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  • Mow the grass please
    it would be nice to have the grass mowed
  • Overgrown grass on path
    Hi there - this is an ongoing issue and the grass is constantly overgrowing. The WCC came out and cut the grass however left a whole area at the bottom of the pathway. Along the zig zag these areas are not being cut back enough and keep overgrowing onto the path, restricting the walkway and accumulating rubbish
  • Footpath lighting not working
    The footpath light has been out for approx 2 months. This is located outside of number 1 Regal Gardens and was only recently installed after a new pole was installed
  • Light not working
    Light out and quite some distance from next street light.
  • Water leak
    There is a constant water leak between 12 and 14 hunger ford into street and stormwater drain. Have submitted last year but no response received. Can you look at again. It doesn't matter how dry it was last summer water was still pouring out so not just drainage.
  • Burst Water Main on Footpath
    Burst water main on footpath outside Gazley Motors showroom VW and Nissan
  • Street light on during day time
    For 10 days or so, street lights have been permanently on in daytime on all of Evans Bay Parade and there is no need for that.
  • 10 days now no street lights
    From number 60 down to the end of the street we have no street lights

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