Waikato District Council

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  • Still there1 update
    Our Rubbish collection day is Thursday, (which by the way, we have to buy "stickers" to put on each bag!!) Friday it was still there, so I rang the council, to let them know...they said they had been notified, but didn't know ..why. But they would get it sorted...Yeah/Nah. Monday and it is still there!

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Older issues

  • Speed Signs2 update
    Coming off SH1 towards Pokeno, there are 80km/hr signs not at the start of the off ramp, but at the end, right before the round about leading onto DeanRd/ Great South Rd... It just seems ludicrous to have the speed signs at THE END of the off ramp, immediately before the roundabout!!!
  • Street Lights Not Working
    We were away until 22nd and the lights have been off/on for the week... Last night they were on but they are off again tonight???
  • speed bumps needed
    Cars come down church st from both george st and Buckland road directions and go down at a fast speed. There us a school along this road and to stop the racing along that stretch. There should be speed humps near booth, Edinburgh, school rd and closer to george street.
  • Water leak outside 40 Kaitoke street Raglan
    Hi, there is a water leak that is filling up the the water meter housing and overflowing onto the road. Cheers, Richard
  • Light dim and flickers
    Please can you repair light? It's outside number 30 on the corner (but tag on map won't let me be exact) so opposite 14, thanks
  • Loose Metal
    Loose chip on the
  • Speed sign
    The 80k/100k sign on both sides of Pencarrow Road, near Day Road has been turned around. Noticed over a week ago.
  • holes in pavement
    pavement outside Orca was dug up when restaurant was refurbished, but never reinstated
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