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Rotorua Lakes Council

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Recently fixed

  • No issues.

Old fixed

  • Street Light not working2 update
    The Street light outside 31A Hasll Rd, Ngongotaha is not working.
  • street lights out 1 update
    all street lights out in okona crescent and operiana street seems to happen after heavy downpours
  • needs urgent remedy1 update
    Whole street and part of surrounding area out for at least a month nov/dec . Came on again around xmas for some time ?. out for how long this time ?. not good enough .
  • Street lights not working 1 update
    Our street lights have not been working since last weekend.
  • Missing yellow lines on corner at stop sign1 update
    Corner of Jackson & Otonga was resealed (at least six months ago). It's still missing the yellow stop lines on the road. If you can't see the stop sign, how do you know this is a stop? Please sweep the corner and repaint the lines on the road.

New issues

  • No issues.

Older issues

  • NOT WORKING1 update
    Street Light has not been working since at least the weekend. Is there any Chance that this could be BRIGHTER as it is the only one near the Junction it is not very well lit on that area?!!!! Light Number: 763187 / 487368 (14818)
  • Street Light outage
    Highway street light has been out for approximately one month. For safety reasons would like this repaired as cars turn in and out of properties with low visibility.
  • street lighting
    street lights not working in okona cresent and surrounding area
  • Street light out
    This light outside Canabria (34 Otonga Road) has been out for several months now. Because there are old people in the neighbourhood it probably should get fixed ASAP.
  • Street light still out!
    This was fixed last year but it blew a week or so after they last fixed it. Hasn't been working for more than two months now. It's just outside the entrance to Cantabria (old people rest home) on Otonga Road.
  • Water leak on road - broken subterranean pipe?
    The past week (from 22 Nov 2021) there has been water forming on the surface outside 112 Devon Street. The road is now starting to sink. It might pay to get this sorted before it becomes more of an issue for traffic and a HUGE job.
  • Broken seal from where water main was fixed 3 weeks ago!
    There's a largish pothole starting to form that is right in the area where cyclists ride. This is a danger for those unaware it is there. For those that are aware, you have to swerve out into the traffic which is also a hazard. Why hasn't it been left and not fixed??
  • Street Light Not Working
    The street light at the intersection of SH5 and Campbell Rd in Reporoa is not working
  • Water leak
    284 TeNgae Road building has no water supply. Road outside shows water leak where roadworks is happening.
  • Street lights2 update
    Lighting in our area have been out for a few days now most areas its very hard to see. Its a safety issue thank you. Around selwyn heights
  • Not working
    Street light around 6 edward street is not working
  • Street light not working1 update
    Street light not working
  • Pot holes 2 update
    Huge pot holes all along Te Ngae rd from Tarawera rd to past the airport, need to be fix dangerous as in this rain, even worse in the dark.
  • Light not working2 update
    Light is not working at all, this is a very small coldersack and its very very dark without this lighting. Please fix asap. Light is out opposite 1 marcasite place ,its the only light in the street .
  • Grass on side of road needs urgent attention
    The grass on the side of the road on S.H 5 is a major fire risk. It is majorly overgrown and very dry. It also proves a hazard to the traffic as the driveways are hidden by this.
  • Street light
    Street light pole piece where wires are suppose too be covered etc.my number won't work in settings so email me please so I can phone you
  • Street light
    Street light pole piece where wires are suppose too be covered etc.my number won't work in settings so email me please so I can phone you
  • Broken box on poll
    Theres a broken piece come off street light pole. 22 barnard its outside that mail box
  • Very deep pothole at intersection
    Hole is very deep like road has Fallin in
  • Street light not working
    The street lamp outside my house isn't working. Makes the street very dark and scary
  • Light off and on
    The street light on the corner of mount view drive and pedlar street had been flickering off and on constantly for last couple of months. It is now more off than on. It makes it ver hard to see traffic island in centre of road and contouring of corner when you drive around.
  • Street Light Out1 update
    Our street light has been out for over 2weeks now. It lights up our bus stop area as well as adds security as there is a domain across the road. Can you please fix it. Thank Tou
  • Light Flickering on and off
    light doesn't operate as it should at night, turns on and off say every 5 / 10 mins. it is the only street light in the street and needs to be repaired for security and safety reasons (at the coulter sack end)
  • flickering on and off1 update
    We are on the corner of Isles Rd and Link the street light on Link road first one on the left when you turn into the Road is flickering at night on and off can it please get fixed.
  • street light out
    Was fixed after easter weekend storm. Went about a week now out again
  • Large Pothole in Sumner Street
    Outside number 22 Sumner Street. It's large and growing larger every day. Very dangerous to cyclists or older people crossing the road here.
  • Massive pothole never been filled after sewage connection
    After sewage scheme was connected 3 years ago this massive pothole was left next to my connection hole on the street edge. This fills up with massive amount of storm water following every rain event. Please can it be remedied and leveled to same level as street?
  • Uneven seal
    There is a pothole in this portion of Benn Road that has been sealed over with chip seal and forms such an uneven surface that two pedestrians have now sprained ankles from falling into this hole while walking, please repair!
  • large potholes
    Some large potholes in the metal section of South rd by the red letterbox & double A sign. getting dangerous for traffic
  • entire metal section of South rd Mamaku needs attch
    The metal section of South rd requires attn, perhaps a grader & some more metal
  • Street light out2 update
    Light has been out for at least two weeks now. This end of the roundabout is very poorly lit as it is.
  • Unclear if this is a driveway exit or main road
    Coming out of the mall area into Victoria Street, it is unclear if you are exiting a driveway and should give way to all traffic (including the traffic at the stop sign opposite). There is a kerb so it looks like it is a driveway but I suspect it's actually supposed to be a public street. Please remove the kerb if it is supposed to be a public road, otherwise maybe it needs to be signposted to make it clear you are in a driveway. Currently it's confusing and dangerous for motorists.
  • No street light on corner!
    There is no street light on this corner. The nearest light is diagonally across from the intersection some distance away is pretty dim anyway. For safety's sake (pedestrians & other traffic) the corner should be lit.
  • Street Light not working
    I advised this on 15th January and it is still not fixed.Also 2 other lights up the road from this are not working.3 lights are out.
  • Road names on sign
    Road names Selwyn & Lewis are facing the wrong way, which is confusing for visitors and people dropping off stuff as I experienced today with a courier parcel delivered to wrong address. Some months ago the signs at the other end of Selwyn Road were also turned around - by pranksters I expect.
  • No reflector posts on Forest Road
    I travel the length of this road for my employer at 4.30 am each morning, returning approx 1.5hrs later. In thick fog, no road markings, a length of unsealed road, and many v.sharp bends it is a challenge. I meet traffic from the opposite direction often as there is quite a bit of industry on the eastern end of this road now. Could we PLEASE have reflectors put in place and the white lines through the middle would be a great advantage.
  • Pedestrian Crossing
    Kawaha Point Road needs a pedestrian crossing near the dairy. School children cross at that point especially after school care children. Children attending Kawaha Point School also need to cross that road. It is a very dangerous place with cars entering and leaving the shop car park and two roads intersecting.
  • Drain Cover
    Grilled drain cover sit inside white-line, well below tarseal level, grills run in direction of road. Cyclists must avoid running over it. Have experienced high-school student not avoiding hole and being thrown from bike onto roadway. Myself I will ride onto vehicle pathway. Drain obsiously situated at the bottom of hill, but could be better level with road surface, is opposite petrol station.
  • glass on footpath
    lots of broken grass on the footpath connecting leslie ave to thomas cr
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