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Waikato District Council

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Recently fixed

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Old fixed

  • holes in pavement
    pavement outside Orca was dug up when restaurant was refurbished, but never reinstated
  • Still there1 update
    Our Rubbish collection day is Thursday, (which by the way, we have to buy "stickers" to put on each bag!!) Friday it was still there, so I rang the council, to let them know...they said they had been notified, but didn't know ..why. But they would get it sorted...Yeah/Nah. Monday and it is still there!

New issues

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Older issues

  • pothole on road, Te Pahu, Hamilton, 3285
    Large pothole on left side of Te Pahu Road, Hamilton, heading south towards Pirongia; near Ferguson Road, but further south near small bridge.
  • Aggressive/Dangerous Magpie
    There is an hyper aggressive magpie swooping/striking cyclists in this area. It is on a very popular cycle route (100km loop of the hunua ranges), where cyclists are travelling at speed (40-60kmh). It is only a matter of time till a cyclist is hit and crashes. It needs to be removed as this bird will continue to do this each year during nesting time.
  • blind corner
    Turning right onto Logan Road from Harrisville Road is dangerous due to the long grass obscuring the view of the sharp left hand bend on Harrisvillle Road. The grass needs to be mown short please. Traffic coming up the steep hill need speed to make the grade, it's difficult to turn into Logan Road quickly when you have stopped due to on coming traffic. Thanks.
  • Speed Signs2 update
    Coming off SH1 towards Pokeno, there are 80km/hr signs not at the start of the off ramp, but at the end, right before the round about leading onto DeanRd/ Great South Rd... It just seems ludicrous to have the speed signs at THE END of the off ramp, immediately before the roundabout!!!
  • Street Lights Not Working
    We were away until 22nd and the lights have been off/on for the week... Last night they were on but they are off again tonight???
  • speed bumps needed
    Cars come down church st from both george st and Buckland road directions and go down at a fast speed. There us a school along this road and to stop the racing along that stretch. There should be speed humps near booth, Edinburgh, school rd and closer to george street.
  • Water leak outside 40 Kaitoke street Raglan
    Hi, there is a water leak that is filling up the the water meter housing and overflowing onto the road. Cheers, Richard
  • Light dim and flickers
    Please can you repair light? It's outside number 30 on the corner (but tag on map won't let me be exact) so opposite 14, thanks
  • Loose Metal
    Loose chip on the
  • Speed sign
    The 80k/100k sign on both sides of Pencarrow Road, near Day Road has been turned around. Noticed over a week ago.
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