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  • Sar St abandoned vehicles
    One Subaru Reg No: BUA742 is parked on decks on Sar St just past the Tile place. The vehicle has been their for months and is attracting vandals. One people mover Reg No: CSA236. This vehicle appears to be abandoned, it has not moved for over seven weeks and is full of rubbish.
  • Street lights not working all along Patanga Crescent
    Street lights not working all along Patanga Crescent. Quite dangerous at night when trying to get home.
  • New LED light keeps flashing
    The new LED street light outside 27 St Edmund Crescent will often pulse on and off at night for long periods of time. It's very distracting and is affecting the sleep in my household.
  • Poor bus service
    The Wellington bus network does not meet the needs of many locals. Previous consultation feedback showing actual needs is ignored by the council. The implemented "service" means a bus to the city involves more time walking to/ from bus stops (including steep hills with no pavement in some cases) than time spent on the bus and costs more than ten times the cost of petrol and 3 to 5 times as long as it would take to drive, park and get to the destination. Newtown is now congested with double ups of double decker buses doing the same route right behind each other). I know many people who now drive to work instead of getting the bus as the routes and timetable are badly designed and do not meet the need. Perhaps consider offering a standard $2 adults/ $1 child fares on any bus journey including transfers for a month (or better still 6 months) and see what people would actually use the bus for if it was more reasonably priced then put routes around it. Also please add shelters at all bus stops.
  • All street lights in Patanga Crescent
    All street lights in Patanga Crescent are not working, including the light outside 35 Patanga Crescent.
  • Rough Reseal of Waru St
    A couple of months ago a portion of Waru St, Khandallah was resealed. Previously the road was mostly smooth with rough patches. Now after the resurface the road is bumpy from Bengal St to Calcutta St - much worse than it was before. There has been a lot of resealing in our area recently which is great but this job is of a very poor standard.
  • Trip Hazard left by felled tree
    The council came a removed a dangerous tree months ago now and said they would return to remove the remains of the stump. This has not happened and it is a trip hazard for anyone walking along the path outside No 13 George Street.

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