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  • Election hoardings blocking road view(safety issue)
    A cluster of recently(27 August) erected election hoardings are blocking the view for traffic exiting Curtis st. onto Chaytor st..This area has bus and cycle lanes,and split lanes and is effectivelty a blind corner for exiting traffic can these signs be removed immediately. I believe this site should not be available for ANY hoardings ever due to the road visiblitiy and safety issues.
  • Water leaking from toby
    For several months there has been water leaking from the toby on the pavement outside 88 Jubilee Road. Thanks
  • Overgrown grass
    Hi there, location is the bottom of Regal Garden pedestrian access way which joins with Queens Drive. It looks that possible the council have trimmed back the grass on Queens Drive and have left a grass area half mowed and the other side untouched. They have also cut the grass and left all the rubbish that was amoungst the grass as it stands. It would be good please to have this cleaned up
    Water has been leaking from the house's on-street water connection for 3 weeks. Water streaming down the road.
  • dangerous footpath from street to letterbox - falls hazard
    The footpath from the street to numbers 30,32 and 34 Marewa Road, Hataitai, Wellington 6021 is old and broken in parts. It's a trip / falls hazard at any time, but especially at night when lighting is poor.
  • Slip
    Land slip covering all of lane on a blind corner. North bound. Between makara town and beach turnoff.
  • Abandoned Car
    A black car has been dumped in the car park beside the playground on Mitchell St. It's in the way of the Chorus guys and taking up a park the residents could be using. It's also falling apart.
  • Street light intermittent
    Street light outside 183 Orangi Kaupapa Road Northland Wellington is flicking on and off during night hours
  • Poor quality road surface
    The road surface along the painted lines between the lane and shoulder area in this area is in terrible condition. It is particularly hazardous for cyclists as they must ride onto it to move out and away from parked vehicles. At this point cyclists are on the torn up roadway with traffic travelling directly beside them in the lane.
  • Street Lighting is broken
    out of the six lights on the popular student street, only half are actually working during the night and one of those non working one flickers alot which cannot be good for energy efficiently or if someone who has epilepsy walking down the street
  • Rock fall blocking gutter
    gutter is between 69 & 73 Montreal grove
  • Abandoned vehicle
    Holden Vectra 2000 Expired warrent of fitness Expired reg number plate: YU5436 Car has been there since late March.
  • Leak
    There is water coming out from the footpath outside of Jean Jacques Hair Design 164 Lambton Quay
  • Non urgent gas leak at roadside
    Smell of gas at roadside in vicinity of 6 Richmond Ave, Karori, been like it for weeks. I live in the neighbourhood, not at the above address.
  • Electrical cables hanging to low
    we have large trucks coming to pick up freight Monday - Thursday, sometimes due to cars parked on the road they have to use a driveway with low hanging cables overhead, one truck managed to clip the cable and almost became entangled.

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