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As of now, it is not possible to post new issues, or updates to published issues.

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Mackenzie District Council

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  • Cable loose on kids playground
    On the kids playground at island bay reserve one of the cables has come lose on the crows nest part of the playground
  • Abandoned car
    Blue/silver holden been parked pn street for 4 months with no registration or warrent and no one has moved or been in vehical
  • foot path or ramp for cyclists
    Nukuhau bridge before countdown needs a safer over bridge for walkers or cycling. It's such a busy road it would be good to have a ramp structure built so families can cross the road safely. ☺ thanks
  • SIGNS at end of walk way
    On Highbrook drive There is none signs to tell you there is a path way from Highbrook Drive that runs (walks) along side Auckland southern motorway and ends up in McManis place
  • Parking across driveway
    Hello, My neighbour and I have an issue with people parking in the small gap between our driveways. Quite often it is blocking one of our driveways, unless they have an exceptionally tiny car!And even if we are able to get out our driveway we are unable to see oncoming traffic when pulling out as the car is obstructing our view parking so close. Can we please have yellow lines or something else done about this?
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