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  • Lack of rubbish bins
    The new bus stop (#3081) on Moorefield Rd, Jville does not have any rubbish bins. This is the new bus hub and is extremely busy however, as there are no waste bins available the site has rubbish blowing around all day. When it rains it then blocks the storm water. Please address this to stop rubbish washing into our waterways and ocean. Thanks.
  • Footpath overgrown
    The walkway between Corsham Grove and Derry Hill is totally overgrown with metre high grass and weeds. Has had not had any attention for months Trousers got soaked walking up it this morning
  • Abandoned vehicle on Percy Dyett Drive
    A 4WD (DFP641) has been parked partially on the footpath by the bush near 47a Percy Dyett Drive for a number of months. The WOF and registration both expired in 2017 according to the documentation on the vehicle. The vehicle is never moved and is partially obstructing the footpath. It is on a windy section of the road approaching a blind corner and if it does not belong to anybody in a nearby house it should be moved for access and visibility reasons.
  • Trees too close to cables
    Hi. Trees from the neighbours property (95a Heke Sreet) are dangerously close to power lines and other cables leading on to our address (3 Huntleigh Park Way). The area is in an extreme wind zone so branches constantly knocking against cables in the wind. Thanks
  • New Street light not working
    The newly installed light was lit Thursday 15th, but isn't on at 21:12 Friday.

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