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  • Steet lighting not working
    the street light between entrance to 13 and 15 Whittaker Place has stopped working about a week ago. This means the whole cul-de-sac is in darkness.
  • Loose gravel after new sealing/damage to new seal
    Seems to be an excess of loose gravel from the new seal still on the road and also on the pavements between Karamu Rd & Warren St. Also the road has been damaged from heavy vehicles from a recent demolition causing an uneven surface for pedestrian traffic. Not good for the soles of shoes - one heel broken already. Your action will be appreciated by many. Thank you in advance.
  • Large Pothole
    On Iona Rd, near Palmerston turnoff
  • Pothole repair
    Since this pothole was fixed a couple of months ago it is now needs redoing
  • Graffiti on District Sign
    Graffiti on the district sign saying 'corrupt mayor'
  • Potholes after recent water main repair
    Since a water main leak was fixed Recently on Margaret av in havelock the road is now in a much worse state - looks like the job was only half done please come back and fix the potholes properly
  • Rubbish Dumped
    Rubbish dumped in the river just up stream from the last bridge you can cross at the Pakowhai dog park. Several black plastic rubbish bags. One that we could retreive after it floated down stream was filled with house hold waste including soiled nappies.
  • Broken water pipe
    Obvious on left hand side as turn into Margaret avenue
  • The road needs maintenance badly
    Despite it is a service lane but it is a very busy road and that is mainly because the entrance of the biggest child care centre is there(The VILLAGE KIDS, and in addition to the car parks of all the offices and shops on Napier Road.The road is in bad shape. In places, it is riddled with pot holes. In other places, it is bumpy. The condition is so bad, it could lead to accidents specialy with the child care centre is there.
  • Litter
    Large amounts of litter have been all along the street in recent weeks from people using the transfer station. Extremely unsightly and not a credit to the city. Has never been as bad as in recent weeks.
  • Street lighting
    street light not working on corner of riverslea Road Nth & Jervois
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