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Upper Hutt City Council

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Recently fixed

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Old fixed

  • Street Lighting Out1 update
    The entire block of Hazel Street, Poplar Grove and Willow Grove is without street lighting. This has now been reported three times and still has not been rectified.
  • Street light out1 update
    Light bulb has been dead for three weeks.

New issues

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Older issues

  • Short Phase Traffic Lights
    Hi Traffic Lights at the corner of River Road turning into Gibbons street have for some time been Short-Phased. This not only creates un-necessary delays during evening peak hour but also encourages risky maneuvers for drivers (speeding up to the traffic lights, Running the light as soon as it goes red). This afternoon The light was only Green for 4 cars when their was a backlog of at least 9 cars lined up at this light. Something has to be done about this bug - in fact why is it allowed to happen in the first place?
  • Two abandoned vehicles
    Two unregistered and unwarranted vehicles located outside 7 Gloucester St for at least the last two months now
  • leaking toby
    hi our toby located outside our property by footpath is leaking water. we first noticed it in november but didnt think much of it as we had a big rain couple days before. we noticed it when mowing the lawn. was like a puddle of water in the grass. come December i notice its still puddle of water in same spot. i decide to lift up cover of toby and im greeted with a flooded toby. i start scooping the water out into bucket but notice it filling back up rather quickly. i come to the conclusion there must be leak in pipe that is continuously leaking out water
  • Abandoned car
    White car been parked outside 16 bonnie Glen Crescent upper Hutt, gathering leaves and dirt in the guttering, it does not have a registration or warrant of fitness has been parked up for 6plus months.
  • Sunken road1 update
    When driving along Chatsworth Road opposite Tiniroa Grove there is a large sunken area of the highway and the car dangerously dips and can lose traction when driving over it. There is a blind hill ahead so it is a danger for on-coming traffic for any cars that try to avoid the sunken area by driving around it.
  • street lamp broken
    trees fouling with street lamp causing it to break and not work any more
  • Byron Street, Trentham
    We have not had street lighting for 3 nights now. Street is very dark. I live at 22 Byron Street.
  • No Street Lights 2 update
    No street lights are going leading up to the Eastern Hutt Road and Fergusson Drive roundabout intersection in all directions. A very dark area of road without the lighting. Been like this for a couple of weeks.
  • Two issues: grafetti and a need for speed bump
    I reside at 7 Golders Road. Outside our driveway there is a lamp post with graffiti scrawled on it. Secondly, and this is of much greater concern to me, there is a need for a speed bump/judder bar directly, outside our place, and also further down at various places in Golders Road. This is because, day and night, most drivers passing along here speed beyond limit. It is quite noticeable and annoying. I pay my rates on time. If the Council could clean the graffiti for me and especially if it would put in some speed bumps along our street, I would be very grateful.
  • No street lights
    There are no regularly working street lights in Roman Close or Kurth Crescent. This was a problem for much of last year and now that it is darker early in the morning I've noticed it hasn't been remedied. It is hazardous going out for an early run with no street lighting. I noticed there was no lighting the other night around 11pm when I put my bin out too. I think the phasing or timing must be faulty.
  • street light fault
    The street light outside my property has been out for a while now (3 months) it makes the street very hard to see and makes the feeling being very insecure as you never know if anyone is out there till its too late. It is between numbers 7 and 9 hall grove upper hutt. Would be much appreciated if it was fixed thank you. Kind regards luke jessett
  • Health & Safety - Danger of Storm Damaged Large Tree Falling Down
    There are two large/tall pine trees behind the Flats around 24 Deller Grove, Silverstream, Upper Hutt that appear to have been affected by the recent storm and high winds - one of them is dangerously leaning at an angle.
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