Selwyn District Council

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Recently fixed

  • No issues.

Old fixed

  • Street light needs fixing2 update
    Street light not working at an intersection of Brittan Drive and Maltby Drive (21 Maltby Drive). Has been out for several months; needs fixing.
  • Street Name Sign1 update
    The "Marble Court" street name sign has fallen / been knocked down (others in the area also).
  • Major slump in road1 update
    Somewhere close to the location marked on the map there's quite a major slump in the road in the eastern lane. It's been there for months but not been fixed. When I can I drive on to the other side of the road to avoid it. It is deep enough to bottom out the suspension quite alarmingly. It's not inconceivable that a less stable and poorly damped vehicle could lose control or stray into the other lane given the 100 km/h speed limit. It appears that someone knows about it, because it has a white line marked around it. It's not a top priority repair, but I think it has now been left too long and needs attention.
  • Pothole1 update
    Pothole at the corner of Godley and Aylesbury Roads.

New issues

  • No issues.

Older issues

  • Street light not working
    Street light has been out for a few days
  • Large Pot Holes
    I believe its about where the pointer is but could be further on as it was dark when we hit it. Located on edge of road.
  • Truck With Wood
    Truck with wood and overgrown grass, huge fire hazard. Owner isnt keen to move...
  • Roadworks dangerous for cyclists
    The eastbound shoulder and left turn lane on Main South Rd approaching Barters Rd has been coned off (to prevent vehicles turning into Barters Rd due to the closing of the railway crossing). Unfortunately this means that cyclists are forced out of the shoulder and into the general traffic lane (in a 70kph area). With a right turn bay on the other side of this lane, there is not a lot of space for motorists to safely pass a cyclist. Also, without any advance warning (just a generic “Roadworks” sign, without even the supplementary “Shoulder Closed” plate), motorists are unlikely to be expecting cyclists in “their” lane. Why not move the cones 1-1.5m back from the shoulder/left turn lane markings – the “No Left Turn” sign will still stop motorists from trying to turn into Barters Rd whilst providing safer passage for cyclists?
  • missing stop signs
    someone has knocked out the stop sign and warning ahead sign
  • Several st lights not working
    Several st lights not working in Murray Place. No visability at night . Very dangerous
  • LIght not working
    Street light nearest 38 West Belt inoperative
  • Unlit Street Light1 update
    The pole top street light outside number 3 Birchlea Court is currently unlit, the lamp requires replacement.
  • Slump in the road
    On Ellesmere Road, between Leadleys Road and Robinsons Road, near a lone tall poplar tree, in the southbound lane: a fairly large slump in the road that was repaired (here: seems to have returned. It's enough to bottom out the suspension, so it will only get worse, and could be dangerous on such a narrow, high-speed road for some vehicles.
  • clear the side of the road
    All along the top of the Summit road are flax bushes near the road. Much though I like flax they are a very real hazard to cyclists as the fronds can wrap around the handlebars and pull you off your bike, as nearly happened to me. Ordinarily this is not a problem, but if cars pass they can force you to the edge of the road. With Le Race coming up, there will be a large number of cyclists, and they are not permitted to cross the white line, so many will be forced to keep left. Please trim these plants back a metre from the edge of the road, before Le Race (21st March). Also sweep all the shingle off the orad, remnant from the roadworks.
  • Street light bulb out
    Hi there can you please fix a street light down spring place as its blown. Is on the left hand side of the road around number 10 in front of flats
  • pothole system on the inside corner of Trices and Ellesmere Rd
    There is pothole system on the inside corner of Trices and Ellesmere Rd, requiring evasive action into the traffic lane for cyclists to avoid.
  • Serious Injury to cyclist due to pothole
    On Saturday 12 May 2012 a colleague hit a large pot hole while cycling down Old Tai Tapu Rd near the intersection of Rhodes Rd, he was thrown over the handle bars and suffered a serious injuries including a broken back (breaks in five vertebrae), a broken rib, a broken pubic bone, and a shattered bone in one hand. He remains in the critical care trauma unit of Christchurch Public Hospital. This road has been in a serious state of disrepair for some time now and is not only a danger to cyclists, but for all road users. Can you please repair the pot holing in the Old Tai Tapu Rd as soon as possible
  • Cycling Danger
    Please could we get the potholes fixed in the Waddington area. Also this road is used by loads of Cyclists (training for the Coast to Coast amongst other things) but is very narrow in places and near misses with trucks are the norm here. We have even had deaths on our road. Please could we at least have a "Share the Road" sign
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