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Taupo District Council

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  • Mow The Grass2 update
    Hi, The grass berm down Kinloch Road was mowed last week, but looks like the missed lots of spots, needs to be done again.
  • Street lights not operating8 update
    The street lights down one end of rata street don't appear to be working for several days now. The one outside our house went on randomly quite late at night a few days ago. Last night wasn't working at all.
  • St Light fitting on berm3 update
    The light fitting has been knocked off the pole structure and is laying on the grass berm
  • Dust hazard 2 update
    The developers, contractors need to be responsible for watering the earthworks south of Richmond Ave. It is causing massive amounts of dust and grit which is not acceptable. Fix the problem without delay please
  • Street lights not working 3 update
    Street lights around Wharewaka Road, Heeni Street and Kohatu Parade are not working. Pokaka cres street lights are working.
  • Dog bags6 update
    There are no doggy bags in the receptacle on the reserve between Angela Place and Irwin Place Kinloch.
  • Gravel on road corner2 update
    There is a large amount of gravel on the corner of Kinloch & Whangamata Road, to the left of road. It has made it's way onto the road just past Kinloch Road entrance going along Whangamata Road. It is on a corner and cars go quite fast around the bend. Someone is going to skid on the gravel on this bend and crash.
  • Deep pot holes2 update
    Multiple potholes dangerous for tourists who don't know the road.
  • Pot Hole on side of road2 update
    Pot holes on the side of the road between the end of Kinloch Road and #500 Kinloch Road, on the left hand side as you head into Kinloch. Some holes look to have recent repairs, however, there is some big ones that remain, that have the potential to rip tires etc if a car went in them.
  • Kinloch Road Surface2 update
    The surface on Kinloch Road is like a 4x4 track, this could potentially be caused by the roots from the Poplar Trees. Road needs to be resurfaced at a higher level to stop the natural juddar bars
  • Wharewaka Reserve5 update
    We live at Summerset Village, Villa 25 and adjacent to the above Reserve. the Lawnmower Contractor mows the Reserve nicely but cannot quite get to Boundary (Summerset Fence) and the Groundsman from Summerset does 2 rows on his Ride-on but there is a Dip between where they both mow and we wondered if one of your many Weedeater Guys could come and weed eat that ditch as it is an eyesore for us when sitting out on our Patio. Your help would be aoppreciated. Thanks
  • Car rolled 18th Dec. Wreak still present7 update
    This car rolled while doing burn-outs on the night of 18th december 2020. The wreak is still present. It has police tape around it.
  • 2 Holes 8 update
    2 deep holes on grass verge beside footpath. Both have upside down cones placed within to prevent injury/accident and harm to wildlife. Has been like this for months.
  • SW Drain Blocked2 update
    The sump is clear but water ponding and traffic hazard across the road - opp Turangi Evangelical Church
  • dangerous455 update
    Where the newly laid drive crosses the footpath by Supervalue, there is gap of about 12 cms between the edge of the drive and the cobblestone footpath, I stepped into the gap, about 7cm deep and had a fall. It is missing a whole row of either paving bricks or concrete. Get someone up there to prevent more accidents. ASAP
  • potholes and washouts3 update
    road getting too low and flat from grading - needs camber built up so water washes off completely- or seal to the bottom of the hill to stop the wash off creating issues within a week from grading being done. we have to drive off the 'road' on the wrong side in order to get around the potholes.
  • Attempted pothole fix is messed up3 update
    There is an old fixed pothole outside number 12 Tureiti place Turangi and it covers half the road it is a hazard because cars dodge it by driving on the other side of the road. Also this app form is flawed it won’t let me chose my phone number which begins with 0204
  • Foot path trip hazard2 update
    tree roots lifted the path outside 5 Epping place and 1 swan Close.
  • Roadside washout3 update
    Stormwater erosion along road side is undermining pavement and threatening integrity of the road edge.
  • Lamp out - Kinloch, Taupo6 update
    Street light not working corner Kinloch Road & Whangamata Road. Also, why is there no "Kinloch Road" sign? Also no dog bags down in Kinloch.
  • Invisible STOP sign6 update
    1. The STOP sign on left side of Arrowsmith & Shepherds Rd, is obscured by tree branches when approaching from West Side, and the tree currently has no leaves. Maybe make the sign much lower. 2. The road surface at Lake end of Shepherds Road, by Harvey St intersection, is deteriorating even more. Sinkage?? 3. My granddaughter and I missed being T-boned by a speeding car at the Napier Rd intersection, by approx 10 metres. Thank goodness I had slowed to look for vehicles travelling on Napier Road, approx 6.35 pm Monday night. Lots of traffic stopped at Eastern Stop sign, and cars coming thru from Arrowsmith, cars behind me too. 1 million for new playground, but nothing for this damn death trap. Can we sue the Council for creating a Death Trap?. Put up cameras and make hundreds of thousands of dollars from fines. Akld ciy Council have issued fines for 4.6 million in 3 months, from the 100 metre Bus Lane Camera. Contact Chris Creighton, Grp Manager of Technology Solutions to verify this. Yesterday, when I was out For a walk, 4 vehicles went through without coming to a STOP. PLEASE FORGET UNNECESSARY SPENDING AND FIX THIS DEATH TRAP. ☠️
  • Blocked culverts3 update
    Please clean out culverts and divert water from running down the road into our paddocks.
  • Washout6 update
    Over 12 months ago following the reconstruction of this stretch of highway a washout started to develop under the shoulder of SH5 approx 1km north of the Wairakei roundabout intersection with SH1. A 'Shoulder Closed' sign was erected (and is still there) plus several yellow gravel filled sandbags were placed to divert water away from the washout. The sandbags have now dis-integrated and the remaining small heap of gravel is being washed away so water is going back into the washout. Along this stretch of SH5 there are several very steep gullies that end within 1-2 metres of the highway which drop at least 50 metres into the Waikato river valley. If a vehicle was to leave the highway (due to a washout or otherwise) into one of these gullies there would be a high risk of injury or death. It is only after stopping and having a look I have realized how dangerous this situation is and that it need urgent attention.
  • Street light going on and off3 update
    Outside 34 the circle
  • Two street lights not working2 update
    Two street lights not working, either side of Hatepe Avenue/Tamamutu Street intersection.
  • Group of street lights in Wakeman Rd 2 update
    Lights have not been on at night most nights over last 10 days Approx outside 20 to 35 Wakeman Rd
  • Smashed road signs pipes on kiddle drive Napier Road 2 update
    Heck of a mess with massive damage from yet another smash
  • Dangerous Pot holes 2 update
    Pot holes have formed again in the left hand lane adjacent the sign heading to Kinloch, dangerous because it is in the driving lane for the corner
  • Overgrown hedge5 update
    On Maluku Street side. This is a school kindy route. and when things get going again pupils and parents will have to walk on very uneven berm.
  • Broken glass on road2 update
    Te Rangitautahanga Rd between Puataata and Hingaia on North side of street - lots of broken glass. Would be a shame to wash it into the stormwater drains or for it to get caught in tyres...
  • Trip hazards5 update
    The footpath near 38 & 40 Arrowsmith Avenue has 2 broken sections which need to be repaired
  • Shepherd road4 update
    Broken footpath, tree root problem. Trip hazard. about 40 metres below Arrowsmith Ave intersection
  • Potholes at entrance to Kimberly Reserve, Taharepa road end, Taupo4 update
    There are numerous potholes at the entrance to the reserve on the road. This area is very frequently used by the public. Please see photo. People frequently walk and bike along this "road" instead of on the footpath and are at risk of tripping or falling from their bikes. This is also used by the mowing crews to access the reserve. Members of the public also drive in here and park in the wide gravel area when walking in the park and walking their dogs.
  • Cracked broken footpath and potholes - Kimberly reserve, off Taharepa road, Taupo3 update
    There are lots of people walking in this area and outside of Level 4 elderly park their cars here. There are lots of potholes in the entrance to the reserve near rubbish bin and the footpath is significantly cracked. Worried about elderly people tripping.
  • Sinkage beside Curbing and a bit missing from Water Access cover2 update
    Their seems to be new sinkage beside the Curbing on the South side of the Fairview /Arrowsmith intersection. On the North side of this intersection there is a cover missing from, Possibly a water access. Size of a saucer hazard.
  • Smashed barriers at Intersection2 update
    I am sure you will already be aware, but just in case there is a mess of smashed Refuge rails and road signs at the intersection on Napier ROad anda Arrowsmith Ave.
  • Overhanging across footpath8 update
    Tree requires trimming located between Mobile junction service station 208 Lake Terrace and Waipahihi Avenue on berm
  • Street Light Not Switched On nearly 3 months out3 update
    The street light pole was knocked down in 2 Feb. New Pole was put in about three weeks back - bur light still not on. See if it can be done within 3 moths of the incident.
  • Broken glass2 update
    There is green broken glass on the road/gutter of 150 Heuheu Street
  • Road maintenance 5 update
    The main road from Norman Street to the Spa Road Rounabout has far too many pot holes that are getting progressively worse. When can we expect a safer drive to Taupo.j
  • Potholes3 update
    Dangerous +++ now especially for people not familiar with the road.
  • Compulsory Stop sign uprooted6 update
    I reported that the sign had been hit and flattened and read Councils response that it is now fixed. Well, it certainly hasn't been fixed, it is still laying on the ground - refer photo taken today.
  • Compulsory Stop sign down/not visible2 update
    The Stop sign at the intersection of Pukawa Road and SH41 has been hit in an accident and is laying on the ground.
  • Turangi iRTS Geen Waste Area Heath and Safety Issue2 update
    I have repeatedly complained about this for several years. It is still a disgrace and a quagmire in the middle and difficult. It is a Health and Safety Issue to those using the area. Unless you drain it and bund it so the water runs off it will remain this way. It needs a proper fix not some half hearted attempt. If you want advice on how to do it an d who can do it contact me.
  • Top of Hinekura 2 update
    Street lights have been out the last two nights in a row. Unsure about bottom end past the stop sign, but top end by water tank does not currently have any working street lights.
  • Street Lamp Flickering Turning off and On3 update
    The street outside out property flickers and also turns off and then back on all the time.
  • berm trees blocking the footpath7 update
    trees planted on the berm near 196 Rifle Range Road (opposite the Paetiki Shops) are blocking the footpath next to the parallel car park.
  • New STOP sign is too high4 update
    When coming up Napier Rd, the STOP sign is about 1.3 mts too high. 2 cars have driven right through. Also, when stopped there, a car on other side in his right turn lane, was there for a couple of minutes and the angle of the road, makes it impossible to see any traffic coming down behind that vehicle.
  • damaged footpath trip hazard3 update
    There s a 4cm trip hazard in a section of footpath in the walkway between 66 an 68 Hinemoa Avenue
  • Mossy - greasy surface when wet10 update
    Hi The footpath from 17 Hindmarsh Drive taupo is very slippery and greasy due to moss build up it is especially bad in Winter as this area doesnt get any sun, is it possible to water blast the mossy surface,
  • dangerous3 update
    multiple potholes near the end of arataki rd once you get onto gravel rd. They are unavoidable now and dangerous for tourists who don't know the rd.
  • damaged footpath trip hazard4 update
    Tree roots have lifted the footpath outside 63 Hinemoa Avenue causing a trip hazard
  • damaged footpath trip hazard3 update
    The cherry trees on the berm outside 91 Hinemoa Ave have lifted the foopath again causing a trip hazard
  • St Light out 4mths in Turangi3 update
    street light still out 4 months after it was damaged. Pole was up 2 months ago but no light. A TDC Manager said to me two weeks back it would be fixed 'next week' but that did not happen. f
  • Leaking Toby2 update
    water is showing along the footpath
  • Dirt Bikes Speeding Using Alleyway as thoroughfare with kids nearby8 update
    At the end of Tongariro road, there is an alleyway that doesn't have any barriers to stop motorbikes. Over the last few months this alleyway has been used to allow access from the highway to the river tracks. The motorbikes speed from the alleyway right to the end of the street and there are a lot of kids playing around these areas. I'd hate to see someone hurt or killed from this behaviour.
  • damaged footpath trip hazard2 update
    The footpath near the end of the walkway adjacent to 86 and 90 Taharepa road has lifted creating a 50mm trip hazard
  • St Light Not Switched on 3 months now2 update
    I reported this but still no action - please get it working - its been up and ready to go for weeks but still not light - how long how long how long does one have to wait for action
  • lights not working2 update
    2 street lights (in a row) out of action for more than a week - bulbs blown?? outside 125 Tamamutu Street
  • Broken Bottles on cycle path2 update
    There is broken beer bottles on the Acacia Bay Road cycle path. Can you please sweep.
  • Cracked footpath5 update
    Large chunks of concrete have broken away from the footpath by the driveway of 105 Wakeman Road, Taupo. This has occurred quite quickly over the course of a couple of months. Quite a hazard given the size of dislodged concrete pieces.
  • Trip Hazard4 update
    Trip hazard raised pavement at outside 204 Te Rangitautahanga
  • Street light out by property 23 Tongariro Road Turangi3 update
    Please repair lighting at this property as there is a huge dark spot between lights.
  • Footpath overgrown6 update
    Footpath on Heuheu Street by Caltex is overgrown with protea bush and i cant get past it in my wheelchair
  • 158 Heuheu Street - abandoned building3 update
    158 Heuheu Street is a residential address that looks abandoned It possesses both a fire hazard and a magnet to vandals Can the TDC do something about it?
  • Intersection instructions not clear to Non-English readers, 3 update
    The bottom of the Napier -Taupo road at Lake Terrace needs a clearer sign - a picture /graphic may help. After being stopped there behind only 3 cars for quite some time, I started timing how long I was waiting in the queue, I got to 7 minutes before I could get out, because the 3 cars in front appeared to be waiting for NO TRAFFIC. 'Merging lane ahead' does not tell dyslexics, foreigners, etc what to do. My husband actually got out of his car one day to help the driver of the car in front to get out safely. Maybe a mini roundabout or best of all,Traffic lights. It is also very difficult coming out from the tiny street across from here if traffic wants to go up the Napier-Taupo road. There is going to be a major smash there one day.
  • street light not going3 update
    on corner of Karetoto Rd and Wairakei Drive
  • Taupo View Road, Taupo2 update
    Street lighting not working
  • Street lights not working2 update
    Street light on corner of Acacia Bay Road and Wily Tce (opposite Acacia Bay North beach) not working and it appears could be immediately surrounding lights as well along the road in both directions. Thanks.
  • Faulty street light2 update
    2nd street light on left in John Norrie Pl is faulty and keeps flicking on and off, please can it be fixed as it triggers our security lights.
  • Street light is broken/not going again 4 update
    I know it was fixed not so long ago but it’s not going again please fixed ASAP as it make our little street look dark and unsafe. Thanks Mel
  • Footpath light out 3 update
    The footpath light in the reserve between Tongariro Street and Norman Smith Street is not working
  • Overhanging across footpath2 update
    Trees on berm overhanging across footpath
  • Overgrown hedge and potholes 6 update
    Mairehau Track, Hatepe Thus track is a public row with five residences using this. The hedge on the entrance to the row has overgrown the row by at least a metre. This has caused any vehicles to travel on to neighbouring property for access. Vehicles etc are being damaged. The water access point concrete surrounds a broken and damaged. Residents and paying guests who hire the properties find it difficult to use the row for boats trailers motor homes and caravans. The entire row is potholed and requires repair. Owner of hedge has been asked to cut hedge back but has not done so. Have sent a request to council but no reply.
  • damaged footpath trip hazard3 update
    The footpath outside 220 Ttaharepa Rd is broken and needs to be replaced with a new wider footpath. There is also a section of footpath outside 218 Taharepa Rd that has been removed and needs to be replaced
  • Road sign fallen over2 update
    Hirangi Rd, just passed the 100km/h sign heading towards Tokaanu - road sign fallen over. Also, lots of rubbish alongside road both sides since the mower exposed it all. Can you please fix?
  • damaged footpath trip hazard3 update
    A section of footpath has been removed next to the v crossing into 27 Tui St and has never been replaced.
  • Signs on SH 53 update
    Graffiti on road signs beginning Lake terrace adjacent to Taharepa road, and carrying on along and up onto Napier-Taupo road.
  • Magpies5 update
    Magpies located in the surrounding reserves in Docherty Drive Taupo are bombarding pedestrians and Postie. There are approximately 8 in the area
  • Graffiti2 update
    On power box on corner of Matuku street and lake terrace taupo
  • Huge tag on electrical box on corner of Puriri and Taharepa Road2 update
    Should be fairly obvious, also my neighbours van was tagged in the same style, located in Kotare Street.
  • alleyway barriers2 update
    Barriers and bushes nearby make it difficult to use with a normal buggy/pram. It would be great if these could be updated in the near future please. Applies to a few in the area.
  • Grass not mowed2 update
    Getting dangerous to walk through the path at the back of the reserve in Robinson Terrace through to Kaharangi Drive as the grass has not been cut since before Christmas
  • Reid Park Direction2 update
    Can we please get a sign erected at the intersection of Huka Falls Road and Kahuranhi Drive showing the direction to Reids Farm Camping. We get so many Tourists at the bottom of Hindmarsh drive trying to get to Reids Farm, only to be told to walk back up the hill and try again. Thanks Ian Harrison.
  • Broken glass 2 update
    Broken glass on footpath from 20 - 22 Tawa Street Taupo
  • Broken glass 2 update
    On footpath outside Salvation Army building and across the road
  • Grass Berm4 update
    In the autumn of 2015 and in front of 71 & 73 of Grace Crescent the council chopped down 2 large trees. It was only a month ago that they ground down the stumps after numerous reminders. Everyone else in the street has a lovely flat area of grass in front of their houses except these two. No one has come back and leveled the ground off or replanted it with grass. Unfortunately this area spoils the look along the rest of the street. Driving around Taupo no other street berm has been left like this and for so long.
  • Give Way Sign Down3 update
    Cnr Te Rangitautahanga and Hirangi Road the Give Way sign was knocked down last night. The sign is ok, the post is a write off
  • ??Abandoned car and BUs parked for 3 days at intersection of Arrowsmith and Napier-Taupo2 update
    White car been parked approx 100 -150 mts up the road from Lake Terrace. Red Bus parked impacting on drives visibility at Arrowsmith -Napier/Taupo intersection
  • Tokaanu SH 41 Fire Hyrdarnts2 update
    Fire hydrant near where the Kumuroa house burnt down on SH 41, Tokaanu, is now obscured by overgrowth all over it. Do a proper job this time when it is cleared.
  • Tree - Large Branch Down4 update
    The street berm Tree, a Liquid Amber Tree, outside 170 Te Rangitautahanga. A major limb came off about 2: 30 pm Sunday in a gust of wind. Neighbours cleared the branch off the road and footpath. The limb parts has been cut up and removed. The branches remain piled up on the street berm to be cleared by Council ASAP.
  • Lens off street light hanging dow3 update
    Lens of street light hanging down which may potentially hit pedestrians. Thanks Kerry
  • 2 Street Lights Out4 update
    Above footpath the 1st 2 lights after the Big Sign 'Major Intersection Ahead' Haven't been working for some considerable time
  • Footpath encroachment6 update
    55 Hawaii St. Cnr of Richmond Ave. Large bushes right over the footpath around the whole corner. No room for pushchairs etc they have had to go onto the very uneven surface of the berm for sometime. Now walkers have same issue.
  • Lights out2 update
    Please check as the lights in this area appear to be out
  • Light on for abput 25 seconds then off for 40 seconds, continually like this for over 12 months2 update
    The light on the eastern side of the entry from Fairview Tce to the Fairview recreation reserve is not working properly.
  • Unsafe surface and slippery wet area3 update
    Footpath has been cut many months ago for a drain to get rid of water seepage but concrete has never been reinstated. The surface is unsafe for pedestrians especially in the dark. Also the drainage issue on the adjacent berm has not been fixed.
  • Street lights on continuously2 update
    All the River Road street lights have been on continuously for a few weeks
  • Pedestrian Refuge on Lake Terrace 4 update
    Near the Fire Station, not Tui Oaks as I reported previously. It definitely needs fluorescent tape on the vertical poles
  • No visible road markings left at T intersection2 update
    Coming out of Forest Road onto Oruanui Road, there are no visible road markings eg. solid yellow line as it is a compulsory stop there. Poor visibility to the left as it is, so please clean the intersection and make some bright visible markings. It is dangerous the way it is
  • Dark grey green car needs to be removed2 update
    Several neighbours have reported this vehicle, FWP558, but it has not been removed. Please organize the vehicle to be taken away. PS I am reporting for a relative who lives close by.
  • Pedestrian Refuge5 update
    Driving towards town on Lake Terrace, once car lights are on, the new refuge closest to Tui Oaks has no iridescent tape on the uprights and with oncoming traffic it becomes a hazard. Three others have also had an issue with this poorly marked refuge.
  • massive potholes carpark3 update
    there are 3 or 4 massive potholes in carpark next to vine restaurant tuwharetoa st taupo 3330 surprise no one has broken there axle also potential hazard for walking through
  • Foot path encroachment8 update
    Ivy and ponga wall encroaching footpath outside 95 gullies ave
  • Very big now dangerous3 update
    Multiple potholes need filling
  • Damaged post and rail2 update
    A van went through the Arthur Cres/Balmoral reserve on Monday night and ripped the rail off the post at the reserve.
  • 100km zone should be moved further away from Rangatira intersection4 update
    Mangakino has a lot of pedestrians walking from town to the lake. On Lake Road, there is a particular point where the majority of pedestrians cross the road (due to the footpath ending). Only 100m away from this popular crossing spot is the end of a 100km/hr zone. I propose the 100km/hr zone on Lake Road is moved further away from Rangatira Drive (to be moved closer to Wairenga Road). Children are crossing Lake Road frequently and I feel it is dangerous to have an 100km/hr zone this close by.
  • Kahurangi Drive6 update
    The road seems to becoming a speedway for a specific type of driver who accelerates and does "wheelies" up and down the street. Someone is going to be killed soon if recent driving is anything to go by. Please install speed bumps as soon as possible.
  • Bulb not working3 update
    Street lamp bulb adjacent to 33 Wakeman Road's letterbox is not working.
  • Street Light2 update
    The street light opposite 18 Reeves Road, Acacia Bay, Taupo is not working presumably a blown bulb.
  • light not working in ladies toilet 2 update
    light needs replacing in ladies toilet
  • Tree roots on berm6 update
    There are tree roots on the grass strip that cause damage to my mower and make it hard to mow. They stick up and the blades strike them on the lowest parts. They cover quite a large area and would be best removed.
  • street lights2 update
    street lights havent worked all week street very dark this week
  • Foot path encroachment8 update
    Vegetation outside this property covers footpath making you walk out on to the verge
  • Two Lights dead on the Bridge4 update
    The two streets lights on the southern end of the bridge have been dead since before Xmas 2107. I have phoned NZTA a few times since January and they do not get them fixed. They gave me a reference Number 28670323. Today there has been a tragic dead on the bridge at 6.30am 06-08-2018. These faulty street lights could have contributed to the lack of light on a very dark wet morning.
  • Acacia Straight Cycle Path needs to be swept2 update
    Cyclepath covers in gravel and debris, making it unsafe and unsuitable for road bikes
  • Foot path encroachment2 update
    Ivy and ponga wall encroaching footpath outside 95 gullies ave
  • Blocked drain/storm water in car park between BP and Caltex 3 update
    Leaves have blocked the drain/storm water in the car park so when it rains the wate flows across the foodpath and onto the street.
  • Large pothole on southbound side road4 update
    A large pothole has formed on the southbound side of Richmond Ave just outside the entrance to Ingle Ave reserve, and opposite the drainage works. It is currently situated in a 30kph zone and directly in the path of cars navigating the roadconed area. It is also growing bigger with every passing day and increasing rain.
  • Trees5 update
    Trees and bushes over growing the footpath in Kathleen place and footpath uneven. Thank you.
  • driveway lifting 2 update
    Concrete driveway is broken in several large areas & has lifted very badly , will not be able to drive over before much longer .
  • Overgrown vegetation on footpath causing people, including children to walk on the road or cross street to avoid.197 update
    Several calls made last year before summer to fix problem however no action taken to date. The vegetation in front of units at 228-232 Lake Tce is overgrown onto foot path, causing pedestrians to walk on road or cross to other side. Obvious dangers to pedestrians from high volume traffic flow and immediately before Shepherd Rd intersection. Consideration should be given to removing the ivy type vegetation due to rate of growth and replacing with slower growing native grasses, which will be more cost effective over long term and reduce future risk associated with overgrown vegetation. Happy to meet TDC member at site to discuss further options for replacing the ivy if required.
  • Very big now dangerous5 update
    Continuous problem of potholes as grader doesn't come regularly enough. Now dangerous trying to avoid them.
  • Storm water drainage8 update
    Somewhere in the access to the River Road boatramp, is a storm-water drain point. It has now been filled with grass and dirt. It needs cleaning out to drain the rain water off the road
  • neglect of grounds15 update
    This house and grounds are a disgrace with long grass and hedges way out of control. Could the council issue a letter to the occupier to deal with the clean up? Can the council offer assistance for the clean up? It is an absolute eyesore!
  • overgrown section4 update
    can the council please do something about this extremely overgrown empty section on the corner of Huamai and Rangiora street, it has become a health and safety hazard as well as a fire hazard. One of the locals in the past had mown the council berm as it had become so long that children were walking on the road as they could not use the footpath, it is getting to that state one again. Thanks.
  • Car4 update
    Smashed up car on north side of Hirangi Rd just past the 100km sign. Been there over a month now...??? Is it council responsibility to remove this???
  • Cyle Path needs to be swept2 update
    Cycle path is covered in stones from the recent reseal of Acacia Bay Straight. There is also scoria over the cycle path (ongoing) where the big trucks come down from landscaping business.
  • Ally way 4 update
    Could you please replace the barriers in the Ally way next to 78 Puataata Road as I am sick of the children riding through there on there 4 wheeler bikes. Also heaps of motor bikes use it as a short cut this goes on every day for hours. This is the second time I have complained about this matter. Why do I pay my rates if something this simple can not be fixed why should we have to put up with this it is not a road.
  • Street lamp faulty6 update
    Lamp directly outside property occasionally comes on but only dimly. Causing considerable interference with digital TV reception.
  • Abandoned vehicle getting vandalised12 update
    Car in accident has been abanodned and has been getting vandalised and parts stolen off it daily.
  • Waihi Road - water ponding on road3 update
    Tuesday, 17 Oct, Enviro Waste Refuse Collection truck had a road accident trying to negotiate the cone that marked the edge of the water on the road. The water extends along and on the road for 350 metres x has been up to half the seal width over the past weeks. On Monday the cone was the only warning and it was toppled over, no signs, no attempt to get the water off the road by maintenance of the side berms and drains. On Tuesday the cone was standing upright at the edge of the ponding, and the truck in attempting to negotiate the cone ended up with its RHS front wheel on the berm that was saturated and muddy and so the truck sunk to it. The momentum of the truck saw it pulled completely off the road and into the swampy road side. The road has had water draining along it for a good part of this winter and needs urgent attention. The drainage pipe nearest the SH41 end of the road has a pipe that is set such that the swamp can be drained some, but not totally so as to preserve the wet land to the west. The shallow side drain that once existed along the edge of the berm is almost non existent thee days. The drain and berm was cleared back in Taupo C County days, and early Taupo Dist C days, but progressively has been allowed to ingrow with raupo.
  • Over hanging tree5 update
    Low branches right over footpath half way across berm. Pedestrians need to walk right on road edge of berm to get by.
  • Empty Section with very long grass and rubbish2 update
    Hi, The vacant corner section at 26 Huamai Street, Mangakino, has really long grass and various bits of rubbish collecting on it and has become a bit of a fire/health hazard. Is there any possibility of having it cleaned up please as my cat has brought home 3 presents (dead rats) last week and I'm pretty sure he is having fun catching them from the overgrown section - I'd be a lot happier if he brought home whittakers chocolate to be honest. I wasn't to sure who to contact about this, you guys do an awesome job keeping our little town pretty - it just sucks having a cat bringing home rats. Thanks so much.
  • Footpath Repairs3 update
    Please arrange for the contractors responsible for repairing the footpath to complete the work. The concrete was replaced due to damage from tree roots, but is probably no safer now than before the repair.
  • Footpath blocked2 update
    The hedge at this property has grown so large that it has completely blocked the footpath.
  • Transit awareness sign blocks view5 update
    A large public transit awareness sign is blocking the view on the highway from our driveway, making it dangerous to enter the highway.
  • Flooding and drain blockage; sweep and removal needed4 update
    Fri 5th January heavy rain caused widespread flooding in Acacia Bay North due to all drains being blocked by tree debris and leaves associated with the TDC trees. The kerbs and carparks have not been swept in quite sometime and heavy buildup of gum tree leaves and pinetree cones has blocked the grates. I cleared them temporarily to get the water out however the mess remains, so can you please remedy with a thorough sweep and kerb clean. Thanks
  • Speeding drivers, hooning, loss of traction2 update
    At 1820 this evening we have been besieged by racing vehicles from Hindmarsh up to Huka Falls road. this is not new and has been going on for several months now, but today worse than ever. we suggest speed bumps in Kahurangi near 7 an 14 and also in Hindmarsh. Police are sympathetic but ask for registration numbers - but these drivers are far too quick.
  • Small slip2 update
    Small slip in cutting was partially cleared several months ago. Site is still marked with cones. Remainder of slip needs removing. Cyclists swing out into the roadway to avoid slipping on the mud particularly after the recent heavy rain.
  • Pot hole 5 update
    Pot hole at junction of Palmer Mill Road and Oak Drive.
  • Pot hole 3 update
    Pot hole at junction of Palmer Mill Road and Oak Drive.
  • carpark potholes2 update
    carpark next to vine restaurant at least 12 pot holes in carpark could break a cars axle
  • Tree Falling to Road3 update
    A tree on the bank above Whangamata road has broken and is falling to the road. presently is starting to partially block Whangamata road and will block more as it falls more. Tree needs to be cleared from bank. Location is approximately 100m towards Taupo from the Whangamata road/Kawakawa road intersection.
  • Street light outside 17 Scott Drive3 update
    Not operating, or does sometimes with flickering. Has been faulty for last 2-3 weeks.
  • Footpath overgrown9 update
    Footpath outside 25 Wakeman is 3/4 covered by overgrown gardens and trees. This property is not lived in, is there something that can be done. Thank you.
  • Abandoned car- environmental hazard and encouraging vandalism3 update
    There has been an abandoned car making itself a environmental hazard adjacent to lake Whakamaru. It is also encouraging vandalism and unwanted behavior in the area
  • Blocked Footpath due to Overgrown Vegetation.8 update
    The road frontage of the property at 18 Taharepa Road, Hilltop, Taupo, is so overgrown with shrubs and other plants the foothpath is no longer usable. The only alternative route past the property is a very rough grass verge.
  • Van with tarp and no plates on berm3 update
    Not sure if vehicle abandoned or belongs to occupants at 45a Laughton, but this white van is sitting on the berm outside 45a. Its missing the passenger side door so has a tarp over part of it, and is missing it's number plates. Has been there since the end of last week and is an eyesore.
  • Crack in tar sealed road 1m wide on edge of cliff!5 update
    There is a crack in tar sealed road, about 1 m wide and about 5-10cm high - got worse over night!! You can see it now easily and feel it if you drive over it. Right on the edge of a big deep cliff. Should need attention shortly!
  • Breaking up concrete path4 update
    Footpath has large pieces of concrete lifting and is a hazard to pedestrians. Can this be repaired please?
  • Pedestrian Refuge Gutter Ramp Loose4 update
    The metal plate ramp that crosses the roadside water drainage gutter to provide a smooth safe the approach to the Pedestrian Refuge in the middle of Lake Terrace outside The Gables Motel, 130 Lake Terrace, is loose. One of the securing bolts has broken it's hold on the bitumin road surface.
  • Pothole2 update
    Pothole has formed on the corner of Scannell and Kaimanwa in the eastbound lane (heading towards Pihanga St direction) towards the centre line.
  • 35 pitiroi street5 update
    Owner of 35 pitiroi st has pushed one of his many car wrecks onto the roadside council verge. this is an unregistered wreck filled to the roof with rubbish. has been there for 5 weeks now
  • Street lighting not working4 update
    Street Lights between 78 and 88 Taupo View Road are not working - unison did some repair work last week and I’m not sure if both events are related - but it makes for a very dark stretch of road at night
  • Hedge over path 23 and 25 Matuku St18 update
    Hedges now between halfway a fully over path at both locations
  • Lamp out2 update
    The street light is not working on the corner just after 91 Wakeman Road
  • Fire hazard and vermin15 update
    Empty section, not cut for at least 3 years, is a fire hazard and breeding ground for vermin. Please contact the owner and get this risk corrected, or maybe have someone cut it and charge the owner. It is a steep piece of land that drops away from the road. Thank you.
  • Street light not working3 update
    Light no 10386 O/S 4 Ruru Place Omori is not working
  • Damaged street signs2 update
    The Acacia Bay Rd and Poihipi Rd signs have been bent making them difficult to read.
  • bridge width marker damaged2 update
    silver/black width marker has been pushed over and is laying flat
  • blocked drain 3 update
    drain needs to be raised to enable it to flow, with all the wet weather it is permanently flooded on the pavement
  • Pukawa Road geting worse! URGENT!!3 update
    On Pukawa Road the wash out is getting worse!! Now you drive over the single line and this part of the road is going down: it's getting a big bumper - you can feel it when going over this SINGLE LANE PART! Need fixing asap! Otherwise there is NO road in and out from Pukawa!!!
  • Pothole on Crn Haurakiu Tce & te kura lane4 update
    Walking along Hauraki Tce on footpath on left hand side, there is a big pothole just before crossing Te Kura Lane. Struggled last night in the dark. It's a bit gras over to, put it needs some filling. Thanks!
  • Drain blocked outside Paper Plus3 update
    The drain is blocked out side Paper Plus and it is close to overflowing when its raining
  • Street Light need attention5 update
    Outside 15 Magnolia Rise, Street Light goes out after about 6 minutes then does so repeatedly after coming on again
  • Road Markings3 update
    A refresh of painted road markings at the intersections of Scott Drive with Punawai Place and Chelsea Rise on 28 October was only partially done. The contractors need to be instructed to complete their work. Also, the Give Way limit line at the west end of Lakewood Drive is now two lines, and therefore non-compliant.
  • Trees blocking drivers vision on blind curve3 update
    At one way section on Pukawa Rd. Road works in place since February 2017 awaiting major slip repair. The roadside trees are blocking sight lines around a curve in the road. Drivers can't see oncoming vehicles to enable them to give way safely when needed. This is also more of a problem when drivers meet towing boats or trucks and buses who cant easily reverse. Can the trees be topped which would solve the problem easily
  • Town Centre Glass Canopies8 update
    I reported this last June. Still the same. still no one in TDC Management seems to care. The glass has developed grime and unclean - it makes the place look neglected. It was once cleaned annually - but not now.
  • road signs2 update
    See photo indicating positions of issues below. One arrow sign on post has been knocked over, lying close to other arrows. Pathway/cycleway is becoming overgrown with gorse. Sign above Wairakei Bridge name is coming off. Bridge width marker signs have gone.
  • Water Toby at 153 Omori Road2 update
    The toby is currently just within our boundary, and is about 3-400cm under the ground. We are about to pour concrete in the surrounding area, and would like Council to raise/move the toby so it remains accessible. When can this be done, as our builder is about to start boxing up the affected area? Kind regards, Gray and Jo.
  • Large hedge covering footpath7 update
    24 Pipi St. hedge which continues into Tremaine Ave is making it necessary for pedestrians to walk on the berm
  • street light out2 update
    after flickering for weeks , street light is now out directly opposite 70 Kenrigg Road , Kinloch
  • sign knocked down on central strip3 update
    blue arrow sign has been flattened onto island outside ANZ bank Turangi
  • Water Meter Box Cover Vandalised3 update
    The blue plastic cover over the water meter has been vandalised. Can it please be replaced. - Turangi Evangelcal Church Corner of Te Rangitautahanga and Hirangi Road Thank you
  • Road markers6 update
    Ca you please get someone to look at why Hitiri Road only had 3 road markers. There is also no road markings and it is dangerous in wet and foggy weather to see where the road actually is, also where it turns off to hoping Heights its a very dangerous corner.
  • The Drain/culverts at the corner of Kuharua pl;ace /Mohi street4 update
    There is significant erosion at the side of the culverts at the above intersection. If this is not repaired soon more damage will occur and the correction will be more involved
  • Curb side pot hole growing in size3 update
    Entrance to Active+ carpark has a large pothole on council parking area. This is getting bigger every rainfall and with increased traffic.
  • Street sign down3 update
    Tukino Road, Kuratau street sign is on the ground
  • Soggy Ground - Water Leak?2 update
    Berm are is boggy in the marked areas, not related to adjacent property run-off. A further area of boggy kerb is located on the other side of Hauraki Terrace which could possibly be coming from the primary area as it is downstream.
  • Water Leak3 update
    Reticulated water leaking from supply feeder at northern side of driveway for No.8 Waiparemo Cres (might be feeder for No.10 unable to determine)
  • now getting trashed3 update
    Abandoned vehicle on the corner of Poihipi Road & Oruanui Road Taupo since Wednesday 18th October. Now getting trashed.
  • Missing Sign 2 update
    Link Rd sign is missing at the sh1 turn off. Has been missing for a long time without replacement :(
  • Town Centre information sign damaged3 update
    approx. opposite 21 Te Rangitautahanga Road, the Turangi Town Centre Information sign giving directions to Service Centre, Library etc seems to have had the name plate unbolted from the frame.
  • Possible water leak?2 update
    Hi there, I spend a bit of time in Gates Park walking my dog and have noticed the last few times that there has been a significant amount of surface water flowing towards the river where the path is at its closest to the river (when entering from the main road carpark). Initially I thought it was stormwater from all the rain we've had, and it could be that, but its been a while since all the rain and there is still significant water there making me think there may be a water leak perhaps. Thought I would mention it anyway, am sure you'll know straight away whether it is an issue or not. Thanks
  • Fire Hydrant2 update
    Fire Hydrant Leaking on left hand side of Waipapa Street – 50 metres from the corner.
  • Speed bumps required!5 update
    The amount of drivers that drive at excessive speeds is crazy. Even though it is 100 speed area nearby, drivers are increasing their speed past 50 through the residential area. There needs to be a speed bump installed and the 100 speed limit needs to be pushed out further away from the residential area.
  • Speed Sgn Hirangi Road2 update
    One of the 50/100 kph sign has two poles and the poles are munted and twisted - sign is still up and skewed around.
  • streetlight banners3 update
    all the streetlight banners are ripped and looking tatty, taupo has a completely different set of flags saying stay here., ski here etc, we should have the same in turangi and we are 40 minutes nearer the ski field so it would be a lot more appropriate
  • No Lighting at all4 update
    It is wonderful to see that the footpath up the hill heading north from Control Gates Bridge is to be widened. One danger that I fear is the speed at which many cyclists travel down the hill and their lack of consideration for allowing a safe space between themselves and pedestrians who have no way of knowing that a "bullet" is coming from behind. Please could we now have street lights as well. It is a long dark walk/bike ride between the Norman Smith and Poihipi Rd intersections.
  • Graffiti on fences in Arthur Cres reserve2 update
    The fence that backs onto 9 Glengarry in the Arthur Cresent Reserve is tagged and more is happening.
  • Street Light Out3 update
    Street Light not working outside Number 27 Magnolia Rise Waipahihi TAUPO 3330
  • Badly needs sweeping4 update
    A car crash has left debris on the cycle path, and the whole path has not been swept for months and is covered in stones, some glass, and two driveways have mud that has washed over the cycle way
  • Fire Hydrant overgrown4 update
    Near where the Kumeroa House on SH41 burnt down and at that time the Council Mayor reported to me that the water mains were turned off at the time to errors in valve maintaenance and the fire hyrdrant 30 m to the west of the Kumeroa house was overgrown so the fire brigade did not locate it, well it is now back to that overgrown condition again.
  • Glass in the road3 update
    Glass in the road at the round-about of Carpentras Way & Acacia bay Road, also the road sign naming the street that sits at the round-about end of Carpentras Way has been removed.
  • Street light cycles on off4 update
    The streetlight immediately by the information kiosk in Rangimoana Ave flashes on/off. Been like that for ages and was missed last time S/L maintenance was done because fault doesn't show up until the lights have been on for a while.
  • washout on grass road edge, repeat notification2 update
    As previously advised on 17 July. Grass verge has been undercut by a washout, also a green plastic pipe has been exposed. On 18 July, the roading contractor to NZTA/Opus called me to advise that they have visited the site and advised that this is not part of their service area. They mentioned they would refer this issue back to TDC. I believe the pin placement on the map is accurate, about 2/3 way down the road from Wairakei drive to Contact Energy and Groundworks.
  • Grassed berm 2 update
    The neighbours at the opposite buinesses/houses park on the grass outside 150 Heuheu Street, the are is worn and scruffy. Is there any thning that can be done to tidy the grassed area or stop cars parking on this berm? thanks
  • Car park between BP and Caltex - gutters need cleaning3 update
    The park between the two petrol stations needs tidying, the car park nearest Caltex needs the kerb channel cleaned at the Heuheu Street end, it overflows onto the footpath when it rains, leaves etc have blocked the guttering. The leaves at the end by the RSA are also blocking the drain and the area is very s;ippery with wet leaves. Thanks you from all those that use the car park
  • trucks turning and ripping up road2 update
    often stock trucks are unaware of the turning bay further down the road and do U-turns on the corner by 465 Arataki Rd. Central Transport Ltd did so last week in the wet and dug up the surface. A sign notifying drivers of the turn around bay would surely stop this problem from regular occurance.
  • Street light at the end of Marotoa grove4 update
    Has not been going for the last 2 weeks and makes our street very dark. Its the one in the cul-de-sac
  • Not Going3 update
    Light is by #18 Topia Drive. This is not the light opposite # 17 but the next one along. It has not been working for at least a month
  • Give way sign2 update
    The give way sign on the corner of Jarden Mile and Marabou crescent has been blown around (90 degrees) by wind. It needs to be positioned correctly and tightened
  • Top Car park severe potholes3 update
    The top car park at the BMX jump area is a terrible mess. It's almost impossible to enter at present because the HUGE potholes at the entrance and more large holes in the parking area. It's a huge mess! Nothing has been done to maintain this area for months! Please can you grade it or at least put a load of metal in the entrance to fill the terrible holes. Someone from Council needs to go and have a look as what we have to negotiate on each visit. Not a good look for visitors either. If there is a plan for this area, then please publish it in the Taupo Times so we all know we are not forgotten. Thank you.
  • 80 kph / 50 kph Sign down2 update
    The speed sign has been down over a week with TDC staff obliviously driving by it walking near it each day. The speed limit in Turangi is currently 80 kph as there is no retriction when entering Turangi to advise it has dropped to 50 kph once leaving SH1. Sign is lying near the underpass, near Burger King.
  • Kohineheke Crescent Reserve Fly Tipping2 update
    Left of the entrance road to the river, at the grass edge with the blackberry - a number of trampoline frame pipes parts and litter have been dumped. Also if you head along to the left (at the north west corner) building debris, plaster wallboard and timber framing has been dumped over the bank.
  • washout on grass road edge2 update
    grass verge has been undercut by a washout, also a green plastic pipe has been exposed
  • River Road Hall rubbish bin2 update
    The River Road Hall rubbish bin has not been emptied for at least 2 months. There is rubbish overflowing. Meanwhile there have been several TDC vehicles out this way. Has no-one from council reported this?
  • Condition of the berms outside the Richmond Heights Shopping Centre4 update
    Outside the shopping centre on the berms of both Richmond Avenue and St James Streets where fibre cable was laid under the ground by Chorus the grass area was never returned to it's original condition in the area between the footpath and the road. It is now just a pot holed dust bowl and a hazard from a Health and Safety perspective. It needs to be filled and leveled and regrassed to improve its overall appearance and safety.
  • Grass berm2 update
    The grass berm by the concrete vehicle crossing in front of 56 Pihanga Street needs more soil to fill the edge up to concrete. This can be quite hazardous and hard on car tyres when turning in to the driveway.
  • Kopu St Tokaanu St Name Plate Sign 2 update
    The Kopu Street Name plate sign (at SH 41 intersection) is hanging by its bottom fastening and the top fastening needs repair before the sign plate is damaged.
  • Road narrowing by grass and slips2 update
    Along Pokuru road Nth there the grass is growing along the road side and is narrowing the road from it;s original width. Also there are a number of slips and bushes which have fallen which are further the road. The road is currently used by a number of logging truck.
  • Turangi RTS Green waste area Mess2 update
    Turangi RTS Green waste disposal area. I have complained a few times on this same issue and now have to do it again. I have visited the Turangi RTS area a number of times dumping leaves from Council trees over the past weeks. I dread going there, finding the area a boggy mess, and getting mud all over my car and boots trying to dump there. The area is disgusting. Council staff overseeing the management of this contract must take the responsibility - or is this what your intended outcome is? Every year winter comes. Every year, for the last 3 years, the area is not prepared for the influx of green waste and leaves being dumped over Autumn. It has poor drainage. Every year the same - TDC say "we will speak to the contractor" but still a substandard outcome. We know winter comes this time of the year; we know it rains and we know that water does not run off an area shaped to contain and puddle water. And yet we find the area is now such that you cannot avoid the mud and slush and puddles and it has restricted area making it difficult to manoeuvre a car and trailer on it clear of the pools of water and slush. I hate having to complain but it seems TDC does little unless a complaint is received. Please cleanup the RTS green waste area. Fill in and build up the area so vehicles have a good sized area to move on; build it of good compacted pumice; shape it so it is elevated above the greenwaste dump area so that runoff is away from the vehicle area and drainage from the green waste is not onto the pad. If TDC staff don't know what to do, then employ a contactor who does. For years Kernohan Contractors achieved this for TDC. We know it can be done because it used to be done.
  • Uneven surface2 update
    Th road between 1139 Poihipi road and 1171 Poihipi road has some huge bumps and judders in it I am worried a vehicle will loose control. I feel it needs to be resurfaced
  • Road needs resurfacing4 update
    Section of Poihipi Road just after junction with Thermal Explorer highway needs resurfacing - there are a series of rough bumps on both sies of the road
  • Dangerous slip on Pukawa rd3 update
    Pukawa Rd has been in a dangerous condition for several weeks. If the dropout develops further the whole settlement will be cut off completely for months.Is there any plan yet for a permanent repair? Regards Geoff Stent
  • Hole in road4 update
    There is a slump in the road on lower Heathcote Street and it rocks my car when I drive over it. When truck drive over it they make a big bang!
  • Light not working3 update
    Street light has not been working for more than a week
  • Street light opposite 5 Kempton Place 3 update
    This light goes on for a while at normal intensity, then fades to a pale glow, then back to normal. When it dims, most of the street is in darkness, which is a security issue.
  • Flickering/broken street lamp3 update
    The street lamp outside no.16 is flickering or off completely. Has been like this for approx3 weeks.
  • boat on berm5 update
    An old boat has been parked on berm at 9 Muritai St for over 2 months it is only on one tyre Is an eyesore plus dangerous to children playing in street We request to remain anonymous as we reside in the street
  • No street lights2 update
    Hi there, I have a request for street lighting on our street Bracken Row as it ceases to exist. This would make it safer for our children to play & also for our neighbours to see who is coming & going up & down our lovely street. Thank you Oriana Paul
  • Footpath Trip Hazard4 update
    The footpath along side the Info Centre has bad trip hazards
  • Hedge over footpath12 update
    Hedge at 30 Ewing Grove is significantly over the footpath obstructing use of the footpath
  • Light not working3 update
    The street light opposite our property has stopped working (blown bulb?).
  • Rats3 update
    In the CBD on the weekend 11pm Saw Rats in three locations on the street- Near Pac n Save and Heuheu street Not at all frighten by traffic around them. Not a good look for our town I had out of town visitor with me. Maybe not the site to report this but needs addressing.
  • Footpath is obstructed by trees7 update
    The footpath between 16 & 18 Brunette Drive is obstructed by vegetation which needs pruning.
  • Grass needs cutting on walkway3 update
    On the walkway between Birch Street and Napier Road
  • Excessive amount of gravel at road edge3 update
    After road resealing recently, there is an excessive amount of gravel/chip on the road edge at the approach to Wairakei Bridge when heading to Taupo. The gravel is about 15m x 0.5m and 5-10cm deep. I think this is a significant risk to cyclists using this route. That is, a risk for cyclists to lose control on loose gravel on a busy road with speed limit of 100km/h. Can you please arrange for the gravel to be removed?
  • Congested car parking 5 update
    Posties are concerned that when cycling back to branch in the afternoon the Totara Street is too narrow to maneuver through as cars are parking on both sides of the road giving them limited room and space to cycle safely back to the branch at 27 Totara Street. Suggestion is that yellow lines be put in place on one side or both sides of Totara Street reducing the risk of them being knocked off their cycles or being clipped by vehicles driving through the street. This is also a problem for thorough fare traffic as well, street too narrow for dual parking
  • Pukawa Bay Boat Ramp road4 update
    The road leading to the Pukawa boat ramp is terribly uneven, the tarseal is all wavy and causing issues for boats jumping off trailers if going to fast along there and unable to see the poor condition of the road to the boat ramp so can't tell to slow down. Please fix our road to the boat ramp! This is becoming a health and safety issue.
  • Poor road condition / erosion4 update
    Please be advised that there is serious erosion of the road and massive potholes that requires repair as the poor road condition is potentially going to damage vehicles and result in storm drain subsidence if left unattended outside 17 Mamaku Street, Taupo
  • Marotiri Road sign3 update
    Marotiri Road sign has been levelled & is lying on the side of the road by the corner of Tihoi Rd & Marotiri Road
  • 40 k school zone and a under ground tunnel for children to cross under3 update
    I would like to know why their is no 40km school Zone at our local school and why we have not had a overbridge made or A tunnel for the children to cross under or over as the road is super busy
  • Potholes4 update
    The gravel road/track running along the lake front and beside the golf course is terrible and has been for sometime - potholes etc. Will this be graded or pot holes repaired soon? Is there anything in the long term plan to have it sealed?
  • Seriously overgrown trees12 update
    Trees growing over powerlines and out onto road. Hard to see traffic coming when backing out onto road, completely covering powerlines.
  • Information Centre2 update
    It is a shame, a blot on the Turangi area that TDC in Turangi have two portaloos on the Ngawaka Reserve that are to serve the public users of the Information Centre. Can you believe it, that a major front to Turangi is greeted by this eyesore? It is also probably a breach of the building code for the information centre, and of the reserve management plan for the Ngawaka Place reserve - I request that this complaint also be referred to the TDC regulatory divisions for building compliance and reserve management in that respect. TDC have just allocated $100,000 to Ruapehu Ski field - yet neglects to find funding for the toilet maintenance at the Tgi Info Centre and in so doing is negligent of its priority Annual Plan commitments and responsibilities by neglecting the upkeep of key facilities in Turangi. Shame on you all. It reflects badly on the town as a tourist destination, also on Council, its management and staff - as though they don't care for Turangi long term. PS don't say it is too hard to fix, too expensive, it needs a whole new building or any other excuse you may have told the info centre staff, public and it seems the TTCB - that is a fallacy. it can be fixed, should be fixed and must be fixed, and TDC have funds - be they reserve funds, operational or depreciation funds. To continue to allow this appears to me to be a breach of TDC legal responsibilities.
  • Low branches over path17 update
    As above. Trees on lake side of the property.
  • Inoperative street light3 update
    post between brice street and taharepa
  • Leaking FH or Valve2 update
    Leaking valve or FH on the footpath near the east side of the RSA
  • Very dark at at night2 update
    Could we please have our lights look at keep up the good work Thanks
  • Uneven surface2 update
    The road is uneven and trucks and heavy vehicles shake our house in Scenic Heights when they hit that area.
  • Road Maintenance - 81 Bush Rd Whakamaru2 update
    Please note: Road access of 81 Bush rd is continually an issue for my vehicle. The road is gravel always in rutted condition, visual issues occur due to grade & regular large vehicles accessing the property creates danger visual areas on roadsides. Road drainage is nil, I transport international guests & children on this roadway and am annoyed of the nil attention provided for at least a safe level access to the property. Also copied from your web page- please edit your sentencing!! Issues in this area .... If you all you see is blue, zoom out using the map controls... 'You' is used twice, correct your sentence structure!! Regards, M Couch
  • Big pot holes 4 update
    In the lower end of arataki road
  • Potholes3 update
    Road was graded on 28 Sep 16 but we STILL have potholes everywhere - please fix ASAP
  • road2 update
    pot holes not fixed and bad again.
  • rubbish2 update
    there are a large amount of wood chippings on the bearm outside no 42 Wheretia St, as a neighbor I would like this removed as I believe it has become an health hassard
  • Motel Sign2 update
    Hi, on 9 January i put a request in for the motel sign on the corner of HeuHeu St and Fletcher St, to be put back up. Can you please look into this. Thank you
  • Traffic light phasing3 update
    I recently had visitors in town who were surprised to see how long the phases of the Tongariro Street traffic lights were taking. Can someone have a look into this and see if the setting can be tweaked. Traffic was sitting for a long time and no vehicles were coming from the other direction.
  • Overhanging tree10 update
    Tree on Cnr of 90 Richmond Ave and 1a Marshall Ave requires trimming overhanging the footpath
  • Overgrown weeds/trees5 update
    Outside 5 morison street you cant use the footpath due to overgrown trees behind the retaining wall. people are walking on the street which is not easily visible to cars coming over the crest in the road
  • Pathway obstructed5 update
    On Matuku side of property. In parts the path is totally covered. Lots of Mums with pushchairs will be using this path on their way to school and kindy. Overgrowth needs clearing
  • Repair of cutting across the seal on Mapara Road3 update
    For the last week or so there has been a wide cutting across Mapara Road - presumably to do with the work on the water supply. Please advise when it will be resealed - that gravel filling dissipates with the result that even at less than 50kph, the cars are subjected to a very large jolt - not at all good for the wheel alignment of the cars!!!
  • Ped Safety Island signs damaged3 update
    Two steel supports for marker on the pedestrian crossing safety island opposite the Tongariro School entrance - near Hinerangi St cnr have been hit this morning at about 7am and sheared off and the steel pieces are laying on the road side
  • Test from TDC4 update
    This is a test from Fixmystreet from Travis
  • Large grass berms3 update
    Hi - the berms along the bottom section of Waikato St need attention. There are a lot of minor issues along the street, but the one outside my friends house is particularly bad. There are a lot of gravel stones coming out of driveways and onto the footpath and driveways, making walking hazardous - I have witnessed a young Mum pushing a pram and with a toddler in tow, slip over on the gravel recently, I've seen kids slip on bikes,and I've slipped myself, but didn't actually fall. The grass berm itself is in bad shape. I recently mowed the berms for my friend (who is on an invalids benefit and can't do it herself) and the berm is more dirt and dust and lumps than grass. It's getting a bit dangerous to mow with all the dirt lumps sticking up, and huge 'dents', where people have obviously missed the driveway and driven over the grass to enter or exit. She's happy to look after the berm (as in mowing and watering) but it need smoothing out and re-sowing to be less hazardous.
  • Fire Hydrant Leaking2 update
    Fire hydrant is leaking near the Hong Kong Takeaway - Kaimanawa Building corner with Te Rangitautahanaga Rd
  • Overgrown11 update
    The footpath is obstructed by overhanging trees and plants
  • St Light and pole need replacing2 update
    St light pole was damaged over New Year and been removed. Light and pole needs replacing.
  • All the street lights are out2 update
    All the streeet lights are out Fo Motutahae St
  • dog poop bags3 update
    There is one roll of dog poop bags provided at the marked spot on the map. Unfortunately, this is not nearly enough for this area. This has to be the most popular dog exercising area in Taupo, and the provision of just ONE roll of bags is totally insufficient. I walk my dog there every day, and often see this dispenser empty. Over the Christmas holiday week, it was bedlam there with all the visiting dogs using the park. Unfortunately, the bag dispenser was empty!! consequently I saw a lot of dogs fouling, and the owners just had to walk away and leave it. Yuk! I suggest another dispenser be attached to the existing post so that there is always at least one roll with some bags on it. Also, another dispenser should be put down at the main carpark near the bins because a lot of dog walkers go there. There is an awesome dog water bowl provided, so why not also provide a bag dispenser. It makes great sense to me. thank you, Kath Keeley.
  • Slippery and overgrown with moos3 update
    When it's wet, it's very slippery! I have had one fall a;ready. A second will not be better! I have complaint before about it, and nothing got done! Please remove all the moos and clean all footpath in Pukawa!
  • Street name sign pinched2 update
    Somebody pinched our street sign :-( Possibly the yahoos who left the tyre tracks! (see attached pic) Can we have a new one? Steve Punter 23 Northwood Rd Brentwood 021681920 stevepunter@icloud.com
  • Weeds and debris on road and bank.3 update
    Please, could the edge of the road opposite 53 Hauraki Terrace be cleared? Rotting leaves and masses of large weeds, including scotch thistles and buddleia, are encroaching on to the road and spreading up the crumbling bank. Thank you!
  • Overgrown hedging blocking footpath6 update
    Overgrown hedging from neighbouring property is blocking pathway.
  • 4 potholes in the middle of the road2 update
    Hi there, close to the sign: 50km 300m there are 4 potholes in the middle of the road, a couple getting an issue for a car getting into it! It's about 15cm wide!
  • over hanging tree3 update
    The cherry tree at the entrance to Wembley place over hanging road, a truck swerved around it as I was leaving Wembley place. We didn't collide but it was close.
  • Broken footpath5 update
    A section of the footpath in Kimberly reserve about 50m in from the vehicle barrier has been broken by tree roots and is a hazard to pedestrians.Needs
  • Hirangi RoadSt Sign Post 2 update
    Hirangi Road St sign and pole has been broken off at ground level from the corner near Turangi Evangelical Church.
  • Street sign2 update
    Could we please have a street sign - not sure where the previous one went!
  • Road Furniture Maintenance13 update
    The road furniture at the corner of Docherty Drive and Lakewood Drive AND Lakewood Drive and Scott Drive seem to be of the Council radar for keeping tidy. Can we have them concreted over as always full of weeds.
  • Street lighting out 5 update
    Street lighting out on Wharewaka Rd
  • Street lighting not operating.3 update
    Hi there, The street lights are not operating in the Wharewaka area.
  • On berm Frederick St20 update
    On berm between 2-4 Frederick St. Silver sedan damaged unwarranted unregistered CJN945. Has been there for a couple of weeks
  • Require more lighting & speed humps3 update
    This street is a hot spot for gangs, crime and general mayhem. We need lighting on both sides of the street and speed humps to slow the traffic down. The area has many young children who are at risk.
  • No signs2 update
    Could you please put up another street sign for Ward place....as it is missing.
  • Water leak in street2 update
    There is a water leak on the grass verge near 92 Hindmarsh Drive.
  • Hirangi Rd side drain4 update
    One of the property entry culverts appears blocked and water upstream os banked back up
  • Tongariro St / Spa Road Roundabout Road Markings6 update
    The road markings on the Tongariro street / Spa Road roundabout are in very poor condition. Given that this is an unusual roundabout (partly two lane and partly single lane), that Taupo is a "tourist town" and that the roundabout has no signage these road markings are important. Present markings are a mix of current worn-out markings and old, different markings showing through; all very confusing.
  • Streetlight Not Operating3 update
    Streetlight outside 16 Lakewood Drive not operating, has been out for some time.
  • street light not working3 update
    street light was not working when I was up there a week ago
  • Street light not working3 update
    The light on the island in Amoroa Place is not working properly. It comes on for a while the flickers and goes out.
  • sewage smell from connection2 update
    First noticed this while out walking a few weeks ago, but my apologies I would forget to write when I got home. The new sewage connection that has been connected for the settlement further down the lake must be leaking or something. Every time we walk by it absolutely reaks of sewage, how large of an area that smells depends on the wind. Sometimes it is just right around the walkway going past it, sometimes it would be roughly two or three sections that smell & also out on Victory Drive. We walk by there pretty much every day and it smells to some degree every single time.
  • Taupo View Lookout and reserve on the corner of Huka Falls Rd and Wairakei Drive (formerly SH1), picnic table5 update
    There is a wooden picnic table with attached seating next to Huka Falls Rd on the above mentioned reserve. This table is in a position where it NEVER gets used. Could it not be put to use and enjoyed in a different location? Perhaps near the gate into Control Gates Reserve? Or ????
  • Leaking Water Toby2 update
    Leaking water toby - been that way for two months. Council staff neglect it.
  • obscuring view 2 update
    Hello The overgrown trees on the banks are obscuring visibility when trying to turn onto Motutahae street from Motutere Ave
  • Culvert pipe5 update
    HirangibRoad on the last bend bfore SH 41. The culvert pipe under the road on the south side the end pipe has dropped down and come out of the collar of the adjoin pipe. The drain was cleaned this year and with the high water levels the pipe end has been eroded/undermined.. It left, the seal edge could also collapse into the drain. The drai
  • Pot holes in Service Lane4 update
    There are major pot holes growing in Service Lane 4 on the corner behind the BNZ. This is being caused be the heavy trucks that continually use the service lane.
  • Rubbish being dumped near Telephone exchange2 update
    I have previously complained on 14/8/2016 that rubbish in being dumped in the area adjacent to the coms shed by a vehicle towing a trailer with the number plate 4U686.Since then more rubbish has been dump in this general area. This will in the end become a health hazard. To prevent this area from becoming an unofficial dumping ground a clean-up will be required and some fencing measure apply e.g. like the fence erected adjacent to the redoubt area that prevents freedom campers from messing up this historic place.
  • Stormwater Catch Pit Waipapa Reserve2 update
    There is a concrete stormwater catch pit on Waipapa Reserve, off SH 1 Turangi about 20m west of the coffee cart, and beside the footpath running to Waipapa St. The concrete lid has been slid off and needs lifting back on. The catch pit appears to be full of leaves.
  • 2 Streetlights are out on Te Aonini Rd, Turangi3 update
    First streetlight in street on left and another streetlight opposite the cemetery are out. This was reported (by a resident) to The Lines Company, but should have been reported to the Council
  • 23 Tureiti Pl, Turangi 33343 update
    Street lamp not working
  • dumped carpet/underlay3 update
    quite a large amount of carpet and/or underlay has been dumped over the bank at the edge of the road.
  • Door removed fro Toilet6 update
    There is a single toilet in the section of Reid's Park Farm Freedom Camping area nearest town. That is the most southerly area of Reid's Farm reserve. The door of this toilet has been removed. Also in this area there is sign of vehicles going 'off road'.
  • Slippery footpath and moss3 update
    The steep walkway that links Omori Road to the little reserve between Kaimanawa and Koromiko Place is very slippery. During school holidays we have observed people having difficulties getting up and down the path because its very slippery, especially when wet. Please remove the moss and maybe cut trees down so moss doesn't grow back so easily.
  • Speed bump is broken3 update
    The speed bump at the Heuheu St entrance to Service Lane 4 has broken and is a complete mess with an exposed steel bar and pot holes.
  • Lots of broken glass in Service Lane 42 update
    There is a lot of broken glass in Service Lane 4.
  • remains of broken bottles2 update
    Remains of broken bottles on road shoulder before and after bridge, also some on the bridge, heading towards Taupo.
  • Control Gates Hill, Wairakei Drive, Taupo4 update
    Now that the above mentioned road is under the control of Taupo District Council could we please have some street lighting for the footpath? Currently there is no lighting from Norman Smith St intersection to Huka Falls Rd intersection. Not pleasant for pedestrians!
  • Hitch Hiking on Control Gates Hill, Wairakei Drive (highway)2 update
    Too often I see people trying to hitch a ride on the above mentioned piece of road (uphill, heading north out of town). From the Norman Smith St intersection until after the Huka Falls Rd intersection the west side of the highway is only 2 lanes wide with no opportunity for vehicles to stop. Surely there should be NO STOPPING lines there. There should also be signs advising hitch hikers that hitching is NOT PERMITTED on that section of road.
  • Inoperative street light4 update
    Intersection of Gillies ave and Hinekura ave southern side. This is a bad intersection at the best of times but the lack of lighting that is on this corner is making it worse
  • CURBING4 update
  • Broken bottle on footpath 2 update
    Clear broken glass bottle in the footpath and road
  • No street lights3 update
    All the street lights are out on Taupo View Road from Hatepe Ave to Tamatea Road
  • Street light out4 update
    light out between 81 and 79 mere road
  • Major pothole getting worse4 update
    Please there is a pothole that is progressively getting worse outside our gateway on road. This is a busy Rd an the when it rains water runs across from opposite side of road. Heavy trucks who use this daily are hitting the pothole spraying debri onto footpath and into our driveway. When trucks hit it they also shake the house and it's noisey. A patch appears to have been already done at some stage. Thankyou
  • No road markings to indicate a pedistrian crossing5 update
    On lower Spa Rd, Taupo, opposite Countdown there is a centre stopping point for pedestrians to stop on to cross Spa Road. I nearly run down a pedestrian, because the right hand lane traffic had come to a stop, but the left lane traffic I was travelling in was still flowing. Because I was still able to drive to the flow of traffic I did, but then the pedestrian walked straight out into my lane because the right lane traffic had come to a stop. He clearly thought it was safe to cross!!! I had to slam on my brakes to avoid running him down. I was also driving approximately 30k as it was a busy time and area and living in Taupo I know to be careful. I strongly believe there should be a pained white lined pedestrian crossing or at least some signage/flashing lights to alert the pedestrians and drivers to wait to all traffic flow has come to a stop or is clear to cross. I hope this issue could be brought to the TDC as quickly as possible as I think this is a very dangerous issue. Many thanks, Lisa.
  • Road Subsidence2 update
    On Invergarry Road approx. 50 metres from the intersection of Crown Road there are 2 areas where the road is sinking. They are narrow depressions that go across the full width of Invergarry Road. They have sunk to the point that it is becoming difficult to negotiate the area
  • Fire Hydrant Leaking2 update
    The fire hydrant opposite 201 Hirangi Road (rural section) has been leaking.
  • Sign for Charles Crescent 2 update
    Street sign is almost falling off the lamp post.
  • Alot of fecal matter in middle of street4 update
    In middle of road, 3 large bags have been dropped and it looks like dog feces have come out.
  • Street lights not working3 update
    At least 2 street lights not working, in vicinity of the intersection next to the school, Kauri Dr/Rata St.
  • Street light bulb needs changing3 update
    The street light outside my house goes on and off all evening. I think it must need a new bulb.
  • Water run-off down my drive.2 update
    During periods of heavy rain, it runs off the street down my driveway and into my garage. Maybe needs more drains.
  • Rubbish bins at Spa Park2 update
    Any chance of solar bins replacing the rubbish bins at Spa Park? Dogs can get into the present ones when they are full and spread rubbish all over the place.
  • Town Centre South River Entrance Door Glass Broken3 update
    One panel of the automatic doors has ben broken for three weeks - it needs replacing - Please don't let the Town Centre look as though it is tired, neglected and the vandals have got the ascendancy.
  • Town Centre Maintenance Issues5 update
    There are 13 crack panes of glass on the south entrance. Even though vandalism has occurred we know the TDC is committed to responding in 24 hours - but this has been here for many months. Please don't let the place look neglected. Also the central canopy and steel support structure is in need of a clean. The glass has developed Grime and unclean, the steel support structure has black mold developed on a lot of the beams and columns - it juts makes the place look neglected, tired, that no one cares if it is not maintained annually with a good professional wash of glass and steelwork. have mold and on the underside. I think that some things are well attended to but these bigger things deserves more regular and better attention and care than presently appears to be happening.
  • Multiple potholes3 update
    multiple potholes along the length of Broadlands rd between view rd and River rd The worst being near 789 broadlands rd and at the intersection of Broadlands and River rd. There is also major water tracking down the road along the areas where vehicles wheels travel this was really bad last week. this is basically the whole length of broadlands rd between View and River roads
  • no curbing or gutter3 update
    The curb and gutter has crumbled and needs replacing on the side of Extreme Backpackers, indoor climbing wall and rear entry to shops. The curbing was replaced on the opposite side of the street some months ago.
  • Tree branch that will fall on cars.5 update
    Outside 49 puataata road, turangi there is a tree branch that the tdc council arbortist says needs chopping it will fall on cars soon otherwise.
  • Broken footpath3 update
    A section of footpath outside 7 Kapua Place has been uplifted by tree roots and is a hazard for pedestrian.Needs replacing.
  • Tree branch that will fall on cars.2 update
    Outside 49 puataata road, turangi there is a tree branch that the tdc council arbortist says needs chopping it will fall on cars soon otherwise.
  • Looking for information re tree removal on private land2 update
    I've heard that a large oak tree will be removed to make way for a house. It IS on private land, but to remove it will impact on our household and views. Is there any information in council about ways to stop the removal?
  • Light flicking on and off3 update
    Hi, street light flicking on and off outside 55 Stanley St. Has been like this for a while. Thank you
  • no street lights2 update
    there has been no street lights for Epping place and swan close for weeks
  • Street lights2 update
    HELP!! our street lights have been out for a good 3 weeks. What's going on? Prime time for crime, please fix.
  • Broken footpath2 update
    A section of footpath outside 7 Kapua Place has been uplifted by tree roots and is a hazard for pedestrian.Needs replacing.
  • Please fix road3 update
    Hello, Bush Road, Mangakino needs considerable work. Metal, decent water runoff/drains, corner fixed at start of bush road - poor visability. This is a serious hazard for all vehicles, particularly staff on motorbikes. This must be resolved. Whole road needs upgrade. Traffic has increased considerably including large trucks. Large dug outs from recent rainfall have been temporarily covered in by our tractor. Please attend to. Staff and trustees want this road fixed to a higher standard. Many thanks.
  • missing width marker reflector2 update
    Southbound approach to Wairakei bridge is missing the left hand side width marker
  • Raised Pavement Slab2 update
    A pavement slab has become raised directly outside the front lawn of 44 Kenrigg Road. A few people have tripped on the raised paving slab.
  • Graffiti2 update
    The telecoms cabinet on the corner of Lake Terrace and Hawai Street has been tagged
  • Pothole getting bigger!3 update
    There is a pothole in the middle of the road, close to white line. You can't miss it when driving into Pukawa. This hole is getting bigger and drivers start avoiding it and going over the middle line.
  • Street light stoped working4 update
    The street light outside 134 Richmond Ave was not working last night.
  • Large oak removed or trimmed back.3 update
    The large oak tree is overhanging property and is causes large amounts of shade to our properties. Can it be removed or reduced in size especially the branches that overhang our property and block our gutters and litter our properties come Autumn. Thanks.
  • Unkempt subdivision2 update
    In the Wharewaka Point subdivision it is looking decidely untidy. There are weeds between the rocks in the centre divider (where their are plants) and where there are no plants, there is just rocks. Surely some maintenance free plants can be planted. The area down the bottom of the subdivision is just a mass of weeds. We take pride in our houses,and pay the rates
  • Roadsign covered by tree2 update
    A huge overhanging tree is completely covering the large sign warning motorists to slow down for major intersection ahead. This is on the section of road between the lake and Kiddle Drive/Arrowsmith Ave.
  • Tree could potentially fall on council fence4 update
    At the back of the Cherry Lane water tower is a tree that needs removing as it is nearly starting to damage the perimeter fence of the water tower.
  • wasps and pears and overgrown alleyway2 update
    The grass at the side of the alley way has not been mowed in some time it is really long, a pear tree is dropping pears all over walkway and wasps are everywhere on pears. you can't see where they all are due to overgrown grass.
  • road condition; pot holes2 update
    Pot holes in road next to overflow parking at Wairakei Terraces. Makes it difficult for two way traffic to negotiate this section of road.
  • Walk way and cycle path 3 update
    Acacia Bay road in the 100 kms area has no safety barrier up along the walkway/cycle path. There is a strip of grass between the road and path but not ideal or safe for families in the area to take children for a walk or bike ride. Please fix asap for the like minded community living in the area. Many Thanks. Kaylene
  • Street Lighting not working4 update
    The street lighting is not going this evening in the Wharewaka area.
  • Street Lighting3 update
    The street lighting around Wharewaka, Taupo was not going this evening.
  • Flickering light3 update
    Street light between 10 & 8 Waipoua Street flicks on and off repeatedly at night.
  • Street sign down on the ground2 update
    1.The "Wharewaka Point" sign has been on the ground for about a week. 2. Graffiti on the fence on corner of Holland Grove and Hyde Ave. 3. Central gardens on Victory Drive are full of weeds, very messy. Thanks Anna
  • Pathway gateposts need concrete base4 update
    The posts/chain in the photo are supposed stop vehicles from gaining access to a public footpath from Cheery Lane to Acacia Heights Drive. But they are not effective, as they can simply be lifted out. As described in "Unlocked entrance allowing dangerous joyriders" issue, these posts are sometimes simply lifted out and hoons have been seen dangerously driving vehicles up the footpath. Please concrete in these posts so they cannot be removed and function as intended.
  • Overgrown gardens on grass berm. Opposite Tauhara Primary School1 update
    The grass berm is overgrown and requires weeding
  • Wakeman\wily tce walkway1 update
    Maps show a track going straight down from wakeman rd to wily tce.this is hard to find and over grown.canit please be opened up.
  • Picnic table disappeared1 update
    A wooden picnic table sat on the grass by the entrance to the marina on council land for a number of years.it has recently been removed.can a table please be put back there.thank you
  • Overgrown Acacia Bay sign 2 update
    The large wooden sign at the entrance to Acacia Bay is very overgrown and barely visible as you drive by.Trees need to be cut back and the gardens tidied up around it making it an attractive entrance for residents and locals.
  • Wairakei Walkway maintenance2 update
    The walkway has garden rubbish dumped at the entrance (lawn clippings and tree prunings) and broom has fallen across the walkway.
  • Hedging right over footpath7 update
    This is causing pedestrians to walk on berm.
  • Bins removed from beach2 update
    2 rubbish bins have been removed from the main swimming beach. Replacement bin is too far away & rubbish is being left on the beach. There are no receptacles where the majority of beach goers are. As this is a major tourist area, I feel something must be done to reinstate the rubbish bins.
  • Wharewaka Road 3 update
    Street lighting out on one street light situated on Wharewaka Rd
  • Hideous Roundabout2 update
    Kinloch is an iconic, beautiful part of Taupo and the first impression when entering at this roundabout is this eye sore ! It is a gravelly, weedy mess and has looked a freakin shambles for years !We have just hosted an International Tri athlon event out there and what do you think all the competitors and supporters saw several times (as the race route was around the roundabout) this disgrace. Do something about it please.
  • Unlocked entrance allowing dangerous joyriders3 update
    The Public walkway between Cherry Lane and Acacia Heights Drive was recently mowed, but the chain/lock was not replaced and locked at the Cherry Lane end. On Saturday night a vehicle full of shouting hoons stormed up and down the complete path from Cherry Lane to the very top at Acacia Heights Drive. There are deep tyre gouges to prove this If anyone was walking along the path, they would have not stood a chance as the high section is a narrow path with no way to dive out of the way. Apart from extreme danger, there is also the risk of Town Water Infrastructure damage adjacent to the water tower should the vehicle get out of control on the very steep driveway. The current chain and posts, even when locked, are inadequate, as the posts are occasionally simply lifted out. Please re-lock ASAP, and strengthen the posts with concrete so that they are not lifted out of the way by any young drunks who feel they want a “hill challenge” driving to the top.
  • Watertoby outside Turangi Aquatic Centre reported 10 Nov 20157 update
    Water Valve Box left a hazard dangerous - near Aquatic Centre Turangi This valve box near the Tgi Aquatic Centre remains in a substandard state. It is located near the Playground-skatepark regularly has the lid off it. The reason is that the contractor who installed it did a substandard job. The sleeve to the valve stem is too long and so the lid won't fit on properly. The box needs the white pipe liner sleeve reduced in length, and the whole box reset so its blue lid is left flush with the grass level so mowers won't hit it or the public trip on it. Ill sent photos to TDC on 10 Nov 2015 via their info email service
  • Branches from dead tree over path2 update
    Branches from a dead tree are blocking the path from Kaharangi Drive into the back of the reserve on Robinson Terrace
  • Rocks down across half of road3 update
    Small slip and rocks across half of road.
  • Footpath concrete broken3 update
    Concrete broken in footpath. Its rising in hot weather and is a hazard espically to the elderly that walk the street from Liston Heights rest home.
  • Tagging various along Lions Walk2 update
    Purple tagging on various buildings. Spotted next to Espresso Cove Cafe, pathway around corner, boat house towards Sea Scouts (about 6 places in total)
  • 2 Tree stumps on Council grass in front of 71 & 73 Grace Cresc.3 update
    2 Trees were moved by the Council early last year, however the Council never came back to remove the stumps or to level off the ground and resow the grass. The rest of the Council grass verge in the street is okay. When the Council cut the trees down in Ward Crescent they did an excellent job and even replanted...they certainly didn't do this in Grace Crescent.
  • Motel Sign3 update
    The Motel sign on the on pole on Roberts St/Fletcher St has come off, can you please replace it
  • Dog Poo Bags1 update
    Theres been no poo bags in this dispenser for over a month - you dont give me that much grace with my dog registration !!!!!!
  • Street light has blown1 update
    Hi Street light has blown in vicinity of 24 - 26 Totara Street Taupo
  • existing planting on the median islands4 update
    The current style of planting on the length of TONGARIRO STREET obscures any pedestrians crossing the traffic lanes, particularly near the information centre. Cars are directed very close to this island(by way of the right turning lane into Story Place) so have little chance of avoiding someone who may suddenly step out. I feel that this whole centre island would be safer for all parties if it was completely cleared and would greatly improve visibility. Please view this current situation at 'child level' to guage the risk to our smaller residents/visitors. Note that not all vehicles have elevated drivers seating. ie SUVs etc. ps the street corner reconstruction is a great improvement. Thank you .
  • Letter boxes not on street line1 update
    Hi The letterboxes for the pensioner Units at 6 Fletcher street have been moved due to on going construction. They have been placed in that is inaccessible to the Postie in the construction site. Could these please be relocated to along the street line in original position. No mail will be delivered until this has been rectified as this is a Health and safety isuue for the Postie
  • Road Furniture maintenance1 update
    Could the road furniture Corner of Lakewood Drive and Docherty Drive AND Docherty Drive and Scott Drive please be tidied up preferably permanently filled in as never weeded.
  • Really uneven road surface1 update
    Pohipi Road from Watene Lane to Oruanui Road the surface is so uneven it is getting dangerous and there are so many accidents along that stretch of road especially in the wet.
  • Tar seal lifting1 update
    There is an area of tar seal between 6 & 8 Waipoua St that has started as a small pot hole but gradually got worse over the winter and is now quite large . Some of the other residents are concerned there may be water seeping up forcing the seal to crack . This may be a problem better fixed sooner than later to avoid extensive repairs .
  • 2 Tree stumps on Council grass in front of 71 & 73 Grace Cresc.1 update
    Council removed 2 large oak trees a few months back in front of the above properties but never came back to remove the stumps. The dirt/grass around the stumps needs to be spread out as well and 'evend off' and grass seed sown. It looks unsightly as the rest of the grass verge in the street is so neat and tidy.
  • Pothole 1 update
    Pothole outside Taupo Carpet Court on Oruanui Street. I've been meaning to email for a while & noticed today again that its quite a bit bigger.
  • Overgrown trees7 update
    There is a big hedge blocking half the pathway and has been for a long time
  • Damage and dangerous verge2 update
    Sorry but I think my first attempt didn't go. Several weeks ago Chorus dug holes in front of the junction boxes on both sides of 14 Valcluse Drive . The resulting uneven surfaces are both dangerous and an eyesore in an otherwise very tidy street Would be nice if it could be levelled and over down ... Thank you
  • Flood protection wall2 update
    Planks are on wrong side of posts and a good flood will pop them off. All other flood protection fences have the planks correctly fastened on the river side so flood water will force them against the posts.
  • Trees overgrown on road2 update
    Trees overgrown onto road and hitting trucks Dangerous bits fall off.
  • Unsightly Dead Tree6 update
    The tree in he Rangipoia end of the access reserve to Tautahanga Rd appears to be dead or in very bad shape with dead branches on it.
  • Poor road drainage causing flooding problem6 update
    I have worked hard to try to maintain the area in the attached photo but find it impossible due to poor road drainage flooding the area. This is next to an area that is used as the local school bus stop. Who drives through here?: 1. The rural delivery contractor (daily). 2. Parents parking up to pick-up/drop-off children on the school buses. 3. Anyone who wants to turn around (including trucks) - there are not many places wide enough to u-turn on this road. 4. Supporters parking up for the many events that run through here. 5. NOT ME. This is public land and is a public amenity (road and bus stop), it just happens to be outside my property. I do my best as a good citizen to maintain this (mow grass, clear rubbish etc.) I do not have the mandate or the resources to deal with this problem properly. I have spoken to TDC previously about this problem but the response has been unsatisfactory (flippant response/not treated seriously). I am now under threat of mail delivery suspension. Could TDC please address this problem.
  • Moss and Lichen on footpath, dangerous in wet very slippery2 update
    Reported by Postie: Moss and Lichen on footpath outside 17 - 21 Hindmarsh Drive, very slippery and dangerous to walk/cycle on especially when it rains Could you please sand blast or spray the moss and lichen off footpath as it will be only a matter of time and someone will get hurt
  • Ernest Kemp roundabout2 update
    One of the arrows is partially off the post at the roundabout
  • Street Lamp3 update
    Lamp not working outside 21 Rangipoia Pl Turangi
  • Dead Tree in Rangipoia-Tautahanga Res6 update
    The second tree in from the Rangipoia end of the access reserve to Tautahanga Rd appears to be dead or in very bad shape with dead branches on it.
  • Tree maintence3 update
    Can we please have the trees in Chelsea Rise trimmed and the suckers removed.
  • Sign Down : End of Hirangi Road3 update
    A warning signs is down - sign still OK, post broken at the end of Hirangi Road south side of the road
  • Pothole2 update
    Large deep pothole in road
  • Needs resurfacing3 update
    I think it is time to completely redo the Acacia Bay straight footpath, it is used frequently and compared to other cycleways a lot more than others, it is very rough to ride bikes on, therefore some bikes ride on the road, which really is not wide enough for them.
  • Another bin required for Besley Park3 update
    Since Besley Park is a dog allowed area, how about another bin to dispose of their waste, there is only one there
  • two street lights not going3 update
    Two lights on odd number side of Kauri Dr opposite school not going.
  • Ice10 update
    The water sprinklers that go every early morning at the church at 51 henry hill road taupo leaves excess water on footpaths and it also runs down the street, which freezes solid causing a dangerous slip hazard to pedestrians on the footpath and a skid hazard to vehicles using the road.
  • No water 7 update
    Have had water all day as late as 5pm. Noticed at 6:20 that no mains water working at all inside or out.
  • Cherry trees in Gully behind Brentwood Avenue3 update
    About 5 or so years ago the gentleman in charge of the parks and reserves was telling me that they were going to remove the wild cherry trees as they were an undesirable species. I am wondering when these trees are going to be removed as I feel they have grown so much and are now a danger to our house as well as to the neighbouring properties. I hope you are able to keep us up to date on how the plan to remove them is progressing
  • Broken glass2 update
    There is broken glass and bottles on the walkway from Norman Smith Street to Woodward Street.
  • Water Main Leaking5 update
    113 Te Rangitautahanga Road, Turangi Evangelical Church - leaking at Water Toby - meter Box to Church - on Council Side of the toby
  • No water3 update
    I woke up this morning and I have no water. I had the same issue previously and it was fixed after 3 days. It would be nice if it could happen sooner. Many thanks
  • tall natives growing over footpath and around waste water facility11 update
    the native planting surrounding the wooden fence that houses the waste water facility have been left to grow large and now cover over half of the walk way and are extremely high. The height of these natives are now blocking the views from the houses behind. Could they be cut back to a single level height at least and the walk way cleared please.
  • grass verge4 update
    right outside anz bank, grass that is a mud pit and when wet it is a pond, spending thousands less than 30 metres away on the new upgrade when this piece of land and pavement look like they have been neglected for years, doesnt look good for tourists.
  • Dangerous road surface2 update
    The condition of the road surface on Poihipi road has become dangerous. There are many large bumps and depressions that have caused two accidents that I know of and who knows how many near misses. The main area is from 1500m west of CONTROL GATES INTERSECTION, to 1000m west of TUKAIRANGI ROAD. One very harsh bump i believe was also the cause for a trailer axle spring breaking which nearly threw me across the centre line into oncoming traffic. Please repair this road as it is no longer just a back road, but a main arterial route for many. Thank you
  • Water leak2 update
    Looks like a burst water pipe near the water tap which turns off both my property water and the back house.contractors have been working at the back house, unsure what has happen but im left to deal with it and sort it to be fixed! your help would be greatly appreciated
  • Walkway Belvedere Grove to SH110 update
    Uneven rough concrete at bottom end of footpath. Also large shrub growing over part of footpath.
  • Vehicle crossing14 update
    Non complying vehicle crossing appears to have been made in the last couple of days. If this is left more will be done in the same way aqnd block up the storm water disposal system
  • Gushing water leak5 update
    Water leak from the valve house on the grass berm outside number 51 Marina Tce. Appears to have been leaking for some time.
  • Tree Stakes2 update
    Wrote a couple of days ago about tree stakes that were no longer needed. I checked the actual number of stakes today which comes to 49 not the couple of hundred as reported --- Woops sorry --- but still worth collecting
  • 50mmx50mm Tree stakes3 update
    Wharewaka Subdivision berm Cherry trees are now well established. The point being Tree Stakes are no longer supporting cherry trees so as the stakes are in perfect condition they could be removed and reused. There are likely a couple of hundred or more with a probable new cost in excess of $5 each. These stake could be cleared easily in a day. I would be happy to do this task and return to Council for reuse.
  • Two Street Lights Not Working4 update
    Two adjacent street lights are not working
  • Street signs3 update
    Street signs are falling down as you can see in the photograph. The exact same thing happened three months ago and the sign contractor immediately fixed it, but it is now broken again. Please try to attach the signs in a better way, as there are strong winds here and we are afraid these signs might hurt someone o damage someone's property. Thanks!
  • Over grown trees on w2k walk Boojum Dell3 update
    Trees have been cut down at higher end of reserve, however have stopped in front of number 33. Tress are overgrown and track is not overly user friendly. Further trees need to be cut down on grass walkway, to make safe
  • Tree overhanging footpath5 update
    You have to duck under the tree while walking along the footpath, on a wet day duck even lower :-(
  • Tokaanu Sewer Pressure Main SH 412 update
    Tokaanu Sewer Maintenance URGENT Along SH 41 Tokaanu, 150m south of the SH41/Atutahi St intersection, a hole has appeared filled with dark smelly water. The location is between Eddie Kumeroa,s house and the intersection, on the Tokaanu village side of the highway. In a previous life I was manager of that sewer system. I suspect that the Taokaanu Main Pressure sewer main has developed a leak in the AC pipe and intermittently as the main Tokaanu pump station pumps wastewater towards Turangi - raw wastewater from the pipe has blown a hole to the ground surface and is entering the adjacent wetland. It needs urgent check out, to at least eliminate that this is, or is not, the cause. It’s been there approx a week now.
  • Missing street name/sign.2 update
    There used to be a street sign (Whetu Place) on the lamp post opposite Whetu Place on Lakewood Drive. This needs to be replaced as we have had a friend unable to locate our street when visiting last week.
  • Trees Dangerous2 update
    There are several trees over hanging residential housing. Some of these are going to fall shortly due to natural erosion and need to be cut down soon.
  • Street light not working3 update
    Opposite 6 the circle
  • 3 vehicles3 update
    These cars have been parked on the street for at least a month, they are damaged, and I presume unwarranted and no rego
  • Street Light2 update
    Street Light outside 93 Hyde Ave, keeps flicking off and on
  • Unmaintained Lawns Posing Fire Danger7 update
    These lawns have not been done in months (4 months at least) I believe this is a fire danger as we are currently in a high fire danger for the area.
  • Kimberley Reserve4 update
    Some idiots have been busy with a multi-colour sprayings on footpath and signage - such a shame - now a 'blot on the landscape'.
  • Pig in Urban Area4 update
    There is currently a pig on the property that squeels and smells very bad
    1. Removal of dead tree on berm outside 4 Wiremu St, Turangi 2. Removal of old stump outside 12 Wiremu St, Turangi
  • Maintenance2 update
    Tidy up required in the road furniture at the intersection of Lakewood Drive and Docherty Drive AND intersection of Docherty Drive and Scott Drive. As these do not receive any maintenance can these be paved over. These are just a few that require maintenance. Standards are certainly slipping rather badly.
  • Overhanging across footpath and berm3 update
    Overhanging footpath impeding pedestrian traffic requires trimming/pruning
  • grass mowing2 update
    We hope the very long grass along the river side of Kokopu St will be mown and tidied up before the holidays.(opposite no 6 and 8) Kokopu St is an attrtactive street and part of the river walk so is well used during holidays. It needs to be looking tidier please!
  • overhanging trees2 update
    The overhanging trees along Hauraki Tce Pukawa Bay need cutting back as there will soon be many boats and trailers unable to keep to the left causing problems with oncoming traffic. The edge of the road needs clearing as weeds and rotting leaves damage the seal which will then need repairing at extra cost. Thank you. How often does a council staff person inspect this area? Are you happy for residents to note and advise you of any problems/
  • Tree appears to be dying2 update
    Two blossom trees were doing great hsf lovely blossoms now the tree looks like its dying all leaves are brown and shriveled up.
  • long grass2 update
    The access road to the water tanks needs mowing. The grass and thistles are long and should be cut before the seed heads set. As we are experiencing hot dry weather it is a fire hazard.
  • Trees Branch damage 2 update
    Opposite 180 Tautahanga Rd a tree limb broke in recent wind and hanging on another branch that is now bent and overhanging the footpath and blocking the footpath.
  • Pot hole intersection of Palmer mill and Oak Drive2 update
    A large pot hole has developed at intersection of Palmer Mill and Oak Drive.
  • Trees - growing too big, not allowed to cut them down!3 update
    Trees lifting the footpath (from the roots) and growing under ground into my property and becoming a hazard (and an eyesore) to my lawn. It's also slowing creeping toward my house. We're not allowed to cut them down otherwise we will be fined by Council, yet Council do not mow around them, we have to pay rates for these trees being on our property/boundary, yet Council have the last say about their life. So not fair!
  • dangerously dry long grass2 update
    The DOC reserve adjacent to Victory Drive is tinder dry and right next to houses. Hopefully you can act on this with some urgency.
  • Overhanging trees2 update
    Branches from tree overhanging across footpath impeding pedestrians and Postie using footpath. Postie has requested occupants to trim back, maybe rental property as no action taken
  • watering of the reserve2 update
    Good afternoon, it would be great if the watering of the reserve in The Circle could be turned on,
  • Street name signs3 update
    Street name signs are falling down as you can see in the photograph.
  • Box With Old Meat and Towels on Crown Park2 update
    There is a box near the trees on Crown Park, behind Tauhara Primary. It has a towel on top and inside is a lump of old meat..and lots of blow flies.
  • Verges and rubbish all along Acacia Bay Road2 update
    We often go for a walk from Acacia Bay to the Motor Camp and find it disgusting due to all the rubbish and verges that need mowing. Also the gardens in the entrance to Acacia Bay need weeding etc. Not a great look - bad reflection on Taupo Council.
  • Parking sign not being adhered to2 update
    I have witnessed multiple crashes and near miss situations. I have also had people walk and drive behind my reversing vehicle. I would like to see change to make a safer area for retailers and large freighting vehicles to operate safely. It is only a matter of time before something terrible happens
  • Street Lights not working - Victory Drive2 update
    Street lighting is not working
  • Pedestrian traffic5 update
    The section of road between the Huka Falls Resort and Reids Farm has a lot of foot and cycle traffic and no footpath to allow walkers to stay safely off the road. Not only this, there is a need for beautification with appropriate plantings along this stretch of road. There is also a need for weed control, particularly in the block of land opposite the entrance to Clearwater Lane. Broom and gorse are notifiable weeds but are uncontrolled here. They spread rapidly and a blot on an otherwise attractive landscape.
  • Street sign still down 3+ months after I reported it.4 update
    On the 24th Novemebr 2014 I reported the Street sign was down on the ground on SH 1a, At Earnest Kemp Rise, The sign which was down was "Wharewaka Point". The Council reported it was fixed within days of me reporting it, BUT it has never been put back up. Please can you replace it?
  • Road side markers5 update
    Very hard driving this and Arataki Road in the fog at night. Without road side markers
  • Bins continually overflowing at lookout2 update
    I have noticed the bins are contimually overflowing at the earnest Kemp Rise Lookout. I have on several occaisions picked up litter and either brought it home or if it was able to fit, I have jammed it hard into the 2 bins. They need to be emptied twice a day or maybe you could have two more bins installed please. Thanks.
  • squeaky swing2 update
    One of the swings at Richmond heights park (next to the lizard) squeaks quite loudly when being used.
  • Car Parks In Front of Shops At Top of Taharepa/Crown Road2 update
    Please could the car parks in front of the shops in Taharepa Road, by Crown Road, be swept and washed? There are weeds growing in the gutter as well. It would be great if this could be put into a regular maintenace plan, as I have emailed before. The work was done soon after too, thank you.
  • Overgrown trees in walkway2 update
    The Hinekura end of the walkway between Hinekura Ave and Tamatea Rd, Trees from #71 are overhanging and blocking the end of the walkway.
  • FIRE RISK3 update
    TALL DRY GRASS ALONG BOUNDARY VICTORY DRIVE /CONSERVATION LAND NEEDS FIRE BREAK CU The location is Wharewaka Point, TAUPO 3330- the boundary involved runs from approximately the turn off for the "Scenic Outlook" to 47 Victory Drive, i.e the bottom of the lake side of the street..
  • Not working2 update
    Street light at 1 Belvedere Grove has been off for past few weeks
  • overgrown grass, fire risk2 update
    All of the reserve above the tennis courts (rough land,not reserve) on Jarden mile is a fire risk with current dry weather. Also, properties on Scott drive and Chelsea rise rarely have reserve mown, banks on council or Jarden development banks from 23 scott drive and above have not been weedwacked in over a year! Impending fire risk. Base of trees also overgrown, look forward to this being resolved
  • Kohineheke Reserve, Sheep carvass offal dumped2 update
    Kohineheke Crescent Reserve; go in track 100m, turn left and go 20 m and on left fresh sheep skins and offal has been dumped. It is the same site that this occurred before Christmas.
  • Water Supply Valve Boxes a Hazard3 update
    Outside the Turangi Evangelical Church there are three valve boxes in the street berm at the corner of Te Rangitautahanga and Hirangi Road. The valve boxes have been left not flush with the surrounding ground and they are difficult and even a hazards to mow over. Can these please be set level. Also at 115 Tautahanga, the vacant lot, a toby valve cover is missing.
  • Sweeping of the road2 update
    Since resurfacing the road last year we have had a problem with all the loose stones in the areas at the side of the road. You skid in the loose gravel when exiting your driveway it's noisy even when a bike rides on it let alone cars. All my driveway is covered in loose stones and so is my shed. It has being a problem ever since it was laid now it is annoying
  • Dangerous hole in grate big enough for a leg to go through3 update
    In the lane behind the Post Office by their car parks there is a storm water grate which has a section missing out of it, easily big enough for some one to step into.
  • Crescent - Hinenamu Reserve2 update
    Looks like 2 sheep skins, carcass, and offal is dumped - go in reserve access rd opposite approx. 170 Tautahanga - turn onto track that leads to left (north west) and then first break in scrub on the left. Also a lot of fly tipping accumulating further along on left.
  • Ernest Kemp Drive roundabout2 update
    One of the Give Way signs is hanging down. Looks like the top fastener has given way.
  • Stop Sign is down4 update
    SH14/Puataata Rd intersection Compulsory Stop sign has been demolished
  • Pedestrian Barrier Smashed3 update
    The new pedestrian island barrier between the skateboard area and shops has been hit. It is brand new this week and is dangerous, and has lasted less than a week.
  • Motutere Bay not fixed 3 update
    The southern most end of the Motutere Bay Recreation Reserve where it meets the DoC Mission Bay Reserve, is an area in TDC management. Last year it was left unmown and gorse and weeds have regenerate on embankment opp. Mission Bay Rd to the south end. Up to 2011 TDC progressively brought this area of weed infested embankment into an easily managed state, It started progressively replanting it. Using donated funds by an estate beneficiary a track was established along it and a memorial seat placed on it. The area was left unkempt last year, weeds are becoming established, gorse broom and other weeds now returning. It's a shame to see progressive betterments of an area being neglected. At the least the area could be mowed regularly. The area was even mowed easily once a year - embankment and all by a large tractor with good wide wheels - he just drove it sideways along the embankment slope - took less than 30 min to do. Jamie Gainsford knows the area and how it was maintained. Yu haven't done anything and more than that you refuse to communicate on it truthfully or to the complainant. Its bad service and management
  • Overhanging across footpath and berm6 update
    Tree on property requires trimming overhanging across footpath and berm
  • grass2 update
    The grass down the gully in the w2k track from Boojum Dell must be at least 5ft tall now. Its like a jungle down there......The banks and gully are well overdue for mowing.
  • picnic tables2 update
    Not sure if this is the right forum but wondering if more picnic tables will be going in along the reserve to the left of the ski lane. Im sure years ago when we were asked what we wanted by the council for that area it was more rubbish bins and picnic tables but it seems we have the same amount of rubbish bins and the tables have gone from 4 down to 2. Please clarify this. P. I'm sure bollards and rocks everywhere was NOT in the plan.
  • Unsafe Pathway4 update
    Issue 1400269 has been closed 9/4/14 yet nothing has been done!!! Please check this out.
  • maintenance required3 update
    There is a widening fissure in the pathway in the Brentwood Gully area near the end of Punawai Street.
  • Broken Glass at Crown Park cycle track2 update
    The cycle track behind Tauhara school, off crown road, has lots of broken glass on the concrete track, making it hard to ride bikes there without getting punctures. It would be good to clean it
  • Reserve fence panels down2 update
    1. Adjacent to the pumping station near 65 Victory Drive there is a fence panel lying on the ground. 2. A panel of reserve fencing is lying on the ground at 3 Victory Drive.
  • Tagging on Telecommunications services box2 update
    This box on the corner of Richmond Ave and Grace Cresc next to 1 Grace Cresc has an unsightly tag on it.
  • Street light not going3 update
    Street light at 6 Rata Street is not working.
  • tree dangerous4 update
    The huge pine tree in Tauhara reserve requires cutting down,it is high and on a very bad lean,it will kill someone and do a lot of damage to a house or houses,it needs urgent attention as it is very dangerous and many surrounding houses owners are worried every time we get strong winds.
  • Reid Grove Street Light Out3 update
    The Street light in Reid Grove which lights the entire cul de sac and reserve has not been working for 5 days. This is dangerous due to the reserve being in complete darkness
  • Trip Hazard5 update
    The footpath has lifted and has a trip hazard of around 20-25mm now.
  • Riverbank Reserve2 update
    Sign in middle of reserve is covered in red graffiti.
  • Oak Tree Overhanging property3 update
    The large oak tree is overhanging property and is causes large amounts of shade to our properties. Can it be reduced in size by a third and some branches removed to reduce the number of leaves it produces that then litter our properties come Autumn. Thanks.
  • Oak Tree Overhanging property2 update
    Can the large Oak tree outside the Turangi Evangelical Church be pruned back to prevent the branches overhanging the church building and reduce some of the size say by one third - would be appreciated.
  • STREET LIGHTS6 update
    There are 5 street lights that have not been working for more than three weeks now. These are from Acacia Bay North, towards, but not including, 901 Acacia Bay Road. Thank you.
  • On ground adjacent to footpath2 update
    On the lake side of Taupo Medical centre there is an unreasonable amount of rubbish lying next to the footpath.
  • Shrubs obscuring oncoming traffic4 update
    I often drive from the Redoubt Rd end of Story Place to the Taupo Museum. This involves a right turn just past the Court House. The shrubs in the centre of the street immediately ahead are so big that they totally obscure any oncoming traffic making the right turn hazardous. Please could they have a good trim back?
  • Fly Tipping Crescent Reserve Turangi5 update
    Some building pinex and wall board has been dumped along the access track about 20m from the left hand corner just before the track meets the Tingariro Riverjustjust
  • Possible vehicle damage caused by pot hole5 update
    Very large pot hole or piece of road has been lifted on Gillies ave between Hinemoa and Hinekura ave. This has been here at least 3 weeks and is getting worse quickly. Could this be repaired ASAP as i travel this section of road regularly and am wary of vehicle damage.
  • Street light not working6 update
    Bulb blown in streetlight outside 11 red setter grove
  • pot hole in line of traffic3 update
    large and getting larger. though not yet as large as the one around the corner in Gillies ave!!!!
  • Sealed pothole2 update
    Pothole adjacent to kerb leading to significant water ingress and causing pavement weakening of base course and sub base, including rutting.
  • Illegal rubbish dumping7 update
    Hi About 100metres past the 70km sign on the left hand side of Acacia Bay road (on your way towards the Point) there is a public entrance way where there is a fast growing pile of illegally dumped rubbish, including fridges and a gas bottle. I run past it every day and it has started to smell like a landfill. Please investigate. Thankyou very much
  • 170 Tautahanga Rd - Crescent Reserve8 update
    Opposite 170 Tautahanga Rd on Kohineheke [Crescent] Reserve is a dead Chinese poplar, been that way for over 6-9 months but is progressively deteriorating. Would have thoughtit would have been reported by TDC staff by now.
  • Street Light on continuously.2 update
    A newly installed street light has been continuously day and night for over a week.
  • Sprinklers causing black ice4 update
    88 On the Lake. Using overnight water sprinklers which is hazardous in morning following a frost as black ice forms Request sprinklers not be used in Winter months
  • Overhanging trees5 update
    12 Simkin Street Taupo Trees overhanging on the Leslie Street side of property over footpath
  • debris not tidyed2 update
    Debris resulting from pine trees cut down at the beginning of April is still not tidyed up. When can locals hope to have the reserve at the end of Kowhai Street cleaned up and replanting under way?
  • Dead rabbits2 update
    A cat was eating a dead rabbit on Seccombe park area. Many dead rabbits there
  • rabbits out of control2 update
    Rainbow Point residents are sick of the numerous rabbits throughout the residential area. While control on reserves is one thing this just means the smart rabbits relocate to the residential area making real pets of themselves. These then take advantage of the cleared reserves and so the problem goes on and gets worse. Itnis time for more drastic measures.
  • Storm water drain damaged - danger to vehicles7 update
    21 Waiparemo Cres, Omori Grate on drain has been overloaded by contractors vehicles (assumed) and is no longer flush with road surface - there is danger that the grate could totally break away and collapse completely into the drain.
  • Big pothole about 0.5x0.6m wide3 update
    I asked to get it fixed a long time ago and nothing happend!! White crosses for road fixing on the way out of Pukawa but nothing around "My" spot!! Hope you can fix it shortly!!
  • Fire hazard overgrown section.13 update
    The section opposite the reserve on Noble Street is hugely overgrown and a serious fire hazard to surrounding properties and Marae.
  • Flying Fox at Spa Park Playground dripping rust3 update
    The Spa Park playground flying fox is old and likely needs an upgrade. The tyre at the end (safety stop) keeps getting removed and the seat & cable is rusty and when wet drips rust on participants. It should probably be safety checked also. It is a great playground keep it up!
  • street light2 update
    streetlight not working outside no:25 parata st, near the waipahihi school
  • Damaged Light - to sign over 3mths old6 update
    One of the lights on the Turangi Information Centre side of Pihanga Rd that lights the tall red stylised fish entrance signs has been damaged since Christmas 2013, but still in damaged condition and lighting to both signs has not been working for that period.
  • lack of signs1 update
    To the L along the road leading to Spar Park car park there was signage indicating the walkways down to the pathways beside the river , the mid one still there but hidden, the 1st sign removed and down the track in brush. Reinstatment handy for the explorers among us.
  • unsafe pathway3 update
    The pathway down to the beach by the end of Tui Street is quite unsafe and have seen several people topple down the bank. Have reported this to Council before Christmas but nothing done yet! A lot of tourists use this beach. The latest person I saw topple down was here for Half Ironman.
  • Water toby leaking 8 update
    Water Toby is leaking onto road.
  • Tawa Place, Wairakei Walkway overgrown2 update
    This walkway needs immediate maintenance. It is too overgrown to use currently. Please can someone be sent out to trim the hedges and mow the lawns. It is too dangerous to walk along the state highways. I use this walkway everyday but am now forced to drive.
  • Dead rabbits2 update
    A cat was eating a dead rabbit on Seccombe park area. Many dead rabbits there
  • Walkway overgrown2 update
    Walkway at the end of Tawa Place Wairakei to SH5 is overgrown. The hedges need trimming back, grass mowed and blackberry sprayed/cut back. This needs action immediately as the hedges on both sides are touching and it is getting difficult to use this walkway.
  • Deer Carcass, Waste Paint, Settee -Fly Tipping4 update
    Fly tipping -Kohineheke [Crescent] Reserve - go in entrance opposite 160 Tautatahanga Rd, take first track to the left, and along there is a deer carcass dumped, a settee and 3 partly filled pails of waste paint.
  • Light not working2 update
    Street light outside 7 Tawa Street not going
  • Garden rubbish left on street verge7 update
    There is a large pile of tree and shrub trimmings that has been left on the grass verge outside 29 Chesham Avenue for at least two months. Not only is it an eyesore, and a nuisance for anyone getting out of a car parked on the road, but it is now tinder dry and a real fire hazard..
  • Extremely long grass on a section6 update
    Not sure if there anyone meant to be mowing the section at 16 Victory Drive, but it is now very long and a bit of a fire hazard.
  • Pedestrian island barrier damaged 4 update
    on Ohuanga Rd - just before Kaheke Place The island in the centre of the road - the pedestrian protection barrier has been since damaged last week
  • Flicking street light2 update
    outside 15 Birch Street Taupo
  • overhanging trees6 update
    There are overhanging trees mainly on the left side going up hauraki terrace. With the holiday season approaching people towing boats up the road will be using the centre of the road to avoid the said trees thus creating a danger to other road users. There are other overhanging trees on Pukawa Road with the same issues.
  • Motel sign 5 update
    The motel sign at both ends of Fletcher St (Heu Heu St end and Robert St end) has been removed. Can you please replace.
  • Very untidy gardens & rubbish3 update
    The gardens within and on the street frontage in particular of the Taniwha Street Public Car-park are disgusting. There is rubbish & weeds in abundance
  • Street Tree2 update
    The tree near 117 Te Rangitautahanga Rd has been vandalised overnight and branches are on footpath and berm.
  • Water pooling and paving condition.7 update
    I have just spoken to Kathy at the TCD phone desk to comment on two issues that need addressing. I said I would record then via this web site. When raining, a very large pond is created outside 12 Ogilive Road. The pond covers about a third of the road and can cause the car to nearly hydroplane in these conditions. Secondly, the Alley way beside No 12 that goes through to Nisbet Tce is in a very bad condition. Then walking through it is very rough and possibly the worst alley way in Kinloch and certailnly not up to the standard of the alley way opposite from Nisbet Tce to the reserve. Ankle roll are very possible. Thank you.
  • Large Graffitti2 update
    on the path at the reserve end of the alley-way next to our property
  • not working 3 update
    on the corner of whangamata Road & Otutira Drive has not been working for some months. Reported verbally at the council office six months or so ago. No response.
  • Slippery tiles at McDonalds Family Restaurant2 update
    Tiles outside McDonalds are dangerous when wet from rain or a spilt drink.
  • Raised Section of Footpath a Danger to pedestrians2 update
    There are two sections of footpath between 109 and 111 which are raised and not level such that they are a danger to pedestrians from tripping thereon. On Saturday 1 February my wife did exactly that taking an extremely heavy tumble resulting in severe bruising and possible bone breakage
  • Swing - Play Equipent Damaged3 update
    Swing has been badly broken in Reserve that is between Tautahanga and Takinga
  • Bulb Out2 update
    Street Light Bulb out - opposite 122 Roberts Street Taupo.
  • Light at end of our street,2 update
    Light outside 23 Scott Drive appears to be smashed and not working
  • Wharewaka Playgound2 update
    The sign on the 'Flying saucer swing' is now unsafe and the tyre swing fastening plate is moving relatively freely.
  • Hedge almost three quarters of way over pavement1 update
    Also number 27. Not quote so bad but growing quickly
  • Grass verge1 update
    The verge outside the property of 39 Brice Street needs repairing. It was once used as a car park for the church across the street which was the Jehovahs Witness church which has now moved to Kiddle Drive. The current owner is now the Taupo Samoan assembly of god. The condition of the verge is a mixture of metal and pumice. It becomes a dust bowl during the dry season and is hazardous to children who have asthma and allegies. My husband is an amputee, incomplete paraplegic so it falls upon my shoulders to try to fix this eye sore. We don't mind if it is still used for a car park for the church but would like the council to help out with its repair whether it be cobbles or grass. I have already sprayed the area for weeds and have started repair work on the remaining grass but we need help. Thank you our neighbourhood appreciates your support. This issue has not been fixed.
  • Trees of excessive height obstructing views2 update
    Several trees above the corner on the even side of Hauraki Terrace adjacent to number 6 require topping please. Same problem adjacent to 15 Hauraki Terrace. Thank you
  • Magpies1 update
    Magpies living in the Gully to the west of Punawai Place (Brentwood Heights)are causing significant nuisance to children, pets and general public. Also making significant noise and affecting our local birdlife in the area. At least a dozen magpies are present most days
  • Slip and overhanging tree3 update
    There is a slip on the right hand side of the road, just before Puketi Drive and also a overhanging tree: broken tree hanging on roadside.
  • Overhanging Trees on footpath 4 update
    The Council Reserve on Lakewood Drive has a number of overhanging trees onto the footpath making it difficult to use
  • Prunning1 update
    Can you please prune the trees on the grass verge in Kapua Place as the branches are starting to scratch cars as they drive by.
  • manhole cover 4 update
    Manhole lid situated in the roadway of Punawai Place opposite Harling Grove is loose and rattles ever time a car goes over it.
  • Motutere Bay Sth End unmowen1 update
    The southern most end of the Motutere Bay Recreation Reserve where it meets the DoC Mission Bay Reserve, is an area in TDC management. Last year it was left unmown and gorse and weeds have regenerate on embankment opp. Mission Bay Rd to the south end. Up to 2011 TDC progressively brought this area of weed infested embankment into an easily managed state, It started progressively replanting it. Using donated funds by an estate beneficiary a track was established along it and a memorial seat placed on it. The area was left unkempt last year, weeds are becoming established, gorse broom and other weeds now returning. It's a shame to see progressive betterments of an area being neglected. At the least the area could be mowed regularly. The area was even mowed easily once a year - embankment and all by a large tractor with good wide wheels - he just drove it sideways along the embankment slope - took less than 30 min to do. Jamie Gainsford knows the area and how it was maintained.
  • Pruning4 update
    Trees at this address are overhanging the footpath making it difficult for pedestrians and Postie to use footpath
  • Overhanging tree branches 3 update
    Folige overhanging the walkway ;that one cannot pass under and have to walk around .;
  • Replacement Tree4 update
    About a year ago two men from council came and cut down a Claret Ash tree. The tree was showing stress in some limbs. It was probably one of the best specimens in this area . They both returned later in the day and took a GPS reading so as to record its position . They said that the stump would be ground out and would be replaced with a new Claret Ash. To date nothing has happened . Meanwhile the stump is a health and safety I hazard . Someone could easily trip on the stump
  • Please remove graffiti on fence at 3 Duncan St, Taupo1 update
    Black spray painted fist picture on treated timber fence on since 17 Dec
  • Broken hollow stone block dumped1 update
    Over Saturday night we have had a hollow stone block smashed and dumped on the grass verge outside our property. Can you please have it removed as it is not the best look for our business. Thanks.
  • Pruning1 update
    The trees on berm in Kapua Place Taupo all need trimming,after rain the branches drop quite low across the footpath, making it difficult for pedestrians and Postie
  • spiney yucca type plant encroaching onto footpath4 update
    While walking along foot path between 39 and 37 Brice Street there is a plant with very sharp ends. Unfortunately I walked into this by mistake. It was very painful and at the rate it is growing will become a danger to people using the footpath. Could the council look at removing it before someone is seriously injured. Would hate for a young childs eye to be taken out while riding their bike. thank you.
  • Roundabout2 update
    Council staff cutt grass on our roundabout and left a big mess aLL OVER THE ROAD NOT GOOD ENOUGH COULD YOU PLESS HAVE IT CLEANED UP AS GRASS IS GETTING EVERY WHERE
  • Mowing1 update
    The children's playground in Robinson Cres is desperately in need of mowing.
  • Commercial vehicles2 update
    There is an area at the end of Belvedere Grove for residents and their visitors parking. For a few weeks now there have been commercial vehicles parked there. Trucks and/or a long trailer belonging to a resident of Rhodes Fall. We understand that these should not be there.
  • Becoming overgrown3 update
    Hi The footpath up Mapara Rd by the tennis courts needs the edge cutting as the grass is growing over the edges. Also the steps from Ewing Gr to Acacia Bay Rd need clearing of debris Cheers Gary
  • Overhanging branches1 update
    Large trees over hanging pavement hard to negotiate especially on wet days
  • Hedge growing over footpath1 update
    Pittosporum now totally over whole width of path
  • Fixing up of verge 2 update
    The verge outside the property of 39 Brice Street needs repairing. It was once used as a car park for the church across the street which was the Jehovahs Witness church which has now moved to Kiddle Drive. The current owner is now the Taupo Samoan assembly of god. The condition of the verge is a mixture of metal and pumice. It becomes a dust bowl during the dry season and is hazardous to children who have asthma and allegies. My husband is an amputee, incomplete paraplegic so it falls upon my shoulders to try to fix this eye sore. We don't mind if it is still used for a car park for the church but would like the council to help out with its repair whether it be cobbles or grass. I have already sprayed the area for weeds and have started repair work on the remaining grass but we need help. Thank you our neighbourhood appreciates your support.
  • Footpath has lifted5 update
    Footpath has lifted beside the driveway of house located at 68 Victory Drive Wharewaka Taupo.
  • Noxious plants on Berms3 update
    Uncontrolled noxious Gorse & Broom growing on the vacant section berms
  • Beach front1 update
    There is a lot of rubbish along the waterfront including dead seagulls and ducks. I noticed this at waters edge between the toilets by the scout den and Pataka Street.
  • Gorse2 update
    There is uncontrolled gorse growing on the verge outside 25 Olive Grove.
  • The cul-de-sac terminus end has severe recent damage.1 update
    The Water Main in the centre of the cul-de-sac is protruding out of the road. Additionally, in the recent strong winds the lamp-post supporting the Ultra Fast Broadband has snapped the support guy, and it protrudes too.
  • Grey telephone cable tube ripped off and lying on grass.1 update
    near 26 - 30 Maire St, in Wairakei. Maybe you can notify the telephone people.
  • Walkway access1 update
    There has been a small slip on the walkway between no 25 and no 27 Waipapa St Kuratau. As a result the council have temporarily closed the walkway. This walkway is a public amenity which provides access to the Lake Reserve below. It is used by many people, especially in summer. Will this walkway be reinstated before Labour Weekend? If not when?
  • General Maintenance3 update
    The Lions Walkway area at the top of the road from the Lake water works and just along and over the road from Council Buildings has had loose single scattered over from some time now. Can this be swept from the walkway now.
  • loose power/telecom line1 update
    On the base of the power pole outside 210 a/b there is a broken plastic protective tube. A black wire is protruding from it at ground level.
  • Motutere Bay Rec Reserve - sth end no mntce4 update
    The southern most end of the Motutere Bay Recreation Reserve where it meets the DoC Mission Bay Reserve, is an area in TDC management. Last year it was left unmown and gorse and weeds have regenerate on embankment opp. Mission Bay Rd to the south end. Up to 2011 TDC progressively brought this area of weed infested embankment into an easily managed state, It started progressively replanting it. Using donated funds by an estate beneficiary a track was established along it and a memorial seat placed on it. The area was left unkempt last year, weeds are becoming established, gorse broom and other weeds now returning. It's a shame to see progressive betterments of an area being neglected. At the least the area could be mowed regularly. The area was even mowed easily once a year - embankment and all by a large tractor with good wide wheels - he just drove it sideways along the embankment slope - took less than 30 min to do. Jamie Gainsford knows the area and how it was maintained.
  • bamboo growth encroaching my section6 update
    Could the bamboo at the rear of 108 Elizabeth street in the green strip reserve please be removed permanently ...its been done before but still grows back....and as a result the bamboo shoots come up inside my property ..it may have to be dug out ??? thankyou
  • Light not working-Opp 65 Rangiamohia Road Turangi3 update
    The installed new light & pole which is not working. Lamp will flicker all night until this is switched off in the morning. This interferes with the TV reception therefor no watching TV after lights come on.
  • Signs please3 update
    I refer to the area on the true left of the Waikato River immediately downstream of the Control Gates Bridge, Taupo. I understand that this area is owned by Mighty River Power and administered by Taupo District Council. In the past there has been a sign instructing "No motorbikes, No camping, No horses" and another sign indicating Dogs can run free but all fouling must be picked up. Last year there was work done on the riverbank in the area near the drive-in entrance. The signs were removed and not replaced. Could they please be replaced? There is a board fence there which would be ideal to place them on.
  • Health and safety issue is still there2 update
    Grace crescent - You explored the issue of a pile of logs and said it would be sorted quickly - WELL, there is another pile of logs there !! he does offer the wood for sale at 250.00 a unte load.
  • All lights are out1 update
    Hi - all street lighting in Kinloch (or my part anyway - Lisland Drive / Montgomery etc) is not working. Not a power cut as houses have power.
  • Faulty street light2 update
    The street light at the end of Belvedere Grove is flicking off and on. An extra item - as the surrounding trees get taller they are blocking the spread of light from the above mentioned light.
  • Twon Centre Canopys3 update
    Two weeks ago there was a blocked down pipe and water was overflowing the roof gutter on the Town Centre canopy. the column was the one directly opposite the boundary between the 2nd and 3rd empty shop from the corner where Buttons and Bows used to be. I have experience with this from previously and usually someone has thrown a drink bottle or such up into the canopy spouting/guttering.
  • Pothole2 update
    A pot hole has recently developed outside No 3 Belvedere Grove
  • Rubbish bin on a carpark2 update
    Waipunga Falls view point is a very popular placemark for tourists and locals. I've been there 3 times in last 2 years (I live in Auckland), and last time I've counted 5 cars on carpark in 20 minutes (Sept 8, 2103) as it is a nice spot to have a rest, have lunch and just enjoy a view of the beautiful waterfall. I believe in tourist season there are much more visitors. But in addition to a great waterfall they can observe litter on the carpark and area around. One of the reasons for it I believe is a missing rubbish bin. I realise that it seem to be a private land and it is probably hard to serve a rubbish been there, but New Zealand is a tourists oriented country, and it is a shame to not maintain such a great placemark. If you need few more photos of rubbish (or waterfall) there don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
  • Edge brak pothole Matariki St, Tokaanu2 update
    Opposite 449 Matariki St, on Nth side of Matariki Sr, an edge break pothole has extended into the sealed carriage way.
  • Berm- Vehicle Apron subsidence2 update
    There is a broken section of the vehicle apron that requires attention to make it safe. It appears to be because of consolidation settlement of the sewer main beneath the apron. A number of years ago [in early 1990's] the TDC placed the Maratoa relief sewer along Hirangi Road and parts of the line backfill settled over time. This appears to have happened beneath this section of the vehicle apron and now it has broken because of lack of subsoil supporting. It may be prudent to check the sewer main itself to see if there is any ingress into the pipe and that water from the surface has not found a way into the sewer main and eroded soil into the pipe. Some backfill is needed to immediately to make the berm area safe.
  • HEALTH and SAFETY issue- A big pile of long Pine logs in the front yard of a house next to the footpath3 update
    Around 81 Grace Crescent, Richmond Heights, someone has dumped a large pile of pine logs. They appear to be a high risk for an accident should someone climb onto them. It is the size of a pile you would expect to see in a yard in the industrial area. Please check this out. The person responsible is also creating a noise nuisance as he chainsaws and chops these logs. Check it out please.
  • Town Centre Canopy - 9 broken panels1 update
    9 Broken glass panels - reported several times now. Steelwork and canopy grimy and covered light fittings have bird excrement from neglected maintenance.
  • Town Centre Sth Entrance Canopy - broken glass panels1 update
    3 broken glass panels and canopy glass grimy from lack of periodic maintenance
  • Water Supply : Leaking Pipe 7 update
    Water running freely from on road berm between footpath and property boundary
  • Town Centre Canopy - 9 crack glass panels1 update
    As reported on 10/05/13. There are now 9 cracked glass panels on the canopy in need of replacement. Also the canopies have not been cleaned last year and now mold has formed on the glass and al frames. The Turangi Aquatic Centre canopy also has mold and lichen growing on it through lack of annual maintenance b
  • subsidence of footpath1 update
    A previously repaired section has again uneven pavers.
  • maintenance1 update
    There are 2 rusty pipes on the beach lying on the beach where all the loose black netting is also. What about a good clean up. This is just north of the Mobil Mart.
  • Broken glass in carparks1 update
    Hi, there are broken beer bottles in the carparks along Tuwharetoa street opposite Plateau restaurant. Thanks!
  • 4 SH 1 Turangi Flag Lights out2 update
    SH1 Turangi/Pihanga Rd/ Arahori St Intersection - 4 Main Flag Lights out of order right at intersection
  • 4 St Lights Out of Order2 update
    Ohuanga/Rangitautahanga Rd between Ngawaka Place and Kaheke Place 4 lights out of order
  • Graffiti to be removed on street sign1 update
    The word "smile" in pink has been sprayed on the back of a street information sign on Norman Smith St, intersection of Tongariro. It has been there for 2 days. It can be seen on the right when entering Norman Smith from Tongariro.
  • Litter Glass and Paper in Reserve1 update
    Tureiti Place - PaekiriSt -Rangipoia Plc Reserve has some broken glass b the paths, and paper strewn in the news paper play equipment areas.
  • very poor landscaping after UFB works1 update
    Grass verge on corner of Hawai and Pipi streets has had grass and topsoil removed by the contractors installing the fibre network (work completed 6 months ago) and has not been reinstated. Requires excess pumice to be removed and replaced with topsoil and grassed. Just adding grass seed and topsoil will not fix the issue as it will wash into the stormwater network due to the amount of pumice left by the contractors.
  • poihipi rd/whangamata rd1 update
    Rubbish alongside Poihipi rds and Whangamata rds is shocking.
  • Street light not working - 3rd request3 update
    We requested the failed light between 17 and 19 Rangimoana be repaired on 20 May and again on 1 June. We advised this light illuminates the walkway to the back of Rangimoana and as such, there is a security aspect to this light. This light has now been out for more than 8 weeks so TDC, your level of service in this activity is extremely disappointing.
  • alberta st public toilets2 update
    Public toilets at Alberta st boat ramp, Acacia Bay needing refurbishment.
  • Trees on Foreshore at 130 Lake Terrace4 update
    Now that winter is upon us, can you please remove (or at least undertake a major prune) one or both of the trees immediately opposite the entrance to our motel (Gables Lakefront Motel, 130 Lake Terrace), as they significantly interfere with our guests worldclass, and iconic view of the lake and mountains beyond? I submitted a similar request a few weeks ago, but have not received a response.
  • Street Light 4 update
    The street light flashes on and off continuously. It needs fixing as soon as possible.
  • No street lighting on lake side of road opposite 61 north for about 500m1 update
    We have noticed that there is adequate street lighting to the south of us at 61 Mahuta Rd and quite a distance further north of us but a huge chunk of the street near us has no lighting at all. Can more street lights be installed along this stretch please?
  • Vaucluse Reserve/Clean up the Cycle area Treeplanting3 update
    5 years ago I asked about looking at the trees in our street. The one outside N01 has died.The autumn is a good time to replace it. The trees in Vaulcluse Resereve have never had an atom of attention since I`ve been here .The mower knock the stakes out and thats that.They are in need of some support. The grass is growing over the path and gorse on the boundary. The area round the BICYCLE is a mess and needs a rubbish bin installed.Rails are missing are down around the trees there.This is supposed to showcase Taupo. The entrance to Poihi Rd needs a good clean up as the mowing men just mow over the paper and rubbish. That will be enough to go on with.Over to you a good spruce up is required.
  • When is new road layout, no longer a new road layout?2 update
    The signs adjacent to SH 1 / Earnest kemp Drive have been up for years. They are falling over and are no longer needed. It must be over 2 years now since the Bypass opened. Please remove them. Many thanks
  • Gymnasium Lighting4 update
    On behalf of the Turangi Badminton Club I wish to report that two lights in the Turangi Gymnasium are not working. One is between court one and two closest to entry doors and the other between court 2 and three at the McLaren park side of gym.
  • Damaged Light3 update
    There is a street light out on the left hand side of Tongariro Road heading into it. The light cover is hanging from the fitting. Located around house numbers 31 & 33.
  • Overhanging trees need to be trimmed8 update
    Reported by Postie the trees need to be trimmed as they are overhanging across footpath, impeding both pedestrians and Postie
  • Light bulb blown4 update
    Hi there. Our light bulb has blown outside No 17 Rangimoana Ave Motuoapa Turangi 3382. Thank you.
  • Flickering Street Light at 130 Lake Terrace3 update
    The street light outside our motel (Gables Lakefront Motel)continues to flicker, despite reporting it a couple of weeks ago
  • Oak leaves2 update
    Large amount of oak leaves over verges and footpaths need cleaning up.
  • Broken Bollard3 update
    I reversed into a bollard while parking and broke it. Location is by the lake in the car park near he float plane dock. The bollatd is close to two litter bins and a no parking access way to the foreshore. Please advise me of the cost to fix and how to pay.
  • street light out3 update
    outside 64 rifle range rd this needs fixing asap as there is a crossing there and in the fog you cant see it without this st light
  • Flickering Street Light4 update
    The street light outside our nmotel (Gables Lakefront Motel) flickersd on and off. Can you fix it please? Regards, Jo and Gray.
  • Turangi Town Centre Canopy Cracked Glass Panels9 update
    For several months the Turangi Town Centre has been left with large cracks in several panels both on the centre structure and south entrance. These structures were once cleaned annually and repairs made but does not appear to be occurring now. Public safety issue and the general appearance is not up to standard - sth entrance doors and glass dirty and structures unclean. It appears maintenance is not being attended to.
  • Please close the walkway between Elizabeth & Taharepa Road3 update
    The walk way is unsafe and allowing criminals, drunken youth and vandals shortcut via our neighbourhood. I have had my property vandalised twice this year alone and reported it to the police. It has cost me thousands in insurance excess. It is ruining our street and devaluing the properties in the neighbourhood. My tenants and i now longer feel safe, especially at night. Please help stop this by close the the pedestrian access way. It has been used a number of time as a getaway car place when thieves (armed often) rob the near by shops. Please feel free to verify this with police.
  • Street LIght3 update
    Street light oh Tawhaa Road is out, it is the light right opposite the start of Mahuta Road
  • Two issues: Water pressure and leaves from tree on reserve11 update
    Every year a large tree on the Reserve across from me (I think its called Laughton Reserve???) losses its leaves and they end up in bulk in my section and just out on the road/footpath. This area is renowned for flooding and I would like these removed so that drains are not blocked and the streets/my front yard is tidied Also - the water pressure from my shower and the flat downstairs seems to have reduced significantly over the past 3-4 weeks (maybe longer?). I have checked my mains and they are on full...has the council reduced the pressure of water coming in from the mains?
  • Trees on Foreshore Opposite 130 Lake Terrace2 update
    The 2 trees on the foreshore in front of our motel (Gables Lakefront Motel) have grown too large and interfere with our iconic and worldclass view of the Lake and mountains beyond. Is it possible to remove the larger of the 2, and seriously prune the other, now that winter is approaching?
  • Deep storm grates that aren't visible enough for cyclists.4 update
    The roadside storm water grates along lake terrace are very recessed (I'm assuming from a lot of re-sealing of the road over the years) and they are not very visible to cyclists creating many hazards along this stretch of road. This could be fixed by painting around them to make them more visible. Thanks.
  • Faulty Fire Hydrant9 update
    Hydrant leaking badly on operation by Fire crew of which I am a member.
  • Tree blocking traffic view3 update
    Thectree right on the north corner of opepe and Waikato streets blocks the view of oncoming traffic when turning right from Waikato to Opepe. Lower branches need trimming back
  • St Light Faulty2 update
    cnr Tautahanga and Rangipoia Pl
  • No locks on public toilet doors2 update
    There are 3 public toilets located at the Tokaanu wharf. None of these have a working lock on the door which is a major security issue for public using the toilets
  • Uneven Road and Water pooling2 update
    The road is very uneven from Poihipi Rd to Emerald Glade and water pools on the road even in a slight shower and so is very dangerous in big rain. The fact that it is uneven makes driving hazardous especially now their are logging trucks using the road also.
  • Broken Glass on the shoulder of the road3 update
    The left hand shoulder of Centennial Drive, as you head towards town between the ETA and the AC Baths has a lot of broken glass on it meaning i have to swerve all over the place and get punctures, when i bike home from work. Would be great if the shoulder is cleaned of glass.
  • Fallen tree2 update
    I dead tree in the reserve has fallen on our house. My neighbours have already requested that they be cut down. Now one is on house.
  • Road shoulder deteriorating after road works.3 update
    In a past district plan, the road shoulder was intended to be widened to a minimum of 1.5 metres during road works to make it safer for cyclists. Recent road maintenance has had the opposite effect and now the road, as well as having the old pinch points on corners and bridges (sometimes combined) has, in places, a shoulder with fresh loose gravel, rumble strips that have been painted several times next to each other, uneven pavement on what used to be a smooth shoulder and on occasion large blobs of paint forcing cyclists into the traffic stream. The rumble strips are also sometimes painted where they are both not needed (next to a barrier) and where they take up what little shoulder there is which also forces cyclists into the traffic stream. Basically, instead of the road getting safer for cyclists after road works, it's getting worse.
  • Spilled tar has been left 4 update
    Yesterday the road workers spilled patches of tar on the road where the Give Way signage is painted on Chesham Ave outside number 32, and it is still uncovered and they are no longer working in the immediate vicinity. Please get someone to cover the patches with grit before it is tracked on car tyres onto our paved driveway, or is walked in accidentally.
  • Dangerous Power cable box has been opened.2 update
    Lot 18 Victory Drive, it appears as if this green box normally tightly closed may have been hit by a vehicle/mower. It would be very easy to touch the cables inside as the box is sitting well clear of the base.
  • Graffitti on Turangi Fisherman 11 update
    There is graffiti on the large steel Fisherman [Peter Sperry property, Noni Street] that is not a good look on the entrance to Turangi.
  • 2 street lights not working2 update
    adjacent to 23 scott drive on north side of street there are 2 lights which are not working.
  • Over grown hedge6 update
    The hedge outside this property (235 Taharepa Rd)is so over grown, the public are forced to walk on the uneven dirt surface adjacent to the footpath. This is unacceptable for people in a wheel chair and for elderly walking.
  • Water main burst8 update
    Just by 49 Hurawaka St, Kuratau. Water coming out of grass on berm to about a height of 3 meters
  • damaged pavement1 update
    Pavement at corner of Hawai and Pipi streets damaged during laying of fiber cables. Also pavements and grass areas left covered in pumice and grass areas not reinstated ie no top soil and no grass seed causing pumice to be washed into storm drains and fire hydrant valve covers left below the ground surface and slowly being burried.
  • Gutters1 update
    From the corner of 1 Noni street, Turangi to the corner of 15 Noni Street, Turangi are broken and have been for a number of years
  • Failed bulb3 update
    Bulb blinking on and off intermittently.
  • Street Light Failed Bulb3 update
    Street light bulb is flickering and often not more than a low glow. Requires replacement please - the street is very dark without it.
  • Needs mending2 update
    This is a service lane behind our backpackers accommodation and indoor climbing wall. Vehicles do use this lane and because of the pot holes our buildings shake as they go through. A letter was sent January 1st 2013 to the council re this matter. To date we have not had a reply and no work has been done on the said service lane.
  • No street lighting going2 update
    Wharewaka Point is without street lighting
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant7 update
    there is a fire hydrant leaking a reasonable amount of water on to kaiuru ave
  • Street light outside 134 Richmond Ave2 update
    Intermittent operation. Switches on for a few minutes then off for a few minutes.
  • Overhanging black berry bush1 update
    Overhanging black berry bush needs to be poisoned or trimmed back
  • overhanging trees3 update
    The roadside trees on most of Hauraki Terrace, Pukawa need trimming. I would be happy to meet someone up there and discuss the problem with him/her. Also the access track to the water tanks out there has not been mown since before Christmas and the long grass is very dry - probably a fire hazard in the current dry conditions.
  • Mc Laren Park opp 4 Hinerangi Place4 update
    There is a twisted willow on the corner of McLaren Park Reserve that has a dead/damaged large brench hung up in it that has broken hanging down with leaves dead. It is dangerous and needs removing to remove public hazard risk. [wonder why TDC staff haven't noticed and reported by now.]
  • Plant obstructing footpath9 update
    A rose bush has grown over the fence and is now completely obstructing the footpath. This has been happening for some time!
  • Low branches obstructing traffic2 update
    Several oak trees in Ward Place need the lower branches removed to allow tall vehicles past safely. The trees could also do with thinning. Please don't remove the entire trees as they are lovely.
  • No street lighting on tonight (Sunday 3 Feb)4 update
    Street lights in Chesham Ave and Arrowsmith Ave are not going tonight. I noticed on Saturday that they were on during the day instead.
  • disgusting tagging2 update
    please remove the tagging from several of your light posts in the wairakei village - particularly the ones outside my house at 5 maire street as im trying to sell it and the tagging is making the place look very unappealing. thanks alot. luke 0273010177
  • Berm Mowing4 update
    The berm on the Tautahanga Frontage of 4 Hinerangi Place has been unmown for months. It is Cuncil road berm and by the berm policy council will maintain it periodically if the property owner adjacent to it won't. It used to be done as a mower went past, not hard not costly, u , and it removed the eyesore. It has this been left to look such a disgrace through the summer.Others tell me that they have already reported this problem. PS Last time Council mowed it they left the clumped mown grass as a further eyesore
  • Fire Risk7 update
    The paddock on the southern side of Victory Drive has very tall dry grass right up to the house boundaries, it is a extreme fire hazard right now. Can you find the owners and have them cut it back ASAP at least 5 metres back from the boundary fence. Many thanks
  • Give Way sign damaged2 update
    The give way sign corner Lakewood Drive/Docherty Drive has been damaged. it has been turned the wrong way by vandals. Also,The Lakewood Road sign at same corner has been defaced.
  • Stormwater Sumpm Mntc Tautahanga Rd and Turangi generally4 update
    There are numerous street stormwater grates clogged with tree litter and have been that way for the whole of January. It rained this week and the stormwater was blocked at many of these. Periodic maintenance would have averted this isuue had it been attended to in a timely manner or a TDC worker taken 2 secs to clear when observed. Can Turangi street maintenance be attended to so we don't have to complain.
  • Leaking water toby7 update
    My water toby is leaking, I was told that Council fixes these. I have left it uncovered so that the problem can be seen and attended to. Thanks.
  • overgrown berm3 update
    could the berm at 60 brice street please be mown. i live diagonally arcross the road and feel it looks unsitely, the home has been on the market and has been vacant for some time
  • Centre garden on southern part of Victory drive4 update
    Although it was reported that this problem had been fixed, it would appear to have been overlooked. The weed growth in the centre garden on the roadway has got even worse. Further down Victory drive it appears to be very tidy and maintained.
  • Kerbing2 update
    Concrete kerb broken due to vehicle running over it. 2 Large pieces of concrete have broken away.
  • Blackberry and fern overgrowth3 update
    A nice seat on the walkway North of Three Mile Bay is sited n icely for a view down the lake. The itty is all that can be seen is two metre high blackberry and ferns. Could it be cleaned up for holiday makers etc prior to Christmas ?
  • Fire hazrad.2 update
    The long grass on this property hasn't been mown all year and when it dries out all neighbouring properties will be at risk. There are too many cars and motorbikes driving through and a spark or hot exhaust will create an inferno. The property needs to be made so vehicles cannot use it as a short cut.
  • Marshall and Ferney Place2 update
    Please remove tagging on brown concrete wall corner of Marshall Ave and Ferney Place. Thank you.
  • Storm water drain blocked3 update
    At the Wharewaka Point lookout - adjacent to Roundabout by Airport - the most southern storm water outlet is blocked, lts of water is pooling for days after rain.
  • Missing Storm water drain cover3 update
    I have noticed that the cover for the stormwater Culvert access is missing and requires replacement. It is about 30 meters before the single lane bridge on the left hand side driving SE. This needs to be replaced before someone falls in. Regards Josh
  • Water running from property2 update
    At 27 Miro Street there is water running over the concrete to the street and has been for months. I reported it once before and it stopped for a while, but now is constant again.
  • Graffiti on road facing fence - 50 Arrowsmith Avenue2 update
    Please assist to remove Graffiti from the road facing fence at 50 Arrowsmith Avenue on corner of Fairview Terrace. Police case number #1212308513, occurred 01:30am 29 December 2012. A number of other properties along the street also damaged.
  • Several lights not working7 update
    Lower den of Valcluse Drive and all of Ventoux Way
  • Significant trip hazard3 update
    There is a level difference between the footpath and the paving in the carpark behind the ANZ Bank/Post Office that creates a trip hazard (as I discovered today).
  • Hole left in service alley roadway by power company works3 update
    There has been a big hole left in the roadway of the service alley between Horomatangi St and Heuheu St behind Whitcoulls, by Unison Power, since they fixed a power fault nearly 5 months ago. We have requested that this be filled in but we are still waiting. The hole (and cones and fencing around it)majorly affects the ability for trucks to be able to access my store to deliver as well as the flow of traffic and our ability to access our staff carparks. With Christmas approaching it will only get worse with increased traffic using the alley way. Leaving the hole this long is unbelievable and we would appreciate some assistance to get it filled in.
  • Pothole2 update
    Pothole on highway immediately outside Debretts/Hilton driveway. Was created by council contractor laying cable and using heavy digging machinery. Has been partly filled however remains unlevel and a possible hazard.
  • footpath joint needs grinding 10 update
    the joint in the foot path is dangerous - particularly at night - it is 5 meters north of the last boundary power box on Omori Road - it needs grinding down to be smooth
  • Guttering4 update
    Guttering between 4 and 8 Chelsea Rise was cut away 10 years ago for development. Could this please be replaced now.
  • maintenance3 update
    SH 41 from Puataata Rd intersection to Hirangi Rd, the area was being mown by TDC with a mulcher mown twice a year to make an easier to walk pedestrian track on the north side of the SH 41 road berm area - additional to what LTSA road contractors did. – This also helps keep boom, luppin, willows and gorse growing over the TDC Turangi to Tokaanu trunk water main. Can this mowing be reintroduced into the operational activities again? It was introduced as a response by TDC and TTCB to Annual Plan public submissions in 2010.
  • Pot holes3 update
    This is dangerous as you come over the rise of the hill there is a very wet spot that is getting bigger.making it dangerous to drive over.There are also no marker pegs on this road and in the fog it is very hard to see where you are going
  • Verge has a tree stump remianing3 update
    A few weeks ago a tree was seriously damaged and knocked over, someone came and cut it down but they have left the stump sticking out the ground. Can someone come and remove the stump and either replace the tree or regrass. The stump is on the right hand verge between Shepherd Road & Chesham Avenue when coming from Kiddle Drive
  • Footpath damaged - trip hazard2 update
    Foot path dug up by contractors to lay cable. They have repaired the footpath around this area, however have not filled this (on the corner) which is a trip hazard for pedestrians.
  • Leaking water main4 update
    Water main appears to be leaking - puddle on water along the fence line noticed while walking my dog
  • Light bulb needs replacing3 update
    The light at the corner of Scott Dr and Docherty dr needs replacing Thanks
  • graffiti on fence at 33 Tawa Street2 update
    Please remove the graffiti on the fence of number 33 Tawa Street please
  • Graffiti on Fence down ROW of 28/30 Tawa Street2 update
    Please remove the graffiti on the fence down the ROW for 28/30 Tawa Street
  • Lights not working3 update
    On the Statehighway adjacent to Earnest Kemp Drive, there are several street lights from Earnest Kemp Drive and into the Airport roundabout which are not working - still.
  • Water supply Valve Leaking2 update
    Cnr Tautahanga and Hirangi Rds, Turangi Evangelical Church road frontage, there is a leaking water valve.
  • Leaking water main2 update
    Out the front of this property (or on either side, not sure of the #) the lawn always seems to have a large puddle near the garden. I don't live here, I walk my dog regularly past here
  • Water Valve leaking2 update
    Leaking out valve cover - valve outside Riverstone Backpackers cnr Tautahanga and Hinerangi
  • possible water main leak5 update
    puddle of water noticed in the middle of the fence line. This is not my house
  • Cherry trees all need growths trimming from trunks2 update
    Cherry trees on Road front verges are generally overwhelmed by trunk growth which should be trimmed to allow growth to the upper part to flourish. They are throughout the Wharewaka Point subdivision. The central gardens on Victory Drive ( southern side) also need maintenance.
  • Turangi Information Centre Banners Signs 3 update
    One has one of the flag support bars boken off - welds must have failed and the bar is in the end of the flag and flapping in the breeze - dangerous. There is one other flag in tatters.
  • Over load of STRAY CATS2 update
    Through out Wairakei Village there is a HUGE OVERLOAD OF STRAY UNWANTED CATS!!! Not only are there more cats than residents in Wairakei Village they are breeding daily, loud and horrible screams and noises, also they hang around the RUBBISH bags that most of us like to put out the night before, for collection!! Unfortunately these infested unhealthy cats are really yuck and carry nasty's with them!!!Would council do anything to defuse this situation at Wairakei Village??
  • wooden support for swing4 update
    The swings down at the playground near the end of Wharewaka Road need someone to check the wooden over head support on which the swings are fixed to, as there is now splitting in the beams and a lot of bend when larger people are working them up .
  • Graffiti - Netball/Tennis Pavilion2 update
    Gafitti - McLaren Park - new on wall of Netball-Tennis Pavilion wall facing the courts.
  • Tree stumps on council verge Waihora Street2 update
    Hi there - about 2 months ago some trees on the councils roadside verge were removed - we assume by council? We are the property owner who maintains the verge lawns due to our property being on the corner. The issue is that the stumps have been left which are untidy. We would appreciate these being removed (in-line with other trees that I have seen removed on council property around the town) with a stump grider so that we can maintain a proper lawn. Many thanks for your co-operation Duncan
  • Dogs Barking incessantly2 update
    Dogs at 22 Tanekaha Tce and neighbouring dogs barking incessantly. This happens EVERY DAY AND NIGHT again, and again and again.
  • Not working4 update
    Street lights at 1 Belvedere Grove and 53 Kahurangi Drive are not working
  • FLOODING2 update
  • Dangerous crossing6 update
    Blind spot on Service lane between Tamamutu St and Horomatangi St. Pedestrians are unsighted due to new handrail on Toilet block.Suggest mirrors may help solve the problem.
  • obstructions4 update
    The following addresses have overhanging trees/shrubs inpeeding on vision inpaired pedistrians: Wharewaka Road 25, 15, 9, 3 , 1. Taupo Heeni Street 15 and 23,Taupo Pokako Crescent 1 corner 3Mile Bay Road
  • General maintenance5 update
    Several weeks ago council staff cut tree off at base on berm by 4 Chelsea Rise. Could we please have boxing removed and grass seed planted.
  • Lights been out since MAY 2012, previously reported to TDC.2 update
    There were 7 lights out at the end of MAY, and now they have increased to 12 lights. I reported this to the TpoDC in July. Nothing has been fixed. They range from south of the airport roundabout to 18 Victory Drive.
  • Street light out6 update
    not working - come on TDC your keeping us in the dark
  • Street light not working3 update
    Street light outside 7 Tawa St mangakino has not been operating for at least a week
  • Strong water leak2 update
    Strong water leak between 12 and 14 Keitha Place properties (Kinloch RD1, 3377, Taupo). Water is pouring out of the ground on Saturday 1 Sept AM.
  • Street sign 2 update
    Some hoons have bent the sign and the pole.... Needs straightening
  • Tree overgrowing road and driveway2 update
    Started complaining about this about 5 years ago.Last Easter had meeting with man from council the week before easter and was told that something would be done while I was away for two weeks,(still nothing done)I keep ringinr regulary and complaining,still no action.This tree overhang my driveway especially during the spring and breaks the RT antennas on my truck.Even the rubbihs trucks have to swing out into the traffic flow.This tree needs to be removed as it is causes a traffic hazzard as it has already been explained to the council not only that it has cost me over $300 for replacement antennas over the years.The councilremoves other trees but never this one,Please can something be done asap.thank you
  • Potholes3 update
    Numerous potholes covering the entire width of the road
  • to fix pot holes2 update
    multiple pot holes down end of arataki road just past tarseal in one area. Very difficult to drive through now.
  • Steet light out3 update
    Steet light out - 6 now on this Tautahanga - Ohuanga Rd circuit - poor service delivery
  • Steet Light out3 update
    Street light in front of Mustard Seed cafe and near toilet out, poor manegment of service delivery contract
  • street light not workings3 update
    not been working for a month, poor management of service delivery
  • Light out3 update
    light out
  • Faulty Light3 update
    nth Cnr Tautahanga and Paekiri
  • Concrete post with a 'V' on it - on Reserve outside 213 update
    Been out of the ground for sometime - maybe it is not required but it must be a nuisance for person who mows the Reserve.
  • Street light out5 update
    been out for several weeks.
  • Street Light out8 update
    Steet light out probably more than one in this end of the street
  • hoons ripping up asphalt2 update
    Hoons have been doing wheelies at this intersection again and ripped up the asphalt. The loose stones on the road are inviting the hoons to do burnouts...
  • Approx. 3 street lights out next to reserve entrance3 update
    Approximately three street lights not working next to the scenic lookout entrance and exit (south side of Ernest Kemp Rise)
  • Leaking Fire Hydrant2 update
    been leaking for over a week
  • Omori and Pihanga Road lighting3 update
    Dead street lights = 10301 Te Arahori road 10304 cntr Hinerangi place 10303 end Te Arahori 10302 end og Hinerangi 10354 Te Waka Terrace no number outside 65 Pihanga Road - Newlands' property 10357 Omori road - intermittent 10375 Omori road corner Horomatangi plce - intermittent
  • stones and hoons3 update
    There are stones over the intersection, from the edges of the road, moved by cars cutting the corners. I suggest some sort of barrier to stop cars driving over the gravel i.e. a curb. Hoons have ripped up the asphalt as well. Thanks.
  • Graffiti on Fence 2 update
    R.I.P graffiti has been done on the fence at 1/16 Pihanga Street.
  • Omori and Pihanga Road lighting3 update
    Dead street lights = 10301 Te Arahori road 10304 cntr Hinerangi place 10303 end Te Arahori 10302 end og Hinerangi 10354 Te Waka Terrace no number outside 65 Pihanga Road - Newlands' property 10357 Omori road - intermittent 10375 Omori road corner Horomatangi plce - intermittent
  • Stormwater culvert2 update
    the stormwater culvert is collasping in the right of way between plumbing world and morrell motors
  • bump in road2 update
    A significant lump in the road, running diagonally across it.
  • dip in road2 update
    The previous dip ('fixed' last year) has been re-sealed but is now a long shallow depression rather than a short sharp one...
  • Graffiti and Tagging 2 update
    There are many fences,letterboxes and driveway fences in Marshall avenue that have been tagged. Would be nice if the council could remove this unwanted eye sore. Thank You
  • Abandoned building and trees/garden in reserve.18 update
    There is an abandonded building in the reserve. Over the last 5 years it has been more and more vandalised. Windows are broken, graffiti inside, building rotting out and smashed walls. It attracts a criminal element. The trees and what was a garden around it have grown out of control and are full of blackberry. I beleive the building was once a womens tennis club. It would make the park safer and more usable if this whole area was returned to a mowable grassed area.
  • lights not working6 update
    For approx one week street lights on both sides of Ngamotu Rd are not working from Awanui St up to top of cul-de-sac at Hilltop School
  • Leaves5 update
    Large amount of leaves on both sides of the street against property boundaries, particularly outside 3 Rea Gr.
  • Dangerous tree on roadside3 update
    About 900 metres up Mapara Road there is a yellow road sign with black arrows on it on the left side of the road. Almost directly opposite this sign at the top of the bank on the other side of the road is a douglas fir tree that has had most the soil around its roots eroded and looks like it could slip down the bank and onto the road after more heavy rain. Thank you.
  • Dangerous Trees.5 update
    A largte Gum came down in the recent storm. The site has yet to be cleaned up. There are several more gums nearby, two leaning towards the road. These are a danger and may fall in a wind.
  • Street light needs fixing3 update
    The street light outside 33 Chesham Avenue keeps turning off and on intermittently.
  • Reserve Barrier broken4 update
    reserve barrier broken on reserve between Tautahanga to Takinga
  • Water flowing in abandoned house2 update
    The house at 11 Tanekaha Tce (white house next to alleyway) has water constantly running. It's possible vandals have been in and stolen the hot water cylinder and just cut the pipes. Seems a waste to let that water just run away.
  • Street light not going3 update
    This light has been out for sometime outside 18 Hawai Street Taupo
  • Pavement collapsed due to tomo4 update
    The ground has given way under the pavement opposite the silver fern lodge, outside a vacant section on Kaimanawa street. This is an issue for wheelchair users in this area.
  • Raukura/Ohuanga St playground10 update
    This playground has been heavily graffiti - ed and one of the toys has been burnt
  • grass mowing2 update
    we were wondering why the grass in the section of reserve that incorporates the new playground very rairly gets mowed the rest of the reserve areas in motuoapa seem to get done including the piece at thevery end of john norrie gets done religiously even tho no onelives anywere near there our bit very rairy gets done although 4 of us boundry onto it
  • Dangerous Trees3 update
    I reported this problem over a month ago. Nothing has happened. The unsightly stump is still there, and with the beginning of winter and storms it is urgent that the gum trees are removed.
  • Leaves from Oak trees in Ward place5 update
    Could someone please come and remove the fallen leaves from the (unwanted by all up this street)Oak trees. They are blocking the storm drains. I also object to having to clean up these leaves every couple of days and then have to PAY to take them to the dump. I have heard the Turangi residents don't pay to get theirs removed. We have repeatedly asked the council to remove these trees... not only are we paying to remove the leaves, the roots are lifting the footpaths up in many places, which is very dangerous.
  • Street lighting and shoes hanging from phone wire.4 update
    There are a number of street lights not working on Noble Street and a pair of trainers hanging from a phone wire at risk from getting caught by one of the many large boats that get trailered down to the harbour.
  • Street light not working3 update
    The street light outside 9 Regents Grove has not been working for more than 2 months
  • Reserve barrier pulled out at Wharewaka point2 update
    The barrier rail and posts have been pulled out by vandals thus allowing idiot drivers to gain access to the reserve grass areas. Damage has already started to occur.
  • Railing and posts pulled out of ground2 update
    A railing and supporting posts have been pulled out of place at Wharewaka point car turn area. Vandals now have access with their cars to the grass areas of the main reserve including the play area
  • foot path3 update
    the footpath between Chesham Ave and Norfolk Rd is Obstructed by bush and there is gravel and bank erosion that can be a Slip hazard.
  • No lighting3 update
    Down terrance street there aren't many lights currently working and down elizabeth street at about 129 the street lights aren't working properly in that are one outside of 129 next to the park cuts in and out all night
  • Obstructed footpath5 update
    The footpath between Hinerau Grove and Shepherd Road is becoming obstructed by plant growth. There is insufficient pavement for a wheelchair or pushchair.
  • Street Light not Working3 update
    The Street Light outside number 12 Green Place has not been working for over a week
  • Grace Road to Tongariro River Bridge3 update
    This must be the untidiest entrance way into any town on State Hwy One. The verges are covered in scrub and blackberry and are an eyesore. Not a great image for Turangi.
  • Tagging on concrete wall 2 update
    There has been a picture of tamaiti painted on the concrete wall that lines the alley way heading towards the industial area, this is so intimidating and scary!!
  • SH 1 Underpass Lighting11 update
    The underpass had no day time lighting - so it was dark and difficult to see the smashed glass. There used to always be some lights on through daytime to provide lighting.
  • Ohuang Rd - south side mall entrance Carpark tree6 update
    Town Centre near Soyutj entrace a tree needs trimming lifting to provide better visibility of pedetrians by cars. Today I saw someome obscured by the tree and the car could not see them nor could they see the car because the branches are leafey and hangingmlow - a trim up of them to lift them would solve the issue.
  • Foot paths after cable ducts have been installed2 update
    WHen can we expect the topsoiling and back filling of replacement footpaths on Tamamutu st? Sprained ankles are occurring.
  • Ohuanga Rd Town Centre Carpark Garden plot #25 update
    Same as previous complaint - unplanted eyesore for over one year now
  • Damaged street sign4 update
    The Chelsea Rise street sign has partially detached from pole bracket. This occurred during recent high winds. Given that repairs are needed, if there is any possibility that this sign could be placed elsewhere when attended to I would appreciate a discussion on my reason for this request and what options may be available.
  • Street light not working near 207 Tamamutu Street3 update
    Street light between 205 and 207 Tamamutu Street failed about 10:30pm tonight. Can you fix please.
  • Town Centre Garden Plot Ohuanga Rd8 update
    The corner of one of the entrance garden plots is damaged. What is most disspointing is the lack of proactivity and inaiative by TDC staff to make this safe through the day - ie. by removing damaged blocks, or screening off. Not good enogh and safety of public as well as general appearance to town cetnre left like this all day. The Town Centre cleaner should have seen it early in the day and if he was in the area, and he was nearby at 3:30pm when I saw it but no one did a thing!
  • Tree Debris2 update
    There is tree debris at the end of the driveway behind the boatsheds in Hot Water Beach
  • Street lights3 update
    just about all the street lights in Rawhiti Street have been out for almost 1 week now. Can these be fixed as soon as possible. thanks
  • Street Lights Out for a while on Mere Road2 update
    From at least 79 Mere Road through to 75 Mere Road street lights have been out for quite some time
  • Maintenance3 update
    The wire netting sign advertising upcoming events is well past it's useby date and has been in a bad state of repair for some time. Surely Taupo can do much better than this.
  • Ohuanga Rd Town Centre Carpark Gardens3 update
    There are two garden plots unplanted and weed infested for a year now. I see complaints in the Turangi Chronicle - of falling standards and with this lack of performance they are jutified. Gareth Green's answer was unbelievable, staff have been on and you have had time. TDC now have no qualified horticulture staff based in the Turangi staff where they can observe and remedy garden issues and current staff are sicere but untrained eg. can't recognise plant health problems and but that was the current managements choice with the most qualified staff member now driving mower tractors. It's sad to see the 25 years begun by Graham Pilet's forsight to employ qualified gardeners and to have made significant progress over the years in the town amenity horticulture and landscapes and now to see it slowly but surely regressing.
  • Rubbish dumped in reserve2 update
    Not for the first time, a pile of junk rubbish has been dumped on the reserve area at the parking and turn around at the Southern end of Wharewaka road. The Council have always been very good at cleaning it up on previous occasions. It appears as though this is a repeat offender !
  • Tree need lifting 4 update
    Tree needs lifting - in wet weather it droops down and obscures pedestrains crossing toward Town Centre - I have already reported this once after seeing a near miss - a trim of lower branches is all that is required.
  • Trees10 update
    Hi, These trees have been an ongoing issue for many years. There are a row of trees beside paerata road from the intersection of Tirohanga road up paerata road for about two km. Every time there is a storm many branches fall onto the road and somtimes the top of a tree would blow out across the road and has to be removed by a tractor. Last year one completly blocked the road and landed across the oppsite fence. I have rang Council three times regarding this issue over the last few months and been assured I will be contacted by the relevent person but still waiting. Please give this your attention as these trees are over 50 years old and are becomming dangrous. Kind regarde David Treloar
  • Turangi Town Centre Door Glass8 update
    The Southern Entrance door glass has been broken. There was a second set of doors - removed to the Turangi Gibson St depot and stored for parts and glass may be available from that set for this repair.
  • Position of Bus Stop???2 update
    Placement of Bus Stop, IE 1 to close to the corner of Birch Street,2 to close to traffic island, some one is going to get killed at this point, KIDDLE DRIVE/BIRCH STREET
  • Fence Broken still4 update
    The fence is still an eyesore and left with boards stacked in garden at base - a few nails and a hammer, and 15 min staff time would do fix it so at least it doesn't look tacky and neglected as it has for the past 3 months.
  • roundabout water leak2 update
    there appears to be a water leak at this roundabout should we get a frost this will become a traffic hazard.
  • water leak2 update
    There appears to be a water leak at this roundabout,if we get a frost it will becomw a traffic hazard.
  • Trees Branch damage 2 update
    Taupahi Reserve in the car park directly towards the Tong River and east of the toilet block a branch down onto the carpark but still hung up in the tree
  • Trss Damage2 update
    The tree has been dead (should have been removed by mntce satff a long time ago) for a long time now it is broken branches off it from the wind
  • Trees blocking footpath2 update
    During the recent storm trees on the neighbouring property have blowen down and are blocking the footpath and part of the road.
  • dumped rubbish3 update
    Someone has dumped rubbish at the south side of the footpath and drainage pipe, blocking the flow of excess stormwater. Could you please remove this? Thanks.
  • Dumped on Reserve3 update
    At the Waipapa Reserve northern most Eucalypt tree an old bed carcass has been dumped under the tree.
  • Bad road5 update
    Can we please have this road fixed! There aren't pot holes as such but the road is very badly uneven and dangerous. It collects a lot of water even after just a shower. The worst part is from the Poihipi Rd end and continues for about 2km. Is it possible to have a bridal path along it also as there are a lot of horses riding on the road and it is a very narrow road and it's only a matter of time before a stock truck has a head on with a child on their pony. We have a number of stock trucks on the road weekly.
  • On crown road behind Tauhara Primary School2 update
    There is a dirt road behind Tauhara Primary School that leads to Atawhaii Kohanga that has dirty great big pot holes in it. Please can we have something done about it
  • Footpath Encroachment10 update
    Vegetation is completely blocking the footpath on the corner.
  • Fire Hazard Property3 update
    I was appraoched re the ex-Turangi Primary School site that has now got long dry grass on it. I referred the enquired to make complaint to TDC - but for the record it is poor that this property is being allowed to have such rank vegetation and could endanger many adjoining properties if fire catches hold of the grass.
  • Footpath Encroachment4 update
    The vegetation from 202 Tautahanga Rd, Turangi has overgrown the footpath to the point where pedestrians are now wearing a track on the grasss berm to get past it. 202 Tautahanga Rd, I have reported this once and not attended to yet. I'm dispointed at level of service.
  • Stones from burst water pipe2 update
    Hi just wondering how long it will be before all the stones that were washed down from the burst water pipe on Cumberland Street on Tuesday will be removed. I am concerned that someone will think it would be fun to throw them around and they are also creating a hazard for people arriving at my house, thanks for your time :)
  • hole in road2 update
    On corner (sth east) side of road a small tomo like hole has appeared in the seal. The hole is about 150mm dia and 350 mm deep as though water is forming a pipe in the road to a trench beneath
  • Vegetation Encroachment7 update
    The vegetation from 202 Tautahanga Rd, Turangi has overgrown the footpath to the point where pedestrians are now wearing a track on the grasss berm to get past it.
  • Tree Stump dangerous3 update
    At 114 Tautahanaga Road, a wattle tree that was growing on the street side of the boundary betweeen 114 & 116 Tautahanga Rd toppled in the wind Feb 2011 and the Council pulled it off the street. However the job was not completed and the stump was never cleared up properly and still remains sticking up as a hazard right beside the footpath.
  • McLaren Park Playground3 update
    Play equipment - Dangerous, one board missing from swinging bridge - probably needs 1# 150x50 x 900mm Dressed timber board with 4 largere screw to hold to chain Soft fall bark need rotary hoeing to loosen up so soft for fallsr
  • Ohuanga Rd - sth side Carpark berms 2 update
    February 2011 two berm areas had plants removed but have never been reinstated with grass or plantings and remain a weed infested eyesore on one of the most public areas. Other side gardens need a good weed, and the fences with 15minmaintnace with a hammer and nails to reinstate the knocked off pailings would held the area at least look as though someomne cared.
  • Business car parking4 update
    Tuwharetoa Street between Kaimanawa Streets and Titraupenga Streets is getting dangerous for traffic passing through. Several accidents/near misses due to cars parking both sides of road narrowing road for passing vehicles. Is hard to see oncoming traffic when pulling out of driveways. Staff and customers of accounting business at #109 Tuwharetoa St etc appear to be the main culprits (insufficent parking for their clients and staff as the same vehicles are often parked there all day during weekdays). Delivery vehicles/buses/trucks struggle to pass also.
  • Berm/blackberry 6 update
    There does not seem to have been any action on this issue - fallen and dead trees could be dangerous and blackberry is overtaking the whole berm.
  • Barrier broken 4 update
    Barrier is boken with opne board removed - been like this for over a week now
  • weeds in center swales4 update
    weeds need removing in all the center swales in the Wharewaka sub-division.
  • Safety issue - on cnr of Te Urunga Pl and Acacia Bay Road4 update
    The trees on the corner of the above streets, prevent driver from clearly seeing cars coming from the right hand side without pulling out into the road.
  • Stornwater Cess Pit Lid 2 update
    Waipapa Reserve - Millennium Walkway area just east of the Kaheke Place Baden Powell Hall- there is a stormwater cess pit grate that is being removed and dropped into the cess pit. Twice now in the last month and a half I have found the CI grate dropped into the cess pit and pulled it out and replaced it on the frames so the cess pit is safe. Left off someone could trip/fall into it. It may be that the lid needs securing on - it seems someone is periodically lifting it off and dropping it in.
  • Berm - blackberry and dead trees5 update
    Along the berm from the corner of Kaahu Road to the first of the private sections, there is a lot of overgrown blackberry (dead) and there are dead trees - some of which have already fallen - others that are in danger of falling onto the road also.
  • Dangerous/Agressive Dogs3 update
    2 x dogs at 146 Rangatira repeatedly jump the fence (between 146 and 144) and threaten other dogs and people passing by.
  • Inappropriate tree on berm3 update
    The current tree (or shrub) is unattractive and also a hazard for any driver pulling onto Tautahanga Road from 190. I would like permission to remove it and dump it free of charge and replace with another specimen. Thinking more of a tree rather than shrub.
  • Almost dead flowering cherry3 update
    The flowering cherry tree outside the section at 188 Tautahanga Road is mostly dead and could be a hazard as this is the second summer that it has been like it
  • Sewer Manhole5 update
    On the opposite side of Tautahanga Rd from 180 & 182 Tautahanga Rd is a sewer manhole that is progressively being buried under vegetation waste being dumped on top of it. The MH is on the main trunk sewer main and would be prudent and part of preventitive maintenance to keep it cleared. I belive the vegetation os probably being dumped from properies on the oppoite side of the road as the are where the MH is located is fenced but in an undeveloped state with blackeberry etc.
  • Idiot doing burnouts on Hinekura Ave3 update
    Some muppet in a green ute with dark/black decal on the side of the ute, with mags, from around the indicated area was doing burnouts on Sunday 11 December up and down the road. Who do we report this guy to?
  • Graffitti on Building walkway wall9 update
    Fresh graffiti on the Extreme Carpets building walkway wall towards Mitre 10
  • Water Pressure3 update
    We are experiencing fluctuating water pressure. It goes from a dribble to normal pressure and occurs throughout the day. Our neighbours are also experiencing the same thing. This has been going on for the past few weeks. However it has been particulary bad this weekend.
  • Footpath broken6 update
    The footpath running through Waipapa Reserve parrallel with the Tongariro Bridge Fishing Lodge has a broken section forming a hole in the path
  • Stop sign2 update
    Tamatea - Gillies Ave intersection: wind has totally loosened the stop sign pole on the high side.
  • Fire Hazard2 update
    Unsightly overgrown section creating fire hazard.
  • Water Valve Leaking2 update
    Water Valve leaking cnr Waipapa and Te Rewha west end - been like this for over week now
  • Broken (vandalised?) street sign2 update
    The Arrowsmith Avenue street sign is hanging down. It is on the corner of Arrowsmith Ave and Chesham Avenue.
  • Rubbish Bins5 update
    The Bins are old and need replacing, and should be located closer to the picnic tables. And they are to small to need to be larger like the ones in Taupo and Turangi town Centres. And is it possible to install Recycle bins as well.
  • re staking and tying4 update
    tree at end of culdesac which needs to be looked at outside number 9 many thanks
  • Slippery chamber cover11 update
    On the evening of saturday 18/06/11, I, along with friends, were walking south along Tongariro St, just before the traffic lights, when one of the females in our group slipped backwood on one of the two chamber covers due to the cover being so very slippery. I too nearly toppled when I slipped on the lid as a tried to save her fall. She is ok but has a bruised back today,19/06/11. I scuffed my foot over the other chamber lid to see if that too was as slippery to find it was as bad. Although our woman friend is ok, the result of the fall could have been worse for her, and worries me to think if an elderly person was to slip on one of these covers.
  • Speed sign down2 update
    Broken sign next to the TDC treatment plant on pokuru road north.
  • Street Light out10 update
    The Street Light outside number 3 Barbary Close is not working.
  • Light is out3 update
    The street light is not working. Location is first light on left on Lakemere Way.
  • Grass verge2 update
    The grass verge outside 130-136 Roberts st needs digging out and re-sowing, this is only 150m from the council offices,,, i wonder how many council staff drive by this mess everyday and do nothing about it ?
  • Lake Foreshore Erosion/Protection6 update
    The protection "mattress" has rotted and disintegrated, and the erosion cavities are almost undermining the walkway. It's a diabolical disgrace and it's been like it for many weeks, if not months. It's not a good look for Taupo for both residents and visitors. So it needs some FIXIT attention URGENTLY and it needs to be done PROPERLY. In fact this, and a few other similar deficiencies, would be a far more appropriate use for the extra $100,000 which the council proposes to give to DGLT.
  • Hedge overgrowing public walkway2 update
    In the public walkway between Hinekura Ave (by #70) and Hinemoa - at the Hinemoa end the hedge is overgrowing the public walkway. It is down to a single file to get past the hedge
  • Animal Skin - Carcass3 update
    Hirangi Road about 50-100 m west of the Awamate Rd and on the farm side of the road intersection there has been remains of an animal there for a month - it is in two parts now - not a big job to remove.
  • Missing footpath4 update
    There is a short distance roughly from 43 Kaihua to 55 Kaihua missing a concrete footpath on the Eastern side of the street. Please "finish the job"
  • Tree broken down3 update
    on Intersetion of Humu/SH41 the wind several weeks ago snapped off a five finger tree on the berm - it's small about 100mm dia trunk five finger - small job to cut off at ground level and remove.
  • Barrier Damaged 3 update
    Barrier at the cuol-de-sac on Waipapa Rd has been smashed over the weekend.
  • Curb Crossings7 update
    The curb crossings at the intersection of Tamamutu Street and Tiriraupenga Street are dangerous to use in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Considering this is the route into town from one of Taupo's main rest homes (St John's Wood in Tamamutu Street)I feel new curb letdowns that meet NZ Standard Access Code regulations should be a priority in this area.
  • Street Light Not Working3 update
    at 166 Tautahanga Road
  • bulb out3 update
    light not going outside 39/41 Wakeman Rd
  • street light not working properly3 update
    Corner street light flicks on and off outside 25 Olive Avenue. It is off for up to a minute and could be dangerous for traffic turning into Olive Ave.also annoying for bedroom opposite.
  • Graffiti removal on fence2 update
    Red and green spray paint on the right of way wooden fence 28-30 Tawa Street, also on the street front to the right of driveway. It would be lovely if this could be taken care of. :-)
  • stones on road3 update
    The corner of King and Mapara Rd (and the corner of King and Ross Rise) has no 'barriers' of any sort to stop vehicles cutting over the edge of the road, causing stones to be spread over the intersection. This is an on-going problem, and is a danger to traffic (and windscreens), particularly motorbikes. My suggestion is to run a section of kerbing along the road side to stop vehicles going over the edge of the road and ripping up the asphalt. Regards.
  • Footpath Trip Hazard - 4 Hinerangi Place, Turangi2 update
    4 Hinerangi St - beside Angus McCreadie's south side fence a footpath trip hazard has increasingly developed- lifting of footpath by tree roots. Good one to put on the doo list before someone falls over it. Thanks
  • Litter on Reserve2 update
    Between Noni St (Sperry Propoerty) and SH 1 is a narrow reserve. A polystyrene bin lid has been on the reserve foir a week but is now broken into a number of pieces and is making an unsightly entrance to Turangi. It is on the west side of SH1, at the Sth entrance speed retsriction islands.
  • water leak on berm3 update
    The berm grassed area out from our property at 11 Hyde Avenue is very soggy. We suspect a water leak from one of your pipes.First noticed aprox 3 weeks ago.
  • Barrier Damaged 3 update
    Barrier at the cuol-de-sac on Waipapa Rd has been smashed over the weekend.
  • Damaged barrier4 update
    I noticed the barrier on the pedestrian island bewteen Kaheke and Hineragi was smashed in the weekend
  • Vehicle entranceMetal on road3 update
    Hirangi Rd - entrance to Tongariro Sports Rugby Club - just by the Turangi Park boundary - the entance drive way metal has come on to the edge of seal and formes a mound on the seal and if cycling along presents a hazard that has to be swerved around and puts the cyclist out into the paths of following carss. Can it be cleaned back so that its is clear of the edge of the seal. It would make it a bit safer cycling along that road? Thanks
  • Filthy Cobbles2 update
    Please send a scrubbing machine or steam cleaner/ water blaster to the footpath outside Keehans Pharmacy and Red Cross.
  • Hirangi Road Henderson's Hump3 update
    Henderson's Hump on the footpath on the south side of Hirangi Road, just opposite Flight's driveway entrance, and near the Awamate Rd intersection [installed by Roy from roading after Rob Henderson contuinual complaint to the CEO] has had vegetation dumped on the downstream side of the drainage pipe beneath the hump, for several weeks now and looks like it cause a block if left there. Some fly tipping litter is also there.
  • Building Rail Damage and St Light2 update
    Mclaren Park 1. Turangi Sports Pavillion appears to ahve the verandah barrier damaged at the northern end closest to Hinerangi Place 2. Street Light pole on park near Mihipeka - an old bike tyre has been placed over the pole and needs cutting off and removing.
  • Tree Branch 3 update
    Opposite 178 Tautahanga Rd, Turangi, the on Crescent Reserve, a large branch on a eucalptus tree has cracked and is hanging oto the ground and need urgent removal to remove danger.
  • Hedge occluding footpath3 update
    The hedge at 155 Rifle Range Road is planted on the council berm, and is now more than halfway across the footpath. It needs a severe pruning if not total removal.
  • Great Lake Walkway7 update
    The Great Lake Walkway in front of Clearwater Motels has not yet been repaired after several months and requests to Council. Council put Hirepool barriers accross the area several months ago after a request but still no fix so area still remains a safety hazard.
  • General Maintenance 8 update
    The walkway under Docherty Drive has been fouled by excretement and toilet paper for several months. Can we please have general mainteneance of this whole area on a regular basis.
  • dip in road3 update
    There is a significant dip / depression in the road at the point marked (possibly due to subsidence?). At 100 kph there is a noticeable thump as a vehicle passes over the dip - the edge of the road is becoming damaged as drivers veer left to avoid the worst of the problem. Regards.
  • Tomo on Berm2 update
    After Unison repaired the powercut in Oct 2010 this tomo appeared on the berm on the corner of Hyde Ave and Avon Close. It is a hazzard to walkers and runners.
  • Broken street light3 update
    The street light at this location has had a faulty ballast for at least the last 4 month causing it to turn on and off consistantly. It has now copmpletely shut down and is not operational.I suggest you review the contract of the company that is responsible for maintaining street lights and get them, or a new contractor to fix the problem.
  • Faulty Lighting3 update
    The street lights in Ngaio Place, Nukuhau and the surrounding area are off at night and sometimes on during daylight hours
  • "Rest" Areas needs attention4 update
    Is this NZTA, DOC or TDC but in any case, the lookout/rest area that many visitors flock to is in disgusting condition, grafitti all over the pavement, rubbish, fouling, etc etc. Same for the one half way up the Waihi Hill. With a month before we see an influx of RWC visitors with a few wanting to view our pristine lake, they will be in for a rude shock. If this is not TDC, could you please pass it along to who's responsible to get the best two spots to view the lake from the southern end cleaned up. Thanks.
  • Vehicle needs removeing3 update
    There has been a silver Toyota (unregisterd & unwarranted) parked for sale on the road for well over 7months now and with no attemt to move it is becomming a real annoyance, It is also parked over a manhole.
  • Graffiti on Lions Walk3 update
    I was enjoying my walk along the Lions Walk in the weekend, but saw some distasteful graffiti (offensive language) spraypainted on the cobblestones and BBQ area near the lake-end of Mapou Rd. If that could be cleaned that would be fantastic =).
  • Steet lights not working2 update
    Several street lights are missing along SH30 near and on the Whakamaru Dam, and along Pokuru Road North towards Whakamaru School. There are several older lamp posts along the private property along Pokuru Road North that need to be fixed for our safety.
  • No Curb letdowns for prams and wheelchairs.5 update
    Wheelchair, pram and moblity scooter access via the footpath network to the Taupo boat harbour area, the hidden jewel in Taupo's Tourist Crown, is almost non existant. There are no pedestrian let downs in the curbs on the northern side of Ferry road at all. The cub letdown from the Story Place walkway onto the South end of Redoubt Street by the Boat Harbour Public Toilets is dangerously steep and virtualy unusable for the faint hearted. It can also be blocked by parked cars. Once in the Boat Harbour area there is no wheelchair, mobility scooter, pram access onto the 'Coffee Cart' Island to buy and enjoy a coffee. There is also no way anyone who is wheelchair bound can safely get onto any of the commercial launches for hire. People with physical disabilties do tour and spend money just like any other tourist in our town.
  • Deep hole 3 update
    There is a metre deep hole in the footpath/driveway outside 18 Tawa Street - it looks like a pole has been pulled out. Could cause someone a serious injury if they stepped in it.
  • Graffitti fence 18 Tawa Street2 update
    There is some graffiti on the right hand side of the fence outside 18 Tawa Street that needs to be removed.
  • RUSTIFICATION!!2 update
  • Large planter boxes and seating3 update
    This may or maynot be the correct place to air this issue, but here goes. The rusty tree planters and temperary decking on corner on Heu Heu and Ruapehu street is an obstruction to free movement and parking of residents attempting to access shops. Can these please be removed from the car parking spaces, and if absolutely necessary to have, then placed onto park or reserve land near the chosen cafe's. They are simply an eye sore in our town.
  • Blocked and broken storm water drain.4 update
    The storm water drain that takes water from Mahuta Rd into the lake is blocked and broken at the lake outlet and it is blocked at the Mahuta Rd end. The entrance to the drain is close to our drive way at 118 Mahuta Rd and every time there is more than 10mm of rain, our section floods. I have noticed the drain further up Mahuta Rd has been fixed, and we would really appreciate it if you could fix this one as well. Thank you.
  • Various lights out4 update
    Lake Front Reserve Lights failed to light last night. Also lights on Rangatira Drive St end were unlit during the week. This is a great system for reporting issues. Many thanks for providing it.
  • Kaimanawa Street Bus parking3 update
    Buses (particularly Magic Bus) are using the grass verge outside YHA as parking space - grass verge is looking disgusting.
  • No Street lighting provided for certain area.4 update
    There is a dark area around the properties 27 & 29 Tongariro st. There seems to be no light fittings installed. Could we please have a street light installed for security purposes?
  • Potholes need filling6 update
    potholes between Ogilvie road & Nisbet tcr walkway need filling dangerous if walking.
  • extreme judders on road4 update
    Judders on road make it hard to steer vehicle and cause alot of wear and tear on the vehicles. The bumps are slightly alleviated after grading but soon revert to very bad and dangerous - on a bend of dirt road, slight sprinkle of gravel covering.
  • Bent sign4 update
    The Grace Crescent street sign on the lamp post outside #134 has been bent. Either the strong easterlies recently or someone has swung off it. Not urgent or severe, just an eye sore degrading the locality.
  • Footpath1 update
    Footpath is covered with rubbish and has also low hanging tree which is a handicap to vision impaired walkers.
  • dangerous corner5 update
    neither road has a give way sign and hard to view oncoming traffic because of sweeping curve, school bus turns to Mihianga Rd then backs to Bush Rd. Extreme bump at end of seal on Mihianga Rd
  • Moss and slippery3 update
    Footpath from Omori General Store to cnr Kaimanawa Road from Te Pohoe Road opposite cnr Kaimanawa Road down to Omori Stream
  • gravel3 update
    Gravel remains on Ngati Parekaawa Drive from when the road was resealed. Turangitukua Street is in the same state. Please can the roads be swept. Thank you.
  • Footpath4 update
    Dear Sir, Can you please look at the Walkway near the Outfall of the Hot Water stream. Tipping over Plastic road barriers is NOT the answer,its been like this for well over 6 months
  • rubbish3 update
    The amount of rubbish along side of road from Poihipi rd, SH1 right through to Kinloch is disgusting.
  • Street light repair - not urgent - next time in the area please3 update
    Hi, We own the section at 868 Acacia Bay Road and are in the process of planning to build a house. The street light immediately outside the property is leaning and it would be good if it could be straigtened up (it is not about to fall over, hence not urgent - only a slight lean). Is it also possible to use some form of reflector to focus the light itself on the road as it also shines very brightly on what will be our front deck / lounge area (is there something that can block the back of the bulb?) Also, noticed there is not much lighting on Acacia Bay road where it runs in front of Wily terrace - are there any plans for this so people do not have to use high beams (and perhaps as they are starting to redo the retaining on Wily Tce). Thanks very much.
  • Post tree removal7 update
    TDC has recently removed a 'burnt-out' tree on the south side berm. Please LEVEL that area as it is not flat with the rest of the berm and seed sow to conform with the pristine berm!
  • Roading3 update
    Sir, It is with some concern that I see in your report that the Bad state of the road top end of Hawai street has been fixed. WHO are you kidding NO work has been done Sorry but I live just around the corner and use that road every day.
  • Reporting?2 update
    Dear Sir. It is with some concern that I see you are reporting [Twice]that you have fixed the issues with Hawai street, BUT this has never been done [Has it?]
  • Poor concrete surface with cracks.2 update
    Been like this for the 20 years plus that I have been in this shop.
  • Boundary fences along dog exercise area at top of Turangi Park4 update
    Three areas in a close vicinity of each other where fences have been tagged. Access to this area is along a sealed road at the top of the embankment to the park.
  • Destruction of grassed surface in Hindmarsh Way, Pukawa, by contractor working on adjacent garden(?)8 update
    Destruction of grassed surface in Hindmarsh Way, Pukawa, by contractor working on adjacent garden(?)As this is steep, it is now liable to erode into the lake by the boat ramp and is also very dangerously slippery after the rcent heavy rain.
  • Street light not working.3 update
    Hi, the street light outside 16 Kempton Place isn't working.
  • Rear wall of toilet block at sports ground2 update
    Within the last week there has been a lot of tagging on the rear wall of the toilet block at Turangi Park. The whole wall is covered. It was tag-free before Queens Birthday weekend and not when I walked through there on Thursday afternoon, 9 June.
  • unlevel path3 update
    A section of the footpath is at a different level in two places in a repaired section.The 'step level' is about 2 cms higher. This is a danger to padestrians and I and others have tripped on it. I saw and elderly lady trip and almost fall while carrying her shopping.
  • Inoperative street light3 update
    On entering Crowther Terrace, the street light half-way along the street on the left hand side, is inoperative.
  • Metal Pipe in gutter3 update
    A lenght of metal pipe about 3500 metres long is lying in the gutter across the road and needs to be removed
  • Soccer Club Building2 update
    This has been tagged and vandalized with broken cladding particularly to the rear of this building.
  • Graffiti, and chain needed across vehicle access.3 update
    On the sign at entrance to park from Taupo View Road, new graffiti has appeared over the weekend. At the "vehicle Entrance" to the park from Gillies Ave (for mainenance vehicles), a padlocked chain or other barrier needs to be put across to keep public vehicles (hoons) out before the new grass gets damaged.
  • blackberry overgrowth3 update
    some empty sections on the right hand side of Peehi Manini rd have overgrown blackberry, they are encroching onto the road now and we are down to one lane only at that point, its bad enough that we the locals have to negotiate all the potholes and do any fixing of the road ourselves while these same land owners do nothing in the upkeep. I dont know who owns these sections but you must have a record.Can you please get them to cut back the bush on the road, or clean up the road for us then bill them. Please.
  • acacia bay stairs to ewing grove2 update
    these stairs are covered in decomposing leaves, pine cones and sticks. All are a hazard, the stairs are slippery and now quite narrow because the sides are covered in this debris. drains on the sides of the stairs are full of the same.
  • Posts and rails at Turangi Park broken and removed2 update
    An area of wooden railing and some posts have been removed and used for bridging across the ditch at the edge of the park. There is a considerable amount of damage to this area. If left unattended I suspect it will only deteriorate further.
  • Clean required2 update
    The Acacia Bay steps are in need of sweeping. Heavy leaf build up is making them quite slippery.
  • Broken Street light7 update
    Broken street light, street is very dark when driving and walking at night time. i use full beam lights when I arrive on the street to drive to my driveway at the end of the street. It has been this way for over 4 weeks now.
  • Hawai Street3 update
    The road surface of Hawai Street is not too flas at all. This is particulary evident at the Richmond Avenue end though, the lake end is also below par.
    DEAR SIR, I reported this to you a good 12Months a go, I ALMOST need 4Wheel drive to get home. The Patches are comeing of the Patches. PLEASE lets have some action, I am paying Rates for this,I sent you Pics Last Time Do you need me to take more??
  • Sandshoes Entwined over Power lines3 update
    Two pairs of shoes are over the lines outside number 15 Pihanga Street - could cause power black out in high winds This is a concern given to the neighbourhood support Coordinator now by two neighbours in the Street. Contact energy have been advised by one of the neighbours.
  • Damaged reserve grass2 update
    Severe damage to grassed reserve area of park obviously caused by vehicle doing wheelies, churning up large junks of turf to some depth. Needs barrier posts around this area of park. There has been ongoing damage in this area.
  • untidy street frontage in front on my property2 update
    the area between the footpath and the road needs to be filled with soil so that grass could be seeded to improve its overall appearance. Once seeded I would be prepared to maintain it as I do with the rest of my property frontage
  • Graffiti on Fence of 22 Tawa Street Taupo2 update
    Please remove Graffiti on 22 Tawa Street Fence
  • Offensive behaviour2 update
    Human excrement in childrens slide at the reserve. Little children using the slide not aware until too late as slide is covered one. Causing distress. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED BY PHONE TO TAUPO D. C.

New issues

  • No issues.

Older issues

  • Track down to river
    Bales have been across track to river since June and are diverting muddy water which bikers,walkers and school children have to walk through.
  • pot holes
    numerous pot holes road works that have been going on for months andmonths and months
  • pot holes
    numerous pot holes road works that have been going on for months andmonths and months
  • Recycling not collected
    Hi, the recycling Pokaka crescent and surrounding streets was not collected on Thursday (our nominated day) and remains on the kerb side. Can this please be collected asap?
  • Damaged Give way signs on new roundabout
    On Kiddle Drive /Napier Road roundabout. 2 signs turned and bent
  • Light out cnr Whangamata & Kinloch Road Taupo
    Light not working at intersection Kinloch & Whangamata Road
  • street light not working
    the light in the walkway between 68 Hinemoa Ave and Taharepa Rd is not working
  • Street lights not working
    Streey lights at the intersection of Norman Smith street and Wairakei drive (by the traffic lights) are not working
  • campervans
    Same 2 campervans as last year parked long term in vistors' carparks. The big one has been there about 3 weeks belongs to residents at number 9 and the smaller, parked since mid April is their daughter's who does not live in the street.
  • Ivy taking over a long stretch of footpath
    Ivy needs cutting away from footpath. Down to single lane.
  • Exposed Telephone cables
    By 14-16 Richmond Ave, there is a cover missing from the cables.
  • broken footpath, trip hazard
    The footpath outside 88 to 90 Tamatea Rd has been damaged and is a trip hazard
  • Footpath needs to be repaired
    A small section of footpath in Koha Rd outside 93A (uphill from Gillies Ave) needs to be replaced. It is a trip hazard.
  • footpath needs repairing
    A section of footpath in Kotare St outside no 12 needs to be repaired ASAP as it is a trip hazard
  • Redo signage so all drivers understand
    1. Many drivers do not read English. 2. A pictorial sign would be clearer for all drivers. 3. The pictorial sign needs to be across the road on the Lakeside. 4. Northbound Traffic need a pictorial sign showing traffic merging from the Napier Road 27 cars backed up Napier Road today. This happens so often with often 8 to 10 cars backed up at busy times. OR repurpose the traffic lights removed from Tonariro St and install them here.
  • Large sunken area footpath
    Beside Parking spot 1104 outside the Library is a real trip hazard, needs immediate attention.
  • Washout - for information
    East side of Kawakawa Road, 100 metres from Whangamata Road intersection, a washout may be threatening the stability of the road ???
  • Washout - for information
    East side of Kawakawa Road, 100 metres from Whangamata Road intersection, a washout may be threatening the stability of the road ???
  • Small mesh nets PLEASE on goal posts
    Lots of kids in Acacia Bay would love to be able to make good use of the Besley Park goal posts as they practise Cricket bowling,Soccer, Hockey goals. Probably other sports also. The wooden goals would love a splash of paint as well.
  • Trees causing littering over our fence
    Please can you trim back by at least 1 metre all of the trees adjoining our boundary fence. We are at the back of the reserve at No. 70 Arrowsmith Ave. Look fwd to hearing them being trimmed.
  • Serious cracking around steel plate on lake terrace
    The concrete cracks/breaks are increasing in size every week
  • private vehicles driving over Riverside Park
    Some of the rocks preventing vehicles driving onto Riverside Park from Redoubt have been moved near the Active Arts center carpark. Private vehicles are now driving across the park.
  • Footpath overgrown
    Footpath on Kauri Drive very overgrown and a result footpath is inaccessible
  • Pothole repair required
    A single pothole on Otake Road approx. 100m west of the Wereta Road intersection has grown to a size that could be a danger to vehicle traffic.
  • Tree Damage to Kerb and Berm
    About a year ago TDC removed a Liquid amber tree outside #170. The stump was ground but not in a very good manner and it has left a mjor mess for the owner to mow around. The kerb and the footpath reamin missaligned from tree damage
  • Speed limit
    Please lower the speed limit substantially on this road! Not races, massive truck and trailer units and more speed along this road daily!
  • Berms need mowing
    The berms on Whangamata Road need mowing. They were just done a couple of weeks ago, but looks like it was done with a blunt instrument. Lots of areas missed. Have you changed contractors?? Very poor job!!!!
  • Road Markings Hard to See
    The road markings on the Control Gate Hill, Taupo, are hard to see due to wear/fading. This is a danger to cyclists, as vehicles (especially trucks) are now driving in the cycle lane. Please repaint lines ASAP
  • Kinloch Road is like a 4WD Track
    The stretch of Kinloch Road between Whangamata Road and 500 Kinloch Road is like a 4WD track, caused by the roots of the Poplar trees. Please resurface.
    Heaps of potholes along Whangamata Road - Please fix ASAP
    Heaps of potholes along SH1 between Wairakei Roundabout and Link Road. Please fix ASAP
  • Slippery Road
    Corner or Link Road and SH1 Tar has melted in the hot sun, Turning left into Link Road from SH1, I went for a skid across the road onto the other side of the road. Had a car been waiting at the intersection, I would have hit it. Please repair ASAP. Please compact whatever you put down, because loose stones/gravel are just as bad.
  • overhanging trees blocking the footpath
    The footpath between Kapua Place and Koha Road cul de sac is blocked by vegetation growing adjacent to no 7 Kapua Place
  • Overgrown Berms
    the roadsides on Kaiwaka St are very overgrown and need a hard cutback. Hasn't been trimmed for ages and is now a hazard for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Foot Path Requires Sweeping
    Foot path is full of debris from last storm. Watched a guy struggle up the road yesterday with a wheelchair. Have removed the larger branches, but requires a sweep. This is Kinloch Road, from the corner of Whanagmata Road down. Thanks
  • Mud - NO GRAVEL!
    After 3 complaints the road has finally been graded and the potholes have been filled , however there is NO GRAVEL left on the road and with all the rain, it is turning into a mud road! Is this a 3rd world country we live in? Who do I send the bill to for cleaning the mud from my vehicle each day? Road is just about becoming only fit for cows to walk on! Poor maintenance!!
  • Pothole
    There is a major pothole at the exit onto Napier Road from the service lane for Z Petrol Station/Subway/Industrie cafe/Mitre10. Every vehicle, trailer etc bounces in and out of it leaving the site
  • Potholes Pot holes and more potholes1 update
    Have already reported this issue, has 1 phone call about the potholes but still no FIX! Potholes are at start of gravel road (deep) and half way along the gravel road that need repairing urgently please!
  • Street Light out
    Street light outside 29 Pukenamu Road Taupo has been out for a few weeks.
  • Pavement lifted
    Outside 1 Botanical Heights Drive, tree roots lifted footpath.
  • Overgrown
    The Lions Walk shared footpath, has the edges trimmed. SO, please can you send the trimmer over to FAIRVIEW TCE RESERVE and the footpath between FAIRVIEW TCE and SHEPHERD RD, and trim those edges? We look forward to seeing it wide enough for 2 people to walk side by side again. Thanking you in anticipation. Anna
  • Not enough gravel on road - mud issues. No delineators to mark road in fog.
    Potholes on gravel part of road - No marker/delineators or white line down centre of main road making it difficult when fog is heavy in the morning,
  • 2 x water leaks
    One adjacent to 95 Shepherd Road. Another by 36 Titoki Avenue.
  • Undriveable car
    On berm out side 49 Matuku Street. Front stoved in. Been there quite a few weeks now.
  • Derelict unsafe car parked on berm at 2 Arthur crescent
    There are 2 derelict vehicles parked on the berm on Arthur Crescent that need to be removed. 1x a white Honda minivan at 6 Arthur Crescent, leaking oil every where that all goes in the drain when it rains 1x a white Subaru station wagon at 2 Arthur Crescent. the Subaru has been on a jack stand for for more than 9 months making a major safety issue for children that often think it is funny to shake the car. They are both derelict de-registered vehicles that don't run and NEED TO BE REMOVED
  • 2x derelict vehicles on Arthur Crescent
    There are 2 derelict vehicles parked on the berm on Arthur Crescent that need to be removed. 1x a white Honda minivan at 6 Arthur Crescent, leaking oil every where that all goes in the drain when it rains 1x a white Subaru station wagon at 2 Arthur Crescent. the Subaru has been on a jack stand for for more than 9 months making a major safety issue for children that often think it is funny to shake the car. They are both derelict de-registered vehicles that don't run and NEED TO BE REMOVED
  • Water leaking across footpath, icy
    Outside 34 Arrowsmith Avenue. Can the Council check for a water pipe jeak?
  • Leaking mains water toby
    Reported in March. No action. Reported again a week ago, 'Urgent'. No action. Ball cock in the header tank for my H/W cylinder is stuck open, flooding the outside. Two weeks it has worsened, now causing ceiling damage from the excess overflow. I cannot address this issue until the water toby is repaired. Failing that, would the Council take care of the insurance bill?
  • campervan parking
    2 campervans, one large and one smaller plus an SUV have been parked continuously for over a month in visitors carparks in March Brown Place. Looks like they're parked up for winter but they spoil the aspect for many residents.
  • Countdown trolley, Gates Park
    Trolley in blackberry on left before open gate on track. Looks as if it came down from Rhodes Fall
  • Risk of more collisions
    Recently a child cyclist came out of the alleyway that runs between Taupo View and the Kimberley reserve and collided with my moving car. Fortunately, the child escaped with minor grazes but was thrown some metres. The issue is that cyclists ride down from Taupo View and can simply duck down to ride under the pipes that are meant to slow them at the end of the alleyway. This often means that they ride straight across the road section without slowing or looking for cars. Cars driving this section cannot see cyclist riding at this speed until they have exited. Concerned that this will happen again as have observed cyclists riding this way repeatedly. What can be done to reduce the likelihood of this happening please?
  • Uneven Road Surface
    Hi, The road surface on Kinloch Road from the corner to ~500 Kinloch Road has become like a 4wd track due to the root system from the trees growing on the side. Road needs to be resurfaced (eg raised). Thanks
  • Dangerous Surface
    Hi, There is a lot of loose gravel (left over from the road repairs) on the corner of SH1 and Link Road, Taupo. The gravel is on the centerline and on both edges of Link Road. Several times I have hit these patches and gone for a small skid. Can you please put the road sweeper over this surface and remove all the loose gravel. Thanks
  • Dangerous dog
    Top of rangatria street green fence a massive dog came bolting out and started attacking another dog. What if it was a child???? Owners need a talking to about keeping their dog in there property or chained up atleast. Not safe with a school close by. It’s the last house on the left before you turn off to go to Taharepa road..
  • Pothole
    Pothole adjacent to 196 Palmer Mill Rd
  • Blocking in coming cars2 update
    A tree planted on berm is very tall and wide obstructing vision when reversing out of 65 Balmoral Drive Taupo. Could someone please trim tree to stop future accidents occuring. Thank you for your time
  • Fly-tipping
    Pile of rubbish on corner of driveway and paddock
  • Reserve Barrier1 update
    The Post and pole barrier that stops traffic from gong from Waipapa Rd to Waipapa Reserve has been knocked down, two posts are out of the ground, 2 poles dislodged and parts broken
  • Brentwood Avenue gully area1 update
    Please can you give the trees behind 1/10Brentwood Avenue a decent trim, or cut right down. creating excessive shading and overhanging our gardens. Thanking you in advance.
  • Broken rubbish bin1 update
    The handle on the rubbish bin has been broken off several days ago. There is a pile of dog poo baga beside the bin.
  • Long grass 1 update
    Grass not been mowed on the traffic island Epping place
  • Grass 1 update
    Grass bow mowed Epping place on traffic island
  • Potential water leak1 update
    Puddle on north side of Hirangi Rd opposite park with shipping container changing rooms - it's been sunny and dry for days - could potentially be a water leak???
  • RSA Memorial Ceramic Mural Artwork Walkway1 update
    The Millennium Milestone walkway - last night the RSA artworks was completely damaged. I advised the Council P&R Manager n Taupo and Andy Hema in some months back that progressive damage was occurring. This artwork is now completely smashed. Damage has started on the artwork near the Info Centre and it can be attended to now it may prevent further damage.
  • Water Main SV Leaking1 update
    There was water around the valve on the nth-east cnr of Te Rangiitautahanga and Waipapa last Sun Sunday like a cland packing on the valve was leaking.
  • Black rubbish bag
    A smelly black rubbish bag is under a low cut totara bush. It is not visible from the road, but definitely there.
  • Water leaking1 update
    Button for handbasin is broken, water is running out button into sink. Toliet located at third bay by boat ramp.
  • Turangi Garden Irrigation System1 update
    Tuesday night 7:00 pm I came past the Town Centre roundabout and the Town Centre irrigation system was working. There has been over 100 mm on rain in the last week, no need for these to be operating. There was water bubbling up rather than spraying and it was going into the road kerb from one node, and another spaying water onto the footpath and puddling, another had it sparing towards the road.
  • Grass 1 update
    Grass at swan close park needs mowing it’s over grown
  • Grass resending needed1 update
    In the winter there were contractors working in the park. They put back all the pumice dirt but failed to apply grass seed. Please can this be done ASAP, or it is going to become a huge dust problem. Many thanks
  • Gates Park1 update
    Overgrown blackberries near open gate at start of river and branches of trees over track 100 or so meters on left. Problem for walkers and cyclists.
  • Waipapa Reserve Seat1 update
    Waipapa Reserve Millennium Milestone Walkway seat - one section has been wrenched off the frame.
  • Please can you arrange to trim back trees on reserve1 update
    Trees planted between 'Fairview Reserve Playground' area and the 2 homes bordering onto that (66 & 70 Arrowsmith Avenue) are being inundated with Cabbage Tree leaves and some trees are needing a major cut back. Are you able to arrange to meet with the Homeowners to have a look at the issue please?
  • Plastic Rubbish bin with offensive smell1 update
    Someone has dumped a 60 litre black plastic rubbish bin that has the lid tied on with an electrical cord. There is an offensive smell coming from the rubbish bin. Suspect animal material. Western side of road by third power pole back from the water treatment station
  • Street Light Out1 update
    Magnolia Rise Cnr with Botanical Heights Drive
  • Tree on power lines1 update
    Cnr of Charles Cres and Rainbow Drive, Rainbow Point Store end
  • Possible Wasp nest 1 update
    Under the big willow tree just about 70 mts south of swings, right in near the trunk. Heaps of wasps flying in there.
  • Tree needs trimming - blocking view of cars coming1 update
    Outside 66 Grace Crescent, going towards Richmond Ave a council tree on the berm needs trimming from the bottom up as it is blocking the view of cars coming. There are a lot of small children in the area that go to school and a lot of cars driving up and down the street at school times and we cannot see cars approaching or children crossing the road - very dangerous.
  • Overgrown sections1 update
    Many sections in Ngahana Place and adjacent in Rangiamohia Road, are being neglected and are becoming seriously overgrown. Complaints to the fire service have achieved nothing. This is not only a fire risk, it is a health risk with vermin, and allergies.
  • Damaged lock1 update
    Toilets at boat Harbour. Cannot lock the disabled women's toilet.
  • Huge bushs right over path1 update
    55a Hawaii Street. Ongoing for years needs to be viewed as trims in the past have only left 50 per cent of path useable. Currently 80 per cent covered.
  • water supply for Taharepa Rd1 update
    have noticed in last couple of days water leaking from toby in front of section. Spoke to gentleman recently saying water lines are being replaced to our street. When is this due to happen re aspestos piping??
  • Deer carcass1 update
    Rotting carcass discarded short distance from Kauri Drive. Can you please arrange to have it disposed of appropriately.
  • Tawa Place walkway overgrown1 update
    Tawa place walkway to SH5 is overgrown. Needs grass cut (currently waist high), hedge pruned, blackberry cut and sprayed and broom trimmed.
  • Throat island gardening 2 update
    The throat island at the corner of Doherty drive and lakewood drive needs the Gardens attended to please. Also can you please tell me when there were last attented and the frequency of gardening.
  • Is this safe?1 update
    The gate into the Drainage Gully is always being opened by children who are then playing in the gully. Under Health and Safety Regs, I would consider that this gate should be locked - or why it there even a gate there if it is not a restricted area? I have raised this issue before and feel that now is the time to maybe put on a combination lock which means the gully can be accessed only by your team. When will you have the mowers in there next? Thank you Anna
  • graffiti on pump station on lakefront reserve.1 update
    The mural painted on the pump station on the lakefront reserve in front of about 43 Rainbow Drive has been tagged.Access to the pump station is via Kowhai Road.
  • Potential broken water pipe1 update
    Gateway of 26 Te Awamate Rd, Turangi - on right hand side of road going towards sewage plant, just past the end of the tar sealed section is another water leak. This has potentially come about with increased water pressure since the pipe further down the road was upgraded/fixed. This has also resulted in a water pipe leak on our own property (20 Te Awamate Rd) inside the water meter. Could we please get someone to come and have a look at this?
  • Graffiti on road1 update
    Please remove the spray painted graffiti in the road
  • People burning Coal in their fires1 update
    Please can the council post a notice in the papers explaining the Local Regulations regarding use of coal in fires. It is rife and is creating dirty particles in our air. Make it a big and bold 'standout' notice.
  • Walk Way Slippery4 update
    The walkway between Acacia Bay Road and Scenic Heights Drive is slippery due to leaves/wetness. Can you please sweep this up?? Can this be put into a regular PM/Task over the winter months
  • Speed Signs not fully visible1 update
    The 50/80 km speed signs on the Acacia Bay straight are not fully visible due to the trees either side of the signs. Please trim the branches to show the speed signs or move the speed signs away from the trees. Please do not cut down the trees. Thank you
  • Foot Path Overgrown1 update
    The council owned walkway between 73 and 77 Acacia Bay Road is over grown by grass and has reduced the width of the footpath. Please fix
  • Potential broken water pipe1 update
    Riverside of toilet block on Taupahi Reserve - there is a wet patch of grass which looks out of place in an otherwise very dry surrounding - can't see water bubbling up out of the ground but may be a slow leak in an underground water pipe? Worth looking at during the current dry spell...???
  • Overgrown grass1 update
    Grass is taking over the footpath quite badly by letterbox of 77 Wakeman Road, Taupo and top of the walkway (goes down the hill to Ewing Grove).
  • Bamboo1 update
    Bamboo needs to be sprayed with Amitrol or removed completely as it is beginning to grow again. Reserve behind Paekitawhiti street.
  • Broken water pipe1 update
    On right side of street (Te Awamate Rd) past the tar-sealed section of road by the gate - leaking water pipe with water flowing over the road.
  • Black felt pen tagging1 update
    black felt pen and severe scratching on tables in South Domain playground, Tongariro St, Taupo
  • Rusty fence on Heuheu Street1 update
    The fence along Heuheu street and running along side the playing field (opposite Jetts gym)is nearly rusted away It is an eyesore and is a potential hazard to the children playing on the field You could leave the wooden fence and remove the rusty netting
  • Completely detached plank on Picnic Table1 update
    Over the road from reserve by Mini Golf, is a picnic table (Lake front) and one of the planks on the top has been unbolted, but is still sitting in place, just not fastened
  • Overhanging across footpath2 update
    Trees branches overhanging across footpath
  • Gorse overgrowing bridge access1 update
    Gorse needs cutting back as its getting difficult use the walkway/cycle access to the Wairakei bridge(northbound side).
  • Overgrown vegetation2 update
    On Matuku St side of property. In parts starting to cover whole path mostly weeds and blackberry. This path is heavily used by children from Waipahihi School including Mums with pushchairs who have to use the berm which has not long been dug up and is quite bumpy.
  • Light fitting fallen out1 update
    The new LED street lamp has fallen out and is hanging by the wire outside 45 Arthur cres
  • Overgrown walkway.1 update
    I am a visitor to Taupo and use the walkway at the bottom end of Birch Street to access the lakefront. The walkway is badly in need of grass cutting and removal of fallen leaves and debris. This was the same issue that I raised around 12 months ago, and I appreciated the prompt remedial action you took.
  • Water supply Valve Leaking1 update
    leaking toby valve
  • Garden rubbish dumped1 update
    On pavement at lake end of Kowhai Road is a pile of garden rubbish. It has been there about a week.
  • Continual water running down driveway 1 update
    Water has been running down the driveway almost constantly for well over a week with little bits of rubbish.
  • Possible water leak1 update
    Have noticed significant amount of water at grass verge running across drive way that has not come from rain outside of 48 Norman Smith Street, Taupō
  • Fire Hydrant not working1 update
    The fire hydrant outside TSR motors is Frozen and will no turn on. This is a major issue for water supply for fires in this area
  • Please inform owner/ratepayer1 update
    43 Kaimanawa St, Omori their big tree has fallen across their entrance way. Please inform them so they will be prepared. I am Sue Johnson, a permanent resident, neighbour from Morunga Street.
  • WIPE IT ALL OUT1 update
    Hi There, I am again disapointed with the lack of regular maintenance the "alley walk way" starting at 5 Tawa Place Wairakei Village and goes all the way behind 2 Tawa Place then right down to main Rd (Rotorua SH5 Entrantrance Kauri Drive) ... It CLEARLY gets neglected 11months if the year EVERY YEAR !! Until someone else occasionally complains, i feel most of us lost hope and just given up on it ever getting sorted ... However I am a local who has lived in this street and pays my rates every year for the past 14years plus .. I am neighboured by solo mothers and newly new first time familys and home owners who all agree with me in saying We would like the alley way to be FULLY WIPED OUT!! NOT JUST TRIMMED BACK this has proven NOT WORKING ...All Broom, Blackberry, Rubbish, Grass needs to be all wiped out, so regular mowing is The ONLY MAINTENANCE that would need to be addressed ... This is URGENTLY NEEDED as I personally am sick and tired of been Burgaled every year and constantly have LOCAL riff raff, rock thru MY PROPERTY back yard etc on a regular basis!! Police CANT AND NEVA do anything in the past to help either!!. These local riff raff quite often break and enter our properties, and drive up the alley way then load there car with stolen propert, or currently they like to SIT and wait un the overgrown bush and wait in dark this followed by stealing anything they can while CREEPING round our back yards!!. They know when we are not home and when we are at work so they are aware of our schedules and most are related to half of the village out here .... Please its SO FREIGHTNING to be woken early hours and not been able to go outside to do anything cause im a solo parent with a 7 year old child. WIPE all the alley way bush out, doing this will expose the alley and STOP all of these issues . THANKS SO MUCH I look forward to your reply or efforts to finally sort it out properly.
  • Overgrown access point, parks1 update
    Once again the reserve access ways and the reserves are overgrown and well overdue for mowing. There are acacia trees growing in the middle of one of the access ways
  • Undermined tree on road reserve1 update
    Gum tree on road reserve is located on a bank and it's roots which are hidden by ferns are exposed. Tree is not well supported and would cause major block of road if it came down.
  • water main leaking between road and toby1 update
    water is flowing onto footpath
  • Grafitti of old toilet block1 update
    Massive amount of Grafitti on old toilet block near corner of Kaahu Road and Pokuru Rd North, in the reservce by lake. Not a good look for the area and encouraging further graffiti.
  • Footpath over grown1 update
    Hi - the footpath on corner of Hyde Ave and Hammersmith is over grown. Years ago sediment washed down, building up on the footpath. Grass has grown and now approx. 75% of footpath width is covered at the Hyde Ave end of Hammersmith St. Could this please be cleared. Thank you
  • Offensive graffiti on playground1 update
    Felt pen and paint has been used to write offensive words across the playground equipment
  • sheep carcass and guts1 update
    sheep carcass and guts on the corner of Marotiri Road with Tihoi Rd/SH 32.
  • overgrown weeds in gardens in centre of road2 update
    weeds overgrown in whole of ernest kemp,victory drive and surrounding streets plus grass opposite scenic lookout severely overgrown
  • tree down over fence from storm1 update
    A branch from a tree in the gully behind my property has fallen over mine and my neighbors fence. also blackberry needs to be trimmed back as it is pushing my fence causing it to break
  • Pothole on Crn Haurakiu Tce & te kura lane1 update
    Walking on footpath along Hauraki Teerace on left hand side, just before crossing the Te Kura Lane there is a pothole. Please fill it in! It's a bit hard to see because of grass on top. So a few people struggled there.
  • Walkway needs mowing and try up1 update
    I am disgusted at the unkempt state of the walkway at the bottom end of Birch St, Taupo. This was once an attractive pedestrian shortcut down to the lake but it looks like it hasn't been maintained for a very long time. What is Happening Taupo Council? You have dropped the ball on this one!!
  • Water Leak1 update
    Water leak outside 63 Henry Hill Road
  • Toby won't shut water supply off1 update
    This is another problem with silver birch tree & its roots in that my water toby can't fully shut water supply to property off
  • Tree roots has damaged driveway & native trees at the front of my property have died because of this silver birch1 update
    I have contacted the council in person, by phone & email yet no one has deemed it fit to contact me in regard to this issue - not impressed. A silver birch outside my property has damaged the driveway to my section to the point it will undrivable soon. Also the trees at the front of my section have died which i would believe is due to the goodness being taken from them
  • Excessive growth in gully below Fairview Reserve1 update
    I am concerned that if we go though a dry spell then the long thick grass below our boundary will quickly become a fire hazard. IS it going to be cut soon?
  • Broken glass1 update
    There is broken glass half way along the walkway between Gladstone Grove and Hyde Ave. The glass is from a green beer bottle and is in many small pieces making it harder to see, this is dangerous for anyone in bare feet being likely to run into it. Thanks!
  • safety concerns at Mangakino boat ramp1 update
    This weekend I was alarmed at the number of people, particularly children, swimming around the boat ramp. There were lots of boats using the ramp and the swimmers seemed unconcerned about the risk to themselves. Even when asked nicely to move to a safer place they ignore us. Spinning boat propellers and body parts do not go well together - potential for serious boday harm neither do large boats and bodies - potential for crushing injuries between boat & dock. We usually use the ramp facilities at Acacia Bay which are far superior and far more effective in separating swimmers & boat users. There needs to be clear boating and swimming zones to keep everyone safe in Mangakino !!! Can this issue please be looked into ASAP as it is a disaster waiting to happen :(
  • Children / adults swimming / diving off boat ramp / jetty1 update
    Hi, This weekend with the number of boats and people wanting to swim at the lakefront, it was dangerous and chaos without the swimming platform out. There were children all over the boat ramp, continuing to swim even as very larger boats were trying to back into the water or approach the dock. We had to yell at a child who jumped directly in front of our boat as we were approaching the dock. Boats don’t stop quickly and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. When the platform is out there’s far less swimmers on the dock.
  • Safety concern1 update
    Can we have the pontoon put back at mangakino .. or recognise that its a popular spot and create a space / jetty that kids and adults can jump off and swim around ... currently people, mainly kids especially are jumping off the jetty while boats are loading and unloading... its only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt ...
  • Unsafe activity 1 update
    Pontoon was promised by council to be out by now. I made a complaint that we are putting kids lives at risk as they continue to jump off and swum around or under the jetty at the mangakino waterfront boat ramp. Unfortunately ot appears taupo council will only act when it is too late. So many near misses at the boat ramp this weekemd with unsupervised children swimming irresponsibly around arriving and departing boats. It will be sad for the parents and boat driver when the worst does happen. It’s time the council made a safe swimming area and modified the doc for boat activity only. This would be tjebsensibke and safe option. A swimming pontoon that is available and able to be put in is available it’s irrespinsible if the council to not be putting it out fir swimmers.
  • Swimmers at boat ramp2 update
    There are way to many people swimming and diving from the jetty at the boat ramp. As the pontoon has not been put out yet. It is dangerous as kids and backing trailers don't mix well. Nor do people and moving boats and propellers. Had a kid dive under the jetty and come up as a boat was pulling up. Could end in death
  • Lawn mowing1 update
    When is Council going to mow the River Road reserves again? It has been a long time since anything was touched here. The Council reserves are overgrown, with knee high grass. These reserves need mowing at least every 3 weeks in Spring and early Summer
  • Overgrown footpath1 update
    Footpath is overgrown and grass long
  • Storm water drain blocked1 update
    Drain blocked - Kapua place
  • Reserve needs maintenance1 update
    Grass is extremely long. Trees have fallen across pathway. Kids have dug holes to create bike jumps on the pathway.
  • Cycle Path Needs to be Cleaned and fixed1 update
    The Acacia Road cycle path needs to be cleaned of glass, encroaching vegetation and debris. Also the drive ways adjacent to the cycle way (i.e. LDS) are full of potholes (prob resulting from heavy traffic) which need to be fixed.
  • Mowing and weedeating1 update
    We would like a Council Representative to come and have a look at the discusting mess of the lawns and edges in Docherty Drive. They urgently need mowing and tidying up please. Your contractor arrives with the biggest tractor so he cannot mow around trees or get in close.
  • Graffiti 1 update
    Graffiti on wall in town centre opposite whanau ora office
  • Damaged picnic tables1 update
    There is currently two damaged picnic tables by the playground on te kapua park
  • Soggy Ground - Water Leak?1 update
    Berm are is boggy in the marked area not related to adjacent property run-off. A further are of boggy kerb is located on the other side of Hauraki Terrace which could possibly be coming from the primary area as it is downstream.
  • Pontoon2 update
    Hi Team. In the name of safety can we please have the swimming pontoon at Mangakino replaced before labour weekend?
  • Swimming Pontoon - Lakefront Mangakino1 update
    Can you please have the swimming pontoon put back into the water BEFORE Labour Weekend 2017 - this is imperative to stop the children jumping off the jetty alongside the boat ramp.
  • pontoon1 update
    Can we please get the pontoon out before labour weekend so it keeps the kids off the warfh and them jumping in front of boats as we don't want to have an accident
  • Pontoon needs to be put out before labour Weekend for swimmers 1 update
    Please put out pontoon for swimmers by labour weekend . It is a safety issue for young children as they are jumping off the jetty around boats - pontoon is needed back out - this should be the date it is in by every year so swimmers are kept safe from boating activities.
  • Ally way1 update
    Hi I live at 78 puataata Road Turangi. There is a ally way next to our house it did have some timber barrier arms to stop motorbikes and sure going through. These have been chopped down and over the last week we have had a steady flow of bikes heading up and down. Can this please be fixed.
  • Graffiti 1 update
    Graffiti on both sides of the street both my property 47 Maire Street and my neighbors 45 Maire Street
  • Lamp post tagged1 update
    Could you please remove the Orange tagging on the lamp post in front of reserve between houses 9 and 10 thanks heaps
  • Overgrown trees require pruning in The Pheasant Tail cul-de-sac traffic island1 update
    The Pheasant Tail cul-de-sac traffic island requires overgrown trees to be pruned. These tall, bushy trees are a traffic hazard due to reduced visibility, especially with some motorists driving around the island the wrong way! On an equally serious note, the pruning of these trees has been identified as a security issue, due to homes being obscured, which provides a place for burglars to hide (refer email from Joy Johnson, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, dated 13 July 2017, addressed to residents of The Pheasant Tail and Prince Place).
  • Fly Tipping Kohineheke-Crescent Reserve2 update
    Someone has dumped a bag of rubbish and other litter on the river access near the boulders on the access track opposite 160 Te Rangitautahanga Rd
  • Road markers1 update
    Ca you please get someone to look at why Hitiri Road only had 3 road markers. There is also no road markings and it is dangerous in wet and foggy weather to see where the road actually is, also where it turns off to hoping Heights its a very dangerous corner.
  • rubbish1 update
    An amount of rubbish thrown the length of Whangamata Rd between Poihipi Rd & SH 32. Also a number of street/road signs bowled by a vehicle in the past week.
  • Reporting Graffiti1 update
    The wall under our canopy has been tagged. It says "Jayders Aoteroa Dog" on one part of the wall and "Mobrules" on the other.
  • Land could collapse onto footpath1 update
    We had our fence removed as it was full of overgrown bush. We didn't realise but it was holding the bank up but it's on council property and it could collapse onto footpath. Can you please look at retaining it
  • Signage1 update
    Tagging on our gate and entrance sign also on the under bridge and on ramp.
  • Dead Tree needs felling1 update
    There is a dead willow tree on roadside which is beginning to drop its branches and needs felling in a controlled manner to avoid damage to the road.
  • graffitti1 update
    yellow paint be tagged on wooden fence and on opposite side of road a yellow smily face and some black lettering
  • Trimming tree top as too high and shading house1 update
    One large tree in front of 58 Grace Crescent needs the top trimmed as it is far too high and shading front part of the house. One branch is also hanging down by the trunk. There is also a smaller tree alongside that could be shaped to keep it to a good size. Easier to trim large tree in autumn.
  • Walkway is slippery under foot1 update
    The walk way between Acacia Bay road and Scenic Heights is very dark, overgrown, slippery and stinky. I am scared of walking down there as I don't want to slip over on the leaves etc. Please rectify ASAP.
  • Leaking pipes1 update
    Water is leaking from undergrond at the front boundaries of a property on Te Kuru Lane and one on Waiparemo Cres. Not sure if they are council responsibility or homeowner. But there is a reasonable amount of water going down the drains!
  • Rotting Deer's head1 update
    Someone has placed a rotting deer's head by the Letterbox at this address, it is decomposing with blowflies flying around it. Not very pleasant walking passed it. Could you please arrange for removal please
  • 3 x separate graffiti taggings on alleyway fencing between park place and holland grove1 update
    1 x luminous green paint tag bottom alley top of park place, 1 larger luminous green paint tag 'jinx' midway up alley park place to holland grove, 3rd very large red tag (done last night 19th April) "jinx'.
  • boat on berm1 update
    An old boat has been parked on berm at 9 Muritai St for over 2 months it is only on one tyre Is an eyesore plus dangerous to children playing in street We request to remain anonymous as we reside in the street
  • water leak 1 update
    Have passed a water leak here for the past 2 weeks. Appears to be coming form the road boundary at 16 Napier Road (or thereabouts).
  • Graffiti on Fence1 update
    Hi We have graffiti on our fence from early last week. It is white on our black fence at 1 Cumberland Street, Tauhara, Taupo. Thank you :-)
  • Walkway overgrown1 update
    The walkway is overgrown from Tawa Place to SH5. Please can this be remedied and a regular maintenance plan developed.
  • Diseased trees1 update
    Evidence of dieback on more than one branch on tree outside 8 Scott Drive. Potential to spread to other trees and shrubs in the vicinity including on residential properties. Also, a flowering cherry tree in Chelsea Rise to the west of 13 Scott Drive has a dead branch and possibly has silverleaf disease.
  • Pile of bark/soil at Kowhai St Reserve1 update
    Since the tall pines were cut down, a pile of bark/soil etc has remained on reserve (1-2yrs) for no apparent reason...now covered in weeds and continues to be mowed around!!??. Can this not be removed in the interests of presentation please?
  • Graffiti on wall1 update
    There is a huge two colour Graffiti work on the brown retaining wall at the Round about at the top of Rifle Range Road.
  • Spa Park metal car park badly pot holed1 update
    The parking area next to the BMX area and Dog exercise area is severely pot holed. It has been this way for months, and is now causing damage to the concrete curbing on the tar sealed road. After rain, it is like a lake area, with all the massive holes filling with water. It needs smoothing over and some more metal spread.
  • Weeds, debris 1 update
    There is a 'forest' of scotch thistles, buddleia and other weeds on, and below, the bank opposite 53 Hauraki Terrace. There is also a thick layer of debris on the side of the road. Please could this be attended to as weeds are spreading, bank is crumbling.
  • Broom control1 update
    Broom on corner of Mapara and Whakaroa Rds needs spraying to control as getting out of control. Have adavised council but no action yet taken. Have had it sprayed previously with good effect.
  • Tagging on playground1 update
    Safety mat, slides, surf board and bridge have been tagged
  • Rangipoia to Tureti Place walkway1 update
    Some timber railings between the park and the old school site have been knocked off and dangerous nails protrude. The need reinstationg and renailing - would fix problem
  • Kohineheke Crescent Reserve Tree Branch1 update
    On the Kohniheke Reserve about opposite 160 Te Rangitautahanga Rd a tree branch broke off in tre winds on Friday and is hung up and part of it is on the ground. Should be removed before the end of the week to remove any danger over the holidays.
  • Graffiti on my fence1 update
    Hi, can you please remove the graffiti on my front fence of my home, 30 Rotokawa Street, Taupo Thank you kindly
  • Excessive dog howling and barking1 update
    Can the Councils Dog Control Team verify how many registered dogs are kept between 9,11 and 13 Raukawa Crescent. There is very constant barking and howling coming from this area indicating some of these animals can't be very happy. I have only seen 1 dog going to number 9 after a scavenge in number 11 rubbish bags. The barking and howling indicate more dogs are held in these areas.
  • Raukawa Crescent Oval1 update
    The grass on this oval has not been cut for over 4 weeks and is now a mass of yellow dandelion flowers. Not very good if you have allergy and antihistamine medication is not very cheap. The current contractors small mowing equipment is very inadequate for this task especially when cutting is left for so long.
  • Rubbish dumped.1 update
    Illegal dumping of rubbish behind number 7 Raukawa Crescent adjacent to the Telephone exchange. Garden waste, mattress and bike.
  • Broken swing1 update
    The swing set at River Road hall has one broken swing. It has rusted through and has sharp edges
  • Very untidy walkway at the bottom of Birch Street1 update
    My husband and I walk down the alley way between the bottom of Birch Street and top the the Napier Road. The path has overgrown grass and messy leaves across the path. One of the neighbouring property fences is falling down and there is a lot of old rubbish lying around.The alley way is used by many and needs to be tidied up urgently.
  • Road sign2 update
    The Northwood Rd street sign has been removed. Not sure when this happened. The yobo's have left the Kindergarten sign.
  • Maintenance1 update
    The walkway through Brentwood Park is getting very overgrown by weeds. Could we please get our pathway back.
  • Boojum dell alleyway1 update
    The alleyway from end of Boojum dell to join up to w2k is so slippery and dangerous from piles of decaying leaves etc. Twice I have slipped on the top step but thankfully have not fallen down the steps. Could have been really bad though.
  • Broken bottles1 update
    There always seems to be broken bottles along this walkway from Woodward St to Norman Smith St. We have already had 1 puncture on our pram from the glass. On a side note the grass could do with cutting as it looks really untidy.
  • a lot of litter, rubbish lying on the roadside 3 update
    on Whangamata Road between Poihipi Rd & Waihora Rd but particularly bad through the Otake Gorge. When the mower man comes through he chops it all up & it covers the whole roadside area. Would like to think this could be covered in the latest initiative being conducted on roadside cleanups.
  • Park needs fixing on titiraupenga Street taupo1 update
    My daughter was on the park when one of the fixtures came away while she was on it. It is a solid bar and it smashed her in the face chipping her tooth a little and bruising her gum
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