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  • Broken street light (& truck!) causing poor visibility - risk of crash
    A street light is out at 44 Ashton Fitchett Drive. There is a bend before this address which cars speed around. The main problem is that there is a large truck parked next to street light which cannot be clearly seen due to the bend. Regular fog on the street causes additional problems as it is difficult to see the truck in the fog. A car has crashed into a fence (almost hitting a house) on this bend a few years back due to poor visibility during fog and I am concerned this could happen again. Please fix the street light to aid visibility. WCC were notified about 3 weeks ago.
  • Abandoned Car with one space saver tyre
    There is a dark red car parked outside of 84 Hataitai Road. License plate EYF617. One tyre is a flat space saver tyre. It has a smashed right wing mirror. Has been parked there for at least 5 months without moving, registration is most likely lapsed because of the length of time it has sat there. Occupants of the same flat previously abandoned another car further down Hataitai Road which was eventually towed away.
  • Too bright light
    The newly replaced street light at the beginning of Waipapa Terrace beside our property is very bright. It shines directly into bedroom,bathroom and backyard at night almost as though it is still daylight outside. Is it possible to have a shade installed?
  • Abandoned Car parked on road outside 46 Link Rd.
    This car has been parked outside 46 Link Rd, Newlands for over 2 months now. It's registration has expired (expired on the 26/3/17) and has not been replaced. Reg FFQ783
  • Cars obstructing footpath
    It used to be the occasional car on the footpath, they are now multiplying and forcing pedestrians, particularly baby strollers, onto the road.
  • Unregistered car taking up street parking
    Car registration YO2187 It has been sitting there for a few months with a yellow sticker on it
  • Street Lamp out
    Hi there The street lamp outside 4 Clinton way is blown. the lamp seems to have broken as the base of lamp still in the lamp holder mechanism
  • Abandoned ad on street
    For the third time a derelict car has been dump on Travers Street by the same people. Please not only deal with the car but the people dumping the car. It is the same neighbour
  • Bankot Cres street sign
    The metal clip holding the Bankot Crescent street sign on the lamppost at the corner of Cockayne Road and Bankot Crescent has snapped and needs to be fixed/replaced.
  • Water leak on road
    There is a water access point of some type in the middle of the road. The round metal cover has been twisted so that water is now seeping out at a constant rate over one side of the road. The cover is stuck in the hole, causing a small obstacle on the road. I first saw the problem at about 1.30pm on the 22/03 but according to another resident has been leaking for about two days (since Monday night at least).
  • Abandoned car
    A blue Volkswagen bug has been parked on Travers Street for well over 3 weeks. The council is not responding to emails. The car is unregistered and unwarranted.
  • Power or phone lines broken off power pole
    Just where driveway goes up to Wilton House

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