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  • Tory st turning arrow not working
    At 5:30 pm today the turning arrow from Tory st into Vivian st wouldn't work. Waited over four cycles to get a gap in traffic coming up Tory st to turn corner. Tried moving forward to right up to green strip. No difference to light cycle. Am driving a car so should detect need. Had quite a queue trying to turn too.
  • bus shelter window missing
    a window in the bus shelter was broken, glass has been removed but never replaced months ago.
  • water leaking on road
    Outside 45 Lakewood terrace, churton Park 6037, there is water leaking from a road drain cover constantly
  • Street light required to discourage drug taking in car park
    There are frequent problems with cars parking in the car park in Achilles Close, the car occupants are smoking drugs, drinking alcohol and littering. The attractions of this car park is that it is unlit and relatively secluded in a town environment. A street light would discourage this behavior.
  • Road reserve
    The road receive opposit 62 has been cleaned (rock falls)- pile of rubble on the road for collection please (small trailer load).
  • Need triming
    Corner of Sugarloaf and Helen streets there is a power pole with street light. The large trees from the corner property have grown through the wires /cables extensively, when we have our next severe gale force winds branches could break and pull overhead lines down, dangerous, and very expensive for the lines company. 100 meters along Helen street another smaller similar situation.
  • Hole in footpath
    In Sussex Street (runs across from Basin Reserve), there is a significant hole in the footpath
  • Cars parking on recently painted yellow lines
    Palliser road has recently been yellow lined with some gaps left for cars parked there at the time of painting that are now causing bottlenecks and more of a problem than when there was a line of parked cars as the contractor has not returned to make an effort and fill in the gaps. Additionally, every day there is at least half a dozen cars just parking over top of the freshly painted lines. Is there any intention to finish painting these lines and to actually enforce them? The lack of enforcement along with the fact that the lines look like they were painted by a child and don't even run in a straight line has made the delineation change look like an absolute wasted effort.
  • dangerous parking
    Cars are regularly parking on the west side of Volga St, between No 10 and 16, just before a blind corner making it impossible to drive around the corner without moving onto the on coming traffic lanes where there are no sight lines.
  • Abandoned Parked Car #LD8680
    Rusty Blue Mazda. Have been driving past it in the same spot for months. Hasn't moved. Currently has three parking tickets under windscreen wiper (dated 09/03/16). Unregistered and unwarranted. Please remove it from the street.
  • A Street Mirror is required for this blind corner
    9 more new houses are going to build in Cresswell Pl this year. Some households in Sheridan Terrace even have 4 cars. Barrie St is already too narrow for all the existing households. This street needs to be wider to fit the growing population in this area. With some people parking on both side of Barrie St, and some faster drivers plus some trucks, there were many times I saw people almost head crashed. I have got a 5 months infant in my car , and I found it is very risky to drive on Barrie St, especially on that blind corner. Please put some street mirrors on the street to reduce the risk of car crash. Ideally, This street do need to be wider or at least draw some yellow lines on it.
  • Street Light not working
    Street light outside 60 Waverton Terrace, Wellington (Opp Sandy Brow) is not working
  • Water Leak?1 update
    On the path that goes from Garden Rd upto Orangi Kaupapa Road, I think there is a water leak. A black pipe there has been spraying out water continuously the last few days when I've walked past it.

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