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  • Water leak
    There is water leaking from a pipe onto kerb just below 14 Hungerford. There is also water coming out from near driveway at 14 - maybe a natural spring or something broken?
  • Street light not working
    This light has not been working for a few months now. It is located on the corner between 79 and 81 McLintock Stret.
  • street lights not working Sefton St near Anne St
    1.5 km's of darkness, possibly for a few weeks already. Thanks.
    Two trees have fallen behind the property overlooking Glenmore street. The trees are approx 5-6 meters tall and have so far been caught by other trees & are dangerously just being kept from falling down completely. They require removal.
  • Parked cars on road either side of 153 onslow road causing obstruction and hazard to one lane.,
    New residents at 153 Onslow Road are parking both sides of their double deck on the road, they have two off street car parks on a deck already, but are parking on the road as well. This blocks the traffic flow passed this house and as cars come fast around a blind corner it is a hazard. They are also obstructing view and thus safe access on and off car decks on neighbouring properties.
  • Street Light turning on and off during the night.
    The street light been 7 and 9 Central Terrace in Kelburn turns on and off every 2-3 mins during the night. Can this please be fixed.
  • Bare wires touching and arching
    Insulation has rubbed off one of the power lines (think it supplies the street lights?)and every time there is a storm there are two wires rubbing together, causing great showers of sparks from the two uninsulated wires rubbing together. I'm concerned this is a safety/fire hazard. Pole number 14819, outside 14 Mills Rd on the downhill section heading down Gowrie St. Thanks Dave Wild.

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