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  • Steps on walkway from Jefferson St to Brooklyn Rd
    There is no lighting on the top set of steps on the walkway which leads down from Jefferson St to Brooklyn Rd and it is quite difficult to go down those steps at night. There is lighting further down the path but it doesn't help with lighting the steps. A lot of people use these steps and they would be a lot safer if they had lighting.
  • Retaining wall
    There is a retaining wall on road reserve at the top of the steps to Brooklyn Road opposite No.3 Jefferson st and also leading to the rear of 12 Brooklyn Terrace. The wall is made from half round posts separated by 3 inches with wooden slats in between. The slats are rotting and in need of maintenace before the pressure pushes the whole down.
  • Plant debris and decomposing plant matter on carparks & blocking drains1 update
    Carparks are littered with plant debris from adjoining bus land. Drains getting blocked and plant matter rotting creating foul compost smells. Water can't drain away from path areas making them extremely slippery and dangerous ( always wet & waterlogged ). Have seen council garden staff carefully leaf blowing a handful of leaves from garden bed in centre of carpark area but carparks are never attended to. As winter approaches each year these get more and more slippery and dangerous for anyone getting into / out of vehicles parked along bush side parks. this needs to be addressed regularly - the mess is impossible to miss !!
  • Street light faulty/Not working
    Our one street light at near the end of Wye Street, Island Bay, by No.41 is not working, sometimes it randomly goes but mostly not working. Can this please be fixed.
  • Motorbike parked over driveway blocking access to garage
    Someone is parking their motorbike over our driveway of the garage at 54 Verviers St which means we can't get a car in or out of the garage
  • Light has dissapeared from pole in walkway
    Light has not been replaced when work was done on Pole in alleyway between McKinley Cres and Jefferson st. This has made the walkway very dark and unsafe at night
  • Street light not working
    The street light was not working for about two months. It is the one on the pole number 18493.

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