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UNANSWERED QUESTION HERE why is auckland city turning into a hell hole for pedestrians

Reported in the Footpath/pavement category anonymously at 09:32, Wed 24 April 2019

Sent to Auckland Transport 39 sec later.

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you cant walk here you cant walk there you cant walk somewhere else, it seems to be if you can not go by wheels you are in one big hell hole, the sea side of quay street is closed off for pedestrians, I am sure they can open up some of it when they are not doing anything or is it done just to screw over pedestrians you have the other side of of the street there are traffic lights all the time PEDESTRIANS DONT NEED TRAFFIC LIGHTS, IT IS ANYTHING ON WHEELS NEEDS THEM why not send eScooters down there, they can make up the time, Then there is BLOODY stupid lights mounted in the footpath shinning up your arse and blinding you, making hard to see where you are going JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE HANDICAP PEOPLE WORKING AT AUCKLAND CITY COUNCIL NO NEED TO TAKE IT OUT ON PEDESTRIANS not to mention suckers on the end of a fag, drinking bear at table planted on footpath just because they want to screw up their health no need to take it out on pedestrians, I can believe it now when they say walking is great health for the mind, BECAUSE NOW AUCKLAND CITY HAS SCREWED OVER PEDESTRIANS WITH ONE BIG HELL HOLE I AM MORE ANGRY NOW MORE OFTEN. One day I was walking over graften bridge and a cyclist whizzed passed me (on the footpath) I yelled out WHY DONT YOU USE THE ROAD, when I got to the pedestrian crossing on symonds street & karangahape R he abused the hell out of me, said I was a wife beater (he was one POKED up sick little runt, that was constipated with geriatric turds) the eScooters users are nothing but little children, they pull out all their toys out of the toy box and leave it from one end of the house to the other end of the house, then get up to mischief doing something else.

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