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Tasman District Council

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Recently fixed

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Old fixed

  • Road Signs in Cycle Way1 update
    Road Works Signs in Cycle Way forcing cyclists to ride into the traffic lane and onto the roadworks duh!

New issues

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Older issues

  • Please fix Howard Valley rd potholes
    An increasing number of large potholes along Howard Valley rd make it very difficult to avoid them. It's dangerous
  • Pedestrian crossing signs
    Pedestrian crossing poles and signs need updating and cleaning, nobody stops because they can’t see the signage
  • Street light not working
    Street light across from Richmond Health Centre & McGlashen Pharmacy not working.
  • Large potholes in main road
    There are an increasing number of large potholes along the main road at Rotoroa, on the north side of the bridge and on the gravel road past the lodge.
  • No street light
    I noticed the street light is not working on the corner of wratt street and woodland ave I'm not sure if it's just one light or whole street?
  • Vehicles & Car Parts
    Outside approximately 51 Main Road Hope, there seems to be a wreck of a car under a torn cover parked on the 'berm' - which must be council land? as well as an array of car parts (doors, panels etc) that have been carried across the street and left on the side of the road opposite. It looks terrible, and surely must be illegal?
  • Cycle way signs between Salisbury Rd and swimming pool
    There were three signs on a pole for the cycle way. One fell off and has now disappeared. One has a broken attachment and may fall soon.
  • Steel cable in Buller river, above Granity Creek
    Reported by H Canard: "There is a steel cable in the top of the first class III rapid above Granity Creek rapid. This is the rapid that pushes right against the bank and has large boulders in the flow. The cable may be attached to a concrete block. The cable is just to the right of the largest boulder at the top of the rapid, which is a logical eddy to scout from. It will be covered but still dangerous at higher flows." Please remove the cable. Per the September 2007 Disputes Tribunal hearing re Petrie vs Wellington Regional Council, GWRC was required to remove the hazard after a "near miss" pinning incident on a steel beam from a flood protection groyne in the Ruamahanga River. Refer to photo and map for details.
  • loose gravel on road/highway corner
    After road widening on The Coastal highway some months back, there is an accumulation of loose grael on the corner with Weka Road, it has been there for 2 months +. Possible danger factor and also will damage new seal. If a sweeper truck is passing would take 2 mins to clean. ta
  • faulty street light
    the light outside no. 275 - on the opposite side of the street strobes - being very bright one second and dimming to almost off the next
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