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Thames-Coromandel District Council

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  • Street light not going
    Street light at end of cul-de-sac not going, also a couple of lights on onemana drive near oratia place not going
  • Road signs altered
    Couple of signs for Slow Vehicle bays have been turned in wrong direction, just uphill from Kauri tree corner
  • Roundabout
    According to the TCDC website construction of this roundabout was supposed to have started towards the end of May 2019. Half way through June and no sign at all of any action.
  • light are out
    End of Pipi Dune. Street lights are out
  • light are out
    several street lights are not working. Very dark indeed!
  • Broken driveway
    As photo below, our driveway is a mess of broken concrete , it's quite dangerous for people to walk on. We asked council about fixing it and they said that it was the water company's problem. We haven't heard back from anyone and it's darn right dangerous left unfixed. Would really like to know what is going to be done, and before winter preferably , before it's wet and muddy. Look forward to hearing from someone Sincerely Wendy Scarrott
  • The Austin Dr street sign is no longer there
    Sign was smashed into months ago (no exit sign is still lying damaged in grass) and has disappeared. TCDC was notified at the time. Would be great to get new one before Art Escape when over 100 visitors will be coming to my studio. Thanks!
  • Light cycling off/on
    Light on corner of park lane and Rena Place cycling on/off. Also light outside 4 Rena Place cycling on/off
  • Flooding in Sarah avenue whitianga
    We reported in 2011 that we have had repeated flooding in this area. Two years later and the situation remains the same. There has been water across the street twice within one month. It would be great if something could be done about it. Surely council has an obligation to provide the proper infrastructure that ratepayers are paying for by way of adequate storm water drainage?
  • flooding
    Street flooding Sat 31st Dec 2011 @ 1.15pm Clearly remedies to fix this have not worked
  • frequent flooding in Sarah Ave Whitianga
    whenever we have a heavy downfall of rain we have flooding which has caused flood damage to several properties.Over a 20 year period we have had flooding in the street which has blocked traffic at least 10 times.We can supply photographic evidence of most.As a concerned rate payer we would like the council to remedy this problem A.S.A.P.
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