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  • Unfinished work1 update
    Recently had fibre install done and the grass verge was dug up. The work crew have done a partial repair. No grass seed just dirt.

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New issues

  • Street Light Not Working
    Street light located on Waverton Terrace (opp. Entrance to Sandy Brow) is not working and has not worked for over a month.
  • dead tree ready to fall on road
    dead trees and branches,slip, above roadway.look ready to fall onto road. Churchill Dr(LH side going up hill),between Blackbridge Rd and Chartwell Dr
  • dumped TV
    An old TV has been dumped at junction Wilton and Worcester st.been there for about a week.
  • Landscaping works for Northland Tunnel refurbishment
    Hi there, Firstly, well done on a great job strengthening the Northland Tunnel. It look great and good to know that it is now more resilient to earthquakes and the like. I was just wondering whether you intend to undertake some planting at the southern portal where Putnam Street connects to Northland Tunnel Road. Currently the back is exposed topsoil and weeds. It would be great if this bank could be planted in native scrubs and trees. This would improve its appearance as well as helping to make this slope more stable. Can you please advise if there is an intention to undertake planting on this bank. Regards, Paul
  • Vegetation obscuring and covering bus stop 4921
    Hi there, Bus stop 4921 Northland Tunnel (near Putnam Street) is completely covered in vegetation and has virtually disappeared. According to Metlink this is still a bus stop. A large amount of vegetation clearance around the bus stop itself, and on the approach from the north, is needed to make it useable once again. Regards, Paul
  • Very long grass along top of Northland Road bank
    Hi there, The grass at the top of the bank (over the new fence) on the opposite side of nos. 72-80 Northland Road (footpath between Randwick and Woburn Roads) is very long. It looks terrible and is also a fire risk. Could it please be cut. Regards, Paul
  • abandoned boat
    boat left on car park with no trailer rego and does not belong to any nearby neighbours
  • new bulb required
    The street light between 35 and 37 Patanga Crescent needs replacement, please. Thanks very much.
  • water leak running, ready to rupture.
    Water leak at junction Curtis and Chaytor st. The water is increasingly running and looks like this leak will rupture shortly.this is the site of a previous leak.
  • water leak, Wilton Rd
    water seeping out of road surface, near 133 Wilton rd,(Opp.nth end Wilton Bush carpark). has been seeping for about 2 weeks and appears to be increasing.
  • Car abandoned at BP
    A salmon coloured car has been parked at the BP on Hutt Road/Statehighway 2 for several weeks

Older issues

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