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Waitomo District Council

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  • 2 Sutherland Street Te Kuiti Grass Obstructing Footpath1 update
    2 Sutherland Street Te Kuiti Grass Obstructing Footpath. Becoming impassable due to long grass and is a nuisance to all users. The council has an existing contract to keep the verges in this area mown.
  • the stones from the road in the culvert 2 update
    they laid some new tarseal on the road outside my house.Then the road sweeper came down and swept all the stones onto my LAWN and into the culvert so that when it rains the stones will block the water flow.this will mean flooding on the street. This has been waiting for over 2 weeks for someone to do something ..
  • Stench again1 update
    We have put up with this dreadful stench for years. I've had enough. We shouldn't have to be closing doors and windows in this weather to keep the stench out. Something obviously needs to change up there. It's not great having people around for a BBQ when you can't put up with the stench inside or out. I keep hearing the same excuses and nothing changes.
  • Big boat trailer left in dangerous area of boat ramp1 update
    A big boat trailer has been left right next to the Te Waitere boat ramp in the way for at least the last 6-8 weeks. Launched my boat on the outgoing tide and it swung around (with some help from the wind), nearly smashing into this trailer. Luckily my boat and outboard motor didn’t get caught on it. Very dangerous place for this boat trailer to be sitting and doesn’t need to be kept there 24/7. Obviously no respect for the Te Waitere community leaving it there. Cheers.
  • Landfill again2 update
    Absolute disgusting stench have to close doors and windows
  • debris 3 update
    There has been alot of seed debris which remains on the Esplanade around The Cottage and along Jennings Street. Not only is it greasy and becoming dangerous, it is unslightly and this fluffy muck is an allergen to many.
  • Potholes in Driveway to our Kohanga4 update
    It is that time of year again and we have had a significant increase of Potholes in our Driveway at 24A Lawrence street Te Kuiti. The road is being used a lot more by residents on Te Kuiti Road to access the back of their properties. I would suggest someone is sent down to have a look at the driveway to assess the damage as soon as possible.
  • A large Branch has come off the tree in The Benneydale Playgrounds2 update
    you can see in the photos below that a large branch has broken off the tree and needs to be cut up and taken away.You will also notice that the tree looks rotten and as its our main kids playground then the tree is a danger to our kids .
  • Access to NZ Post box at the Oily Rag Piopio2 update
    The post box has relocated from the center of town to the oily rag on the outskirts of Piopio. The footpath ends the block before the oily rag. The entrance way from the town side is awkward as you cross the street to arrive in the center of two business driveway entries and one private house, essentially providing a third lane to the road leaving pedestrians in the path of oncoming vehicles for quite some time. Now that it houses a government service it would be great if there were a footpath leading to the store to make a clear, safe path for pedestrians who currently feel vulnerable and in the way.
  • test1 update
  • Street Sign and Post removed.1 update
    Blackman St Sign and post removed. Hole left in ground.
  • Test by MAGIQ Software2 update
    Test by MAGIQ Software (will be deleted)
  • Right of way at 24 Lawrence st2 update
    Kia Ora, My name is Tina Kiingi and I am the administrator at Te Kuiti Kohanga Reo. I am writing you again in regards to fixing our driveway at 24 Lawrence street. There are a number of potholes now in the driveway/right of way. As requested already we would like to talk about how we can work with you to remedy this situation permanently. Please email us or ring if you require any information
  • 2 x street lights out5 update
    The two street lights in front of the Waitomo Top 10 Holiday Park in Waitomo Village are not working.
  • 3 street lights not working460 update
    At the bottom of George Street, the first 3 streetlights are not working (I noticed this early this morning)
  • Appropriate lighting direction.7 update
    Recently our street lights have been changed to a new "blue" lights- I think this is because they are cheaper to run which is a great idea.However the light at end of shared driveway of 50,52A and 52B Hill street faces up the driveway not on the roadway where it is needed as its right on a blind corner.This corner also needs attention with shrubs/trees on the inside of the corner which is council land. Vision is extremely limited and needs cutting back to improve safety.
  • Dangerous Road Siding/Traffic Island4 update
    There is no markings on the traffic island west of the Waitomo Glow Worm caves - tourists are mistaking the bus parking area for a second lane/thinking they have to drive on the left of the traffic island and driving into the path of other vehicles who have thought the vehicles have pulled off the road. The bus parking area and traffic island need to be clearly marked that it is not a second lane. Maybe yellow cross hatching painted on the tarseal? There used to be signs on the traffic island but they have been removed. The attached photo from dashcam video shows the issue. The full video shows the tourist vehicle pulling off the road - both the truck driver and I thought they had pulled off to stop - it ended in a minor accident - but could have easily have been a fatality - it was a miracle the car did not go underneath the axle/trailer of the stock truck! When I returned through the same site a few minutes later I witnessed a logging truck speeding through the same bus parking area rather than using the road - also pretty dangerous if there had been cars parked around the corner. With the number of logging trucks and tourists using this part of the road something needs to be done please before there is a fatal accident in this spot. Thank you.
  • Soap Please2 update
    Hello, Can you please consider putting soap in the public toilets at Mokau. I frequently drive through and stop there and would love to be able to wash my hands properly. Thanks so much, Courtney
  • Road being filled and NOT fixed 7 update
    Kent street is again had metal put over the subsidies and then not fixed properly. There is now no safety barrier and the rain has again scoured the edge out. If there is a vehicle forced over the edge then the council is liable. The road has been getting worse over at least the last 4 year, and our rates go up each year! This is not my first complaint on this road.
  • Footpath8 update
    Kia Ora Can we have a footpath along Mine Rd for our students to walk on when they walk to school. At the moment 1/2 are walking on grass edges and the road. It is just not safe. Also could we have a black and white stripe zebra crossing from the pathway to the school side of the road so our students can have education surrounding road safety and become familiar with road safety expectations. It would also be beneficial if we had a school crossing sign to help slow down cars that zoom past to the dump which is located past our front entrance.
  • Metal plate and uneven surface.2 update
    Can repairs be made to stretch of road on carroll st between Craig and King st. There is metal plate that bags when every vehicle drives over it and a loud bag when vehicles drive through that stretch of road. Very disturbing to locals and motel guests at motel te kuiti. That noise is our biggest complaint from guests.
  • water leak3 update
    water leak outside 16 ailsa street on grass verge and water coming out of the road at 14 ailsa street
  • Tree Shrub interference line of site 2 update
    Trees and Shrubs interfering with line of site when existing Balance entrance/Exit
  • Unfenced swimming pool.2 update
    This property has a swimming pool on the front lawn, and there is no fence either around the pool, or around the boundary, which gives access to the pool from the street to anyone. We thought it is Council/NZ law that all pools were to be fenced. Sooner or later a child will use this pool unsupervised, and we all know how quickly a child can drown.We have heard there have been complaints about this pool in the past, but nothing seems to have changed. Thankyou for this forum to discuss this sort of issue.
  • access way to multiple properties 11-13-15-17 tonga st3 update
    council access way to multiple properties 11-13-15-17 tonga st in poor repair
  • Blackman St., Te Kuiti. 3910... - Sign4 update
    Sign was pulled out of the ground by a group of teenages at about 1.00am last night. Then thrown into the park. Hole left in the ground where sign was - Hazard.
  • oparure rd3 update
    I was called by a rate payer to go and have a look at a stretch of this road from Smarts down to the bottom of the hill. He said it was a disgrace and it was. You could literally see the tar seal running down the hill. It is also severely rutted and the poor car owners are going to have their vehicles covered in tar. This is the same section of road that I mentioned at a recent council meeting where Inframax were required to come back and do remedial work only a matter of months after they had done rehabilitation. This needs urgent attention and is very disappointing.
  • road falling into the creek3 update
    the road is slipping away and just adding layers of new seal will not fix the problem - it needs retaining and stabilizing please
  • Landfill3 update
    Once again a dreadful stench coming from the landfill this morning and again tonight. Not acceptable when we have to close our windows to keep the dreadful smell out.
  • Landfill again4 update
    Another day dawns & the same stinking problem. It's getting beyond the joke.
  • dangerous rocks3 update
    The rocks at the end of the road leading down to the beach are Precariously balanced and the public are able to climb over these and do so to get to the beach.
  • Landfill4 update
    Once again smelling & has happened on several nights recentely including tonight.
  • Footpath needs spraying4 update
    The un-paved footpath along Ellis Road, Benneydale has a weed growing on it which is slippery when wet. Someone apparently came out and sprayed the edges of the path but did not spray the weeds growing in the actual pathway. The community asked if the path could be sprayed.
  • Water leak4 update
    There seems to be a continuous flow of water from our toby through our front lawn and down the road.
  • Awakino Heads Road 2 update
    1. The public toilets need a coat of paint. The six bachs look down on the toilets and you can see the moss and lykin growing on the top of the toilets. 2. A rubbish bin is needed at Awakino heads Road lookout point. A lot of rubbish is dropped there by cars while parked. A lot of residents pick up rubbish there while on a walk. 3. At the point graffiti has been written on your white barrier that you have recently put there.
  • Stench again2 update
    Stench from the landfill again last night (WED) & tonight (Thursday)
  • Landfill3 update
    Once again dreadful stench from the landfill. Thursday 5.30pm
  • Stench from landfill2 update
    I complained about the odour coming from the landfill at yesterdays council meeting. I also phoned in about it this morning & have had no feed back & now at 6.30pm tonight the stench is back again. I have had to close doors & windows again as it is disgusting. Feed back for this occurrence would be appreciated.
  • No footpath3 update
    I live at 5 Butler Street. I walk nearly everyday all over Te Kuiti and find footpaths in good order, other than next door. There is NO footpath. Very difficult to push my grandchild in his push chair. It requires a deviation onto the road. I also have a family member who is disabled - using a wheelchair is even harder with no foot path
  • Really bad odours affecting the neighbourhood 4 update
    Over a long time both us and neighbours (to each other) have complained about the smell which we think is from the sewer which comes from UBP down Waitete Road past McIndoe Plumbing. I understand when the lines are flushed it improves for a time. We think this action happened after a person further down our road complained previously on a number of occasions) We understand its comes through non sealed manholes. It is very embarrassing for us with visitors and indeed its a part of our life that is continuous especially in the hotter months (and we can do without this impact on our life. What can you do to solve this please?
  • Camelia Tree Outside 11 Taupiri Street, Te Kuiti4 update
    There are 2 camelia trees outside 11 Taupiri Street, Te Kuiti. The one on the corner of Taupiri Street and Alexandra Street is so large that the school children cannot come from Alexandra Street and cross over heading to Nahna's Fruit shop, without having to step out on to the road by about 3 steps to see if there are cars coming from the south of Taupiri Street. It is becoming very dangerous.
  • Playground Children Slide Steps2 update
    There is metal lead pointing upwards, which is really dangerous could poke/cut children feet. This located on the first few runs of the steps leading to blue slide.
  • Foot bridge needs repair440 update
    Foot Bridge from georgette street across to the play ground (on Council land) needs repair, it has gaps in the Boards and a loose hand rail. Gary Lowe (local builder) suggested covering it with a thick plywood and said he would do the job for free if Council supplied the plywood.
  • Lense hanging2 update
    A lense has been hanging open off a light for weeks outside 45 Esplande
  • Streetlight not working1 update
    Streetlight has been out for approximately 1 week. It is the light that is situated outside 9 & 11 George Street, Te Kuiti
  • Mangaiti Road in Mapiu is in need of grading and potholes filled in2 update
    Road is in terrible state. Large deep potholes are a major hazard to traffic. Metal has washed away in one place and has left deep ruts. When it floods the metal that has been replaced here just keeps on slipping away and then just gets filled an replaced but never fixed properly.
  • Faulty street light2 update
    Street Light No. L0280 on the Esplande, Te Kuiti, has lost its defuser and its gear tray is hanging by its wiring. Big Health and Safety risk to public walking on Footpath, could result in serious harm.
  • Service cover removed2 update
    On corner of Queen & Lawlor Sts, blue service cover has been removed & thrown into my hedge. The blue cover is currently behind my hedge up by the mail box.
  • Shoes hanging from Power Line2 update
    A pair of shoes are hanging from the power line outside 1 Nettie Street, on the Ngarongo Street side. It would be nice if they could please be removed.
  • Weeds4 update
    On either side of the fire station there is deadly nightshade amongst other weeds growing out of the gutter. Not a good look.
  • Blocked view at intersection Taupiri St & King St 1 update
    At the Taupiri St & King St the view where children cross the road is blocked by shrubs in the garden. I was told the gardens were to be redone (last year) in the mean time these shrubs are growing taller. This morning I saw the high school students turn the corner, but missed seeing the little one go straight ahead to cross the road.
  • Plants in gardens too high1 update
    The plants in the gardens by the round about at Taupiri and King Sts are too high. Driving along Taupiri St from Mitre 10 end I have often missed seeing children about to cross the road - this is the 3rd time I have mentioned this.
  • Gardens overgrowing footpath.2 update
    The house at 53 Ward Street Te Kuiti, has its gardens completely covering the footpath. This footpath is on the busy corner of Hill Street and Ward Street, used by many children walking to school, town etc. All users of this section of the footpath now have to walk on the road on the corner to get past this house. Someone is going to be hit by a car through no fault of the driver as there is very limited vision approaching the corner. Please ask the occupants to trim their gardens back to allow full use of the footpath, thanks very much.
  • Bamboo on Council Land3 update
    At the end of Wesley Terrace is an area belonging to the WDC. It is a bamboo bush which is growing out of control. In the past, Mr Parlayne, used to maintain this bamboo growth, but in recently months (probably 2 years) this area is getting out of control. The area, just in front and at the end of Wesley Terrace, is also WDC land. A few years ago I have gained permission from the WDC to fence an area off and maintain it myself. At the start of this year, at my own cost. I removed a tree on demand of the The Lines Company (at my own cost). I am also quite willing to landscape and maintain the area leading into my property. The driveway (also WDC land) has not been fixed or maintained for more than the 14 years of my occupation of 12 Wesley Terrace. I really would like the WDC to address the bamboo issue, as well as the driveway.
  • Stree light outside Rangitoto School, 949 Rangitoto Rd1 update
    The streetlight outside Rangitoto School,949 Rangitoto Rd does not work.
  • Clean up of vegetation debris on verge of corner property on Hill St/Elizabeth St, Te Kuiti1 update
    Treescape Contractors have left bamboo cuttings and other tree debris on the verge of the corner property. This resulted in the resident being unable to keep the verge from Hill Street into Elizabeth St mowed and tidy and our street looks very unkempt and neglected. Not at all in keeping with the 'vibrant and thriving' image we would all like for Te Kuiti
    On the corner of Rora and Ward streets in Te Kuiti. Just on the Railroad tracks, this piece of road has been patched so many times and the patch lasts 1-2 days untill a truck goes over it then the ashpalt breaks up again. This needs to be relaced permanently.
  • Graffiti at Mangaokewa Reserve2 update
    There is alot of tagging at the reserve (viaduct) including the toilets and signs.
  • a depression on Te Kumi Road, Te Kuiti2 update
    On Te Kumi Road, infront of 41 Te Kumi Road Te Kuiti, there is a depression in the tar seal which is deep enough and wide enough (and getting worse in warm weather) to shake heavier vehicles and trailers and any multiple axle vehicles creating loud clasps of metallic thunder waking us up at night. It shakes my house and adjacent properties as well. I am not sure if Te Kumi Road is looked after by WDC. But I hope that I can get your support and endorsement so I can take this up to the correct office concerned. Please give me a call if you want me to discuss this request with you in more detail. Thank you.
  • broken street light2 update
    street light working when it wants to and needs another light in the middle of the street or the current one move down further pitch black at night and had issues with kids and cars hanging around in the dark cant identify anyone due to poor lighting
  • Maraeroa rd needs grading1 update
    Hi the stretch of road just of SH30 in in a poor state, can it have some attn?
  • Mangaiti Road in Mapiu in need of maintenance1 update
    Our road in in dire need of having some maintenance done to it. There are corrigations and potholes all up the road and lack of metal is making the road dangerous in the wet winter conditions. The residents of Mangaiti road have been putting up with it for some time now but someone really does need to take a look at it. The entire road is like this, not just one part of it.
  • potholes on road1 update
    pothole on entry to Mangaokewa Road from SH30, also potholes on flat after bridge are getting bad.
  • street lighting1 update
    Light opposite 50 Hill Street Te Kuiti has not worked for more than 2 minutes at a time for months. This is a dangerous corner that needs good lighting.
  • No road Maintenance for 20 plus years. 70 Main north street Mokau2 update
    This should be the responsibility of the district council, but local land owners are having to maintain the right of way road over the years with no cost to the council. No service utilities at road side. The road is only usable by 4 wheel drive & trucks are unable to use. It only has ever had a layer of 40mm dirty gravel. Drainage has not been installed to a good environmental standard & when it rains it floods low laying properties with flash flooding effects.
  • Two lights not working2 update
    The two street lights closest to McIndoe group's showroom are out - they were out last night as well. (One at each end of showroom)

New issues

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Older issues

  • slip - undercut
    there is a small slip undercutting into the side of the road approximately 200 -300 meters from the end of the seal on Mangaokewa Road. While not urgent to fix it should be coned off so no-one drives into it if two vehicles are passing each other.
  • leaking Toby on WDC land
    On the cnr of Maiaiti st and Georgette st in Benneydale is a leaking toby/pipe. This is the vacant land beside 4 maniaiti st.This needs urgent repair before it gets any worse.
  • Water main burst
    Water is coming out of the road and there may be a water main burst underneath. Its been getting steadily worse. outside 16 Ailsa street te kuiti
  • Unsafe footpath1 update
    Footpath heading over the Bowling Green on Tammadge street is heavily overgrown. Blackberry is hanging down. Up around the corner at number 18 Tammadge street has gravel over the footpath making children walk on the road. The hillside along between 22-24 is also overgrown and children need to walk on the road.
  • fallen tree
    the tree has blocked the walkway between Ellis rd and kiwi place. this walkway was put in so our kids could walk to school safely.
  • Sunken cobbles
    Outside 18 Sheridan St, there is a down pipe, the water spurts from holes in down pipe when raining. This has washed the sand from under the cobbles, now very dangerous dip to trip on.
  • New culvert pipe
    Needs more metal on top where a new culvert pipe was put in as theach fill has sunk
  • Very slippery road surface due to lack of metal
    Vehicles are slipping and having trouble to maintain traction on corners as lack of metal on road
  • Footpath
    The footpath is very slippery and plants are overgrown. Blind corner is also very unsafe for the 9 children that use this footpath. Signs and a mirror would help with crossing safely
  • footpath
    The footpath is broken and gravel from Driveway is over the footpath forcing users to walk on the road.
  • Street lights out
    When power cut of few days ago the street lights in kiwi street and nearby never came back on and it’s pitch black
  • Private property fence installed too close to footpath cannot pass others due to distancing requirements Covid-19
    Property at 19 Robin Azariah Place, Te Kuiti - has a boundary fence installed incorrectly, it is not on the legal boundary. It has been installed on the council road reserve right next to the footpath. This means that it is far too close to footpath, and thus people cannot pass each other safely due to distancing requirements under Covid-19. Request Council visit the site to inspect and issue compliance if required to have the fence set back to correct boundary.
  • Street light not working
    Street light on the corner of Queen & Lawlor Sts, opposite Lusk St. Light not working
  • We need a sign!
    Hi! We live at 78 Queen Street, Te Kuiti, which is a dead-end / no exit street. However, this is not indicated in any signs. People think it's a shortcut to SH3. It is not. Last week, a two-trailer Toll truck got stuck at the end of the road. Today, a large Higgins dump truck had to use our verge and driveway to turn around because he was stuck. This is not to mention the multitude of cars that come up to the end of the road, turn around, and return - often at speed. Could we please get a no-exit sign for the street? Thanks!
  • Road sign in paddock
    I have rented the grazing area bounded by Ketone Street and Hospital Road, and noticed yesterday that a 'No Waiting' sign has been dumped over the fence line into the paddock. It could have been there for several days. It is near the weather station that is across from the High School, a few metres to the left and in a bit of scrubby thicket.
  • pot holes are getting bigger
    The potholes on the side of the road were people park outside our dairy are getting so big and deep that people that want to park at our dairy have to park on the footpath or the grass. The photo's will show you how bad its become
  • pot holes are getting bigger
    ellis rd outside shop . this is another photo of the problem with potholes outside the shop .. I have many more photos of the large holes ..
  • Leaking water main 1 update
    Leaking water main outside 14 Ailsa street. Fast flowing water coming from the leak in a stream down the road
  • Tree behind 17 Hinerangi St1 update
    The large tree on the esplanade reserve immediately behind 17 Hinerangi St appears to be dying.
  • Tawhana St berm northern end1 update
    Badly over grown and strewn with rubbish. Also the toby that was located in the same vicinity on the footpath has been permanently covered over making it impossible for the nearby tenant to turn the water supply off should it be necessary
  • broken tarseal on drive way 1 update
    the trucks stop outside my house to stay at the lodge .. they ave broken up the tarseal on the road and now its hard for my car to get up the driveway without scraping the bottom ..
  • Test 1 update
    Test fixmystreet website
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