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  • Gravel washed away on pedestrian walkway
    Lots of the new gravel recently put on the walkway from Taylor Terrace to Takapu Road has washed away again
  • Street light not working
    one street out - 42 Montreal grove.
  • Water leakage causing potholes
    Water is still leaking from Perth St and has now caused the road tar seal to break and pothole appear
  • Vehicle access to off street parking on corners of Brooklyn & Ohiro Roads
    To whom it may concern, I am a resident/owner of property at 2 Brooklyn Terrace with both garaging and off-street parking for vehicles around the corner on Ohiro Road. With traffic growing and the speed at which vehicles come round the corner off Brooklyn Road onto Ohiro Road, it's increasingly difficult to get one's vehicle in/out of garaging & off street parking. I am wondering if the council would consider reviewing the roading design in the area to make it safer for residents & pedestrians (i.e. no crossings in the area either)?!?
  • Street lighting out
    Phoned the Council four days ago re the street lighting that has gone out in Mortimer Terrace, Durham Crescent and Durham Street.This is still not been attended to. This is a hazard and safety issue and there should be duty of care to get this job done. A lot of houses are affected. The same problem happened last month and it took a week to fix it after reporting it.
  • Broken pedestrian light & car wrekage on road
    There appears to have been a car crash at this busy intersection as there is scattered wreckage such as glass on the road and when you press the pedestrian button on the traffic light pole it doesn't light up.
  • Yellow lines to improve access & visibility on tight bends
    The residents of Bankot Crescent would appreciate yellow lines being painted on the roadway to restrict parking and improve visibility and acces: 1. on the south side of Bankot Crescent from the intersection with Cockayne Road to Number 3 Bankot. 2. Parallel to the walkway on the north side of Bankot Crescent from number 10 to number 16.
  • All street lighting out.
    Second night with no street lighting. Major road works have created a health and safety as well as a security issue. Compounded by the number of vehicles parked on the road.
  • Fencing on footpath to house needs fixing
    Hi I am not sure who is responsible but after plant clearing along Hornsey Road a few weeks ago, a section of fence above our garage along a footpath to two houses was damaged. Let me know if we are responsible for fixing this. Thanks -una
  • Ford falcon CTT929
    The above mentioned car has been parked in the car park outside #119 for about 2 months, eventually the council put a sticker on it and now the car has suddenly been moved outside #140 Donald street. The car has no current WOF, no tax licence and should not be driven, the car tyres are worn down to metal

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