Auckland wants to become “most liveable city in the world” is a joke

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BECAUSE IT IS GOING OUT OF ITS WAY TO BE ABUSIVE TO PEDESTRIANS. I was going to work via Grafton bridge and got faced with a “works end”(photo used at this web site) blocking most of the footpath, over the next couple of days as I walked to work, workout the only job this sign does is block the footpath for pedestrians & be a visual distraction to motorist . What I found out is there is road works on Grafton Road between Park Road & Grafton bridge intersection and the “waterfront”. So motorist leaving the Grafton Road road works and entering the Park Road & Grafton bridge intersection can use one of three lanes, one nearest the footpath is for traffic turning left into Park Road, the other two lanes is for traffic going straight ahead (towards Khyber pass). THERE IS NO LANE FOR TURING LEFT into Grafton Bridge so you can see the “works end” blocking most of the footpath. If you did get into the lane nearest the oncoming traffic there is a sign on a power pole indicating “NO RIGHT TURN” (photo used at this web site) [When I almost walked into a sign one night walking along Park Road and made a posting here at this web site almost a year ago. Was told the back of the sign could not be painted with high visibility paint to stand out and to warn over pedestrians that they need to walk around the sign to avoid getting their face whacked with the sign because “THIS WOULD BE A VISUAL DISTRACTION FOR MOTOREST FACING THE BACK OF THE SIGN” so the conclusion here is this “work end” sign blocking most of the Grafton bridge footpath has the only job of been in the way for pedestrians and a visual distraction for motorist who have not gone past the road works on Grafton Road. In fact just after I took a photo of this nuisance sign for this web site, my movement was restricted by a high volume of pedestrians walking past this sign …...... Over the next couple of days I walked different routes to work (so I did not have to walk past this sign) I found one route still has the footpath cancer left on Boston Road needed for a temporary train station while Grafton train station was getting built. So I went another route and almost got hit with a waterfall coming off Auckland southern motorway bridge due to wind fluctuation. Then a third route found a “50” km/h sign laying on the footpath, that was moved to the other side of the fence and when I got a email to tell me the people who fix signs were about to fix it, found the night before this sign had completely vanished. Now trying to get out of the habit of moaning to this web site, noticed a sign down on Grafton Bridge Wednesday night. [but forgot to say this on the web site posting] on Thursday morning saw broken glass on Grafton bridge and was not going post this because it has been most times a wasted report reporting via this web site, it was not until I slipped at about 522 Karangahape Road footpath decided to report the glass. BY THE WAY the “works end” sign reported at this web site last year that I almost walked into was moved to a higher position, but then there were a few other signs still left at face whacking height. fixmystreet is a very good idea but from the reports Auckland City get they appear to me to be put in the “who gives a toss” file. CONCLUSION : I am sick to death of been a unpaid reporter for Auckland City Council problems as most of my reports are fixed by the procrastination comments “cant do, wont do, we have a stuff pedestrians policy” just so Auckland can become the worlds most liveable city. like who cares about people slipping on footpath cancer. ERRORS : in the frustration forgot to say on a previous posting the sign down on Wednesday was on Grafton bridge then a fix up on latter posting said by mistake grafton road, then the slip along posting forgot to say it was at about 522 Karangahape Road just next to ANZ automatic teller.

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