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  • Hidden Moana Road/Raroa Crescent at Kelburn
    Hi there, I would like to make a report a safety concern for the concealed Moana Road and Raroa Crescent at a Kelburn/Highbury suburb junction. There was a road accident on 2017-06-01 8:30 am morning involving a car and a bus. See attached photo my wife took on that day to support my report. I live in the area and personally witnessed near hits and misses when cars coming out from concealed Moana Road. This is very dangerous as some cars carry children to Kelburn Normal School. Please find a way to remedy the situation before something worse happens. Thank you. Weng
    Water leak near Hydrant on Wilton rd, bus terminus
  • water leak breaking through road seal
    current active water leak breaking through road seal,potholing, opposite Otari school on corner Gloucester st/ Wilton rd.
  • abandoned vehicle
    a van reg RY2644 has been parked on the street for several months now with no current WOF or license. outside number 75 Hatton street
  • Inadequate street lights
    When walking on road when dark it's dangerous from cars and personal safety, especially with the corners. The lights that are there are very dim and very few
  • Abandoned car
    Hi Silver Ute outside 84/86 Tannadyce Street Strathmore Park, Registration CHE 410 has been there 6 months at least no reg no wof. Taking up parking spaces.
  • Out street light/lamp near 45 Kainui
    The street lamp (at least one of them) opposite 45 Kainui Rd is out; the area is very dark for pedestrians walking home especially on the western side of the road/on the sidewalk at night; all houses on that side are elevated on the hill so lighting is poor along that way. Thank you.
  • Hazardous lifting of pavement
    Next to tree outside Holy cross Church concrete slab of footpath raised about 4cm above adjacent tarseal path. This was probably the cause of an old man falling and ambulance having to be called, Wednesday 10.25am.
  • Abandoned/stolen vehicles
    Hi there are three cars parked on Heaton Tce and have been there for weeks if not months without moving . I had a look today and two are unregistered and unwarranted Grey hatchback, white hatchback and purple station wagon. CAn they be moved as there is no parking on this street for residents as it is. The WCC has been called abouit this but no response .. maybe you can convince them to give a hand. Thanks
  • Trees need pruning
    The trees on the right hand side (when driving up) need pruning. They are blocking the parking area & we can't open our passenger doors because the bushes/vines are out of control.
  • light not working properly..flicks on and off every 5 to 10 minutes
    Flicks on and off every 5 to 10 mins located on lefthand side of Marsden ave outside # 25/27 opposite 20 Marsden Ave
  • All street lights out in Kiwi Crescent
    Street lights have been out in whole of Kiwi Crescent Tawa 5028 for 3 nights
  • Abandoned Primera
    1999 Nissan Primera DSD535 No license or WOF, hasn't moved for a month. Looks abandoned or dumped.

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