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Recently fixed

  • Abandoned White Nissan Primera1 update
    Registration EQE259. It has been parked effectively over 2 parking spaces since January 2018. It does not work as the owner demonstrated it was seized up (but has not done anything since). The car has an expired warrant and registration. It needs to be towed as the owner doesn't seem to care.
  • Abandoned motorcycle chained to a tree1 update
    This motorcycle (number plate 27QAQ) has been sitting under a tree on the small path between Moana Rd and Waiapu Rd for at least two years. It is chained to the tree and not in a designated parking space. It is covered in spider webs so it obviously has been abandoned. It is on council land where there is no public right of way for vehicles so it should be removed.
  • Stickered abandoned motorcycle chained to tree needs to be removed1 update
    I have previously reported a motorcycle (number plate 27QAQ) that is chained to a tree on the small path between Moana Rd and Waiapu Rd. http://fixmystreet.org.nz/issue/9642 In December 2017, the council came and put a yellow sticker on the motorcycle. The sticker said the motorcycle would be removed in six weeks, if not taken away by the owner. Four months later and the motorcycle still remains. Please remove this motorcycle.

Old fixed

New issues

  • Abandoned vehicle
    Blue Rav 4 abandoned in cul de sac for two months. No Reg or warrent, missing parts. Using up valuable car spaces for neighbors living on street.
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Blue Ford Mondeo - registration BAF113 has been abandoned outside 76 Cecil Road for some months. (Rego and WOF exp 2017).

Older issues

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