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  • Mud on unfinished stairs to park causing slipping hazard
    The semi-completed stairs between Fisher Street and Alex Moore Park are covered in mud, and the high first step from the park is made even more difficult to mount because of the slippery mud at the launching spot.
  • Street light not working
    Street light opposite Makra Peak Mountain Bike park not working
  • Street light on corner of Haumia St and Bannister Ave
    This light near the dairy but at the top of a path leading down to our house, has been out for about two months.
  • Road Works signs left behind
    Orange "Works End" sign has been left behind by road working crew - has been there for 2 or 3 weeks. Partially on road, hazardous to cars and pedestrians, no roads works present for some time.
  • Street light out
    One of the street lights in the Kandy Konnection (the path between Kandy Crescent and Amapur drive, in Ngaio) has been out for about a week now. There are 2 street lights on the path, this is the one closest to the Kandy Crescent end. Could you please fix this as its very dark going down the stairs in the morning. Thank you!

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