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  • Intersection visibility/roadmarkings
    Looking right down Washington Ave from the intersection of Heaton Terrace, drivers view of oncoming traffic is blocked by vehicles parked in area that was once "no parking" yellow line. Somebody has painted over the yellow line giving themselves room to park. This is a clear danger to traffic turning onto Washington Ave from Heaton Terrace
  • Storm water damage to road
    You may wish to have a look at the damage being done by storm water on the road outside number 15 Heaton Terrace . The parking area now has a huge trench running through it from a large storm water pipe which does not go into the ground but simply spills all over the area as their is no guttering. Surely this pipe should be connected to the storm water system ?
  • Street light out
    Light out outside 19 Luxford street
  • Lights Out
    As previously reported to the Council, the street lighting in Heaton Tce is not currently working
  • Stormwater street drain
    Water drainage at the end of Zetland Street is inadequate for heavy rainfall. There is only one drain at the end of the street, and when it rains heavily, the water drains off from Highbury Road, Harrold Street and Zetland Street, overflowing this one storm drain. The drain regularly blocks due to leaves, branches and street rubbish. During heavy rain, this drain overflows and floods the driveways at the end of the street, and also resident's garages, causing damage. This issue needs to be addressed soon as winter means more flooding and damage.
  • cul de sac parking
    Hi, I live on Witham Street in Island Bay Wellington. I live at the end of the cul de sac and find my driveway is always being blocked by cars. Emergency vehicles/council trucks have difficulty turning around as cars are parked and double parked around the cul de sac. Could you please look at putting yellow lines at the top of the cul de sac so vehicles can turn around safely. Thank you
  • Graffiti
    The bus stop on Ohiro Road next to Tanera Crescent has graffiti inside the shelter.
  • faulty streetlight outside 73 buckley road
    Light goes on for approx 1 min then off for similar amount of time.
  • Steps on walkway from Jefferson St to Brooklyn Rd
    There is no lighting on the top set of steps on the walkway which leads down from Jefferson St to Brooklyn Rd and it is quite difficult to go down those steps at night. There is lighting further down the path but it doesn't help with lighting the steps. A lot of people use these steps and they would be a lot safer if they had lighting.

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