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You have located the issue at the point marked with a red pin on the map. If this is not the correct location, simply click on the map again. Please fill in details of the issue below. The council won't be able to help unless you leave as much detail as you can, so please describe the exact location of the problem (e.g. on a wall), what it is, how long it has been there, a description (and a photo of the problem if you have one), etc.

All the information you provide here will be sent to Christchurch City. On the site, we will show the subject and details of the issue, plus your name if you give us permission.

If you need to report an urgent danger to the public or property, please phone your council.

Please note:

  • Please be polite, concise and to the point.
  • Please do not be abusive - abusing your Council devalues the service for all users.
  • Writing your message entirely in block capitals makes it hard to read, as does a lack of punctuation.
  • Remember that FixMyStreet is primarily for reporting physical issues that can be fixed. If your issue is not appropriate for submission via this site remember that you can contact your Council directly using their own website.
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