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  • Abandoned white bongo van on Shared Driveway
    There is a White bongo van that has been abandoned for 5-6 months on a shared driveway between 217 and 219 Wilton Road. It's License plate number is FGJ332, It doesn't have a valid WoF and there is a sticker covering where a registration should be. This van is taking up one of the few spaces for parking on the shared driveway.
  • water leak on Oriental Parade
    Water has been leaking down the stairs and into driveway next to 214 Oriental Parade for several days.
  • Power line arcing
    The power pole at the bottom of AwaRoad (opposite the Worser Bay Yacht Club) arcs during rain periods - ongoing for a couple of weeks.
  • abandoned car
    This vehicle is not only parked across two car parks, but it also has not moved in at least 3 months. It has become an eye sore. And so very inconvenient by taking up 2 car parks parking on the angel it does.
  • Vehicle abandoned by tenants at 4 Stanley St
    Red car registration ELY511, registration and warrant expired. Flat tires, abandoned by previous tenants at 4 Stanley St
  • Water leaking across street
    There's a large water leak outside 109 South Karori Rd. It's been there for at least several months. It's covers a significant portion of the road.
  • Tree branches too close to power lines
    Trees at the end of Montreal Grove at the entrance to 73/74 Montreal Grove are overgrown and getting too close to the power lines. The branches could do with being trimmed back. Thanks
  • Water leak at junction of Hobson and tinakori road
    Reported 2 weeks ago by phone but still not fixed... Recently patched road is again leaking water. Flow has now increased in past 24 hours.

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