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RAIN RAIN if this is NOT global warming,, then I do not know what is

Reported in the Other category by Frankly Truth at 21:41, Sat 25 February 2023

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People in Auckland city sit outside footpath in the cold in summer clothing with heaters beaming down on them when there is plenty of room inside with warmth PROOF WE ARE IN THE DICKHEAD AGE ............Whenever I talk about global warming, the oh but, but members of the oh but, but club start with Oh but, but ..... the globe is not getting warmer it is getting colder, I think these people need to get their head out of the sand. Sir Richard Attenborough of the UK always doing nature programs whenever he talked about global warming, he always talked about the ice caps melting at the north & south poles, it is not the ice melting at the north south poles we need to worry about, it is the ice melting up in the mountains and trickling down to sea level. The world has built many dams "to generate electricity" and to slow down the rate of sea rise, but we still have land taken over by rising sea level this has increased the surface area of water with the higher sea temperatures, it gives more or faster water evaporation, so this means more clouds to make either more snow or more floods. all this so gives the illusion the planet is getting colder. New Zealand built a dam in the south island during the “think big” projects, that is a earthquake risk, The dam over very productive farming land, Russia did a dam, look down into the water you can see railway tracks and train stations, China the largest dam in the world, USA CE of Michigan near Ludington on Lake Michigan. They pump water up hill during non peak hours and let it turn the turbines when it runs down hill during peak hours of heavy electricity usage. No doubt there could be more stories of dams built

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If all these summer floods is not a result of global warming, then it must be the poltergeist did it.
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