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Central Otago District Council

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Old fixed

  • Abandoned toyota caldina dmt821 update
    The Caldina appears to be abandoned and has been parked opposite craterscapes for some months on a timed park. The vehicle doesnt even show any registration. Why is this part of town used as a car dump by people when local businesses need the parking for tourists.

New issues

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Older issues

  • Subaru
    The subaru inprezza has been abandoned no plates or wof etc on the street by 118 tarbert st for over a week.
  • Water leak
    The fire hydrant at the end of Hart place has a water leak
  • Abandoned ute
    There has been an abandoned black ute on the verge outside 24 station street for several months and it detracts from the streetscape.
  • Multi lights out
    I feel unsafe crossing the Alexandra bridge as the two lights on the bridge, lights on the old stone pillars and the light on the south side with the flags on it are all out and have been for several days. This makes the bridge a very dark lonely place to be walking later in the eveining or early morning.
  • Green Mazda
    Green mazda with no rego abandoned outside 77Russell st, Alexandra for the last few weeks. No plates etc.
  • Lights not going
    Adding to the list of Tarbert st lights not going is the one outside the Flight Centre so now almost the whole main shopping area of Tarbert is in darkness since none of the previously reported ones are repaired either. Also the new led at Limerick st main rd corner outside the medical centre is often out , the light in Marslin st outside kopuwhai is out, the roundabout light opposite night and day in molyneaux hasnt gone for weeks and the light opposite rabo bank on the park corner of tarbert is also out. Is this a cost savings venture as its becoming very dark to go walking at night?
  • Lights out for last week plus
    Street lights outside Smiths City Tarbert St Shooters Bar, tarbert st, back entrance to the Warehouse Tarbert St and opposite night and day, molyneaux avenue outside the old Kiwi Motels hasnt gone for about a month.
  • Schoolhouse Rd sign down on corner of Schoolhouse Rd and Bannockburn Rd1 update
    Schoolhouse Rd street sign is down (wooden pole snapped) on corner of Schoolhouse Rd and Bannockburn Rd. (see photo)
  • Lights out
    3 Street lights are out of action Corner kenmare and brandon streets Corner limerick and main rd at the door of the medical centre Roundabout beside church opposite hookers, this light has been out for about five months now so will it ever ge fixed??
  • Parking and living on a verge
    Just a little confused that a bus has been allowed to be parked on a verge for several months and it is wired to a house at 13 Enterprise st giving the impression ot is a permanent home. Does not give off a good impression on the street and neighbourhood. Is this allowed under the district plan?
  • Parking and living on a verge
    Just a little confused that a bus has been allowed to be parked on a verge for several months and it is wired to a house at 13 Enterprise st giving the impression ot is a permanent home. Does not give off a good impression on the street and neighbourhood. Is this allowed under the district plan?
  • Parking signs
    I see you are enforcing parking limits in Alexandra so does that mean that the p120 signs previously outside Ferons in Ennis Street which mysteriously disappeared recently will now be reinstalled?
  • Dead lights
    20'centennial ave, dual light facing tin goose outside the info centre, bnz shoe shop light and church roundabout lights still reamian unfixed from last november, first light over the bridge on bridge hill side....dangerous as many people do walk over there at night including ladies on their own. Not sure this site is working either as dont aleays get a confirm email back??....let alone anybody actually fixing anything thats reported.
  • Lights out
    Hi The following street lights havent gone for over a month. Roundabout at Centennial Ave beside the church and opposite Hookers. Beside St Gerards pedestrian crossing on north side outside the school gate Outside the Shoe shop and BNZ entrance in Tarbert St, This week ALL the street lights on Centennial Ave from GWD along to just before Duncan Anderson havent gone and its very unpleasant walking conditions.
  • Light out
    The street light outside the shoe shop and bnz in Tarbert st has been out for several weeks
  • Light out
    Light at 17 Boundry road is unreliable and generally doesnt go.
  • Light out
    The street light beside the pedestrian crossing on tarbert st, almost at station street outside St Gerards School hasnt gone for months, previously reported but never fixed.
  • The half mile
    Hi there For the last week the street lights on the bridge and the first one on Bridge Hill with river track signs hasnt gone. The one beside the church at the roundabout hasnt gone for a few weeks plus the one at St Gerards School beside the crossing and neither the crossing lights there or the Tin Goose ones are going now which makes the crossings a bit dangerous.
  • Pn6806 subaru
    Hi team This abandoned vehicle was dumped on Boundary Rd about a month ago.....in daylight....and hasnt moved off the kerb since. Lcated just past CPL on the left and easily seen as has dalgety painted on the side.
  • Large pot hole
    Hi there Somebody dug a large hole in Boundry rd just south of Success St outside CPL a few weeks ago. This week a kind person placed a road cone beside it but needless to say this has been run over today and the large rut remains.
  • Water leak
    Hi There is a water leak in the street outside the flats at 10 shannon st, been leaking for days
  • Light out
    Hi The light is not going by 17 Killarney st just before the Brandon st corner.
  • Parking on grass verge
    Hi I do wonder why the people from G J Gardiner at 47 Centennial Ave are allowed to continually park on the grass verge outside their business premises? apart from being to lazy to find a park it creates an eyesore to passing people/tourists and gives the business owner free advertising on council grass. I am sure there is a bylaw that prohibits this.
  • Large unrepaired hole 23 boundry rd
    Fh fixed a water leak a few weeks ago but have left a metre square hole in the road that is a somewhat decent pothole.
  • Light out
    Street light on Tarbert outsde Rabo Bank hasnt gone for a few weeks. The one in Dunorling st corner hidden by ivy is also still out, been several months now?
  • Water leak
    Seems to be water leaking from a past road repair outside 23 Boundty rd. Some lights needs fixed as well... Cnr Tarbert and Bantry, the Tarbert light goes off and on. Cnr Bantry and Kenmure , light goes off and on The light at the cnr of the main road and the street the council is on still isnt fixed from months ago, its the one in the ivy on the side where the house is, not the school or council side.
  • White mitsubishi
    The white abandoned mitsubishi lancer that was in enterprise street last week was moved by Fultons when sealing the street and is now dumped around the corner in Russell st so can somebody please remove the eyesore.
  • Uneven, collapsing
    The footpaths in Hart. Place have deteriorated and are uneven on one side and the seal has crumbled in places on the other side. Majority of people in this locality are ages over seventy and its at the point some of the frailer ones cant navigate the paths safely
  • White mitsi lancer
    A unregistered un number plated mitsubishi lancer has been dumped in Enterprise st at the corner of Russell st, been there a week now on the road.
  • Light out
    Cnr tarbert and fastnet st light is out by mower shop
  • Light out
    Light on corner of chicago and russell streets hasnt gone for a week. Light just up from Boundry rd camper dump station still on and off as is the one outside the alex motor lodge, neither fixed yet.
  • Light out
    Pole 143 just north of the caravan dump station is out
  • Light out
    The light on the dorner in the ivy at 9 dunorling street remains out after being reported theee months ago?
  • Doesnt go often
    Light at 85 centennial ave has been reported before and it still has more off than on days
  • Audi abandoned
    Yet more abandoned cars along ennis street that have been threre for about a month on the limted time parking. In particular Audi dpz16 outside ferons is unregistered and been parked illegally for a month now. Our tourists need these parks on busy days!
  • Water leak
    There is a water leak outside one hart place, ts on the street and the water is draining into earnscleaugh rd, been leaking for a few days.
  • Water leak
    This water leak has reappeared and been leaking for several days. Also, several odf the main road street lights at the entrance to henderson drive are out and have been for a week or so.
  • Light out
    Light on main road with sign pointing to the stadium carpark has been out for several weeks.
  • Dumped wreck
    Hello There is a wrecked Nissan which has appeared on the road side kerb at 52 Boundry rd last Friday night
  • Light out
    The street light on Tarbert st outside winz has been out for several weels
  • Light out
    Hello The street light in the ivy opposite where Dunorling st meets the main road has been out for several weeks.
  • Water leak
    Water gushing out of grass verge into the gutter. Looks like has been happening overnight as sediment in gutter.
  • Road side car dump
    On the corner of Naylor st and Fache st there are several unregistered unwarranted long standing abandoned vehicles both on the road verge and or road verge and roadside. This appears to be a car dump for the local garage and is an eyesore.
  • Water leak
    There is roadside another water leak at the end of Hart Place
  • Isite public toilet
    Over recent weeks it has become very noticeable that the gents toilets are not being cleaned and the sanitary ware is appalling The new cleaner is merely mopping the floor and the white ware is crusty and disgusting. This was noticeable this morning as the cleaner must have flicked the mop about 6.45 am but avoided anything needing doing yet again. Bring back the old cleaner, he made an excellent job.
  • Abandoned vehicles
    At the end of Fache St Clyde at the corner by Olivers there is a growing number of abandoned and unregistered vehicles accumulating on the kerbside and the road. Considering the effort put into revambing Olivers and the surrounding businesses this is very quickly becoming an eyesore and far from a good look to our tourists. Some of these vehicles have been there for what must be a year or more.
  • Abandoned Toyota Camry
    the green Toyota Camry parked opposite Cratescapes, reg xq2703 for which the rego is also expired, has been sitting there for months on a timed park visitors to town could be using. It needs moved on.
  • Light flickering
    Light on cnr sunderland and fraser beside four square is not going very well
  • Light out
    Street light outside the garage and opposite the rest home entrance in fox st hasnt gone for months
  • Give way sign down
    Cnr hillview and dunstan roads
  • Pot hole in footpath
    There s a long standing pot hole in the footpath where the path meets the bridge on the Bridge Hill side
  • Pothole
    Pot hole has appeared at cnr Royal Tce and Centennial Ave and its on the avenue
  • Light out
    Hi dear Its the turn into sunderland st coming from alex where the first light at the corner on the main road isnt going.
  • Light opposite 56 boundry rd
    Light opposite pulse fitness not going, cuts out regularly and has done so for weeks
  • Light not going
    First light on turn into clyde not going
  • Pedestrian light not going
    Pedestrian crossing light at museum front door side hasnt gone for the past week
  • Pedestrian light not going
    Pedestrian crossing light at museum front door side hasnt gone for the past week
  • This is a test
    Hi This is a test. Cheers Jamie
  • test from Leanne Mash
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  • Light not going
    Just a light needs fixed here please. I still see the crossing light at st gerards school on tarbert st doesnt go but i reported that a few times starting about five months ago. Its the light on the crossing pole beside the school. This is disappointing.
  • Abandoned mitsi tredia vehicle
    Hello The green mitsubishi tredia wreck hs been abandoned on the verge in black street for at least six weeks and is an eyesore. Can you please deal to its removal.
  • Light out
    Street light beside pedestrian bits in middle of the road...second last light before boundry rd
  • Last light on bantry st by mico plumbing
    Hello This street light has also gone out so needs a tweak please. I see the light outside kiwi milk bar and the pedestriann crossing light at st gerards school are both still out, they are taking a long time to get fixed? The water leak on the footpath outside tin goose and aon brokers also hasnt had any attention, it is quite a puddle now.
  • Possible water leak 22 centennial outside aon and tin goose
    Looks lke a slow water leak on the edge of the footpath outside aon and tin goose and its puddling . You had a question on street numbers but i cant always see them when walking and its dark so i was getting them off wises street map . To answer your questions it is the light outside Toyota flickering, the one on the corner of success and eclipse st, south west corner post doesnt always go and the actual crossing light and not the street light at the st gerards pedestriam crossing on the school side hasnt gone for months.
  • Unregistered mitsubishi tredia
    Possible abandoned vehicle on street at 17 black st, no plates or rego.
  • 35 kenmare st street light
    Light has been out for a couple of weeks
  • Cnr hillview rd and dunstan rd
    Previous repairs to the edge of Hillview road bith as you turn in nd out of it to Dunstan rd have crumbled and resulted in a large rut on one side and holes on the other.
  • St gerards crossing light on school side
    Light still not going, third request to repair
  • Outside hill auto at start of fox st
    Light flickers more than goes, been doing it for a month plus
  • 83 tarbert st outside kiwi
    Light been out for several months, been reported before
  • 83 centennial outside toyota
    Street light flickers more than goes....been reported before but still not fixed
  • 83 centennial outside toyota
    Street light flickers more than goes....been reported before but still not fixed
  • 34 enterprise st light
    Light spends more time flickering than going for the past month
  • Outside kiwi milk bar
    Street light has been out for nearly two months, previously reported....not fixed
  • Light out
    Street light out
  • Light out more than on
    Opposite 124 126 centennial ave
  • Light out
    1 spencer st, more off than on
  • Water leak
    Water is coming through the road seal at the left end of Hart Place in exactly the same place as it did several times last year. Not much but very evident.
  • Vehicles parking on the verge
    In front of one property,two cars appear to be permanently parked on what remains of the grass verge,in front of another a white van is parked up most nights. There were at least 7 vehicles parked fully on the verge about 10pm last night. This issue is not solely restricted to Waenga Drive as looking down many streets, the same can be seen. The verges are looking terrible with people not watering anyway, but having cars parked as they are now being done, makes it look even worse !! I would appreciate an email response to advise what measures can be undertaken to prevent this happening as it is a problem that is spreading.
  • Tin goose crossing not lit
    Pedestrian crossing beside tin goose and street light beside have not yet been repaired from last year? In fact the last four or five issues i have noted on here remain unresolved
  • Light opposite 93 dunstan rd unreliable
    Light can be on when when we walk past but a few minutes later its off again. Been unreliable like this for many months and is off more than on.
  • Light outside kiwi is out
    Kiwi milk bar street light isnt going
  • Crossing light school side hasnt gone for weeks
    Pedestrian crossing light remains unfixed
  • Pedestrian crossing light not going
    Light illuminating the crossing on the school side of the crossing is still out
  • Street light regularly fails
    Light is more off than on and has been like this for the past five months
  • Pothole has appeared where water leak was last week
    Showing signs of more leaking despite repair last week
  • Pedestrian crossing light out
    Light illuminating the crossing has been out for several weeks
  • Unregistered abandoned blue Nissan Mistral BLA103
    This unregistered vehicle has been left on a p120 parking restriction for over a month and therefore must be abandoned and taking up valuable parking space really needed for Alexandra's tourist traffic, infact you see people driving around and away as they cant get a park.
  • Abandoned nissan skyline BWT529
    Unregistered vehicle has been parked for some weeks on a p120 parking restriction when parking is really needed for tourists.
  • Oil on street1 update
    Looks like somebody has tipped a four litre of oil on the street outside this house but not cleaned it up
  • Pedestrian crossing and street light out
    Opposite postie plus street light out for two weeks and pedestrian crossing light
  • Light out
    Light on west side of fuel stop been out for two months
  • Street light out2 update
    Cnr brandon and bantry beside St Johns light not working
  • Deep Ruts in Cross Street, St Bathans
    There are very deep ruts in Cross Street which make it very difficult to get a car up the street to access our property, or for guests at our B&B accommodation, or for those wanting to visit the Roman Catholic Church
  • Damaged foot path
    There are several areas on the foot path near the corner of Erris & Inniscort damaged, they have been marked for repair quite a while ago but I think they have been missed by the repair crew.
  • Sign obscuring Vision
    When coming onto SH6 from the Orchard Block opposite Ord Rd, the sign post for Ord Rd & Ripponvale obscures vision to the South. If it was to be raised a bit the problem would be solved.
  • Street Lights not working
    Counted at least 5 street lights not working from Chardonnay St to end of Hughes Cres where it meets Gair Ave, they have been out for at least 3 months. Could they please be fixed and a check done on other streets nearby?
  • street light1 update
    St light not working opposite 42 Earnscleugh Rd. The light is in a very dark area with a narrow footpath.Currently there is a lot of foot traffic as the access to a number of houses is being reconstructed.
  • Pole No.'s 3734 and 3744
    Lights are for ten minutes,then off for ten minutes. Lamps are old and will fail completely soon. Same with pole 3737 on Pinot Noir Drive.
  • Road needs grading
    Cross Street, St Bathans, is getting very difficult for vehicles to get up, because there are very deep ruts at the bottom of the street.
  • No signage on Teviot Road, Teviot
    My son (and soon to be his little brother) alights the bus on the other side of the road to our driveway and the there is the blind bend before the bus stop - please install SCHOOL BUS ROUTE sign or SLOW CHILDREN sign - much appreciated
  • Leaking Water Valve / Hydrant
    There is a leaking water valve / hydrant in the road carriageway and the water is running at a steady flow and pooling in the road carriageway and also running off into the gutter.
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