Central Hawke's Bay District Council

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  • Pedestrian Crossing Problems in Waipawa2 update
    The pedestrian crossing at High Street, Waipawa (near New World Supermarket) is marked by reflective discs.The road is nearly always busy at all times (it is part of State Highway 2)and motorists passing through frequently ignore pedestrians using the crossing. I was recently using the crossing (coming from the car park to the shops)at about 8.00 pm and a south-bound vehicle stopped to let me cross but although I was already on the crossing a north-bound vehicle travelling at about 50 kph continued travelling and appeared totally oblivious to my presence. I consider that pedestrian controlled traffic lights (or at least flashing belisha beacons) need to be installed on this crossing before there is a serious accident involving a pedestrian.
  • Rubbish by railway1 update
    There is lots of rubbish by the railway lines down High Street.

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