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  • Overgrown footpath is like walking through a car wash on a wet day
    Foliage on either side of the footpath on Tavistock Road between Queens Drive and Buckingham Street is so overgrown it’s now met in the middle of the path. There is also some gorse. We’d be grateful if it was cleared, thank you.
  • Gutter cleaned
  • Stickered abandoned motorcycle chained to tree needs to be removed
    I have previously reported a motorcycle (number plate 27QAQ) that is chained to a tree on the small path between Moana Rd and Waiapu Rd. http://fixmystreet.org.nz/issue/9642 In December 2017, the council came and put a yellow sticker on the motorcycle. The sticker said the motorcycle would be removed in six weeks, if not taken away by the owner. Four months later and the motorcycle still remains. Please remove this motorcycle.
  • Sewage outflow
    Kia ora For the last couple of weeks I've noticed the smell of sewage in Weka Bay (down the steps opposite north end of apartment block at 154). Then other day, while down at the beach with my children, I noticed that the smell is coming from an storm water outlet. Can somebody please come out and find out where the sewage is getting into the storm water pipe and stop this from pouring out onto a beach used for swimming by children, etc. Thanks, John Please note that I've placed the pin on the map slightly to the south west of the outlet in order avoid an error referring to Area Outside Territorial Authority. The outlet is actually on the seaward side of the wall.
  • New Surfacing
    Contractors have recently resurfaced the road. It is now full of loose gravel/chipseal, and already there are big bald patches, where the new seal has worn off. The work was done only last week. While I generally don't understand the idea of chipseal (why do something poorly every year, instead of sealing the road properly so that it lasts 10 years?) this job is particularly poorly done, and I don't think you/we/Wellington should let the contractor get away with it. Best regards
  • Abondoned/Broken into Vehicles
    There are a number of abondoned/crashed and broken into vehicles on lower Hutchison Road. These have now been there for a number of months and they do no seem to be being removed (even though they have been police stickered). There is also glass on the footpath and road because of the break ins. These cars should be removed as they are not safe. Thanks
  • overgrown hedge/water leak
    Outside 156 Washington Drive the hedge is very overgrown over the footpath so makes it very difficult to pass between the hedge and streetlight (e.g. if holding a child's hand, pushchairs or wheeling a bike). There is also a water leak/seepage from the outside stop valve located on the footpath.
  • Cars traveling through interstation as walk light goes green.
    The lights outside speedy signs on the corner of Vivian st and Willis st needs to be adjusted. As the light to walk goes green, cars are still traveling through the intersection. Most cars are likely running the red light but it has gotten worse recently and I have seen some close calls with pedestrians who have walked out and cars are still going through. Also the green light to cross that street has always been very quick and power walking I can just make it half way before it starts to flash red.
  • abandoned car (sort of...)
    An ugly big 4WD vehicle, rego ENB987, has been permanently parked for around 4-6 months on-street outside 15 Harrold Street (on the corner of Mertoun Terrace). Accordingly, on top of it now being a filthy eyesore covered in dirt and cobwebs, it occupies one of a row of three HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER on-street parking spaces. So, assuming early on that it was abandoned, I waited until its WOF or rego expired (I don't remember which now) - around early/mid December 2017, then posted on this site to ask if WCC or the owner could be instructed to remove it. Unfortunately, I was advised that there was no legal authority to do so because one of either the WOF or registration was still current. And so the vehicle stayed put... ... until to my alarm I subsequently observed that it had been re-registered to 16 March 2018, despite all obvious signs it was not going anywhere any time soon. And so, after deducing who the owner was (resident at 12 Harrold Street), around early/mid January, we asked him why the vehicle had been re-registered but not driven an inch for possibly as long as six months. He advised it was broken down, and waiting for a mechanic "friend" to return from overseas to get it going again. Of course, now March, this was a long time ago, so that story is wearing very thin. Frankly, despite him keeping the rego current, his actions reveal a complete disrespect for his neighbours, who he knows damned well regularly fight tooth and nail for one of the elusive on-street car parks in the vicinity. Ie, his selfish occupation of a car park with an unused vehicle has for so long denied the rest of us who actually USE our vehicles, one of the rare proximate on-street parks. To add insult to injury, he has an essentially identical vehicle that IS being driven, AND he has the additional privilege of an off-street park for it. Now, despite the rego being still current, although not for long - as mentioned earlier it expires on 16 March 2018, it's WOF in fact expired long ago on 18 February 2018. So I am now starting to think the owner is - excuse my language, taking the piss. Eg there is no "friend" still to return from overseas, and perhaps he doesn't have the money or maybe just the plain old inclination and/or courtesy to have it repaired and moved? So for the second time, can I please seek remedy to this problem? If as before there is no LEGAL authority to ask the owner to move his vehicle, on behalf of local residents could he at least be instructed to have it towed up Harrold Street and around the corner onto Zetland Avenue, where there are always many more free on-street parking spots than further down Harrold St/Mertoun Terrace where it currently "lives" (literally)?
  • Dumped household items
    The beginning of the Regal Gardens walkway has been treated as a dumping space for excess household goods. Is it possible to please have these removed and the grass all cut back to make the area look tidy? Thank you
  • street light dead
    The street light at the end of sheridan terrace around 73 sheridan terrace is not working. It's very dark at night. Please fix it asap for safy reasons.

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