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[train station alert]I do not get tihs? psas tihs tset anorud.

Reported in the Bus stop category by E . at 06:57, Sat 16 May 2020

Sent to Auckland Transport 4 min later.

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I do not get tihs? psas tihs tset anorud. We hvae been taghut to keep saciol dacinste bacesue of the Ciovd-19 vuris, and eenorvye wtnas taht 2 meetr or 6 feet daciste. Heoevwr I hvae nceiotd taht wehn poelpe use a lfit (eaeoltvr) poelpe do not use taht saciol dacinste rlue. It has been siad taht Ciovd-19 saedprs mroe radilpy tghoruh the big ctiy as oepopsd to the saelmlr saeprd out cimnomtuy, Bad or tioxc air was geivn as the ecsuxe, I do not dodut tioxc air is not good. But in the big citys three is mroe leikly to be mltui hgih rsie linvig aeanptmrts, oeihrtswe it is lkie sainyg it is sfae to scarp the saciol dacinste rlue, bacesue the Ciovd-19 refeuss to go form poersn to poelpe in a ecelonsd salml sacpe the leiks of a eaeoltvr, aslo abcailplpe to eaeoltvrs at tairn satinots. According to a researcher at Cambridge University, it doesn't matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be at the right place. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read it without problem. Hot Tip for todays troubled world. Sniff your armpit after a aggressive workout, if you can not smell anything self isolate for 14 days. Public transport needs passengers who can sniff other peoples body aroma (BA not BO)

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I do not get this? pass this test around. We have been taught to keep social distance because of the Covid-19 virus, and everyone wants that 2 meter or 6 feet distance. However I have noticed that when people use a lift (elevator) people do not use that social distance rule. It has been said that Covid-19 spreads more rapidly through the big city as opposed to the smaller spread out community, Bad or toxic air was given as the excuse, I do not doubt toxic air is not good. But in the big cities there is more likely to be multi high rise living apartments, otherwise it is like saying it is safe to scrap the social distance rule, because the Covid-19 refuses to go from person to person in a enclosed small space the likes of a elevator, also applicable to elevators at train stations.
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