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  • Parked cars on road either side of 153 onslow road causing obstruction and hazard to one lane.,
    New residents at 153 Onslow Road are parking both sides of their double deck on the road, they have two off street car parks on a deck already, but are parking on the road as well. This blocks the traffic flow passed this house and as cars come fast around a blind corner it is a hazard. They are also obstructing view and thus safe access on and off car decks on neighbouring properties.
  • Street Light turning on and off during the night.
    The street light been 7 and 9 Central Terrace in Kelburn turns on and off every 2-3 mins during the night. Can this please be fixed.
  • Bare wires touching and arching
    Insulation has rubbed off one of the power lines (think it supplies the street lights?)and every time there is a storm there are two wires rubbing together, causing great showers of sparks from the two uninsulated wires rubbing together. I'm concerned this is a safety/fire hazard. Pole number 14819, outside 14 Mills Rd on the downhill section heading down Gowrie St. Thanks Dave Wild.
  • Unregistered car abandoned
    The following car has been abandoned outside 12 Konini road. Cra reg DKY729
  • Water streaming down from Karori tunnel roof
    at 5pm water was streaming down inside Karori Tunnel in such quanities that cars were having to use their wiper blades - worst patch is approx third of way into Tunnel from Kelburn side
  • Not enough street lighting at the beginning of the street
    There is real insufficient street lighting at the beginning of the street coming from Constable Street. Especially when you are walking home late at night from the bus stop nearby it is unnerving. There should be some more street lights installed so you aren't walking home in the dark.
  • VERY dangerous parking
    Silver s/wagon consistently parking in a very dangerous manner between 2 blind corners on Awa Rd. At one point someone put street cones around the car to alert them! I have been witness to 3 very close misses, including a bus/car/cyclist close call. PLEASE have them remove it before a death occurs. rego AKQ814
  • Gutter to be cleaned between 69 & 73 Montreal Grove.
    Rubble from the bank (Road Reserve) sweep into a pile for pick-up, please
  • Street Light Out1 update
    The street light in front of 35 Marine Parade, Seatoun, has gone out. The street is very dark now, please fix.
  • street lights not working and not enough street lighting
    People don't like walking on a dark street and feel vulnerable. There are lots of children living on this street.

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