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  • Traffic turning left at Webb Street onto Willis Street1 update
    ISSUE: Traffic Lights at intersection of Webb Street and Willis Street are red for no apparent reason. Traffic turning left into Willis Street cannot clash with traffic coming from the opposite direction, because there isn’t any. There’s no reason to stop the cars and buses unless there are pedestrians. Most of the time there are no pedestrians. But the lights stop the traffic anyway. SOLUTION: traffic should only be required to stop when pedestrians are crossing. Lights should remain green otherwise.

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New issues

  • Abandoned Scooter
    Black scooter, no rego, plate number A8FJP left on street.
  • Abandoned car Murchison street
    There's a car on Murchison street, near the junction with happy valley road. It's not really close to any house and hasn't moved in well over a week. Where it's parked is quite conspicuous.
  • Car left on roadside
    Registration number: UE7590 Green Ford sedan, has been on the side of Takapu Valley Road in a non residential area (70 kmh zone) for a little while. The approximate position is on the related map. It is a hazard to vehicles as a lot of trucks use Takapu Valley Road. Please could it be removed, Thank you.
  • low swinging cables from lamp posts
    We live at 29 beazley ave, paparangi. Theirs 3 houses along our driveway. The power, Saturn etc come from the street pole to a pole outside the 2nd house half way down. This pole is leaning and the cable are now hanging down far enough for me to put my hand up and touch them.The neighbours father has contacted people concerning the post and they say the post is broken below ground ??. I cant get hold of the fathet so need to know who is responsible for the pole and cabling. It is now dangerous so I want to get something done about it. Any direction from you would be great.
  • Street sign missing
    The boulcott street sign has gone missing from across the road from vic unis new hall kj
  • water running down footpath
    Hi. There is water running from the bank near the Toby outside 1 Crofton road, it is running down the path. It would be great if someone could please come and have a look. Thanks, Kirsty and Chris Neilson
  • Noisey pedestrian crossing all night
    The audio pedestrian crossing on the signal of Hanson St and John St is set too loud. As this noise goes 24 hrs even when crossing not activated it is a nuisance noise for neighbouring residents. I have reported this to the council months ago but it hasn't been sorted and it is driving me insane to the point I am thinking of moving.
  • Over grown grass verge
    The grass verge area at this location is heavily over grown having been allowed to become scrub. Can this be cleaned up and returned to grass verge please? If you need more information I can provide this, or send a photo. Let me know. Thanks
  • Water Leak
    Water is leaking from what looks like a water main stop valve at the intersection of Sunhaven Drive, Fernhaven Drive and the Dress circle.
  • No visibility for traffic
    There is no visibility of uphill traffic when pulling out of this hairpin corner. Every time you pull you're just hoping there's nothing coming - you cannot see until you are in the middle of the road. Winding down the windows/turning off the radio makes little difference. Locals go slow but I have had too many near misses with others. It is an accident waiting to happen. Please fix.
  • Possible abandoned car.
    Green Toyota Reg TZ3916 Has been parked in the same location unmoved for almost two months now it is no longer registered or warranted, we have asked surrounding neighbours if they know who it belongs to and no one knows. This is becoming annoying and dangerous and inconvenient for neighbours who wish to park outside their property. The street cleaner cannot clean that area and there is a build up of leaves and debris collecting which is only a few metres away from a storm drain. I have already checked the stolen car register and it is not listed.
  • Inadequate street lighting
    There is street lighting on this road, but only one light and at night it can be quite difficult to navigate. This is potentially dangerous - last week we had a serious injury as a result as someone tumbled down a bank and seriously damaged their face and teeth.

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