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Tauranga City Council

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  • Pothole and streetlight out
    A pothole has opened up on Westridge drive,Tauriko, Tauranga just before house number 61 which requires attention, also a street light not working also on Westridge drive, Tauriko street light number 13264, it has the street sign attached to it that points to Westview place.
  • Lights out
    All the street lights have been out for about a week.
  • Van on roadside since January 2021, Safety issues
    A silver van rego HRQ508 has been parked on the roadside since January 2021 (approx area 120 Ranch Road, Mount Maunganui). The wof and registration expired in Dec 2020. It is a hazard for cars parking around and homeowners requiring clear site of children riding bikes on shared footpath when entering their driveways.
  • Speedbumps needed ASAP
    From the start of Glenn Terrace to Longwood Lane the cars can travel up to speeds of 80kms! Day and night. It's a very busy road with cars but also a lot of school kids walk along here...from Primary, Intermediate & College. So many animals get killed too because of excessive speeding cars & motorbikes. A few accidents have happened, the bad ones are of cars losing control and crashing into houses! Drivers need to forced to slow down, especially in a very busy school zone area. Speed camera that parks outside my house is a waste of time, I'm on a straight stretch of road and people can notice it way before they get to it.
  • Speed bumps needed
    People speed up and down Waitaha Road so much it makes me feel unsafe. Speed bumps should be installed.
  • Speed bumps needed
    So many people speed along this road to take short cuts to different areas. There was a serious crash just last night which could have been avoided if cars weren't able to drive so fast. The amount of people driving well in excess of the limit is scary due to the large number of families with children that live along the whole street. We need speed bumps to protect our kids and slow the traffic
  • Speed bumps needed
    Cheyne Road, Pyes Pa Tauranga. We need speed bumps. Most people are driving over the speed limit of 50km however there are plenty of people driving in excess of 70km and making a hell of alot of noise late at night.
  • Excessive speed
    So our street which links up to Hawea Street, is used as a cut through road to get to Bayfair and to head into Papamoa down Grenada Street. The problem with this is the excessive speed in which cars are travelling down this road. It happens on a daily basis and happens all through the day and night. It is ridiculous at what speed these cars are going. They skid round the corner or Hawea onto Seaspray, then speed off to the end of the road to just skid round the next corner. There is a Kindergarten on Hawea street not to mention Arataki school round the corner from that, its just not safe to have cars flying around the corner and driving that fast around this area. I would like to know how we can go about getting speed bumps put not just on Seaspray Drive but also on Hawea St, to make it safer for the community in general.
  • Street lights out over pedestrian crossing
    Both large street lights are out over top of the pedestrian crossing. One is out on the west and the other one on the east side by the BP. No visible damage to the lights or poles.
  • Street lights not working1 update
    Street lights on westridge drive Tauranga from house number 71 onwards and one street light first down hill onto Westview place not working
  • one street light not working
    the LED street light outside 48 Montego Drive is not working, the rest of the street lights are OK. Thanks
  • Street light not working
    Street light not working on 26 kanapa close papamoa 3118
  • Light not working between 33 and 35 Ranch Road Mount Maunganui
    Light not working between 33 and 35 ranch Road Mount Maunganui
  • significant pothole in the road
    A large, deep pothole, capable of causing damage to vehicles, Approximately 20 metres before the Baypark roundabout, when coming from Bayfair. On the left side of the road.
  • Street light not working2 update
    Street light out outside 147/149 Valley Road Mt Maunganui (looks like wind damange as light hanging on pole)
  • Island on Te Okuroa Dr
    Why is there a concrete island on Te Okuroa Dr, restricting access for residents turning into Flaxmill Way, leading to the busy Dunkeld Drive or into Waikiwi Way on the opposite side? It’s unnecessary and frustrating that we have to turn at the roundabout before Flaxmill Way and navigate through the rabbit warren of Terrace Views or have to go up further to the next roundabout to come back down to have a left turn into my street. Remove the island and the weeds growing from the concrete!! And make life more simple for people.
  • Broken glass and litter
    We are constantly dodging broken glass (and rubbish) on our bike rides and runs around Te Okuroa Dr. This is a hazard and a danger for the children in our neighbourhood. Please clean and check this area on a weekly basis. You opened this road and the race car drivers are constantly zooming around the roundabouts and parking up littering and throwing their alcohol bottles because this area is not manned or populated yet. This needs urgent attention. Please address this issue.
  • Mow the lawns
    It has been at least 6 weeks since the grassed areas all around Te Okuroa Dr have been mowed. DO YOUR JOB and keep our neighbourhood clean and tidy and we’ll looked after.
  • Faulty light
    Hi there we have a non functioning street light, it’s the first light as you turn into Westview place off west ridge drive on the left hand side opposite number 4, it was replaced with a led head and was working up to now.
  • Street light is out
    No visible damage and a standard small street lamp. Lamp outside 2-4 Kauri street is also out.
  • Not Working1 update
    Street light at 58 Marine Parade is not working and hasn't been working for some time
  • Street Light out1 update
    Street light at cul de sac end of Tyrone Street is not going and hasn,t been going for some time.
  • Street lights out2 update
    Two street lights out in Rimu St (last two southern most lamps) One street light out on Kauri st (outside 4 Kauri St) No visible damage and standard style lights.
  • Speeding Vehicles
    Every vehicle that travels this road is going over 50kph, some vehicles would get close to 100kph. It is a road that is up and down and has a couple of blind corners. We have an elderly neighbour who catches the bus now because she is to scared to get her car out of the driveway in fear of being T boned. Vehicles are also using this road with excessive speed to bypass the traffic on the highway that backs up in the afternoon. Can we please have a road survey done so everyone can be made aware how dangerous this road has become. I hope this will result in full width speed bumps to slow vehicles down and put them off using this road to bypass the highway traffic. There are speed bumps on Hollister rd, our road is far busier and have more traffic using Poike rd .We have children that cannot cross the road because of the speed of cars . There isnt even a pedestrian crossing for the elderly or young children to use .
  • Electric Light Traffic Hazzard
    The location of the electric light pole at the Patterson Street and the high traffic density Given Road intersection is the cause of my vehicle accidents. The left Patterson traffic lane on Girven road is too narrow for larger vans and trucks and there is insufficient space to pass on the inside lane without mounting the curb and then hitting the light pole. Patterson Street left turning traffic on Girven road often stops the traffic and creates a back up of cars and often rear end collusions occur. The pole was hit by a car last week and has been removed. The best option is to remove the pole completely. If the pole for some reason has to be reinstalled would you kindly ensure firstly it does not obstruct access to the properties at 86 Girven road and the Bay Palm Motel access, and secondly where it is not a hazard or danger to the high density road traffic on Girven road. Thank you. Appreciate a discussion please with the owners of property at 86 Girven road and the Bay Palm Motels at 84 Girven Road.
  • Street light is out1 update
    Street light at end of cul de sac is not working.
  • Speed Hump needed
    Excessive speeding done by cars avoiding maunganui road.
  • Street light is out2 update
    The street light between 30 and 26 Rimu St is out. Due to the large spacing it makes the street very dark. Recently been burgled so keen to have this sorted please?
  • Street lights not working2 update
    Street lights not working on Taurikura Drive (down the Whakakake St end). They were working a few weeks ago but not now.
  • Street lights not working
    Many street lights are not working on a section of Whakakake St and Hotuhotu St
  • Speed humps needed along Simpson Road
    Every day boy racers race up Simpson Road. This has been reported to the police. With lots of children living on the road, it is only a matter of time when someone is injured. A car hit another car backing out of their driveway last week.
  • graffiti on fence in beach access1 update
    Several graffitied fences along the beach access. Needs to be removed off the fence please.
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