Waitaki District Council

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New issues

  • Industrial place
    Hi As a frequent user of Industrial Place and with more volume of users going through NPD will this street ever be levelled and maintained as the pot holes are big and the actual street entrance off the main road is not level either especially when leaving and heading south?

Older issues

  • Abandoned nissan
    Black nissan 300z was pushed off a trailer on Friday lunch time and been left opposite 10 Harlech St, Oamaru. No plates, rego and neighbours know nothing about it so perhaps you can see to it please.
  • 10 harlech st
    The abandoned wreck of an old honda is still on the street and has been there for several weeks, can you please remove this eyesore. Maybe its stolen as has no plates or rego so surely this s illegal. I did note the other honda vehicle at this address which is used daily also has no rego or current wof so it is possibly theirs?
  • Abandoned honda outside 10 harlech st
    The unregistered unwarranted pink and white honda parked outside 10 harlech st for several weeks appears abandoned.
  • Slump in street
    The ongoing slump in beal st has returned following lots of little patches which are ineffective in repiring it. Can it be sorted properly this time please?
  • Large slump in the street
    The piece of road that continually gets repaired has slumped yet again and needs filled please
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