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Recently fixed

  • Derelict abdoned car 2 update
    A small car abandoned on street by people looking ing on street. Front bumper removed, wires hanging from car, flat rear driver side tyre, window left open. Car is full of water, dirt and car parts. Not registered or warentted. Has been there for over a month with no attempt to move it by owners. Causing problems for people using the street.
  • Street light bulb flickering1 update
    The bulb in the street light at the bottom of the driveway to 4 Longcroft Terrace flickers on and off intermittently. It has been doing this for some time.
  • Otaki Street Steps Overgrown with Weeds2 update
    The Otaki Street Steps between Otaki Street and Dallas Court/Madison Place are grossly overgrown with weeds and other plant life at present. They do not appear to have been maintained for months. The overgrown plants constitute a tripping hazard that could lead to a serious injury one day. The path between the top of the steps and Madison Place is also quite overgrown. Many thanks in advance for sorting this out.

Old fixed

New issues

  • Water leak on road
    There is a water access point of some type in the middle of the road. The round metal cover has been twisted so that water is now seeping out at a constant rate over one side of the road. The cover is stuck in the hole, causing a small obstacle on the road. I first saw the problem at about 1.30pm on the 22/03 but according to another resident has been leaking for about two days (since Monday night at least).
  • Abandoned car
    A blue Volkswagen bug has been parked on Travers Street for well over 3 weeks. The council is not responding to emails. The car is unregistered and unwarranted.
  • Power or phone lines broken off power pole
    Just where driveway goes up to Wilton House
  • Electronics missing cover
    See photo. Some box on pole is exposed to weather
  • Water leak1 update
    Water leaking in to gutter from under Tarmac for last few days
  • broken water main
    Water has been running down the street for about 2 weeks now. I have reported this problem twice. Now the pavement is crumbling and sinking! This needs to be addressed asap; before we have a sink hole.
  • Vehicle has been abbandoned on Forglen Place Tawa
    A Wine Red 1989 Honda Integra Reg XD1685 abandoned on Forglen Place, Tawa.

Older issues

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