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Recently fixed

  • Collapsed tree blocking access to street1 update
    Tree from 12 Camrose Grove has fallen across the access to Clinton Way blocking access in and out. Vehicles are having to partially drive onto the garden of 10 Camrose Grove to get in or out which is causing damage to their lawn in this wet weather and damage to vehicles as branches still scratching cars on the way past.

Old fixed

New issues

  • There is no "Mudges Terrace" street sign!
    There is no street sign on my road - Mudges Terrace - taxis, courier vans, etc. have found it very difficult to find me recently! I imagine some young hooligans stole it to look cool around their friends - WTF!
  • Loose Cable Dangling from Lampost
    Don't think its live but its pretty low and tempting to pull down - Outside see photo
  • Water leak from fire hydrant
    Significant flow of water from fire hydrant at intersection of Go and Fitzpatrick Street
  • Broken railing with keep clear tape wrapped to uprights
    The railing has been broken for over 6 weeks, the only fix being 'keep clear' tape wrapped loosely so that it becomes a hazard, tripping pedestrians up on a steep incline, and dangerous corner.
  • Gas leak
    There is a persistent gas leak on the corner of Harbour View road and Northland road. This is located approximately outside 3 Harbour View road, on the corner. You can smell the gas as you turn right, from Habour View to Northland Road. We smell gas every morning as we walk past this house.
  • Gutter needs clearing between 69 & 73 Montreal Grove
    Fallen rocks and Rubbish Blocking the gutter.
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Abandoned car outside 1 Churton Drive, Churton Park, Wellington. White Mitsubishi Lancer station wagon. Rear windscreen smashed in. Number plates removed. Missing front wheel. Appears to have been dumped 21 July 2017.
  • Lack of any
    Approx 5 streetlights are out. Around a blind corner with two pedestrian crossings. Multiple cars have been broken into, the public park is in complete darkness and people are using it to get drunk in.
  • Water leak bursting thru manhole or fire hydrant
    Water is gushing out and filling the street, making it dangerous to drive through and of course wasting a lot of water.
  • Tree down across road
    Tree down across road
  • Traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing
    These lights have started a cycle at night without any pedestrian input. There are no pedestrians in the area, the lights have started a very short cycle at night. This forces the very few cars on the road to stop for no reason. The light is only green for 10 seconds or so then turns red, for no one, before repeating. It normally requires a pedestrian to trigger the light cycle.
  • Pedestrian crossing
    The pedestrian crossing at the intersection on corner of Willis and Ghuznee has a longer period for pedestrians to cross than normal which is good in theory, but I have found that if I arrive at the crossing after the first 10 seconds or so and try to cross vehicles are not aware that I have the right of way and will often not wait. I have seen pedestrians be tooted and yelled at by drivers believing that they have the right of way. I feel unsafe crossing at this intersection unless I am crossing in the normal first 10 seconds that drivers expect. I believe that this crossing is an accident waiting to happen i.e when an unaware driver and a pedestrian who is not a 'defensive pedestrian' meet. I believe Napier also has the longer time period for pedestrians at a few of their intersections but have clear signs stating "turning vehicles give way to pedestrians". Could you please look at putting similar signs up at the crossing at the corner of Willis and Ghuznee or just reverting it to a standard time frame? I'm sure there would be other intersections of this nature that would also benefit from signs reminding drivers to give way to pedestrians.
  • pedestrian light not working
    Walking downhill, RHS, town side light

Older issues

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