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Manawatu District Council

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  • URGENT: Very dangerous potholes on Dundas Road1 update
    I know of two cars that have blown out tyres in the last week when hitting these potholes on Dundas Road (SH3). They need to urgently be fixed.
  • collapse of road verge1 update
    Road edge on northern side of gateway to 134 Cemetery Rd is collapsing into water-table where school bus stops to collect students. Verge requires stabilisation and sealing. Hole present (fills with water & collapsing further
  • Street Light not working1 update
    Street light outside 4 Phillips St has not been working for approx 1 week.
  • Burst Pipe?1 update
    Hi there, I have notice water is streaming from the grass verge next to the footpath down into our property. It looks like water is bubbling up from the ground. Our Toby hole is flooded . I have trned our Toby off but the water is still flowing from the grass verge down to our house..Can youi please help
  • Flooding causing road hazard1 update
    There is flooding on the corner of Dundas Road and Burt Street in Sanson that is a hazard for traffic and pedestrians.
  • Not working1 update
    Light pole on road outside stocklines awahuri road.
  • Halcombe toilets tap1 update
    The woman's toilet tap is very hard to turn on (its a push button type). Its very hard for a child to on let alone someone elderly. Its also aimed so it spills onto the floor. Can we get a normal tap put in or one easier to use. Thank you.
  • Kimber Street, Halcombe- Potholes2 update
    There are numerous potholes at the beginning of Kimber Street (Clive Street end). Please can these be fixed. Thanks.
  • 3x3 postsandrope on the berm.1 update
    There is 3x3 posts with rope around it covering this berm. It is a danger for children riding scooters, bikes and skating.
  • Berm has been blocked off1 update
    Berm has been blocked off with 75 x 50 posts and heavy rope tied between the post . This is a danger to children who play on the footpath and berm.
  • Berm being defaced1 update
    At No 20 Sandown Ave the berm has had another piece of debri added to it. The council make the laws and then they go and break them just as quick. The law states that the berm is not to be tampered with. But in this casethis person has been given council permission to put posts , rope and plastic shopping bags all over it. Not sure if he is trying to turn Sandown Ave into a slum area or what? So it looks like we can all cover our berm with whatever.
  • Council berm1 update
    The owners of #20 Sandown Ave Mr Swanson and Mrs Hunt have erected barrer posts on and around the council berm. This very dangerous should vehicles need to take evasive action. Cyclists may need to pull over to the berm and with this election persons may well come to harm.Persons running at night will not see these. Totally Dangerous.
  • Mud over street1 update
    Corner of Kimber Street and Halcombe road has mud all over the road made by a truck. Is a hazard. Can someone please remove. Thank you.
  • Speeding1 update
    Churcher St is a long wide residential street that boarders a high school. Vehicles have a habit of speeding in excess of the required 50km/h down this street causing a safety risk to themselves, students, residents and their animals. Is there something to be done about the excess speeding of the cars? Lower speed limit? (I note there are no signs to reduce speed to 30km/h due to a school being present), speed bumps?
  • Rubbish Discarded2 update
    There has been rubbish dumped on the little access way to the water by the bridge. It has been there for 3 days at least. Looks disgusting.
  • Windbreak around the Himatangi Recycling centre1 update
    A great deal of paper and plastic rubbish gets blown inland from the Recycling Container on Koputara. This accumailates in the kids playground and up wind of that.This results in a lot of litter - which the broken window theory tells us - results in people leaving more litter. Installation of wind break netting to the East (upwind from the prevaling direction ) and the west against the tennis court, while leaving the front access unaltered, would be a low cost option to reduce the dispersion of windblown material from the recuycling centre.
  • Sandown Av Himatangi1 update
    Residents of Sandown Av are very concerned about the following issues that are happening on the undeveloped part of the subdivision at Sandown Park. 1.Town Water is being used to fill troughs for stock that are grazing. This system has leaks and has running water. It is connected to a blue house water toby. 2. Dumping rubbish and green waste is attracting rats and mice. This is also not helped by the dropping from the stock. 3. Sewage. recently the owner was served an abatement(Horizon) notice after discharging sewage for 3 years . We are very concerned about contamination in the area and the smell at times. We would like to see the area tested and cleared. 4. Stock. 20 head of beef and 3 horses is this allowed on residential land. Attracting rats mice fly's and smell. 5. Two Water ponds are not fenced and pose a real risk for children who do go onto this land as kids do. These issues have been identified by the 4 residents in the subdivision and I am the point of contact. The Land is own by Murray Hastie. Sandown Trust.
  • One of Fielding Flag by Locomobile boad missing1 update
    Hello, I'm Jun, a cyclist who passed by Fielding. I couldn't remember the exact spot, but the location is between the Aorangi street and East street rougly speaking. There is Locomobile board on the grassfield by the street, representing Fielding and welcoming visitors. There are two flags with "FIELDING" letters by the locomobile board. Indeed, it is a sheer pleasure to see the board and the flags of the town, as a visitor. Firstly, I wanna thank you to who installed such an interesting board and flags. But I found yesterday one of the flags missing. I think the missing flag should substituted as soon as possible. I hope this report can be helpful info to fix it and bring the pleasure back to any fielding visitors.
  • barking dogs1 update
    continuous barking of dogs night and day ,nothing done dog owner does not live on premises approx. 5 kms awayfrom property,he rents property not a rate payer like us and our neighbours[us 30yrs]
  • Kairanga Bunnythorpe sign knocked down1 update
    Hello, the above mentioned sign has been knocked down for a while and you already may be aware of this. The Amco is a bit damaged here as well. The sign is still there, but the poles appear like they might be broken.
  • Rubbish at Timona Park1 update
    Yesterday evening when I was walking in Timona Park from the Simon Street entrance the rubbish bins were overfull and there was a lot of rubbish near the childrens playground.
  • Manhole cover1 update
    Water pooling around manhole cover and our property. Please also explain why the manhole cover has been placed on our property.
  • long grass on roadside1 update
    Overgrown grass on road side needs urgent mowing as there is no way to see oncoming traffic.
  • Speed Bump needed1 update
    Because bumps were put on York Street which slowed boy racer cars down. They come fast down prince Street i would suggest they put a speed bump on the street or monitor it at night time. As the skids show its happening often.
  • Overgrown road edges1 update
    Edges were not cut from London Street on. They are now overgrown and a traffic hazard on a blind corner near the upper end.
  • Overgrown grass and trees 1 update
    Overgrown grass and trees just after the bridge by boness road. Blocking the view looking left coming out of boness road.
  • Noise Nuisance1 update
    This property plays loud music almost daily to the point where loud bass boom boom boom can be heard as late at 11pm on the weekends and ten pm during the week. While the timing is not bad the continuous boom boom boom of bass invading our home, overshadowing our own tv is UNACCAPTABLE!
  • Drain erosion & bridge footing1 update
    Stock barrier across drain has become clogged and has diverted the flow into the bank. Significant incutting and collapse of bank. Not yet serious but now it has started it will continue to erode toward the bridge footings. Location is the bridge outside of 591 Lockwood Road.
  • Mowing roadside edge and spraying drains1 update
    Is it possible to have the roadside edges along Nannestads Line tractor-mowed? The drains are also in need of a spray as there are grass and weeds taking hold currently. As the grass on the berm is quite high (over 50cm in some parts) and on steep angles due to the drain, it is very difficult to mow.
  • Water toby - 8 Himatangi Street, Himatangi Beach1 update
    We cannot find our water toby near the public footpath outside our property at 8 Himatangi Street, Himatangi Beach
  • River1 update
    River has a large amount of scum caught up on the rocks + more has already floated down the river in the last few days. This is a shame as the river was tidied up just recently & looked really good. I live at 75 Derby street & the scum can be seen from our garden which is not the issue. The issue is that it s a shame to see this sort of thing happening in a nice clean town like Feilding.
  • Trees and weeds in the West Street Drain, Feilding1 update
    On several occasions I have reported that there are a number of hanging branches and a few dead trees outside on the boundary reserves of the West St drain. This is the drain reserve and the private property side. (Not the street reserve) There are weeds growing within the drain itself. What is the maintenance programme for the clearance and spraying of weeds with the drain itself. It would be greatly appreciated if the self seeded elms would be trimmed or pruned and for the weeds to be cleared. I have phoned the Council on three separate occasions and to-date there has been no action. Thank you for your assistance.
  • Leaking water pipes1 update
    Town Water is being used to fill troughs for stock that are grazing. This system has has been leaking for days now
  • Fallen tree blocking beach walk entrance1 update
    a Macrocarpa's large branch has fallen over in Himatangi Beach which is blocking the beach walk entrance (cnr Te kiri and Hunia Tce). This has been like this for over 2 weeks now
  • No Gravel1 update
    The gravel on Zig Zag road is almost non-existant, particularly at the Finnis Road end. Fresh gravel was dumped on the road not so long ago, but then the grader came through and pushed it all away. The road is now a mud slide. Can this please be rectified as it is a reoccuring problem.
  • Overhanging Vegetation1 update
    Excessively overhanging vegetation on both sides of West Street from intersection of North Street down to South Street. This is the second time this matter has been reported.
  • Entrance Way to 26 Lethbridge St 1 update
    Why Was This Put In and Then Replaced 2 Months Later at The Rate Payers Expence replaced Who In The The Council was Resposibile for Giving the The Wrong Dimensions to Higgens Has He Been Reprimanded Or Given Dismissal This Is Not Good Enough How Many other Mistakes are We Paying for because Of Your Incompetant Staff
  • Branches falling in wind from Council trees2 update
    Work in PN. Arrived home 10/05/13 5.30pm and foundthat some large branches had fallen from trees planned on council land in Mountfort Grove. Possible safety and hazard issues if contining. Some further action may be required. Inspection recommended and Feedback appreciated. I live at 47 Port street West
  • Graffiti2 update
    on the power koiosk cnr Derby Marlborough
  • Windscreen glass on road/ roadside1 update
    Shattered windscreen glass on side of road between 344 and 362 Kaimatarau Road, Rongotea.
  • Stones all over road1 update
    Recent road maintenance has been done and the end of Pryces Line connecting with Halcombe road has stones all over it and needs to be swept properly as an accident is waiting to happen because of stones being flicked up.
  • No Blue MDC Rubbish Bags in supermarkets1 update
    Rubbish left opposite Hiwinui School in black or green bags. However, there aren't currently Blue MDC bags in Palmy or Feilding Supermarkets and haven't been for 2 weeks (Feilding and Kelvin Grove Countdowns). What are you supposed to do if bags aren't available to buy?!
  • Clogged Drains2 update
    The north side drains along cemerty road leading up to Hedges STreet are in need to clearing Before Winter to avoid either stagnation of water outside the properties an/or flooding
  • Insufficient Recycling Service - Sanson1 update
    The recycling in Sanson has never been able to cope with the amount of recycling disposed. Since changes were made to the contractors late last year it is worse than ever. Today (Monday) the bins are over flowing with recycling outside of the bins. Can you please organise a larger receptacle or more frequent collections? It would be good for residents of Sanson to have road side collections as recently introduced to Feilding.
  • Dumped Rubbish 1 update
    There has been rubbish dumped at this site for over two rubbish collection weeks. While its not in council bags but rather normal black rubbish bags the rubbish collectors refuse to pick it up and now the number of bags left continues to grow. Can this please be removed as soon as possible. It would be best if the collectors still picked this up to avoid repeat issues of this.
  • fence1 update
    we live at 75 Derby St. & would like to report that part of the fence at the end of our fence has been kicked in.it could be dangerous for any small child if they went to close to it as it is very steep and they could end up on the stones below, it is also very unsightly.
  • Give way signs at the corner of Fagan and Hedges Street, Sanson3 update
    I am writing on behalf of my parents, Ian and Glenys Mclaughlan, there is a serious safety concern for the neighbourhood with local residents with motor vehicles ignoring the fact that there are give way signs on the corner of Fagan and Hedges Street. My parents have been to the local traffic control people to report the issue who assured them they would speak to the residents concerned. It has had no impact. Unfortunately I cannot tell you who the residents are, however it seems to me that the only thing that will slow the culprits down are speed humps leading up to the Give way signs. The concern is there are a number of elderly folk, young people on bikes and numerous pets who roam around that are vulnerable to this risk. Your consideration to this idea would be appreciated.
  • Lack of Rubbish collection1 update
    There are a large number of rubbish bags on the roadside in the Pohangina Valley which have been there for 24hrs. It appears Council has changed the collection day from Thursday to Monday. In my case there has been no prior notification of this change and given the large number of bags on the roadside I would say that a lot of other people did not receive notification My main concern is whow the Council will inform residenst of teh change and how much of the rubbish will remain on the roadside til Monday
  • over grown grass1 update
    the grass on the left hand side of awahuri road going out of town just passed the bridge by boness road is so long it is blocking the vision for cars coming out of boness road. it needs to be fixed asap as it is going to cause a accident.
  • Cow fouling and stray1 update
    Almost every morning there are cattle up and down the road unattended. Also the mess and heavily machinery on the road has resulted in degradation of the road surface and large pot holes. The width of the road has also been reduced to a single lane at this point because of the cow poo/mud etc. Anyone using this road has to dodge the cows, negotiate passed the mess, squeeze past any on coming vehicles(some very big trucks who drive fast and dont stop for anyone), and slip through the pot holes(the latter for the many people going to the local marae). And the mess on the road after a little rain gets so thick that normal cars loose traction, and slide over the road.
  • Trench compaction/degrading1 update
    Hi, three quarters of the way up Haggit street there is an existing trench running accross the road that has been excavated to access services obviously the trench has been poorly backfilled causing a bad hole/depression in the road. I am concearned for road users (particularly cyclists) in general on this street as this problem seems to be getting worse over the 2 - 3 months i have been observing it.
  • Unsafe playground2 update
    It's a small childrens playground, its situated on a slope and is dangerous for children when using the slide, the end is to far off the ground and the 2 swings are to high off the ground.
  • No street lighting9 update
    No street lighting working on Trewin and Keith Elliott street.
  • Dangerous uneven road1 update
    This road from Bainesse school, to Kellow road is shocking, It sends a 4x4 rolling all over the road at 100kms so i would hate to think how the trucks get on at 90kms. This needs to be address and fixed before some boy racer ends up airborne It needs to have a speed reduction put on it until it is fixed
  • rubbish dumping1 update
    old fridge and various rubbish , regular dump here untill vehicle access is blocked
  • grazing on road verges and 2 update
    cattle grazed on road verge and around stream . mud over road and access to verge not possible , so its unsafe to walk dog on road in dark or bike on road through mud . same farmer leaves mess on rise of rigde road from movement of tractor without tidying at any point also making cycling dangerous and difficult . the roads are a shared space and if one makes a mess on a road the thing to do is to clean up , not leave it to build up . grazing road verges by cattle is destructive and a user pays activity .
  • regular rubbish dumping2 update
    on stream bank,near kiwitea stream bridge . regular and varied household and car rubbish . please drop a concrete block on the tracks entry to stream and deter vehicles .
  • spray along property boundary1 update
    farmer contractor spraying using a ute spraying along my fence line with commercial amount of unknown spray without advisement. PN city council has directives stating that 50m distance to avoid drift issues .
  • Overhanging vegetation4 update
    There is substantial overhanging vegetation (from private properties) along both sides of West Street. Could reminder notices please be issued to property owners.
  • Pothole on north side of road1 update
    Potholes on north side of road are deep and hard to avoid if there is oncoming traffic.
  • Pothole in Arnott Street1 update
    There is a pothole in Arnott Street that needs fixing.
  • flooding2 update
    The council have caused a lot of headache in this area and I would like to know what they are doing to fix this problem !
  • Sat way cemetery1 update
    Can you please add the stanway cemetery to your database
  • long grass on roadside1 update
    Long grass on the roadside of Haggerty Street,Kimbolton is making driving visibility difficult and is becoming a fire risk and really needs to be mown
  • Almost Impassable Footpath3 update
    The vegetation from this property has almost completely covered up the footpath making it very difficult to pass.

New issues

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Older issues

  • Road surface needs urgent repair
    Kimber street is in need of repair. There are several large holes in the road since the person came and put loose metal in them. That lasted about 2 days. There are trenches developing at various locations on the road. It is dangerous and even worse when the road turns to mud in the rain. This is causing damage to vehicles.
  • Sunken footpath flooding
    The footpath outside 14 Fagan Street Sanson floods with every rain fall. Children going to school must walk on the road. This was previously raised and was due for repair but never happened.
  • Missing sign
    Unfortunately someone has decided that the Boness road street sign is far more important to them than the identification of the street. The white post has been snapped off at ground level and is missing along with the sign.
  • water coming out of blue water cover
    water leaking out of blue water cover and onto the road
  • Street light not working
    Street light not working outside 10? Baring St
  • Broken street signs
    The signs on the corner of Dundas and Fagan Srreets are about to fall off. Would be cheaper to repair than replace.
  • Rough footpath
    There is a crack or lip in the footpath outside the Farm source that is a tripping hazard. It seems to be under a tree where the lighting is bad so is hard to see. I have tripped and badly scraped my knees and arms on this twice now.
  • Flooding hazard
    The footpath flooding outside 14 Fagan Street, Sanson has gotten so bad that a child fell off his bike riding though it and I had to help him (I live at number 16). Now when it floods children have to walk around it which takes them onto the road which is dangerous. This is the main footpath leading to school so it's important this issue gets resolved quickly.
  • Broken jutterbar1 update
    The stupid jutterbar that leads into the village has a very large bolt sticking out of it and will be totalling peoples tyres. Also, the jutterbar itself is ruining and road underneath so should really be removed. :)
  • Sansom street signs vandalised
    Sanson street signs are regularly being pulled out and need to be concreted in. Such as the corner of Dundas and Milne (31 Dundas Road, Sanson).
  • Road in poor condition
    The road works (Sewer, mains and waste water pipes) being carried out on Churcher Street has been an on going issue for months and we can see no progress since the end of the lockdown. These works are taking far too long and are a real inconvenience to locals who use this road. If this maintenance was being carried out on a street in town I am sure the council would not let this lack of progress persist. If there is going to be a prolonged hiatus with this work then Churcher Street needs to be maintained to a far better standard.
  • Burnt out car
    There is a burnt out car down the river to the left.
  • lip in pavement
    There is a large lip in the pavement on South Street outside the Farmsource and coffee cart that was obscured by a tree shading the streetlight.I tripped and fell quite badly this morning about 6:30am. My problem is not the tree but the lip in the pavement :)
    The street sign for Raymond Street that was situated on Ashhurst road has not been there for months.
  • Light doesn't go
    Light outside 9 recreation street doesn't go
  • Dumped rubbish
    At the end of the gravel road heading down the river on Boness road someone has left rubbish on the river banks. Also loads of wet wipes have be dumped in the trees.
  • White line disappeared outside Aorangi Marae
    The white line on the LHS of the road travelling towards Feilding outside the Aorangi Marae is crumbling with a large edge. We hit this last night and punctured our tyre.
  • Dangerous intersection
    When travelling down Hansens Line towards SH3 the signage for the intersection is hidden by overgrown vegetation and you don't see the sign until you are very close to the intersection. We travelled down here last night and thought that it was very dangerous in the dark as you don't realise how close you are to the intersection until you are very close. Given this road intersects a busy SH I would suggest a night audit should be done to confirm the best solution (likely to trim the vegetation covering the sign).
  • Community Hall/Surf Lifesaving Club
    There is tagging on the alcove near the rear exit door facing Kaikokopu Stream at the Himatangi Beach Community Hall where it joins the Palmerston North Surf Lifesaving Club, 4 Koputara Rd, Himatangi Beach.
  • Potholes
    Lots of potholes have appeared over the past week. Getting bigger and more dangerous.
  • Street lights out
    Sherwill St East, Feilding. Between Elizabeth St and Pharazyn St - no street lights last night.
  • Left signage
    There are three piles of left signage along Sherwill St East after the contractor finished a job about three weeks ago.
  • Rubbish dumped on road
    A significant amount of rubbish was dumped overnight (sometime after 10.30pm Saturday night) on Cole Road which could be dangerous for traffic.
  • Not working
    Light on pole by entrance to feilding golf club 1487 Waughs road.
  • Chevron board damage/broken
    The Chevron board at the southern side of the Glen Oroua corner has a broken post and has damaged the sign. Also one of the street lights is permanently on.
  • Rubbish on Halcombe Road
    There is currently a LOT of roadside rubbish on Halcombe Road, between Halcombe and Feilding. The roadside was recently mown, so the problem is even more obvious now. Some of the rubbish is quite large (a broken windscreen), while some of it is smaller. I drive that road every day, and I've never seen it as bad as it is at the moment. It must have been a very long time since someone did the roadside clean up. It would be awesome if someone was able to do something about this yucky issue. Thank you :)
  • Unsafe unsealed road
    Grader came last week with roller but road was left with clay mixed with what grit was there. Rain last night has left gradients on the road with a clay mud slushy surface causing dangerous driving conditions. This is a continuous issue, in winter we just have mud. In summer we have clouds of dust cover the homes with every passing vehicle. This road needs sealing for public safety.
  • Road and infrastructure work 147 Port Street East Feilding
    Stormwater drain filled with silts from dewatering. Not reinstated and blocking the stormwater pipe from discharging from the property. Verge not reinstated to previous movable condition sealing not carried into vehicle entrance. Also a significant safety issue at the corner of Churcher Street and Port Street East due to the way the Stormwater manhole has been installed Significant injury risk if a vehicle misjudged the corner
  • Graffit
    On the makino road dairy and attached fence
  • Water leak
    There is a water leak coming up in the grass verge, outside this residence (56 Grey Street, Feilding).
  • Lights flashing
    Hi I wish to have somebody fix the lighting on the Himatangi junction as it continuously turns on and off during the night for health reasons causing my daughter to have fits quite frequently now wondering if this could be the problem I would love it to be fixed thanks
  • 100km sign
    The 100km sign leaving Rongotea on Waitohi Road seems far too close to residential area as 90% of vehicles are still traveling 100km when entering the township. Larger vehicles tend to shake nearby houses due to their speed
  • Mangaweka Bridge
    There is substantial and increasing pedestrian use of the Mangaweka bridge due largely to the proximity of two busy tourism properties. Families including toddlers are often on the bridge and the side barriers are poor with loose wires, broken timbers and gaps in the centre section up to 300mm wide. I am requesting a Worksafe inspection and action on their advice to bring these barriers up to a compliant pedestrian standard.
  • Street lights, North Street
    There is currently no street lighting on the east side of north st (between Cambridge ave and the terrace) with the influx of new houses are there plans to put any lights on the existing power poles?
  • Roadside mowing and clearing
    The roadside around Halcombe School, mainly Barton Street, Vogel Street and Monteith Street has not been mown for many months. The grass/weeds are encroaching onto the roadway, where people often park. It would be great if this could be cut as a matter of urgency. Thank you.
  • distruction of boundary fence, erection of building on fence
    distruction boundry fence without permission from us at 39 monmouth street. we need this fixed within one week as of today the 17/02/2019. the construction of a building up against the fence removed as well. water running off that roof onto our driveway. i had a very good plumber friend take a look and said this is all completely illegal and suggested you should be informed right away. as both my partner and myself have had a stroke, this is very stressful for us. Helen and any building inspector, please please help us.
  • Road surface very rough and needs repair
    There is a patch of road just east of the Kellow and Kaimatarau roads which is so rough it is causing damage to my car tyre. I drive this road twice a day and it is terrible. Last year I saw a guy from Higgins throwing som bitumen on the surface but it has never been fixed properly. It needs resurfacing urgently.
  • No 1 Line, Pohangina Valley
    I note there is going to be logging trucks coming up and down our road over the next couple of months, there is no way to get passed these logging trucks, it would be invaluable to have traffic lights at both ends of this job. At the very least stop and go signs, during this time. I have a daughter due to have a baby during this time and need to be able to get down the road without any issues.
  • Dangerous intersection
    The intersection connecting Makino road with Chamberlain street crossing North street is a dangerous intersection, with far too many hazards to account for at once. These hazards being the pedestrian and railway crossings, cars turning on the adjacent intersections at Denbigh and Lethbridge street, children before and after school, as well as people pulling into, reversing out of and performing U turns at the dairy. With an increase number of houses being built in this area, trafic at this intersection is increasing making the risk of a serious accident more likely. Experiencing a few near misses myself I strongly feel this intersection requires improvement.
  • Needs street lights
    There are no street lights down Osborne Terrace or a footpath. This needs to be looked into. It is very dangerous not having both of these services
  • Burst pipe
    Hi, just noticed there is a puddle of water around the blue cover that covers my toby on the street. Removed cover and had a feel. There is a small hole in the pipe right before the pipe connects to the tap.
  • Broken Manhole cover
    The manhole has a hole in the cover that is gradually getting bigger
  • Tree roots in wastewater manhole
    Last week O'Hagan Contracting lifted the manhole cover at the end of AÇourt St,outside #2 and noticed that it had tree roots growing in it,they suggested that I contact MDC to make them aware of a potential problem. Grant from O'Hagans has photos
  • Water flowing down the footpath1 update
    On Cobbe Cres, there appears to be water running from out of the ground, maybe a broken water pipe? There are two cones there so someone perhaps already knows about it. There has been water flowing for a couple of days now. Thought it needed a mention. Thanks.
  • Over hanging tree
    Large tree outside boundary is blocking visibility up road from driveway. Have to pull out to far to be able to see on coming traffic.
  • Culvert Issue
    10 Barton Street, Halcombe The drainage culvert was installed least than a year ago and due to flooding is now higher then the road and causing flooding damage to my driveway, please arrange site visit to view issue, thank you, I appreciated for your assistance. Regards Karen
  • Road repair
    Is it possible to have some maintenance done on the Rangiotu Rd road repair, it seems the repair job has been abandoned and left to its own devices and is in quite a state now with no further work being undertaken in recent weeks to finish the job.
  • Large Branch Hanging high over the road
    A Large gum tree branch is hanging high over the road that needs to be cut back. because of high winds this could be fatal. Urgent attention asap
  • Pothole forming beside road
    Mt Biggs road between Knorp St and Fergusson road there is a concrete culvert pipe under the road.the marker has a number 5 on it.On the opposite side of the marker a large hole is forming.(hard to see as it is covered in grass)
  • Slips on London Ford Road
    Slip blocking half of road on corner above bridge on London Ford (Apiti Rd End), Another 200m east side of bridge, 3rd just below Kowhai airstrip (heading towards Ridge Road).
  • Water - poor pressure
    Poor water pressure 207 South Street East (there has been poor water pressure in this area for at least the last two to three weeks)
  • Drop Out on Ridge Road South of London Ford Intersection
    Higgins attempts to fix a drop out has made things worse. Another 500 mm of road edge has now dropped away. Potentially dangerous to traffic.
  • Seal Repairs needed
    The sealing of Cole Road is great and would generally have to be judged a success. There are however currently a couple of spots needing a touch up before they get worse. There are three spots where the seal is peeling on the shoulder, and a couple of small holes in the seal at the Rongotea Road end.
  • Fly tipping
    Some one has dumped a load of rubbish in the drain by the bridge, including a large TV and a set of car seats
  • Recycling collection
    With the prolonged closure of Churcher St the recycling collection beyond the closure has been non-existent. Residents of Roots St East have raised this concern repeatedly however no action has occurred to rectify this situation and no communication with residents has been forthcoming. All we need is notification that the recycling date has changed. This should not be difficult!!
  • Derelict Building
    Hello there. The house at this address was extensively damaged by fire in February 2016.It has been left abandoned with no effort or attempt since to either repair or demolish it. It is reasonable to say that its state is not in keeping with the objectives of the District Plan. Furthermore enough time has passed for the owners to do something.It may be "out of sight out of mind" for them but not for others. Please can something be done. Thank you.
  • Blind corner
    Cars and trucks in Excess of 100k go around this double corner. I have to sit in the drive way and listen to see if any traffic is coming. (Not easy in the wind and rain) If I were to pull out just before something came around the corner, they would never stop in time. Concealed entrance sign needed.
  • Fy tipping - Pyke Road
    There are a chest freezer, electric stove and a large fridge dumped on Pyke Road. About 300 metres from the Taikorea Road end, on the left hand side, in plain view at the edge of the road. And a large entanglement of fencing wire, including some barbed wire, about 300 metres further on, at the right hand bend. It's also on the left, by some large clumps of flax. Maybe two or three cubic metres in size [but not easy to spot if you're travelling fast].
  • Smell
    Smell on Cameron line, Waughs road end, smells everyday. Smells like an efluent pond that has been stired, causing a discusting smell. We smell it going to & from work everyday.
  • replacement bulb needed?
    At the far end of Ngahere Court, off Pitama Road, a street lamp has not been working for some time. It borders house numbers 7 and 8.
  • Footpath needed
    The students before and after school are crossing North Street and walking over grass area on the corner of Duke Street. This area gets very muddy over winter and they are trying to avoid muddy shoes while not slipping. I believe a path would be wonderful here so they are not dragging mud into the class and our cars. It would also stop and potential slips on the muddy grass.
  • No street lights1 update
    We have had no street lighting since Wednesday 11/4/18 along highfield road and parts of west street
  • Pram access
    I was wondering if there was any possibility of making the access (off Sherwill Street) to James Palmer Park pram friendly. I have walked my dog here for many years however now I walk with a pram I can no longer access from Sherwill Street unless someone is with me and we have to lift the pram. I realise it is accessible from other entrance however would be good if I could continue to walk in one end and out the other. Feeback appreciated
  • Rubbish
    Someone has dumped revolting rubbish over the side by the entrance towards the track walking towards timona park from end of Awa street. Not good when your dog gets covered in muck leaking from rubbish bag.its a blue council bag so would have been free to take to the dump anyway!!.
  • trees over the road
    There are quite a few very spindly trees hanging over the road on kaimatarau road. They arent in the best ground as it floods there often and when the wind picks up there is always alot of debri on the road. It can be quite scary driving through the tunnel they make when the wind is gusty. I feel like it wont be long before someone gets hit by a falling tree.
  • Rubbish not collecred
    I put my rubbish out on Friday morning and me recycling bin but it wasn’t collected. My neighbour stated they will be collecting it on Monday. Today it was still not collected and now I have a full recycling bag and 6 blue bags full of rubbish. It’s disgusting and not fair as I’m not able to go to the recycling centre to dispose of it.
  • Please trim trees
    Morning Team At the top end of North St FDG (opp Knox Hall Church)are some mighty big trees that need to be trimmed. With Autumn coming, leaves will start falling into our property as well as our neighbours, blocking drains. Can someone please action as soon as possible?
  • Street light not working
    The street light between 186 and 188 south street east, Feilding has not been working for at least the last week now.
  • Broken road fence
    There is a broken road fence the one that stops people cutting the corner white thanks
  • Water mains shut off tap leaking
    The water mains shut off tap is slowly leaking outside our front gate. The location of this mains tap is on the front fence line between 327 and 329 Kimbolton Road Feilding
  • Apparent contamination of stream
    At approximately 1715 there was a cloud of dirty looking water flowing down the stream adjacent to James Palmer Park. This was not consistent down the length of the stream, with the cloud extending to the end of the wooden stop bank, which would have continued to flow down stream. It is evident that something was being diverted into the d=stream. It had no smell.
  • Drains Fagan Street and Hedges Street Sanson
    Could somone please arrange to clean out the drains in Hedges Street and Fagan Street please. They are over grown and filled with rubbish and weeds. The recent rainfall has caused flooding due to the drains being blocked with overgrown weeds and rubbish.
  • Water fountain
    The water fountain isn't working next to the public toilets in Timona park, Feilding. (The one close to the dog training site).
  • Flooding because of road gradient
    Please fix the gradient of the road outside my gate. Every time it rains the water from the road flows straight through my gate and down my driveway and brings most of the gravel off the road with it. It has got so bad that I now have trenches carved by water in my drive and it will have to be regraded. Water is also flowing from the drains across the toad and down my driveway.
  • Gradient on gravel road
    Can you please fix the gradient of the road which is gravel. Every time it rains all of the water runs straight down my driveway and brings most of the gravel off the road with it. Yesterday was so bad that I am going to have to have my driveway entrance redone because of the mess coming off the road.
  • Loose chip seal
    Mahinui street and awa street feilding both need sweeping very badly. After the recent reseal, which doesn’t seam to have stuck very well the road is in worse condition than before. The road has already been swept but there is a rediculous amount of loose chip already. Road probably needs resealling again I’d imagine to fix it long term. But another sweep off in the short term would be good
  • Awahou South Road Amateur Chip sealing
    Terrible sealing job. 3 weeks after a reseal and there are chips flying everywhere even when travelling well below 30kph. In the afternoon a boat would be a better form of transport as the road turns into a river of bitumen. The chips are damaging the paint on cars and are getting jammed in brake calipers. The worst part is that there was nothing wrong with the road in the first place.
  • Dangerous intersection2 update
    The intersection of Nuku Street and Anga street is very dangerous. Traffic approach from both streets at excessive speed and often cut the corner venturing onto the berm of the property at 1 Nuku Street. There are a number of children who regularly walk or ride their bikes in both streets and they are in danger of being hit by vehicles as are adults who walk their dogs. There is no footpath so people walk on the berm or the road. We have witnessed vehicles screeching around the corner at speed and on occasions travelling on the berm cutting the corner when approaching Into Nuku Street from Anga street. It would be good if there was a giveaway sign or if there was a speed hump placed in one of the streets and if something was placed on the berm corner so that vehicles could not veer onto the berm. Someone is going to get hurt here soon.
  • Blocking footpath
    Car constantly parking across footpath in Pirinoa St, after working hours mainly. People have to walk around the vehicle (sometimes onto the road, The house is number 11.
  • Playground
    Playground swing broken, looks like a failed D shackle.
  • Sunken trench that cross Downs Road.
    On Downs Road by the new Stock yard, there is a previous trench that crosses the road, over time this has sunk to create a very nasty 4 wheel judder... the road is subject to 100 kph so impact in small vehicles has to potential to burst tyres or even roll a vehicle. Myself I have three different vehicles that use this road, my daughter has two. This rut effects them all differently, From the small Chevrolet Cruze 1300cc the rut shakes the vehicle with all four wheel impacting it. The bigger vehicle a Dodge Ram with 22 inch wheels Thuds everytime. Estimated width is 20 inches rigth across road.
  • broken/missing telecommunication wiring, plastic dome cover
    I have noticed the plastic dome covering for telecommunications wiring near the fence missing, leaving the wires exposed.
  • Street light not working1 update
    Street light on Ashdown Crescent hasn’t been going since last week.
  • Fly tipping on McKays Line
    There are 2 black plastic bags of rubbish/recycling dumped in the drain on McKays line. these are on the right (when heading towards cheltenham away from makino road) hand side of the road half way up the hill between 108 mckays line and the next house on the right. I hope this description is helpful enough! Ring me if you need to
  • Flooding from Storm water drain
    Hi We have recently moved into 14 Osborne Terrace and have notices the storm water pipe from the house behind us goes straight onto our front curb. Which causes this to flood and water being built up with no where to drain so is just making a mess of the lawn. If you could please have a look at what can be done to fix this. To my understanding the house hasn't long been built behind us.
  • Drains require a clean out
    The southern side of the drain at Mount Taylor appears ineffective and water is not flowing. It appears the ditch base height could actually be rising as the mud etc continues to settle from its original landscaping
  • Fire Hydrants
    As part of the recent water main replacement works, the original water hydrants were removed but the road markings still point to them. There appear to be new hydrants on the opposite side of the road but these have been buried under road chips. In the event of a fire they would be very difficult to find. Please could they be marked as a matter of urgency? Thanks
  • Blocked Drains
    The road drain is blocked with rubbish (tyres & car parts) and has been for some time. As a result this prevents the water from flowing properly. The water dams up and floods approximately 100 metres back up our and our neighbouring drive ways which prevents access to our properties.
  • Trees shading road
    Very large pine trees are shading road and causing section of road to be icy on cold morning. The tree are now overhanging the road itself. Potential hazard to road users and to power lines on other side pf road if trees fall (as one has recently).
  • Pot Holes not fully repaired - Root St East
    We have waited for over 6 Months to get several pot holes fixed from a submission in November 2016! Some 2-3 Months ago they came and painted white paint around each hole. Last week they finally came to fix the pot holes but they only repaired one and missed several others - the ones on the entrance to 101 Roots St East and outside 107 Roots St East have NOT been repaired. There is another new one forming just west of 95 Roots St East also.
  • Street lights not working
    The street lights around Anderson Street and other nearby streets in Palmerston North have not been working for the last few days.
  • street light is out
    Street light outside 9 recreation street is not working.
  • 85 Hedges Street, Sanson Job Number #391071 update
    HI I recently purchased 85 Hedges Street and have noticed that there is constant flooding and Surface water coming on to our property and our fence posts and most of the pailings are constantly under water due to either a broken or blocked Pipe. I rung the council a month or so about this to get it sorted and nothing has happened this is now destroying my fence as they have been under water and the front of my property is constantly wet from this which is causing Damage. The damage starts from The long driveway next to my property on Acourt and goes across the front of my property and is completely un mow able. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible as the fence is now badly damaged and the front of my property is also getting damaged. Another concern is the open Drain at the side of 83 Hedges street you cannot see any opening for water to go through plus there is old rubbish laptops in there it is on Council land it is the councils Responibility. I have photo's of the surface water which I take daily/weekly, some of the photo's have been taken on weeks where we had no rain yet still doesn't go down. This needs to be sorted immediatly!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Over grown and broken driveway from road to footpath
    The driveway from the road to the footpath is now over grown by grass. So at night it is very hard to fix. It is also so broken up it needs to be replaced
  • Majority deterioration of local river mouth1 update
    Everyone on our street use the small river & surrounding area walking our dogs & ponies esp on a hot day - usually reasonably pleasant (even though we all comment on how much nicer it could be without all the rubbish & big chunks of concretr(??!!) oddly placed here? Recently (past 4weeks) it has become so overgrown (1metre) that u can't see your footing as it's now dangerous-in fact we skipped & twisted an ankle & my daughter cut herself. What has happened to this area is like to know please?? Thanks Natalie
  • Flooding
    we have lots of flooding issues in the last years.... and promised often that drain will be cleared... but that never happens on time causing again for our property to flood...again!!!!!
  • ?Water leak near 30 Ranfurly Road for several months
    Water constantly running across Tiritoa Terrace for several months, not sure where it is leaking from.
  • Street light not Working
    Hi Could you please arrange for the street light outside 25 TeKiri Street, Himatangi to be fixed please. The surrounding area is very dark without this particular light working. Thanks
  • Not working
    Street light outside 25 Caroline drive keeps going off and on
  • Road surface muddy and rutted
    The road surface near 606 Watershed road is void of gravel, rutted and slippery when it rains. It is difficult to maintain steering when wet.
  • Concealed entrance sign required - slow down
    Concealed entrance sign required (slow down) - if a truck/car was coming at the usual 90 - 100kms p hour and we were leaving our drive - there is no way it could stop, especially stock trucks
  • Dangerous Road
    Last week there were trucks up and down Stanway Road all day long for a about 3 days, collecting crops. There is now a big hole in the road to the side where it has all fallen away right on a corner and its very dangerous. About 4.5 KMs up the road on the right from Halcombe Tavern
  • Squeeky playground equipment
    The lullaby swing at Timona park needs oiling. Very noisy. Thanks
  • Disgusting state of public toilet
    The public toilet located in the reserve area off Kina Street is in an absolutely disgusting state. It is the only visible and available public toilet in Tangimoana. It is a long drop that does not appear to have ever been serviced. The content is almost full and it is not a proper bio toilet with no apparent treatment having been applied. We believe there is a distinct health hazard and given there are many visitors to Tangimoana this solitary toilet is completely unacceptable and something needs to be done under urgency. We are considering if this requires some reporting to health authorities. Other residents have also expressed their concerns and visitors who will not use the public toilet due to it's disgusting state then seek assistance at the local store which then has its own flow on effect with the owners septic tank filling up sooner than is normal. The council needs to do something urgently please.
  • Raised Storm water drain
    Hi, we have just purchased a property in Macmillan place and there is a storm water cover right in the centre of our driveway in the footpath. The problem being that it is very raised and has started damaging my car when I use my driveway. Please look at this and let me know what you can do to fix it please. (6 Macmillan place)
  • missing sign
    Ashdown Crescent street sign missing has been for about 2 weeks
  • Illegal rubbish dumping
    Rubbish dumped at hurlaey reserve opposite Rex Bismans yard. Have photos of rubbish also, rubbish found on Jan 10th, photo attached is of prescription found in rubbish with persons first name and address.
  • Water leak
    Water main leaking....have told Ian about it
  • Vegetation in Spouting. Manfeild Park Building
    Large clumps of grass growing inside spouting at the Manfeild park arena/office building. This will definetly rust out the spouting rapidly and require early replacement. Thanks
  • Fire Hydrant cover not marked/Painted
    There is no road marking for the Fire Hydrant on Mahi Grove (off port st east). It is located just past the driveway to houses 3 and 5. This makes it difficult for the crew to find, and would be near impossible in the dark.
  • Glass across road & cycle path
    Smashed glass strewn across cycle path and road. Regardless of who this comes under it needs to be cleaned up ASAP.
  • stolen street sign
    WEKA street in Pohangina. the street sign has gone missing. can we please have a replacement
  • Orakei Road street light out
    The second street light on Orakei Road (it has a white pole by it) is not working at night.
  • Trucks blocking vision and road
    The upper end of Keith Street is regularly all but impassable due to large truck and trailer units parking on both sides of the street, awaiting entrance to the pallet depot. They not only park along the roadside completely obscuring vision for any resident who wishes to leave their driveway (including my wife this morning who almost hit a cyclist as she could see nothing past our driveway other than the large truck and trailer completely blocking her vision), but regularly park their vehicles over driveways, completely blocking access to and from the residence!
  • One street light out of action
    Street light outside 51 Weld Street, Feilding has not been working since 20th November 2016.
  • Cars blocking driveway access.
    Between 273 and 275 Kimbolton road is a short area of roadside not long enough for vehicle parking. Issue has arisen since funeral home started up.No parking yellows would sort it.On behalf of my mother Ettie
  • Potholes in road and driveway entrance1 update
    The driveway entrance to 101 Roots St East is not formed to allow water to run off and has constant potholes. Currently has several. Also there is a small pothole 100m north from the intersection of Roots and Churcher
  • Street light not going
    Cnr Nancy Avenue and Pukawa Place, light hasn't worked since the Earthquake on 14 November 2016. Message sent 10mins ago, from different computer and location possibly not right on map.
  • unfinished berm
    Since fibre has been put in our front berm has not been put back to its original state. It has not been filled so there are boggy holes. We have previously complained but have had no action.
  • loose stones and pitting road surface
    Loose stones and pitting of road surface at South Street, Awahuri Street, Coronation Street and West street intersection. Evidence of recent crash on road. It is a dangerous intersection that might be better as a roundabout.
  • Broken glass on the cycle path
    There are several spots on the cycle path including the bridge, that has broken glass strewn across it.
  • Reilly Joinery Ltd, 18a Park View Ave, Feilding1 update
    In a residential street, Reilly Joinery have large trucks taking several reversing manoeuvres over footpaths & grass berms at the top of culdesac. A forklift & Reilly's blue truck is in the street to unload the large trucks on the rise of the hill, residence can't get past them. This is weekly. Now we here they are extending their building which will mean more traffic.
  • water pooling
    Water spooling slowly up from grass/pavement out between 111a derby st letter box and 109 derby st front fence area. Area has been recently had fibre layot work done.
  • unsafe culvert
    Steepness of bank speed of passing vehicles no drainage into nearby drainage system
  • Flooding
    Blocked culvert at 521 No1 Line which is causing flooding to properties before this culvert.
  • Pot hole
    This pot hole is getting larger, and it will cause damage to vehicles travelling over it quickly. It also makes it difficult to get in/out of the driveway.
  • Dangerous intersection Layout
    The Intersection at South Street, Awahuri road, West Street and Coronation street is confusing for drivers. On Monday I saw an elderly man drive straight through from West street to Awahuri and almost hit the driver exiting South Street to West street who had right of way. Yesterday morning a woman driver drove straight through from West Street to Awahuri and almost hit the driver from Coronation street entering South street who was coming from her right and therefore had right of way. Because of the bend in South Street to Awahuri street people are confused and are not obeying the road rules. Over the previous year there has been a number of crashes here. this would be better as a small roundabout which the people of Feilding at least understand.
  • Roadside trees growing into power lines
    All along Nelson Street, Feilding, the roadside trees are growing right through the power lines and some a considerable distance above. I am concerned that in a decent wind or storm they pose a danger to either cut off power or bring the lines down.
  • Trashing of Mature Kahitakea rootsystem for 'car park'
    MDC contractors organised by Steve Belski have trashed the root system of a very mature Kahikatea on our land. This was during the installation of a car park on the paper road leading to Rangiwahia Reserve. We were given no notice of this work happening, as local landowners, nor can I see any approval by the Rangiwahia community for this car in any community meeting minutes. I am also still awaiting contact from MDC re an issue i lodged in early June. Having visited the MDC offices in early August and been told someone would be in contact - i am still waiting.
  • Pothole at entrance to 495 No 1 Line Palmerton North
    Pothole at the entrance way to 495 No 1 Line Palmerton North
  • Street light out
    Street light out at the entrance to 688 Sandon Rd. Has resulted in a few near misses.
  • 11 Mahinui Street Feilding
    8-10 derelict vehicles on roadside and footpath. Cars and commercial vehicles. Present for at least 6 months. 1 of the vehicles has people living in it. Machinery, firewood and waste stored on roadside and footpath. There are road user and pedestrian safety concerns with this level of obstruction. There are concerns about vermin with this level of waste material at a food manufacturing premises. My identity must not be revealed to the occupier of 11 Mahinui St. due to previous incidents involving dangerous/menacing dogs at that address.
  • Obstructed vision at one-way bridge
    Trees have grown too high to be able to see the approaching vehicles at the bridge approach. Near misses have occurred.
  • Debris on cycle path
    Looks as though a vehicle has hit the barrier on the east side of the bridge across from the golf course. There is debris across the path.
  • Drainage1 update
    10 Barton Street, Halcombe, requires drainage/trenches down Barton road to contain water off the road and neighbourly properties
  • Decimation of regenerative native growth by Cattle
    Farmer allowing herd of cattle to remain enclosed on paper road of Rangiwahia Scenic Reserve. All native regeneration that has grown in past 20+ years now decimated. Not good enough when we need to encourage regrowth of all natives. No kitiakitangaship being shown by council towards bush regrowth.
  • loose gravel on road from flooding or roadworks.
    Skidding hazard for vehicles at intersection and also hazard to pedestrians crossing to shops and school children at bus stop. Needs immediate attention to prevent accident. Close to north street school.
  • Illusion of a passing lane but its not.
    Hi, I wish to notify you of an issue regarding road marking on West st, at Stonebridge Heights. I feel the road marking is wrongly set out, making it look like there is a passing lane here. There's two lanes for only 50 metres or so, on West st at the intersection of Stonebridge Heights. We live overlooking this intersection where West st narrows off and becomes one lane before going around the bend, and have seen many times people think its a passing lane and theres two vehicles going around the corner heading towards Halcombe, but its one lane. People are also excessively speeding here as they think its a passing area before it actually gets to the passing area. I feel there should not be broken white lines here, and that there should only be a turning bay box for traffic heading into Stonebridge Heights only, and not two lanes. We feel its very dangerous, my neighbour also agrees. It would be great if you could come have a look and review the terrible road marking here. Kind regards Kirstie Lake
  • Walking the perimetre of Timona Park
    I walk this route daily and have noted that the grass on all the perimeter of the park near the houses and through the Azalea Garden is significantly longer than that on the park.This results in the grass being more difficult to walk on particularly when it is wet. I am requesting that this grass be cut shorter and more frequently.This will help the experience to be more pleasant and may encourage walkers and dog walkers to use the perimeter and not the playing fields.
  • Vehicle parked in merge lane
    There is a vehicle parked in the merge lane at the end of East St. It has been there at least a few hours.
  • leak and unfinished work by driveway 20 Duke Street.
    consruction, leak fix, movement of water tap/valve to side location by council workers on driveway must have damaged or not been done properly pipes as there is a leak also left untidy mess and not finished properly.
  • Wasp nest and overgrown walkway
    At the entrance to the walkway to the beach there is a lot of wasps, stopping us using the walkway. The walkway is also getting very over grown and there are also some long bits of fencing wire sticking out of the sand near the beach end of the walkway.
  • Trees blocking footpath 32 and 80 Lethbridge street
    Trees are partially blocking footpath
  • Overhanging vegetation1 update
    On South St on the left hand side walking up to Kowhai Bridge - the vegetation comes out onto the footpath. It is quite a "dangerous" stretch of road and the footpath should not add to the risk because the vegetation is not trimmed well back. When walking on the footpath (towards Kimbolton Rd and town) you need to be able to keep as far left as practically possible.
  • Rubbish at Feilding lookout
    Most mornings I (and other conscientious Feilding residents) take their morning walk that includes the Feilding lookout. Most mornings this area has rubbish (mostly takeaway packaging and unused food) left around on the ground. A lot of the mornings the rubbish bin is fill to overflowing as well, and on occasions the wind has blown excess rubbish around. I accept (but struggle to understand) that rubbish is left on the ground on a regular basis. I would ask that the council consider putting in a larger (vandal proof) rubbish receptacle, so that when we pick up the rubbish we have somewhere to put it. A similar situation occurred in New Plymouth recently, and I gather the Council there have sourced some very good larger, vandal proof rubbish receptacles. Thank you.
  • Overgrown track
    The track from the river up to Waughs road by the bridge is getting overgrown. A jagged branch cut me on the hand today as I pushed through the weeds, blackberry and fennel. Could it be cut back here please
  • Overgrown verge
    The area along the railway on Waughs Road and Campbells Line is in desperate need of trimming. This is a concern to me as my house was threatened by fire last year.
  • overgrown track down to river path access from Waughs road
    From the river up to Waughs road by the bridge is getting a bit overgrown. Most of the river path is looking great and much enjoyed by runners and walkers, but when trying to find the way back up to Waughs road usually means a face full of wet grasses. Maybe they could be trimmed back?
  • Rubbish bags blowing in the street
    I'm sick of picking up neighbours rubbish and rubbish bags that blow onto our property that I normally put into our wheelie bin (a separate cost for us).
  • Long grass on roadside
    Once again the grass needs mowing on Haggerty St from the London St corner down to the end of the road. Visibility very poor around corners.
  • Weed issues
    There is a weed which we suspect is called Solanum aviculare (poroporo) growing on the roadside of our boundary hedge and leaning over our section. We have spent the last few weeks removing small seedlings that have germinated in our section from previous years and we wish to have the multiple larger shrubs removed to prevent the further spread of seeds. It should be removed as soon as possible as it is has already flowered to prevent seed drop. We do not wish to do this ourselves as, if we have identified it correctly, this is a poisonous plant.
  • Long grass
    We are at 12 coulters line, kiwitea. When coming OUT of our gateway there is grass so long to the RIGHT that i can not see to pull out which is very dangerous.
  • Overhanging tree
    Tree right beside driveway impeding on pedestrians. Pohutukawa or Rata type tree.
  • fire hydrant
    hello, I live at 39 McCorkindale Street. Back in May 2015 a truck arrived and the workers lifted the yellow fh cover and released the water, they were there for some time. Ever since then there is a constant flow of water running down the gutter. Please can someone come and fix it what a waste of water especially coming into summer Regards Sandra Cottle
  • Female door locks
    After visiting the ladies restroom today (11.30am), found that every stall in the women's toilet had damaged locks, not a single one could be locked. Very inconvenient with children in tow due to the school holidays. Not to mention 3 out of the 4 stalls had empty toilet paper holders.
  • Slip
    Tunipo road in Apiti Is blocked because of a slip
  • Smelly and full rubbish bin
    Rubbish bin has not been emptied in at least 3-4weeks. Is It is starting to smell bad. Not good with kids around.
  • Flooding
    Every time it rains Himatangi St between Raukawa St and Rangitana St floods, often covering the road and making it impassable for not only motorists but also pedestrians The verges are a mess, and an eyesore.At one stage some work was done but with absolutely no effect as far as fixing the problem goes.
  • Maewa Rd
    Maewa Rd from the rail xing to Austin Mews (#46) has recently been graded and metalled. The balance to the Steam Traction Society gate is potholed and has water running across it. Can we have that section shaped up and metalled please. I can arrange for the gate to be unlocked so that machines can turn around.
  • Bridge entrance lip damaging to cars
    One way bridge on Leen road, has a huge lip/bump/shelf that is damaging to cars/mags entering from nor-eastern direction [LHS of bridge entrance] ie: when travelling south.
  • Pothole accident
    Newbury Line, between Milson & Rangitikei Lines, just before Skerman Line heading South. Commuting to work via bike in the dark (with lights)rode into a pothole that caused me to lose control and crash.
    Site on Tangimoana road severely flooded causing extensive flooding to garages at 75 Punga Street. Pumping water away would be appreciated. Water levels hasn't dropped since Sunday 21 June.
  • Dick Road Kimbolton
    Today 22/6/15 at approx 5.00pm a truck came down Dick Road. I assume it was Higgins, looking at what needs clearing. I was at the Woolshed, 427 Dick Road, the truck turned around at 408 Dick Road, our cottage. As they turned there, they did not see the slip that is blocking the road up further. Higgins do not seem to think the road goes any further thank 408 Dick Road, but we live at 447 Dick Road. Could they please clear the road up to 447. Thank you.
  • Dick Road Kimbolton
    Dick Road, Kimbolton has 3 slips which blocked the road. Residents have created a just passable track using tractor. Please clear. Thank you
  • Street Trees
    Some time ago, a couple of dead street trees were removed from the berm on the Owen Street frontage of our property.; are these street tress going to be replaced? I remember when Albert James worked for Council, he said that the trees would be replaced. When is this likely to happen?
  • Carcases dump at the Awahuri Oroua River Bridge
    Just to let you know there have been a pile of animal carcases dumped at the entrance to the Oroua river at the Awahuri bridge. Not sure how long they have been there but they are pretty high right now. I live across the road and noticed the smell yesterday and went to see what it was and found the pile. Easy to see. Just on the side of the road.
  • Street lights out
    Lights are out on this section of East St
  • Road grading
    This road has not been graded for quite some time and some large potholes have developed
  • Stock on the road
    There is an issue with stock and a dog from a property at the corner of Green Road and Rongotea Road, getting out from the property onto the public road. This is a significant risk and danger to road users. Also to the saftey of children at the nearby Kopane School. It would appear the property owner is not taking the necessary/leag steps required to ensure the stock do not wander. I have witnessed 2 stack v vehicle incidents and several near mis, but there have been numerous more. What is the Council's position on this errant landowner?
  • Poor vision
    When coming out of Wylie Rd onto Himatangi Beach Rd it is difficult to see traffic coming from the right due to long grass.
  • street light not working
    The street lights on punga street outside Tangimoana School are not working properly
  • damaged and dangerous playground equipment
    At Manfield playground, the small playgound for younger children is in quite poor repair.Through the tunnel and before you step up to the big slide there are nails poking up that my son has stubbed his toes on. Alot of the decking all over the equipment is loose and bent. The tyre swing roundabout has been damaged since before Christmas, a tyre has been melted and it seems as though it should be easy to fix but has been unusuable for a long time.
  • Sherrards Road, Roading issues (dust, vision, health & Safety issues & speed)
    Roading issues which have been reported, raised by phone and personally calling in to the local council office have not been addressed. Issues reported include excessive dust, lack of vision, healthy & safety issues including speed of vehicles using the road (motorbikes, stock trucks, cars & vans). Pets have also been killed now as a result.
  • Poorly swept new seal.
    Dangerous to motorcyclists and cyclists. There is new seal which has been poorly swept or needs reweeping.
  • Toilets at Campbell Street Entrance, Timona Park
    Hello Staff, I attend Dog Obedience at Timona Park. Tonight, 23rd February, I wished to use the toilets situated at the Campbell Street entrance to Tomona Park. I could not use any in that block as they were the filthiest, dirtiest toilets I have ever seen and are a real Public Safety Hazard. There is Faeces, Urine and Toilet Paper strewn all over the floors. An absolutely disgusting mess!!! May I suggest they are closed over the weekends or something is done to stop such a horrific mess being made inside them.
  • Hole in the road corner of Caroline Dr & Sherwill St
    As above, on the road corner quite a serious hole has appeared. It looks as though the ground has eroded undernearh.
  • Road subsiding
    Road edge subsiding where school bus picks up on northern side 134 cemetery road, sanson. This was reported by neighbour in September and is becoming dangerous if a motorist gets left too far. No repairs have been carried out yet
  • High risk intersection.
    I live on the corner of Coronation and Awahuri Rd, my husband and I often sit on the deck outside and witness many near misses by passing vehicles. Consequently last Thursday evening there was an accident on the corner of West Street, South Street and Awahuri Road. This intersection needs to be changed as its very dangerous and the near misses are many, to say the least. My friends and family that visit always comment on how confusing the layout is. Ideally a roundabout needs to be put in place however, trucks would not be able to get around. Many of us living around here believe that the Give Way sign on West Street leading onto Awahuri, needs to be a STOP sign. Also signs should be put up for vehicles going up Awahuri Street and turning either onto South Street or veering onto West Street should say "PLEASE INDICATE BOTH WAYS". Believe me, many dont indicate and the near misses we see is disturbing. Can you please advise what is to be done about this dangerous intersection. Thank you.
  • cowshed spray onto road
    Farmers with spray irrigation of cowshed runoff too close to roadside on Friday Jan 11th afternoon. I was sprayed on my motorbike when spray was picked up by wind, including on my visor, making vision difficult and dangerous.
  • overgrown access path to bridge by river
    (as of Saturday 10th Jan) only half of the track from Awa street to the bridge has been mowed. The section close to the bridge is almost impassable due to blackberry brambles, gorse, and long grass. Many dog walkers, runners, and cyclists like to use this track but it has become a bit dangerous and a fire risk.
  • Dangerous corner
    Hi this corner is dangerous, I have seen lots of near misses with cars and trucks at this intersection, I myself had a accident there Wednesday night on the free turn towards south street, when cars from west street didn t even wait and going straight thru the give way sign. lots of residents around there who helped me until emergency vehicles came really would like maybe around about to make it more controlled. Ahuriri Road,West Street and South, I know a lot of people get hesitate there and make bad moves, I hope this is the right area to send to too, To make community safer.
  • Over grown grass1 update
    I live on Mangapapa Road which is a part of the Northern Manawatu District Council. The grass on the side of the roads is in some places up to 2 metres tall and hanging over the road obstructing oncoming traffic and stock. Our road is only 3 kilometers long to the last house and only has 7 houses on it but we do pay our rates and would like it to be safe for us to drive on. Please come and mow our road....the corner of the side of the road by my house is a drop off of about 5 metres but you cannot tell because of the length of the grass. I would hate someone to go over that does not know it is there.
  • Tree outside on road overhanging footpath with branches for pedestrians walking buy
    Hi the tree outside on the road needs to be pruned as the branches litter the road when windy and also branches blocking the footpath lower than head height for pedestrians thanks for your time rob
  • Overgrown trees and grass
    the trees need cutting out or well back and the grass need mowing and spraying as vehicles coming out of Boness road can not see what is coming round the corner unless well out onto the road.
  • Street Trees
    Street trees in Owen Street at Junction with South Street East are dead and need new trees to be planted
  • leaking water on berm 50/54 west st
    There is a obvious leak from the water main on the berm at 50/54 West st
  • Pothole
    On road adjacent to 101 Roots st East. Where road and driveway meet.
  • Two potholes
    Located in the vicinity of 94 Roots st East
  • Fire Hazard
    Hi, I believe there is a risk of fire in deadwood which is also located under power lines. A cigarette butt would be an example. Address is 116 East Street.
  • no street lights
    We havent had street light's for day's now,very dodgey when walking to the car at 5am in the morning.
  • Access to residence blocked by concreting
    Yesterday the access to 10 Warwick Street was blocked and made extremely hazardous by unfinished paving work at the street entrance. It was completely impassible by car, trapping a vehicle inside, and dangerous to cross with no provision made for access to this residential address overnight. The concrete was also not signed as being unsuitable to walk on, but was soft underfoot.
  • Leaking fire hyrant
    A few weeks ago I noted the fire hydrant outside 8 Aotea Street, Feilding being tested. Since the test, and because of the dry weather, I have noted the hydrant now leaks continuously. (The map function associated with this did not work - kept flicking back to the CBD map)
  • timona park
    I want to report a lot of rubbish that has been dumped I noticed on my walk this morning, it is situated at the back area of timona park by the old skate ramp down by the river. There is a fridge freezer, boxes and all sorts of stuff to be cleaned up thanks
  • Drain area on the corner of Harford and West st
    The drain and surrounding area on the corner of Harford and West st is in need of maintenance. There is rubbish in the drain, the trees are all overgrown and it just looks so unkept and really untidy. I live in this area and iam really embarrassed by the state of this area. it woud really improve the area if this problem was dealt with on a regular basis. thank you.
  • Street light out
    The street light outside 23/25 Te Kiri Street, Himatangi Beach is not working
  • Huge pile of rubbish 1248 at Tangimoana Road
    Large pile of rubbish possibly 4+metres high. I think some is brought in and burned. They have many animals and dogs that bark a lot.
  • Bush and surrounding greenery is hiding/obliterating intersection warning sign
    The yellow triangular sign you can see on the left of the satelitte map, a driver cannot see this sign from a distance approaching the Rongotea Road / Oroua Road intersection because there is too much green growth growing out stopping drivers seeing the sign. Regular boy racers and especially motorcycles hoon through this intersection at speed, better visibilty of this sign is needed to warn about the approaching intersection.
  • Fire Hydrant Leaking
    There is a fire hydrant outside 2 Cornish Place Feilding thatg has been leaking for a long time now. It seems to be slightly leaking out and flowing down the hill. It is continuous. This has happened once before, it was fixed but now is back again.
  • Obstructed vision at one lane bridge
    The sight lines at the approaches to the single lane bridge at the bottom of Awahou South Road are obstructed by vegetation. Approaching vehicles can't be seen from either end of the bridge approaches. At least one near-miss (school bus vs. car) has occurred.
  • Intersection upgrade
    this intersection can become dangerous when vehicles coming from Feilding way turn left into Watershed road. visibility is not clear so it is dangerous for a car following to past. a pull off lane for the vehicles turning into watershed road would reduce the risk. maybe you would like to look at the Kelvin Grove road corner as well. there are a number of vehicles that come out of Watershed road and turn into Kelvin Grove road in the morning and the other way around in the evening.
  • Ulysses Road dangerous
    Unsealed part of Ulysses Road is badly rutted and these are breaking down towards potholes. In addition there is a lot of loose surface stones at the Watershed Road end which is making driving dangerous even in 4WD off road vehicles.
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