Waipa District Council

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Older issues

  • Impaired visibility
    Truck and trailer unit parked on residential street impeding view when backing out of property
  • Potholes
    A string of potholes line both sides of the road.
  • Dangerous Parking inside yellow lines on the grass outside 125 Fraser St
    Cars have started parking inside the yellow lines again meaning it is extremely difficult to see down Fraser St when pulling out of Elizabeth Ave. You have to pull halfway out into the Fraser St before you can see if there are any cars coming and if there are they could crash into you. The yellow lines are there for a reason and parking inside them on the grass is really dangerous for motorists and cyclists.
  • Hole in footpath
    On the footpath outside Whitcouls right by the road there is a large hole/dip (aprox 1ft wide 2-3ft long) in the cobbles, I almost tripped yesterday when walking along to my car.
  • TEST- Problem with 101 Bank Street
    Problem with 101 Bank street
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