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Hutt City Council

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Recently fixed

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Old fixed

  • water Leak2 update
    outside 323 stokes valley road
  • Abandoned Car2 update
    Abandoned Car with no license plates parked opposite Ava train station pedestrian bridge on Alicetown side.
  • Streetlight out2 update
    The streetlight that lights the throughfare between Gordon St and Cottle St has gone out.
  • Street Lights off 1 update
    Part of Wise Street Wainuiomata- Street lights been off for several nights now. FYI, in case not reported yet. Hoping for immediate action. Thank you.
  • Potholes2 update
    These potholes keep on getting larger. Looks like the road had been marked for resurfacing some time ago, but it never happened.
  • street lights not working2 update
    The street light at the end of the alley which gives security for the flats here and the lights down Nelson Street from this location down towards the esplanade stopped working after the storm a couple weeks ago. Can these please be fixed.
  • Street lights out in Stokes Valley entrance for over a week 21 June1 update
    The street lights have been out (Stokes Valley entrance - Thomas Street, Manor, Kingsley and Lord Streets and Eastern Hutt road on the way to Upper Hutt) on consecutive nights. It is dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians. Going outside in the early morning to go to work or coming home at night in the dark feels very unsafe. Please fix this!! It is hard enough walking home in the wet and cold with out it being dark as well. It is quite daunting.
  • On power boxes & street signs1 update
    Near Willow grove, power box & street signs of wood st & willow grove, and on private fencing - graffiti/tagging.
  • No lights at crossing1 update
    Street lights are not working at the pedestrian crossing and neither on the wharf. This is really dangerous as drivers can't see people crossing the street, especially as this is used by school kids a lot coming off the ferry in the morning.
  • Overgrown plants1 update
    Western Hutt Rd merge with Petone overbridge traffic - just before the cyclist crossing - overgrown weeds (blackberry?) are hitting cyclists as they ride by. It's a narrow corner and there's no room for cyclists to safely to around the weeds.

New issues

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Older issues

  • No Street sign
    There is no road sign for Sharpe Cres Wainuiomata
  • Homeless Person Living In Tent On Private Property
    A homeless person has erected a tent and is living in the garden area down the side of Thermalframe uPVC Windows & Doors.
  • car with expired registration has been left at this spot for >2 weeks
    A silver Honda Accord with license plate XZ9315 has been left on Hibiscus Grove, Maungaraki, for the last two weeks. Since the registration card in the window expired in February, we wondered if the car has been abandoned. Can you please contact to owner to see if it can be moved?
  • Sodium Discharge Bulb switching ON/OFF1 update
    The sodium discharge bulb is flickering ON/OFF and also it seems like this is the only non-LED bulb in the road. If new LED laps are being installed, I understand that the light pattern will be more directional . . if not please can you consider placing a shield on the back end so as to avoid light spill into ours, and next doors, windows. Thanks in advance.
  • Graffiti on Council Building
    Te Mome Stormwater Building at 56 Wakefield Street, Alicetown has had Graffiti on the front of the building since August and is being added to every weekend.
  • Broken street sign
    Norton Park Grove street sign damaged/vandalized.
  • Suspected abandoned vehicle + expired WOF
    Vehicle stationary for more than 3 weeks at the side of the road opposite 18-20 Belmont Terrace, Belmont, Lower Hutt, partially blocking post box visibility. Registration: DFE547 WOF expired
  • Give Way sign Knocked over my cay and danger to Public
    Give way sign on the corner of High Street and Trinity Ave Hit By car and broken off leaving sharp pipe exposed and a danger to the Public.
  • Paving stones are uneven and lifted
    The paving stones under the veranda on the south side of Jackson St from Cuba St lights heading west are all uneven and lifted making this a health and safety issue as its easy to trip
  • Missing Street Signage
    "Laurel Grove" on Acacia Avenue, Maungaraki has been missing it's street sign for a few months.
  • Pothole at start of Willcox Grove
    There is a large pothole at the beginning of Willcox Grove. It is now very deep and I catch my tyre in it regularly if there is oncoming traffic, or swerve around it if there isn't anything coming. It is dangerous
  • Water leak on berm/footpath
    Water has been leaking since the night of November 30th storm creating a stream down the footpath
  • Vehicle taking up what little space we have
    A vehicle has been parked at the top of Waitohu Rd for months without seeming to ever leave, according to myself (who works 40h weeks) and my partner (who is unemployed and so is around during the day). Its rego expired four days ago but with the reminders I get from my rego company I think if the owners wanted to renew it they would have by now. Is there someone I can talk to about moving it off the road so that what little space we have on our cul-de-sac can be used by people who need it? Kind regards and many thanks.
  • Heavy Vehicles
    Everytime a heavy vehicle drives by our house shakes.
  • Light Out
    Hi there Street light has been out for about 2 months have rang numerous times and had been told will be fix shortly. Still nothing just worried because we have work trucks on our property which need the light for security.
  • Hole in footpath - hazard
    The timber detailing in the footpath on the path toward the pedestrian crossing has rotted, leaving several large holes. These create significant hazards for pedestrians and prams/wheelchairs
  • Street lights are out
    Please turn the neighbourhood lights on.. possibly little hood rats out and about trying to steal cars
  • Light not working properly
    Hi there, Street light not working properly in front of 5 cedar st. Light keeps flashing during the night. Please fix it asap.
  • Lighting in alleyway
    The lighting in alleyway from Deans grove going onto Taita drive has been out for quite a while now. I'm very concerned about how dark it is at night for myself who lives next door to it and the many people who use this alleyway quite frequently because we can't see a thing its absolute darkness. Please may we get this light fixed asap. Thank you
  • Street light
    Stays on for 2 min, then goes out for 2 mind,it's outside number 8-10 compton cres taita, lower hutt. It would be great if your could get it fixed please Thanks very much
  • Street Light
    The cover has come adrift & is dangling off the light fixture outside No 1 Market Grove on the corner of Market Grove & Woburn Road
  • Street lighting is out
    No street lighting for 3 nights now. This keeps happening. Definitely a reoccurring problem in the street. High St, Petone, 5012.
  • Potholes in driveway
    Hi there I am emailing to request potholes in our private driveway to be fixed. Our house is along with about 10 other houses in this driveway. The dtiveway has a number of potholes. As we all are rate payers, am just checking if there is a possibility for the potholes in our driveway to be fixed. Alternatively, can you recommend someone who can do this for us. Look forward to hear from you. Thanking in advance. Suma Jose
  • Water leak on berm
    There is a water leak on the berm outside of number 10 that has ben ongoing for about a month.
  • Pot holes1 update
    Road breaking up just on corner northern side of Chittick Street outside 26 Chittick St
  • Broken light
    A street light has stopped working between 26 and 28 main road wainuiomata 5014
  • Street lights in Normandale are off quite a lot
    The street light are often off in Poto Road (and other streets on the main route) which makes it very dark. Why is this happening?
  • Parking on Hutt Road
    Hi There is alot of parking issues on Hutt Road Near the station opposite the z Petrol Station and Bunning as the street parking is unlimited they are always full and people accessing businesses and office have to park quite far would like the council to review if possible
  • Multiple Potholes in shared driveway
    Very large pothole at beginning of turn on a shared driveway that makes coming round the corner a bit tricky. Also some potholes further up the driveway.
  • Give way sign on round about at Wright st and Moohan st intersection
    Give way sign has been knocked over by car avoiding another car who failed to give way
  • Street Lights aren't working1 update
    The street lights along Owen Street aren't functioning
  • dog fouling2 update
    the people at 2 homdale rd wainuiomata throw all there dog on to footpath there is a lot there i walk my dog around the corner hav to be careful you dont walk in it all so the primary school in homedale rd is there and younger children all walk through it not very hygenic.
  • Why is it still on
    The street lighting from Market Grove & across the Ewan Bridge is still on
  • Parked cars obstructing driveway
    Between mine and my neighbors driveways, there is a small space where cars park obstructing one or both of our driveways. We are directly opposite a school and it is not uncommon for the road to become completely full.Would it be possible for said space to be marked with a yellow line to prevent this from occurring, I have attached an example. Thanks
  • Street light bulb needs replacing please
    Street light bulb out opposite 77 Tama St, Alicetown Been out for a month.
  • Broken headlights/glass on the curb
    There is quite a bit of debris from what looks like a minor crash on the eastern side of Seaview Road around the corner past the Mobil tanks are. I noticed it as I was cycling past today and had to swerve to avoid puncturing a tire.
  • Trip hazard on grass berm
    In between nos 16 and 18 Stanley Street, Wainuiomata, there is a power/light pole. Right next to it (on the number 18 side) is a small piece of pipe sticking out of the grass. I found this by tripping over it when the footpath was coned off during recent resurfacing work! (Yes, it's taken me this long to get around to reporting it - sorry.) While it's not in a heavily-trafficked spot under normal circumstances, it's a nasty little blighter and could be rather unpleasant to fall on top of.
  • Lights not working1 update
    No lighting in Ava, and surrounding streets
  • Not working
    Riverside Dr between Norton Park Ave and Rumgay St
  • No street lighting1 update
    Street lights have been out in this area for at least the last three nights.
  • Street lights all out1 update
    No working street lights around manor drive, lord St. castle Cres for the last three nights.
  • No street lights again
    No street lights down Hinemoa street, Riverside drive or Whakataki grove. Really starting to get annoyed with this issue as it makes our neighbourhood feel unsafe.
  • Footpath broken
    footpath on both size of my corner property is broken and looks very ugly.
  • Speed bumps needed
    People speed along George street in the middle of the day and at night. They also use certain areas to drift and do burnouts. It has been discussed at length and on many separate occasions that a good idea would be to put in some speed bumps as this is a very busy road for both pedestrians and motorists. There has already been one recent death on the road in which speed played a huge factor. My idea would be to have one before the rugby club, one after Delaney park, and one or two down the beginning of George st in the residential areas.
  • Street lights not working1 update
    No streetlights working in Collingwood Street, Waterloo. Have been out for some days
  • washers and nuts removed from fence
    Many fasteners (nuts and washers) that fix fence rails to fence posts, have been removed from 1.8m steel clad fence that borders the public walkway running beside 61 Strand Crescent. The fence rails have already separated from the fence posts in some places. Please replace the fasteners. If you replace the standard hex nuts with galvanized nylon lock (nyloc) nuts this will prevent vandals stealing the new fasteners. The fence may be insecure in strong winds and needs prompt attention. thank you very much
  • sunken paving - trip hazard
    Several concrete paving slabs along the walkway between Rata Street have moved, resulting in edges sticking up 20mm or higher. This has created multiple trip hazards for pedestrians. One entrance to this walkway is adjacent to 100 Rata Street. Please eliminate the trip hazards as soon as possible, to prevent injury to pedestrians.
  • Grafitti on fencing
    There is new tagging on the fences along the path between Rata Street and Strand Crescent Naenae
  • No street lights1 update
    There has been no street lighting in half of Wai-it I Crescent for at least a week now, Woburn Road, end to half way around.
  • subsidance on berm outside 102 Rata St1 update
    Please investigate and repair a soil subsidance 250mm deep has appeared beside the footpath opposite the letterbox of 102 Rata Street following recent rain. This trip / fall hazard may indicate a problem with or damage to recent work by contractors who recently placed trunking for blown fibre in Rata Street Naenae. thank you
  • Drain grate slots catch bike wheel
    Bike wheel went into drain grate, causing abrupt stop to bike. Drain grating is in centre of Callaghan Innovation entranceway at Gracefield Road. It has slots running parallel to the road, the perfect size to catch bike wheels.
  • Street lights not working
    The street lights the length of Queen Street, Petone are not working. They have been out for a few days.
  • Lights are not working for several days now
    Street is unlit and not safe to walk down at night. Main bus route for Route 110 and vehicles parked in street vulnerable for breakins. I had a car parked outside my house broken into on Saturday night 26th July 2014
  • lamp failure
    The street light outside my house has been flicking on for roughly 2 mins and back off for 1 minute for the past few weeks.
  • Speed Humps in Tawhai Street
    Would like speed hump put in Tawhai street too many people speed up and down Tawhai street and the adjoining streets they use it for boy racing or just because it's a long stretch of road the speed, Doesn't matter what time of the day it is. And it's only a matter of time before a child gets hit with a car. You can here the cars coming up Glen road into Tawhai street then they go round Horoeka Street they do the laps, you get woken all hours with these speed demons. We have seen people drive into fences in to trees side swipe cars all because they go too fast.
  • Water leaking onto street1 update
    Water is leaking from a wellington city council connection street cover. It is a small square plastic cover. Flow growing stronger daily. Hobson Street, thorndon. Wellington
  • no street lights 1 update
    No streel lighting in areas along Oxford Terrace and Harrison Crest. Car park along this road and it is difficult to see parked cars and house drive ways. Security issues may be a problem with state houses in Harrison Crest that are not occupied.
  • No Street Lighting
    The street lights have been out on consecutive nights. Going outside or coming home at dark feels very unsafe. Please fix this!! There are lots of old people living in this street, and for those who have no fencing, it is quite daunting.
  • noise chainsaws mulchers possibly? very LOUD in valley
    there seems to have been, for a while, the sound of people cutting down trees. Now the noise is for hours on end and there are other loud machinery noises it seems to be coming from the Orewa st/Parenga end (?) and can be heard from the street. Is this a council project??
  • Blocked Stormwater Grate
    The Stormwater Grate opposite our home is seems to be clogged up and needs clearing.
  • Stop Sign needs to change
    Hi There There is a "Stop" sign at the bottom of Wairere Road that needs to change to a "Give Way" sign. The original Stop sign was valid when we were able to cross SH2 to go south. But since the crossing is Closed Off, the Stop sign is no longer relevant. The reason it needs to change is that "no one" comes to a Complete Halt at this point anymore. (we used to before the new road layout). The implications of not doing this change is unfair traffic infringements being issued to the residents for not coming to a complete halt. I have consulted number of residents in Wairere Road and we all in agreement that this sign should be changed asap to a Give Way sign.
  • rubbish & roadcone in river below Village overpass bridge
    There is always rubbish dumped in the river, at the moment there are a few larger pieces of rubbish on either side of the bridge - below, within the water, including a road cone on the Rotary Park side.
  • Street light only works intermittently1 update
    Street light outside 8 Matuhi Street Tirohanga only works intermittently eg it works for 40 seconds then turns off for about 1 minute. The street light is located just by the property.
  • Damaged road signs1 update
    There are 2 damaged signs. One (showing keep left arrows) has been hit by a car and partly bent over. The other is a large sign signalling speed bumps. It has also been hit by a car and the last gale force winds caused the strapping on one side to tear so that the sign flaps around significantly in a southerly wind.
  • Damaged road signs
    There are 2 damaged signs. One (showing keep left arrows) has been hit by a car and partly bent over. The other is a large sign signalling speed bumps. It has also been hit by a car and the last gale force winds caused the strapping on one side to tear so that the sign flaps around significantly in a southerly wind.
  • Street light1 update
    The street light outside 18 Boyd Grove flicks on and off every few minutes.
  • Food rubbish on Jackson Street
    Rubbish has been put out prematurely on Jackson Street (outside Curry Heaven) and dogs have got into the bags. There is curry and rice all around the area.
  • Stormwater grate broken - outside No. 5
    On the berm vehicle crossover outside number 5 the storwater grate has broken. The larger section has fallen down into the stormwater drain leveling 3/4 of the hole uncovered. I notice the hole is approx a metre or so deep and an adult foot would easily fit in the hole. The area is used by school children every morning and afternoon during the term to go to and from Hutt Central School. The whole needs to be covered.
  • Overhanging branches
    In the alleyway, alongside Waterloo Kindy, (access on the left from Trafalgar Street) towards the school, there are overhanging branches that adults need to duck under when walking towards the school. Could these please be trimmed back.
  • Removal of signs
    Where old signs have been removed from the footpath, their metal bases are still jutting up out of the concrete, a tripping hazard. I think there are 3 of them. These are around the Waterloo School side of the road, between the crossing and the shops. I have seen one mum stumble as she pushed her pram along the street and kicked the metal base, she commented on how she could have broken her toe. Also I have seen school children come out and nearly stubbed their toes and fall off their scooters. Nasty. I haven't checked to see if there are others on the other side of the street too.
  • Dangerous ditch next to Hutt River Cycle path
    There is a dangerous drain ditch right beside the shared use cycle path on the river side of the Lower Hutt Riverbank Car Park. The ditch is very close to the path and not obvious on approach. As this is a narrow path a cyclist could easily ride off or be forced off the cycle path by other cyclists, pedestrians or dogs. Today I witnessed a spectacular non-injury cycle accident when a cyclist strayed slightly off the path straight into the ditch. Fortunately the bike dropped away and the cyclist landed on the ground on the far side of the ditch. This drain ditch needs to be sign posted, covered or fenced off.
  • Broken glass on the cycle path2 update
    there is a lot of broken glass on the cycle path on the western hutt road, so it's very dangerous for the cyclists. And it's getting more every day.
  • Street light broken1 update
    Street light on cnr Rona St/Marama Terrace only works intermittently.
  • Street too narrow for parking on both sides
    There should be a yellow no parking line in front of 6 Marama Terrace like it is in the rest of the street. It's too narrow for cars being parked on both sides of the street and still leaving enough room for an ambulance or fire engine.
  • truck tyre on side of road
    On Tuesday (recycling day) I came home to find a truck tyre outside my place at 53 Bristol Square
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