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  • Electric Light Traffic Hazzard
    The location of the electric light pole at the Patterson Street and the high traffic density Given Road intersection is the cause of my vehicle accidents. The left Patterson traffic lane on Girven road is too narrow for larger vans and trucks and there is insufficient space to pass on the inside lane without mounting the curb and then hitting the light pole. Patterson Street left turning traffic on Girven road often stops the traffic and creates a back up of cars and often rear end collusions occur. The pole was hit by a car last week and has been removed. The best option is to remove the pole completely. If the pole for some reason has to be reinstalled would you kindly ensure firstly it does not obstruct access to the properties at 86 Girven road and the Bay Palm Motel access, and secondly where it is not a hazard or danger to the high density road traffic on Girven road. Thank you. Appreciate a discussion please with the owners of property at 86 Girven road and the Bay Palm Motels at 84 Girven Road.
  • Street light is out
    Street light at end of cul de sac is not working.
  • Speed Hump needed
    Excessive speeding done by cars avoiding maunganui road.
  • Street light is out 1 update
    The street light is out midway up this street making it quite unsafe for cars and bicycles and pedestrians returning home at night. Thank you
  • Street light is out2 update
    The street light between 30 and 26 Rimu St is out. Due to the large spacing it makes the street very dark. Recently been burgled so keen to have this sorted please?
  • Street lights not working2 update
    Street lights not working on Taurikura Drive (down the Whakakake St end). They were working a few weeks ago but not now.
  • Street lights not working
    Many street lights are not working on a section of Whakakake St and Hotuhotu St
  • Speed humps needed along Simpson Road
    Every day boy racers race up Simpson Road. This has been reported to the police. With lots of children living on the road, it is only a matter of time when someone is injured. A car hit another car backing out of their driveway last week.
  • graffiti on fence in beach access1 update
    Several graffitied fences along the beach access. Needs to be removed off the fence please.
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