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Hamilton City Council

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Recently fixed

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Old fixed

  • subsidence in playground 1 update
    There is significant subsidence in the playground area in two locations. This likely due to the recent boring work to put a new sewer main from Peacockes to wastewater plant. The ground has dropped about 40cm under the paved area. Subsidence has also occurred under an area of fake grass.
  • Red right turn arrow never goes off to allow cyclist to legally turn.2 update
    The traffic sensors on this intersection are not sufficiently sensitive to pick up a bicycle in the right turn bay. In the present configuration the right turning red light remains lit, never allowing a cyclist to progress unless a car comes up close behind and onto the sensor. Can these sensors be made more sensitive, or can the red arrow be switched off when no traffic is detected in the right turn bay, or provide a green arrow regardless of whether a vehicle is detected. The second option is probably the best since the traffice is usually light enough for a cyclist to get across with the normal give way rules.
  • Ivy overgrowth is damaging art work on bus stop.1 update
    34 Cambridge Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton The lovely Kokako (by Jeremy) artwork is being damaged by the overgrown ivy plant.
  • Street name sign missing1 update
    Hi, Please note that street name sign of Earlswood Avenue was gone missing. Pl put new sign asap. Thanks
  • street sign missing2 update
    The street sign for Minogue Drive is missing from the post on the corner of Garnett Ave and Minogue Drive.
  • Blown Light1 update
    I reported a Street Light outside #18 Minnie Place flicking on and off a few weeks ago ! Now that light has blown and the end of our Cul-de-sac is very dark at night .
  • Roundabout tiles breaking up1 update
    The new roundabout has red brick tiles to mark a sort of pedestrian crossing. A few bricks have broken out closest to the curb. Probably a simple fix if attended to early.
  • Sweep required: glass/gravel in roundabout shoulders1 update
    This roundabout needs sweeping, particularly in the shoulders where debris accumulates. This is where cyclists ought to ride, but they are being pushed into the traffic lanes due to the glass and debris.
  • Footpath lifted1 update
    The footpath along Radiata street has lifted badly and I have tripped several times. One day I fell.
  • Pot hole in Coleridge Drive1 update
    There is a pothole about opposite 34 Coleridge Drive, Enderley, Hamilton. It was small but with the last frost, it is getting bigger. It would be nice (and cheaper!) to fix it before it grows any more. Thanks
  • Cover removed1 update
    While riding to work this morning, I noticed that a cover had been removed from a street light and some of the wires were hanging out. This is possibly hazardous. The cover is still there.
  • Seal breadking up and pothole forming1 update
    Hello The tar seal has broken and a moderate pothole is forming outside number 7 Bretton Tce.
  • Pot hole forming from car acceleration out of Dey St.1 update
    Dey St/Naylor St/ Cambridge Road. A pot hole is forming on the south side of the intersection. The median barrier means right turning cars and trucks always accelerate over same tar seal. Scraping the surface and hot mix may be enough to stop it deterioating.
  • Pot on median1 update
    There is the beginnings of a pothole forming on Cambridge Road in the median strip opposite Prescott Road. This is a minor hazard for cyclists attempting to make a right turn into Bretton Tce - especially because, as a cyclist signalling a right turn, you have only one hand on the handle bars.

New issues

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Older issues

  • pothole on roundabout, Dinsdale, Hamilton
    pothole on Whatawhata road, Hamilton coming from roundabout outside Z petol station near Dinsdale shops heading toward Whatawhata
  • Potholes
    Please fix all the potholes on Earthmover Crescent, both ways towards Onion Road. Peachgrove Road by St Pauls towards Davies Corner is also shocking.
  • 2 Grange Avenue
    Fresh graffiti on the fence of 2 Grange Avenue, Nawton, Hamilton. Lots of it, hopefully photos can be taken to identify the tags.
  • Water main leaking on Beale St
    Water is leaking up out of the verge and flowing down the gutter to a drain in Von Tempsky st.
  • Repeated Graffiti1 update
    Hi There, Last night the fence at 2 Grange Avenue (Corner of Grandview Road) was tagged in red. This is very disappointing for me as the same fence was also tagged in yellow last week. Would be awesome if Hamilton City Council can paint over the top and send notify the police. These buggers need to be caught.
  • Deep pothole formed on corner of Wairere and Cambridge Road
    Deep pothole formed on northeast corner of Wairere and Cambridge Road. Affects southbound traffic coming off Wairere Drive.
  • Gorse growing on the side of the road
    A large clump of gorse is growing and flowering on the side of Minogue Drive just past the big Foxbridge sign.
  • Blocking footpath
    Regularly two or three cars are parked on the footpath outside 176 Ohaupo Road. This is a shared section of road so bikes pedestrians and people in wheel chairs or mobility scooters need to use this. I am a cyclist and the way these cars are parked I need to go out past the bike lane into the traffic to get past. This is not a one off, it happens regularly after 4:30 pm most evenings.
  • Deformed seal in the middle of the intersection
    There is a badly deformed (raised) piece of seal in the middle of the intersection of Anzac Parade and Grey St, which caused a bad cycle accident last week (broken collarbone, punctured lung, 5 days in hospital).
  • Pothole on footpath
    Relatively large pothole forming and increasing in size on the footpaths edge. See photo.
  • ground subsided
    Hi, There is a relatively deep hole next to the footpath. It looks like a 'mini sinkhole' and I am worried that someone may brake an ankle.
  • 50kph/school zone sign pulled out
    Looks like some vandals pulled out the 50kph/school zone sign (next to 244 Clyde St, Hamilton East) out last night and dumped it a bit further in Clyde Park, over one of the chains separating the sidewalk from the park.
  • Rubbish (glass, cans, chairs, pillows, ...)
    A lot of rubbish (glass, cans, chairs, pillows, ...) has accumulated near the walk through from the Hamilton East Tourist Park to York Street.
  • Tagging on new fence
    Tagging on the new fence (47 York St?) facing the park next to the walkway has shown recently.
  • Fence paling on centre median
    Fence palings on Wairere centre median (between Dey St and Wairere Drive) have been removed and placed adjacent. I'm not sure if this was because a vehicle issue or people not wanting to use the pedestrian crossing. Corner of Cook St and Dey Street.
  • Berm on either side of the Minogue Drive extension
    The grass and weeds on the berms on both sides of this street are very long and could be a fire hazard.
  • Street lights not working
    Entire block has no lighting Second time in 3 months From 94-118 Wellington street, Hamilton East
  • Lost Street Sign1 update
    The Street Sign for the Locksley lane is lost.
  • Log truck parked in residential street
    Log truck occupies almost the entire lane. It’s a safety concern as it is also parked very close to a turn.
  • Street Light turning on and off
    Hi, the street light to the left of the driveway of 3 Pollock Drive keeps turning on and off. This makes our end of the street very dark. We have also finally worked out why we have interference on our tv which is sometimes so bad that it is not watchable. This happens when the light is off - as soon as it comes back on the tv is fine. If the light could be fixed that would be great thanks!
  • Parking across driveway
    Still waiting for lines to be painted on the Boulevard and side streets to prevent this from happening. Council have now ignored 4 emails.
  • Unsafe and illegal1 update
    Very frequently cars are parked facing the wrong way when parked and being a narrow road it is not safe. And pretty sure the car are not road legal
  • Long grass on the berm
    The grass on the berm of the extension of Minogue Drive is very long.
  • New street lights on all day
    The new street lights on the Minogue Dr extension have been on all day
  • electronic waste dumped
    Somebody dumped electronic waste (TV, audio) at the edge of the park, into the ditch. Across from the back of the 61F Knighton Rd property, more or less. Thanks for cleaning up!
  • Massive Wasp Nest
    there is a massive wasp nest in a tree along Nevada Road, they are quite aggressive a sting anyone that comes close. as it is quite close to a public bus stop used by the local school students its a bit of a concern.
  • Hole in road
    Hi, 6 weeks ago council put cones around hole in road and have never been back. Would like to find out when this will be fixed. Thanks
  • Long dry grass - Fire Risk
    129 Wentworth , Rototuna. Property needs to get the long dry grass cut. fire Risk.
  • Pot holes all down the street.
    If you drive down Gillett lane you'll see the potholes down the whole street. It's a pain as there only getting worse!
  • Street light not working
    I want to report an issue with street light in Huntington, in Christobel Circle street (the part from Te Manatu Dr to Rewiti Ln, or by numbers 1 - 7). There are a lot of lights there that doesn't work at all, so one part of the street is in the total dark at night. A few families with young children and teens are very concerned about this and afraid for overall safety because of this issue. They will be very grateful if someone could fix this as soon as possible. Thank you very much!
  • Potholes by Placemakers
    There are several potholes on this roundabout. Also on Arthur Porter Drive
  • Pothole at busy roundabout
    There's a deep pothole on the left hand lane on boundary Road at the roundabout as you turn left to Heaphy terrace.
  • tree roots destroying path into property
    tree roots undermining concrete path into house the path is badly broken up and is dangerous my 92yo sister is in danger using this enterence the last fall she broke her femur
  • Major Pothole
    There is a major pothole on Maui Street just before you turn into Kaimiro Street.
  • Missing street name sign
    Russleigh Drive street sign has been missing the past couple of times I’ve driven through. Not sure if the issue has been fixed recently though.
  • Building Development
    Sand is running off the new house site at No 2 Tanekaha and building up at No 4 Driveway. Probably washing down stormwater as well. Asked Developer to fix but no reply. Rubbish also blows around street but whats to be done?
  • Illegal rubbish dumped
    In Clyde Park, Hamilton East, illegal rubbish (cables, electronics, foam mattresses, ...) has been dumped next to the little stream, behind the fence of property 61G Knighton Road
  • Illegal rubbish dumped
    On Dey St, Hamilton East, next to pedestrian lights to cross Wairere Dr, across from Badminton hall, rubbish has been dumped on the recently vacated plots.
  • Street light out
    This was reported to Hamilton CC in November and still not acted on.
  • Minogue Dr sign 1 update
    The sign for Minogue Dr is on the ground
  • Trucks engine brake
    Hi, I wonder if it is at all possible to place a "no engine brake" sign on Cambridge Rd. Now that the truck traffic has increased in our area (due to the Wairere Cobham intersection that is on hold), the noise is very very disturbing. Sometimes my pre-school daughter even burst out in tears from fright. I also just want to thank you for placing a "your speed" sign on Cambridge Rd. Hoping this will improve the speed issues a bit.
  • Flax plants too tall1 update
    The flax in the Garnett - Minogue round-about is too high. It is impossible for people crossing the road to see cars turning through the round-about.
  • More Like Arthur Pothole Drive
    Several potholes all the way down Arthur Porter Drive. Have been there a while
  • Overgrown trees - Melville Reserve
    There are a number of trees in the SW corner of this park which have become overgrown. They hang over the boundary fence to the Bader St shops. They block visibility that the shops and also create a dangerous hiding place for undesirables thereby creating a danger to parkers, pedestrians and shoppers. The trees need to be cut back and possibly some removed.
  • Street Light not working
    Hi HCC, since last two - three days I noticed that street lights of Earlswood Avenue is not working. Pl resolve this problem ASAP.
  • Numerous Potholes along the road
    There are numerous potholes along 245 and 241 Kahikatea Drive, Frankton, Hamilton 3204
  • Dropped fruit from ginkgo trees
    Fruit covering parts of the footpath, causing pedestrian to walk out on the road to avoid the mess and the bad smell
  • The Road is Breaking apart
    Hey there live down Pohutukawa Drive and down our little road (which is off the main street but still part of Pohutukawa Drive) there are a couple pot holes and at the end the road begun to break apart and is continuing to get worse. Was wondering who we call to get it fixed?
  • Street light not working
    Street light not working making it near impossible to see people walking on footpath when backing out of drive way, have had a few near misses. Scared that one evening I may hurt someone.
  • Glass bottles and boxes
    Whole corner is littered with rubbish and there is glass on the footpath/road
  • Cars parking on yellow lines
    Hi, Over the past few weeks I have noticed more and more cars parking along Clarkin Road, which is yellow lines along the left hand side. It's beginning to get annoying because when we turn out of our lane (which is very busy-10 houses plus builders,)we cannot turn left until the traffic driving on the other side of the road has passed (as we have to go onto the opposite side of the road to pass the vehicles parked on the road.) Also, St Josephs school (and Dio) is located approx. 20 metres down the road, so the road can be very busy at times. In fact, it already is a busy road. The reason I think people are parking on this side of the road is because the yellow lines are super faded in some areas. It would be greatly appreciated if the council could re-paint the yellow lines along the road so people would stop parking there. Thanks.
  • Deep and Bad Old pothole Walter street
    Please fix the Pothole in Walter street. I visit my client there. I am on a minimum wage and can't afford to keep redoing my wheel alignment. I'm fed up with it. IT'S BEEN THERE SINCE SEPTEMBER LAST YEAR!
  • Street Lighting not working down this lane
    People are using it to leave rubbish as none of the lights are working.
  • Missing asphalt on sidewalk
    Outside 43 King St, Frankton. Loose gravel on sidewalk, creates tripping hazard
  • 2 block section of street lights not working
    st. lights from kakatea DRive to normadryreet st roundabout not working. this is main higjway in to hamilton and road in this section is pitch black as not lights on street working been like this since 22nd of jan 2017.
  • Blown Bulb
    Street Light Bulb needs replacing as is blown. 48a Garland Drive, St Andrews.
  • Light not working
    Been out for a few days/nights
  • Dangerous trees
    There are some, possibly Poplar trees, close to and leaning precariously over Hukanui road, I fear that a strong wind could well tip them over onto the street / footpath.
  • Excessive speed and use of engine brakes by trucks
    I live on Forest Lake road towards the bottom of a hill. I have concerns regarding excessive speed by motorists. The speed limit is 50km but quite frequently cars are travelling well above that. Also trucks are using engine brakes when travelling down the hill. The noise is very annoying! It would be great to see a bigger police presence on the road catching these people!
  • Footpath lane overgrown
    Hi there, I live on Forest Lake Road. The footpath up the road from me (at approx 41 forest lake road) is overgrown making access difficult. The footpath is a located between a steel road barrier and bushes. Therefore there is no grass verge to walk on to get past the bushes.
  • Potholes on The Boulevard
    There are several potholes/cracks all up and down the Boulevard. You can see where several have already been fixed but more keep forming. Also, allowing cars to park on both sides of the road is a joke. I have reported this issue before and I was told the road is wide enough. Come and watch the traffic travel up and down this road for a day and tell me with a straight face the road is wide enough. It is the same with Kaimiro Street. Industrial areas have large trucks passing through daily. When cars and trucks have to pull over to let trucks through, how can the road be wide enough for two trucks to pass?
  • Light is out
    Please fix, it's the one in the alleyway between houses 24 & 26, thanks
  • Street light not working1 update
    The street light outside 66 Awatere ave isn't working
  • Pothole
    There is a deep pothole on Hare Puke Drive, just past the sign for Meadowfield Street, Flagstaff, Hamilton.
  • Pothole in middle of street
    Pothole is getting bigger by the day.
  • Street Light turning on and off1 update
    The street light closest to our house is flicking on and off approx every ten seconds. It will stay on for a few seconds then turn off again, please fix it soon! It's rather scary at night when walking along the street.
  • Cars Parked in Cycle lane
    Residents cars parked in cycle lane early morning and at afternoon rush hour
  • Faulty street light
    The Street light along Manuka Street (close to 23 and 25) keeps going off and then comes back on. This issue has happened for the last few years
    The cars parking on both sides of the Boulevard and too close to the intersections is a real problem. Large trucks barely have any room and it is impossible to pull of of the adjoining roads because the cars block your view. Parking needs to be restricted to one side of the road only. Don't wait until someone has a crash to do anything about it please!
  • Road/ Carparks
    Recently white parking lines were painted along both sides of The Boulevard, this has caused major issues as this street constantly has trucks driving up and down it. When there are cars on both sides of the road there isn't enough room for 2 trucks to drive past each other meaning 1 truck is always forced to stop. Also due to people parking over the white parking lines our trucks quite often get stuck trying to leave our driveway, they don't have enough to room to turn due to cars being parked on both sides of the road and not being in the lines. We have had traffic held up for several minutes as the truck has become stuck because there isn't enough room for them to turn with a trailer on.
  • car parts, realty sign, etc
    Where The Link turns into a gravel road, parts of a car body, real estate sign and other things have been dumped by the road side.
  • old tires dumped
    At the end of Bourn Brook Ave, where you have to turn right into the road leading to the new High School, a number of old tires have been dumped in the last few weeks.
  • bags, furniture, tires, etc dumped
    the entrance to the paddock, across the road from the farm gate, on the side of the maize field, rubbish has been dumped over the last few months. Looks like concrete bags, black sacks, decrepit furniture, etc.
  • Pothole or divet on railway crossing
    When driving over the railway tracks away from the hospital there is a very uncomfortable hole or divet that is not visable. When hit it really shakes the car and feels like damage has been done to the car. I got a flat tire from hitting it. It is in the normal tire path. So if you can remember you have to swerve to miss it.
  • Hazardous footpath
    1) The power company trenched a cable thru the footpath and have not returned to seal it. The trench is rough for kids, prams, scooters etc using the footpath. The sealed footpath needs fixed urgently 2) The grass berm was dug up as well. No one has come back to topsoil and sow grass seed. Weeds are now coming thru and will always be unsightly if not fixed properly
  • Street Light not working
    Street light across the road from our house not working. Lighting at this end of the street is already very poor - without this light even worse
  • Car Yard parking vehicles for sale on main street
    When leaving Northway St it is impossible to see both double lanes as the Korean Car yard paks large vans and cars on Te Rapa straight. They sometimes put flags on the street as well. They also park cars etc all over footpaths both sides of Northway corner. Te Rapa st should have yellow no parking lines and they should be ticketed for illegal parking on the footpaths. I have spoken to them twice - their comment is unprintable.
  • Street lights not working
    Hi HCC, the street lighting on all of Sandowne Close, and the surrounding part of Farringdon Ave next to Sandowne Close is currently not working. On Wednesday 2 Sept digging was started for ultra fast broadband cabling, and I am wondering if perhaps a cable was cut accidentally? I don't know how long the street lights have been out for, but suspect that maybe this may be the reason. It would really be appreciated if it could be checked out ASAP as it is extremely dark. Many thanks, Tania
  • Timing of pedestrian crossing Te Rapa Rd and Vardon Rd (lights 4044)
    When crossing Te Rapa Rd from Spotlight to Vardon Rd (on lights 4044) from light 11 to light 9, the green light does not leave enough time for the pedestrian to complete the crossing safely. Twice this week a car turning left from Vardon Rd to Te Rapa Rd has come close to hitting people on the crossing.
  • Street Light not working1 update
    Can we have the street light across the road from our house fixed please. Thanks
  • Hillcrest High School pedestrian lights
    The lights (lamps nor the flashing orange) showing up the pedestrian crossing were off at 5:40 pm (dusk) when I drove past. A student was walking across wearing dark clothing and was very difficult to see. With onset of winter these lights need to come on way earlier.
  • Blocked Drain by 35 Queens Ave. Frankton
    Roadside / Blocked Drain by 35 Queens Ave. Frankton, Hamilton. Leaves, Sticks and rubbish blocking water way alongside road.
  • 2 street lights broken
    Two broken street lights: one on the bridge (Wairere Dr, between Hukanui and Resolution roundabout); the other shortly after that bridge, towards the Resolution Dr roundabout. Thanks for fixing!
  • Broken lights in underpass
    3 out of 6 overhead lights in the underpass under Borman Rd (next to Resolution Dr roundabout) are broken. Thanks for fixing!
  • Street lighting not working
    The street light opposite 4 Edgecumbe Street is not working. It would be great if someone could repair it.
    Hi Team, We are living on a drive way and there are 6 Houses on the same driveway with no lights during the night which is really dangerous some time Can we please have one installed ? Thanks
  • Footpath surface is very poor
    The pathway has potholes, uneven surface, at least one temporary repair, and is crumbling. I reported this recently and have not seen any response.
  • Street light not working
    2 street lights on the junction of Carrington Avenue and Orelio Street not working. More street lights not working further down the end of Carrington Avenue near Silverdale Road.
  • Pavement is crumbling
    Transfield have dug a hole outside No 22, adding to the poor condition of the pathway surface. It's time for a resurfacing around the cul-de-sac, please.
  • Speeding vehicles in residential area1 update
    I live in pukeko St, it is a shortcut for vehicles detouring off a state highway, and we have several primary schools in our neighbourhood. We have frequent speeding vehicles going down our street, we need a speed camera, police presence of a few judder bars to deter speeding vehicles
  • Blocked stormwater drain
    By driveway of 76a drain is completely covered over and full of rubbish
  • Pothole on Amanda Ave before driveway entrance
    There is a pothole on the road near the driveway of 55 Amanda Ave, Dinsdale, Hamilton. It is growing in size and cars dip into this pothole when driving into the driveway. Can you please fix to avoid any damage to the cars. Many thanks.
  • Street light not working
    Please could you fix the street light outside 22 Winchester Place as soon as possible, thanks
  • Trees
    Hi, the trees in our street all need re-tying to the stakes, preferably before one snaps in the wind. One of the trees needs new stakes as well, as they broke and were then removed. That tree is particularly vulnerable at the moment. thanks
  • Street light not working1 update
    Hi, please could you fix the light between number 28 & 30 Winchester Place, thanks
  • Annoying Street Light
    The street light outside 18 Minnie Place - Pukete lights up for about 30 seconds and then goes out for at least a minute. This cycle repeats all night.
  • Round about sign
    The round about sign at the end of Minogue Drive has fallen down.
  • Blocked Drain with leaves/pine needles and rubbish
    Blocked Drain (leaves,pine needles, dirt/rubbish) in front of mail box 35 Queens Ave, Frankton.
  • Potholes needing repair2 update
    Hi there, I live down a long shared driveway which services eight properties (9 - 19 Storey Ave). There is currently a large pothole in the asphalt. It can be avoided but would be very dangerous if a cyclist ran into it. Can this pleased be repaired? Thanks, Rachel
  • Street lights are out1 update
    All the street lights are out on Ellicott Road, Nawton, Hamilton
  • not working
    Street light at 57 Moonlight is not working at all. Thanks for fixing it.
  • Street lights out1 update
    All the street lights in tattersfield pl and jasmine ave have been out tonight and last night as well
  • No exit attachment
    The street sign Minogue Dr, needs a NO EXIT sign attached. This street goes into a "paper" road in the park and has no exit.
  • Vegetation Overgrowing footpath
    The vegetation alongside the footpath covers about 1/3 of the footpath for a significant length.
  • Dumped rubbish
    We have rubbish which has been dumped on our business grounds @ RV Supplies, 278 Kahikatea Drive, Hamilton. Can this be collected?
  • Light dim and flickers
    Please can you repair light? It's outside number 30 on the corner (but tag on map won't let me be exact) so opposite 14, thanks. [Resubmitted by admin on 25 May to go to Hamilton City Council instead of Waikato District Council.]
  • Yellow lines needed to maintain street access1 update
    Tuirangi Street narrows between the roundabout and the Claymore Street end, and has an island dividing the road. When two cars are parked opposite each other there is only room for one car to pass through. However when these cars also park between the first houses' driveway and the roundabout, it becomes difficult, sometimes impossible to enter Tuirangi street (see photos). Today the car in the photo has been parked here all day. A small car can get through but requires careful steering; a large car has its wheels up against or on the island curb. It is about to become worse, as many people park here when using Discovery Park during winter sports. Often there are two cars parked between the first driveways and the roundabout (on both sides), so we cannot enter the street without driving over the island, or driving illegally on the wrong side if it is free. On some occasions we have to find a park for our cars and walk home. Could you please put yellow line markers between the first driveways and the roundabout to stop people parking here. Thank you.
  • Street Light Out2 update
    Street Light between 8 and 10 Killegray Close, Flagstaff Hamilton is not going. Noticed 13 March 2013 9:30 pm
  • Limited Visibility from oncoming traffic via Lake Rd onto Queens Avenue
    There is limited visibility of oncoming traffic via Lake Rd onto Queens Avenue, particularly as the road bends at the entry of Upper Kent Street. The proprieties at 33, 33B and 25A Queens Avenue has limited visibility of oncoming traffic when exiting drive-ways left and right - from oncoming traffic from Lake Road. The traffic visibility would be significantly improved with the installation of a convex mirror opposite the stated property addresses; on the street pole on the corner (entry of) Upper Kent St and the bend in the road of Queens Avenue. Other suggestions would be to install speed limit signs (i.e. "50" speed limit) to reduce the traffic speed of oncoming traffic from Lake Road around the bend of Queens Avenue.
  • Street light2 update
    Street light across the road from our house not working. Our end of the street was already very dark - now you can't see anything! Thanks.
  • Broken Glass
    Claudelands Rd, eastern end of Waikato River Bridge, needs a street sweep to remove broken beer bottle glass (3? bottles smashed) am 9 Oct 2012 Gave me a bike tyre puncture. I threw one whole beer bottle off the road into the side verge.
  • Lights above footpath not working
    Lights above Footpath at 575 victoria street are not working and is very dark.
  • Blacking on the old white parking line
    The blacking on the old white parking lane on the road surface has worn off, and cars are parking illegally on the broken yellow markings.
  • Light turning off and on1 update
    The light at the end of the street is failing, at night it will be on for a few minutes then turn off (maybe cool down?) then turn on again. It's getting worse and is off for longer periods. Needs replacing.
  • street light not going
    street light has not been going for the last 3-4 months
  • give way sign near the roundabout on Minogue and Garnett Ave
    The Give Way sign on the north side of the exit from Minogue Drive has been flattened.
  • Storm Water drain blocked2 update
    Water across road all day 26/05/11
  • Street sign missing1 update
    The Wakefield Place sign is missing
  • Fire hydrant sign is broken
    On the kerb between 16 and 18 Aldona Place, the fire hydrant sign face is shattered and needs replacing. Could someone please confirm you've received this message, and look into arranging a substitute sign. Thanks, Pete
  • Deep long pot holes
    Western side of Claudelands Bridge, Hamilton, travelling west existing the Bridge on Western side. Where traffic exits Hotel, deep long gouged? potholes need filling and resealing. Have not looked at this for a few days(9/2/11), but problem existed for several months already.
  • Pothole in the middle of culdesac
    The pothole is pretty easy to spot. It is right in the middle of the end of the culdesac outside our house. It's been there for as long as we've been here (About 5 years). On a slightly related note, the footpath outside our house and our neighbours is starting to break up.
  • Rise in the footpath
    Uneven footpath (concrete 2 different levels)surface causing tripping when walking outside 16 caernavan street
  • Line Marking
    The new line marking makes it very dangerous for cyclists. The old marking explicitly kept the cars away from the bikes (see current Google image)
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