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  • Tree stump left in pavement and dead tree in pavement
    A tree stump has been left in the pavement outside 32 Wariopori Street, and dead tree slightly futher up the rise both are surrounded by quite large areas of bare dirt making thing look unsightly.
  • 2 abanoned vehicles
    There have been 2 abandoned vehicles left in Travers St towards the lower part of the hill causing issuses if other vehicles are trying to pass and generally looks a mess.
  • Westhaven Dr/ Chester Road
    I have an abandoned car parked on my street in an area that cars do Not park so it is in the way of cars using the street, the car also has flat tyres and an expired Rego it expired on 17-1-2019 rego AMB105 This car is not owned by anyone on Chester road/Westhaven Dr
  • Install Street Lighting : no lights near bus stop
    Westchester Drive has become very busy due to growth in Churton Park. We now have a bus stop (no. 111) just along by entrance to Drs Surgery. When getting on/ off bus at night , stop 111, it is very hard to see due to no lighting on that side of street. Is it on the councils plans to install lights on that side of street?. Especially by the bus stop. This is a safety issue at night either getting on or off bus.
  • Overgrown tree
    Hi - just below the bus stop on Farnham Street is a overgrown tree taking over the footpath. It is quite difficult to get around if you were in a mobility scooter or have a stroller - could it be trimmed back please
  • car blocking footpath
    Car parked half on footpath outside 411 Ohiro Road. Hasn't moved since before Xmas, rego expired. WN1825
  • Broken glass on road
    Presumably related to the collection of glass recycling today.
  • Abandoned car
    Car parked for months under a canvas cover.
  • Street light not working
    The street light in the corner of Hamilton road and Tapiri Street in Hataitai is currently not working. As far as we can see all others are working

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