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Dunedin City Council

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  • Pothole1 update
    This pothole has been patched before but the patch is failing.

New issues

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Older issues

  • Dangerous Intersection
    I want to report a dangerous intersection (Orr St / Stevenson Rd). This intersection is a very blind corner as you are trying to pull out of Orr St onto Stevenson Rd. There have been a number of accidents at this intersection and it will only be time before there is a serious accident.
  • Unregistered vehicle
    Dark blue vehicle reg#UU6886 currently parked outside my house at 19 Walter Street, The Glen, DUNEDIN This is one of at least 3 unregistered vehicles that my neighbours drive - they usually "hide" these vehicles beside their house. I do not know their address, they share our driveway (same landlord) Their house is past ours and to the left and their mailbox is on South Road. They work different shifts so I can not advise you of the time they drive out & in every work day/night.
  • Graffiti on footpath
    Swastika on the south side footpath of Erica Cres near the intersection with Healthfield Dr.
  • Pothole on road getting larger with rain
    On the gutter below our house (84 Ravenswood Road, St Clair, Dunedin 9012) has been a small pothole which with the recent downpour of rain has grown considerably larger - this needs to be filled before it undermines the road.
  • Old Man's Beard flowering in York Pl
    At the boundary between the garden on the York Pl side of King Edward and the neighbouring property, there is a vine beginning to flower, which looks like Old Man's Beard (Clematis vitalba, more info at: http://www.weedbusters.org.nz/weed-information/clematis-vitalba/59/). If this is brought to the attention of the property owners, and destroyed immediately, this will help reduce the spread of this highly noxious weed into the nearby town belt.
  • footpath /gutter height
    roads have recently been improved and height raised as a result the depth of the gutter is very deep. eldery person had a major fall her recently as she attempted to step up onto the foothpath and fell into deep gutter area. I stopped to assist her until ambulance came
  • Street lighting shining in bedroom 2 update
    Street lights are shining on two bedroom windows keeping me wake and worst of all keeping my daughter awake Sorry the photo is bad but it's taken from my iPhone
  • Flooding
    when it rains heavily the road outside our house becomes a swimming pool. We have advised the council 3 times since May of this and they come out and have a look but it is because the drain that takes the water away into the lagoon is blocked .
  • Cars blocking driveway1 update
    Cars are blocking the driveway because there are still white painted parking lines outside from the previous house. Our cars are constantly blocked in and the council has been informed off this previously.
  • Hole made by cutting of seal
    There is a rectangular cutting from the kerb through the cycle lane and then it stops at the vehicle lane. This cutting of the seal is not marked in any way and can be dangerous as not seen until late on a bike when going at a decent speed. The drop is a few cm, and this sort of drop is quite a cycling hazard.
  • Request to cut down tree in front of Flat 11, 54 Anzac Avenue, Dunedin 90161 update
    Hi there, this is tenants from Flat 11, 54 Anzac Avenue, Dunedin 9016. There is a big tree in between Flat 10 and Flat 11, 54 Anzac Avenue, that has been quite a problem for all of us. The tree has massive extension of branches that blocks the sunlight from coming through our flat, and the many windy and rainy days of Dunedin brings dry leaves to our bedrooms and toilets/bathrooms. The tree has also big extension of branches that comes pretty close to one of the bedrooms. We are writing to you to request DCC to cut down the tree as our safety might be compromised here (e.g branches or twigs might fly in to our room etc.)
  • Tree growing close to telephone wires1 update
    A tree has been growing straight up, and is getting close to the overhead wires. It needs to be trimmed down a bit!
  • Pot hole just after zebra crossing
    Cycling southbound towards the Highgate junction, there is a small deep pothole just immediately after the zebra crossing. It is dangerous for a road bike tyre and I have had to swerve to avoid it.
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