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Porirua City Council

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Old fixed

  • Street lights out1 update
    Street lights on Romesdale Road & Bowlers Wharf drive are not working

New issues

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Older issues

  • Deep potholes on new roundabout
    There are 2 or 3 deep potholes on the roundabout, coming out of Raiha Street. I know the roundabout is still somewhat in progress but the seal needs to be fixed. Completely messed up my little classic minis suspension alignment.
  • Potholes and rough surface
    Several areas of rough surface and potholes from the Kenepuru link overpass to the Porirua offramp on State Highway one Northbound lane, all degrading further day by day.
  • Street lights out
    Lights have been out on Main road from Porirua school to Takapuwahia several weeks now. Area very dark and unsafe for pedestrians.
  • Majorly over grown grass berm
    The grass berm outside 134 castor cres is dangerously over grown likewise with the vacant land this is a fire hazard in the summer with the young kids playing around with matches lighters etc
  • Lights out on Main Road all week
    The Street lights on the Main Road have been out all week. All of Kapiti Cres has now gone. The area is extremely dark which makes it unsafe for residents. This is urgent given the length of time they have been out.
  • Yellow lines
    Between 5 and 7 Donlin road there is only a small space and cars are parking there making it unsafe and very hard for us residence to get in and out of our drive ways - yellow lines are needed and would not impact the parking
  • Yellow lines needed
    Between 35 and 37 sea vista drive driveway entrances there is a small space. Cars constantly park here and when parked here often encroach on either driveway or make it impossible to enter number 37 when coming up the road. This issue is ongoing but has become more often with walkers on the track or clients to a nearby beauty boutique or just generally street traffic. Can yellow lines please be painted on the road batten the driveway entrances of number 35 and 37 sea vista drive
  • Street lamp out
    Street lamp outside no 25 Inlet View is out
  • Yellow lines over driveway
    I live opposite Porirua Park. On most Saturdays in=n the winter there are rugby games both morning and afternoon at the park. i do not consider the yellow lines outside my property to adequately cover my driveway. People who park outside my home don't seem to know the distance their card should be from the yellow lines so often a van or ute will park with its back hanging over the yellow line. This means that i am effectively trapped in my driveway because not only are there cars parked on both sides of the road BUT there are cars driving up and down the road looking for a park. Even though my car is facing outward, the angle i would have to effect to get out of my drive is not sufficient incentive to try to get out! I'd appreciate you extending the yellow lines to give me confidence to use my own driveway. Many thanks for your consideration.
  • Street Lighting not working
    27 Aberfeldy street My Parents have raised concerns of the street light just outside there property its now so dangerous my 72yrold father almost fell and my mother because of the lighting which is none. I've gone down to see for my self it definitely is pitched black you cannot see anything I was to afraid to go down my parents stairs because I couldn't see a thing. you urgent help will be appreciated regards Richard.
  • Light not working
    Very dark area with street light out in front of rappaw
  • 55 Owhiti Street light flickers on and off
    The Street light (55 Owhiti Street)is flickering on and off.please fix it
  • Street Light out1 update
    Street light not working outside 30 John Burke dr Aotea
  • Lights out in Downes Street
    There are a couple of street lights that are currently not working outside 54 and 60 Downes Street. They have been non operational for at least 2 weeks now. Would be great if this could be fixed.
  • Street lights out st 5 snd 13 cansry way
    There sre now 2 street lights out of tbe three on the odd numbered side of the street out
  • Street light flickering
    The street light on the corner of Halladale Rd and Tombane Terrace has been visibly flickering for weeks. Please can you arrange for it to be fixed.
  • Street light in front of 5 Kiriwai Road
    The street light at the corner of 5 Kiriwai Road nearest to Paremata Crescent has been out since Saturday night.
  • Street lights not working
    2 street lights not working, 1 between 14 & 16 Pendennis Point, the other is first light in St Austell Close.. ben out for at least a week.
  • Lights not working
    Street lights at the low end numbers of Rawhiti Road, Pukerua Bay (1 thru to about 66) have been out since Friday.
  • Street light goes on and off
    The street light in between 12 & 14 Desert Gold Street, Ascot Park, Porirua needs replacing as it keeps turning on and off and is noticeably flickery. It has been like this for the past week. Please replace. Thank you.
  • Very large pot hole
    There is a very large/deep pothole on the northbound side of Paekakariki Hill Rd about 500m north of Pauatahanui golf club entrance.
  • Street lights have been on now for 3 days. They are not turning off in the morning1 update
    Street lights staying on not turning off in the morning
  • Street light not working3 update
    End of Northpoint Street
  • 3 lights out
    3 street lights out from 39 John burke Drive South
  • Turning right takes a very long time. Never used to.
    I use this junctiin everyday and I've noticed recently when turning right into plimmerton from.Sh1 that the other traffic has 4 or 6 light change sequences until finally the light changes to a free arrow for cars queuing in the centre. Many cars give up and drive further up and perform U turns, other cars are.turning at a red light as you can be waiting up to 10 minutes.
  • Road repair
    There are a few potholes in the road outside my house and they are getting larger. there is an island in the middle of the road and it is dangerous trying to miss the potholes to get round the island.
  • Street Light not working
    southern end of Pukemere Way Pukerua Bay (outside no 20)
  • Street light goes on and off1 update
    The street light in front of 21 The Companionway needs replacing as it keeps turning on and off and is noticeably flickery. Please replace. Thank you.
  • Half finished fence and tree clearing
    About a year ago Council removed and pruned the trees between Pikarere Street and Patiki Place just before Tuna Tce. It's much more open with the trees gone and you can now get great views of titahi bay beach. So overall it's an improvement. But it looks like the job has only been half done. A few posts have been put in but nothing more. There is also a whole lot of half erected orange plastic fencing. I would like to see this finished and tidied up so that it is no longer such an eye sore. Thanks in advance!!!
  • Street lights not working
    Five lights not working from Kenepuru Rd end of Lower Main Drive, Porirua to adjoining Upper Main Drive. This is a the quickest walk utilised by nursing staff to walk from Porirua train station to Mental Health wards in Upper Main Drive.
  • Flickering street light - Private Right of way
    The shared street light down our private right of way in Leeward Drive (driveway opposite #95 Leeward Drive) needs replacing as it keeps turning on and off and is noticeably flickery now. Please replace. Thank you.
  • Failure
    Kia ora, Street light outside 25 - 27 Waiho Tce was worked on about 3 or so weeks ago, a new bulb and cover were attached but this street light did not work that night and is still not going?? I kinda thought that they were coming back to complete the task, please assist.
  • Overgrown Lawns/berm
    This house has extremely overgrown lawns including the grass berm on the outer fence and berm.
  • Cars Blocking Road
    Cars park on the single lane cul-de-sac this caused other cars to have to drive up onto the curb (often where kids from the neighbourhood are playing) and big trucks (recycling for example) often have to reverse back around, which is very dangerous (against for the kids playing). Suggest yellow lines are painted to illustrate to these idiots not to park there....apparently common sense is not enough. See photo taken on Sunday afternoon.
  • 85 Kahu Road street lighting
    No street light outside 85 Kahu Road
  • 95 Kahu Road,
    No street light outside 95 Kahu Road
  • 148 Kahu Road
    No street light outside 148 Kahu Road Paremata
  • street light outside 30 Kahu Road
    street light not working
  • weedeating
    Please weedeat and clear the pedestrian side of Oak Ave and clear up the mess afterwards.
  • street lights not working1 update
    Walkway that runs from Paremata Road up to the cul de sac end of Kiriwai Road. All lights are not working
  • lights out
    59 Paremata Road, 2 street lights out between this address and Paremata Kindy
  • walkway lights
    Walkway that runs from the cul de sac of Bayview Road and comes out opposite Paremata Kindy on Paremata Road, all ligths are out - have been for at least 6 months now.
  • weedeating
    weedeat between Paremata Bridge and Paremata Kindergarten please.
  • dangerous need our street lights on please
    there is a walkway and there is no light there and no lights on derby place its been a while now, we need the lights on because of crime and safety there are so many cars parked on the street and cars use this street from day to late night to turn around please can we have our lights on 09/10/2013
  • lighting going off and on.
    Street lighting has been going off and on for several months now, the light stays on for a minute or so, then shuts off for a minute approx, then rebots itself. The darken street is bad for traffic, let alone for the people who use the footpath. Easy fix, just letting you know and thank you.
  • Street lamp failure
    Intermittent operation. Randomly on or off alternating during the night. Lamp post directly opposite driveway no.16 Trevor Tce
  • sink hole in road
    There is a small hole in the asphalt but when you look down there is a very large cavity underneath
  • Missing Sign
    The sign for Saunders Close has been missing for several weeks. Please replace this as people do not know where to go!
  • walk way lights
    Please fix the walkway lights in the walkway that runs from Paremata Road (opposite the Paremata Kindy) up to Bayview Road
  • weed eating reqiured
    please weed eat the grass edge from the Paremata Bridge around to the Paremata Boat club
  • weed eating
    please weed eat the walkway that runs from the cul de sac end of Kiriwai Road down to Paremata Road
  • lights out in walkway
    Two lights are not working in a walkway to runs from Bayview Road Paremata down to Paremata Road - opposite Paremata Kindergarten.
  • Street lighting not working - Moana Rd Plimmerton
    Street lighting on Moana Rd from before the Plimmerton Boating Club to the end of Moana Rd, Plimmerton is not working this evening - Monday 11 June 2012.
  • lights out
    street lights out - opposite Ivy Bay carpark, street light #705615 (past kindy) and the next light past 705615
  • footpath covered in pineneedles
    Please clear the footpath opposite 160 - 166 Kahu Road, covered in pineneedles
  • weedeating
    please weedeat the walkway between paremata cres and the cul de sac end of Kirkwai Road - the walkway with the stairs
  • street lights out x 2
    one light #705615 just past paremata kindy, and the next light as well heading towards whitby
  • weed eating required
    please weedeat the area from the paremata bridge around to the paremata boat club, so overgrown you cannot see the seat to sit on
  • Street light not working1 update
    The street light outside 16 Thornley Street has stopped working and it makes our area very dark
  • Street lighting is out 2 update
    The street lighting in Kaimai Place, the lower section of Paparoa Cres and also part of Aotea Drive where it meets Kaimai Pl has been out of action this week 20 -23 June 2011
  • walkway light
    walkway light on the walkway that runs from end of Bayview Road down to Paremata Road, the light is the one closest to Paremata Road. This is the third time I have put this on Fix My Street as well as logging a phone fault call on this in December. Needs to be replaced.
  • walkway light out1 update
    Light needs replacing in the walkway which runs from Bayview Road down to Paremata Road. Comes out opposite the Paremata kindy. Light is out in the lower section closest to the Paremata Road entrance
  • Street lights are out2 update
    Lights from the lamp post numbered 24799 on Bayview Road
  • Caravan Parking
    Caravan (plate no 51CMR) parked outside No 35 Mercury Way is a danger to traffic and neighbouring residents - particularly those across the road backing out of their driveways. The Caravan is parked on the brow of the hill at the end of a bend and narrows the road considerably. A few near misses sighted.
  • Drain leaking
    Please fix the leaking drain outside 12 Oak Avenue Paremata, it is making the footpath rather slimy and slippery. Thank you
  • overgrown walkway2 update
    Please weedeat the walkway that runs between the cul de sac end of Kiriwai Road down to Paremata Road, it is so overgrown it is getting difficult to get up the stairs. Thank you
  • Unswept highway stretch dangerous to cyclists1 update
    Cylists heading toward Pauatahanui along SH58 have to avoid the mess including glass all the way along it but especially on this corner. The problem is they have to ride off the shoulder and in the main road around this right-hand bend which is dangerous. Please sweep this road regularly.
  • Very poor road surface3 update
    There is a short stretch of road in this area which the council unsuccessfully attempted to resurface over a year ago, and it is now in an awful state. There is subsidence and the surface is breaking up making it dangerous for cyclists (I am one) especially in wet weather.
  • Pothole Dangerous to Children
    There is a pot hole in the right of way at the bottom right hand side of the Saunders Close Cul De Sac. This is dangerous as children use this right of way for there bikes and scooters, and one child fell in the hole at the weekend. Appreciate you guys filling in this hole before someone really hurts themselves.
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