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  • Street lighting very dim
    The lights in the street are progressively being turned down dimmer and dimmer and they do not light up the streets or the footpaths making anyone on the road hard to see. I nearly hit a person walking around their car this morning because I did not see them step off the kerb (at a guess it was less than 20 metres from a street light). Only my headlights made it possible to see them. I should be able to see people on the road before they are in my headlights so I have enough time to slow down and pass them, rather than react in fright and swerve into the path of a bus coming towards me. This is a city wide issue on all roads except the main aterial routes. Very noticeable to me the full length of Maupuia Road and Akaroa Drive as this is my commute.
  • Slips on public access path
    Due to the rain this week there have been a number of small slips of the bank and one particular has caused a portion of a brick wall collapse and this is covering the path and access. The bank has further loose dirt that will need to be secured. The slip has fallen further since the photo was taken.

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