount of time on that phase of the sign reduced to one second.
  • Pohutukawa Dieback
    This pohutukawa has been in trouble for a long time, however it now has dieback in the main canopy cover... dying brown patches ... as its two main trunks are very low to the ground. To me it needs propping up with some solid structure assembly or it will be lost.
  • Abandoned Blue BMW
    Abandoned Blue BMW outside 4 Meadowood Drive, has been there for over 2 weeks, has no front numberplate
  • Leaking watermain
    water is welling up through the ground outside number 12 and number 58. In both instances, this has been happening for more than a week.
  • Missing Stop Sign / Stop Markings on Service Lane
    The service lane that runs between Carrington Road and Great North road is currently without a stop sign and the stop markings are faded at the Carrington Road end. Vehicles should be giving way to pedestrians on the footpath but most times they don't and often go through without stopping - in fact most times they are too busy looking at the traffic that they may not even notice pedestrians, particularly those walking in a Northerly direction across the exit. Also cars that do stop normally stop right on the edge of the road rather than where the lines used to be, meaning pedestrians have to walk around in between cars. As there a lot of pedestrians and kids that walk here, it is surely only a matter of time before something bad happens. Ultimately this service lane is supposed to be NO THOROUGHFARE, but it stops no-one and there must be hundreds if not thousands of cars that use it each day, particularly turning left onto Carrington Road.
  • Vagrants camping in their cars parked in Allendale Rd Mt Albert
    Vagrant couple were first noticed last Friday 1st June, parked in Allendale Rd in front of bowling Club, drinking, smoking, and making a nuisance of themselves. Neighbor notified Police, and yes they did go away, only to be back a few days later. The same process again, the cops are called, they moved away, only to find they came again, late yesterday. so late last night, I called *555 number and yes they moved. And yes, they were spotted on our street but at the corner this time. This time I called Eden Albert council who advised I call Auckland City council to lodge a job with them, to send a member of their team to action an infringement notice to them. As the Police are also aware, they said they would get in touch with them. Ok our street have done all that they can. And it just makes me wonder, how many other vagrants are there doing the same thing. Could this be a new wave of alternative style living for the homeless?
  • Broken car window glass on the road.
    My car had it's window smashed last night and there is glass all over the road outside my house.
  • Leaking fire hydrant
    Weed killing truck loaded water from hydrant over the weekend and seems like they didn't turn it off fully. Slow leak.
  • Carisbrook reserve sign
    Map shows Dominion Rd in Auckland, not the one in Papakura 2110 The sign was beside 134 Dominion Rd Papakura. Stolen around xmas
  • it hurts to think "safety" in auckland
    who will be the first to walk through the pain at newmarket train station
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant
    Thats it... quite a bit of water.
  • Open Sewer In Bush Beside Carpark
    Especially bad in summer but all year round this carpark is used as an "overnight" and in may cases week in week out camping ground. Some people live in cars and others in vans. They park up against the very small area of bush and use it as a toilet. The stench at times is disgusting and the human faeces and toilet paper residue can be shocking if one dares to enter. We have no objection to campervans with facilities useing the area or for stopping or resting for a few hours on a long drive, however some temporary "residents" have remained for weeks sleeping in their cars while they work? locally.
  • Street sign damaged
    The street names sign on the corner of Minnie Street and Virginia Ave East has been severely damaged.
  • Bush blocking safe view of road, pedestrians
    Trees and bush near the traffic island on Paul Matthews Rd is blocking visibility for cars and pedestrians. This could be a hazard for people trying to cross the road.
  • speed bumps needed2 update
    Hi please can you assist with the request for speed bumps,cars are using this street as a bypass for whangaparaoa road and cars scream past at all speeds with no regards for anything the noise from some cars are so loud at all hours of the day and night.
  • shirt ripper
    Because footpath cancer is slippery in the wet and takes up the WHOLE footpath, I avoid walking on them, I value my ability to walk without been a drain on the health care system, if you walk around the footpath cancer there is the sign at shirt ripping height. (about 1.4 meter off the ground)
  • What will this hatch into?
    A What egg? You can not sit on it, can not eat your lunch off it, what good is it? lets hope it get sold off quick, I just get so excited when people waste money on hideous objects like this and nobody gives a hoot in making our community safer and preventing injury.
  • Is underground power/telephone lines possible in this street?
    This is a street leading down to a very popular beach and the power lines and telephone lines especially outside 9 Sidmouth look disgusting and can't be healthy. It is bad enough having a sewage pump across the road but at least that has been upgraded and disguised with trees. Hurstmere Rd in Takapuna and the beachfront of Montrose in Mairangi got underground power, what about Sidmouth and doing the rest of Montrose Tce (which also leads down to the beach) in Mairangi Bay?
  • street name and directions
    driving towards rosscommon road manurewa on the motorway from onehunga.. there are no street direction signs pointing to rosscommon road linking it to . manurewa,wattle downs,weymouth area's. ON THAT MOTORWAY. i've lived in auckland for 50 years now and cannot find my way now..imajine a tourist trying to get there. we are now supposed to be a tourist oriented country.
  • Track washed away and needs replacing
    The track from Morriggia Pl into the Leigh Reserve has been washed away and needs to be replaced. This has been like this for over a year and there has been nothing done to replace it. Many people use this track and just walk around the small barriers that are in place at the washout, but it's very unsafe for small children. Can this be fixed?
  • Speeding vehicles causing danger to children and animals1 update
    HAving real issues on the street with Vehicles speeding up and down the hill section of Arthur st. We have a 21/2 year old son and keep him well clear. Vehicles are accellerating at the bottom of the hill to well in excess of the speed limit as they go up ...and do the same as they go down. Is it possible to have speed bumps introduced to reduce the risk of a child being run over by a speeding vehicle....or does that need (and a child killed or injured)before these sorts of requests be looked at?
  • Power Pole having troubles
    This power pole is not quite where it should be and its only a matter of time before the kindy its next to gets a SHOCK.
  • Stormwater inlet
    There is a large and open stormwater inlet located here which could be a hazard to small children and animals. Could you look into putting a grate on it to stop small bodies entering?
  • Trees in road reserve causing safety hazards for the slip road
    Overgrown trees that are located between Jellicoe Road and the slip road are rubbing against power lines, and branches are hanging dangerously low over the slip road. Please get an arborist in to trim them back to a safer height. Thanks.
  • Give Way Sign Down.
    The give way sign exiting Jackso nway has been toppled by vandals.
  • Water leak
    There appears to be a decent water leak. The water is bubbling up through the pavement. partway between the blue water meter boxes and the road edge at the top of the drive that goes down to 23 & 25 Sunset Road, i.e. on the council side of the water meters
  • 100 kph sign fallen down
    looks like is has taken a slight knock. just needs to be stood up and re-concreted
  • Pedestrian crossing
    Pedestrians at this intersection crossing across Wellesley St East on the library side have to contend with buses who are allowed to turn left into Wellesley St at the same time. There should be a sign to buses saying give way to pedestrians. It is very dangerous because pedestrians expect right of way when the green walking signal is going.
  • Incorrect spelling of street name
    It's labelled Forth Ave instead of Fourth Ave at the intersection of Fourth & School
  • pedestrian crossing sensor pad
    Walking down Queen Street toward downtown on Tuesday evening (19/7/2011),this yellow sensor pad is extremely slippery & on a bit gradient. My mother & I both slipped on it. I have ended up on crutches with a serious knee injury that is possibly going to require surgery to repair. These horrible sensor pads need to go! They are more of a danger than anything.
  • a better place to put a sign so it does not block most of the footpath
    THIS ALSO A TEST TO SEE IF MY EMAIL ADDRESS NEVER COMES AND I HAD TO USE THE OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS, THAT IS WHY I LOST IT YESTERDAY AFTER WASTING TIME It is a bit hard for people in wheel chairs & mother pushing prams when there is a B sign blocking most of the bridge.
  • Dangerous oversized pine trees threaten Kindy carpark
    Hi there. There are dangerous oversized pine trees at 56 Korora Road that threaten the carpark/buildings at the Steiner Kindy (58 Korora Road)
  • Power Pole leaning
    The power pole holding power and telephone services to a number of the adjacent properties including 38A Blockhouse Bay Rd is now leaning severely causing the service lines to be near reaching distance from the ground down this driveway and putting strain on the lines providing these services on the roadside.
  • Lawn cutting - Unworth Reserve Green Belt around 15 Azure Grove
    Your contractors have not mowed this green belt for two months. Can you please address ASAP.
    In view of the city has gone out their way to riddle the footpaths with "footpath cancer" to help the Visually Impaired Pedestrian (VIP), and everybody else to slip on them in the wet. I think the placement (height) is literally a slap in the face for VIP's as at 6:35 pm last night I was just moments away from getting whacked in the face by the (other side) of the sign in the photo, (I was looking at the footpath to make sure I did not trip on anything) and if I had of been a VIP I am sure I would of got whacked in the face. It was a bit dark when approaching from the other side of the sign. I really think Auckland Super City can make a bit of money from "Sign Erection Infringement Fines" maybe not as much as the income made on Grafton bridge by cars crossing outside the "free time" (like 6:25pm last night). All the same their are a lot of signs that come down in strong winds, maybe the problem is last time I walked that route (in the dark) at night it was not there. Maybe this one could of been mounted higher (so you did not get whacked in the head) or maybe had cones put around it to direct pedestrians away from the sign, and they would think what are these cones for and why do we have to walk over here and rubber neck to see there is a sign "Trucks Crossing" NOTE: This photo was taken on Park Road across the road from Glasgow terrace, in the photo you can see a telephone booth, with the Auckland Hospital glowing in the dark almost hidden by the sign & the pole.
  • badly placed tree/overgrown perhaps/
    The tree just before this bus stop obscures the bus' drivers view of the bus stop so they can't see passengers waiting, and don't take the turn in (its in its own special bay) to pick up passengers, - if you want to get their attention you need to stand in the middle of the road as thats the only place they can see you otherwise they miss you, (two busses did so to me this morning - not the first time) and I watched it happen to someone else today too. Standing in middle of road isn't an option as I and others around here have small children, it is a fairly popular bus stop. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  • Wrong sing posting causing confusion.
    Traveling North on Surrey Cres and attempting a right hand turn into Selbourne St can be quite confusing. There is a stop sign to be complied with. The stop sign overrides the normal give way rule which creates confusion as some people act upon this and others expecting to be given way to find themselves very close to a slow speed head on collision. The Stop sign itself is a hazard. I believe that because the road is clear for several hundred meters no sign would be more appropriate allowing those turning right to apply the standard give way rules giving way to cars moving straight through but having the expected right of way against a southern bound left hand turning vehicle. I live on Selbourne St and see this countless times even when sitting at the cafe watching motorists struggle with the contradicting rules.
  • Two constipated drains.1 update
    Today aim of posting: to stop a toddler getting drowned if the toddler was to wonder away from their parents. If heavy rain is to enhance the problem, we are in the season for it. ~~~~~~~~ This is another double image joined together, Both taken from Auckland domain today about just after 5:30pm The top part of the picture is opposite the big sign “20 Titoki Street” corner Titoki Street and Mausell Road, in the south-west part of the intersection. ~~~~~~~~ The bottom part of the picture is half way between Auckland museum & the wintergardens (at the bottom of the stairs) inside the red square under all the dead leaves is a steel grill as you can see in the top part of the picture. I have seen the whole area flooded out after heavy rain. From Eric (sorry I did not walk on footpath cancer on Davis crescent and miss this opportunity.)
  • Roadside Drainage Ditch
    Roadside drainage ditch outside 38 and 40 Northfield Road, Waitakere, is overgrown, and does not drain effectively, leaving pools of stagnating water.
  • Construction & commercial Noise from the Albany Centre
    There seems to be a blatant disregard for Council Noise Bylaws during the weekend, night time & early morning hours. Maybe we need some sound barriers.
  • Speed Bump
    Hi, Can we please have some speed bumps on this street. Lynden Ave is a very busy inner residential st as it is straight & it connects coronation & Sylvia. We have some extremely reckless drivers that go past our house every 15-20 minutes, these cars go over 70-80k's at times especially at night and close to weekends when you can see some of them scaring the heck out of you. The road is narrow and have residential cars parked on street. There are some very narrow points where if there is a residential car parked then only 1 car can go past at a time. We have a 5 and a half year old child that goes to Willowpark school and lots of other kids use lynden ave to get to the school. Moreover this morning our cat was hit by a car. I request to have speed bumps on our street for the safety of all who live on Lynden Ave. Please advise if you would like signatures from concerned residents to show that everyone is effected and concerned. Thanks in anticipation. I look forward to your reply in this matter.
  • Car has not moved!
    Test Test Debbie
  • footbridge rotting tiritiri rd to woodhams
    hi there, I think the footbridge from bottom of tiritiri road to woodhams street needs checking/attention some of the slats appear to be rotting and on the tiri tiri side there is a hole at the start of the bridge lots of local children use that route from the intermeadiate and college etc so thought I would bring it up
  • Ellerslie sign sheared off hanging loose
    Main Highway Ellerslie out front of incy wincy preschool opp amy street the "Ellerslie" sign has the metal bit swinging around as its come away from its post
  • Landscaping obscures sightlines
    Naturalistic landscape design limits sightlines and obscures waiting pedestrians.
  • Gate has come off its hinges
    The gate on the lower path heading north onto the reef has come off its hinges. This allows dogs to freely access the on-leash area and makes it hard for walkers/joggers to access that track.
  • Neighbours have dumped an old mattress outside their house
    There is a mattress outside our neighbour's house that they have left outside. Today it was against our fence but we moved it back so it could be anywhere on that side of street between 39 and 41. Can you please remove it? It's not the first time the people at 39 Fourth Ave have dumped their crap outside.
  • This Park Needs to be regentrified
    This park is in an ideal location for families around the area however in summer there is no shade. All the tree are poor specimens and in even poorer health. Is there anything Auckland Council can do to make this park more attractive thus increasing use?
  • Train station fence broken
    The Avondale train station fence on Saint Jude street has been broken after a car crashed in to it late last year. It has not been repaired since
  • Parking sign snapped off
    Another parking sign on this street this morning.
  • Share with care sign missing
    The shared walking/cycling path adjacent to O'Neill's Cemetery off Bayswater Ave narrows at this point. Until recently there was a share with care sign at this point. Now there is just a bare pole. A warning sign is needed here as the path is very narrow - less that 2m and the ground drops away steeply making it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to pass safely at speed. The council is aware that this path needs to widened but in the meantime a sign would be appropriate here.
  • Missing directional "street" sign
    Last year new "street" signs were erected in Northboro Reserve indicating what streets pedestrian/cycle paths lead to. These signs occur in 3 or places through the reserve (one of these spots is indicated). Signs pointing to Bayswater Ave were incorrectly produced as Bayswater Rd. These have been removed and never replaced with the correct signage. This has been noted by a number of users of this route. We would like the correct signs put in place as soon as possible, please. Chairperson, Bayswater Community Committee.
  • Auckland streets no class 1 update
    JUST a little tidy up on the Auckland streets with glass (and no class). Basicly it goes like this, if you do not spot any glass on the footpaths you are either not looking hard enough or not walking long enough distance. Its everywhere, Bond street, Myers park, Tamaki drive (just to name three). THEN there is Grafton Bridge (I dont think the cleaners have ever been in there ever since John Bank did his second dose of Mayor) In fact I like it when the Wellington winds come to Auckland, it cleans out the rubbish (but still leaves the glass :-( ) (they did a great job on the bridge after I rang Auckland City many years ago but I lost interest spending all day on the phone). AFTER my last posting "Glass ~ glass ~ glass beware lots of Auckland streets that has no class." there was glass that morning, but not the next morning (very strange) however it has moved to (and bigger dose) corner of Karangahape road & Symonds street, just by the park (were they filmed part of that new lotto advertisement with little dog) THEN THERE IS THE LETTER from Sara, (over my last post) I can not read it, it is in Microsoft format, try OpenOffice a free download (then you will be able to pay more for the cleaner to pick up glass) ONE LAST THING. This web site is faulty when you do a "Provide an update" you (or at least me) never get a email, so you never get a versification, your comments never make the final step. (this is why or partly why this posting is so long, believe it or not.) FROM Eric
  • Road resurfacing
    Our road has recently been resurfaced. There appears to be insufficient metal on the road and the black tar is seeping through in many areas. When getting out of cars, stones and tar are sticking to shoes and therefore being walked inside to flooring surfaces. I've recently found a stone with tar on my carpet. Can you advise if more metal is going to be put down on the road surface? Also, can you please advise why the new seal ends a considerable distance from the end of the street?
  • Glass
    Tamaki Drive has many hazards: tree roots, car doors and recessed drains... but the one that cant be worked around is glass. Lots of it.
  • Graffiti
    Tagging on walk way on wooden fence.
  • Fire works sale sign left from last year
    In front of Mag & turbo there was a fireworks sale sign from last year.
  • Low hanging trees on footpath
    There are a number of low hanging trees on view road between Dominion and Esplanade Rd. It is a route that is used by many people walking for exercise and communters who use the buses. Can the trees please be trimmed so that we don't have to duck under them while walking along?
  • Knocked down give way sign
    The give way sign on the corner of Wallath and State has been knocked down. The post has been snapped and will need digging out and replacing. The sign is still there on the ground. Thanks
  • Speeding
    Regularly we and other neighbours are experiencing motorists & motor-cyclists SPEEDING in both directions in Green Lane. Some are exceeding even 100 KMPH. There will be an accident/fatality if something is not done. The 100/50 KMPH should be moved to Kitchener Rd., west of the Green Lane intersection AND the 50KMPH should be strictly enforced by Police in unmarked cars.
  • Grafitti on the wall of the petrol station
    grafitti has been on this wall on the side of the entrance to the petrol station for about a year now and some new grafitti has been added on. told the staff about 5 to 6 times to please have it painted over.
  • 30 min parking sign
    this sign is on the kerb infront of no.4 king edward ave, epsom. it has been hit so many times and now is bent . teenagers seem to like pushing the sign even further.
  • Water wastage!
    A new sewer line has been installed in front of the Margan Ave shops but the grass area has been left is a disgraceful state and there is now a small stream going across the grass and into the gutter probably wasting hundreds of litres of water per day and getting pedestrians wet when they walk to work. When are they coming back to fix it??
  • Cycle-way being used by motorists 2 update
    There is a cycle-way the entire length of Triangle Road in both directions. In the mornings, there is a large number of motorists waiting to turn left onto Lincoln Road. Cars pull to the left of the road to form a queue, ignoring the cycleway, and leaving no space at all for cyclists. Cyclists are then forced to the right hand side of the lane, to very slowly overtake all the waiting cars. This is probably the most dangerous place for a cyclist to be. I see one solution could be to add reflective lane marking stakes near the intersection, thus preventing cars from using the cycleway. (Similar to the lane markers at the Gillies Ave on ramp). It is my opinion that there are very few cycle ways in Auckland, and the ones we have should be there to make cycling safer, not to provide an extra lane for motorists.
  • New 30 minute signs outside our house
    Please replace 30 minute signs with signs that say "excluding residents". We live in a residential area, Meadowbank, this week, a friend of mine noticed a whole lot of new 30 minute parking signs up our road. Parking has not been a problem on this road before so i am not sure why these have even been installed. But now all us residents who park on the road are having to park on St Johns road, which is a busier road or on other side roads. My request is that we get these signs replaced with signs that have an "excluding residents" message on them the way they do in Grafton. Another issue is that the way they are placed, when you park, you actually don't see them as they are placed behind trees as you can see in the photo attached. If it wasn't for a friend of mine parking across the road when coming to visit and noticing as he crossed the road, i would not have noticed until i received a fine! (There is also an issue with your image uploader, i have tried, jpg, jpeg and png formats, the file is under 1mb, but i keep getthing this message when i try to upload: The selected file Screen shot 2010-12-12 at 1.29.10 PM.png could not be uploaded. The file is not a known image format. I have uploaded the file to here for you to see: http://twitpic.com/3f3puw
  • Power line down on ground
    Next to the NO EXIT sign at 16 Korora Road a loose electric cable is hanging to the ground.
  • Tree removal
    A tree was cut down some months ago, but the stump is still to be removed. Also another tree has died and needs to be cut down and removed.
  • Graffiti and Paint on Road
    Please could the blue graffiti be removed or painted over that is on the green power transformer in Titiwai place and also if the white paint can be removed from the turning circle, this can even be seen from google earth. We would like to keep our street clean and tidy.
  • Power pole
    The power pole at this location is leaning over the road at a signifcant angle and is in danger of becoming unstable and falling causing power failure and possible a serious accident
  • Could this intersection be any more hostile to pedestrians?3 update
    Terrible corner radius. No crosswalk. Huge distance across.
  • Parking on footpath
    This is an ongoing problem here. The building should not have a gate limiting access to guests- the result is that people park on the footpaht. It looks like i dont even have to submit my photos as its clearly shown in google maps and streetview.
  • Overgrown trees blocking footpath
    Corner Saffron and Lanigan Street Birkdale 0626 Trees outside fenceline on corner property are obstructing the footpath, you cannot walk around the corner without walking onto road - which is particulary dangerous as cars zoom down and due to trees it's a blind corner. Very Dangerous especially when walking with young children
  • Pinch point for cyclists, general anarchy for everyone else1 update
    Bus lanes, parking, crazy merge lane from earlier intersection converge to create a nightmare. No room for cyclists as they are pinched into these unnecessary car parking spots.
  • Weeds!
    Our street in the foothills on the Waitakere Ranges is chronically lined with weed species - privot, ginger, honey suckle. It would be great to have it removed - the allergy effects are very high at present.
  • Illegal cutting down of Pohutkawa Tree
    Pohutkawa Tree has been cut down outside 137 Crossfield Road Glendowie so neighbour could erect fence.
  • Street sign
    The wooden "Azure Grove" street sign for our street was broken by the mowing contractors about 12 months ago. Can you pls replace. Many thanks.
  • 'Merge' sign left behind when lanes don't merge
    Recent road works removed the need to narrow the road from 2 lanes as the motorway exits merge, down to 1 lane for the approach to the lights at Lake Rd. There's now two lanes for the entire approach westbound along Onewa Rd. However, there's still a sign on the left at approximately 6 Onewa Rd (just prior) which suggests 2 lanes merge to 1. This confuses motorists who move to change lanes, get around the corner and realise they don't need to. The sign needs to be removed as it's now redundant and it appears it was overlooked during the roadworks.
  • Broken glass on road after inorganic recycling collect
    The annual inorganic rubbish collection is appreciated. The pick-up occurs promptly, within a few days, but there is frequent broken glass on Footpaths, Cycle Lanes, and Roadways after the collect. I know of at least 4 flat tyres within several days of the last collection. Could the contractors be followed a day or so by the street sweeper? This would restore the roadway, and has to to be done periodically anyway to clear up stones, bits of wood, broken glass, and other rubbish like illegally parked cars in Bike Lanes. Thank you!
  • bikes and people
    What's wrong? - I have nearly been run over on my bike each morning, for the last 2 days riding to work. This is a wide 4 lane street that encourages fast traffic in an area that is used by many cyclists and pedestrians accessing the city, offices and gyms etc in the area. This street is also a significant hazard. Recent projects have or will introduce significantly more people to the area. The new Telecom building has resulted in another 2000+ people using the street. It is in effect a 4 lane highway to the city, while at the same time being a street used by a large number of pedestrians and cyclists. Can the traffic speeds be reduced? Can greater ease of access/crossing for pedestrians be provided? More pedestrian crossings and a median barrier would assist greatly to achieve this. The wide entrance to Hardinge st encourages cars to turn into the street at high speed. can this road entrance be narrowed?
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