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Recently fixed

  • Abandoned vehicle obstructing bus 1 update
    A toyota cielo reg EQP409 has been abandoned for at least a month and is causing an obstruction for buses (to the point a note has been left by bus drivers on the windscreen and my car as well as the abandoned vehicle have been damaged by a passing bus)
  • New light installed, never worked1 update
    About a month ago they replaced a working street light with a new led one and the new one had never worked

Old fixed

New issues

  • Found street sign on ground
    Found the Kelvin Grove street sign on the ground. Took it inside to prevent it being stolen or further damaged. I live on kelvin grove. Can you please contact me to organise someone to pick it up and fix it. Thanks. 0220891316 Gabrielle.s.watson@gmail.com
  • Abandon car
    Car has piles of parking tickets and hasn't moved in months. Rego and WOF long expired. (years old)
  • Abandoned motorcycle chained to a tree
    This motorcycle (number plate 27QAQ) has been sitting under a tree on the small path between Moana Rd and Waiapu Rd for at least two years. It is chained to the tree and not in a designated parking space. It is covered in spider webs so it obviously has been abandoned. It is on council land where there is no public right of way for vehicles so it should be removed.
  • Spelling error in sign on road to Zealandia1 update
    "Oncoming" is one word. Tourists who visit Zealandia get a terrible impression of our education system. Please fix.
  • Big pothole at corner of Batchelor St & Gahagan Way
    Have been notified that the driveway is private and out of WCC jurisdiction, even though it serves as access to WCC housing.
  • Abandoned vehicle on Mertoun Terrace, Highbury
    A 1992 Isuzu Bighorn, rego ENB987, hasn't moved for a few months from one of precious few on-street parking spaces on Mertoun Terrace, Highbury, near the corner of Harrold Street. It is registered to 16/12/2017, but has grown an impressive cover of spider webs, so doesn't look like being driven any time soon. Because on-street parking is so scarce in this area, this unused vehicle should be moved OFF street.
  • KPQ554 Nissan Note grey
    This car has been left on Danube Street for a month and is making parking for local households difficult.
  • Car vandalized and left one week ago
    Car left in Owhiro Beach public parking for ten days. It has been vandalized and been reported to police a week ago yet still there. Broken windows etc.
  • abandoned vehicle
    this car has been sitting in our street for 2-3 months now and has not moved. It is taking valuable car parking space for residents in an area where off street parking is at a premium. Please can someone help to remove this from our area. thank you.
  • Parking on both sides of street causing bus obstruction
    Norwich street Wilton has is narrow, has sharp bends and many parked cars making it hardly suitable for bus traffic. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that cars are allowed to park on both sides of the street near bustop 4936 adding to congestion and driving difficulty. Please investigate making the whole of the narrow western side of the road a no parking zone as most is demarcated with a broken yellow line but it does not go far enough down the road to avoid congestion and damage to parked cars by passing buses.
  • Water Toby
    Water Toby has been leaking here for some time.
  • Regal Gardens zig zag public pathway
    The access path is an eyesore and gathering lots of rubbish. This was confirmed by WCC to be on a 6 months rotation of cutting however it has been well past 6 months for this to be cut down from the bottom of the path to the top.
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Old blue Audi with expired rego has not moved and has been (badly) parked in the same place for months. Reg: ECZ283

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