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Palmerston North City Council

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Old fixed

  • Street light not working1 update
    The northern of the two lights in the middle of Main Street opposite Alfred Street has stopped working.

New issues

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Older issues

  • Street lights not going 2 update
    Street lights haven't worked for the last week
  • Carter Crescent Street lights not working.
    Street lights not working, very dark at night. Vehicles broken in to.
  • No street lighting
    A street light has been removed from the corner of Charwell and Clarke after being damaged in an accident. I assume it is going to be replaced but my concern is that all lights are off at night from the corner of Monrad down Clarke in one direction and down Pembroke in the other direction. We have been in total darkness at night for 2 weeks now. Given the violent stabbing the other day - on this exact stretch of street - I feel the lights should be a priority
  • Corner verge and stone area has not been completed
    The corner verge and stone laid around the corner have not been completed since James Line and Rosalie Tce have been upgraded which is almost three years. Please could this be done? Thank you so much.
  • Street lamp not working
    Street lamp in front of 162 Cook Street doesn't work. Very dangerous because it's too dark. Please help to have a look and fix it
  • White Ford Mondeo DHU923 abandoned
    Vehicle is not drivable as right rear wheel pointing in wrong direction. Suspect a result of the weekend boy racer burnouts that take place in Valor Dr every weekend. Vehicle has been abandoned in a field in the middle of Valor Drive
  • Tree roots
    The path outside 579 featherston street, Roslyn is badly damaged by tree roots, this has been reported and someone has come out and marked the areas with white spray., the damage is causing accidents
  • Stoke Place Street Sign Missing
    The street sign has been stolen.
  • Pedestrian traffic lights1 update
    The pedestrian traffic lights outside of girls high school are not functioning correctly. They are stopping traffic when there are no pedestrians which is every minute currently.
  • Traffic light/pedestrian malfunction1 update
    On the corner of rangitikei and Featherston, the pedestrian crossing (on the corner connected to the Countdown store) is malfunctioning. While you can press the button to cross, it does not give any feedback (sound nor touch) to indicate it’s safe to cross the road, meaning people often miss their chance to cross. This issue has been going on for at least two weeks.
  • No access for fire services or ambulance
    Constant bad car and motorhome parking outside 14 Massey Street towards the corner, causing difficulties to navigate the parking obstruction, particularly if an emergency service vehicle needed access through.
  • Dark/dim street lighting
    Street is very dark with not many lamp posts and the ones that are present are very dim. Have had cars stolen on parked the street and feels very unsafe walking at night
  • Car park on both side of the narrow road
    I am at the corner of the stewart crescent and there car parked on both sides of the road. The road is narrow and sometimes while coming out and turning there is poor visibility of approaching cars- specially if it high speed vehicle. This is a high risk and I am concerned about it before any tragedy.
  • no street lights on
    Cardiff and Ferguson streets, (possibly Newbury street also), have no street lights on.
  • Streetlight
    Streetlight on the corner of Stortford and Oxford Street, glows bright then dull then bright then dull all night.
  • Driveway to road sunken & Pavement missing1 update
    Driveway part to the road has sunken a bit and is catching the bumpers on our cars and starting to rip them off and scraping our bumpers underneath, also the footpath leading to the driveway is missing some pavement and dangerous.
  • Streetlight out1 update
    The streetlight in the allyway linking Milson Line and Rutland Place is out, it has become an attraction for loitering at night now, fences have been broken, tagging and alot of bottles smashed which local kids have been getting stuck in their feet. We cleaned up the glass at the weekend and more was smashed the next day, please fix the light.
  • Terrible Road surface.
    The roads that have been redone some months ago on the corner of Rangitikei Street and Walding street and further up where Walding street becomes Grey Street are in such a poor condition especially for motorcyclists. Stones are becoming loose gravel on the road and if a motorcycle were to ride over it they could lose grip. The roads are much more dangerous for motorbikes than regular roads.
  • Street lights not working2 update
    Street lights aren’t working on Kupe Place, Linton Military Camp. The entire street is out.
  • Streetlight out
    The streetlight outside 6 Rutland Place is out. It provides security for vehicles parked on the street and entranceways. Could we get it fixed thanks.
  • Potholes
    Looks like a couple of potholes, getting bigger just after turning left onto Roberts Line from Napier road
  • Large Pothole1 update
    Pothole opening up on road in left turning lane on Ruahine (leading into Main).
  • Glass on road
    Top of our cul de sac. Glass has been on the road for long time. Street sweeping lorry came around a week ago, and still glass present. Lots of kids (including ours) play on bikes on this street.
  • Large pothole on North side of road.
    Been there for about a week, is getting larger, and very deep. Makes a very scary clunking noise when car goes over it. Bigger than your average pothole.
  • Dangerous section of road needing yellow lines to deter car parking in dangerous section.
    I have had some close calls using Limberick street when entering from the Napier Road end. Cars are able to park on the left hand side of the road (there are no yellow lines) and when passing it is necessary to cross over the centre line onto the right hand side of the road. Unfortunately there is no visibility of vehicles which are usually approaching at speed. (there is a right hand bend in the road at this point). I generally avoid going this way but went that way this morning (9 Aug 2019). Three vehicles were parked on the left hand side of Limberick Street and I felt very uncomfortable passing the parked cars because a head on collision is a distinct possibility. I'll send in some photos if you wish, but it's pretty obvious that yellow lines are required in my view.
  • Illegal dump of general trash
    Trailer load or two of general rubbish has been left on the side of the road
  • A stationary car on road with expired registration and WOF
    A red vehicle with expired WOF and expired registration (last registered 2017) has been parked and unmoved outside 94 Havill Street, Takaro for at least two months. It is 1996 FORD FESTIVA, plate number TY7123. Unsure if it's abandoned.
  • Lights out
    The street lights in Levi Place haven't been working for a few weeks now, which makes the street quite dark at night
  • Streetlights not working1 update
    The street lights in Levi Place have been out of order for about two weeks now.
  • Traffic Lights faulty
    The newly installed traffic lights on the corner of North Street and Tremaine Street are faulty. Twice in the evening,while waiting to turn left from North Street into Tremaine Avenue, the lights failed to change from green to red for over 10 minutes.In the interim, tge traffic lights operating on Tremaine Avenue went through their cycle 4 times.Needless to say I turned the corner while the lights were red otherwise I would still be waiting there.
  • broken waterpipe under road
    There is a broken water pipe under the road outside 26 Alan Street, Palmerston North. Water is seeping in to the gutter.
  • Broken Glass and Clothing
    Please clean broken glass and clothing from driveway entrance
  • Large potholes1 update
    There is a numerous amount of potholes on Stony Creek Road on the left side if heading north very large and dangerous I have to swerve to miss them because they would likely cause damage to my car
  • Unregistered abandoned vehicle
    A black, 1992 Honda Prelude, AYE583 (an old rego was left in the window) unregistered and abandoned outside our property on the road edge. It has been here since early November/December 2017. It has had the number plates removed.
  • Rego ABQ252
    This unregistered(22/12/17) & unwarranted (17/12/17) black 1990 Toyota MR2: ABQ252 has been parked outside our home at 30 Birmingham St Takaro for more than a month now. Presume abandoned as no one has been near & it hasn't moved. My husband reported it to Police at least 3 weeks ago but nothing has happened.
  • Unfinished road sealing
    Recently the council had contractors repealing Bitanical road from about #15 to around #120 (the shops). What a shocking job they have done!! If council have paid this contractor then more tool you, especially if this is the finished job. It is terrible. The road is uneven with many many uneven areas of seal. There will be an accident there before long when a child on a bicycle hits an uneven spot and is forced to swerve to avoid falling off. I am pleased mr rates are not paying for this despicable job. It needs redoing urgently
  • Unregistered Car in the street has been here for weeks
    Toyota blue car with an expired rego it has been parked in the street for some weeks hasnt moved dont think it belongs to anyone on the street and mayby abandoned, we live in small cul-de-sac so we dont have alot of parking space as it is can the PNCC please check it out thanks Trump Place -Palmerston North
  • Light bulb failing
    Lamp post number L3465 For just over 3 months light has been going on and off intermittently. Periods of no light gradually getting longer
  • Car abandoned on side of road
    Nissan Skyline Burgundy colour ZC1161. Flat tyre and registration expired. Street is very narrow and car is parked our a way from the gutter. Check with all neightbours and car does not belong to any of us.
  • My house drive
    Urgent, I cant driveout of the house without my car scraping on the foot path as the dirve is too steep onto the road and there is a water pot hole on mydrive that i keep triping over as its sticking 60cm out of the ground. This needs fixing
  • Rubbish in Stream
    Walked over this bridge the other day and Council needs to send someone to clean out the stream. There are big cans, plasticware, general rubbish and even a car rego plate.
  • Unsafe footpath
    Our car crossing cannot proceed until some on has done a traffic management plan. Two weeks now and no movement on this. It is now becoming a HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUE. As my wife and grand children have had near accidents on the broken concrete.
  • Car with no current WOF or registration
    Silver car with no current WOF or registration has been parked on road outside 21 Richmond Avenue for 1 month. Unsure if it is an abandoned vehicle but has not moved in at least 4 weeks.
  • cars left on road preventing driveway access
    been an ongoing problem. no rego cars left for days outside properties. skinny st access hard to be gained. rego dcd712 yu7396
  • Traffic lights slightly rotated - poor view
    Traffic lights on Hokowhitu side of Fitzherbert St facing traffic turning right towards Massey from Park Road are slightly rotated. Can still be seen, but they are definitely not straight. Apologies if his has already been posted. Didn't get an email to respond to after posting it the first time.
  • Traffic lights rotated almost 90 degrees
    Traffic lights outside dairy rotated - not sure why. Unable to see signals at all travelling along Botanical Road.
  • Light not working
    The street light outside 17 Russell street is not working
  • Traffic lights not green long enough1 update
    Hi, This morning and every other morning, I travel along Park Road and turn right onto Fitzherbert Avenue. However the right hand green arrow on the traffic lights does not stay green for long enough to let more than 4-5 cars go through. Then we have to give way to oncoming traffic coming through from the other side of Park Road. I came through around 7:48am and I didn't get through to Fitzherbert Avenue until 7:56am. The traffic was backed up past Batt Street and sometimes gets further back than that. This is also a problem in the afternoons, around 4:30-5pm. I'm asking that the green hand arrow for traffic turning onto Fitzherbert Avenue stays green for a lot longer to get more traffic through. Thanks very much, Sarah
  • Car parked with expired REGO and WOF
    Car Rego HFN768 has been left parked and unmoved for about 2 month. It has expired rego and wof. It has been parked badly as it is far from the road side (can be hazardous).
  • Water main handle broken and can't be turned off or on
    I am wanting to put in a new super tub and need to turn off the water main before installing. The person who is installing the tub was unable to turn the water supply off as the handle crumbled away to nothing. I purchased a new handle but with the new handle on it was unable to turn. Address - 25 Clyde crescent Palmerston North. please help
  • Street light squeaking
    Street light outside 8 Bourke Street squeaks loudly in wind, all day and all night. Needs fixing, is intensely annoying, but also could be dangerous.
  • new lights not working
    New lights that have jus been put in outside 25 clarke av an 28 clarke av are now not working which makes part of street very dark
  • Street Light Not Working
    Street light outside my home not working.
  • Stones on old West road corner around turitea road exit
    There are a lot of loose stones and rough road surface remaining from the road works at the corner of Old West road, Turitea road up to Summerhill. Very dangerous to have loose stones on a corner, especially with a gradient like this.
  • Green Arrow not working
    The green arrow traffic light (turning right out of Cuba street) at the intersection on the corner of Cuba and Rangitikei street has not been working for about a week. Cars turning right will not realise the light is green which causes a few angry drivers tooting at them.
  • Poor repair
    Turning left off Kelvin Grove Road into Stoney Creek Road has developed/redeveloped significant potholes to the point that I am concerned about damage to my new car. It is absolutely necessary to slow down to a crawl before starting to turn the corner so you can try to dodge the pot holes. this is already a very dangerous intersection, which doesn't seem to have been improved by recent works and having to take this extra precaution is creating another hazzard especially for those not turning who are not necessarily prepared for me slowing down so much. Also, heading up stoney creek road from WHakarongo, where the same works took place, there are also new/refilled potholes. It is not really sufficient to keep just filling the holes. Within weeks, we seem have the same problem. This whole intersection could probably do with being resurfaced by experienced roading contractors. Yours in anticipation:). Many thanks.
  • Potholes very dangerous to cyclists1 update
    The potholes have appeared once again on this repaired section of the road making it very dangerous to cyclists who must cycle in the middle of the road to avoid them. Despite two repairs of the potholes, new ones have formed and are very deep for cyclists to hit. There is a further pothole along the road 200m towards Pahiatua which has not been repaired since reporting the issue many weeks ago. It is also in a dangerous position for cyclists.
  • potholes dangerous to cyclists
    The potholes have reformed after the initial repair in new spots and are forcing cyclists into the middle of the road to avoid them. There are additional potholes forming 100m along the road again as well. The shocking repair job after the cable ducting was carried out will mean potholes will simply carry on forming after repairs. Perhaps a roading engineer needs to look at the problem to come up with a long term solution (probably resealing the two sections of road) rather than patching repeatedly.
  • Car with expired WOF and Rego left parked on side of road
    Car Rego ZM8035 has been left parked in this area and unmoved for several weeks, it looks to be in poor repair and has a WOF and Rego that expired last year.
  • pothole dangerous to cyclists
    Some potholes are developing in the section which was dug up during cable ducting along the road. The potholes are dangerous to cyclists as they cause them to veer into the middle of the lane to avoid them. A further pothole has also developed some tens of metres along the road towards the Track.
  • Faulty street light
    Faulty street light cycling on and off just outside driveway towards 15 Long Melford Rd Awapuni
  • Pavement broken
    Pavement needs fixing badly broken
  • Pavement missing
    Pavement was cut out quite a while ago and never been fixed
  • Street Light Cycling On/Off
    A street light located on Churchill Ave directly outside of 2 Woodstock Place is cycling on/off approx. every 15 seconds.
  • Street light not working
    The street light opposite 68 Royal Oak Drive is not working, it occasionally works but most nights does not at all.
  • Hokowhitu street lights not working
    All street lights around Hokowhitu, Albert Street etc. are not working at night
  • Dangerous pothole reformed after bad repair job
    Once again, the potholes have reformed after the repairs have failed. The response to the reporting is excellent but the repairs have begun to fail both times only weeks after the repair. A better repair than simply filling with hotmix and tamping down is needed or the problem will reoccur yet again.
  • Dangerous pothole reformed after bad repair job
    Once again, the potholes have reformed after a shoddy repair job. The potholes were underfilled and this has quickly led to them reforming as bad as they were originally. Full marks to a quick response but poor resolution.
  • Dangerous pothole
    Very dangerous pothole in line with descending cyclists, causing them to move into path of following cars to avoid, or crash if hitting this large pothole.
  • Street light not working all the time
    There is an intermittent fault with the street light outside 9 Ruha St. This has been an on going issue for a long time.
  • dittmer reserve
    signage leading into waitoetoe park from Dittmer avenue has been defaced
  • Street lights not working at night1 update
    The street lights down the lower quarter of Rongopai Street don't work at night and haven't done so for the last 2-3 weeks. We have seen Tenix there [eg yesterday] doing something and the lights have been going when they are there but not at night when they are needed. It is extremely dark and some of us need to walk this street to get to UCOL or work, or home, and we do not feel safe doing so while it is so dark. Please can they be fixed. Thanks.
  • Street lights been out
    We reside in worcester street.We just came to know about this sight.Want to report that the street lights been out nearly a week.
  • Street Sign spelling
    Recently new street sign of Emmerdale Mews installed, but the spelling was not right. Printed "Emmerdale Mew" instead of "Emmerdale Mews". I hope this to be corrected as soon as possible.
  • Street Sign missed1 update
    I found street sign missed yesterday. I hope it should be replaced asap.
  • Insealed surface
    The road between 92 and 96 Rosalie Terrace has had 2 unsealed patches for a very long time, causing the road to look like a construction site for a very long time.
  • Stormwater hole
    The Council has been working in this street for many months. They have however not yet completed the last stormwater man-holes in Rosalie Terrace (between 94 and 96). It is a nuisance, as the slightest wind causes the barriers to move, and the residents cannot leave their properties without having to re-position the barriers. They also cannot park any vehicles outside their properties, which means that visitors need to park in front of other properties. Please get this job finished.
  • Deep hole in my back yard located with red painted cross
    I came home from work and found this in my backyard and my neighbours backyard. I did not give permission for anyone to come on my property and drill a hole. There were two painted areas and the hole is very deep- who has done this without my permission - is it the council
  • blocked stormwater grate
    storm water pipe blocked. When raining the water overflows and travels along gutter to next grate - overloading it.
  • broken glass
    broken glass on the street
  • Broken paving
    The paving outside 42a Clifton Terrace is a safety hazard to anyone walking on the sidewalk at night!
  • Paving lifted
    The footpath has cracked and lifted and is causing many people to trip over it. There is a blind man in the street whose safety is also challenged by the broken paving.
  • Street light not working2 update
    The street light doesn't work most of the time, although it does switch on now and then. There have been burglaries last year, therefore a risk.
  • Broken footpath in two places
    the footpath has broken outside number 17 and also around the end of the street in front of number 16. We have many kids who scooter and run around also a blind lady who walks a lot around the street and this is something we would like fixed if possible please.
  • Painted distance measurer on walkway.
    Can the distances painted along the walkway of Pioneer Highway be repainted again please. They are very difficult to see and in some places grass has grown over them.
  • broken water main
    water main bubbling onto pavement outside breakers cafe
  • Water Flooding Road
    The road in front of our house floods when it rains. When it doesn't rain, there is a continuous flow of water such that we had to buy a stepping stone to get over the water.
  • Leaves: Blocking gutter a
    Leaves: Blocking gutter and covering road at the end of Manuka Street.
  • Potholes at Northern edge of road
    There are some potholes at the edge of the seal on the northern edge of the road. The road is already very narrow for the amount of traffic during drop-off and pick-up at Tiritea country school.
  • Roadside drains go nowhere
    The roadside drains on School Rd. drain onto land and not into the culvert running under Wellingtons st.
  • Stock on road
    Stock are often teathered along the roadside to graze with leads and chains that permit them to wander onto the road. Visibility coming around the corner from Beaconsfield St. onto School Rd. is very poor. Encroaching fence on the roadside makes avoiding stock difficult.
  • Abandoned vehicles1 update
    Several vehicles are parked on the roadside behind a fence that encroaches on the roadside.
  • Encroachment on roadside
    A permanant fence with gates has been put up outside the property boundary, right against the roadside making it very difficult to pull over for oncoming traffic.
  • poor road condition1 update
    at the lights on tremaine
  • Pothole in street
    The hole has been in the street since the winter
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