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no less than 4 verbal incidents this morning in dorkland hell hole, then there was the parking of 6 escooters 2 trip up vips

Reported in the Footpath/pavement category anonymously at 12:07, Wed 26 June 2019

Sent to Auckland Transport 18 sec later.

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By the way vip is visually impaired pedestrian ....... this morning i was walking along from jellicoe street to quay street, first i get a escooter user riding on our footpath when the road was clear the part between the lift up bridges & quay street, and i must add while this area and footpath does not look like a road and footpath there is a sign painted on the road telling people not to walk there, as i was about to take a photo, a escotter user was weaving in amongest the pedestrians when the part that was out of bounds for pedestrians was empty apart from my taking a photo, but i was happy to stand a side if i thought i was blocking the way. i raise my voice saying hay this is our footpath as i point in the footpath area, your road is over here as i pointed over to the road area, she ignored me and she road away i yelled out ****** get your crap together you lazy people ****** +++++ incident number 2 +++++ i get to the quay street, lower hobson street intersection as i was waiting for the cross now i see there is a cyclist only lane and a pedestrian only lane, i think great at least we can walk in safety and do not have to cross quay street to walk the city side in with other 2 wheeled traffic ****** wrong ****** i just about get half way along before albert street and a escooter comes towards me, i say hay this is our footpath, your part is over there you have your own bike lane, he replied but i just work over there, as he rides off i yell out ****** arseholes ****** i think is it they are so brain dead they can not promote safety and walk their lazy machine just a few dozen meters, so it is a 100% pedestrian area. +++++ incident number 3 +++++ i walk a bit further and get to the other side of queen street and get stopped by the security guard telling me i can not walk anymore along quay street on the sea side i have to cross over quay street and use the city side. i said did you hear me yelling a few minutes ago down the road because a escooter was riding in the area for pedestrians, he said he did not hear me, while i was talking to him i noticed a sign ****** “look both ways for cyclist” ****** i have to ask where are our pedestrian safety signs like ________ get off your escooter this is a pedestrian safe way? ________ so i walk back as i was waiting to cross quay street i ask another security guard the same question “did you here me yelling a few minutes ago, i just got told off a few minutes ago as i could not walk along there, and where is your security guard over there as i pointed in the other direction anyway lets move on +++++ incident number 4 +++++ as i am force to walk the most dangerous and slowest side of quay street, i am really rich now in standing up for pedestrian rights, because now i have to stop often and wait for a electronic “cross now” sign something i do not get if pedestrians could use the sea side of quay street, i sometimes get customers seated out on the footpath at a cafe smoking to get 2nd hand smoke something i do not get on the sea side, there is the entry and exit to a car-park between gore street and britomart place and a audible alarm going off all the time telling pedestrians to stop and wait for cars to cross “our” footpath when it is “our pedestrian” footpath and “we” have first right of way to use it. something we do not get on the sea side of quay street, as i was walking near that car-park entry exit part there is a cyclist riding on the footpath, i say “just a minute this is our footpath” she rides on a bit further then yells back at me, i have to yell back at her and say this is our footpath over here, your cycle way is over there” as i pointed the way with my hand. $$$$$$$$ conclusion $$$$$$$$ can you see what is going on here in auckland (dorkland) dorkland transport dorkland city council does not give a hoot about pedestrian safety, nor does cyclist or escooter users care about pedestrian safety in the road code it says in much the same words “cyclist can not ride on the footpath except if they are delivering mail or newspapers” how ever the road code version i have does not say they can ride there bicycles on the path if it is allocated to them with cyclist signs by the local city council. once more in the 2nd edition of the book “stop alzheimers now” by bruce fife n.d (you might be able to get it from your library) it says on page 234 exercise is the most proven way and more effective than any treatment to treat alzheimers” all these people on escooters will soon have alzheimers then the health care system will have to cut spending in other more urgent medical issues that would be used to treat those with alzheimers because they were too lazy to get off there lazy machine and walk, and be a danger to those who want to be pedestrians, i was reading the book and someone said to me “but you dont have alzheimers” i replied “thats right i am just trying to reduce my ranking on the alzheimers waiting list (if not take me name off the list completely)”

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Eric, could you please get the hell off this site! Your repetitive insane rants are ruining the site for genuine users who just want to get stuff fixed. Please find something more constructive to do with your time. You clearly have too much of it on your hands.
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