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  • Several potholes on street
    Hi, could we please have the potholes repaired on the driveway down to houses 28 - 34 Percy Dyett drive. they are about 20cm wide and 2-3cm deep, they are getting wider as they're driven over, slowly chipping off the edges. thank you.
  • chickens wandering around
    there are two chickens, one brown and one white, that wander around outside 7&9 chapman street during the day
  • Mitsubisti Lancer left for 6 weeks
    Car reg UY7905 with expired Wof and reg left for 6 weeks - not moved
  • Abandoned car
    Silver Audi hatchback reg no. AZE221 Has been parked in the only available spot out the front of our house for more than two weeks and hasn't been moved at all as far as we have seen. Not reported as stolen
  • Overgrown grass and foliage on public pathway
    Could we please have the overgrown grass and foliage cut on the council land bordering the wall on our property at 36a Avon street island bay. The public pathway fencing which borders our driveway is really run down and peeling with paint. Any possibility this could be repainted as it looks terrible and devalues our property. Thank you!
  • Light no working
    Light not been working opposite number 23 Lonsdale Crescent for a few months now. very dark in the evenings.
  • Dip in Ohiro Road
    Ohiro road was cut across to lay ultrafast broadband cable. The road repair was terrible and the ditch has sunk significant. This is a tragic hazard, is further damaging the road as traffic goes over the lip and is incredibly noisy as trucks hit it and their load gets airborne - so dangerous! I've put a note in here month before and nothing happened - please tell me when the repair is planned.
  • Water leak under footpath
    Hi. Been fixed previously by Watercare, there is water coming up in the footpath again from a leaking pipe outside number 30 Thanks
  • Large gutter style driveway
    Hi there guys, We have a large U-shaped style driveway for our right of way. (if you google street view it you'll know what I mean) But essentially its really damaging my car everytime I drive onto my carpark from the street. It keeps scraping the gutter/driveway as the U-shape is so deep. I'm wondering if you can change this to a much more car-friendly alternative, which would also help keep more cars off the street. Many thanks, Jeremy
  • Van abandoned on roadside
    Voxy Van (KGA302) has been abandoned - near corner of Mornington Rd & Coleridge St, Brooklyn, Wellington 6021. Been there unmoved for several months. Now has a $200 parking ticket for expired rego. Very inconvenient for local residents.
  • Street lights
    All street lights in Street are not going. 2nd night with no lights. Very dark!
  • Street light
    Street light at bottom of Handyside Street has been out for some time, not much fun walking up street at night, very dark
  • Abandoned Vehicle Yellow Station wagon
    Abandoned Vehicle Yellow Mitsubishi Station wagon. Car has not moved in two years, Plates and Rego are missing

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