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  • No Street lighting and at end of culdesac, and a dumping ground
    I would like to see the street lighting continue down the road to the end of the culdesac, this road serves as access to and from AH REED MEMORIAL scenic track where there is a lot of pedestrians and cyclists utilizing this road. I am worried that poor lighting conditions has the potential for someone getting badly hurt or even killed, I am a resident of Paranui Valley Road, and commuting home on numerous occasions I have seen people nearly hit due to not seeing them in the dark. Also the culdesac has been used to exchange and the use of drugs due to is discreet location, I have had to collect rubbish being dumped at the end of the road and would guarantee having lights would be a good deterrent. The yellow no parking road markings need to be re done and extended so vehicle are not parking over the fire hydrants and congesting the end of the road.
  • street lighting not working
    street lighting not working opposite 3 Robin Hood Place, Onerahi 0110 - nightshift worker - concerned about secruity ( family ) and subsequent crime.
  • light not worked for months
    Hi the street light on the heads road opposite may grove lane has not worked for months. Can you pease fix this and maybe you should be picking things like this up for yourselves. thanks
  • Street Light Not Working1 update
    Street light by letterbox of number 12 Westview Crescent is not working and has not worked for some time. We had our car broken into and attempted to be stolen as you know the lack of street lighting encourages crime.
  • Street light needs fixing
    The Street light outside 33 Scott Rd, RD4, Whangarei is not working properly and has not for a couple of months. Some nights it is not on at all and some nights it flickers on and off but is not as bright when it flicks on as it previously was.
  • Street light
    The street light right next to our house 5 Wainui Avenue, Tikipunga is not working and needs to be fixed. Been that way for a few weeks and not repaired as yet. Thanks for your attention.
  • most street lights are out
    safety concerns walking in dark due to not being able to see abandon vehicle, wheelie bins left out on footpaths
  • most street lights are out
    safety concerns walking in dark due to not being able to see abandon vehicle, wheelie bins left out on footpaths
  • street light intermittent.
    street light comes on then shuts off for long periods throughout the night. most of the time its off.
  • street light not going
    street light off
  • Dead street light
    There end of Banff Street in Kensington is very dark and there is no street lights working and could be dangerous because there us a park adjacent my flat .Tonight I found broken potplants over my driveway.It is very difficult to see people doing vandalishing because of poor light street
  • Dead street light
    Please replace / fix the dead street light on the end of the Rawhiti Street in Morningside. Thanks
  • Abandoned Ford Fairmont
    An old (1970-80s) red/brown Ford Fairmont has been abandoned at this location for approx. 3 months. The car has an expired rego.
  • Light not working
    Light not working, has not been working for sometime, this normally happens when the burglars are around. Please fix light.
  • Street light has been burned out for over six months
    Need to fix burned out light bulb on street light on east side of street (across from 37 Fairway Drive). Thank you.
  • Driveway Entry2 update
    Entry to driverway steep and hits front of car on exit and entry to driveway.
  • Overgrown Walkway
    The Pine Rd walkway is overgrown and needs maintenance please Photo irrelevant. Please contact Bev before logging this CRM
  • Street Light Out
    The street light at the end of Huia Street outside of 19 is out again. Can this please be fix, as it make the street very dark. My animals are afraid of the dark. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  • Large drop in road surface
    Outside KFC there is a large drop down in the road southbound lane. Looks like some work has been done and when sealed they have not brought it up to the same level as the road. Very dangerous for scooter riders and cyclists
  • street light needed
    Hello. Please could we have a street light installed on the lamp post opposite the Kaurihohore Church at (59) Apotu Rd, Kauri. We have regular night meetings here, and with people parking on the side of the road, as well as in the carpark, it would be safer to have some lighting. Especially as a number of the users are elderly. Thanks for looking into this. Rev Martin Dickson
  • Bus Stop Needs Maintenance
    This bustop needs spraying around it for weeds
  • Corner Sunnyside Street and Old Onerahi Road
    There is a large pothole at the intersection of these two roads.
    There is no street sign showing our road
  • Tagging
    The fence has been tagged at the park
  • Several Rubbish bags have been dumped
    Hi, Several rubbish bags have been dumped just near the 'electricity station' (fenced in building), by the entrance to Alex Read. Regards
  • Huge Pothol in the road between Countdown and Cactus liquor
    Hi, There is a big hole/indent in the tarr road between Countdown and the DVD rental shop on the DVD shop side of the road.
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