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Hastings District Council

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Recently fixed

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Old fixed

  • Compulsory Stop sign down/not visible1 update
    the Stop sign at the intersection of Pukawa Road and SH41 has been hit in an accident and is on the ground.
  • Leaking water from toby1 update
    My neighbours Toby is leaking AGAIN. I live at 422 Murdoch road west, the neighbouring property on the Southland road sides Toby is leaking from the street access. My garden is saturated along the fence line, and so is the neighbours new concrete path, so there is a substantial amount of water leaking. I have previously had hedging plants die along this fence line from this problem and do not want it happening again. With the water crisis as it is I think this is surely important enough to get fixed properly.

New issues

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Older issues

  • Leaking water Toby at street
    The Toby next to the letterbox at 106a is leaking. You can hear the water spraying out. Could this be fixed please?
  • Street light not working Rockwood Place, Haumoana
    Street light at Rockwood Place entrance to alleyway through to Shrimpton Rd has been out for over a week.
  • Uneven footpath !!! All the way along the path 815,204, 206 , Sylvan Road . I had a fall outside 204 after tripping on eneven surface . Time it was fixed ,has been like it for a very lo g time . !!!!
    The corner of Avenue Rd and Sylvan Road footpath is very uneven and dangerous for folk walking . Also outside 202 Riverslea Road on footpath after new house built is so dangerous for walkers as dirt all sunken down . Needs urgent attention .!!!!!
  • Surface Flooding 1 update
    Surface flooding on the corner of Lowe and Sunnybank Crescent. Camberley end
  • No street lighting
    No street light working in Phillips Place Havelock North.4130 This has not been working since last Thursday.
  • Street light out 4 nights
    Street light outside 10 Beach Rd has been out for 4 nights now. Tried to do this last night but never got a confirmation email.
  • street light2 update
    Street light cover is open and flapping in wind, may fly off and cause damage.
  • Leaking water from Toby
    Water leaking from tobys at the following addresses 422 Murdoch rd west near Southland rd Railway road outside clansman motel Lyndon road west x 2 (either side from Nelson street 1 outside Aesthetic dental 2 outside flats on other side of Nelson street intersection. Noticed all these while out for a walk. There is a substantial amount of water from all of these. Thought our water was more important than this..........
  • Major water leak
    Below the Crosses Road bridge, there is a major water leak. Pouring out like a fire hose.
  • glass environment clean
    broken bits of glass thoroughly through hastings
  • Street Light not Working
    For about 3 nights the streetlight outside no. 17 Hikanui Place has not come on
  • Large, slightly hidden hole
    There is a hole in the grass verge that is hard to see, and big enough for a whole foot to go down, (I stepped into it tonight and fell getting things out of my car) It is right beside one of the drain grating.
  • street light not working
    The street light not working out side No 25 Pipi St it makes it very unsafe walking in the middle of the street at night very dark and shaded with no loghting and the dense tree cover Light went out during the strong winds on the night of 28May 2019 Thanks Cheers
  • 2 x street lights out
    Upper Chambers Street, Havelock North
  • Leaking water main
    Intersection of Huia and Lowe Street
  • Leaking water toby
    Leaking water toby at road side out of 23 Brookvale Road, Havelock North
  • Leaking water toby
    Neighbour (15 Busby Hill) has leaking water toby, on council side. Have called 3 times now and still no action. When neighbour phoned today, council said job was not logged! Even though you have been to inspect it early last week and promised to have it fixed by the end of the week.
  • Traffic lights not turning green
    Traffic lights at the intersection of Orchard/Southampton/Maraekakaho are only letting north & south bound traffic through. Lights staying red for those on Orchard & Southampton
  • Leaking watermain1 update
    There is a considerable amount of water leaking out of this property to the berm, footpath and onto the road. Looks like a burst pipe or watermain. For a city trying to conserve water this is urgent. A council truck pulled up outside this property at 2.28pm today, the men sat in the truck and left 4 minutes later!!!!!!
  • Streetlight faulty
    The streetlight in between 604 & 602 willowpark rd north Flickers and flashes all the time
  • Street light not working2 update
    Light between 1004 and 1006 Stirling St not working
  • Broken Water Pipe
    There appears to be a broken water pipe and possibly a blocked drain outside 10 Lindsay St. The water is bubbling up through the road and then flowing down the street. This started occurring after other fixes in the nearby streets in the last month.
  • Not working
    The light is not working
  • Steet lighting not working2 update
    the street light between entrance to 13 and 15 Whittaker Place has stopped working about a week ago. This means the whole cul-de-sac is in darkness.
  • Loose gravel after new sealing/damage to new seal
    Seems to be an excess of loose gravel from the new seal still on the road and also on the pavements between Karamu Rd & Warren St. Also the road has been damaged from heavy vehicles from a recent demolition causing an uneven surface for pedestrian traffic. Not good for the soles of shoes - one heel broken already. Your action will be appreciated by many. Thank you in advance.
  • Large Pothole
    On Iona Rd, near Palmerston turnoff
  • Pothole repair
    Since this pothole was fixed a couple of months ago it is now needs redoing
  • Graffiti on District Sign
    Graffiti on the district sign saying 'corrupt mayor'
  • Potholes after recent water main repair
    Since a water main leak was fixed Recently on Margaret av in havelock the road is now in a much worse state - looks like the job was only half done please come back and fix the potholes properly
  • Rubbish Dumped
    Rubbish dumped in the river just up stream from the last bridge you can cross at the Pakowhai dog park. Several black plastic rubbish bags. One that we could retreive after it floated down stream was filled with house hold waste including soiled nappies.
  • Broken water pipe2 update
    Obvious on left hand side as turn into Margaret avenue
  • The road needs maintenance badly
    Despite it is a service lane but it is a very busy road and that is mainly because the entrance of the biggest child care centre is there(The VILLAGE KIDS, and in addition to the car parks of all the offices and shops on Napier Road.The road is in bad shape. In places, it is riddled with pot holes. In other places, it is bumpy. The condition is so bad, it could lead to accidents specialy with the child care centre is there.
  • Litter
    Large amounts of litter have been all along the street in recent weeks from people using the transfer station. Extremely unsightly and not a credit to the city. Has never been as bad as in recent weeks.
  • Street lighting
    street light not working on corner of riverslea Road Nth & Jervois
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