Western Bay of Plenty District Council

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  • 20 Crosses and billboards
    Twenty crosses, some more than two-metres tall, have been erected along State Highway 2. this is a major issue, the crosses are illegal and a total distraction , i have personally witnessed many drivers looking up and then swerving as they are very disruptive. the crosses are not on flat ground but raised up high on a crest . so drivers then must look up from the road they are travelling on, loose concentration, more crashes will happen if they are not removed ,
  • Litter
    Copious amounts of litter are strewn on both sides of Welcome Bay Road from after the Welcome Bay hot pools all the way to the Papamoa turnoff. I have not noticed any tidying.
  • Blown Street Light #1
    Hi there, this is street light #1 blown on Hall Road, Paengaroa
  • Blown Street Light #2
    Hi there, This is street light #2 blown in Paengaroa
  • Street lights not in sync in Waihi Beach
    North End lights all out except Brighton Rd area, RSA area and past Three Mile Creek. All other street lights were out at 2.00a.m. this morning. REmaining lights on at that time remained on after daylight.
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