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New Plymouth District Council

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Recently fixed

  • No issues.

Old fixed

  • Large pothole in road surface
    Opposite side of the road from 697 Frankley road, a large pothole has appeared this is a hazard to 2 wheeled traffic. There are also some old pothole repaires that have started to subside near this as well.

New issues

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Older issues

  • Loose Gravel
    This area of road had been repaired a while ago and is complete, however there is still a lot of loose gravel that has not been swept up sufficiently and vehicles are sliding around the corner on a regular basis. Most of them are deliberately loosing control.
  • Pothole
    There is a growing pothole at the corner of Branch Road and Heta Road.
  • Finish the street
    End of cul-de-sac is unfinished, creating an unsafe environment for public/traffic interaction. There are 9 households at the end of the street and at least 10 children live there and more come to play. This is a recipe for disaster if the street is not finished soon. Cars and small trucks have trouble turning around and large trucks reverse all the way down the street. I have had a few on going issues with rubbish collection trucks, but I'm sure the main contributing factor is the street not being finished. I have offered my services, time and money to help, but was told I could not. Please act, for the sake of our Tamariki. Thankyou
  • Crossing over to girls high cycle path
    I am riding across the road before the intersection, and going the wrong way against traffic, in order to safely reach the cycle path outside girls high. Is there something being done to address the unwelcoming barrier that doesn't clearly show cyclists a good place to cross? This is new infrastructure, have the girls high cyclists been considered? I'm not the only one facing this new barrier as a cyclist.
  • excessive speeding by cars and trucks
    Urenui main north road is a 50km zone. Cars and very large trucks speed along that road in the little town. People have children walking along there. I am one of then with a 2 year old son i walk to the park amd four square. I also have another on the way. These speeding vehicles could cause major damage if they crash or it could be fatal. A speed camera needs to be put in place as yoy come into the town from new Plymouth as this is the worst park. Please do something before someone gets hurt
  • Tree half fallen down and hanging over road
    Uphill from junction of SH3 and Hydro Rd, between New Plymouth-Egmont Village. Medium size tree hanging for sheer life upside-down and will fall down on to westbound road some time soon.
  • Large pothole on roundabout
    Road surface on this roundabout is deterioration rapidly a large pothole has appeared. This is a hazard to two wheeled traffic.
  • potholes south of lepperton
    there are a couple of defects on the road heading N on richmond. first is a pothole about 30 cm diameter and 10cm deep. about 100m or so north of this is a subsided repair. Both are a hazard to two wheeled vehicles.
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